Closed on Nakano Broadway on February 15, 2017

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A signboard for the annual and holidays of this time appeared on the floor of Nakano Broadway. Nakano Broadway where the whole building will be closed for several times a year. This time is February 15 (Wednesday).

Closed on Nakano Broadway on February 15, 2017

The entire building will be closed on this day. Is it called, I can not pass through Nakano Broadway. Even though I do not visit, there are many people who use it as a passageway, but I can not pass through. Therefore, the shop is also closed.

Regardless of being used for commuting or going to school, for those who aim for Nakano Broadway, it is a day that needs attention.

Again, February 15, 2017 will be closed on Nakano Broadway. be careful.

Finally Circle K to Family Mart

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I saw a convenience store that is being eroded by FamilyMart the other day. After that, I went through, it was finally changed. To Family Mart, is. Previously, we only had menu guidance, but the appearance of the shop is completely family mart.

Finally Circle K to Family Mart

According to store notice, renewal open now under construction is about to appear on February 16th. Before this, Family Mart was made on the opposite side across the street of Nakano Sunplaza.

It is increasing around Family Mart, Nakano station.

Noodle shop KaiJin, business closure continues

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Although it is a noodle shop KaiJin(sea god) that appeared on Nakano Ramen Street, the shutter was closed here. I heard that we had to suddenly undergo construction work, so it was posted that we had restarted business from the end of last week.

Noodle shop KaiJin

And today, when I passed in front of the store, there was a shutter. The deadline for closing was also extended.

According to the announcement, it means that you will be absent for a while. I have not written what time. For the time being, I was looking for opportunities to eat, but fun has come first. I would like to wait for resumption.

Shop information:5-54-4 Nakano Nakano Ward

Around here, there was a construction site that was noticeable when walking on Nakano Ramen Street. It is a high-rise apartment under construction under Nakano Broadway.

It grew steadily and became high. As we stopped from time to time, construction continued steadily as large trucks came in and the crane lifted the material that would have brought the truck.

Construction site beside Nakano Broadway

And today I noticed something. One of the two cranes that was facing the street was removed. There was no crane at the end of the pillar already. The place which was the basis remains still.

The fact that the crane is gone is the end of the construction work of piling up concrete, and will it go into interior construction work?

Also, the scenery is likely to change.

Fujimaru's soy sauce ramen, long onions, half egg

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I ate ramen at Fujimaru. It is soy sauce ramen. With topping, I tried putting onion and half eggs.

Leeks were offered in separate dishes. I knew why as soon as I tried it.

Fujimaru's soy sauce ramen, long onions, half egg

First of all, I tried eating after putting about one third of green onion, but Legal Negi pretty much argues. Fujimaru 's Ramen is rich but sour soup with richness. So, it seems that the seasoning comes stronger. There is liking, so as not to hide the taste of the soup, I soaked, passed through heat, I tried to eat it by adding it.

Half eggs still have the same taste, the yolk's refinement is exquisite.

Tsukemen is also not dense and punchy, but the Fujimaru ramen has a good balance between chicken soup and soup, more than tsukemen, it is a gentle taste. Green onion may be a topping that should be matched with a potted noodle.

Shop informaiton:5-42-5 Nakano Nakano Ward,11:30-15:00,18:00-21:00,Closed Sunday

At the Haruya Shoten, Ultra monster popularity vote

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Haruya Shoten(bookstore), the third floor of Nakano Broadway, who is doing various popular voting. Also, I was doing popularity vote. This time it is an Ultra monster.

Ultra monster popularity vote

Together with the 50th anniversary, Haruya Shoten Nakano Broadway shop collaborated with Ultraman on a 50th anniversary connection.

Some monsters also do not even know the monster they know. However, the most popular is the famous Baltan Seijin.

The vote is until December 27, and the announcement is from January 5th next year.

Shop information:5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-8451,10:00-20:30

Shanghai noodle pavilion, limited time spicy hot noodles

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From the North Exit of JR Nakano Station, I think that it is the ramen shop that is the closest place. Shanghai noodle pavilion of ramen shop announced the limited-time menu.

That name is also hot spicy. In spicy taste ramen and tsukemen, there are many cases where you can choose the stage of spicy, but it seems that you can choose from three stages without breaking the example.

 limited time spicy hot noodles

Judging from the illustrations in the pops of announcements, it seems to be quite hot. Although it is limited for a certain period of time, since it has not been written since when, it is attention to the timing to end.

Shop information:5-63-4 Nakano Nakano Ward

Nakano snowed on November 24, 2016

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Sometimes it will snow in Tokyo. However, it seems that it fell in November for the first time in 54 years.

The snow that came out from the dawn was not enough to pile up on the ground, but it was piled up somewhere and there. Also, it was pretty snowing.

I moved in the snow. Actually I wanted to pass through the place where the roof was located, such as Nakano Sun Mall Arcade, but I will not go to a place with a roof with all the routes. There was something to walk in the snow.

Nakano of November became snow make-up for the first time in 54 years

However, suddenly I looked at the top, I could see a snowy snow pile above the flowers and plants. The flower seems to be cold, is not it?

The forecast snow stopped in the afternoon and it was sunny tomorrow. The usual landscape will come back soon.

Tsukemen & Ramen Shop Takeya,Miso ramen new release

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Tsutkemen & Ramen Shop Takeya opened in the south entrance of Nakano station in mid September, has released a new menu immediately. It is a miso taste. Miso ramen and miso beaked noodles are on sale.

Tsukemen & Ramen Shop Takeya,Miso ramen new release

According to the store's notice, both are thriving free of charge or semi-rice is a service. It's getting cold, so warm Miso ramen seems to be tasty extra.

Tsukemen is coming before ramen in the name of the shop, so if you have the opportunity to eat, I would like to taste it from the noodles.

Shop information:2-30-14 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo

"Red Iits" Redman appeared at that Nakano Broadway

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On the 3rd floor of Nakano Broadway, I came across a corner after bending. It's like that hero. Yes, it is Redman.

Redman appeared at that Nakano Broadway

I have stopped using it as a title, but he is a hero with a different name such as "Red Armor" and "Red Devil", it is Redman. Without any prior knowledge, I was shocked because I really encountered it. And I fully understood the feelings of the monsters. Until now I saw it through the screen of the PC, but when I actually see it there is a unique presence.

Hakaba no garou

This is a plan exhibition by "Nakano Broadway 3F" Grave Gallery ". Although it is rude, and I am also one of them, there are many people in such a planned exhibition in such a place. Nakano Broadway is unique.

"Graveyard Gallery" is in Nakano Broadway 's 3F where there is that Mandarin Nakano Broadway store, but I have not known at all until now. Go straight on a street with a bustle and turn right at the end. Yes, you can turn to the right at the end. Then, mmts will appear on the left hand. It is a shop of Nakagawa Shoko. And turn your eyes on the back, it is Redman.

Redman appeared at that Nakano Broadway

Exhibition "Red Eits Exhibition - Exhibition Of REDMAN -" at the graveyard gallery is held during Thursday, November 17, 2016 - November 28, 2016 (Monday). Looking at the homepage, there is a free shooting spot "Red Shot" that you can take a commemorative photo with Red Man, there are apparel goods, and even though it is redman why somebody sells blue and black Redman figures as well It is that.

what. Although I encountered a hero, this sense of spirit. Disturb the emotions that have never existed. That is the attraction of Redman.

Shop information:"Hakaba no Garou"( Grave Gallery)'s Website


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