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"Mandarake" nonstop New Year Sales

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"Mandarake"is a shop that has great influence on the atmosphere of Nakano Broadway. Beyond the old book is a shop that sells all the sub-cultural goods. Until I covered the nonstop New Year is that all stores are open to.

Mandarake nonstop New Year Sales

Announcement was a sign out to Nakano Broadway corridor.

Sometimes on weekends or when you go to, who is visiting, of course, may be surprised by the breadth of their nationality. In the New Year holidays,imagine coming to Broadway and the more people Nakano, send a Yale staff.

Mandarake Homepage(English)

Okra and Chicken Curry @ South Indian Dining

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Spicy, sweet

Recently, in Yakushi Ai Road Street , okra and chicken curry for lunch at South India dining.

Yakushi Airoad, JR Nakano station but away from, has many gourmet shops such as curries and pasta, many Chinese dishes or candy shop. Worth over time tend to go shop there. Then,to eat curry,went to Souti Indian Dining,Curry Restrant.

Okra and Chicken Curry @South Indian Dining

Nan dipped in curry and ate. Sweet, sweet. Looking at the tray containing the pumpkin? ! Unexpected upset in ambush.

Perhaps because of the pumpkin, many yellowish curry chicken curry than you previously thought and sweet. But then I felt spice. Sweet, but there is a little spicy flavor with. The sticky texture of the okra and pumpkin and have not had any heart, such as water and the usual route things differently, curry has become indescribably strange. The chicken has been used does not have a bone sites had the same skin.

Nan was plump. I think there was a lot of butter to coat.

Curry is sweeter than usual sense, there was of surprise.

★Shop Information:1-23-23 Arai Nakano-ku(The address is the reference level)、03-3388-0373、Lunch11:30-15:00、Dinner17:30-23:00

"Gusto" appeared to Nakano Station South Exit

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I noticed when I went to some time previously, JR Nakano Station south exit, building on the side of the track, building on the first floor Purumie Saintgermain(Bakery) was preparing to open the Gusto.

Pop out the large window to PR. Did not notice at all.

There are Saizeriya(Italian Restaurant) the south exit, and can such a family restaurant near the station. During the lunch, of course, seems to have the chance to use during such meeting.

Nakano Broadway, 3F, game shops, Tomato Land passing by in the evening it was informed that the arrival of game "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd" by the pop.


I later checked on the net, selling price was. This game often hear in daily life, is the latest version of the popular portable gaming. It seems that the game in the Broadway shops can not get easily. During difficult to obtain, it seems to be selling goods at fixed prices to ensure

Game Shop Tomato Land information from Nakano broadway website

Chez Ono 's Meatballs with tomato sauce

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Pose as a regular restaurant but...

The other day I ate lunch at a restaurant Chez Ono. The meatball.

From Nakano Ramen(noodles) street, the street next to one at this restaurant. This street has many bars, very quiet during the day. During that, because the more secluded from the street entrance, there is a retreat atmosphere.

Two lunch, the menu has been prepared to eat mostly pasta and curry. And I appreciate the speed of cooking. The lunch time is really limited, but, you know that tricky enough. Perhaps you are like me out to a quick twist in the shop. On this day, soup and salad came out first. I feel the soup and salad dressing ginger.

Was used in the pear salad. Use in salads or fruits that would flow Ono? Prior to remember, like the persimmon was used.

Chez Ono 's Meatballs with tomato sauce

Meatballs are many main dishes. I felt a little tomato sauce and salt. Tomato flavor alive in such a slightly sour, refreshing and they will be fat meatballs minutes, yet the flavor of the meat is looking better. The Western food proceeds. Sources are plenty of vegetables, I'm glad that seems to be good for your health too.


The pumpkins have been used may be rare. And speaking of Ono Xie, pickles personally can not miss. Again, eat vegetables.

Madam and sociable, quiet chefs, the usual quick, cheap, tasty food to feed us. The menu and atmosphere is homely, its authentic taste. The shop also enjoy such a gap.

★Shop Information:5-53-9 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan、03-3319-7947、11:30-14:00(Mon-Fri)、8:00-22:00、Closed Sunday&Holiyday

"209 Noodle Shop" @ Nakano Shinbashi in renewal

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Recently, I went to Nakano Shinbashi 's ramen shop. "209 Noodle Shop"(麺屋209)is.

Staff taught me, in a ramen shop in Nakano Shinbashi push was that. ... was closed.

According to a poster in a store, "Ken Yuu noodle shop" that plans to have a renewal. The new menu that is likely to be redesigned ramen.

No chance to get it, eat ramen chance at Nakano Shinbashi, and I struck out, unfortunately.

The "Keroro" poster on the Seibu Line

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Educational manner posters were on the Seibu Shinjuku Line platform. The poster, there was Keroro.

He is an alien plot to invade Earth. He was troubled by someone dumped garbage.


