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Bright Noah, crying in the corner of Nakano

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Passing by the shop before, in front of the bar changed, sometimes through the night. Animation and special effects is the shocker bar.

Masked Rider appeared, bearing the name of an evil organization, it is appropriate to store the city's subculture Nakano, signs are written in something or cry.

Bright Noah, crying in the corner of Nakano

Here are Bright Noah ,the characters of Gundam animation's, famous words was.

Animated characters, fictional character, so to speak, yet, in recent years, growing reputation as a bright middle management. I often think of working with many recent thinking, my captain by the name of the void.

★Shop information:5-53-10 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo、Open from(about)20:00-、Open everyday

Bonjour Bon 's Egg curry bread is back

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Bonjurubon is in Nakano Sunmall Arcade. A bakery making bread with natural yeast. The signs were put Bonjurubon. This bakery, they notice a lot of things to color while using colorful signs will be fun to see while walking.

According to the report, is that which contains hard-boiled eggs and bread in the curry.

Bonjour Bon 's Egg curry bread is back

Previously, the pan boiled egg curry was also included. During renovation a few times, gone away, had personally taken any regrets.

I hope this revival. Now, I am going to buy.

★Store Information:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano-ku、03-5345-6260。Bonjour Bon's Homepage(Japanese)

The day the Nakano Broadway stood still

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Today is Wednesday, February 16, 2011. As I give notice before, Nakano Broadway is closed on the day.

Broadway that day I usually have an opportunity they've seen. I went to see Nakano Broadway are closed.

The day the Nakano Broadway stood still

Nakano Broadway has closed, the door opens. Since the shutters down just a little set back, from Nakano Sunmall the illusion that it can see the closed door approach.

More foreign tourists coming in, might encounter a scene where a commemorative photo taken.

Myeong-dong Stand's Chijimi @ Nakano Broadway

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Betray the look texture, volume, and flavor

Before, I ate chijimi at Nakano Broadway in the basement of Myeong-dong Stand(明洞屋台). Was brought back.

Myeong-dong Stand, I may eat a light snack a few times. Such as instant noodles, which are also real. The taste is of course serious, and how to provide cooked in front of me, feel free customer service staff are talking to me and asked to eat with each other and shoulders. Nakano Broadway is a also has the unique atmosphere of a Broadway basement, but like if you were in Seoul, Korea, Myeong-dong.

Myeong-dong Stand's Chijimi @ Nakano Broadway

Chijimi see someone bring back and fit into a container, I feel a little less. Fold the dough was flat. With a brown surface, lets you imagine a crisp texture.

But they were disappointed as soon as I ate. But thin, crisp surface, and has the texture of the dust and have. Bland dough will mainly wheat, soy sauce, vinegar better suited to put the shop had. To proceed to eat, you eat in response. So many times sticky chewing a wider sense of satisfaction. Good texture, just does not come from dough and baked. The squid. I was on a lot of squid to the teeth touch "Puchin".

I thought that was snack stomach is full.

★Shop information:Nakano Broadway B1 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano-ku、03-6454-0281、AM10:00-PM8:00

Refu Tei, JR Nakano Station North Exit, the right of the entrance of Nakano Sunmall Arcade. Is famous for its Oobanyaki(大判焼き),Japanese traditional pancake. When cold, warm and looking sweet snack, people are lined up.

Refu Tei had to pop in-store announcements. His shop, to the menu and know that popular, is the revival of the sausage and mayonnaise.

Oobanyaki Refu Tei

Sausage, mayonnaise, I have eaten. I was gone from the lineup was the menu.Mayonnaise and sausages like hot dogs, and eat.

★Shop information:5-63-3 Nakano Nakano-ku、03-3387-3048、9:00-21:00、Open everyday

Alley in front of JR Nakano, and usually I was walking a different way, I noticed that the new pub is open.Ikkenme Sakaba(一軒め酒場).

North exit of JR Nakano station, Japanese Pub Ikkenme Sakaba

Has been announced in the shop menu is fried or stewed, sour and literally the familiar menus and pubs. But the price is different. Even a quick look, but not any more like this is not 300 yen. Cheap too much.

