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Saba Sushi @Sakae Sushi,Nakano Tokyo Japan

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can see the craftsmanship

Before, "Sakae-Sushi"(栄寿司)'s Saba-Sushi (サバ寿司)(800 yen) ate. "Saba" is Mackerel.

Sushi shop "Sakae-Sushi" is "Nakano Ramen Street" near the northern limit. The store will also have a counter that will seat several people can shop or take away. This time, know that the season had put the pop in front of the store, I ordered mackerel sushi.

When a confession, I do not really like mackerel sushi. If there is no choice of buy units in your menu, perhaps having been not yet made it. Sabah has a red and white contrast to the thick body, and also good amount of rice.

Saba Sushi @Sakae Sushi,Nakano Tokyo Japan

Response are likely to eat. When I eat, topped with a fat fish. Tight body has not been the right conditions, you can feel the texture and flavor of fish. The smell of vinegar, rice vinegar is high. The sweetness and aroma was complemented the fish.

Opportunity to eat raw fish there will be quite lunch. Unusual lunch, ate delicious.

★Sakae-Sushi shop information:5-50-5 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan、03-3386-2232、10:00-22:00、close Wednesday

Peko-chan's version of Halloween

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Nakano Broadway, a Fujiya store located at 1F, were dressed in Halloween Peko-chan. Peko-chan is a mascot Fujiya.

Peko-chan's version of Halloween

She is so fashionable dress clothes every season, is noted.

Had dressed up for Halloween before, will have a witch this year. Pochette has the shape of Milky Candy.It is a cute three-cornered hat.

★Fujiya shop information:5-52-15 Nakanobroadway 1F Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan、03-3385-7362、10:00〜21:00、Open everyday

Carbohydrate × 2

2F Nakano Broadway's Modan Himawari(モダンひまわり), ate lunch (Modan means "Modan Yaki"(モダン焼き), a kind of "Okonomi Yaki"(お好み焼き)) . Modan Himawari @ Nakano Boradway 's Sobameshi with Oysters, 850 Yen.

Sobameshi is now, media attention in the primary. Baked rice and noodles together, giving the sauce you are B-class gourmet. I was going to eat other food, would not have eaten the way, that there was a letter from oysters on the menu yet, I ordered it.

Modan Himawari @ Nakano Boradway 's Sobameshi with Oysters

The food served was issued. Because I have been put on the plate, very hot. There has been heated well served with a spoon.

The taste is ... It also was felt in the same complex and very old. Source taste quite strong, I feel that as soon as put in the mouth with spicy, disappear. It is strange. Is there diluted with dashi(出汁), is that the density of the source itself is unknown, in spite of that food is moist and well soba is.

Vegetables such as cabbage together and freshly ground, someone wearing a source of flavor, oysters still had claims. The spread of the oyster in your mouth flavor. Sobameshi in moist texture, and elasticity was accented with the taste and texture.

Still, the rice eaten in the Nakano Broadway near I did not. It becomes repetitive and the other entries, Nakano Broadway, is deep.

★Modan Himawari Shop Information:5-52-15 Nakano Broadway 2F Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan、03-3385-3620、11:30-15:30、15:00-21:00、Open everyday

■Different flavor of cheese, different taste of meat

In McDonald's Nakano South Exit Store , I bought and taked out a cheese fondue humberger"iCon'Chicken Cheese Fondue" (360 Yen).

iCon'Chicken Cheese Fondue@McDonald's Nakano South Exit Store

When eaten, I felt the first lettuce. The large cut, there is chewy. The cheese fondue is named for some time had passed dressed chicken cheese had become a cheese sauce.

Earlier, it was freshly Eat. However, sliced cheese and the taste is different indeed. They took the cheese flavor is pressed down, adding to the flavor of milk to the contrary. Sliced cheese and salt and is adding a unique flavor.

Had come out two flavors. Chicken and refreshing taste, can be crunchy.

The bacon had a presence there. Soft and juicy it. The bacon, the sandwich was really interesting to change a light chicken taste.

KFC is famous chicken sandwich and say, we eat at McDonald's I'm happy.

★McDonald Nakano South store information:2-30-7 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan、03-3382-4199、24h Open

Recently passed in front of Hakata ramen shop. Located a little walk from JR Nakano station, is Nagahama Shokudou(長浜食堂).

And passing in front of the store, there was a strong smell pork soup. Then, the poster has to leap out at the shop.

Nagahama Shokudou

According to a poster for a limited weekday lunch, a menu of Books is going to be a ramen for 490 Yen.

I ate the noodles have a long time. I remember that there was a menu of pork and pork soup and soy sauce. It is that they are the same as the price. Are you doing this kind of service is unknown until the next time, I was lucky I did.

Always walk a different path, I could see posters deals.

Nagahama Shokudou shop information:1-2-10 Arai Nakano-ku Tokyo、03-3385-8671、11:30-15:00・17:00-2:00、Weekends and holidays:11:30-16:00・17:00-2:00、Open everyday

North exit of JR Nakano Station in Nakano Sunmall Arcade entrance "Refu Tei"(れふ亭), IMAGAWA-YAKI Stand was in the pop-store announcements. IMAGAWA-YAKI(今川焼き)is Japan's traditional pancake.It is a guide to start a seasonal menu.

According to the report, from October 20, that it will release an apple cream in winter only.

Refu Tei, seasonal menus starting from October 20

When I walked in the Sanmoruakedo Nakano, sweet smell to suddenly see people walking, eating Ref Tei's Imagawayaki there. It gets cold in the winter I can enjoy the taste of the fun.

