Crispy cream donut opened in Nakano Marui

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Recently, a variety of food shops are open on the first floor, Nakano Marui. Today, a new shop opened. It is Krispy ? cream ? donut.

From the appearance of Nakano Marui 1st floor, we were able to confirm the logo.

Crispy cream  donut

As soon as you enter inside, the clerk recommends tasting the recommended donuts. And in addition to the seasonal donuts that imaged Christmas in the window, the donuts of the regular menu were also lined up.

When asked to the clerk who recommended the tasting, it is said that Nantes is open today. It was auspicious, I was able to buy a donut on the first day.

A famous donut shop opens in Nakano.

Shop info:34-28 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-6454-1120,10:00-20:00

Sometimes, the popularity vote on various things is done at the Haruya Shoten store on the 3rd floor of Nakano Broadway. At this time, I was doing the popular vote of Kamen Rider. However, it is Heisei rider's limitation.

Masked Rider 20th anniversary project.

Nakano Broadway's Haruya Shoten

Deadline December 25 (Tuesday), Friday the 28th (Friday) results announcement.

As I saw, I wonder if Denou and Kuuga are leading one step. W and Zuou continue.

Nakano Broadway is on the 3rd floor, Akaya Shoten 's wall is accepting a reputation vote.

Shop info:東京都中野区中野3F 5-52-15 Nakano NakanoWard,03-3387-8451,AM10:00-PM8:30

Halloween is over and the whole city has turned into a Christmas mood. Nakano Broadway also had a Christmas display.


Although it is such Nakano Broadway, an exhibition is held at Animanga Zingaro of 2F. It is Space Battleship Tiramisu exhibition.

Cool, handsome characters are decorated. On the other hand, the caption feels a bit disappointing. It is a strange feeling work.

Space Battleship Tiramisu Exhibition

The Space Battleship Tiramisu Exhibition held at Animanga Zingaro of Nakano Broadway 2F seems to be from 12: 00-19: 00 on Thursday, November 15 - Tuesday, 27 November. Please note that Wednesday is closed.

Shop info:2F-5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward

There are shops that people can know on the first floor of Nakano Broadway. It is Asano clothing shop. Nakano Broadway actually has two streets. It is a shop in the street in the back.

Actually this shop is a definite store with a lot of rumors that celebrities are asking for jeans' hemming, or a certain entertainer is asking for costumes to repair.

Notice stuck on the shutter of the shop. It is said that we will close at the end of this month.


It is said that they have been shops for 30 years. Actually, personally, I brought in to ask for repair. As for the surrounding information, recently it was not possible to see the husband's appearance, and two women and two others were cut off.

As a single customer, I can not think of a good word at such a time. Thanks for your hard work. Good morning. Thank you very much. None are different. Personal feelings are lonesome.

I saw it on Wednesday. After entering Nakano Broadway, there was a factory direct sales noodle market at the fairground on the right. Manufactured noodle shop called Taisei food, which supplies noodles to many famous ramen shops, was selling direct. The picture of the direct sales place is at that time.

factory direct sales noodle market

And today I went to buy. I also thought about when I used it before, but somewhere else in this direct shop, sale is different depending on the day. Even though I decided to go to buy ramen, a trap has been set up that udon is a discount, so both are bought. Friday was really ... ... the pasta was on sale.

And another trap in this noodle market is basically three meals. In other words, you will want to buy soup ingredients if you are ramen, and pasta sauces if you are pasta. Because there is a kind, I am lost.

Get pasta & sauce at Nakano Broadway

Tagliatelle of raw pasta I bought this time. I also bought three sauces. I immediately boiled and applied crab's tomato sauce. The dusty pasta is delicious, as well as the sauce is authentic. I have a flavor of soup taken with shells, and I have a body. It was easy to eat luxurious pasta. I am looking forward to two meals.

It makes me feel strange that Nakano Broadway can buy such food.

When passing throughTaishou-ken Nakano store, I noticed the store notice. It is a signboard to show you that the seasonal menu has started. Miso ramen, and miso applied noodles. I thought that it became a regular menu, but it was wrong. Miso series is seasonal limited, is not it?


Miso ramen has an image that soup and noodles are hot as compared with other kinds. This season when it gets cold, I want to eat somehow.

Since I ate miso soup noodle, I would like to challenge miso ramen next time.

Shop info:3-33-13 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3384-9234,AM11:00-PM3:00,PM6:00-PM11:00,Closed Sunday

Bar Zingaro at Nakano Broadway is temporarily closed

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Bar Zingaro on the 2nd floor of Nakano Broadway was closed. A white shutter is coming down. It was the first time to see this shutter as it was always open when you go through.

Bar Zingaro

Although saying a bar, as a body going through during the day, it feels like a cafe. It smells tasty coffee and smells of hamburgers.

Truly Zingaro, the reason for temporary closure, its explanation is also fancy. It is said that it will be closed to participate in the competition held in Los Angeles. The guide is in three languages.

Temporary closure is from October 31 (Wednesday) until November 6 (Tue). About a week, I will take a day off.

Shop info:2F-5-52-15 Nakano Ward Tokyo,,03-5942-8382,AM11:00-PM9:00,Fri, Sat, Holiday, Holiday before AM11: 00-PM11: 00, no break

A ramen shop,Sandaime, will open in Nakano Dori

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At Nakano Dori, a certain shop was preparing to open the store. There is a banner with a large QR code printed. A unique guide was done.

With information other than the QR code, "Sandaime",the third generation, Hi-Hana?, and icons like Ramen. It is a queue in Seoul, Busan, the United States.

A ramen shop,Sandaime, will open in Nakano Dori

Apparently it looked like a ramen shop. The place is near Mos Burger. At this point, the sum of Chinese dishes and Tsukemen are nearby.

It is far from JR Nakano station, but I would like to try it if I can. It is planned to open in November.

Address of Mos Burger near this shop:5-49-7 nakano Nakano Ward

Sandaime Amimoto's, weekly lunch menu, oyster fried.

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Izakaya at the north entrance of Nakano Station, Sandaime Amimoto Nakano Kitaguchi. Whether it's a major chain, calling a store clerk or accounting is an efficient system that pushes the bell.

The menu of lunch has a drink bar, you can take whatever you like and drink it freely. There was a drink bar in front of the aquarium.

Sandaime Amimoto

Regular, weekly change, daily menu is available. As Izakaya, I am glad that fish is the main. I ate oysterfly on a weekly basis.

weekly lunch menu, oyster fried.

There are three types of small bowls. There are also pickles and it is fulfilling. The source is the style offered in the plate.

This volume tastes delicious. When I went there was little rain because it was raining, because the number of customers was small, the offering time was early. It felt like a great place.

Shop info: 5-59-2 Nakano Nakano Ward,050-3467-0677,Open everyday

Barasoba Ya, Fall 2018, limited-time menu

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Barasoba Ya at Nakano Ramen Street was showing signs at stores. It was the announcement of the limited-time menu which is deployed every season.

What I got this time was rich miso.

Barasoba Ya, Fall 2018, limited-time menu

As the season, it still has a hot day, it should be cooler from now on. Miso ramen is a perfect seasonal menu as the body warms up.

The sales period is from October 1st until March 31st. I feel a bit long. However, it is very kind of you to decide the time clearly and tell it.

Sure enough, I recommend you to eat spicy ground beef as a topping. I'd like to try and find opportunities.

Shop info:5-59-14 Nakano Nakano Ward

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