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Croquette Saigou-tei's Daily Lunch Bento

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■Volume and frankly, the two meat dishes

Before "Croquette Saigou-tei"(コロッケ西郷亭)'s lunch daily lunch bento (490 yen) ate.

Croquette Saigou-tei's Daily Lunch Bento

Has become the main dish of grilled chicken and two fried pork, lunch luxury. They already sauce, fried pork and there is a feeling of satiety, bland chicken. Is reset to eat or taste, skip the rice.

The rice is also felt that the dish is devised. In three dimensions, they are packed, I feel the volume of meat to lose vision too.

Under the meat, I was padded with shredded cabbage and ketchup-flavored pasta. The overlap will carbohydrates, pasta lunch is why I will cheerfully.

Also attached were also boiled burdock(Kinpira-Gobou きんぴらごぼう) and Japanese pickles(Tsukemono 漬け物) . Main dish at the uniform, and lunch can meet the volume and prices.

★Croquette Saigou-tei's information : 5-65-5,Nakano Nakano-ku, 03-3228-3628,10:00-9:00 Sundays and holidays 10:00 to 8:00, Open all

Nakano zombie festival coming soon

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Nakano Broadway stairs, there posters.

According to the posters, October 3, 2010 (Sun) 18:00, 3F of Nakano Broadway DVD shop "recoments SIDE-B" that is made of events at the shop. Zombie-chan seems to come.

Nakano zombie festival

Zombie-chan's true identity is AKARI(小明),writer and idle. "Survival of the Dead" DVD to buy, and zombies can batch and shop's original card and get a sign.

Nakano zombie festival was a promotional campaign.This shop, and after another zombie movie to be released on DVD featuring.

Above all, the guest of the zombie movie called Zombie DVD release, Nakano zombie festival name, is a unique sense of culture and marketing.

Kooraiken's Katsu Curry Bento

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■Spectacular Chinese-style curry

Kooraiken is a lunch delivery restaurant. When you order a few hours before lunch, and delivery. I ate lunch in Kooraiken Katsu Curry. The daily lunch menu is 500 yen.

This lunch restaurant is Chinese food delivery. Katsu Curry or any of a range.

Kooraiken's Katsu Curry Bento

Marked with curry thickens. The curry has become a gel. Chopped ingredients in a large, enough to extend beyond the spoon came with. Among them was a long onion. Clinging tightly to curry rice, spicy was modest.

The spicy enough to feel a little bit spicy aftertaste, I feel that perhaps out of chicken flavor. Vegetables with the ingredients, the sweetness of the curry and the material feels rather. But to proceed to eat, has been gradually warm the belly. It seems that the body is reacting to spices.

Katsu is soft and cuts easily with a spoon. If you can put together with rice and curry. It is the correct figure curry lunch. Lunch is very good.

★Kooraiken information: 5-49-10, Nakano Nakano-ku, 03-5318-5301,8:00 to 17:50 order, closed Sundays and holidays, Kooraiken 's Website

In JR Nakano Station North Exit out of the arcade, Nagasaki Chanpon Ringer Hat(Ramen Restaurants) store front, there pop put. Notice that I have prepared a menu of different words.

According to it, and it is available in English, Korean, Chinese restaurant menus.

Ramen Restaurants

Nakano Sun Mall Street (Arcade), and through, and meet foreign visitors speak a variety of languages.Recently encountered a situation that also took photos in front of standing eating soba. Meanwhile, when the hungry people have been aiming at foreign Nakano Broadway, this shop is reliable.

★Store information : 5-61-6 Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo,03-5318-3160,7:00 - next 4:00

■That you come home, fragrant pasta

To say that the strong yen reduced, usually at the 1300 Yen I ordered the 1000 Yen because it had become.

I will have to use several times, the first pasta. Really has been put into cylindrical containers. On the sources, and is housed under the pasta.

Entwined with pasta sauce, mix well Itadakimashita from. The source and the wind was rather like basil, before going on inside of the container upside down several times, you will generally tinged with green.

SALVATORE CUOMO Nakano store's Spaghetti with Sausage and Basil

It's already very strong scent of basil when mixing, and try to Itadai enough presence. Coupled with the sweetness of our pasta very little bitterness and refreshing, has become a complex flavor.

Oily part, it seems to be in charge of sausages. As hard salami, much as the fire passed through Innovation took the outside, fat sausages are bleeding from the minutes, but sliced in half even feel the taste of good meat. Olive oil and other oils, the taste is a deeper source.

Honestly I mentioned, but delivery was worried about pasta, enough to satisfy the amount of taste. In particular, the volume enough, have responded to eat.

★Store information : 5-39-13 Chuo Nakano-ku, Tokyo ,03-5342-5023, Lunch 11:00-15:00 (LO 14:30), Dinner 17:00-23:00 (LO 22:30), weekends and through holidays.

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