When walking in the city of Nakano, I feel that there are few people. It doesn't mean that no one is there, but there aren't many people because it's something you usually know. The shop is also closed. And I feel extraordinary in my daily life, such as shops that do not usually have lunch, and shop assistants call in.

Nakano Broadway

Nakano Broadway was the same. People are walking because the first floor is also a passage, but when you go upstairs, the people are sparse. The shutters are closed, and there is the atmosphere of Nakano Broadway, where many shops are closed on Wednesdays.


Mandarake was also closed. Looking at the pop, it was said that some stores were closed.


Looking at the website, it is said that some stores are closed while complying with the requests from the country.

It's a stay-home Golden Week, so I'm sure we're taking measures that can be taken.

Fujimaru, tsukemen shop, had fewer seats

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I went to Fujimaru, a tsukemen restaurant located in 5-42-5 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo. You can walk from the north exit of JR Nakano Station, but it's a delicious tsukemen and ramen shop.

The menu is simple: salt or soy sauce tsukemen or ramen. After that, it will be a variation with tools. At this time, I added two luxurious toppings to the soy sauce tsukemen. Nori and half egg. I'm happy that you can choose one and half eggs.

Shoyu Tsukemen

It was the same as the ramen shop at the south exit of Nakano station that I went to the other day, so the number of seats was reduced. Originally it was not a large store, only a counter, but the number of seats was reduced.


Probably every store is the same, but I was careful and continued to open.

★Store information: Nakano Ward Nakano 5-42-5 , 11: 30-15: 00, 18: 00-21: 00, closed Sundays

Peko-chan of Nakano Broadway also wears a mask

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Peko is in front of the Fujiya, a confectionery shop on the first floor of Nakano Broadway.

 Fujiya, a confectionery shop

Depending on the season, I'm wearing various costumes and I'm looking forward to seeing them in the street. All costumes are cute.

It was Peko-chan, but it was truly. I'm wearing a tight mask.

Peko-chan of Nakano Broadway

It looks like a fashionable Peko-chan, and he has a head accessory, a skirt, and a pattern. It's a milky pattern. We were welcoming customers.

★Store information: Nakano 5-52-15 Nakano Broadway 1F , 03-3385-7362, 10: 00-21: 00,Open everyday

A seafood sake restaurant Shokuraku, ( 5-56-14 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo ) at Nakano Ramen Street is serving lunch. It was. There was a signboard.

Since the name of the shop is Kaisen Sabo(seafood and Japanese sake), there is a lineup of sashimi and fish set meals. There were also meat and fried food.

seafood sake shop Shokuraku

I think this shop didn't have lunch. It's a big deal, so I tried it.

I ordered a fried food set meal. A set meal of creamy croquette, menth and fried chicken. Fish will be another chance ... The set meal comes with miso soup and mini chawanmushi. First, tea and mini chawanmushi came out.

I just sat at the counter so I could see the fried croquettes. The shop was showing his back and was fried carefully. It seems that it is fried each time, rather than being made in advance.


The food was in a lunch box. At first glance, I felt that there were few vegetables, but there are many pickles in the foreground. The pickled onions were nice and the sweet vinegar was good, so it was delicious. Pickled tomatoes were petit tomatoes. The sourness was condensed.

And, the main fried food is fresh in a good sense. The surface is also crispy, well-greased and light. The meat of the cream and minced meat had a strong taste, and it was delicious enough to eat as it was. Other miso soup left an impression on me.


The taste of the ingredients stood out, not to mention the soup. The seaweed, deep-fried tofu, and tofu have different flavors. I didn't lose to the miso. When miso soup is delicious, the deliciousness of the meal is enhanced.

★ Store information: 5-56-14 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo , 03-3385-3320, Mon-Sat 17: 00-3: 00 the following day, Sundays and holidays 14: 30-2: 00 the next day, no holidays

Salt hormone Sato's lamb & beef curry

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Hormone shop Sato at the north exit of Nakano station was having lunch. All of the lineups are tasty, mainly meat. I passed the goodwill immediately.

Salt hormone Sato

All the menus on the signboard were attractive, but this time I decided to try the curry at the top. Lamb & beef curry.

There is lamb curry. I also know beef curry. But I've never heard of lamb & beef curry. What kind of curry it is!


Before that, fresh vegetables were served. The colors are bright. I received it as it was. Then the curry was served.

It was a curry with too much meat. Is it a roux and ingredient? Is the meat seasoned with curry? Anyway, the content is curry and meat.

