Cherry tree. March 29, 2011 (Tuesday) Nakano

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In Tokyo, the cherry blossoms bloom seems to have already.

What's happening cherry Nakano, I see.

Cherry tree. March 29, 2011 (Tuesday) Nakano

I wanted a blue sky background, it does not go well enough, I took some time while observing the bud.

Nakano street, but steadily towards flowering is likely to take some more time.

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Do not be afraid denial, if their reasons for good.

8. Baby Anne said:

love had not complicated, but the words come and go,

When you fall in love with me, I love you,

18. Tsz color XQ says:


When you leave me, I love you,


not retain the abandoned.

16. Guo Ao said:

9. met the ordinary, said:

1. Shakespeare said:


married red roses, over time, become a red rose on the wall touch of mosquito blood, white roses, or

married a White Rose, White Rose is a grain of rice scum on clothes, red cinnabar, or a mole on her chest. -

do not expect, sparrows fly very high.

So, give him the answer to any one of them, are expected in the. -

21. Ma said:


14. San Mao said:

a woman cry, because she really gave up. -

into everyone's life will always hidden in the heart of a person, this person may never know,

6. called A, said:





If you paid a sincere, but not grace, it only shows the other side of ignorance and vulgarity! -

to love people, have gone to the day.


words people say, is the crew's fart, talk and fart, are just one breath. -

is to forget it, how are you, sorry. -


hear the wind listen to the rain with, as head attack! -

22. Raoxue said:

tired no matter how tough it is hard when he was two hundred and fifty re-insurance when he is two leather face. -

. .


because of love, so compassionate;

sorry is a sincere, it does not matter is a kind of grace.

really forget that it was not hard. -

miss all the thrills and adventure is not, we will continue to miss.

28. Eileen Chang wrote:

a good friend, a little more than two friends, three friends on a bit too much.

the biggest mistake committed by people daily, is too polite to strangers, but people are too harsh for the close,

11. Yi Shu said:

then ugly people can get married, then the United States who will be single! -

if you like me, I do not like you,


no matter how good things are lost one day.

she is lonely. -



sparrow If straighten his place, it will still be doing very well! -


When a woman looking at the sky, she did not want to look for.

and that person is like a never healing scars,

height of the sky, it is the eagle territory.

never let go of the treasure, can not be friends after breaking up, because the two sides hurt!





no matter what time, just have to be raised,beats by dre Headphones sale, or gently touched, it will dull. -


inadvertently turned the fairy tale will be read too seriously miss the dry tears will flow.

I always come directly to the face masks as a treat, but tend to forget the smiling face under the mask is a face with tears. -


17. San Mao said:

Nevertheless, this person can always be replaced by whom.

love has always been a thousands of back and turn things.



not been abandoned, have not been hurt, how to understand love? -


I thought one day, I would completely love to forget, will you forget,

aficionados, and to have an already very good, not too much,

as to understand, so tolerant. -


with escapism, it is better to laugh life;

man cry, because he really loved.

I finally found myself

4. Yi Shu said:


you lonely, lonely world, everyone, but everyone is different it's lonely. -

in practice we always smile, and finally become the person did not dare cry. -

enemy can not do, because loving each other too. -

25. San Mao said:

19. Xuan Yi said:

20. Eileen Chang wrote:

road at night, woke up this morning to go the same route. -


fate like a book.

another beautiful dream, but also wake up one day.



then deep memory, but also forgotten the day.


7. Han says:


you go too fast, or I can not keep up your pace,

When a person requesting the opening, his heart simply ready two answers.

even if the price fall is from hell, my expense. -


my loneliness I do not know where it comes from, but I really feel lonely.

26. Zhang Xiaoxian said:


because of this song, we were heard. -

no matter how a person is not an excuse to fall always be forgiven, no more love, more to love yourself. -

24.GARVEN said:

10. Zhang Xiaoxian said:

2. Jimmy said:


Man's vision is too simple, I never think about the following is a kind of mask face,


wrong if the other party to the emotions as long-term love, is itself naive. -

with to please others, as to arm themselves;

12. called A, said:

this world deceive me, I have to give fight back, I will not let go of any little bit is my happiness,



13. Eileen Chang wrote:


Think about one thousand

If it is not, also has its own, take good care of yourself, along with their own, but also a friend ... -


23. Guo Ao said:

some people love, just a

27. people are not vegetation that:

If you can not forget him, do not forget the good.


not I love you, I hate you,

take away the love, it is not love. -


over this bad habit change, peace and harmony. -

we missed Noah's Ark, missed the Titanic,

3. called A, said:

5. Guo said:

grievances can be told, it will not be wronged;

However, a sudden, I heard a Jiuge, my tears down,

15. snow Little Zen said:


get insurance, death reported: both shows have the QQ application password protection. But there are differences.

death: that is, forget the password-protected numbers.

Tencent latest requirements: pre-second protection to provide the original password, the application time and place, the means used by application and account

Tencent previous states: more than you can know the password protection

because 6-- 8-bit numbers are provided Tencent long before the new application, that time no one would go to record [the original password, the application time and place, the means used by application and account] information. So this number apply password protection is more laborious.
Taobao or whether to deal directly online or pat, 8-5 number of password protection are addressed in the following way:

1, number just transactions, most have to visit the city for ( Unless the buyers and sellers in the same city), so the staff can see landing Tencent city has changed, first suspected stolen numbers, this time not let you change the password, but can not give you the protection. The first step is to access in a stable environment for a period of time (7-15 days Tencent requirements) before you can change the password; this relatively stable environment refers to the fixed IP in a paragraph. Rather than while at home, while Internet cafes that they change the environment. Note: The use of the computer registered with the filling must be used in a computer network environment, mobile phones linked to a week, then change to the computer filling up, registration is very limited.

2, change the password, you can go to try the default password protection, if the registered stable enough during the network is likely to pass by default. Default than to fill in the contents of the complaint is much simpler. If two or three times the default is not successful, if your QQ is bought, it's history with a password provided by the seller (usually 1-2), QQ registration time (landing can be found ), the historical number of friends (do not worry to buy a number of friends to delete history) to fill out complaint form. Filling time, fill in the contents of each down, no one is sure of success, the second by also very easy to do fight a protracted war, as each complaint can not fill in the contents of the autocorrelation contradictions, so to make a record.

3, on the complaint of the way please look at my diary space , prompted by a phone call in the past which required a re-examination. Was rejected, over a period of time to fill in a form complaint. Every time your complaint, the complaint will be successful on the next play a helpful role. Of course, do not be too dense for each complaint, a bi-weekly on the line. Note that the default and the complaint can not be, do not interval too short, or it may be counterproductive.

4, a lot of places if you can update the following information, helpful to the complaint, such as which personal information, which personal information,, vip . and so on. If economic conditions can also be opened member, diamond-like services, the open mode of service and account is also down in the future when the complaint as evidence. Free multi-chat with him, play the game.

5, there is a little special attention to the field is best not to appeal that you want on the QQ, a visit the city because of the change, customer service personnel are able to know, they will have disputes that number, more complaints not easy to pass up.

QQ number on the experience of others, I will keep coming up. Also welcome the successful experience of friends keep abreast of the complaint added. Hope some of you to help
Help. I hope that we can support, your support I will have to do better.

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unprotected ordinary number: is the normal number, do not pay any fees to Tencent. Did not apply for protection. So, when the forgotten password. It is difficult to retrieve your password. Example, often say no 7 no 8's

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1: QQ number of basic knowledge
generally divided into:
membership number, QQ line number, to protect the ordinary number , unprotected ordinary number

non-document data:
is to protect the information in the Relatively secure.
back QQ password protected with a password to protect the information is correct, but why not receive Tencent Email?
proposed to replace data protection inside the mailbox, use fees, or abroad. Such as the Hotmail e-mail and so on. Does not work for a few more.

in the protection of data in documents and non-document information data points

2: 2 on behalf of the password protection, see my third diary space

works Source: Frozen - Tencent blog

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password protection on some common sense

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death: only know the password, do not know the password-protected content.

unprotected ordinary number: is the normal number, do not pay any fees to Tencent. Did not apply for protection. So, when the forgotten password. It is difficult to retrieve your password.

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I want to praise our Urumqi, Xinjiang, Urumqi ..., not to say how well-developed city, just send a few photos to let everyone see ~ ~ We are not riding a horse online. ha ha ~ ~ long experience!!! ;

every corner of every street is willing to miss my lovely home is always the most beautiful and lovely is the best ever good

Xinjiang Man Street

The most ambitious, the most distinctive national style of folk customs, folklore, culture and sentiments of a street (fixed-point unit has been authorized to travel), covers an area of ??24,000 square meters, construction area of ??48,000 square meters, brought together fifteen Xinjiang local, state, city culture, customs, food and beverage, property, etc., to become financial Urumqi tourism,north face shoes men, culture, patriotic education as one of the characteristics of the landscape.

Erdaoqiao market

Erdaoqiao market construction project is ten key markets in 2001 Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region construction projects. It marks the completion of the Erdaoqiao national tourist trade as the center circle formation, marking the national economy and economic integration with the world standards.

Urumqi People's Square is located in north eastern mountain. The formation of a long history, the Qing dynasty was the lotus pond, 23 years into the Republic square in front of the UNHCR supervision. Xinjiang provincial government in 1946 to celebrate with Ili, Tacheng, Altay three districts revolutionary government peace talks succeed named 1950, naming An area of ??40,000 square meters, north to south and 220 meters from east to west 185 meters, asphalt, sidewalks around the ring paved with tiles. North East, south and west by trees and flowers, green area of ??17,000 square meters.

Guangming Road

outside loop

West Bridge

bridge overlooking the Red Hill in the West
Dan Lu Parkson Shopping Plaza

Century Hotel

thief beautiful night



Swan Lake

fog shrouded

floor and then high, then gorgeous hotel, home also Nang

Bazaar eat the KFC ? ?

Q60: What you want before going to sleep?

Q15: You hate the people how to treat?


Q82: because of loneliness and love?
love but will not, find someone to loneliness touches will

good holding your husband

can say love is not love, it is also called love it?

Q74: Do you think good girls or straight hair good hair?

should be okay

Q28: What you boy?

at it

halo, I will not turn it. Blessings. My point is this girl oh !~~

Q92: Your views on the money?
never to go in front the money, rather than being led by the nose of money

Q54: Are you happy today?
far from happy

far more blurred

Q66: What is the best candidate to back?
Middle School

body language

Q98 If you are not satisfied with your life now, and forced their parents look forward to, how would you do?
to follow his heart

Q65: What say you answer these questions?
Xiang Maren

Q2: If you see their favorite people sleeping in front of you what would you do?

Q91: There is no gap there is no leeway to retain it?
called no gap or how?

Q20: see the sky Who you think of first?
do not know, it may be Pharaoh

Q25: If you want a flat pain, you think that person is?
who really did not like the current I-bian

Q84: There are like people? now?

if he can prove he was arrested aliens do experiments, or it may look

Do Tai Su on line

named, oh I started: Xiaowang Shu Ou, Yang niu, you two should not answer it? Maybe my account quota on the account on the ah.

Wang Xiaowei

Q53: bed and accompany him / her shopping. ..
in the election which move along

Q27: have loved to be your friend, you will accept?

regular meetings, meetings, meetings ... ...

Q102 tomorrow will be how you been?

Q9: Recently hi song?
Khalil Xiaoyu

Q30: do not like rain? Why?
not dirty on the line

Q69: You want your friends, there are people around, say what?
good life
Q70: the first person you think, What?
who did not

Q7: Are you happier now what

Q13: Do you think your so-called happiness is a lifetime of happiness after what?

Q97 If you keep your he / she separated a few years, you think he's you so what?
need to wait?

Q64: When will think of him (her)?

Q88: memorable high school, what is most memorable?
days of your life

Q95: I know most want to do it?
should kiss it

does not seem to

Q94: What is in your eyes I am a person?
themselves to the front

Q55: When most people become familiar with strangers, how would you face?

more want to go to Tibet

previously might have

Q78: I assessments and opinions!
have not said it?

like! Who told you so cute

Q93: What are your future plans?
unfettered life

rules of the game:
1, the person named in this article I will reproduced space to your space, then edit, delete my answers in the Q space to write their own answers , and then add their own 1
question passed 15 other individuals, listed 15 names of people that question, inform the other party is named, the named person may not refuse to answer questions, complete the game people will always get everyone's blessing.
2, the 15 individuals in their own space in the Q received an indication from where the problem, and think of a title passed to the other 15 people, so happy the game to continue.
3, can not return, or foul!
4, is point to point to inform people fill out your name after the person to reply
5, is point to the name of the person will get everyone's blessing, and all the beautiful wishes will soon be achieved.
6. to be honest to answer all the questions.

Q62: When a person often do?

for publicity, I decided to go serious answer, forget tomorrow morning's regular meeting ... ...

Q96: If you, he (she) engaged in an affair with someone else, how would you do?
love Za Za

Q10: want to get married much?

Q24: like me? Reason!

Q61: I would most want?

Q77: What do you think you have a place to attract the opposite sex?

Q51: What hope and I have been friends? ? ?
want to do is not a right? Haha

Q79: When you answer this time the eyes spent, right?

Q29: depressed when alone in the night, the phone has to be disturbed man do?

Q19: never forget something?
do not remember a lot of things

Q6: just why?
see advertised in the answer

Q11: Do you often feel like a failure then?

Q4: Do you think the important thing is love, friendship important, and why?
feelings of the most important

Q1: your name?

letter, do not believe there is still alive means

Q100. think between us changed? Why?
you say?

Q85: because of guilt and changes in their true thoughts?
maybe some things will, but the basic will to make things make themselves guilty
Q86: You will remember the promises it?
who knows let me know

Q8: Little Baby likes it?
now prefer the dog

Q14: have their own self?
can it

Q17: How your liquor?

Q22: like you and the person you like, what would you choose?
are not
Q23: In what way would you show you his (her) love?

Q26: have regretted his decision it?

Q21: What would you love TA life?
hope so

Q59: The baton then the do not go well?
expected to be difficult

Q101. for missing people, there will be what you expect him to?

continue their lives

had it? But think of

Q75: When you observe a person, first to pay attention to what point it TA? WHY?

Q49: If you, he (she) cried, your first move is what?
pumping him

Q99 how do you see that the rich man and woman together (including the rich little man big man old man)
nothing to do with me

move along

Q3: What exactly do you think is the real happiness together?
happy to do their own

Q83: I believe fate it?

Q12: Without love, what would you do?

Q87: You want your he (she) look like?
No special requirements

Also, Xiao Ming, a small six children, quickly come. Others, for the time being let go, others stay in the mouth but also to stay to eat.

Q16: What are the most fans?
write blog

Q5: you have a favorite person?


basically work, plus do not pray for their insomnia

Q80: Need roommate experience is, how do you do?
very fortunate, had no chance

Q50: Do you believe love? Why?

Q90: Can you tell me in your heart in the end is kind of a person?
the same with the book,beats by dr dre headphones, but better than the book lucky

Q67: there have been a guess at the opposite sex do you mind? ?

Q56: Why can not we say love is not love?

Q89: Do you think your state is now what?
to be faster and better because as

Q18: most wanted to travel?

Q76: Are you willing to blind it?
not interested

Q81: encountered a very tangled thing, how can you do?
find the source

bath One of the things we do every day, but women, you pay attention to the way you bathe it? Many people think that cold baths healthy, a lot of female friends also joined the ranks, and adhere to constantly throughout the year. As everyone knows, cold baths for women, took the opportunity to make a number of gynecological diseases,PowerBeats Sport Headphones,

3. many doctors say the harmful effects of cold water bath, cold baths when the water temperature is too low, the body will feel cold, produce a series of stress reactions, such as heart rate, blood pressure , muscle contraction, nerve tension, not only can not eliminate the fatigue, but also easy to cause a cold, should be avoided. Women because of their special physiological causes, especially during menstruation, lactation, pregnant female friend, encountered will cause cold water to stimulate female endocrine disorders, amenorrhea, abdominal pain, and many bacteria will go far into the ** cause ** gynecological diseases, severe for women after pregnancy, physical health has a certain influence.

4. fever should not take a bath when the body temperature rises to 38 ℃, the body's energy expenditure can increase 20%, relatively weak body, then bathing prone to accidents.

poor physical health for those female friends, not even a bath with cold water, or had poor resistance, due to cold stimulation, will lead to cold, fever and other diseases. Dr. Yao also reminded, in some areas this year due to climate change, and made the flu earlier this year, should try to prevent a cold, cold baths for a female friend who is not a wise move. However, you can wash your face with cold water long-term adherence, promote blood circulation, play to prevent colds, rhinitis, also make the skin become more shiny and more flexible.

6. labor, should not take a bath immediately after, whether physical or mental, should be a short break and then a bath, otherwise easily lead to the heart, brain insufficiency, or even fainting.

1. after a meal should not take a bath take a bath after a meal, the body skin surface to stimulate the expansion of blood vessels are hot, more blood flow to the surface, reduced blood supply to the abdominal cavity will affect digestion and absorption, causing low blood sugar, or even collapse, collapsed.

5. blood pressure is too low should not take a bath because the bath water temperature higher, allows people to vasodilation, hypotension, people prone to cerebral insufficiency, the occurrence of collapse.

2. should not take a bath after drinking alcohol can inhibit the functional activity of the liver, hindering the release of glycogen. The bath, the body's glucose consumption will increase. Drink and a bath, replenish blood sugar are not prone to dizziness, vertigo, weakness, serious cases may be hypoglycemia coma. Supplemental reading: Do not forget to eat spring care, Fashion your big bag lumbar killer

in the crisp autumn days, cold water on the human body to stimulate small, if the cold bath at this time began to exercise the most appropriate ... ... the autumn cold bath is the time for those who exercise poor physical health of female friends, not even a bath with cold water Otherwise, had poor resistance, due to cold stimulation, will lead to a cold, fever and other diseases. Dr. Yao also reminded, in some areas this year due to climate change, and made the flu earlier this year, should try to prevent a cold, cold baths for a female friend who is not a wise move. However, you can wash your face with cold water long-term adherence, promote blood circulation, play to prevent colds, rhinitis, also make the skin become more shiny and more flexible.

Confused when the wind blowsExhausted in a few comrades ,north face shoes men
embattled we are too vague in the beginning
less , as well as a trace
we are too general , as well as intangible

visible , the door was blocked
explore our silent the way forward

Yang Kaiwen works: International Entertainment Club - Recreation District ,north face fleece outlet

Yang Kaiwen works: International Entertainment Club - box

Yang Kaiwen designs : the international entertainment club - aisle

kevin studio

Yang Kaiwen works: International Entertainment Club - box

Yang Kaiwen works: International Entertainment Club - Hao package

Yang Kaiwen works: International Entertainment Club - Hall

Yang Kaiwen works: International Entertainment Club - Hall

Yang Kaiwen works: International Entertainment Club - box

Yang Kaiwen works: International Entertainment Club - Hall

Yang Kaiwen works: International Entertainment Club - box

This project is an international entertainment Jiayuguan Jiayuguan local club because it is the human geography of many factors to consider before the end of the world to create this with the highest grade in the northwest region is luxurious ergonomic design makes bold use of materials and light texture of heavy metals Therefore, the ingenious combination of Jiayuguan is a status symbol Yang Kaiwen design

Yang Kaiwen works: International Entertainment Club - Hao package

Yang Kaiwen works: International Entertainment Club - Hall

Yang Kaiwen works: International Entertainment Club - Bathroom

Yang Kaiwen designs : the international entertainment club - aisle

Yang Kaiwen works: International Entertainment Club - Hao package

Yang Kaiwen sheji

Yang Kaiwen works: International Entertainment Club - Recreation District

tiger looks this year's total fortune, a tiger is good. Tiger people are against this major disease sudden disaster, for the fiscal success rate is quite good. The following analysis of talk about Tiger's fortune. Tiger people are able to endure hardship in their careers, to adventure. Tiger people are not bad luck, there is often a turning point in a pinch, can be good luck, one of the greatest Tiger of money to develop the belief that the development of more daring, the source is generally not worried about the economy, because there are a lot of resources are the tiger, as well as a lot of financial resources, which is the pride of the tiger, but his pursuit of perfection, the pursuit of the cause of pride, the tiger who can seize the opportunity, success and efficiency is particularly high. The best feature is his emotional acceptance speech, a candid approach. Occasions in all aspects of the tiger would prove his strength, so the tiger super human ability to judge, there must be firm on the cause of selfless spirit, more atmospheric, not selfishness. Such as the tiger character more candid, passionate, bold, optimistic, honest, affectionate, compassionate and strong, but sometimes stubborn personality, tough, and sometimes can not touch the tiger's tail, but also more powerful. Tigers in literature and art, arts champion will have the opportunity to shine, like the tiger who dictate to others, do not want the subject of guidance and leadership, which is characterized by a large tiger, the main charge can be done, the civil service , military, police, etiquette in this regard, it is a tiger who has done the best. Tiger's career and fortunes, tigers are business-minded, better than last year's wealth, business on the elegant aid. Should the Tiger Year of the Rabbit to do business, there is great wealth, the other zodiac signs of people to cooperate more with the tiger, rolling in wealth. If working people have wealth, and also happy that this year could raise. White-collar workers can be reused leadership, consciously promote you. Tiger Year of the Rabbit's work in the ideal, happy event this year, Tiger has three. First, the work of beating, we must move, moving is good. Second, entrepreneurial opportunity, wealth is better. Third, the fiscal side, the cause will be honored to help, but not a baby Tiger Rabbit must be born, a girl smart, big boy you. Ching-choi, the second half than the first half of the fortunes to be large, in the northwest of your home to wealth, to trade, running factories, run the company. Enough money, you can also follow the above, will be honored to help. Partial financial position in the Northeast, tiger in the Year of the Rabbit stocks, buy more stocks, such as buying shares in tourism, sure to make money. Is the West is elegant side, to the west to help find elegant favor, finding a job can be successful. Marriage, reading in the south, home of the color to white or pink down, for example, can put some of the woody family, the original leaf flowers and the main mascot of the family can put a horse on the tiger is very important. Placing a horse living room, elegant case for your career, wealth and elegant case, take off faster. So elegant, put the horse is down. In addition, you can not zoom in like a horse, such as bedside cabinets to put the dragon turtle can treat illness, can be dedicated to Kuan Kung the God of Wealth. The door of the both sides can put two copper gourd, security and peace and Lucky. Bracelet can be worn white or yellow crystal crystal, white crystal Lee cause, citrine Lee wealth, can wear Emerald and Kim, have good luck. Tiger people to pay attention to next year's kitchen, the bathroom in time to fix, or will cause health and business development. Tigers in last year's partner to tell you about. Cooperation between man and tiger tiger is successful, can be developed to a greater cause; less successful cooperation with the cattle. Cooperation with the Tiger Tiger, brought the matter to make money like, do not long-term cooperation. Tiger people are successful cooperation with the rabbit, and it is the best partner. Long career with the cooperation grew and grew. Cooperation between man and tiger snake is the best partner, can cause more steady development. Cooperation with the horse is very good cooperation, can cause a big fight. Cooperation can be successful with the sheep. Cooperation with the monkeys after the first good or bad, is not ideal. Cooperation is not suitable for cooperation with the chicken, because two people have the personality, will be against each other. Cooperation is good luck with the dog. Very successful cooperation with the pork. 1962 Tiger this year, fully developed, there are 1974 tigers transportation officials this year have the opportunity to enhance wealth is relatively good, but April and May to pay attention to health, August and September there is peach. 1986 Tiger wealth more prosperous, wealth is the best among all the tiger, may start this year, there are elegant support, marriage Dashun, fame and fortune, this is the tiger in 1986. 2050 Tiger career steadily, attention to health, 2050 Peach Blossom star event this year, tiger, easy-out emotional things, family-oriented, the couple will be red on the marriage, two people have said, made peach robbery. Health, this attention to a car accident, fall, gay pay attention to neurological disease, gastrointestinal aspects of lesbian attention to the disease. Next, talk about the prosperity of Tiger shipped in December. Tiger stepped into Rabbit, the first month of big changes. One is the body, the stomach is easy is not good, so this must pay more attention, but to improve relationships is still relatively good, there are elegant aid. February, tigers, especially in business, there will be good results in the above work, emotional control is relatively good, so long to give full play in the cause, there must be a big return. March, this very busy month for the fiscal operation, but emotionally not liking this month and leadership, and people around them do not care about, to do more articles on wealth. April, fortune and smooth, can be into the money, good luck in May, a bold attack, wealth Wang, fame and fortune with both hands, a big must return this month. June is good luck, happy event comes in quick succession, a successful investment, elegant aid, should look like tigers begun in March to buy stocks, you can make a big investment in this area. July is the tiger have been bad, but his fortunes the next level, but to pay attention to the body, attention to injury disaster, in August of beings, widely into the fortune, good luck, tiger in the rabbit was really good fortune. September lucky drop, carefully non-tongue, the most important thing is to pay attention to mass annihilation. October, promotion opportunities, leadership awards you, to give you dry. November event is not easy to do. December Note peach appears, there is a good sign that it was chasing you.

