5-chome Niboshi(means anchovy) is the shop that put out a ramen twist the taste of anchovy. On the other hand, produce a variety of limited menu, is also a challenging shops.

Shops are attacking such, but also seems to put out a new limited menu. In the over-the-counter, had put out a sign.

limited Mexican maze maze ramen

Its name, mix mix Mexican. Moreover, it is limited to 20 years of age or older. The reason is that, because they use tequila. Name not only is the Mexican without material also doubt you are using.

According to the sign, it provided was that of the end of October.

Shop information:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5942-7422、,1:00-15:00 ,18:00-24:00

Squid There were. In the city of Nakano.

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In the over-the-counter of Ajiwai-ya, there was a strange display. It is squid. In addition, there is also a sphere that is noticeably large and come out in front than the squid. Large in the egg, it is a solid likely molding of the shell.


Even so, why squid? I tried to check the menu but, like sashimi and tempura, nor is it as squid dishes are featured. Wonder'm a squid? It was a sight that.

Shop information:5-58-4 Nakano Nakano Ward ,03-3319-4510

Near Nakano Broadway, cat cafe specific shops

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Near Nakano Broadway, on the sidewalk of Nakano street, signboard had come out. That is like a cat cafe. The legendary Star bowl of shops(Densetsu no Sutadon Ya) of building, seems to be on top.

If you look, it was different from the cat cafe. In order to eliminate the cat that can not be fulfilled lives, it seems to be the place you are looking for foster parents of protected cat. It seems to be a mechanism for the support of the cat.

Near Nakano Broadway, cat cafe specific shops

It was the shop that protection cat cafe NECO REPUBLIC. By the apple dukedom, apparently here it seems to come apples Duke. Or more of the photos will this is so.

Shop information:3F 5-68-9 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5942-7166、Website of Neco Republic

Nakau Nakano shop, Kankore campaign

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To the south exit of JR Nakano Station, there is a Nakau, the beef bowl chain stores. Nakau Nakano shop. That, over-the-counter Nakau had become the flashy. On the left side of the entrance, the character of imposing "Kankore × Nakau campaign". On the right, tapestries have been decorated. Of course, a thing of this campaign.

Nakau Nakano shop, Kankore campaign

Was examined, Kankore campaign has started already from September 28 until October 25. In meal ticket and the receipt of the subject prizes, it is the get the original goods. The other, it seems to also get card.

I came to eat beef bowl, but I have met unexpected over-the-counter display.

Shop information:3-33-3 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo

Nakano Station, Plarail stamp rally

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In a variety of the season, it has been carried out by a variety of things and the tie-up, JR East's stamp rally. 10 days until the (holiday), Plarail stamp rally have been made. Stamp, was located on the right side out of the JR Nakano Station ticket gate.

Stamp of Nakano Station, was Shinkarion E3 wings Iron wing.

Nakano Station, Plarail stamp rally

To Plarail, deformation robot has appeared. From the fact that E3 wings and the model number and the nickname is attached, you can imagine that there is more than one aircraft. It seems to be increasingly complicated.

Oyster hut Nakano shop, start a takeaway oyster fly

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Oyster hut in Nakano Station North had put a message to the over-the-counter.

According to the report, is that of the began to take out of the oyster fly.

Oyster hut Nakano shop, start a takeaway of Kakifurai

It flies in the specialty store of oysters you can eat in handy at home take home. This oyster hut, you do not get is quite reserved not very crowded, but it is likely to be able to eat handy if the oyster fly.

Shop informaiton:5-62-10 Nakano Nakano Ward

Nakano Station North, a new Rotary appearance

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The opposite side of the street of the Nakano Sun Plaza, steps away from JR Nakano Station Shinjuku home, there was a square.

In place soon, now you do not put a person. Then, some time, when you look at the bus was running.

Nakano Station North, a new Rotary appearance

In a location that does not appear to so broad, it seems the road was made. And, the bus and the U-turn, we will be back on the road that has been entered. Quite a course of hairpin curve.

Guard with a concrete pedestal will have partitioned the road. But, there is also a road close to the passage of people, there is also a smoking area. Seen up close the professional techniques of the bus driver, it had become the place where you can experience.

Nakano Station North, chicken food shop is open?

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The other day, when I pass through the inside of Nakano Station North of the shop, there was a place that the construction work. Ramen Kaeru and, such as Hinai house, is the way that there is a shop.

chicken food shop

On the wall, there was a stylish lettering. When I read from after taking photos, it is a variety of menu. Chicken rice and tapas, there is also the name of the drink.

As long as you see, I like the shops of chicken dishes. When the shop is completed, also come to see.

As a reference, of this shop, near the ramen shop, Kaeru's address5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Waad

Near Nakano Taishouken, kebab cafes Coming Soon

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Is Nakano Station south exit which recently ramen shop is increased, but different types of gourmet shops had the construction. Is a kebab shop.

Near Nakano Taishouken, kebab cafes Coming Soon

And say kebab, hung the meat close to the counter, it is a cut in the shop of style offered by many, but the pasted posters there as "kebab cafe". If the cafe style, it is unusual. The location is close to the Nakano Taishouken,Ramen Shop.

At the end of October which is scheduled to open. Much after one month. I look forward to.

In addition to the normal menu, Suzuran Nakano shop has issued a regularly limited menu, it had announced a limited menu of the weekend. Nibo curry mazesoba is. There is no other information.

Suzuran Nakano shop, there is limited menu on September 23 (Friday)

From the fact that there is a word reminiscent of anchovy, it is expected that the flavor of anchovy is strong more than usual. Because it is that Mazesoba, rather than the ramen and put noodles, it seems that it is noodles to eat entwined oil buckwheat specific sauce.

And curry flavor! Located on the same street, Nakano Taishouken also issued a put noodles of curry. The timing is the same. That match the ramen and curry, the trend of the'll do?

Nibo curry mazesoba is a menu of the day many cups limited, rather than the date is limited. That this day not only to eat, you have a sense of Premier.

Shop informaiton:3-33-15 Nakano Nakano Ward


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