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Yakushi Airoad(薬師アイロード) South Indian restaurant, "South Indian dining" was announced a limited time menu pop stores have. A set of special dinner vegetable provides 24 days from December 1. The price is 1680 Yen.

South Indian dining special dinner

Of course there just for vegetarians, the menu name is written with vegetables and beans. ... Sometimes? ? ? But some names and dishes.

Being written at the beginning of the Indian pop wine. The Indian wine you might be unusual.

★South Indian Dining Restrant's information:1-23-23 Arai Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan、03-3388-0373、lunch11:30-15:00、dinner17:30-23:00

Increase the richness of another punch

Previously, I ate Kaeru's Ramen noodles.

kaeru you can eat is ramen shop so that the volume is topped with attractive shops and free. Vegetables, onions, garlic, fat, raw eggs, can you put up, and rice. This time, fat, onions, vegetables, raw eggs to go with.

Kaeru's Ramen plus Fat, onions, vegetables, raw egg

But even hearty noodles, you will get to the pile by the toppings.

Raw eggs, as seen in the image is served on a separate plate, bowl and add your own. In fact, this menu had ever eaten before, could introduce. Raw eggs into a bowl Because I ran out to the tragedy was transmitted through to the table with the noodles. At that time the store staff was annoying. The bitter memories.

This time the experience, reduce promoting eating ramen and put the eggs in a bowl.

Kaeru's Ramen plus Fat, onions, vegetables, raw egg

With the addition of fat, the soup is joined by a heavy punch. A sense of its weight, especially the onion softens and vegetables added. What really happens with the addition of raw eggs in it.

The taste was different from expected. Is intact and the egg in your bowl. No spaces in your bowl, the mix should not be too late, or coating of three soups, eggs, vegetables, noodles and onions are coated, dressed in a rich egg and fat, the impact was even stronger . Yolk is concentrated to some extent was known, also adds texture of white meat.

Flavored noodles, thick with yet another direction, and tasted good. Become habit.

★Ramen Shop Kaeru's information:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan,Open 11:00-15:00,17:30-21:00,Closing Monday

★Related Entries:Road to Kaeru shop from JR Nakano station(Japanese)

Nakano Broadway 3F bookstore "Akeya"(明屋書店), there posters prominently window. Became a hot topic in the media, comics, "Glass Mask"(ガラスの仮面) was a thing about.

The masterpiece, the famous Glass Mask slow writer. The big news is that the cartoons published in a row and what do you have the impression that casting had been widely reported that the news and posters.

Madam Tsukikage was the model teacher, the role of the legendary "Red Fairy," played by a beautiful woman, has not lost his passion for theater and its beauty and style through the years, and Character.

Manga Character

The cast was the character that "Matsuko Deluxe". Luxury is ... impact. If you look at, and there is the mysteriou somehow becomes visible to the teacher. For deformation was thought-provoking poster.

★Akeya bookstore information:Nakano Boroadway 3F 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan、03-3387-8451、10:00-20:30

Fried Chicken YUKARI, Limited Service

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Witnessed the passing work during the day. It was also pointed out in the blog comments, I went to the newly opened take-out fried chicken shop. Were lined with customers.

The margin was raised from open YUKARI(縁). Turn right at entering the entrance to the Nakano-Sunmall, passing standing soba shop, looking in front of KFC. It is next to it. I was previously at a ramen shop Azisitsi(味七).

Because of the matrix is understood that staff are handing out flyers at the top.


10 days from the 18th to 27th open, bring flyers give customers 200g Fried recommend purchasing a service and is more than 100g.

The menu from fried chicken, garlic and sesame sauce, garlic and secret, and many other parts of the chicken skin tips and naan and rice crackers.

And also the bar near the front of the Ramen shop. And 22:00 hours. Such opportunities are likely to drop slightly as a snack or a souvenir.

★Fried Chicken YUKARI shop information: 5-62-7 nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo、03-5380-3830、11:00-22:00、open everyday.Fried Chicken YUKARI 's Homepage (Japanese)

Arcade 1F Nakano Broadway in the "Adwords" to "One Piece DX Ouka Shichibukai Figure Complete Set" is going to be in stock.

One Piece DX Ouka Shichibukai Figure Complete Set

The arrival date November 11 (Thursday). According to the pop shop, the "One Piece DX Ouka Shichibukai Figure Complete Set" The Last Chance can be aligned with a set of figures, and fans can not miss the timing has become. And it seems limited quantity.

The announcement was of great human pop. I'm sure the fans will not miss an announcement.

★Adwords Nakano Shop information:5-52-15 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan、03-3389-7670、10:00?24:45

Oyako-don@Hinai-ya Nakano branch

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Children's(=eggs) supporting roles, starring parent(=chicken)

Oyako-don is a chicken and egg with rice.I ate the other day, "Hinai-ya Nakano branch"(比内や中野店) lunch menu, chicken and egg on rice (880 yen) is.

Hinai-ya Nakano branch

I feel a lot near Nakano Station "Yakitori" shop delicious and cheap, I have a nice business lunch. The meat you at night, appeared to change during the day dressed as a lunch menu, and at night you can be a cheap and tasty lunch separately.

I eat several times "Hinai-ya's Oyako-don." It is stable in a good way.The strong flavor and taste of meat, chicken and egg on rice has become the flavor of chicken alive.

Oyako-don@Hinai-ya Nakano branch

Grilled meat is fragrant and good texture. Strong taste of egg and dashi. The egg has become the flavor of these foil, making a unique combination of materials have confidence in the shop.

You get to know a little taste of the rich broth, soup, taste change the impression that melts and different flavor of chicken. But in addition to the usage of the material shop and feel the device.


★Hinai-ya Nakano Branch shop information:中野区中野5-56-15 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo,Japan、03-5318-1768、12:00-14:00、17:30-25:00、Open everyday

Ōto-ya Nakano North shop, increased rice, yes.

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On the other side across the "Nakano street" of Nakano Sunplaza(中野サンプラザ), a restaurant "Ōto-ya Nakano North shop" (大戸屋中野北口店), there were banners. According to the report, a large portion of the meal service.

Ōto-ya Nakano North shop, increased rice, yes.

It is experiential, with many shops in Nakano eat lunch, make us feel a large portion of the service.

Meanwhile, the franchise has to worry about. Because of the expected increase in volume, its minutes of getting a price increase? Ramen shops are piled high in the same amount. But the curry and beef bowl is piled high price is that it will actually ... and worried.

Ōto-ya Nakano North shop like shop, and you press OK in the shop with certainty and openly, can be used with confidence.

★Oto-ya shop information:5-66-4-B1 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan、03-5318-3080、Open10:00-23:00

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