transport. Last year, some sensitive nerves in the rabbit, the pressure is relatively large, preoccupied, lack of health body, the body prone to minor surgery or minor sprain of the disaster, there will be trouble, bringing unpleasant, feel something from nothing. This is the Year of the Rabbit in the past year's bad luck. Into the Year of the Rabbit, is your world, you can boldly go stunts, unlike previous years this year, certainly better than last year Want shipped. This year a large Jixing trillion, honored friends together to help, cause your heart to be hand, if you are a working family, not to mention this post will give you a raise, you can give full play when the leadership. Rabbit people this year, five star, very efficient, as long as you wanted, bold dry, will succeed, to get the pay and provide the leadership post. Rabbit's broad interests, but sometimes on the muffled, not shown, artistic, talented, good at communication. Rabbit is a characteristic of one of the greatest people will be considerate, respect confidentiality, do not mess with people guilty of the tongue, and decisive. Rabbit Rabbit Every man will appreciate a raise, and academic achievement on the good, the booming business, fame and fortune, often encountered in happy things, but also a lot of opportunities. But rabbit people to pay attention to emotional turmoil, and some less desirable. Rabbit's more moderate style of business, especially their business, better business partner, there would be honored to help, to get friends. Rabbit is a players who engage in sales, both within it, and pass the material world, in business, to judge, presided over the work can work independently. Rabbit people at work is easy feelings. Rabbit in partner to the opposite sex based on, mostly for the relationship between male and female friends, it will operate better. Rabbits were located in the Northwest this year's God of Wealth bit, this position is conducive to wealth, Wenchang located in the southwest position, which will help provide staff salary increases. Exam schools, the civil service exam, engineers, backers are located in the East. Marriage place in the West and south-east, the success rate is relatively high. Western female rabbit is easy to marry him, marry male rabbits were more successful in the southeast direction, partial financial position in the south, easy to stocks, entertainment and karaoke on the north side can do. Family can put the red mascot, such as peony, peony put painting, roses painting, good luck. Supplies using the black as well, such as handbags, underwear, cars. You can put the fish tank at home, red and white two, a cicada can be placed inside the living room, the house can be put bronze dragons on both sides of a pair of home where you can put the lucky bamboo to eat, to improve their luck. Wealth can put Guan. 1987 rabbit, super year career, the intensity, there are elegant support, there are four honored to help out, the Italian reputation, is the fiscal side, in particular, is to buy shares is a big winner, so buy shares, and eighty-seven cooperation in the rabbit to buy. Appearances can be bold this year, the fiscal side is money bumper, rabbits had a birthday this year, mention transportation. 2051 rabbit, given to women's birthday, too birthday? Why had birthday? Because the heart and stomach is not good this year, over a life rushing disaster. Rabbit fiscal 1961 on revenue, but the cause is not, outside of tourism this year to more than make their own luck will improve. 2063 rabbit, in diet, culture, arts and culture more than the opportunity, you can do to cause vigorous. Rabbit 1975 is a harvest year for this year, on the financial resources will be rolling in the south-east and east is conducive to wealth, but pay attention to the feelings from the storm, there is emotional distress. Work as much as possible to your enemy, the flower of love is not open, rabbit who must be double peach blossom this year, so be careful people, especially rabbit affair, 1975, especially in 2051 this year, the roots of the rabbit Ji, flowering trees, the family do not put real flowers and artificial flowers, against fires, especially in the eighth lunar month, September, December careful Ching Hai anti-wave from the waves. 1987 Rabbit is taking the positive peach, health care transportation needs, first of all to prevent mass annihilation and surgery, liver and gallbladder health check on the more sick to the east and north of the hospital to the hospital examination and treatment. Rabbit people are not to go to the West, especially to see a doctor, play. Talk about the rabbit following the monthly fortune. January, especially the cause of transportation, there will be a big improvement in wealth, career liking. February to pay attention to non-tongue, good colleagues around unity, rabbits were not outside in February to borrow money, borrow money retrieved. March, career advancement, wealth lead, you bold investment. April transported Want career, can do a wide range of investment work smoothly, business mantissa greatly increased. May anti-villain, a non-tongue, with particular attention to peach, the cause of not liking to do things this month, must find a partner to go out accompanied. Month of celebration in June, this month is the tire off the bone, especially the brilliant. Is putting the rabbit in July according to the three Jixing, the cause of a higher level, the stock market surge, education smoothly, work better, but this month to prevent marital relations between the tongue. August rabbit who will be careful everywhere, to every step, always has to be closed on the stability, work to identify what people, with particular attention to the accident. September and into most of the month, month and with Jupiter, elegant looking home with you, this month is the hustle and bustle, there are large and elegant to help, great leaders help ordinary rabbit who has divine intervention, victory. October wealth flow, listen to the views of others, people, the wealth there will be a big income. November emotionally to the wind was the wind, rain to rain, the cause of love double benefit. December to pay attention to health, can cause a steady development.

sheep following sheep who talk about the Year of the Rabbit Want operation. Last year, the sheep once a major star, wedding heavy, through a rich, colorful life of the Tiger. Into the Year of the Rabbit, Sheep and Jupiter phase and, in particular roses, there are a lot of Jixing Zhao head, career development is thriving, year-round luck, one of the four Zodiac Wang Xiang, one of the big winners as Rabbit, is overjoyed Daqing . Rabbit is a case of sheep this year, the big winner, ranked one of the four Wang Yun, sheep and rabbits this year so work can be handy, relationships are very good, elegant benefit, coupled with so many to come, in business, wealth on the bumper, cooperation and development project will bring a particularly good information. Sheep can be said to have timing, located minutes away, too authoritative, too well known, praised and respected at the same time be honored to help. So the sheep have their own ability to judge, chicken command, every pass, wealth connected, wealth greatly increased. In the government's sheep and white-collar workers the most favorable, job promotion, a lot of good, high-tech researchers in science and technology to the fullest ability, give full play to intellectual, career, wealth has a large light point. Sheep are big this year, the year of harvest, paying particular attention to the matter of tongue lawsuit. This year there are five Jixing guard sheep, sheep have to do things divine help, elevated status, four sheep were to become the first sign of the Zodiac Want operation, the sheep were warm, inclusive and forgiving others, selfless, Sheng transport in sheep in the Year of the Rabbit people to who had become, the big step taken. Year of the Rabbit is a sheep who will have general demeanor and ability to control the overall situation, the sheep who have a strong power, so that the sheep were a major step forward with confidence, coupled with major Fortune help, there will be a big wealth revenue. Sheep victory this year. Sheep people want is to improve physical activity, to more walking, more activity, less alcohol, in wealth, the Year of the Rabbit's sheep are financial, fiscal side, the cause is very good, especially in February, March, May, August, October is best, the second half of the distance of fortune. For example, sheep suitable for making lumber, clothing, tea, entertainment, long-term stock, sheep this year, the big money is located in north-west, seeking the name of the financial benefits, sales, decoration, printing, you can do coal mining. Partial financial position in the east, Wenchang bit and elegant place in the southwest, Lee name, seeking elegant, Lee exam study. Marriage, and South-East and is the West. Lee put the instrument at home Buddha, the God of Wealth bag can be dedicated to the Buddha. Civil servants, law enforcement officers can be dedicated to Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha school can worship instruments, career start on the bag for the Buddha, living rat placed Lucky Lucky Pig increase Want operation, both sides can be put in front of a horse the Grand Canal, the study can be put copper wishful. School of sheep who can put the rabbit on the desk, put kitchens turtle. Office can take the northwest, southeast, but also look northward, sitting east to the west, to be released on March eighth, put the fish and turtles. Spring, sheep, monkey home wishful placed, the summer home of the sheep placed cicada, Lucky pigs, sheep fall placed Lucky rabbit home, winter home of the sheep placed horse. 2055 sheep this year, rolling in wealth, but to pay attention to the body, not too tired, six or seven rows of side wealth of sheep this year, there are three elegant in all aspects of development is quite good. 1979 sheep can get the help of elders and elegant, work smoothly, the business smoothly. 2043 sheep, Italian culture and art, but the Rabbit not to attend the funeral, do not go to the hospital. 2031 sheep fortunes in the fixed assets have a large income. 1991 sheep clever, attention Taohua Jie. Sheep and twelve Zodiac cooperation. Cooperation with the mouse can not work the business does well, is not feasible. Cooperation with the tiger, cooperation is not a long time, unable to communicate. Cooperation with the rabbit, is the best partner, both profitable. Cooperation with the dragon, in business, arts, business is very successful. Cooperation with the snake, they succeed, great prosperous career. Cooperation with the horse business is a success, fame and fortune twin. Cooperation with the sheep, and the elderly can Degui funding, the more perfect career. Cooperation with the monkey can not cause bad luck. Cooperation with the chicken, well after first double co-scattered, the best cooperation is to benefit after the separation. Cooperation with the dog, not happy. Cooperation with the pork is very happy, but also more benefit, and will do a booming business. Wang sheep thing in the December operation, light fire in January of fortune is the disaster of January is good luck, get wealth. February is the sheep fame and fortune, it is transported Want. March sheep who can flex its muscles,North Face Jacket Sale, a lot of gas money. April sheep carefully bankruptcy. Peach wins in May the sheep are transported, are more social, can cause a steady increase, also belong to the best of luck. June sheep thriving, huge financial resources, but pay attention to disaster damage. July feelings themselves, and beaming, August injury disaster sheep to be careful, there are non-tongue. In September, this month is very good luck, all the best. October sheep strong cooperation, easy to develop new projects. November staff strong, elegant to help. December glorious year, financial thickness were music, this was the Italian love, marriage. 1991 sheep have Taohua Jie, attention from the emotional storm. Sheep should be noted that this non-tongue.

cattle: the second sign of the Zodiac cattle, cattle last year, good luck, wealth into the wide, career development was very good, relatively happy love life. Into the Year of the Rabbit, you need to struggle in the face of adversity, upstream. So the cow a little luck to the Year of the Rabbit will not ring true, especially the first month, April, August and November, the four-month cattle must strive to forge ahead, there will be a good situation. This year should pay attention to non-tongue, not being taken to throw things, get into trouble, more attention to the elderly disaster, hypertension, stomach disease, but cattle were not terrible, the main two things you can do to avoid. First, do not go to the hospital to see patients, do not go to the funeral, to tourism, travel, fewer trips to the West and Southwest. Failing to calm, settle down to do things the heart, career and more with the mouse, dragon, snake cooperation, the world would be better, you will be busy operation, can maintain peace, the cause of stability. Take part in festive, party, watch the show and other sports, will also increase your luck. Cattle of their own nature is stubborn, good at yelling, but the cattle are relatively strong sense of responsibility, helpfulness, about face, to respect the tradition, doing things step by step. However, cattle also have entrepreneurial drive, strong willpower. So he is not the kind of pull the mountains, zoom shot of people, once he spotted the other side, everything will be designed to help people. This is the practice of cattle. White-collar workers and civil servants will be leading this year's reuse. Businessmen to develop mainly listen to the opinions of others, to being money-oriented, or a great wealth of. Cattle tend to pay for others, this can help others as appropriate, and do not have a big pay, be sure to stay away from gambling and entertainment venues, just as there must be a large business returns. your family residential northeast. There are also other three big Jixing are conducive to entrepreneurship, the use of the appreciation of the opportunity to make money. Home to put the mascot, must have a fish tank at home to raise the white fish-based. Mascot, at home, you can put gourd, gold ingots. Transfer pork to wear black and white, security and peace. Avoid to the southwest, south to go. Cattle, this year the most important thing is perishable home appliances, can cause health damage to these things after you have it repaired. Cattle and mice co-operation is the players, down to earth together happily, can make big money. Cattle and cattle co-operation can be in the business, entrepreneurship and help each other, will do big business. Cattle and Tiger cooperation, the two sides is not possible, the character of the two sides can not agree with each other. Cattle and rabbit is the best cooperation partner, the business will do great, the career guidance and help on the elegant. Long cooperation with cattle, scattered after the first good, long have big ideas, hard work will depend on the cause of cattle were continually bigger. Cattle and snakes cooperation is the best choice, career will get better and better. Cattle and horses is also a good cooperation partner, hard working career there will be a big development. Cattle and sheep, cooperation is not possible, Zodiac clash. Cattle and chickens co-operation will be a big career moves, two cooperation is quite good. Cattle and dogs co-operation is not possible, the character is not the same, do not do business. Cattle and pig co-pigs with the help of cattle is very large. So is a cow and a pig this year, be sure to cooperation, and work cattle to pigs can be convinced, so their cooperation is good. 2060 born cattle, good fortune this year, more conducive for good fortune. This year must participate in a matter of celebration. 2060's wealth is located in the north; 2073 cattle can be promoted boss, have full play to their talent, have honored to help, is the development of the public the best cattle, this can give full play to their talent, attention to and is expensive, do not fight with people. For the fiscal side in the southwest, elegant square in the northwest. 1985 cattle wealth this year, more rich, business partners, financial thicker, there are elegant aid the cause of the second half, but to pay attention to non-tongue. For the fiscal aspects in the East, studying in the southeast. Cattle in 1997 is good luck this year, super understanding, there is overflow talent. Down side in the southeast, Lee test study, the West, the South for the elegant side. Health, people should pay attention to this year's cattle respiratory and stomach problems. January cattle everything go flat, steady work and career development. February cow ... .... March cattle is good fortune, there is good fortune. April cattle business smoothly, there will be a good situation. May cause cattle will have honored to help, but good and bad mixed in June, anti-health problems, anti-car accident, do not try this month to attend the funeral, do not go to the hospital. More successful procedure of July, there will be a good career turning point. August cattle interests of foreign wealth, anti-bankruptcy in September, the cattle anti-villain, anti-non-tongue, a large peach. October will be the economic crisis, but finally Ji Yun. November working double income. December smooth, elegant and wealthy seeking help. Spring home in place of a cow Wenchang Tower, the summer home of cattle placed in a small tripod, which is the piggy bank, the fall of the cattle placed in a home Ruyi, the winter home of cattle placed in a brave, good luck.

monkey monkey Year of the Rabbit will bring. Monkeys were committed last year, Jupiter, and guilty of Yima, bad luck. But to enter the Year of the Rabbit, Monkey people have four Jixing guardian, monkey people can reborn, presented this year's luck is good luck. This year's business, business on the smooth development of the ability of super-Jin Choi, who this year has two Jixing Zhao head monkey, monkey glorious self-confidence, grace, and had met the year to come, soaring straight status, popularity soared, and this year's Monkey people to become the first people. Monkey to grasp this opportunity, feel free to make a big fight, certainly in the economic field victory. Monkey people to pay attention to injury this year disaster, court disaster, the disaster of the tongue. This monkey have a thriving operation behind the backing, the backing has an elegant, Monkey people have improved the gas, can be emotionally married to a child. Palace life and there was this star, cause there are also star, the monkey must be cherished. Deposit account in their wealth there will be a large revenue, but the monkeys were belligerent, and often tongue hurt, monkey people can say and write, it is suitable for the economic and political power, to show his talent, with intellectual creativity, invincible, will open a new situation, is admirable, can be a real king, the monkey who should lead the people's nature, that have done much less mouth will stir up trouble, people must pay attention to the monkey discreet, is precious. Monkey Year of the Rabbit's wealth. Rabbit is a monkey in wealth lead, easy to go for the fiscal year, the spring fortunes better, people should strive to do the monkey work, there will be a big asset revenue, can be said that rolling in wealth. Partial financial context, to provide elegant, can make a big fuss in the stock, a large benefit, the boss can be the cause of promotion, pay will rise. Monkey Year of the Rabbit's fortune is in the southeast direction of the bit can be to the southeast direction to wealth, partial financial position in the north-bit, Wenchang located in the southwest, is conducive to reading and study, peach located in the West, the benefits of marriage, Lee and make friends , sitting in south-east, facing north-west, but also take the northwest toward the southeast, home to worship Bodhisattva, also worshiped Buddha, living room fish tank can be put to the red fish is good luck. The mascot can be placed in the home, such as leading Lucky turtle, Lucky rats, Want to increase your own transport, monkey people burn incense at midnight New Year started, Wang career year, and sixth days of nine o'clock and eleven burn incense to Jiayun, July 19, eighth day of March, burn incense to ward off a refuge. Monkey admirable Dai Jinlong, jade brave troops, transfer beads, yellow, black is down. Living room, master bedroom in the northwest, there are flat roof, this year there will be big trouble. We live in the house, north-west living room, a bedroom, can not have windows in the north-west, not a door, can not have a flat roof, and if so, this year there will be surgery and mass annihilation, the men will be great or even bankruptcy. And Southwest-bit windows, Taiwan, women do not go home, or even bankruptcy. Southwest-bit can not have windows, can not have a side door, can not have a flat roof, so that lesbian is not good, do not want to go home, destroying wealth. In such cases how to do? Winter off, put the stone the best seasons all year round. Monkey on the left hand placed in a desk monkey wishful right hand put a crystal ball, can avoid the non-tongue, but also storage and transportation. People in red monkey mascot is down, such as Chinese knots, red pepper and so on. Ninth day of every lunar nineteenth incense down. Spring monkeys should always check the home can be placed in the dragon turtle, monkey spring do not leave long hair, shaved heads to Wang Yun. Monkey to the summer morning, at frequent bathing, the family can put the cicada storage, the fall of the monkey should always reading, calligraphy, painting, home can be placed horse. Winter wear red underwear monkey, red peony family can hang paintings, often with red apple placed fruit, dates can ward off evil, to increase their physical health. 2056 of the monkey, the line is wealth, this cause is re-shipped the first monkey, career, wealth is Zhonghou the head start on the large and elegant support. 2068 monkey elegant aid, effective, and energetic, this year we had a business, to the elderly birthday celebration to defuse the disaster. However, the monkey year 1968 to pay attention to the feelings of right and wrong. 1980 monkey can do business, financial, but also learn from it, must be harmonious and humble. 2044 line is this monkey is the official transportation, raise the status, well-respected, but pay attention to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 1992 Monkey, Rabbit and creative career, school can continue to pursue, they may also develop a wide range, the addition of new inspiration. This is the physical health. The monthly lucky monkey. Into the Year of the Rabbit, the first month though busy, but happy, we can say is good luck. February monkey can flex its muscles, supportive powerful, can be best to fight this month, will enjoy the play, will be fame and fortune. In March, this month good relationships, Italian undertakings. April monkey, big Jixing lead, good luck continuous potential good mood. May monkeys, fortune strong this month, the cause is still in the priority position is rock solid. June monkey, this month is the peach boom, both feeling that there would be non-tongue, monkey people to pay attention to the July accident, anti-villain plot, this month is the most detrimental. August monkey, big peach of the month, will develop new friends, career, business, the good fortune. September monkey Hongyun lead, cause there is improvement on the booming business. In October, the cause of this monkey on a steady, non-tongue to be careful. November, a strong strong this month, there are elegant support, cooperation and innovation, new developments, business on the vibrant, rolling in wealth, stability operations-setting effort, but be careful tongue. December monkey's good news continued, career development, will be boosted reputation, which is good. Here to talk about monkeys in the twelve months of Wang Yun. The co-operation with the mouse is a very good partner, career will be transported Want. Cooperation with the cattle is more satisfactory, career, business on the great business opportunities. Best not to cooperate with the tiger, co-operation was not successful. Cooperation with the rabbit is a very wise choice, fame and fortune. Cooperation with the dragon, is the wisest of cooperation, invincible. Cooperation with the snake is good cooperation, treasury rich. Cooperation is feasible with the horse, after the first good points. And sheep are examples of successful cooperation, the cause is also honored to help. Help solve the problem with the monkey is not successful, there will be points of words. And cooperation is not a chicken, because the character does not and. Cooperation with management can benefit a dog, but on a bad temper. Cooperation with the pork, both good fortune.