★Ref Tei store information:5-63-3 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo、03-3387-3048、9:00-21:00、Open everyday

■KY again.

I bought lunch at Nakano Broadway SEIYU(西友). Double pasta (298 Yen) is.

I learned the news that supermarket SEIYU increasingly advanced line KY*-cheap prices they do and has issued a whopping 300 yen less than the lunch. Moreover, it's worth the price have a sense of volume, I select.

Looking out of the bag ... great indeed. The amount of two servings .And the taste of the double.

Double pasta (Carbonara & Neapolitan)@ SEIYU Nakano Broadway shop

Eat carbonara tastes strong source first. Indeed, we firmly with the taste of egg and cream. To say frankly, the taste is less strong. However, the stronger the flavor mixing in the source listed. Become stronger and more flavor, which is likely to fill up our stomach scent is both balanced at the last moment.

Old-fashioned Neapolitan, here it is as the name of the menu. While eating a little sauce on both sides of the lip. I felt the sweet sour tomato sauce and pasta. So not boring, so as not to fill our stomach either.

However, as there is for money. Volume, the combination of the two flavors of pasta, and seasoning. In addition to the ingenuity that price is a good lunch.

★SEIYU Nakano Broadway shop information:5-52-15 nakano nakano-ku Japan、03-3386-1141、10:00-23:00、Open everyday

*KY is in Japanese "KAKAKU YASUKU(価格安く)" means lower prices.

I got a souvenir. The cream puffs. Double Cream Chou Chocolat @Ginza Cozycorner Nakano Sunmall Branch.(銀座コージーコーナー)

Double Cream Chou Chocolat

Has been on over the chocolate cream puff. Chocolate has very generously over the surface. When bad manners to eat it by hand, so they shall fingers.

On top of this, the chocolate and cut thinner, the cream puffs they are so far not sprinkle the nuts, add to the flavor and texture. I also feel strongly chocolate nuts.

Two types of cream in a puff. Harmony and the pastry cream and chocolate cream, cocoa can taste it here. Sweet chocolate, a sweet custard another.

Chocolate, nuts, cream, chocolate cream puff was different flavor.

Ginza Cozycorner Nakano Sunmall Branch store information:5-59-6 Nakano Nakano-ku Japan、03-5380-1831、9:00〜22:00、Open Everyday

Nakano Broadway basement, has issued a food stall Korean bibimbap lunch bought at a Myeong-dong stand(明洞屋台).

Bibimbap bento @Myeong-dong stand,Nakano Broadway

Extend the fork and the eggs, egg yolk has melted and creamy. The white meat has completely solidified, and superb fried.

In the manner of bibimbap when you ate mix well. It looks more vegetables, I thought hard to eat. I mixed, the integration of vegetables and rice are easy to eat with chopsticks.

Is a medium spicy, spicy but when put in the mouth feel and spicy. There are two types of chili.

The food is still cold, ate delicious. Rice and vegetables together, and eat lots of wonderful.

★Myeong-dong stand store information::5-52-15 Nakano Nakano-ku Japan、03-6454-0281、AM10:00-PM8:00

HANAMARU Udon 's limited menu, Curry Noodles

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"HANAMARU Udon"(はなまるうどん) is, "Nakano Sunplaza"(中野サンプラザ) on the other side across the street. "HANAMARU Udon" is a PR time was limited menu. The curry noodle.

HANAMARU Udon noodle curry limited time

This menu is a limited time, or be forever unknown. Curry Noodles, but clothes that adhere to the soup, be careful when eating. And the Japanese curry is a popular menu is a combination of curry and noodles.

The flavor of the fish flavor combination that will ever taste. The price of medium size and small size is the same, is 580 yen."HANAMARU Udon" in the lineup, the menu has become a luxury.

★HANAMARU Udon Store information : 5-67-6 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo ,03-5913-0650,7:30?-24:00

Kake Udon@Fujisoba Nakano Shop

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Arcade JR Nakano Station North Exit before, at the Nakano Sun Mall, in "Fujisoba(富士そば) Nakano shop" , Kake Udon (かけうどん)(260 yen) ate.

Kake Udon@Fujisoba Nakano Shop

Fujisoba come out as soon as you order, it is called eating standing shop, the store has put a chair there, you can sit and eat slowly. Nakano store also seems to be the second floor.

Depending on the congestion of the store and fast food comes out fast par. This is served at the meal ticket counter has been completed in about 30 seconds. Soba is good for your health. This shop is also stuck in the material. But I ate Udon.

Kake Udon@Fujisoba Nakano Shop

Containing onions and seaweed, a simple Udon. Eat quickly filled the stomach.

★Fujisoba Nakano Shop info:5-65-12 Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo

Nakano Festival's lantern

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North exit of JR Nakano station, was very beautiful lanterns. To pass by at night, light red, but a unique atmosphere.

Nakano Festival's lantern

Looking at the central post, which is "Nakano Festival" is a lantern. Recall has been established in the spring pink paper lanterns, autumn red.

What's the red heat of the festival. Nakano Festival this weekend, to be held on October 9 and 10, 2010.

Cream bun shop appeared JR Nakano Station

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North exit of JR Nakano station, the space has had a kiosk selling space before, we were selling something.

If you look, is located on a large fridge. The selling was the "cream bread"(cream bun). Top-ranked TV show HANAMARU-Market in 2009, "Bread in cream melted" to sell.

JRCream bun shop appeared JR Nakano Station

Has opened shops of the port city of Sagamihara specially.

On inquiry, it appears to be opened for a limited time. According to the website, the period 10 / 1 (Fri) and 12/31 (Friday). 10:00 to 22:00 and is to buy a bread in cream and roll cake.

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