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By this time the situation would be the cherry blossoms, you may remember that you mention it. Every year this season, what was not very beautiful pink paper lanterns in front.

I was thinking that has the eyes of the billboard poster.

The 25th Cherry Blossom Festival on Nakano Street, stop

Performances by everyone from elementary school and saw the sign, toward the singers on stage, but that plan had been to the parade, due to the circumstances of this transport in the earthquake, was discontinued this year held And is.

In a suit to stop, I would not even know of this disaster, I feel that this year's cherry blossoms bloom late.

Cherry tree. March 29, 2011 (Tuesday) Nakano

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In Tokyo, the cherry blossoms bloom seems to have already.

What's happening cherry Nakano, I see.

Cherry tree. March 29, 2011 (Tuesday) Nakano

I wanted a blue sky background, it does not go well enough, I took some time while observing the bud.

Nakano street, but steadily towards flowering is likely to take some more time.

3rd KY

Before I do this, Double pasta in SEIYU Nakano Broadway Branch (Mentaiko & Neapolitan) (298 yen) ate. Last time it was a combination of Neapolitan and carbonara, Mentaiko & Neapolitan was now.

Double pasta in SEIYU Nakano Broadway Branch (Mentaiko & Neapolitan)

I'm afraid gotten the same impression, first to feel the goodness of the cost is still overwhelming. The amount of less than 300 yen is cheap.

Neapolitan sauce has evenly. Mentaiko feeling is that was filled, but I thought that the source is less than the Neapolitan look, but it was not.

Mentaiko source creamy, worked a little salty, but shore seaweed soup flavored brew and increments, and the tomato sauce gives a different impression. As it looks now a full stomach.

★Store Information:5-52-15 Nakano Nakano-ku、03-3386-1141、10:00-23:00、Open everyday

Even now in late March. Becomes warmer, colder, you are going to feel a little spring.

What's going on cherry JR Nakano Station North Exit, I long to see more detail.

Cherry tree. March 25, 2011 (Friday) Nakano

Is this because of the reach of the sun relative cherry tree every year compared to the surrounding, we begin to bloom early. The tip of the buds were swollen.

This year is particularly looking forward to the cherry.

There was Chinese food ideas

I ate lunch set meal at dumpling shop Min Min.Leba-Nira Set meal(レバニラ定食 means Stir of Liver and Leek, 650 Yen) was.

Lunch meal being put in the soup and dessert are perfect score volume. Moreover, you can instead of rice. Reasonable and tasty, and piled high.

餃子舗 珉珉(ミンミン)のレバニラ定食

As a twist on Chinese food, fry the levers were. We may be poor and that You may have a unique flavor, there is no habit, so bite your flavor of the meat. Manila has been little emphasis on the side, was the leading bean sprouts. Sources and cooked, delicious sprouts.

Do not miss put together. Syu-mai(焼売) steamed meat dumpling is a strong flavor of the meat was so does not need seasoning. Have a strong lemon salad dressing, reset the tongue. Chinese soup flavored broth is also a kind of flavor and possibly bird eggs, salads and me to reset the tongue in different flavors, fat-minute wash me.

The amount was more like, shop in the women were satisfied.

★Shop information:5-55-17 Nakano Nakano-ku、03-3388-6066、11:30-23:00(Weekdays 15:00-17:00 is Lunch break )、Homepage of Min-MInBlog site of Min-Min

Nakano Broadway, during Operation Yashima

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To power savings across Japan. Be caused by Earthquake and Tsunami.

When entering the Nakano Sun Mall, there is something wrong. Somewhat dim lighting and music do not take. I thought it was a power-saving measures.

The Nakano Broadway was the same.

nakano broadway in the saving

In particular, that mysterious ,carried on the third floor escalator ,had been stopped. Had fallen around lighting.

Recently opened,Tsukemen Usagi Chan(つけめんうさぎちゃん), Cherry Blossom Festival is in stores, according to the announcement.

Tsukemen Usagi Chan during Cherry Blossom Festival

From March 1, and is expanded business hours. Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 23:00, Sundays and public holidays from 21:30 till 11:00. So you lost the recess. Therefore, eating easier than ever.

Furthermore, we propose a noodle restaurant Usagi Chan put the cherry on the street looking at Nakano.

Through the front of the store, but, since I do not have time to eat once in spring, while I love to cook and eat cherry blossom petals fluttering down.

★Shop Information:2-10-9 arai Nakano Tokyo、03-6454-0109、11:30-15:00 、17:30-23:00、(Hours in March and April 2011, please see the entry ), Open everyday

JR Nakano Station on the Chuo Line platform has been installed new vending machines. Bars are full LCD display.


When people are not standing as digital signage, I get different ads. Standing in front of the vending machine is a reflection of how drinking. I watched the news at the top are equipped with a camera, so to identify the person in front of the vending machine. To determine the gender and age, it can also be displayed and recommended drinks. Some displayed the actual drink.

Change is a fun, and I have some time wandering in front of vending machines.

Recently, I opened and closed early in the cycle shop in Nakano. To-go pasta shop, photo developing shops, soba shop. Feel that going to change a dizzying variety of shops.

It is same,in the "Nakano Ramen Street" called.

As such there was, in front of a ramen shop houses, there posters. According to the report, the Mutsumi noodle shop, and is to open in late April.

Ramen Shop Mutsumi-ya will be open in the Nakano Ramen Street

Location, where there was a before noodle factory Takayama. I look forward to April.

★Shop informaiton:5-57-4 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo

Fried chicken such as snacks

When your stomach a little empty, the menu reminded me of our Twitter followers recently. The Famichiki.

I had not eaten and that you mention it, for the procurement. Famichiki @ Family Mart North Nakano Store (160 yen) is.

Famichiki @ Family Mart North Nakano Store

Stately chestnut robe, still juicy and tender meat. Jumped out the fat first, built with genuine flavor of the spicy chicken and clothes. Easy to eat because there is no bone. Once again more than anything, I was surprised at the softness of the chicken. I'm feeling a snack of fried chicken.

And that the chicken is healthy (?) and fry it fills the belly. That were in the bag, can be split. Dishes out without the top half just as it is, I can eat the dirty hands.

Snacks will be empty when you'll want to imagine about the taste.

★Store Information:5-36-8 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo、03-5345-6591

I see a post on Twitter, JR Nakano Station in, there was something that the work is done. By the way, I feel like I was used to take the cover.

I see from the platform.


Indeed, they are moving heavy equipment could break down the middle of the building. What was the building of the bicycle parking area.

Scene was fresh. From the platform, I saw Nakano Sunplaza.

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