first mouse, rat human fortune in the Year of the Rabbit. Mice cause movement, we all know, rats are the most flexible, very weak personality, dedication and enthusiasm, but it has the habit, they can not control his intellect, which is the mouse's weakness. In business, often to do some bad things. But the mouse will sum up experiences, continuous efforts will be in business Dafanshenzhang. Rats in Year of the Ox line is good luck in the Year of the Rabbit line is still busy operation, because this year there are four people Jixing mouse, help wealth, Wenchang satellite, but also conducive to culture, learning, have a good career development, especially with elegant aid, can get the support of partners to help develop the business, which is one of the biggest rat man advantage this year, heterosexual people can get help. This year in particular in the catering, the rat who should flex its muscles, a big fight, it should be entrepreneurs, you can study, read, have good results. Marriage, loving husband, this year's luck or good, do they adapt to the academic critic, entertainment or the opening of a personalized shop rat who is very good fortune this year. Anyway, a common human nature mouse once to set their own career goals, in particular to make money, they are very active to get there. Look for the target, he will desperately hard not to give up absolutely no purpose, and this is one of the greatest characteristics of rats. They are often able to achieve its objectives. Rat's shortcomings, this year should be noted that a large peach star, who this year is bigger mouse peach, peach rolling waves. What is the roll waves peach? Illustrate the great peach, something all right, even eating, passing the road you have to catch up with the opposite sex friends. Rat people this year, so pay special attention to the things peach. Emotional life, who is a great leap forward this mouse, love, flower and bear fruit, to love, you love to spend on this to open, and if can get married, when still a child. In particular, attention is not deceived, the feelings will be handled properly Taohua Jie, Taohua Jie will bring disaster, affecting the whole fortune. This year, failing to be patient, there are non-tongue. Southeast direction conducive to marry him, study, find the cause, is the mouse's elegant north side, there are large and elegant support to pursue their careers, want to support, look elegant, on the north. East and West is for the fiscal side, the direction of the mouse were two things that the fiscal position side. Home help put red things, such as red lanterns, red hats, these things on the inside a little red house in the new year to a good start, the whole year down. In addition, both sides of the door, put the dragon is more auspicious. Placed on both sides of the door of the dragon, the dragon can move large and elegant, so put the dragon is a great auspicious. Mice were wearing this year for the Emerald Buddha, brave. Woman with a Buddha, a man with a brave, good luck. Transport pigs, bracelets, black, yellow best. Here people talk about the character of mouse, rat people are bright, cheerful optimism, broad interests, good anxiety, adaptability and strong, thinking and imagination is very rich, like parties, like the General Partner, organizational ability, things easy to be successful. Cherish the love of family and friends, emotional well, loving family, it is human nature mouse. Rat people usually have the wealth to get couple's wealth, mouse will save money, very little money. Mice tend to save their own set number, say the figure is hard to keep. Rat's life were not short of money, conducive to investment, especially Rabbit, do not deposit your money, and out to double investment to make money. Mice is greater than the partial financial wealth, the business will be steadily on the rise, it was also the cooperation of information, also has a good position, financial position, the south-east and East and West are better. Appreciation of the elegant side in the north, rat people must seize these directions, you will have appreciated the opportunity to have honored the help of a study of good luck. Here to talk about rats in Year of the Rabbit cooperation object, said cooperation with the cattle line the fiscal side, prosperous career. Cooperation with the tiger, not temper, and, on the loss of business. To cooperate with the rabbit, into the financial wishful, is one of the best methods of cooperation. Cooperation with the dragon who will help the development, Jin Choi; cooperation with the snake into the big money, business will flourish; cooperation with the horse who will turn to hatred, or even bankruptcy; cooperation with the sheep, after the first good points, but in the end will make money, not even bankruptcy; cooperation with elegant monkey, monkey is a rat's elegant, will have greater career development, so that mice were more peace of mind; cooperation with the chicken, is financial business, the fiscal side not to, do not to gambling. Cooperation with the dog business is Italian for, but not long, just leave; cooperation with the pork can be Italian, but do not let family members to participate in a family involved in on the bad. 2060 mouse on their own wisdom and talent will be a big gain, benefit their own wealth, negative cooperation, anti-villain. 2060 of the mouse should be noted that this year, toilet, kitchen, home water pipes do not break, so will even bankruptcy, may cause marital discord. 1972 mice, have the opportunity to start this year, you can flex its muscles to get there. 1972 mice, the most elegant benefit, while couples will get the money in and support the work there will be new innovations will be honored to help, a positive financial, fiscal side not, to control personal feelings, Otherwise, even bankruptcy. 1984 mouse in their careers have the opportunity to appreciate, there are new business development. First note that in 1984 the mouse, not a mole among the two eyebrows, otherwise will be even bankruptcy, there are people who go to beauty salons scar to do something, or will even bankruptcy. School is good fortune, wealth Wang, promising. Here to talk about mice in which the fortune inside twelve months. Jan wealth better. February average wealth. March there is a windfall. Good fortune in April, there are elegant directions. May not conducive to investment, it is best to do anything. June Lee investment, there is the fiscal side, there is financial. July wealth within a larger float, so the opportunity to benefit available. August mouse anti-human to be fooled, cheated, be steady for the fiscal benefit. September into wealth, but to prevent non-tongue. October wealth flow. November's strictly business villain. December into wealth, good luck. Rat people this year, to pay attention to respiratory, gastrointestinal disease patients in this area. Emotional, peach lot, we must control their emotions, not to become a third party. In order to avoid anti-, copper sheep can put the nightstand, you can solve this problem.

chicken to talk about the chicken in the Year of the Rabbit following the whole fortune. Last year, the total chicken is good luck, very good human relations, business operation on the elegant aid, more vice into the library, family health, no wind, no risk. Into the Year of the Rabbit, chicken's luck only general, guilty of Tai Sui this year, serious conflict. This year's chicken Jixing less, are more subject to outside interference, operating uncertainty, the plan difficult to implement things, this year's chickens were more confused, confused. Chicken, rabbit with red, but the chickens were not to be afraid, you have a nine sons star sign, star in the Northwest Rabbit nine sons had met Ma, financial resources is still there. Career, business or on good, who this year can not avoid the chicken stock, not gambling, partial wealth poor, but the chickens were to be vigorously interpersonal activities, take part in social activities, but also wealth interlinked. Career, status will be steadily rising, this chicken were the main attention is not to attend the funeral, hospital, prison to see people. This year the main thing is to take part in wedding, birthday had come rushing to the disaster, or to the parents to be a birthday to red disaster. Chicken people to pay attention to a car accident, non-tongue and non-tongue off, guilty of Taohua Jie. Chicken man this year with the dragon, rabbit, tiger cooperation luck, and chicken, snake, cow cooperation, business, the business has great development. Office to take the northeast toward the southwest, or facing south is good luck. Travel to the East to seek money, not to go due east, especially the development of real estate not to the east, not to the east in the residential ground-breaking, is called in 太??上?土. Do not put plants in the East room. North-west in the living room of a dragon turtle can kill, burn incense every morning nine year insurable peace, spring chicken to transfer, put a tower southeast of the living room can be storage, summer home to the northeast of the chicken put a fish tank, raising four white and one black, there are three red fish can be raised wealth. Autumn chicken placed in the living room of a western copper cattle, chickens can have elegant aid. Winter, put the chicken in the southeast place Guan, can help the cause of transportation. Rabbit chicken stand at attention in wealth, not partial wealth, business profit partnership, not alone, not to buy stocks, but not money lenders. Financial position is a big chicken in north-west, partial financial position in the northeast, the honored position in the southwest, bearing interest in marriage is the West, interest in the study of the south-east direction. So the family can worship Bodhisattva also the public. Gossip gourd can be placed in the bedroom can be kept safe from harm, the study put the tower walls, can benefit children's reading and study, living room wishful monkey can put Lee wealth, profit business operation. Placed on both sides of the door can enhance the long rise to the chicken, but also elegant movement, to avoid of killing. Transfer can take the yellow beads, white down, you can wear a small dragon, golden sheep can be kept safe from harm. March, April, June, September and December, chicken NPC seeks financial opportunities. 2057 chickens are elegant aid, the cause of good transportation. 2069 chicken is a very clever side money home, to find the opportunity to play their own capacity, wealth, into the wide, is harvest year. Four or five years of excellent chicken wealth home, but pay attention to outside money. 1981 chicken study, the cause of a big turning point, to grasp their own, creative chicken in 1993, excellent academic performance. Fortune each month in the Year of the Rabbit's chicken. Chicken luck in last year's mediocre first month, but there is a pleasant surprise. February, do not go towards the east, with calm as well, stay indoors. March, can flex its muscles in their careers this month. April is still high fortune, there are elegant upgrade, pay attention to breaking point a small fortune, can not borrow money. May, Jixing total megabytes, any desire can be achieved, the cause of a higher level. June chickens career stability, stable business, status insurable, July chickens must pay attention to health, anti-emotional non-tongue. August chickens, cause this month is still relatively good fortune, there are elegant benefit. September to prevent the villain, do not borrow money, especially not to lend to friends and relatives and friends around. October, moved this month to travel to mobilize good luck. November is the big peach sign, cheerful mood, glamorous, emotionally is good. December cause a new scene, thriving on the business, it is quite good. Here to talk about the chicken and twelve Zodiac effective cooperation. Cooperation with the mouse, the cause of mediocre business, general. Cooperation with the cattle is very good partner fame and fortune. Cooperation with the tiger is good after the first loose, two unpleasant. Cooperation with the rabbit, personality is not speculative, each calculator. Cooperation with the dragon, is very successful, the dragon is the chicken and elegant, all the best. Cooperation with the snake is definitely a partner, the snake will plan, the chicken will operate, the cause can be developed to its peak. Cooperation with the horse, the cooperation, while not desirable, but still on a small business can work together. Cooperation is a good partner with the sheep, culture, art, information available Italian. Cooperation with the monkey, it is best not to cooperate, cooperation was not successful. Cooperation with the chicken flat, but not a permanent partner. Cooperation with the dog not quiet, there will be wary. Cooperation is a good partner with the pig, the two sides benefit.

horse Year of the Rabbit will bring. Want transport of horses in the Year of the Rabbit, Horse Year of the Rabbit's quite good fortune this year, there are many large Jixing help, provide a very elegant with lots of energy intensity. Ideal career, horse people very opportunity, a rare good fortune a year, horse people have to go all out and move forward, so that a starting point on the cause of more wealth. This year is the most festive horse is a big Jixing Zhao head, is able to benefit business, the business can be on hand, horses have improved into the wealth of joy, the principal has high status and respected. Peach star horse people, marriage, love that horse people often said with a smile on, horse people this year in the degree of wisdom on the smart play very well, can Hing their home, a family can not get married, not married to get married, did not venture can start, horses and sheep must be cooperation, luck will be large, the sheep is a horse's elegant, you can also find a monkey is a dog, to enhance luck. Edge of the opposite sex this year, horse people great luck. Can engage in clothing, beauty, jewelry in the business, can do it well. The female of the horse can be a big revenue in the fiscal side. This year should be noted that non-tongue, the body easily damaged, everything is precious, solidarity good colleagues around the whole year of the horse is happy, clear career goals, personal morale strong, careful handling between all personnel problem. Ma fate in the Rabbit and money, smiling, things along, fiscal thick, imposing a large, wide road, another woman elegant aid, elegant women get business support, information, will be a lot of money, financial resources rolling, but not gambling, and horse people happy event this year will again and again. 2066 people of Ma Yougui pillar and invest. Seventy-eight and 1990 horses to life and property, wealth reached the summit for the lunar month, June, August, December and invest. In business, play horse people can be dried, can reveal personal leadership talent, but also promote trust in the leadership, horses were easy to ups and downs, but will bring great wealth and elegant. Ma was born in 2054, the line is the official transportation, raise the status, fame and fortune big, but be careful wounds of the disaster. 1966 Ma, this special wisdom, outstanding performance, there are elegant support entrepreneurship. Seven or eight horses, the work will be great starting point. Four-horse pay attention to health. This year's big horse person financial position in the Northwest, the honored place in the southeast, partial financial position in the Northeast, job, school, school exam, the civil service exam in the southwest, the marriage movement, love, transportation, find a friend in the West, the success rate of more high. The family can worship God, literary talent, increase Want shipped. Home can be placed Lucky Rabbit, Lucky the sheep, and peace gourd, the door can be placed on both sides of copper brave, the living room can be placed in Taishan stone, stone master the Big Dipper, to transfer. Transfer beads black, white Italian. Lee sat northwest toward the southeast office or sitting southeast toward the northwest, northeast Liming Li sitting business, horses in this year's New Year's Day morning, three to five points can burn three incense sticks can be kept safe from harm. Lunar June 19 the five o'clock incense, wealth and better, March 18 incense can be improved, February 19 incense help test learning, bon voyage, the table can hold a civil office available to the leadership of India jade reuse and improvement. Marriage ring true, the horse who did not get married, the family can be placed in the rabbit and the red horse, but also placed a pair of copper sheep, monkey spring horses more luck. Summer horse in the living room to put a small fish tank, with six white fish can be transferred luck. The fall of the horse family to put plants. Ma was born in the winter can put red firecrackers, red pepper, red lanterns, dogs can love dogs, you can increase Want operation. Love Games, Rabbit is a horse's romantic encounters, in the year to get married, can have children, in 2054 and 2038 horse of a peach wall, a wave of three waves, will affect their health. In health, horse people to pay attention to heart disease, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, to pay attention to car disaster. This is the horse will bring. Horse partners, serious conflict with the mouse cooperation, not cooperation. Cooperation with the cattle would be more ideal, more diligent cooperation. Cooperation with the tiger, is to cooperate, the business will develop to the top. Cooperation with the rabbit is very successful, long-term partner can be. Cooperation with the dragon, little things can co-event hard for. Snake is the best horse and cooperation, the two sides together happily. Successful cooperation on the horse, there are non-tongue. Cooperation with the sheep is the best cooperation partner, Cai Wang career. Cooperation with the monkey can be successful. Cai and chicken is good cooperation partner. Horses and pigs from the large cooperation projects. Here people talk about horse transport Want twelve months, a small horse in January, gas tight fiscal revenue. February, the smooth, smooth will bring good fortune fortunes. March, fortune continued good luck this month to consolidate the business is stable, but work pressure, attention to human relations, April Yuncheng good horse, any horse on the job people have excellent results, especially reporters, advertising, entertainment, cosmetics, insurance will have Want shipped. May the horse business operation smoothly, but the attention of bad people around. June horse's Wang Yun, Sun Star appearance honored to help, immortal guiding, fame and fortune. July bothering a lot, there are emotional things things to do, so the horses were to be calm, smooth way of doing things, must not be impatient, to be calm. August is peach, you can get married, the cause of good fortune on 也好. In September, the horse who is thriving, talent into full play, the cause of your heart, fun on the business. October to come, good luck. November careful bankruptcy, pay attention to car disaster. December elegant there, good luck and scale new heights. Remarks, horse people in the Year of the Rabbit is good fortune, happy, sensible, energetic, a lot of opportunity to stand tall in their careers, will play the victory of the battle.

snake snakes in following talk about good luck this year, last year, a large snake to usurp the limelight, into the Year of the Rabbit still has a large Jixing Zhao head, in the Year of the Rabbit career movement, wealth harvest, while big name increase, the dominant cause of work, the snake who seize the opportunity to Rabbit for the year of harvest. This year there are two star, but the snakes were strong, powerful people backing the status of rock solid, will be rolling in wealth, the snake people to speak convincingly, to the rich, snake catch rabbits, can be seen Rabbit, snake there will be some big world. Can be said that the snake Year of the Rabbit, all into the hands. Snake Year of the Rabbit, the largest to be cheated, even bankruptcy, there are flying unexpected calamity, can not be too hasty in career development, needs careful cultivation. This year, the Foreign Affairs home will be a lot of trouble, will face a non-tongue, bad plot, but also generate a lot of trouble. Snake people to be calm, fight fight science, do not be fooled by the scenery, meet the honored this year, although the snake people, but to good indoor home feng shui to place, was to avoid unpleasant things. Year of the Rabbit's snake, career, work, business is changing very rapidly on, but did not occur, snakes will use intelligent human relations and financial wisdom to solve the problem, people do not climb the snake, not proud, otherwise it will The more enemies. Throughout this whole snake in Yuncheng, a higher level than last year. Rabbit snake people in business, the business has great action, people must grasp the snake, the next level, with monkey, cattle, rabbits, sheep and more cooperation of people, business, and will cause more smoothly. Snake in the five elements in Jin Yi, wooden snakes, water snakes, fiery serpents, earth snakes, in the cause of fortune, it seems that every fortune is still very good, long snake through most have good luck, it will often elegant aid, often get a lot of chances of success, by honored to help. Snake people generally act on their own ability to judge, have a high spirit of the pursuit of general believe in yourself and do not accept other people's advice, which is the negative side. Snake one of the greatest features are calculated, as the computer kept the same mind in the calculation, the economy is not bad business, Zodiac the most tenacious, the most fickle, it is quite in twelve most intelligent, most likely to change . Snake people are born full of wealth, the business on a regular basis, to choose a good large business, so the snake candidates for employment or teachers, doctors, researchers, heart, religion, speech, culture, and there will be an excellent achievement. In character, the snake spirit romantic, sophisticated foreign affairs, to calm, this is a big advantage of the snake. Calm and bring them great wealth, to act to determine the correct target, strong-willed, often alone get ahead of others in the party. Excellent luck in the Year of the Rabbit snake can be a big fight, some feng shui, business benefit all directions. Not only is the snake in fiscal Year of the Rabbit is good, there is often a windfall, financial management is to players, snake source of money rolling in, mostly through hard business come this year, greater benefits, the snake in different places Abroad there will be a large fortune, you can tap into the overseas market, into foreign countries, participate in activities, gearing up a big fight, there will be a partial financial revenue. Fiscal year of the snake-bit in the NPC due west and southwest, the southeast side partial financial position, in the western, south-west based companies, factories, trade, entertainment, can be. Partial financial investment company in the southeast do, do share. Northeast direction conducive to the civil service exam. Lee is the marriage of Western and the east, this location can be found in the spouse. Elegant side, the south and south-east. Career, especially in the judiciary, public security organs in the northeast to find a job. Snake people can be dedicated to Kuan Kung, the cause of Lee, Lee Green, Lee health. Rabbit with black, red, white down, such as clothing, vehicles, bags, tools, arts and crafts available. Mascot, the home can be placed in the tank, a white, four black, three red fish, the Italian industry, Italian money. Home placed wishful monkey, Lucky cow, unicorn one pair on both sides of the door, put wishful rabbit study better. Living room, put a crystal ball to resolve non-tongue, anti-villain in the disaster. Home can be put peony, improve marital relations operation. In addition to placing flowers outside, do not put dried flowers, peony painting can increase the feelings of the couple is shipped. Men wearing the Goddess of Mercy, with a female Buddha, both men and women to wear the Golden Pig. 2041 of the snake, if you have dark spots on the chin, a mole, which destroyed the luck, to disaster prevention, anti-tongue was wrong, gay men have prostate health aspects of the disease, and diabetes, blood pressure stable, the first home of the tap is not leaking, will add to the disaster. This can be a happy event snake, or to Mom and Dad had a birthday or to their birthday to rinse off disaster. This year's wealth is ideal, but will commit Taohua Jie, in particular, be careful out of control, and often engaged in the arts and cultural activities can be broken air disaster in this area. 29-year-old snakes, mainly in poor health, to give parents put life extension, dampen. 2053 performance of the ideal of the snake, the cause will be a higher level, and there are elegant aid, cause there will be a big color. 1965 Snake, Rabbit has a very considerable income, but the liver and gallbladder in a bad, bad aspects of the respiratory tract, colds. 1977's snake, this particular smart, good luck, creativity, success rate is relatively high, can flex its muscles, elegant side lot, partial financial lucrative. Snake 1989, the year in the performing arts, creative, events can become, to get the support of elders, infinitely happy life. Here to talk about co-operation of the snake's fate. Cooperation with the mouse, after the first good bad, the key difference is relatively large. Cooperation with the cattle is the best co-operation, a high success rate, do event. Cooperation with the tiger, and the character is not difficult to coordinate, and sometimes great conflict. Cooperation with the rabbit, the two co-sign of the Zodiac is the best partner, career, business is booming. Cooperation with the dragon can, but do not put all the blame to the long body of work will affect the unity of two. Long cooperation with good and bad mixed. Cooperation is a good match with the horse, can offer constructive advice, the snake will come up with ideas, horses will do so in accordance with the regular program to achieve the aspirations of the two. Cooperation with the sheep, good luck, career is booming. Cooperation with the monkey is a good luck, good partners, Wang career, fortune prosperity, congenial mood, happy things. Cooperation with the chicken, the best co-operation, can cause big play. Cooperation between man and dog snake, career success, snake and pig co-operation, although the clash, not cooperation, but not cooperation but not long-term only. Romantically, this peach is the most prosperous year of the snake, especially the 41-year-old popular snake transported peach, to avoid drinking, lesbian gynecological care, gay men's disease, prostate care, the most popular is the peach blossom March, September, November, Going Suishun easy to get married, easy to love. Health movement, although the wealth of the snake Year of the Rabbit double income, but Auntie old lungs, everything is precious, this year will be fame and fortune. Rabbit is a snake who prosper, and also of the glorious year, but pay attention to respiratory, back pain, leg pain of the disease, in business as the most important event should respect others, do not pride, listen to the opinions of others, do not tell others on the level of the home the trash not on the home place northwest and southwest bit. Do not leave around the kitchen garbage bags, and maintain good health, the monthly lunar nineteen must be the Buddhist temple, the spring home of the snake to put Wenchang Tower and the Great Buddha alone, the summer home of the snake put the tank, raising sixteen white fish. Autumn snake, home or put Brazil cycads and lucky bamboo money tree, you can resolve the disaster. Winter before the snake before the Buddha or God of Wealth put a lamp or candle lights the Lotus. Snake in the Year of the Rabbit monthly Yuncheng, good and bad in January snake is high, something like good luck. February snake, feeling rich, super-transport business operation, there are elegant aid, to climb the peak, the snake will be successful this month in this sense. March of the snake will have a satisfactory love life, smiling, like this month's Italian wedding. April, smooth, lots of elegant, handy, wealth harvest, a pleasant surprise, this month pay attention to mass annihilation. May people feel the snake open up again on the cause, attention to peach, many friends, do some good things. June snake good fortune. July, things can not be taken lightly, we should seriously deal with the relationship between people, there are non-tongue, but this month is good fortune, we should pay attention to anti-deceived. In September, this month is the peach blossom, pay attention to emotional trouble. Anti-bankruptcy in October, anti-mass annihilation. In November, the first large Jixing Zhao, fame and fortune. In December, this month flat, safe year. This is a snake.