Roux is not dry, and has a sense of unity with the ingredients. And because of the richness of roux and the amount of meat, it is impossible to tell at first glance what kind of meat it contains. If you look carefully and carry it into your mouth, you will know what you are.


I think the first thing I felt was the hormone. It had a cartilage or tubular shape and had a plump texture. And something like a lever. The taste and texture of meat, which is behind the taste of curry, says so. Sometimes the chunks of meat with exposed fibers are lamb. When it is tightly chewed, it has a unique flavor, but in a good sense it has no habit.

Anyway, various meat parts appear one after another, and I'm not tired of it. They are curry. It's a curry that feels more "meat" than the menu name.

In addition, another one curry appeared in Nakano.

★ Store information: 5-55-7 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 050-5869-6561, Mon-Fri 17:00 -0: 00 (LO 23:00), weekends and holidays 15: 00-0: 00 (LO 23:00)

Nakano Sun Mall Carp Streamer 2020

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Every year, Koinobori has appeared in Nakano Sun Mall Arcade again this year.

Nakano Sun Mall Carp Streamer 2020

This is the Aerial Aquarium 2020. Spectacular, pulling down on the arcade roof reveals many carp streamers swimming.

There are carp streamers designed by local elementary school students, and if you look closely, you can see that the bills are stamped like a scale.

Nakano Sun Mall Carp Streamer

It seems that I am thinking about the design, and there is no one same carp in the natural world. There was also an explanation of which school created it.

Nakano Sun Mall Carp Streamer 2020

The carp streamer is always displayed inside the Nakano Sun Mall. It was lively until Nakano Broadway.

The game center on the first floor of Nakano Broadway, the Namco Nakano store, was closed. Temporary closure to prevent spread of new coronavirus.

Namco Nakano store is temporarily closed

Because of the convenience of the shop, the shutter was not completely closed, and you can see the arcade behind the glass window. However, as you approach the entrance, a notice is posted so you can tell that it is closed.

Namco Nakano store is temporarily closed

It is temporarily closed from Wednesday, March 4 to Sunday, March 15. Details will be announced on the website.

Shop infoNakano Broadway 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward

Beef bowl chain shop Nakau at the south exit of JR Nakano Station was closed.

Beef bowl chain shop Nakau

It's closed! I was surprised, but I was relieved to see the news. It was temporarily closed for renovation.

I do not know from when. You may have seen it on the day of the renovation closure by accident, but anyway it's closed from today.

under renovation

And the reopening is March 1st (Wednesday) at 10:00. Also, depending on when you pass by.

Shop info:東京都中野区中野3-33-3 Nakano Nakano Ward、Open 24H

February 19, 2020 is closed on Nakano Broadway

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At this time, a sign that can be seen every year appears on the first floor of Nakano Broadway. Notice of closed days. I think twice a year. It is a sign that comes out regularly.

 Nakano Broadway

February 19, 2020 is a closed day on Nakano Broadway and you will not be able to enter Nakano Broadway.

Beware of those who pass through Nakano Broadway on a daily basis. On this day, the shutter is closed and I can't enter Nakano Broadway at all. Naturally, all tenants will be closed.

February 19, 2020 is closed on Nakano Broadway

The south entrance is open, but the shutter is closed in the back, so you will turn back when you enter. Please be careful.

I went to Nakau at the south exit of JR Nakano Station. Nakau offers a discounted lunch set menu. Udon and bowl set from 500 yen. You can choose from beef bowl to katsudon, and not curry but also curry. All udon is "Hai-kara-udon".

Nakau Nakano South Entrance

I ordered a set of Japanese-style beef bowl and high-colored udon that seems to be the most orthodox. Since it is a discount, we added soft-boiled eggs for that amount.

What is Hai-kara-udon? I thought it was a tanuki udon. Tenkasu is included.

Japanese-style beef bowl and udon

Tenkasu is contained, but the soup is already transparent. Dashi is effective in Kyoto style. It has a light taste and a good taste. Simple and delicious udon. It's different from the soy sauce that you can eat at the platform at Nakano Station or at the soba noodle shop at the north exit.


Because the udon is light, the taste of gyudon is a bit deep. If udon is the taste of dashi, Japanese-style beef bowl has complex sweetness. The sweetness of green onion, the flavor of mirin, or sweet. Break in the soft-boiled egg on the way, add the flavor of yolk and continue eating.

If you look at the menu, it is a set of beef bowl and udon, but the seasoning is different from other shops. It was delicious.

Shop info:3-33-3 Nakano Nakano Ward, Open 24H

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