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Marui OIOI Nakano, open

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Today, 28 January 2011 (Fri), OIOI Marui Nakano opened. Had become a hot topic in the Twitter timeline. While moving around the city of Nakano and encountered a man lowered the bag already.

On the first day and encountering the opening of large department stores, not so. Since the precious opportunity, I decided to go to the front of the store.

Marui OIOI Nakano, open

There was a lot of people to the entrance. The staff are places to stay, to induce customers. The clerk at the foot of the placard was placed. Previously they surely very busy, I guess was a restricted admission.

I had checked on the floor guide of Marui Nakano , there was a frequent shop I went "Tsuna Hachi" ,Tenpura shop. As well as shopping, when you want to go too extravagant meals.

Niku Fuji @ Fuji Soba Nakano Branch

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Heaping topping

Previously, In Nakano Sanmall Arcade,Japanese Soba Shop "Fuji Soba"(富士そば) , ate "Niku Fuji"(meat &egg Udon).

Fuji soba, soba shops are stand-up meal. Located along the railway station. It conveniently stores the food comes out quickly. Ate the most simple menu. So, this menu was looking forward to luxury.

Food was provided. Meat, eggs, green onion, seaweed. All have a presence.

Niku Fuji @ Fuji Soba Nakano Branch

When eaten, none have a strong flavor. Meat, eggs, sometimes with udon elementary freely change brought noodles. But meat is still a strong smell, which is also topped with a Lot, salty-sweet scent tickles your nose.

A pinch of noodles, excellent equipment and a tangle with all of this. It is a small luxury.

Be kind to your wallet can stomach the tongue is a good menu.

★Shop Information:5-65-12 Nakano Nakano-ku

To open this weekend in New Marui Nakano, passed in front of the building. Of course the same poster was a keynote cream, a building that had become chic.

OIOI Nakano Marui

5F is similar restaurants like that before. Character is seen from the window Shinjuku Sabotgen(新宿さぼてん). Muji has even 4F, 3F It seems to Tokyu Hands be.

The combination of these two looks good easy to use. And B1 is the Peacock went in before there were supermarkets as a restaurant.

oioi entrance

After the sun fell, this time you pass by the front door was opening day to announce proudly. January 28, 2011 (Friday) is open at last.

Tomato Curry (Lunchbox) @ Matsuya Nakano shop

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The other day I ate lunch Matsuya's Tomato curry . Matsuya is a beef bowl restaurant chain on the Nakano street.

This is a curry lunch menu. Minutes have a height or a small lunch for the case, is seen as a pretty good volume. Curry rice from a container through, start eating.

Tomato Curry (Lunchbox) @ Matsuya Nakano shop

Surprisingly, quite a flavor. This curry, curry Matsuya regular menu is quite different. There is bitterness and spice, pungency only. Acidity of tomatoes was also out. Lou is less moisture, it seems that over braised vegetables.

Curry has become one of originality. Eggplant with onions, tomatoes and of course plenty of presence. Cut a large three kinds of vegetables, ate a lot. The amount, and ? 390 this is a good lunch money.

★Shop information:5-68-9 Nakano-ku Nakano、03-5318-7331

Marui OIOI Nakano, January 28 (Fri.) Open

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IN JR Nakano Station ,there Marui posters. Marui Nakano closed its headquarters, is open as Marui Nakano.


Opening this Friday, January 28.

When I saw the photo of the poster, it is different impression. Marui and say, corporate color is red, with impressive use of color and white combination, I would have these images, the trend has become soft and creamy.

Was investigated, 26 August 2007 (Sunday) I closed it at 6:30 in the afternoon. I thought it would reopen a lot earlier, that day I came imperceptibly.

Mitsuboshi changes to NicoNico

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In the Nakano street, curry shops "French Curry Mitsuboshi adoring of wired writers had changed (Tokyo Curry Mania: Mitsuboshi's 'French Curry' in Nakano). The name of the shop signs written in the new "Nico Nico Curry".

Mitsuboshi changes to NicoNico

Like what and how they relate to Mitsuboshi, How did the shop is completely different is unknown, but the curry is eaten in this place is ok.

★Shop information:2-1-1 Arai Nakano-ku Tokyo

Hattendo, extension of time until March

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Hattendo(八天堂) bread cream shop was opened by the JR limited time to Nakano Station North Exit.