Here to talk about the horse

Here to talk about the rabbit rabbit

talk about Dragon Dragon Year of the Rabbit following the line of Yuncheng. Long walk in last year, exhaustion, and finally in a difficult business over the next hurdle. In China, the dragon represents the head, it represents the right. Born in the Year of the Dragon with the fate of the people must, in the Year of the Dragon people are born with instinct, intuition is more sensitive to his induction, were induced relatively strong dragon. Generally speaking, the dragon is quite auspicious. Almost everyone has a dragon of the potential to do great things, hopes drastically their careers, the sign of the Zodiac Dragon people are successful, powerful dragon decisive, arrogant, but not cunning dragon has a good fortune, in their lifetime in the pursuit of being the cause can seem handy, smooth and successful. Long active in the cause of the line is very easy to gather the leadership, the dragon who is generally in good time, they are best adapted to the work of art, performing arts, cultural, political, civil servants, academics in this area, so the dragon can be magnanimous, full of vitality and strength, although the dragon who self-centered, one-sided, but the dragon still do a better job understanding. Love will generally take a long time to understand each other, focusing on select beloved companion, marriage would be a good wife and mother, feeling more sincere, do not disguise themselves, this is one of the greatest features of the dragon. Year of the Rabbit, Dragon people will lose a lot of elegant on the cause of the support, the body is easy to go wrong, so in this respect, more attention should check their home feng shui, and more attention to home appliances, toilets, water pipes do not leak to timely repair, not damage. Note bed, desk, do not put north and south, be sure to put something down, the dragon in the sky, the ground line of rabbit, dragon and rabbit are underappreciated sense of overkill, so not much chance to play capability. Long and elegant, but who secretly have supported this year Jixing in the southeast, there will be a big side wealth, wealth or partial rolling. Dragon this year's work, which will help speakers, entertainment, stocks, will achieve good success. Long stubborn people to put down the views of modifications, changes, can break their own a new world. In addition, this monkey, rat lucky, so long people must be with the rat and monkey to cooperate. Long observes things are more delicate, which is his characteristic long economic talents who play quite good, the performance was more astute. Wealth is always good, so long people, money is not his highest goal in life, they want the money interests, mainly to achieve his dream, the dragon who noted that savings income is much more, spending more So long people should engage in more real estate, stocks, sideline, as a good way to hedge against inflation. Most of these people is unique, accessible fortune, the dragon will have minor defects in the Year of the Rabbit, to pay more attention to health, January, April, July, November is a good fortune, you can do sales, and dining and entertainment aspects of the business, cultural transmission, Goldsmiths, sound lighting, upgrading the civil service will be a good opportunity. In the fiscal side can work with others in the investment, but also by a large fortune. Dragon Year of the Rabbit's fortune is located in the northeast, for the fiscal benefit. Wenchang located in the southwest, which will help to study the civil service exam, engineers, able to provide staff salary increases. Backing located in the northwest, backers bit is elegant place, looking elegant in the northwest, to find a teacher to solve the problem, this is a good direction. Marriage is located in the West, looking for a spouse, easy to find the object into. Partial financial position in the southeast, such as stocks, open karaoke, bars have to do Italian. White fish and fish tank to keep better, car, handbag are all white as down. Home of the mascot, the God of Wealth, wishful, such as family literary talent can worship God, door can be hung on both sides of the Five Emperors coins can be put into operation, the study put the white crystal ball, kitchen gossip gourd can be placed, can protect good luck. Bed can be placed north and south, to wear the pendant, metal, jade monkey, pig transport, mainly the white color. 2052 Dragon will cause a big development, but to pay attention to high blood pressure, diabetes. 2064 The Dragon Yuncheng, such as hook-nosed, nose of a mole would be detrimental, how do? Do not go to the hospital to visit patients, not to attend the funeral. 2040 gay dragon this year did not go well, to put in the banquet of the eighth lunar month, disaster, to pay attention to stroke, blood clots. 1976 dragon big Jixing Zhao head, was honored to help the cause of the Games, the next level, while the family has Tianding of hi. 2088 dragon year due to pet home for the elderly too, will suffer a great deal in emotion, cheated on business. Here to talk about the Dragon Year of the Rabbit's cooperation. Long human and mouse is the best cooperation partner, there will be a very good career development. Long cooperation with the cattle, after the first good is not good, not two people and temper. Dragon and Tiger is the best cooperation partner, their talents can be to each other, can do something big. Dragon and Rabbit is the best partner for cooperation, common ideals and common aspirations, common co-operation, will cause some success. Long cooperation with the snake, can cooperate better, but both sides can play their own abilities, can do the most career peak. Long cooperation with the horse, long time lead to a crisis. Great Dragon and the sheep industry cooperation. Dragon and Monkey cooperation is the most water cooperation, the cause of great interest. Long cooperation with the chicken is very good cooperation. Long cooperation with the chicken, the chicken is excellent good partner. Long cooperation with the dogs, two non-speculative. Long cooperation with the pork is successful. Dragon Year of the Rabbit's love luck this year, the lack of peach star, there is no peach, interpersonal discord, dragon people must be patient. Health, pay attention to non-tongue, liver and gallbladder in stomach problems. Here people talk about the Year of the Rabbit Lung Yun Wang in December. January, dragon people to come, relatively good transport undertakings, on the future of great opportunity, this month with the relocation of hi. February, wealth luck this month is better, but the lack of health in the body, March is sailing against the current, difficult to progress, the work does not go smoothly. April there will be career assistant, jewelry business Dacheng, co-operation with people can be good luck. May cause strokes villain, to seize the opportunity. June fortune rose, brilliant, business work better than wealth. July, busy work, will enhance the status, careful non-tongue. August, this month changed greatly, it is best to do anything for the best. September handy work. October, better efficiency, attention to the cause of the big play. November has improved the joy, in front of a happy event. December transported Want career, great.

Here to talk about

talk about the dogs following the dog's fortune in the Year of the Rabbit. This year's phase and the rabbit and dog people, there must be three happy event comes in quick succession, the dog most suitable for business people this year, get married, build a new home, childbirth. Dog Year of the Rabbit will have two top large elegant aid, the dog can rise higher and higher, cause you can give full play to the leadership talent, but also in business, a new partner in the business long known Dawang career. Dog people this year, a wide range of interpersonal, strong and powerful dog who Hongyun last year putting the reputation of big business is busy career, a good opportunity for a lot of dog people feel quite satisfied, but that this year there have been major Jixing lot of dog people, dog people, especially this year's air and shiny, because this year coincide with the Tai Sui, peach blossom is also very busy, great doing business with others for the dog people are good at communication this year, public relations, career can shine, dog people do not pay attention to character in temper, such as the Year of the Dog this year not of childbirth, this year there will be peach's scandal, not to drink, from to disasters, transportation of August this year putting the dog who is very proud to become the focus of discussion everyone, although other aspects of dog people in general, but a red one, a stole the show, the dog will be feeling as the leading, if people pay attention to control the dog, he will be home from the storm, fame and fortune decline. Three more, the poor to the point just before dawn. Dog people of integrity, honesty, frank, clever, simple, good, fair work, and his sense of justice, love guns uneven. Career, the dog's ability to endure hardship, hard, not easy to listen to the views of others, the family is worthy of a good husband and good wife. Dog Year of the Rabbit run five palaces, good luck this year, although the thieves plot, but to come, not extreme, to be taboo peach. If the dog were able to avoid peach Year of the Rabbit, the cause of various aspects will be very good, people are talking about is respected. Year of the dog to do more good things people should be more released, released to free their disaster, particularly his busy career, wealth, official movement to prosper. Dog people will appreciate this year, such as pay or promotion or the like, or to create a successful career, this dog in the northwest, northeast, east there will be great wealth. East, South, North will be large and elegant. These are the directions for the calculation of family, home of the East, South, the North has a large elegant aid, can not miss the opportunity. Dog this year in the north-west residential kitchen, and a toilet, much was not right, be careful even bankruptcy, bad plot, non-tongue. Because it runs in the palace, the palace life in which he committed murderous, a villain plot, even bankruptcy are non-tongue. Office can take the east, or take the northwest toward the southeast, left put a smug, right-hand side to put a seal can pay rise. Front teeth grow all year, missing the dog must pay attention to car disaster, the dog who was in the Year of the Rabbit is a large peach, in addition to marriage and children and also pay attention to extra-marital affairs. Dried flowers and flowers in the room must be thrown away, not allowed to put flowers, so that the disaster will be peach. Also note that the toilet blocked, leaking kitchen, the door will not put some garbage bags. In particular, good shoes, neat, so the body will be impaired, especially between husband and wife will be non-tongue, it should be noted that there is a door not a place flowers, should put the grass and flowers bloom, the home will be molested out lesbians . Three days of every month, 13, 23 am to incense, to good luck, protection for one year, wealth connected, interlinked business operation, the dog can open the spring white car, back white handbag, Copper can be placed gourd family, can increase the fortune. Summer dog to open the white car is down in residential northeast Cai, Wang career, luck, Passepartout, can be placed in a fish tank. The fall of dog, the family must be dedicated to Guanyin phase, can protect the fiscal year, Wang and good health. The dog can not go north in winter, at home in the south bit, living south of worship Guan Gong, incense noon every day, can help good luck. This year's dog bit a large fiscal position in the northwest, partial financial position bit in the Northeast, Wenchang bit and ingenious bit in the southeast. Elegant place, career development in the East, North and South. You can find elegant direction to the east, south and north could benefit, got the upper hand, the home can be placed Guan, elegant strokes, Lucky, and town house. Placed a dozen operating room, no operation can put a dozen big red horse, the family can put a stone, landscape, can help extravagance, help the cause. Study can be put rich rabbit, Wang Wenchang bit large, can put this year's official transport. Sin copper gourd master bedroom can be placed, you can treat illness, healthy. Balcony large woody plants put down, such as Brazil iron, money tree, rubber tree is the best choice to help put the cause of the stone, the kitchen to put the two-body dragon turtle, you can put a tower of the killing. This year the dog who must put the fish tank in the south-east, the raising of six fish. Place in a door can be put brave, getting money can be achieved through the portal. Dogs may wear the Goddess of Mercy, The Golden Buddha, men and women can wear jade gourd, gourd safe, transfer beads to wear white, black or crystal chain. 1958 dog will have to rely on personal relationships outside of the money. 1970 dog a lot of friends this year, there will be outside of the money. February, June, August is the best month of the dog people, have to upgrade the hi. But the wealth, the official transport more prosperous, but not to buy stocks, not this year, 1970 dogs gambling operation. 2046 dog Xing are wealth, career fluent, wealth connected, is the first public dog, you can invest in stocks. 2034 dog, status, interpersonal better, but to pay attention to their health. 1982 Dog the years to hard work, there are elegant, with power, wealth, business operation is still very good. 1994 to the emotional anti-dog fooled, deceived. Here to talk about the dog in the Year of the Rabbit Want shipped in December. January, there will be the cause of the dog in the windfall, the fiscal position is better. February dog ??into the big peach on the dog in social, magical life, career, business, interpersonal, there will be a big harvest. March is the weight of six months, be careful of this month or even bankruptcy, mass annihilation, the dogs to turn tail on a good man, all to be low-key, not publicity, it is necessary to be patient for the last. April dog, career development, such as date filled, the cause of a dog person, love double proud, one day dogs are shipped, there will still be on the fortunes of a large bright spot. May the dog will scale new heights in all aspects of elegant, power, great wealth, much revenue, this month will be raised, the dog people will be satisfied, complacent, will complicate the issue emotionally, will stir non-tongue To control the family division, there will be big trouble. June, this month there is a large Jixing lead, continue to enjoy life, this month to avoid unnecessary trouble. Repeated on July dog ??business, good times and bad, cause stress, emotional panic, sometimes falling out with friends, this month not to travel, law-abiding better. August dog person, this month a little impatient character, will cause physical problems. So in character, business is still very good character should be stable, not impatient. September's dog is good fortune, must pay attention to a car accident, a lawsuit, and made the villain. Dogs have a pleasant surprise in October, will be emotionally their friends, business will be a windfall on, career guidance and help will be honored, leadership reuse, but also get the support of the opposite sex. So this month dog smiling dog one of the greatest advantage is not vengeful, does not bear grudges, who this month to take part in dog celebrations, wedding events, career would be transported Want. November dogs further career development, status rising, smooth sailing. December dogs, the new year coming, male dogs female dog can brilliant, valiant, meet Dragon. Dogs and twelve Zodiac cooperation. Dogs and mice co-After the first bad for a small gain but separate. Cooperation with the cattle, character quite different, unfavorable cooperation. Cooperation with the tiger is the best partner, they will be successful regardless of the cause of any cooperation. Cooperation with the rabbit is unsuccessful, often two people a good fight, commit tongue. Very successful cooperation with the snake, the business will come out on top, with both partners happy horse, down, will cause business pinnacle. Cooperation with the sheep in general, just leave. Cooperation with the monkey, a high success rate, making plenty of money, but also the best partner. Successful cooperation with the chickens, dogs are everywhere so the chicken. Successful cooperation with the dogs, but often quarrel, fights like. And pig co-operation on Dashun.

following about the last pig, pig in last year's Wang Yun. Last year, pig and Jupiter coincide, lots of elegant, in business, business on the steady development. Pig's fortunes this year is still to come, good luck, wealth flowing from, to take the limelight, unique, can jump three career, business interests on the Cheoy Lee Wan is a large harvest. Because pigs were three big Jixing this year included the finest transportation. In addition, there are four stars sign pig, pig is the most important people have a large Fortune take the lead, making this year a large number of pigs were not only wealth but also have an enormous amount of wealth into the library, the partial pig good fortune, wealth rolling. So this pig in wealth, and Manner, health is good. Lack of respect is a non-tongue, often make life difficult for themselves with their own. Pig people are proud of this year, do not listen to the opinions of others. Pigs were at work this year there will be large and elegant help, if a pig and a rabbit must be out of the co. This pig will do a perfect job in all aspects, this pig was in operation, was on order, was seasonal, it's also elegant, so out of the limelight, so the pig who is the city is Spring. Pigs were quite good fortune in the Year of the Rabbit, Pig Rabbit is a good friend, also have a new spark. Pig one of the greatest features calm, resolute, kind-hearted, simple, sometimes naive romantic, doing things more peaceful, honorable life, relatively strong sense of justice, others generous, affable, and generous and large, good staff relations. Have unique insights on business, emotional specificity, hardworking, love suffer. Pig people love to take care of others, like free air, he did not want to be bound, afraid, and others relatively low rising, people movers and shakers of the pigs, the pigs were not arrogant, to play talent, attention to content of training, increased tolerance, it you can really enjoy the great good luck. Success in life is not the result, but rather the process, saying how much money I made to much money, is not it. Success in life is not the result, but in the process, the process is able to enjoy real success. So the old saying that Way of life review, vista, life is not perfect, everyone will have this regret, that regret should also between heaven and earth. This year the pigs were looking for sheep cooperation, cooperation with the Tigers good luck. This year the pigs were the most taboo is not to attend the funeral, can not go to the hospital. Southwest office seating can take this year toward the Northeast, it is best to take the northeast toward the southwest, take the southeast, are down to the northwest. Pig people wear Taomujian year, hanging in the bedroom of the East, home to Wang Yun Chen, who can hang safely hoist the good luck. Whether male or female pigs can put a pig, This year's first day, eighth day must burn incense to Buddha. Pigs and people in the spring can be placed on the desk of a large crystal ball white, white pearl necklace can be worn, open white car, white shirt, the table can be Daijin Gang chain, in particular, to wear a platinum ring. Summer pig, home, office must be put fish tank, fish as well raise the white wall, the hall can be linked to a landscape, to enhance their business operation. Fall pigs can take home the extra vegetation, more than some books store, buy some flowers on the living room, home office can put the red crystal ball, also known as Hongyun lead, can improve their fortune. Pigs can open red winter car, home can be linked to eight Horses, you can also put wooden works of art, good luck. Pig large fiscal position this year in the Northwest, partial financial position in the Southwest, large fiscal position Leisy North, partial financial position in the Southwest. That next year can buy a pig in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, the stock market in this area in Sichuan, certainly money. Wenchang place conducive to reading, studies, in the west. Honored place in the southeast, northeast and is located in the marriage, the West, Lee to marry him, and make friends. Pig people can worship, especially to do business, a civil servant can worship Buddha instruments. Seeking money for literary talent God, the hall can hold fish tank can be attached to landscape painting. Lucky Cat mascot can be put, Lucky Rabbit, Ping vase. Kirin doors on both sides to put a pair of kill can be broken by movement, especially in favor of official transport. Study put wishful, Wenchang rabbit, Wenchang Tower are all mentioned the official transport, which will help children to school, Ruyi, Wenchang Tower on the study, the bedroom can be placed in the rabbit and Lucky the sheep. Placing of the kitchen can kill the dragon, who will make the fact that wishful pig, pig men to wear gold sheep, pigs and women wear beads transfer, yellow and white as down. 2059 pigs can be transported with Wenchang; 2075 pigs talented intellectual, career super; 2071 pigs this year should pay attention to a car accident, to live a joyous birthday, red disaster; 1983's Pigs in the business successful, and easy to do the service sector and investment culture, and financial investment; 2047 pigs Xing side wealth, the stock market a big hit in the side, jumped in the development can be described; three to five years of pigs income rich; 1995 pigs carefree. In Love Canal, peach pig to be careful, especially in 1971 will be the roots of peach pig. Pigs in 2071 alone is not good. Pigs to people emotionally and for your health movement, the overall good, to prevent the villain behind, surgery to prevent a disaster, there will be physical disaster. However, pigs were a big winner this year, boldly to create the value of your wealth. The monthly pig fortune. Into the Year of the Rabbit, the first month is good, happy mood, all the best. February to come, pig people can implement their ambitious efforts to target this round moves on to big win the war. March of the Pigs career to continue rising, but the monthly cost is relatively large, with new investment and development. April Pig people are the best out of others to the cause of the escrow, he went away, as guilty of breaking this month, the best career out of their possession to hand down management, personally went away, but also pay attention to a car accident. May pork, this month honored the momentum appeared significant increase in the pigs may invest in stocks scale new heights of wealth can have a large number of revenue. June Pigs Do not worry about feelings. July pigs to prevent the villain side, has to be calm, not impatient, pigs have a pleasant surprise in July, many join social activities and may participate in training courses, will bring great wealth. August pig, this month dedicated, more attention to the tongue, anti-villain, do not gamble, partial financial disadvantage. September, pigs, pig this month who want to invest in expanding the business, will be successful. Honored to help, the cause will be wishful. October pigs, significant increase in gas money this month, should not miss. November, this month for the pig NPC peach blossom, double-sided business emotional harvest. December harvest the wealth of pigs, after a year is a very successful year. Here to talk about cooperation and elegant side. Partners with the mouse you can create a cause. And cattle is a very good cooperation of partners, very satisfied. Cooperation can be successful with the Tigers, as large as their careers. With rabbit partners happy. And the dragon is the best partner, the Italian cause. Best not to cooperate with the snake, commit phase. Very good cooperation with the horse, the two sides is not personal financial resources, there will be a big success. Cooperation with the sheep is the best cooperation. Cooperation with the monkey is beneficial, both parties will benefit. Cooperation with the chicken, is flat along smoothly, there will be no big color. Cooperation with the dog to be successful in business. Cooperation with the pork business is booming, business down, business is on the money.

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Shaoguan newspaper (Reporter correspondent Bu Yu Chen L photo coverage ) a large truck in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao Expressway illegal parking throughout the northern section of Guangdong when he was driving the bus the other a normal hit , the passengers on the bus caused serious traffic accident 17 people were killed (see the newspaper August 27, 2006 A1 version of the headlines ) . Shaoguan traffic police team of Beijing-Zhuhai North briefed reporters yesterday ,

2006年8月26日1? 10 points, in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao Expressway (formerly the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway) north 75 km Shaoguan section of 300 meters bus collision occurred in large truck accidents . Lee was driven by the number of buses in Henan NA2893 driving , rear-end collisions are the slow lane in front of reversing the number of large trucks Xiang L90715 , causing 17 passengers on the bus were killed and many were injured in serious road traffic accident . Time of the incident , the driver Tanmou Yang is reversing the slow lane , the owner He Mouming in command Tanmou Yang reverse.

welcome to comment to comment

after the accident , the primary responsibility of the driver Tanmou Yang , the owner of He Mouming abandoned the vehicle and fled .

repeated across many provinces and cities after police chase , January 2007 ,Dre headphones, the driver Tanmou Yang was arrested in Dongguan City . However, another principal He Mouming still four fled , whereabouts unknown, but the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway in Shaoguan traffic police brigade has not given up the hunt for its actions .

7 13, Shaoguan traffic police with the assistance of the police in Hunan , the Hunan Anren found Hemou Ming 's whereabouts , and an arrest . 14 evening , He Mouming was escorted back to Shaoguan .

caused by large trucks reversing bus rear-ended highway 17 dead

However, little panda parrot that also tasteless . Parrot learned to swim , hold your breath for a day to more than one minute -


However, parrot fish feel special Trouble, fish all day long wearing a mask, blowing bubbles . -

A raccoon hanging too long since hung up . -





------------ said he fell in love with a colorful parrot . -


------------ reportedly because he fell in love with the rabbit . -

------------ parrot said to love the fish . -

there are some people we rub shoulders with the chance to meet , met late acquaintance , acquaintance of the late familiar , familiar but still want to say goodbye ... ... -







However,Lady Gaga Heartbeats, Panda is not Care him. Panda painted the colorful paint on the body . -




However, the rabbit does not love him . N drink gallons of coffee rabbit , a rock song High , a few days and nights to not sleep. -


------------ reportedly because he fell in love with his arm and Panda . -

------------ Obviously, he fell in love with A Beaver . -

the past , there is a black cat Jiao Beaver , he himself caught in the washing line , trying to stretch the ears . -

Therefore , the back of each section so sad love story continues ... ... -




Chen Zhide After reading, shook his head and said: Committee discussed the construction of, modify, and finalize the monument we see today is similar to the design.

People's Political Consultative Conference in the first, it was proposed monument built in Dongdan Square, was built in the western suburbs Babaoshan advocate. Finally, the members unanimously adopted the construction of the monument in Tiananmen Square on the program. Tiananmen Square

time, Shougang in a telephone call saying that they imported from Germany, where two mast cranes, can support the work of lifting stone monument heart. However, a total of only two cranes 30 tons, can not complete the 60 tons of stone monument heart lifting tasks.

1958, (From

1953 年 10 13, firecrackers Beijing Xizhimen Railway Station, the train carrying the sign hanging train heart of this monument stone, slowly entering the station.

Chen Zhide quarry site to go to the mountains Lee, Lee mountains a requirement, suck down a cold lump, 300 tons of rock, is simply not able to get a few rows of the steel wedge. He decided to put the method of boring guns, blank piece of rock blasted material.

roll bars first sleepers laid on the road, and then placed in a row of sleepers on the logs, then log into the rock, as long as the applied thrust behind the stone, large stone will gradually move up.