Under the poster, some exclusive Keronian Sumama of Seibu Railway.

Squid invasion has done recently (and the Internet are called). Seibu Line has Keroro invasion. Be worried.

WILLCOM SHOP appeared Nakano Sun Mall

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JR Nakano Station North Arcade,Nakano Sunmall was held on the first floor of the building construction. The Italian fast food restaurant where there was previously.

Little by little had been done was to look the other day, today was installed in a wall display of new shop building. The Willcom.


WILLCOM SHOP would probably appeared.

If so, Nakano Sun Mall, NTT Docomo shop, au shopping, and this WILLCOM SHOP ,and e-mobile shop, and the five major mobile carrier, will be featuring four except Softbank.

Nakano Tokyu Store's Bibimbap Bento

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The lunch spot, Tokyu Store

The timeline of Twitter and knew that Tokyu great lunch. Immediately, I went.

The menu was very full. Omelette rice and hamburger, lined with a variety of lunch and rice and roast meal, can be purchased at any of the one coin. Lunch at supermarkets and chain stores in many of the menu cost and felt that a higher level.

Meanwhile the "Bibimbap Bento (450 yen)" I bought. This menu's name is "torotto mazemaze bibimbap bento" means mixing soft-boiled egg.

Nakano Tokyu Store's Bibimbap Bento

The name is, soft-boiled egg that will sit in the middle. Remove, divide, have been set went with putting hot pepper. Because it was cold at first, they become a mass rice ragged Innovation is hard to mix. The soft-boiled egg or stain it went, and slowly falling apart, but now got a ton of rice bibimbap.

When I eat the whole rice is coated with hot pepper and soft-boiled egg whites and yolks are firm with a taste. Namul as lunch is a little long, but it's a little hard to eat, good texture on the contrary.

Meat flavor is there, taking plenty of vegetables being pulled in texture. I used came with all the hot pepper is spicy easily. It tries to follow But after the sweetness of the yoke, not just the pain, has become a complex flavor.

This texture, and flavor. There is a lunch for money over the price.

★Tokyu Store Supermarket information:4-3-1 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan、03-3388-0109、10:00-23:00

y's DELI & BAKERY's Illusion of cream bread

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Distinctive cream bread

Before I get, y's DELI & BAKERY 'scream bread (150 yen) is.

I have a chance to pass Ome Kaido was aware that there is a stylish bakery. They wanted to go one day, there is a chance, I was able to visit the store.


The spacious shop I was facing the street, the store has no depth compact. Baked bread we will cherish, and attached to it a little.

The bread that had been advertised in the pop shop, I chose the bread and cream.

y's DELI & BAKERY's Illusion of cream bread

Dough in a good way, not trendy, but there is more stiffness and sticky surface burned is also solid inside. I feel moist and firm. While not a custard cream, vanilla beans can be seen. Soft cream that may be mixed with the whip.

The harder they fall a little bread and cream softly tender, nostalgic texture somewhere, but in contemporary twist cream, original cream bread.

★Shop infromation:3-24-1 Chuou Nakano Tokyo Japan、03-5337-9577

Tsukemen So-an in Chinese noodles available

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Near the Seibu Shinjuku Line's, station "Araiyakushi mae"(新井薬師前), noodle shop "So-an" (草庵)was issued a Limited menu. Traditional Chinese noodles (500 Yen). The announcement was a pop stores.

Tsukemen So-an in Chinese noodles available

According to pop, at 5:30 pm on weekdays, all day on weekends, and is limited to 20 meals.

Are other menus noodles straight, here is what seems to be reduced in the dough made the same. Wheat and salt, because it is a ramen shop get a taste of soft materials such as chicken noodle shop in Nakano also strong personality, is likely to be literally a rustic old ramen.

It says to use a small pop, it is also a limited period.

★Noodle Shop So-an shop information:5-23-6 Arai Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan、03-3228-4577、11:30-15:30、18:00-23:30

(It is provided at 5:30 pm on weekdays, shops open at home this afternoon at 6:00 pm)

Hattendo's bread cream (green tea)

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Fluffy inside and out

"Hattendo"(八天堂) bread cream (green tea) and ate. One is 200 yen. Outside the north exit of JR Nakano station, made a booth for a limited time, the famous cream bread that we sell. I eat cold has changed. The taste is a product from the store difficult to obtain.

Hattendo's bread cream (green tea)

Unusual cold cream bread. Bread is something cool and harden, fluffy bread in heaven eight is enough to feel that a lot of cream trapped inside.

When I ate was the same tactile texture. Cold and light. You can jump quickly in the mouth and cream. It is also fluffy.

I was in plenty of cream. Dough is thin, most are seen as the cream. Matches a slight sweetness complemented the slightly bitter green tea and cream. Light in texture and taste but, really impressive.

Almost like a cake was an elegant cream bread.

According to the website, this shop ,10:00 -22:00 until later this year.

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