The opening hours are from noon seems. Signs also "opened the afternoon" and has been featured in the early opening time.

Not likely to try various things, reliable shop.

★Shop information:5-61-10 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo、03-3387-7801、12:00-25:00

Kimchi Soup at lunch

I recently set as kimchi tofu soup set bento Matsuya Nakano shop(? 490) ate. The takeout menu is mostly made Matsuya, encouraging choice for lunch together when ordering. Once you have a call in advance and no waiting. Need a little fried at lunch ... but rather be brought together at a few shops that I use occasionally.

Want to eat unusual things, chose to set of tofu kimchi soup It is natural, as it has been a menu of retail containers. Plenty hot from the oven stew out of steam. And white rice.

Tofu Kimchi Soup Set Bento @ Matsuya Nakano street Branch

I was glad the first is to enjoy the spicy soup. In looks, it feels like a dark red color than the previous menu. To get warm in the mouth and stomach to eat. The medium was hot.

I can not forget and that contains meat. As it contains the meat of beef bowls. A little hard to eat with a spoon Takashi Megumi is available. So put on the delicious, mouth and carries with tofu spread and a different flavor.

Taste good even if I like rice with soup, and good taste can be alternately sweet and spicy rice soup.

And that's lucky, beef rice (rice or pork) is set to come with a soft-boiled egg without exception. Add to soup with poached egg from the staff to receive a guide to set vegetable relish even able to change the flavor of the thick yellow soup. The chance that was impressive even became good lunch.

★Shop information:5-68-9 Nakano Nakano-ku、03-5318-7331,Open 24hour

When I was moving Waseda street towards Shinjuku, I was out there with care. Just across the street opposite the OTSUMA NAKANO Junior & Senior High School, close to Onigiri shop "Kan-no ya".

Found! Korian Home cooking restaurant.

Waseda street, there are Korean family cooking restaurants

This shop, e-mail you to tell me. To open around September last year, and that there be real Korean home cooking. The people of South Korea seems to be our owner and our staff in the restaurant flows through the Korean TV, and be exposed to an atmosphere that is almost like a trip to Korea.

The grilled meat, There are many near JR Nakano station.However, few Korean home cooking..There are quite a distance from the station is likely to be a valuable alternative.

★Shop information:5-23 Nakano Nakano-ku、11:30-23:30(LO:23:00)、Closed Mondays

Hatsune Miku appears to LIVEDAM

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Walking along the Nakano station, I saw banners on Miku. And it appeared that LIVEDAM Hatsune Miku.

Hatsune Miku appears to LIVEDAM

I looked up, in high definition equipment, Miku singing (or called, Miku singing) I like to enjoy karaoke singing.

If you remember correctly, came across this banner is as Nakano Sanmall between Chinese noodles shop "Aoba". But others are not quite remember. Now the banner as well as interesting to even karaoke.

Nakano Broadway, closed on February 16

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People around the world aimed at tourist spots, there was a sign on the passage of Nakano Broadway. The signs tell the rest.


According to the report, 16 February (Thursday) for inspection of electrical equipment, and closed. There was also several times in the past. Shutters are closed and can not pass.

Have you started thinking of going to people all the way Broadway in particular, please note.

Perfect matching is in fact a surprising encounter

It was mouth-watering menu for the take-out point of sale posters. I tried to open the lid of the container for your lunch, wrong. If the representation of the Internet, complete mismatch.


When eaten, but the impression was different. Mince cutlet dressed demiglace is moist and soft. Cut with chopsticks, mouth to carry with fluffy egg and rice are wearing around.

Sour taste and flavor are both sources, but I like the taste of pork cutlet that is effective excuse, it fits the demiglace mince cutlet and egg. Demigura eggs, Rice met with the sweetness of the sweetness of three types of ground beef mince cutlet, and the taste sublime.

Minced pork cutlet in that larger packages than the pork cutlet, though many would probably amount, it may be best menus.

★Katsu-Ya Information:5-67-9 Nakano Nakano-ku、03-5913-2739、10:30〜2:00、Katsu-Ya Homepage(japanese)

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