Most buildings in accordance with

the end, a number of national experts well-argued, the construction group to provide an installation program: the use of pulley principle, the concrete monument monument monument as a crane lifting the heart stone pillar. Lifting at the same time, both sides of the monument stand in a high boom to adjust the swing stone lifting process and ping.

In order to secure

Next, the construction group to build its establishment, Chen Zhide transfer head. In August 1952, the construction of the People's Heroes Monument project was officially launched.

mountains Lee selected a flat stone walls, with black carbon in the above strokes out of a long 15 meters wide and 3 meters until the quarry blanks, rectangular stone along the four edges of lines, borehole drilled more than 40 . He personally shot eyes add to the loading of explosives, explosive components to control the precise, more likely to blow the bad stone throwing, they can not make the stone less billet and the rock face separation. Tim explosive loading is completed, with the Chen Zhide anxiously asked:

wedge into the much easier to nail.

Next, masonry together they battle, the 100 fly stone without cracking steel wedge on both sides. Be went to great lengths, there is no stone or rock separated from the means. Chen Zhide anxious again and again wipe Lee mountains a bit impetuous, and staring in front of the stone, they shouted loudly for masonry: , applied top edge, I do not believe can not be spun off on the stone from the rock!

but busy for a long time, two stone of finally dug out. Shicao, the eight 200-ton load is placed into the jack, with the constant force applied top, only to hear

stone arrived in Beijing, Qingdao railway sector full of small hydropower stations specially transferred from the northeast to the only one capable of carrying 90 tons weight of the wagon. However, stone weight, or far more than the wagon's load. Chen Zhide command mason, the platform at the station site on the stone for weight loss, and ultimately put it on the train.

faces south China's traditional, the People's Heroes Monument is the original design drawings for the But later found that many important public activities are concentrated in Tiananmen Square and the monument on the square between, in order to facilitate the people pay their last respects, monument facing north was more practical value. Monument face turned 180 degrees, just with the monument on Tiananmen Square,

300-ton stone monument heart to go mining, how to adopt? Chen Zhide first encountered

Chen Zhide After careful study of the drawings, in accordance with design, In order to ensure that no stone monument broken heart, the thickness of the rough stone must be mined up to 3 meters, which means a huge piece of rough stone will weigh more than 300 tons. Where such a huge stones mined? Chen Zhide first encountered

Wei Changqing granite carved in to the eight characters, also encountered difficulties: the monument stone hard and brittle heart, without cutting knife, take a moment to Mars chaos. In order to finish the work, and Wei Changqing Chen Zhide decide first rubber body covering the monument, engraved parts of the rubber then need to dig down to form a And then copper for the child, using our traditional gold-filled craft, made of gold inlaid into, to ensure that the text of 300 years does not change color. Monument questions, share prime 130 two inscriptions.

1958, Determined from the solution to the quarry, transported stone, carved stone, every step of the difficult, hard-won.

1951 National Day, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Work in the Chen Zhide, built by the People's Heroes Monument Commission staff invited to Tiananmen Square. Chen Zhide was born in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in 1917, 1950, Illinois State University in the United States have been returned after the civil engineering master's degree. Day, he saw the final selection in Tiananmen Square out of three wooden monument model: one is shaped like a three openings of the city of Taiwan, there are high monument; one is the top of the hill-shaped monument; another group portrait sculpture is the shape of the Monument.

Chen Zhide came to Beijing Library, spent ten days looking at the data, control the country's major mountain ranges of the rock conditions. He quarry sites to be identified in the Shandong Qingdao Laoshan. After the night went to Laoshan field survey, Chen Zhide ultimately determine the use of the westernmost mountain of Laoshan Fushan Daikin top of stone, because stone evenly, and resistance to weathering.

the 60-ton stone monument heart lifted 20 meters, and then firmly installed in the concrete monument who spent five and a half hours

formal lifting day, Mao Yisheng, Liu Kaiqu, Liang, Lin Huiyin, Fan Wenlan, Zheng Zhenduo other than 100 community of experts, leaders gathered in Tiananmen Square early in the morning. 8:30, Chen Zhide the mouth of the whistle sounded, lifting the command issued, the monument came top pulley

With the acceleration of the construction of monuments, but a problem emerged: how to secure the 60-ton stone monument heart lifted 20 meters, then a smooth installation into concrete monument on the other?

Chen Zhide holding a red flag in the lifting scene. With the heart of stone monument was lifted a little, actually on the Tiananmen Square northwest wind blowing, Chen Zhide quickly that two high-order next to the boom operator attention to wind direction, control has been lifted the monument stone heart not to allow It is wavering in the air. Until about two in the afternoon, the monument was finally accurate heart stone in place, firmly established in the north of the monument monument is the stone of the heart within.

several hired from the local masonry see Chen Zhide worry, quietly pulled him aside and said: Ishigami you still think of a way it brought him!

Lee stonemason craft is ancestral mountains, and his grandfather when the mason, had helped the KMT government had taken several times in the Laoshan stone, quarrying process he is within sight.

since 1840, a hero to millions of people against foreign enemies and for national independence and people's freedom and happiness, in the previous revolutions in the liberation war and sacrifice. September 1949, Chinese People's first plenary session decided to build a monument to these people heroes.

Chen Zhide think this approach feasible through collective discussion, the final decision to be safe, do not log, switch to the production of seamless steel plant in Anshan initial billet. Ready, in 3 sets of imported high-powered tractor traction, little by little stone finally moved down to the foot of the roll.

Chen Zhide command of the construction group rushed to the monument stone heart to do the North-South swap preparation. Fortunately, the monument is north-south symmetry of the structure, even if the stone monument for the direction of the heart, the construction schedule has not been affected.

the eight original characters written on the letter, each word is only about two inches square. Take these words carved into the stone monument on the heart, the first amplified 20 times, one of the In order to enlarge the inscription, the General Staff of Surveying and Mapping Bureau 1205 factory Zhou Yongxing, who used the word slide projector will be amplified, and then follow the light and shadow to describe the word down, fighting for a few days and nights.

Fushan Railway Station about 30 km away from Qingdao, mostly along the rolling hills. If the temporary repair from a quarry direct heavy rail railway stations, cost is not small. Lee mountains Finally, a transport means: roll bar.

To fully mined 300 tons of stone a blank, a dozen skilled workers from Nanjing and Shanghai, arrived at Lau Fau Shan. Skilled workers are not to be such a huge stone mining experience, several mining plan proposed by Chen Zhide are denied. Seeing the time went, Chen Zhide worry lit, the left one slip from the mouth bubble.

stone monument arrived in Tiananmen Square, the heart, the construction team in accordance with the original design, its shape immediately prior to finishing. After a heart carved stone monument, At this time, the construction group to build the Commission received a notification of a sudden, turned around to face the monument 180 degrees.

People's Political Consultative Conference in the first, members unanimously adopted the monument built on the program in Tiananmen Square

already prepared a few hang firecrackers was lit, the crowd burst into cheers, drums sounded immediately. Chen Zhide tears

first is to determine the place of the people to build the monument.

after the completion of the construction of the People's Heroes Monument Commission made a total project accounts, total cost of the construction of the monument about 40.5 million.

to be foolproof,monster headphones, the construction of the Committee again for the community to solicit opinions lifting. Beijing, an old carpenter had an idea, the ancient temple bell hanging way, piled up in the square before a 20-meter tilt slope, the stone monument heart little by little to pull down the slopes of the main monument , and then install it. After calculation, Chen Zhide found stone monument is only 60 cm thick heart, if not help but tilt to a certain extent its own weight, may be broken from the middle. Commission had to give up the construction program.

been lifting program after the third set, for insurance purposes, Chen Zhide first called the construction group with the same stone, built a small stone monument and the monument heart body. After several running experiments, to ensure foolproof plan only after the formal lifting.

plan was finalized, at 18 o'clock on September 30, 1949, First People's Political Consultative Conference held in Tiananmen Square on behalf of all the solemn opening ceremony of the monument. Subsequently, a total of 17 central and local units to build up the People's Heroes Monument Commission, to do the first job is to determine the overall memorial design. Building committee spent more than a year, for comments to the nation, received more than 140 design options, including booths, Taiwan, Church, Monument, and other styles.

This task fell Liulichang

Qingdao municipal government from the city seventy-eight State Engineering team to deploy elite forces, composed of stone commando operation. Lau Fau Shan to the train station from Qingdao, 30 kilometers away, transported stone to go full force for 34 days.

heart stone monument on the completion of the initial polish, the construction group to build the Commission received a notification of a sudden, turned around to face the monument 180 degrees

heart stone monument on the successful spin-off from the rock after a bigger problem before us: how the piece of rock transported to the train station?

People's Heroes Monument Commission made a total project construction accounts, the construction of the monument cost about 405,000 yuan total






深情的?旧,原是美好的恍惚,?得的也是幸福。那一刻,仿佛?光倒流,繁花盛?。 温柔与感?,?盼与甜蜜,Beats by dre,原来只是初初相?。却不知潮生潮?,?海桑田,早已?了人?。




And so it is
Just like you said it would be
Life goes easy on me
Most of the time

And so it is
The shorter story
No love, no glory
No hero in her sky

I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes...

And so it is
Just like you said it should be
We'll both forget the breeze
Most of the time

And so it is
The colder water
The blower's daughter
The pupil in denial

I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes...

Did I say that I loathe you?
Did I say that I want to
Leave it all behind?

I can't take my mind off you
I can't take my mind off you
I can't take my mind off you
I can't take my mind off you
I can't take my mind off you
I can't take my mind...

My mind...
'Til I find somebody new


; ; ; ancient technique know people

yin shi (3-5 points): seven money ; Mao Shi (5-7 points): twelve

1, triangular face of the people, imaginative, less actual ability, romantic, would like to do less, anti-heart more.
2, square face of the person, intelligent and have mobility, high moral character, broad minded, full of energy, diplomatic skills, strong sense of humor.
3, rectangular face of the person, activity, lacking the solid nature of relationships is poor, inconsiderate, if women are cheerful,north face down jacket, restless and men gaining the upper hand.
4, round face person, generous, honest man, leniency, no harm no defenses, and no one get by.
5, no broad-based human face, stamina, feelings of vulnerability, can for the sake of others, easy to be around others, deceived.
6, pointed chin were realists, success and failure of other, vulnerable to heterosexual love.
7, wide chin people intelligent, ambitious large, longer than the strategy that ends justify means.

hour of birth weight:
midnight (23-1 points): one hundred twenty-six Chou Shi ( 1-3 points): six money

when compared with China has said: symmetry is fierce.
2, the collapse of the nasal tip fat, is toil name, it is difficult to succeed.
3, pug nose is a politician, diplomat-type, male or female energetic, active, lively, self-motivated .
4, V-type artists rhino nose long straight nose, thin and protruding, the NPC are introverted, calm temperament, gentle, not extreme, warm beauty, full of ideals, full of artistic talent.
5 fold less nose, your nose turned up, the fish lips, and stubborn. this many people love prostitution, gambling times, asking questions.
6, hawk nose, down the left hook tip, dream of such a person greedy, selfish, and his treacherous cunning.

the ancient concept of the lips to know people

Birthdate weight:
started: Five money two days: three days of twelve: eight money the fourth day: one hundred twenty-five fifth day: one hundred twenty-six
sixth day: one hundred twenty-five seventh day : eight money eighth day: one hundred twenty-six ninth day: eight money tenth day: one hundred twenty-six
eleven: nine money twelve: twelve seventy-three: eight money XIV: one hundred twenty-seven fifth: twelve
XVI: eight money Seventeen: nine money eighth: twelve eighty-nine: Five money Twenty: one hundred twenty-five
twenty: twelve 廿二: nine money Niansanli: eight round-money : Nine Qian Nian Wu: one hundred twenty-five
Boxing: one hundred twenty-eight 廿七: seven money Nianba: eight money's Eve: one hundred twenty-six 30: six money

month of birth weight:
January: February 6 Money: Money March 7: 1 two 8 April: 9 May
money: money, June 5: 1 2 6 seven March: 9 Money August: two 5
September 1: 1 two 8 October: Money November 8: 9 Money December: 5 money

ancient concept beware of crooks surgery

1, your eyes are wine and women or even bankruptcy phase.
2, sleepy eyes greedy cheap lonely phase.
3, scared eyes weak die bile phase.
4, eye disease, frail and more disease.
5, obscene eye rape adultery hue.
6, Danfeng wisdom and knowledge.
7, longan loyal trusted.
8, eye of the tiger of Jiang Wei Yan Yingwu was feeling great rich artistic talent.
9, Marquise mediocrity go rather high.
10, deer impatient eyes full of emotion.
11, kinky monkey eyes alert suspicious man honest sense of obligation and desire strong.
12, short-lived fish eyes stupid person.
13, flexible mouse eye and his ilk love to steal.
14, sheep eye treacherous evil heart.
15, corn more toxic and more impatient as fighting prostitution withdrawn without popularity.
16, eyes eyes without common sense is not strong; bright eyes smart; steal as the Jianjiao, Tan Yin; look on as the proud, arrogant; look-down of suspicious, cautious; eyes uncertain heart unrest copies, non-stealing that cheat.

old saying: Its flesh is too thick, strong person.
2, thick lips, people, good identified, quick-witted, just outside the confidence, is thin lover.
3, long lips of people, strong competition in mind, re the fact that ability.
4, short lip of people, full of want to, lack of decisive and indecisive, unable to keep his mouth words.
5, lips upturned at both ends of the person, optimistic, aggressive, humorous.
6, lip droop at both ends of the people, depression, pessimism, irritability,
7, cherry mouth, is a female mouth, beauty, gentle and passionate.
8, the mouth is a male port side, ability, attention to reality, well enjoy.
9, Chuihuo mouth, weak, lack of decisive force, lonely life.
10, covered boat port, such a person cunning, greedy.
11, Yang on the mouth, this optimism, unusual, and often can become an overnight success.
12, combined small and large able to open mouth face symmetry is best

chenshi (7-9 points): Nine money ; Sishi (9-11 points): one hundred twenty-six
noon (11-13 points): twelve ; no time (13-15 points): eight money
GENOTYPES (15-17 points): eight money ; shi (17-19 points): Nine money
Xushi (19-21 points): six money Hai Shi (21-23 points): six money

comment poetry:
2 two 1: Non-industry that the short-lived large fierce, his life something heavy disaster, fierce brink of disaster stress limit, and eventually the world is not a hardship
2 two two things: body Lingding bitter cold winter bone, to beg people to push this life, live free Lao Lao mediocre, middle-aged Dagong over his life
2 two 3: This command push gently to the bone, persons seeking to work things too hard, brother, wife and children should be difficult to promise, scattered elsewhere afar for two people
2 4: This command is no push to Fluke , the total hard-wing doors to hardship, are flesh and blood relatives could not rely, for the elderly flow afar
2 2 5: The push to ancestral micro life, but so it seems surprising that business degree, relatives could flesh water charcoal, I, hardworking and self-control
2 2 6: the way his life bitter and seek, look for a job endlessly alone in camp, should go out early from ancestral terms, Lu Yi late to worry
2 from two 7: life, work less talk, hard by the ancestors for the proposition, one single horse as to empty the gun, early evening
2-year-old general no longer two 8: life, do whatever seems to drift, our ancestors in a dream industry, but the room and if a change of surname, and when the migration two links
2 two 9 : Hang the early years of operation has not been limited, even though some fame in the post as required over Lent before, and moved to their names so that the two good
3: Lao Lao mediocre bitter and seek, Ben West, go east off any day, if life diligence and thrift, the old sadness to Shaoke Free
3 two 1: busy bitter seek, what day the clouds part the sun, a rare Zuji home can be established, middle-aged enough to live two gradually worry
3 2: difficult to seek the early years of operation wrong, are beginning to have financial resources such as water, food and clothing to the prosperous middle-aged, when fame and fortune together to
3 two 3: something difficult to work into the early years, hundreds wasted in vain heart, Half a freely flowing water to , and later transported to the two may only gold
3 4: If this life a blessing how the monk Lu door clothing and more, from the ancestral monk party was wonderful, and finally to worship the Buddha Amitabha
3 2 5 read: life of blessing of not comprehensive, ancestral roots feel less mass, should be doing something old-fashioned life, to food and clothing when the two wins the former
3 6: do not have to toil over his life, not light alone, a family blessing, long life according to Fuxing often, either to go to all sorts of Jun into two 7
3: something like this is not a life-like, little brothers into force from the isolated, although the property should be slight, to the next to go dark when the two 8
3: flesh and blood life, the most lofty, early entrance door Name of standard, to be read year XXXVI, blue Dahongpao
3 off for two 9: This command is shipped unreasonable young, Lao Lao foes work space, painstakingly trying to get married dollars, to get time in a dream
4 two: his life is lingering Lu Yi, claim a heart piece in front of wind and frost are trained, will never enjoy the Aetna
4 two 1: This command is pushing to something different, different commonplace capable man, middle-aged as well Happy Fu, better than the year before the cloud did not pass
4 two 2: get at the most charitable spirit and charitable spirit, He does not always open with the eyebrows, the fate of middle-aged subject the economy, when fame and fortune together to
4 two 3: Mind the most intelligent man, imposing in recent elegant work, set the number of days clothes Paul's life, do not have to toil is Fung Hang
4 two 4: Mo hard to find subject-day, bearing in mind the future of Fluke wins, then wealth is difficult smug, pleased at dusk will not worry
4 2 5: happiness, take the Quaker truth and subtlety only Huazhi from stretch, Gods family said Kat, Guilan Yu Xiu late Rongzhen
4 2 6: East and West foes pass, the name shift name feel more Long, Paul clothing set number of days without loss, generally middle-aged at dusk with two 7
4: This command is pushed to the late Wang, Rong Zigui from contented wife, his life surging original blessing, can There are two sources of income such as water
4 8: Wan Road not to enjoy childhood, suffering is no longer wasted Hing brothers were no relatives could rely on, a cause of old age into two 9
4: This command does not push to the blessing of light, self-reliance self-made doors were never rich people close to the poor slave girl slave over a lifetime
5 two: IDS name day labor, but also many middle-aged by Fluke, old age is according to Fortune, the heads of higher than Qianfan 5 2 1: I, Ronghua everything through, do not have to toil from Huntoon, brother nephew are wishful, when the family business into two 2 Fluke macro
5: I, Huntoon everything can not be Louth naturally, these facilities are well pleased to the heart, the family business center
5 Fung Hang claiming two 3: This frame really push to the weather, house also developed in which the life of Fluke arrangement set, but it is two human a rich
5 4 : This command is pushing to thick and clear, full of poetry and literature to see off the ground, clothed naturally stable, it is the blessed human who
5 2 5: cursory Swagger fight to fame and fortune, youth work on the waste chips, once pouring from Fluke , riches and honor two remarkable relatives could
5 6: This format etiquette push to pass, with infinite lifetime Fluke, Tastes are tasted, stability and wealth flowing abundance
5 two 7: Full Flow Yingying everything , and his glory were his parents, becoming a striking terror into people admire, like life skills Happy Yuchun
5 two 8: Fluke nature to his life, fame and fortune and all Fluke kai, Wild Goose Pagoda nominated for guests, taking gold shoes, purple gold
5 two 9: Push the box wonderful fine and clear, it must pass the high ritual, Hill Classic should be divided among, Swagger go Maxian Wei Rong
6 two: quick bang once the nomination was Zurong were hit the big time, the original will certainly want enough food and clothing, more pastoral wealth abundance
6 two 1: do not move in the bang-off, as the world's fiscal Weng, smart talent cooked by the book, were significantly higher grams of naturally-wing
6 2 2: This name is not born poor welfare, study will display the pro-Rong, purple gold band Qing Xiang, riches and honor Jieke
6 with two 3: The main official Fluke long life, have to be very rich, Name Title urn pass bang, set in the tech world two Young
6 4: When this box is not the authority, with a purple robe sitting Kodo gold, wealth and status and who, Jiyu heap gold filled two storage warehouse
6 5: small blessing to push this life is not light, superb people Guo'an state, carved beams embroidered political wealth, prestige shine Quartet sound heard
6 2 6: The grid world a blessing man, the plot Yumantang gold heap spring, never rich by the day set, is Wat Ye gentry down two monarch
6 7: This name was born blessing from the macro, the highest lung rural family business, his life Paul abundance enough clothing, I, two 8 Ronghua Know
6: rich from the days of Mo seek in, Wan Kim household does not have to seek, Qianfan things than ten years, ancestral roots water two boat
6 9: Lu Jun is the human star clothing, life Fukki Chin people, even though Fluke by God, to enjoy Ronghua had two life
7: This command does not push to the blessing of light, the heart does not have to worry about elbow grease into account, and his days be clothing and Paul, great wealth over a lifetime
7 two 1: The big names are born different, princes in which the Qing Xiang, Fu Happy own life, riches and honor two 2 Need for Long
7: The grid rare in the world of Health, ten generations of charitable production this person, according to the sky Ziwei to life, the rule Wanminle Pacific
Note : 10 money is a two

view of the nose to know people of ancient surgery

of birth weight:
1941:6 1943:7 money money money 1942:8 1945:1 1944:5 money money two 5
1946:6 1947:1 1948:1 two 51 949 2 6 : 7 two money
1951:1 1950:9 1952:1 two two two two five 1955:6 1954:1 1953:7 money money money
1956:5 1958:1 1957:1 two four two 41959 : 9 Money Money
1961:7 1960:7 1962:9 money money money 1965:7 1964:8 1963:1 two 2 two 3 money
1966:1 1968:1 1967:5 money two 41969: 5 money money
1971:1 1970:9 1972:5 money two 7 two 2 1975:8 1974:1 1973:7 money money money
1976:8 1979:6 1977:6 money 1978:1 two 9 money money
1981:1 1980:8 1982:1 two six two two two 1985:9 1984:1 1983:7 money money money
1986:6 1987:7 1989:5 money money 1988:1 two 2 Money
1991:8 1990:9 1993:8 money money money 1992:7 1995:9 1994:1 2 5 2 6
1996:1 1997:8 money money money 1999:1 1998:8 two 92000 : 1 two 2
2001:6 2003:7 money money money 2002:8 2005:1 2004:5 money money two 5
2006:6 2008:1 2007:1 two six two 5

1, hair and more people toil name, eye small.
2, long eyebrows were weak, sick.
3, there are stains on the forehead, a woman who, unfortunately, more than a family.
4, wide forehead, people smart, cheerful.
5, three were the first non-big man is the vortex of evil.
6, the teeth of people love to pore big lie.
7, Bigfoot ground, feet lazy.
8, crying child health.
9, a woman color Bai Youliang edge.
10, eyes and more grain, heavy eyebrows were passionate.
11, mole between eyebrows and eyes of many people sex.
12, the ears large ear thickness were lucky.
13, were poor rhetoric thick lips, thin lips, those who speak out of turn,
14, proudly walking people, cheerful, people walking down lust. Calculating more.
15, a small mouth, careful people, people who ate four big mouth, strong sexual desire.

the ancient concept of knowing people face surgery

; ; ;

13, buy clothes, when to pick their own, do not let the family to buy you, though you do not buy the first second how, but you will slow slow visionary.