The last one was that it was full open check the website, there was a shop at the new year.

Hattendo, extension of time until March

When the clerk asked, is still open and to extend until March.

The sign in front of the shop I have been featured a lot of menus, "sold out" has been posted many of the poster. Is so difficult to buy and roll easily. By extension of this, but can get a chance to spread easily.

ZETA GUNDAM decorated with Swarovski

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On the ground floor of Nakano Broadway, a new arcade that was open.

It was Adwords.

The arcade is located on Broadway in some shops here is a game only seems to store the crane. There was such a figure in the shop.


Was decorated with Swarovski Z-Gundam.

It is a pretty big figure has been pasted all over the whole Swarovski. It is sparkling.

There are also other figures of Hatsune Miku.

Hatsune Miku

Here is a one-point used. But to stand out, is beautiful.

On the showcase, there's also a sign of Game Idol "Anno Haruna".

Sign of Anno Haruna

Note that these figures are not intended for individuals to enjoy the last, and was produced for the purpose of sale, there was no disclaimer. End of this month, and is being exhibited.

Gyouda Jelly Fly @ Nakano B Kyu Sakaba

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Japanese B class food , in Nakano

Recently, Gyoda jelly fly (399 Yen) ate in Nakano B kyu Sakaba(中野B級酒場).

B class gourmet Fujinomiya Yaki Soba and Shirokorohorumon, those you see in gourmet variety of media. To eat, so eating was considered a distant city can not.

However, these had to be eaten easily while you shop a drink-class gourmet. Nakano B kyu Sakaba(means Nakano B-Class saloon). Was up to the menu at a bar in the narrow streets between Nakano Broadway and Nakano Sun Mall.

Gyouda Jelly Fly

The three listed fries on your plate. That sauce. The appearance is similar to curry bread. When eaten, the taste of curd. The name is jelly fly, I fly is the bean curd.

And permeates the source, and change the impression. Tofu and soy sauce that is a good combination when it comes to flavor bean curd and sources such as tofu, and then a new feel. Japanese ingredients, cooking method because it is fly But Western, Western style. And the source. I asked the shop to do that with potatoes and spices contain. That is why the western felt maybe even more.

Back and forth to the impressions on the tongue of Japanese and Western is a fun dish.

★Shop Information:5-55-1 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan、03-3389-2005、17:00-24:30、Closed Thursday

Grilled kebab and Ooban-yaki shop, Amakan

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There was a strange store.

Through Nakano Broadway and turn right at Waseda street and go . Through in front of grilled show Ron Poe shop, while the shop was located, Amakan(あまかん).


Store name written in hiragana and there Makan. Logo featuring Chinese characters. Beautiful appearance with a white edge to the green color scheme.

And you at this shop get Turkish cuisine kebabs, and Japanese traditional sweets,Oobanyaki(Japanese Pancake).

According to the pop , kebab can choose the source of the five flavors. Five flavors to choose from pancakes. Nakano is a city subculture, has been drawn anime girl pictures of pancakes.

Find the opportunity, I would like to eat.

★Shop info:5-51-2 nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo、03-3387-5870 、holiday is every Monday.Amakan's Website

Neither in the Japanese style Indian style curry, Asian style and taste

In Yamiyami Curry, chicken and egg curry lunch set(spicy) (700 yen), I ate.

Chicken and Egg Curry Set @ YamiYami Curry Nakano brunch

When the last time I ate, or because we specified spicy, thick and very much curry spice, a little stiff impression. Say without fear and misunderstanding, I felt like flour.

This is like water, like a curry soup. Becomes familiar enough with rice. Since there are many curry dishes that can be viewed, filled with a lot of chicken. Skin is soft and, in some cases is big enough to split the last four can eat with a spoon.

Coupled with eggs that blend thoroughly, and feel the presence curry food too.

Yamiyami Curry, but also boasts an Asian curry, like a lot of equipment is also attractive. During checkout, Strawberry Milk candy will be attentive, a good shop.

★YamiYami Curry shop information:5-50-3 Nakano Nakano-ku、03-3389-2137、11:30-16:00(Lunch)、17:30-1:00(Dinner)、Sundays and holidays11:30-1:00(Until sold out)

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