Sushi Zammai Nakano shop, had been opened

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It was in the opening preparation, is a sushi Zammai Nakano shop, but it was already open. Walking in front of the shop, it was found.

Sushi Zammai Nakano shop, had been opened

The over-the-counter, is a character symbol of the shop, there was a photograph of the president.

Actually, passing by the It was morning, but you need a craftsman, was moving a hand in. When you see the image from the post, it was a 24-hour.

Isomaru Suisan of San mall arcade was the 24-hour. Now at any time sushi came to be eaten.

Shop information:5-59-10 Nakano Nakano Ward,Open24H,Open everyday

Papabubble of summer vacation, until August 19, 2016

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In the Ai Yakushi Road, a popular candy shop Papabubure. Every year takes a long summer vacation. According to the rumor, the long summer vacation reason is, because not solidified rain in summer is too hot. Or, the staff is going to training to the head office of Barcelona.


It is such a Papabubble, but it was already in the summer vacation. According to the shop of pop, is that of the up to 19 days from August 8.

Under the pop, there was also guidance of the branch. So we are three stores in Tokyo.

Shop information1-15-13 Arai Nakano Ward,03-5343-1286

Washiya's Okowa Bento

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Lunch shop "Washiya" is on the right side of the street of the Nakano Sun mall arcade. In and eagle, I bought a lunch box.Washiya's Okowa Bento is.

When there, things Washiya went up to the topic. Thing that "some in Nakano, Okowa Bento of Washiya is a delicious and famous." I guess famous much come out in the conversation, but in fact did not have eaten. Speaking of which, it is in the showcase are on the arcade side, we certainly featuring rice with red beans. This is why, it became I wanted to eat.

Can be seen through the lid, is a very healthy looks good lunch. Earth is the color. If anything is a sober color.

Washiya's Okowa Bento

But, it can be seen if you eat, ability of Washiya. None without excess and deficiency in the exquisite seasoning, are balanced of taste and health. Rice with red beans is initially feel light soy. Gradually I feel the taste of soy sauce flavor. Or kind of glutinous rice, or the way of cooking, blending of the or texture may be, was not too soft nor too hard.

This lunch is one coin, that is cost-effective or too good in the fact that 500 yen. We had delicious.

Shop information:5-61-6 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-0200,10:00-22:30,Sunday-21:00

At Hanamaru Udon,I made a croquette Udon

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To a certain time, I thought suddenly. Udon shop, Hanamaru Udon, there is no croquette udon. In other shops, I often eat a croquette noodles. But, it is Hanamaru Udon not on the menu.

In Hanamaru Udon, the customer, choose the topping on their own, Serve in a separate dish. The side menu, I feel there was a croquette. Remember, I thought I try it someday.

Hanamaru Udon

After a while, there was a chance to go to the store. So, I bought a small and croquettes over. Udon was specified so as not to put the green onion.

Then, I tried to ride to.

Hanamaru Udon

Self-made, it is croquette noodles.

So as to fold from the end, we ate together udon and croquette. Before long rainy season is yelling stain on croquette. Croquettes, came to the mashed potatoes. ...No wonder.

I bought a topping, place. Just like that. But, now with the noodles of fresh impression.

Shop information:5-67-6 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5913-0650,7:30-24:00

There was an Italian restaurant Noa Dining

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In Ai Yakushi Road, I noticed in the new shop. Noa Dinig is.

Of building underground is a Hawaiian restaurant, located on the top. Taking advantage of the shop before there was product exhibition, there is a terrace seat. Now it is a little hot, but likely, feeling looks good in spring and autumn. The billboard, introduces the lunch menu. Hamburgers and pasta, there was a such as curry.

There was an Italian restaurant Noa Dining

Was examined, this shop is that of the Italian restaurant. This shop, from Nakano Station located in the street that a little walk Ai Yakushi Road.

This street, Chinese cuisine and lunch is full a butcher shop, such as Italian restaurant, there are a lot of gourmet shops.