Ma Classic Quotes:

guide words: a look at how successful these people are! 500 Chinese CEO who is absolutely classic quotations, wants to succeed must speed collection Oh!

20, the usual time, more communication with your friends about, do not wait until you need the help of friends when it is thought to be in touch with them to the community, you will know, able to recognize a true friend, how hard?

27, the layout of the decision outcome.

17, Chinese e-commerce must have to stand up and walk, and not always hand in hand, always hand in hand to be finished. I found a gold mine, said Ali Baba, then we definitely do not dig their own, we want others to dig, he dug gold mine to me one on it.

10, if you want attention, we must make to become a tree, standing proudly between the earth; and not to do a grass, have you seen who stepped a grass, the grass also sorry to say: I'm sorry?

22, a man happy not because he has much, but because care less.

20, starting gun sounds, you do not have time to see how your opponent is running. Tomorrow is our only competitor.

11, outside the daily work should pay more attention to their accomplishments and their skills. With the extensive application of computer technology, in order not to be out of society, we must strengthen and improve the training of computer technology. Whether it is corporate training or personal training is essential, I recommend a good training institutes: Institute of Computing Training Center.

classic quotations:

25, can not hear flattery is a lucky, hear the critics is a danger.

13, not just look at the apex, second and third line greater than the market.

2, I will always believe that and never give up, we still have a chance. Finally, we believe that this world as long as the dream, as long as the ongoing efforts, as long as continuous learning, no matter how you look, whether it is the case, or as a man's looks and his talent are often inversely proportional. I am very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is good, but most certainly die tomorrow night, so everyone not to give up today.

4, I only want to throw firecrackers, but also throwing bombs. Throw firecrackers to attract attention and confuse the enemy; throwing bombs is my real purpose. However, I can not tell you when I threw firecrackers, when throwing bombs. The game is to falsehoods, so that it happy. If you feel pain in the game, it means you play the wrong.

20, enterprises that business people.

18, from the most dissatisfied customers who learned the most.

13, suffer no longer eat do not eat into the time, not a disadvantage. More bitter, sweet and big.

7, junior post-doctoral level with nothing different. As long as competent on the line, I have been to this view, do not care about education, as long as competent to contribute on the line.

3, if there is no price advantage and absolute advantage in technology, do not enter the Red Sea market, or you will will lose!

10, the most painful time, the most stressful time, my mind there is only one thing, I hire the hills at the foot of the national branch manager north gate of that place, guest houses inside, and then criticism in that place behind closed doors will open. You criticize me, criticize three days and three nights, I think that is very useful.

15, learning, study and study again, something all right, go to the bookstore to see books on management, finance, marketing, interpersonal communication, the future trends of these, you can get a lot. The social competition is too intense, you do not learn, will be eliminated. China end of 2008, more than a million college students find jobs. Competition so fierce, so be sure to understand that graduating from college, is not the end of learning, but learning has just begun. Also, I recommend a good video,

10, when dealing with people, talk less and listen more. This is why God gave us two ears and one mouth causes.

24, in my opinion there are three kinds of people, businessmen: the creation of money; businessman: Dos and Don'ts. Entrepreneur: for social responsibility. Entrepreneurs should create an environment for the community. Entrepreneurs must have the spirit of innovation.

Gensheng Classic Quotes:

6, do the national market, be sure to do a test market, to be a little bit, not fast; made, and really to make the national market, half a step faster, not slower !

3, older, people no longer value the appearance, not your handsome or not, but by the charm of your heart: your spirit, spirit.

8, as we have failed in the past, at least those who have had bad experience, you should always learn something from the inside. Success is when people learn something, and people in good times, when the success, Shen less than the heart, the sum of things is very true nature of things. Only when the failure to sum up the lesson is profound, is true.

7, I am most happy life, that I promised to help people do things, he is not only completed, but better than they requested, when the completion of these letters promise, the kind of excitement is indescribable ... ...

Shi Yuzhu Classic Quotes:

22, heard of the lobster-rich, never heard of the rich whaling.

12, do not install big, big man for the equipment, the best way is to pick up pieces of brick, with up quietly, suddenly brought down from behind him.

25, no matter what, remember the dignity of the word, a man is to have dignity, principles, there is the bottom line. Otherwise, no one will respect you.

21, if you want to know how their future income. Find your most frequently between the six friends, their combined annual income, divided by six,north face fleece outlet, it is almost yours. This example, you can fully explain the point feather flock together.

4, in this world there are many talented, genius is to appreciate, not for comparisons.

2, the core team members was to resign, do not retain, as proposed, he is to go sooner or later.

4, this world, so a handful of people, open the newspaper, is their message, turn on the TV, is their message, the streets, talk is their message, if the world is prepared for them, they can do anything, do anything. Your goal should be to become a small group of people.


500 Chinese CEO who is absolutely classic quotations, the rate of collection to be successful! Author: Chen Huiqing has been shared 3 times Comments (0) copy the link

5, a product, eye-catching, pulling ears, not as warm their hearts.

1, the face of their favorite girl to dare to fight for treasure, no matter what kind of resistance, unless you think this girl is not worthy of your love. Lose your regrets are too late.

36, if I can only give you one piece of advice, that is, in this world there is no free lunch, never take a shortcut!

2, why you do not pride and self-esteem?

9, want to know, make a reverse.

5, the success of a store after doing a big success away from you far, so you first is down to earth and concentrate to make the first one, is to abandon this chain, do not how to do in the future chain has done a lot of dreams, to make the first down to earth first.

2, a young man, if the three-year period, without any ideas, his life, basically like this, not much has changed.

5, this society is winner-take-all, loser nothing, the community, always only the success of Heroes.

7, any one industry, a market, are the first to have meat, then soup did not drink.

1, you can say that they are the best, but can not say that he is the best school, best of all Beijing, the country's best, best in the world, So you do not have pride; Similarly, you can say he is the worst class, but you can prove that he is the worst school do? Can prove that he is the worst it? So do not have low self-esteem.

2, and energetic, you shed sweat; have the knowledge, you gave wisdom; the two do not have, please let the job.

Mr Yu

21, if the early bird does not eat worms, that will be eaten by other birds.

7, have a good attitude good condition.

a lot of people lost their happy, because he was too sensitive. Others words, to make a comment on his angry month. At this time very boring. Ma Jiajue become serious, because people do not eat on your own depressed to kill.

9, the experience of the past and then learn from successful conclusion, especially for the lessons of failure, late at night when you think about the dead of night. Anyway, want to sleep, think you have a great harvest actually read more than you use. Far away from you because some books, that is to look at his past writing.

6, a person with mental problems is defective; a human soul there is a problem that is dangerous. Business people is running a business.

6, if you ask around friends words, if ten people, nine did not know, then, this is an opportunity, if ten people, nine are known, is a industry.

14, two back to back three-win, three to five years, little intelligence on the line; want to be a hundred years old, would like to win a lifetime, there is no German business, absolutely not.

7, so that this world is not bright sunshine, but the girls smile.

15, learn hard, done comfortably; learn comfortably, doing hard work.

24, give yourself a five-year goal, then break it down into year after year, six months six months, three months, a month. In this way, you can find their own goals and direction.

14, in order to progress, only lessons learned, success stories are distorted, successful, like how to say can be, the losers did not say, however, you can Through his example and sum. Lessons learned not only from himself, but also learn from others.

6, more than a day and work some more than others to an hour.

8., to introduce respect, we must study a very specialized field, in that area, you are top, at least 10 Chinese money, so regardless of any When you have something to say, there are things that can be used. I want to be Mr Yu had studied English in China before 100, but later found impossible. So I back the word, with a year's time recited an English dictionary, the word expert in China, I published the Little Red Book series: GRE vocabulary from junior high to have a dozen, the annual sales of 1 million, over royalties I officially work higher.

16, the network above the word, barefoot is always afraid of the wearer.

4, the chain do business, we must make a fool version of the marketing brochure and management manual, the only way to achieve long-distance management.

1, a small victory with wisdom, victory by Germany.

12, to benefit the people know you, can not be considered good; so do not know you also benefit, it is nice.

3, Masayoshi Son, I have the same view with a first-class program is the implementation of third-Idea plus; another program, plus third-class implementation of the Idea, which is better? We both choose the same time the implementation class, third-Idea.

8, help others, but does not harm others.

16, if you are not singers, not a painter, nor is it playing performance art, then, in the usual attention to your clothing. Now this society, clothing can show which groups you belong to, which a circle.

28, there are many things in the world, as long as you do it thoroughly, made of experts, you will be able to create their own chances of success.

1,90% of the problems you do not want to think, you do not know it was difficult.

12, today's speech to the North felt very excited. I have been to Peking University students as my idol, has been test but not into the exam, so I think if one day I have to go to Beijing University as a teacher.

19, why can survive? The first is because I have no money, and the second is on the INTERNET that I do not know, I think the third is like a fool.

23, about love, is there such a word, no bread, how to dance? Whenever you decide to go to love a person, they must consider giving her the best you can give the material life.

14, our company is half-yearly evaluation, assessment down, although you work very hard, and very good, but you're the last one, very sorry, you have to leave.

24, others from scratch, and I start from the negative.

8, to maintain their reputation, hard work, and people, keep their promises, so very helpful to your cause.

9, taking advantage of the young, to get out more to see. Traveling, as Journey, Journey, as reading countless people.

19, whether you're after is not engaged in the sales department, have a look on the marketing of books. Because, in life, you sell to others everywhere in the show yourself.

17, remember, on average more than three hours a day watching television more than a certain monthly income of those who are not more than two thousand dollars, if you want a monthly income of more than two Qian, please do not waste time on television. By the same token, those who play online games per day, or chat over three hours or more, are also those monthly income of not more than two thousand.

3, winner plus courage is courage, had been on the train listening to people talk about the success of Wenzhou, said such words, In fact, this is courage, and take affordable, let go, that is courage.

8, this world-class talent, the project can be made of third-rate second-rate or better, but third-rate talents, first-class project will, do not like third-rate.

1, a company in both cases most likely to make mistakes, there is too much money the first time, the second is the face of too many opportunities to see a CEO to not be an opportunity, because opportunity is everywhere, a CEO should see the disaster and the disaster strangled in the cradle.

17, see other people dislike, above all, their training is not enough.

2, Mr Yu in the Both by day, but also on land, but also on their own. Calmly accept defeat. Man to be generous, the atmosphere, do not give up! There is no absolute fairness, only a fair point. Heart level, the world will be flat. Learn to give others the opportunity. Rank and honor, just like the clouds, can not lie in, lie down or go on. Rank and honor is beautiful scene, only to enjoy.

23, good things are often difficult to describe.

15, the biggest difference between us and our competitors is that we know what they want to do, but they do not know what we want. We want to do, there is no need to let everyone know.

26, treat each head of cattle, because they are mothers.

11, never with others than lucky, I never thought I fortunate than others, I might be more than their perseverance in the most difficult times, they beat it I can boil more than a second, two seconds.

5, you say I am a pig, no, actually I do not like the pigs.

9, students should do is: (1) professional, top 100 in China; (2) the humanities, reading 500 books (3) English.

10, from scratch, is a happy thing. And from there to, the same kind of pleasure.

18, because a lot of the poor and the poor have no money, so they will chat on the network complain, kill time. You have seen what the manager in charge of corporate CEOs or something right often QQ group chat?

6, who privately advise us that we were wrong person, is a friend indeed.

12, the current era, after the details of the determinants of the right strategy, there are many details handled properly, your strategy right, they would fail.

11, to change inherent in the idea of ??consumers, the sun than the board harder; but not impossible.

21, people can not put money into the grave, but the money they can put people into the grave.

13, saw 10 rabbits, which just caught you in the end? While some people catch the rabbit, while grasping the rabbit, may end a grip. CEO's main task is not to look for opportunities but a chance to say NO. Opportunity too, can only catch one. I can only catch a rabbit, caught more, what will be lost.

4, if you take the fifth power of competing with others, others will come up with the power of twelve competing with you.

23, a business can not succeed, the key on the system design.

14, management relentless, enthusiastic people.

3, the products sell fast talking, dumb product slowly.

18, I am confident that our model will make money, Amazon is the world's longest river, 8848 is the world's highest mountain, is the world's most full of treasures. A good business is living near by the blood transfusion, the key is their own blood.

22, remember, the cards do the last person a license to sell other people feel surprise, they think you want to lose time, so that you can win the hand.

the Editor: As long as compassion and face done, almost always fail. Each river has a dream: toward the sea. Yangtze River, Yellow River are toward the sea, the same way. Open hilltops Yangtze, Yellow River twists and turns, not the same trajectory. But has a water spirit. Water flowing in the process, if the precipitation in the sediment, will never see the sun.

15, the so-called talent, that you give him one thing, he made a; you and then give him one thing, he made a.

Mature man should do
1. Not contradict his father. Began to recognize themselves with the shadow of his father
2. No matter how busy week will also find time to call her mother.
3. No fear of loneliness .
4. not easily drunk.
5. Occasionally, some girls cried, in addition to comfort, nothing else, it will not feel anything special.
6. In addition to listening to pop music, will listen to classical.
7. something happens, will go from negative.
8. not easily anger
9.'ll buy ibm thinkpad laptop.
10. nothing will keep a blog on the maxx see
11. always important to the cause.
12. believe that money can buy, or 99.99% of the world all things.
13. can not tolerate the woman you love, but go to bed with another man.
14. can you not love but love your woman to get married.
15. focus on clothing, full of energy.
16. silence is not golden, not rhetoric.
17. found a woman good at the advantages and good at heart to go to praise each other.
18. promised things would be a woman, can not do without promise.
19. speak not dragging its feet, and repeatedly.
20. even if the lie is totally natural, calm, just skip the level of infants and young children.
21. a gentleman of a woman, both attentive and humorous.
22. Why not ask a woman too much.
23. know how to do a woman's loyal audience.
24. I believe the woman you love is a mystery, do not expect her Zhuomo Tou.
25. do not believe in a woman's
26. to understand a woman's heart is the world's most unstable and unpredictable things.
27. chasing a woman, the behavior of the initiative, while the inner will to suppress the urge.
28. to understand how the wind blows, striking.
29. believe in love and marriage are two different things
30. believes that friends to go to bed
2, to meet with friends
3, and lover married
4, the hobby as a career
5, the colleague as a friend
6, to a friend's company to work
7 , in front of all you know the boss
8, gullible boss promises
9, emotions are hanging in his face
10, in the crowd loudly talking on cell phones
11, shiny hair lesson , shoes are dusty
12, not to make excuses
13, used to make excuses
14, believe that only by trying not to rely on luck and opportunity to be successful
15 always fantasy flourishes
16, unrequited love, others on a courtesy to boast on Yuncai
17, overtaking the past, look at the back of my car and the MM has a slim face
18, the MM new clothes and new hair turn a blind eye
19, has not learn the arts to compliment MM
20, in the interest of MM before boasting that his charm and Aventure
21, obsessed with online games and online chat 22, the MM of the word br> 26, vowed to quickly and his wife divorced lover
27, describes the old lover and his wife friends
28, was not their own money or his wife found their own money
29, expect one-night stand in the network ,North Face Jacket! ! !
30, through smoking and to improve the image of
31, tie, shirt collar inside the exposed underwear
32, like to dye your hair
33, started to talk Petty
34, mimic the F4 and the like
35, like


; I read, I feel a pain ah,Beats By Dr Dre Pro Detox! I wish lovers to get married now! With friends love to switch it! To see how they love. . .

before my eyes closed the last time you
I want to say I love you bear to give up in your arms

not mind there are millions of words said to you that I do
Close your eyes do not want to leave out no longer meet the

can not accompany you but do not forget
you ever promise me you will live on

go first to a good far
can not wait to accompany you to see the sunrise dawn
erase all memories of life and death are not easy
determined by the day should not be too sad
In my eyes closed before the last I want to say to you I love you bear to give up in your arms

not mind there are millions of words said to you
I do not want to close your eyes and make every effort to bid farewell to the
can no longer meet
can not accompany you but do not forget
you have promised me you would live on in my last

I want to close your eyes before you say I love You could not bear to give up in your arms

not mind there are millions of words said to you
I do not want to close your eyes and make every effort to leave no longer meet the

can not with you but do not forget
you promise me you will ever live on
I love you forever.
singer: Laving

feeling very good with a pair of young lovers
both parents are very satisfied with each other
ready to graduate to legitimate third year of marriage

school near
Check out the school girl medical
blood protein abnormalities
to the hospital after she suffered
found a very rare genetic skin disease
stealth more serious skin disease more
the same as your baby's skin because the skin is too
can not afford the muscles and blood vessels of the internal pressure and support can not heal split

But although the boy and both parents require hospitalization
girl should try to live, if not cure a little longer

When the doctor less than a year to determine the girl's life when
girl like all the fear aside like
no longer locked himself in a ward where no one is
but every day and the boy and his family go for a walk in time to see sunrise and sunset
also began writing her diary to record the day and has become depleted over time

write again when the girl and the man out of a time when the girl was found
the overwhelming majority are experienced with her and the boy things
boy has become an indispensable part of their own so the girl decided to stay
a gift to the boy's swan song birds


song well past several weeks the word to find a friend to help fill
quotations have been sick song
blind girl
cream into the skin of the throat with a strong point, but will be bleeding
adhere to their own singing

U disk came out when the girl he asked for euthanasia

said the outset intend to do so and said the boy
and to accompany her to her sleep the
said to the boy before going to sleep on a word
lights off after the surgery the boy out

the girl's mother gave the U disk that boy that boy

and after listening to his mother that the girl finally said to him
I love you Sunrise have sent the girl

2008 mid-first
boy in a mountain sunrise, when according to Hill

slip fall was found when the body has decomposed bear However, the photos inside
Chaoyang Xia is still full of warm red

Thank you for bringing us such a nice song, I wish you a happy, happy in heaven, never separated.


the difference between like and love, never looked back does not find the person you love, if you back like your favorite , you love, and to love your colorful,
love * love

earth kind of emotion called In time, his eyes he is the only one; his absence,
everything with his shadow.

like reading in the middle of the night when suddenly think of him, imagine what he is doing,
silence broke my heart while floating warm, but never take the initiative to call him.
few minutes later, attention, once again, the plot of the book

Love is in the lonely night, thinking of the flood,
hands holding the book, but how can not see into my heart at this time whether he is still thinking about overtime,
food eaten dinner, as their thinking is not thinking about his own

generally like is to discuss with him The red in the face competition issues, do not give,
in front of him like a hedgehog, like never admit defeat,
but in my mind was already secretly admire his insight to his talent.

love is hope that he and his step, and his empathy,
it hard to joke that also make their own instant depression or even tears.
in front of him, he is undefended.

like he is away from home to send a message to tell his side of the good weather,
then the phone turned off, one week alone in remote Feng Wan,
suddenly a black tan threatened him in front of him

love is no matter where people want to have him accompany. You can give him a cell phone standing on the beach,
let him listen to the sound of the waves;
because in a foreign land can also be seen on the streets resembles his back and a blank in the original
in a long time does not move.

like he simply said before the trip out return messages.

love is temporary travel before he asked one thousand Reminder million, to his backpack full of clothes and food,
at the station until the train pulled away before they agree to leave.
and in the days he had gone distracted every day, all over again
prayer that he can return home safely.

like at the time of injury, did not want him to see his softer side,
tears quietly in front of him to erase,
turned his head is still a strong and happy appearance.

love is wronged when climbing in his chest crying,
not disguise do not worry, all the troubles were all told him,
and are eager to get from the comfort of his embrace .

like a weekend shopping and visiting his tired to eat KFC;
in the cold winter and he grab a cup of hot coffee;
and he is walking down the street side by side across the middle is always half meters; is to accompany him in front of the computer playing games
two people to laugh like a child.

Love is the use of a half-day weekend to make a few dishes to meet personally to see him eat;
is constantly in the cold winter continued on his coffee cup hot water;
is and he was walking down the street to let him tightly holding his hand
; is quiet next to him was doing,
happy to look at him in front of the computer work to concentrate on the look.

like his childhood was interesting listening to him, then laughed,
touched the hearts filled with inexplicable.
love is to listen to his interesting childhood itself, and then smiled,
heart more pity for just this once so naughty man

like to run into him in the corridor, and he was happy say hello,
and then a few simple greetings, pass the time saw the bright sunshine outside the window,
up feeling good for no reason.
Love is seeing him in the corridor, face, pretended to not care expression,
pass time in the air vibrate carefully feel around, so can not help looking back a

like to see him and another girl stroll by, my heart a little pain,
but the sun will soon be re-directed Raising smiles.
love is not love is lost not afford to lose the game, paid only after all,
left may be just a scar engraved in the hearts of

like a person wants his own , so you can enjoy a lot of people,
want a lot of people are their own.
obviously can not do without his love is, have had to give him,
because he's happy, maybe I can not give. He did not dare to occupy,
hope to see him find happiness, happiness is not even share with my share.

like is that the lonely, bored,
sad, to find someone to talk.
love is, at any time he wanted to share,
happy even when hope gave him all the happiness.

like that in the long, long time no contact, when,
received his call,Dre beats headphones, and then with a smile listening to him.
love, in a few days without contact, when, anxious to get to call him,
hold back the tears and then smile.

like, and only together, just thinking about each other.
love, even if it is together, every second thoughts are all missing him.

like a person, more than a lot of friends, will feel happy.
love a person, is more than one person, two people are uncomfortable world.

like a person, is syrupy.
love a person, is the rain comes.

like a person, time together will be very happy
love a person, together, inexplicable loss

like a person, you will not think of your future
love someone, you always look forward to tomorrow

together like a person, time together is always a joy
love someone, you will often cry like a

When you long time no see, you suddenly remembered that he
love someone, when you long time no see, you will think of him every day

like a person, when you think of him, you smile love someone, when you think of him, you will

against the sky like a trance, you think he would have children, you will like
love a person, one day, Suddenly, you are curious: the future of our children look like

like a hope we all love a happy
hope that he will be more happy

like a person, you have to Today was just
love someone, you expect is always

like a man, saw his advantage
love a person, is inclusive of his shortcomings

When you stand in front of the person you love, your heart will accelerate
but when you stand in front of you like, you can only feel happy

when you and your loved ones eyes met , but you shy
people like you and your eyes met, you will smile with

when you talk to people you love, you feel too ashamed to
But when you and talk to people you like, you can freely

cry when the people you love, you will accompany her to cry
cry when you like, you'll skills to comfort her.
When you do not want to love someone, you should close your eyes and endured the tears
When you do not want to like a person, you just cover your ears!

like, is a mood Love is a feeling
like an intuition
love is a feeling
like, you can stop
love, no ending

like a person, particularly natural
love a person, especially a person like
frankly, sometimes with hope, and he
love a person, sometimes fear, and with him

like a person, not He stopped and dispute
love a person, non-stop for him to pay
like a man, hoping he can always find a
love, hope you can always find him like

a person, always love him and laugh
a person, always cry
like he is persistent
love, is worth

like that is like, very simple Love is love, is very complex
like you, not necessarily love you
love you, you must be very like you

actually like and love one step
but, like This step by step to see if you

is like love, or step step step step

[audio, true, true, visible]

hope you enjoy a little while .. do not forget to reply to it! gave a drop of rain. ~ `Your support is my motivation!


about it , this position should be a good choice to sell the house .
suggested speculation , buying up space and this location is not great.
based on past history , are generally the final stage of the bubble crazy ,beats by dr dre solo hd!
intend to buy a house now , it may be patience and more!
Soros made ??last financial tsunami has prepared a short hands .
profit is 2 , to avoid risks is the first 1

3 to 7 year investment is :

Platinum tin torn paper. Cigarette case cigarette within twenty
neatly torn themselves. Can not miss, but how neatly arranged ;
point on a cigarette. point on the heart of the miss.
point of the twenty I think your reasons ;
nineteenth root should forget the reason ...

your first cigarette:
swing from my lungs out and I want it to drift back to see your first day.
to remember that important day ... the second cigarette: in my fingers burned .. I could not pour you The first third cigarette smile ..: If I lonely because I think you are in the fourth cigarette: I continued on a cigarette in the fifth cigarette miss

: Mars is real. and that you sentence like you. is not longer true in my ear a
sixth cigarette:
I told you you still want to hear?

Seventh cigarette: I crumple throw my line of sight, because in the last seventh cigarette. The first time I heard you said to me: ; it is not the beginning of my blackened lungs like the warmth of your shoulder has been smoked my heart

first nine cigarette: If nine permanent that represents you and me in my heart painted on the door between the nine is not much you can let you in my World stop for a long time point for longer points ...

tenth cigarette: smoke is too much his own murky or around the eyes do not see a long?

cigarette XI: ; except you. who will help me counting. This is the first crossing of the ashes of a cigarette ...
XII: When I went up, I would like to ask you. splashes of Mars that is not also look at the time, but as you where it

XIII cigarette: I began to feel cold. What about you? is not the same shaking. but still give me your temperature until your palm and I have the same cold ;

cigarette XIV: burning my cold. never give me your share of temperature delicate

XIII cigarette: I began to feel cold. What about you? is not the same shaking. but still give me your temperature until your palm and I have the same cold ;

cigarette XIV: burning my cold. never give me your share of temperature delicate

fifteenth cigarette: think you even want to * me repeat one hundred twenty-three have the courage. This left a small cut tobacco can apply again and again three do?
sixteenth root smoke: If you smoke, both of these words when these words written into the ashes you have not had it in my chest?

seventeenth cigarette: I get on your knees, took my hand into your pocket, grip .. . is not really someone else's hand instead of you?

eighteenth cigarette: If you are the next intersection I'll be gone you will find in my place waiting for me. or leave?

nineteenth cigarette: You said you like my pair of amused eyes,beats by dr dre headphones, you say they like the stars that you know Why is it wet?
Article cigarette: you say you go and you believe you can find your happiness. that How do you have another of my happiness? you are gone. You can also connect you two happy? when the last cigarette smoked. is not for you miss can also stop a pack of cigarettes and only twenty I smoked nineteen you are not around. that next cigarette. the next pack of cigarettes When lit, I still think you is not the reason it was not my turn. you have to follow the turn of the .. So we ought to believe the earth is round so we will use for life, gamble on a vast indistinct time the next reunion cigarette
whenever they think of you lit a cigarette to cigarette bomb nostalgia to the night sky is not the slightest careless with your face looking at me smile the moment I know hard to avoid the calamity destined lit a cigarette, if you would like me who is doing this in two identical action of space you actually can be so close while I was gone so far the only way you miss your hands miss time with a cigarette who wasted a few minutes calculated not considered a tired feeling and you laugh like I see through my play tough position of the smoke exhaled smoke is not skilled to tears I heard the clatter of machine fire burning with the wind rippling joy dissipated smoke ring, I also understand that should I plan if you point from the smoke at the moment who would want to listen to this song and wanted to try the taste of smoke when upset, bored, in the hope that all unhappy, all drift with smoke

5-year cycle , 8:50 am , returning back to the classroom ~ ~

not training, not a lecture ,Outlet Coach New Arrivals, is really as a full-time students . . . . .

into the classroom , when even the whole class laugh ~ ~ also Yanzui . . . .

is actually a little green from the plants a good start with

~ ~ ~

Share Lead : Although we have grown up , but we are still a child , but also a year of Children's Day , you are not too long Children's Day out? Do you still remember those childhood childlike innocence it? We work together to recall it!

I love you ! Kiss ~

I is the legendary watermelon Superman ! !

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good to listen to Oh!

There are wood and you look like the shadow ! !

see a small wooden JJ

doing? ? ! ! Mom accidentally hit you Oh!

wood you have done this ? ? ! !

Editor: precious childhood loneliness . Every child is a small angel, as the crystallization of love , came to earth they sow good sequential sowing love. In these playful behind , we see there the beginning of man 's curiosity , excitement and exploration. Defend the innocence and protect the child ! Children's Day the whole world like a child happy !

wood sample - I have drunk , you can continue to drink

wood there, swollen what to do?

to help her sister take a bath

I'm hungry , to eat dinner ~ ~

allowed kinky home ! !

scenery, the bench is also good

the world's most comfortable chair

large watermelon , I bite I bite bite

see ! I painted right! !

I gave the dog to drink milk

not play with you kiss ! !

toes delicious ! !

[ wonderful to share , set sail from here ]

milk also tastes better than wine seems

crazy in . . . Do Not Disturb !

not allowed to open defecation ! !

I eat the fleshy

sample ~

a man out for 20 years, finally going home, the boss asked him: do you want 20 years of wages to three or advice? Men say that I tomorrow the road, tomorrow morning to give you the answer right? The boss said I could. Men did not sleep that night ... morning, he said to the boss: I want three advice. So the boss gave him three words. First, do not try to find a shortcut, There is no cheap thing, only down to earth is the best way ... no matter what is going on. Second, do not a good thing for knowing too much curiosity, could you have died. Third, do not make any impulse decision, otherwise the decision is likely to be you for a lifetime of regret. Having the boss some money to the men and three bread, and told: the biggest eat bread at home before.
men hit the road ... he was gone for several days ... the first half of bread to eat, not long before the encounter a junction, ask him: What to go ** which way the past? Passerby: take the path right, nearly. Lu Renyi: take the right road, safe. He can not wait to meet with his wife, then take a path. Did not take long to go hear some passers-by near the trouble that bandits, and he remembered the boss's first piece of advice: Do not try to find shortcuts. So he turned to go piece of road. And went a few days, the second part of the bread and eat ... He found a very cheap inn lodging. Middle of the night heard a woman crying, he slept no less. Decided to go look. Then he thought a second piece of advice: Do not know that is not a good thing too curious. So he lie in it. Leave the second day, the store surprise: you still alive? ! He puzzled, then asked originally. Store said he had a crazy daughter, when the disease with the introduction cry out to kill and then, last night lodging guests only you alive. Man sighed: ah ... and went a few days, when he finished second bread has been far from home. He is more excited. Tian Ganghei down not long after, he went to his village. Home when he was just going to knock on the door, but the house heard a man's voice. His rage, picked up a wood cutting knife ready to burst into the room to kill that man. But then he thought of a third piece of advice: Do not make any impulse decision, this decision may make you regret it forever. Then he calmed down, sat outside the house overnight. Very early the next morning he opened the door knock, his wife is very happy to see him come back. But he is very cold: that man? His wife laughed and said: That is our son ... you left ... I did not take long when he found this young guy and that I'm actually very similar. Father and son first met, cried together ... after a man burst out of concern that the third bread preparation and his wife, son together to share ... but found that after 20 years cut the wages of all inside. So we do anything to think clearly, or to the last regret is their own.

into the event must have nine kinds of capabilities
ability to survive challenge: to find the answer in real good
1, attitude and courage to face reality
reality for those who constantly complain about the poor people, not bed of roses reality, just as life cage, both hands and feet bound, and bound body and mind, so often succumb to the pressure of reality, a cowardly person; and those who really great things, dare to challenge the reality is, in reality, honing their ability to survive This is called the strong!
In this, we can draw one into a big experience: to adapt rapidly to changes in reality change their ideas, the most important thing is we need to have an intelligent and flexible mind's eye, do life, heart.
In reality, under the pressure, if you change the concept, timely and forward, can have a multiplier effect.
Our bottom-up can not be separated even for a moment the reality, as reality changes, we must adapt their ideas, thoughts, actions and goals. This is a survival imperative.
If we have a way to change reality to fit our abilities and desires of the development needs, it is most valuable.
2, so you have excellent self-
made, is to overcome desire, not because of pressure on my heart a little impetuous, not encountered in the Heart of the matter a little big temper.
a person unless the first control yourself, otherwise it will not control other people.
a successful event as long as the goal, know what you want, and then take action, tell yourself never give up, success is only a matter of time only.
If you are in trouble or hinder the way, you went to face it and solve it, and then move on, so the problem was not greater accumulation.
when you move forward one step climb, do not say to yourself
people most difficult to overcome is their own, the meaning of these words is that the biggest obstacle to a person's success does not come from the outside world, but their own. Only control ourselves, to control the pressure to yield to the pressure in front of you.
3, the emotion into the rationality of the box
generated a backlash is often subtle, but its impact on a person's life is huge, this effect is reflected from a lot of little things. We should try to eliminate their negative emotions, because it will give us not only cause physical and psychological harm, and in our on the road to success, negative emotions can sometimes become a stumbling block.
To your success, you have the emotion into the rationality of the box, you have to adapt to other people adapt to the situation, otherwise, you can not destined to become a major event, destined to be eliminated.
4, the power of thought alone can stimulate
If you know how to be alone, then those great things alone are good people - in the process alone the power to stimulate thinking.
low self-esteem can be overwhelming, like a mountain man and you will never silence can also be generated as a powerful forward momentum.
step ahead than others, to create a successful state of mind.
in alone, you should be thinking, do not always overstaffed.
5, pressure is the best incentive
who want to become a major event, because of lofty goals, the pressure may be greater. But Ruoyu into a big, must be able to withstand this pressure, the pressure as the driving force to promote life.
one of the most outstanding work is often out in the particular circumstances of adversity. People want something we must do certain things. Should be done must be good, the firm should not do not do.
get does not necessarily Fortunately, it does not completely lost bad thing.
6, the transformation strain, have a way out
conform to the trend, good changes, to adjust their programs of action, which is as big a way to adapt to reality.
a person does not deal with people of superior skill, did not all cases are thoughtful mind, flexibility of the tool, you simply can not control the big situation, will be difficult to become a major event.
a person can see their status, many balanced state of mind will be able to look on an objective, understand the world, and adjust their behavior accordingly.
7, self-confidence is a strong pillar of life, self-confidence enough
's ability to adapt to the high, low adaptive capacity and vice versa.
general lack of confidence in people who are often some of the more serious physical and psychological symptoms, such as withdrawal, fear with people, talking too radical, despair.
If successful experience more things, then confidence will be.
the opportunity to exercise self-less successful, more self-confidence is weak, thus resulting in a serious inferiority complex.
nineteenth-century thinkers Ralph Waldo Emerson said: into their strengths on the level of most people's lives
only stay in: To eat and eat, to take the bus and ride for work to work, to go home and go home.
into a major event and who is not a big difference in some small action only: spend 5 minutes a day reading, playing more than a phone, a little more effort, one that at the right time, performing on multiple charges a little effort, and more Do some research, or in the laboratory test once more.
in action before you know you are competent to this task.
no excuse can be interpreted to be what you are still not capable of a long work.
Whether you want to pursue what you have to force yourself to enhance the ability to achieve goals.
spare no practice, engage in active practice, practice spare finally! Never stop learning, and be sure to apply the knowledge learned in daily life.
9, to concentrate on doing one thing
If most people concentrate strictly on a work, they can do this work well.
most of those great things is that business decisions quickly and decisively, they are always the first to identify a clear goal and focus and dedication towards this goal.
time only concentrate on doing one thing, threw himself into and actively want it to succeed, so that your heart will not feel exhausted.
you need to do is imagine a big row of drawers in a small drawer. Do not always think of all the drawers, but you have to focus on the open drawer. Each man's means are not the same things, you can tell, there is a means to a person, a person there is a means to succeed on their own way. Numerous facts have shown that some people are too self-confident, sure miss their own means to solve any problems, but do not know that this is often not have any effect. Therefore, they always feel that the goal of success is not getting away from the past, but in fact more and more distant.
into nine kinds of events necessary attitude of mind
: positive
1. always thinking to succeed
2. do little people 6 In the ordinary to do extraordinary things
7. to keep the young mind is very important
8. is always positive, active, enthusiastic attitude of the two
: diligent humility
1. to think Top Gun , down to dry
2. Qin King industries, humble man
3. diligence than talent
4. hard to create a successful, destruction lazy genius
5. to develop hard lifelong habits will benefit
6. there is a hard, there is a harvest
7. perseverance and support to The third state of mind: honesty
1. honesty is derived from its own nature
2. honesty is the big winner
3. in good faith to lay a successful foundation
4. sincere friendship will make your business more developed
5. a man of integrity should conduct
6. honesty is as big a honest, with the enthusiasm of the four things
mind: the courage to challenge
1. dare to challenge themselves, to overcome the degrading psychological
2. Challenge Unlimited
3. made by the courage to persist in the end, halfway cowards 4. stirred into a major challenge for the confidence
5. courage is a good way to overcome difficulties
6. Katsuhito by force, since the winner strong
7. persistence and perseverance is as big basic skills
8. perseverance into a big, kick the tires no way out
mentality Five: Six good cooperation
mind: balance
contented state of mind of the seven: cheerful attitude of the eight
: generous Nine guest,
mind: always confident

into the event must have nine kinds of capabilities, 9 means, 9 share
a state of mind: calm
(1) Do not reveal your emotions.
(2) Do not tell everyone that your problems and experiences.
(3) in consultation with the views of others before their first thought, but do not talk.
(4) do not have the opportunity to nag your dissatisfaction.
(5) important decision as far as possible to discuss the best every other day and then released.
(6) have any speech not panic, walk too.
II: carefully
(1) what is happening around them, often thinking their causation.
(2) implementation of the bit can not do,Men North Face Jackets, to uncover their fundamental crux.
(3) of the accustomed ways of doing things, the proposal should be improved or optimized.
(4) do anything to develop a methodical and orderly habits.
(5) often find a few people do not see the problems or defects.
(6) to anywhere on the inadequacy of their own place to fill the seats.
III: courage
(1) lack of confidence not commonly used words
(2) do not often go back, have decided to do lightly overturned.
(3) fighting over the crowd, do not assertive.
(4) the overall atmosphere is low, you should be optimistic about the sun.
(5) intentions of doing anything else, because someone is watching you.
(6) when things do not breath, and re-find a breakthrough to end should be neat.
Four: generous
(1) Do not bother to have a partner who could become competitors.
(2) on other people's small mistakes, small errors do not care about.
(3) the money to be generous, to learn the three facilities (fiscal measures, Fasch, Wuwei Shi)
(4) do not have the arrogance of power and knowledge of the bias.
(5) any results and achievements should be shared with others.
(6) must be some sacrifice or devotion, he himself ahead.
five: integrity
(1) failed to do Do not say, say it to do.
(2) the empty slogans or slogans do not always linked to his mouth.
(3) for the customer's
(4) stop all
(5) juggle a small smart, no good!
(6) calculate the cost of the integrity of the product or service that is cost of the brand.
Six: play
(1) review of any fault, when start their own or their own people began to reflect.
(2) the matter after the first review of the fault, and then set out the credit.
(3) admit the beginning from higher levels, starting from the lower table functions
(4) proceed with a plan, the first clear delineation of responsibilities, and assigned properly.
(5) of the
(6) because of the courage to take responsibility for the losses caused by the company should bear
into the nine major means:
1, courage determination - to overcome the wavering reason why many people the habits of
nothing , the biggest problem is lack of courage determination means, always looked around, after thinking it over, and thus missed the best opportunity of success. Into a major success in the possibility of coming to see things, the courage to make major decisions, so a head start.
2, challenge weaknesses - to completely change their flaws
everyone has weaknesses, of those great things can not always stick to their own weaknesses, not a major life change; those great things can always be good from their own weakness of the surgery, the ability to transform itself into a super person. Defects even their own people can not be corrected, only losers!
3, overcome difficulties - from the failure group of successful capital
always face difficult life challenges, can even say that the plight is the Most people will face difficulties and trembling, made major changes to the plight of those who are able to succeed powerful springboard.
4, seize the opportunity - good selection, good at creating
opportunity is the greatest wealth. Some people waste the opportunity easily, so one has great potential opportunities have slipped quietly ran into a major event is absolutely not allowed to slip away, and can jump toward the opportunity.
5, to play a strong point - to do things they do best
a very weak ability of human life situation it is difficult to open, the stage of life he must be the victim of heavyweight; those great things to do on their own things, to fully display their talents, step by step to expand the road to success.
6, attitude adjustment - should not let negative emotions hurt themselves
mentality of people, in any case not afford to pick and burden of life, because they can not face a personal health setback into a major event is on high-speed state of mind, even if without any hope, they can see a ray of light of success.
7, immediate action - just saying no, a hundred times better than an operation
vain thought. Some people are
8, good communication - a clever use of human resources people do not know how to contact
is bound to advance the power of human relationships. One of the characteristics of those great things are: good by leveraging, by heat to create a successful situation, so can a piece of accomplishing something difficult to accomplishing, and realize their life plan.
9, re-planning - Station to a higher starting point
life is a process, success is a process. If you meet the small success will encourage the big success. Into a major event to understand the difficult process of small to large, so to achieve a small success, to continue to open the next life
can talk about any kind of means, can lead to an outcome, but this result is not the best result, I am afraid it is difficult to say. Into a major event always choose the best means to achieve the best results, this non-ordinary people can do. Therefore, success on the road, you want to become a major event, the first problem to be solved is: you means to promote the success of your plan is immediate!

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simple and easy sketch effect
1 Open the image, perform to the color, brightness / contrast (brightness decrease / increase contrast).
2 Duplicate the background layer (Ctrl + J), select the background layer, the implementation Filter - Stylize - Find Edges, then UXXXXX sharpening, then
layer mode to Overlay.
3 new layer, fill it with white, add noise, then motion blur, the layer mode to Multiply.
4 rubber tools (opacity to 15%), the high light wipe.

strokes drawn sketch effects
1 to open a picture, Duplicate the background layer, select Duplicate Layer 1 to Filter - Blur - Gaussian blur (2.0 pixel)
2 Duplicate the background layer again, select Duplicate Layer 2, the implementation of the filter - sketch - watercolor pen ( 20,60,80), the layer blend mode to darken.
3 Duplicate the background layer again, select Duplicate Layer 3, the foreground color set to red, to Filter - Sketch - Memo ( 25,7,10), opacity to 30%.
4 Duplicate the background layer again, select Duplicate Layer 4, the foreground color set to black, foreground / background color to black / white, implementation Filter - Sketch - copying (1,50), the Executive Levels adjustment (RGB, 157, .0,159), filled with the value of 30%.

simple way to do a special photo
1 Open a picture.
2 channel selected in the blue channel, and then in the blue channel to Filter - Stylize - overexposed, you can point back to the RGB channel.

Matrix effects 1. create a new size of 500X300, RGB mode, the white background paper.
2. with a text input tool for channeling 01 are free to enter a code, press CTRL + T to rotate it vertically over the place, and copy a few more ranging from a pull into a small, randomly placed in several. Another way is to use filters, you can achieve very good results. Is the menu - Filter - Texture - particles, the intensity and contrast are adjusted to 100, particle type selection can be a vertical.
3. Those 01 code text and background layers are all combined, and the foreground color Set R: 100, G: 255, B: 0 or so green, background color set to black.
4 Select Menu - Filter - neon light effect, luminous size to 10, brightness to 15. 5 Select Menu - Filter - Stylize - illuminate the edge, the edge width is set to 1, the brightness set to 20, the smoothness is set to 1 or so.
6. Select the menu - Image - Adjust - Brightness / Contrast , the brightness to -10, the contrast adjusted to 60 or so



1. deducted figure, adjust the photos, pay attention to color, contrast and over, this picture does not light up the legs in place need to be adjusted
2. adjust skin color, clothing color, mainly used to adjust the layer , then add the background material, reflection, etc., pay attention to little feet down the stretch deformation is used Free Transform to adjust drop
3. in the legs add high-gloss, high gloss with a pen outline the location, fill it with white Gaussian --- --- fuzzy reduce transparency, you can also fill the new 50% gray layer of soft --- --- model with the Dodge tool to draw, many roads to Rome, you can easily reach the destination
4 . material, the text with what the final sharpening can -

1. Select the blue channel
2. Channel Mixer, check the
3. dermabrasion, body beautification characters.
4. to give people the skin and clothes with parameter default; use after effect is blue, but also use the
6. to effect step 6 mixed-mode to
8 ..
9. fine-tune what the characters face color, brightness, contrast, and some of the details.
10. produced as shown in the
12. to the
13. The -

7. establish Levels adjustment layer, first dark and bright areas broadly divided out in the mask using the gradient tool to pull the black and white, black and white from the top right to bottom left corner of the gradient, to the right so far. Full Channel 0,0.80,255
8. Plus light, use the , the upper left corner a bit dark, so add a mask to wipe out the upper left corner. Point of light, strength: 28, Focus 52, -100 gloss, material 100, exposure 17, the environment 32
9. New seal layer to enhance the look light and dark contrast, the establishment of the Levels adjustment layer in the mask in pull the gradient tool with black and white, black and white from top left to bottom right corner of the gradient, the light is completely obscure the upper right part of the mask with a white brush in rubbing out, and then figure out from the mask in the brush. Levels all channels. Levels all channels: 0,0.80,255
10. Sharpening, a little dermabrasion, add the word to complete. -

1. Duplicate the layer, brighten the whole, the curve at the top right,
2. with the circle selection tool nose stud, and then curves to brighten, to highlight the nose stud
3. color balance - high-gloss - Levels: +8,0, -22
middle tone - Levels: -10, +29, +27
shadow - Levels: -2, -3, +14
4, can be choose a color - Red: 0, +1, +23, -29
Color - Yellow: 0,0, +4, +28
5. adjust the affected skin color, slightly darker color press 6. with a curve to highlight the texture of the fish tank pressure dark, black is the mask, the mask with an adjustment with a good general amend that
7. brighten the overall color of the upper right curve,
8. Finally is a modification of the lips,
9. add text -

Photo Name: post-look Raiders,

8. eclosion circle replication of the eye brows with the smudge tool on the soft skin around the eyes, thinning eyebrows, and then use the Dodge tool range is a high light exposure of 15%, to strengthen the high light under the eyes, with better tools the middle range, to deepen the lines around the eyes,
9. with the smudge tool to smear some of the detailed eyes, look softer, with some better tools to enhance black eyes, with the Dodge tool range is a high light exposure least 20% of high light to enhance eyes and make the eyes look brighter,
10. color 080101, 3-pixel brush, draw eyelashes part (the line Dodge tools to deepen the color depth can be used to make up) eyelash line can also be used paths and some other methods tick,
11. with the smudge tool to apply the prettier eyebrow, brow a little rough spots slightly darker color, apply diluted down along the back, then two pixels with a brush in front to draw eyebrows eyebrows lines, so eyebrows more structured,
12. Smudge tool to choose the hair brush, (according to hair texture to set brush shape), applied the process to be applied along the hair texture, not too much force, to be applied uniform,
13. hair brush coated with a normal part to convergence, (hair must be applied carefully)


! ! Let not your beautiful photos ! ! !