Shop information:1-23-22 Arai Nakano Ward

Nakano Sun Plaza, summer beer buffet 2016

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Has been carried out every year, we went to the beer buffet of Nakano Sun Plaza.

The best feature is that it is not in the beer garden. In other words, the indoor. So no matter how high the temperature is, and try to encounter a sudden guerrilla heavy rain, it does not matter. Cooling is worked, you can enjoy a buffet in the hall that night view spreads to the outside of the window.

Nakano Sun Plaza, summer beer buffet 2016

The dishes compromise between East and West, there are many things. Style to bring as much as you like what you want to eat on their own. Sushi and tempura, roast beef, etc. chef you or me to isolate or cooked on the spot. Drinks are good also ask to Boy, is good also to go to take on their own.

Nakano Sun Plaza, summer beer buffet 2016

Popular roast beef, which takes you over the source to isolate the chef in front of the eye. And the taste of rich meat taste and source of, there is a volume than it looks, is a dish to satisfy.

Tempura is a thing of fried, is a style that slop on their own. Appearance of the Ready-To-Eat is wrong, please pardon. Because it is fried, piping hot, is crispy.

Nakano Sun Plaza, summer beer buffet 2016

Also it soba there. And doing other person, it was to imitate so was impressed by the way. It is tempura buckwheat(Soba) .

Other sashimi from the hors d'oeuvres as well, there are a variety of dishes to coffee until cake. Of course, it is the all-you-can also drink drink. While drinking a beer, such as tilt the red wine, drink as you like, you can eat.

Nakano Sun Plaza, summer beer buffet 2016

This summer beer buffet 2016 is that of the up to September 9 (Friday).

Shop information:4-1-1 Nakano Naknao Ward TokyoWebsite of Nakano Sunplaza

Drink service in Chinese Ichibankan

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Chinese restaurant facing the Nakano Sun Mall arcade,Ichibankan is in service. A sign, placed in front of the talks, had to appeal the service.

Went up the stairs, is a Chinese restaurant on the 2F of the building, but there is also 3F. The store, one of the customers are put in many, it is lined with counters and tables. Also around, is a shop where the price, and the speed of provision time up to the topic.

Drink service in Chinese Ichibankan

August full of renewal Memorial, is that of the serving the one drink.

Shop information:5-65-11 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-5942-5798

To 1F Nakano Broadway, was made is also unusual shops. I was passing by the front of the shop, but the man wearing a suit had toward the personal computer. Rather than a shop, it feels like negotiation room.


When I checked, this shop had dealt a bit coin. There is ATM, is that of the buying and selling can be.

Nakano Broadway, has advanced to the always future.

It should be noted that, this shop is not in the main street, located in the "elevator street" next.

Nakano Station North of downtown, construction work had been carried out. Posters have been pasted. It was confirmed the poster. Posters, were those of the recruitment of the opening staff. Shops, sushi Zammai was.

Sushi Zammai is a famous rotation sushi shop.

At Nakano Station North, Sushi Zammai is in the opening preparation

The Nakano Station North, shops of rotation sushi, there is what stores do. But, it does not have a major store. Meanwhile, shops that are known name, is advanced to Nakano.

It should be noted that the opening is that of the beginning of August. Location, and is the address Nakano Nakano 5-59, it will be in front of Aziwai ya and Teke Teke.

Tsukemen Noodles appeared in Bara soba shop

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Located in Nakano ramen street, we found a pop Bara soba shop. During opening preparation, the entrance of the door that had happened to open, is what had been stuck on the inside.

According to the report, is that of a put noodles offer began on July 1.

Tsukemen Noodles appeared in Bara soba shop

Bara soba restaurant, such as miso ramen for a limited time, we are increasing the menu. Noodle, as long as they see a pop, it sounds like the regular menu.

It has already passed about one month the start of the offer, but I noticed a while too late. Noodle birthplace, also now that the new wearing noodles are eaten in Nakano.

Shop information:5-59-14 Nakano Nakano Ward


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