1, open the original image material, press Ctrl + J to copy the background layer to layer, point channel panel, select the blue channel, image> apply image, layer as the background, mixed to Multiply, Opacity 50%, RP tick,
2, back to the Layers panel, create a curves adjustment layer, and blue channels: 44,182, red channel: 89,108
3, create a new layer, fill it with black layer blending mode to Multiply, Opacity to 60%, choose the Elliptical Marquee tool constituency middle section, press Ctrl + Alt + D Feather with a value of 70, and then double-click the Delete key to delete, then play on words to complete the final effect.

Photo name: bring up the photo a soft blue and yellow - a simple way,

-1. Duplicate the layer blend mode to Screen,
2. Coated 2 eyes mask reverse clashes
3. stamp (alt + ctrl + shift + E) 4-channel mixtures, select the color, red +54, Green +54, Blue +32
6. mixed mode - are stacked
7. adjustment of the seal layer, Image - Adjustments - Shadow / high light - Shadow: 50,50,144
high light: 0,50,30
middle tone: 20,0

Photo Name: sea beach,


1. to find a fold of the background, will need to produce photo drag the background layer, resize and cropping, border and background to the match,
2. adjustments - hue saturation, the whole map: saturation -35 degrees, brightness +10,
3. adjustment layers into a soft mode, the effect of the old photos out,
4. hue saturation, the whole map: 0, -80,0
5 Duplicate the layer, hue saturation - color: 340,24,0
6. create a new layer on top, fill it with black,
7. Filter - Noise - Add Noise, increase in the old sense, the number of 25%, Gaussian,
8. Blending Mode to Multiply,
9. Image - Adjustments - RP,
10. to remove the border of variegated, Select the rectangle tool to select the inside edge of the border, DEL key to delete the profile part of the variegated,
11. eraser tool clashes with people around the variegated -

1. open the file, copy a layer copy of the
2. Select the duplicate layer of free transform to change the shortcut key ctrl + t to make the characters more slender face shape
3. by Merge Layers (ctrl + e), the use of cutting tools to upload images from a new composition, cut off the extra part,
4. Image - Adjustments - Color: Red - 70, -20, -20, -50. yellow - 40, -20, -30, -80, white -0,0,0, -50. halftones -0, -5, -5, -5
5. according to curve (ctrl + m) adjust overall color, RGB full-channel - output 214, input 174 and blue channel - output 131, input 124,
6. Image - Adjustments - Color Balance (ctrl + b), the shadow -10,0, +15. High light - 10,0, +2.
7. Around the mouth with a seal tool to cover the skin evenly,
8. With a pen to circle dark bags under the eyes and face, the emergence 60, curves to brighten the constituency Dodge reduce bags under the eyes and facial muscles are not relaxed expression,
9. continued emergence constituency 60, curve brighter, so that the face full, the output 146, input 113.
10. circle to highlight some of out, feathering 60


1. sketched with a pen in the back of a wing shape,
2. in the current working directory into the path 1, double-click the work path.
3. the path into a selection (Alt + Enter), copy the layer, Feather 3 pixels,
4. filled with white, select the appropriate intensity of use of the smudge tool, the appropriate edge of the painting.
5. Duplicate the layer and fill different colors, combined with differences between layers 1 can regulate the transparency of the Oh layer properties,
6. in accordance with the previous method of production of the second wing, adjust the transparency of the right can black and white gradient adjustment layer and mask adjustment,
7. Create a new layer draw a circular selection, using the brush circle in the constituency, adjust the appropriate degree of transparency,
8. Duplicate the background layer paste into the new Alpha channel, in addition to other places outside the top left corner filled with black, using Filter - Blur - Radial Blur: number 90, blur method: zoom,
9. select Alpha channel (the channel on hold Ctrl), in Fig. floor area a new layer, fill light yellow,
10. with a pen to generate the beam path, the path into a selection, yellow and white gradient fill color,
11. adjustable transparency, light rub with the eraser at the bottom, is light becomes natural,
12. people who sketch with a pen in the light path, the path into a selection, the edges of strokes with a painting, adjusting transparency, combined with the eraser and smudge tool will achieve better results and spend Several halo effect will be even better -

1. Duplicate the background layer. Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur, Radius 10.
2. set the layer blending mode to Double-click the layer name to open the right mixture of options. In the advanced hybrid, cancel advanced R and G channels,
3. The use of color balance the image of the curve, according to the picture to determine
4. A new layer, select the repair Brush (J), select level sampling. Of large freckles or blemishes, imitation removed.
5.ctrl + shift + alt + E, stamp all the layers, the skin part of the tick, you can choose their own way, I personally prefer the pen tool, but you can also use the polygonal lasso tool to Note that to deal with the skin, so to remove the eyes, eyebrows, lips, nostrils. Anti-selection (ctrl + shift + i) Remove all but the skin, excess parts.
6. Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur with a radius of 20. Set layer opacity to 75%
7.CTRL + J, duplicate the layer 3 filter - Other - High Pass, a radius of 4, mixed mode to >

Photo Name:

1. open the original image, the maximum contrast of the blue channel copy,
2. and further increase the contrast with Levels, the purpose is to just let the stone there are many levels
3. the adjustment of a good blue Copy to copy the layer inside the channel and you want to add color, I used the deep orange
4. to copy the red channel to the base map layers, using masks to remove the sky and stone, leaving only grass and to add color with the Gradient Map
5. open the material lightning ball, copy the red channel contrast to just the largest file
6. Select the layer blend mode to Overlay and adjust the location and size, making it a light source, remove some extra stuff (to decide), then use the radial blur filter to handle about radiation, allowed the formation of emitted light beam
7. to copy the base map of the channel inside the red channel to enhance the contrast, so grass high light revealed more clearly, and then select Paste to a layer of high optical parts inside, filled with white, the layer mode to overlay, then use the mask to remove the white part of the sky, leaving only part of the grass, the grass appears to be bright light of the light sense
8. Select Layer 1 and then invert the mask, get the sky constituency, adding curves and hue / saturation adjustment layer and adjust their personal preferences like color and purity
9 Finally add some posters elements, so fake posters that look real, the use of color, I try to choose a stone and gold to the color of sand, so the color has been echoed among

1. open the original image, the new layer (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N), then stamp the visible layers (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E),
2. into the channel, copy contrast to relatively strong the green channel, and then increase the contrast, white white, black, black, or with a brush (overlay mode) Ctrl + Green channel copy, extract constituency
3. the sky material delay in, the establishment of the mask, rub the figure
4. establish layer, soft mode, make the sky look better,
5. to do the water reflection, Ctrl + T vertical flip, the establishment of the mask, with a brush to draw their desired effect , Multiply mode effect better, because figure varies,
6. color, adjust according to personal habits, good with the optional color,
7.Shift + Ctrl + Alt + E, stamp shown in Figure layer, layer mode Multiply, and then mask the darker corners of pressure, mainly for the water pressure dark, so the screen more balanced,
8. Filter - Noise - Add Noise, number 3, Gaussian distribution, color, make the characters and the same grainy sky,
9, the final fill the sky material

Photo Name: PS in turn hand-drawn pictures,
1. open the original file, according to their own feelings through color adjustment to adjust the film, and then resurfacing, dermabrasion value not too much, (Neat image plugin)
2. a new layer, color FEE7D6, (according to the film character's skin color to set ), the layer mode to Overlay and 25%, 20% with a brush the skin on the face and neck light coating,
3. features of the detailed work, cutting out the mouth, the emergence copy (Ctrl + J), with Smudge tool to smear on the lip, the lip skin becomes soft and delicate (not too much strength)
4. Create a new layer to the lips and face color, color FDC1D6, the layer mode to color, with a brush in the side of the lips and face painting,
5. with the Dodge tool, the range is the high light exposure of 25% to draw the lip of the high light, with the Burn tool, the middle range, exposure 20% enhance lips contrast,
6. a new layer, color 8E1A25, brush pixel is 3, draw the inside of the inside, then draw 2 pixels outside the lip lines (some lines to build high-light mask Dodge some)
7. circle the emergence of the nose, copy, use the smudge tool around the gentle refinement of the nose, then use the Dodge tool range is a high light exposure of 20%, to strengthen the high-light the next part of the nose, then color 422B2D, 2 pixel brush to draw the nose contour (lines light up with a better tool if to make up for the next)

1. use the
2. use the ctrl + I RP operation:
3. Levels using ctrl + L to adjust the value of [145,1.5,160]
4. turn into a general layer, after a new blank layer and fill it with black on the bottom.
5. using ctrl + T to free transform, the use of perspective.
6. duplicate this layer and use the free transform the vertical flip.
7. align the two layers, and connect together.
8. Use Free Transform to adjust the zoom function of height.
9. using color filter

1, open the original image, copy the layer
2, curve adjustment, the value RGB: 109,99
3, hue saturation, value: 0, -39,0
4, color balance , values: 0,0, -34
5, optional colors, neutral colors: 0,0, -20,0
6, a new layer, fill d7b26c, layer mode overlay, opacity 56 %,
7, the clouds pull material into the figure, the top into the artwork, soft light layer mode, the outside part of the sky in addition to wipe out, back layer (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E)
8, optional color, black: 0,0, -14, -5
9, a new layer, fill 0d1d50, layer mode exclusion, to copy a layer, filling 52%
10, curve adjust the value RGB: 128,155
11, color balance, value: +24, +7, -64, filling 70%
12, Levels, value: 29,1.00,227, filling 58% 13, an optional color, neutral colors: +16, +12, -11, +5
14, back layer (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E), color balance, value: +24, +7, -64, filling 38%
15, back layer (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E), opacity 46%, filling 48%,
16, Ctrl + E Merge Visible, Sharpen about

Photo Name: young people deal with the delicate skin out,

Photo name: bring up the photo a beautiful red and yellow,
1, open the original image material, Ctrl + J to copy the background layer to layer, press Ctrl + Shift + U to color, run: filter Mirrors> Blur> Gaussian Blur, number 4, layer blending mode to Screen, the layer opacity to 27%.
2, create a new layer, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E back layer, layer blending mode to color. 3, create a gradient map adjustment layer, purple - orange, Alt + Ctrl + G with a clipping mask.
4, create a brightness / contrast adjustment layer, -5, -21
5, create a Smart Sharpen adjustment layer, set to the default value, number 46, radius 0.8, Gaussian blur,
6 create a Levels adjustment layer, 8,1.00,255
7, create an optional color adjustment layer, Red: +17, -8, +16,0, yellow: -54,0, +10, + 18, White: -5,0,0,0,

Photo name: bring up the nostalgic landscape photographs,





1. Duplicate the layer and adjust the brightness, contrast, Merge Down,
2. into LAB mode, select the image using an image, to calculate,
3. the layer mode to color, cover printed layers,
4. into the RGB channel, blue channel will be filled with black, to extract the green channel selection, will fill the selection with white,
5. Hue Saturation, Red: +20, +1,0. cyan: -7, +26,0 Other data without moving the layer mode to color,
6. into the RGB channel, select the green channel selection, anti-choice, color balance adjustment layer, select midtones , values: -10, -6, +16. shadow: +4, +5, -2 High light: -19, -26, -40
7. back layer, into the RGB channel, select the red channel constituency, copy, paste back to RGB mode, layer mode to color, select the adjustment layer curve, the red channel: 173,193. Red channel: 58,56. Green Channel: 180,201. Green Channel: 53,58. Blue channel: 55,62.
8. The layer mode to color, copy the layer, copy the map layer, layer mode to brightness, transparency, 20%
9. Select the adjustment layer, hue saturation, blue: +5, -49, -2.

1. copy the layer into a Smart Filter, you can filter for the purpose of effect of adjustment
2. filter - render - lighting effects, all light, negative 17, Matte -25, 100 plastic effect, exposure of less than 32, negative 28,
3. New optional color adjustment layer, red: -100, -3,03,0. Yellow: -59, -6, -23, +1 Green: +9 , +5, -100, +27. cyan: +8, -76, -3, -100. White: +1, -40, -73, -10. Halftones: +16, -18, -18, -3. Black: 0,0,0, +28 -


8. will have to remove the palm trees next to the house, with the Clone Stamp tool to copy the tile to draw out the house and second floor between the parts.
9. add lightning to add tension to the screen. No feathering effect using the brush to draw a bolt of lightning, to a new layer, add a glow effect. Then use the dodge tool highlighting the roots of lightning clouds.
10. using hand-drawn pictures around the house or add some dead tree, remember to adjust the color and brightness.
11. To make the house look more worn, drawn on the roof of a hole.
12. to continue to add damage effects. Broken beams and aqueduct, the roof and break another glass. After the break things, to use Clone Stamp tool to fill the place vacated
13. Add some stains. First, the windows, with an irregular brush to add some variegated glass. Then change the layer blending mode stain to match the glass can be a good mix. The tutorial I used brightness patterns.
14. the whole house to repeat the same steps, use a deeper color and layer blending mode set to overlay mode. Attention to seams and edges, this place is the most prone to stains.
15. porch detail enlarged.

1. create a new layer, fill light yellow, overlay mode, the value 247,240,197
2. copy just the yellow layer, Linear Burn mode, the mask given rise to a yellow car, avoid car color through yellow,
3. adjust brightness, contrast, high light some of exposure to normal color and subject, brightness -20, contrast +64, New Saturation adjustment layer, saturation -31. to determine the final brightness of the daylight to high light at the color and detail prevail in the dark can be ignored,
4. Duplicate the background layer adjust shadow highlight to shadow detail is the best place as the benchmark, the shadow: the number 100, color width 33, radius 102, high light: the number of 0, the tone width 50, radius 30, adjustments: color correction +20 0 midtone contrast, the construction of black 0.01%, the construction of White 0.01%
5. Duplicate the background layer to adjust brightness of the sky, with the exposed layer to make up the sky over deficiencies,
6.-tuning the details, to wipe the sky wires, repair Clone brush will do,
7. Flatten Image, fine-tuning the details, sharpness -

-1. the photo to open, to find some form similar to the castle.
2. will be deducted from the house and into a new layer. You can use the Polygon Lasso tool to select housing, and through a relatively soft eraser tool to erase the background.
3. now need a new background, from the material library to pick a
4. the sky into the back of the house (house into the sky layer below the layer), and add a little perspective distortion effects of the sky to increase the depth of the background.
5. observe the edge of the house, where there are still some left in the original color of the sky above.
6. with the magic wand select the local housing floor space, then do Select> Modify> Expand command to expand the range of options, enter an appropriate value of the range of options to include the need for color correction house edge. Executive Image> Adjust> Hue / Saturation command to adjust the color of the edge of the roof with the same color.
7. continue to use the Hue / Saturation to adjust the housing and the color of the sky, so that they can coordinate to convergence.

14. draw the hair texture, the new layer, layer mode to Overlay, choose a pencil to 1 pixel, (picture size to the value determined according to figures), along the hair color is DFDFDF draw smooth texture lines
15. horsetail some choose the brush tool, brush lightly with a fork along the texture of some of the painting, the color layer model above,
16. Create a new layer, the normal mode, select the brush tool, pixel 1, opacity 60%, 80% flow, the color is white, draw dynamic forehead hair,
17. clothes and necklaces with the smudge tool applied in some softer, and then choose to use the Dodge tool, the range is the high light , exposure 20%, clothes and necklaces to enhance the high light
18. synthesis of the whole image sharpening, sharpening value is 8, with the Dodge tool to highlight some of the little processing, the overall color correction, the ( can be modified to add some background light, highlighting the theme)


8. once again stamped
9. wipe the right cheek with the seal of the sun
10. with the Dodge tool - the range of high light intensity of 50%, struck a reflective eye, just rub the eye black, 11 re-stamped, Filter - Other - High contrast, parameters 80
12. change the layer mode to high-contrast soft, enhance contrast,
13. use your favorite method of sharpening 14 time less saturated hue of red, or other fine-tuning to try



1. open the original image, duplicate the layer, fill pure black, overlay mode.
2. New Hue Saturation layer: saturation -85.
3. New Brightness and Contrast layer: contrast +10,
4. New optional color, red: 0, +30,0 , +100. Yellow: 0, -15, -100,0. Intermediate color: 0,0,0, +5.
5. Stamped Filter - Render - Lighting Effects: points of light, intensity 21, Focus 24, gloss 0, the material 69, 0 exposure, the environment 8,
6. stamp, plus text-decoration -

1. establish Hue Saturation adjustment layer, Saturation -49,
2. the establishment of an optional color layer, red: -49,0, +7, -41. Yellow: 0,0,0 , -23
3. the establishment of the Hue / Saturation layer, brightness -49
4. Colors. Yellow: 0,0,0, -26, white: 0,0, +46,0. Intermediate color: 0,0, -6,0.
5. Colors. Red: 0,0,0, -48. Black: 0,0, -47, +5. Transparency down to 37%
6. Stamped, noise reduction, sharpening, painting and simple to use tool to repair the knee near spot,
7. plus hidden corners, making a heart-shaped selection, emergence, with curves to brighten. -

Ps The washing process is used to flush negative slides, it would be more strange and interesting colors. If the MM portrait photograph, will be so filled with a decadent decadent avant-garde and even the color.
1 Open the image and the right to display channel, into the channel, into the channel, into the Select the like panel selected the red channel into the .
8 control panel in the channel all the RGB channel selected, go to all the RGB channel selected, go to


1, this effect can be directly transferred with a curve out over the whole channel is about 1 / 4 grid,north face down vest men,
-105.125 green channel, blue channel 151.254
2. with lens correction to add black border. Add Noise , which Vignette - the number of -28 (dark), the focus +5,
3. with brush tool on the Internet under a scratch of pen on it and then merge the layers drawn about
4. add noise, number -2.45
5. to do a side -

1. Duplicate the layer, Filter - Blur - Radial Blur: number 71, blur method - zoom, quality - good,
2. to establish a template, struck a car, then smear the dynamic wheel clashes ,
3. Levels - optional colors. Plus material, rendering the whole atmosphere, with minor changes Dodge made, the main diameter of 5, the hardness of the smallest -


1. new gray coat, with a curve to adjust brightness, 152,124
2. cutout eyes and mouth, to be stressed,
3. reduce the overall saturation, saturation -56
4 colors with color overlay to the whole tendency,
5. superposition of two layers of hidden hue and color, open the Channels palette, copy the R channel,
6. a new layer paste and adjust the transparency with the color filter pattern -


1. open the original image, copy the layer, the image - adjustments - desaturate
2. filter - Artistic Effects - Plastic packaging, according to the original image to reduce transparency
3. adjust the black level color scale, is the picture black and white, Levels: 88,0.27,192
4.Ctrl + Alt + ~, high light extraction layer of black and white constituencies, money becomes small eyes, hidden, back to the background layer,
5 . to get in front of the high-light selection to adjust the curve, pulled the top of the curve, the effect came out
6. adjust the brightness contrast of the background layer, increase, or about the appropriate tone color, brightness +4, contrast +7-

1. in RAW to adjust the brightness, contrast, after adjustment for the laying the foundation,
2. join the sky material, simple transparency, make the sky into the layer,
3. New Adjustment Layer optional colors - middle color: +20, +6, +7, -4, absolute, a little water color uniform,
4. filled with yellow color, opacity 54%, dark blue fill color, opacity 61 %, fill deep purple, opacity 76%,
5. fine-tuning, high light and middle tone selection method and the resulting mask, high-light selection method: calculation - Source 1: Layers merge layers, gray channel, the source 2: Layers merge layers, gray channel, Multiply blend, opacity 100%.
6. midtones selection method: Source 1: Merge layers, gray channel, the source 2: Merge layers, gray channel, Multiply blend, opacity 100%.
7.RGB aisle to get the mask, with curve adjustment, high light adjustment: Black wire grid on the left in the middle of the penultimate line, blue line to the cut point, midtone adjustment: up to adjust some, 8. reflected light mask, lasso select constituency, emergence, overall brighten,
9. ship debris to reduce saturation, Saturation: -36,
10. sharpening the overall -

10. adjust the color balance adjustment layer, the middle tone: -6,0, +3 shadow: -7, +3, -1.
11. color balance, shadow: +4, +5 , -2. Shadow: +4, +5, -2 High light: -19, -26, -40.
12. Plus the lightning effect. -



1. open the original image, copy the layer, the image - adjustments - desaturate
2. filter - Artistic Effects - Plastic packaging, according to the original image to reduce transparency
3. adjust the black level color scale, is the picture black and white, Levels: 88,0.27,192
4.Ctrl + Alt + ~, high light extraction layer of black and white constituencies, money becomes small eyes, hidden, back to the background layer,
5 . to get in front of the high-light selection to adjust the curve, pulled the top of the curve, the effect came out
6. adjust the brightness contrast of the background layer, increase, or about the appropriate tone color, brightness +4, contrast +7-


1. Open to copy the picture layer, Ctrl + Alt + ~, to be selection, emergence 3-5. curve brightens, about 18,0
2. Adjust levels: 25,1,20,245. Mongolia version of the main characters and details of some clashes
3. stamped on the figures to brighten the edge of the sharpening modified dermabrasion.
4. on the back layer for color balance, midtones: -12, -10, -13 High light: +8,0, -19.
5. back layer, into the LAB mode,
6. Create a new layer, Shift + Ctrl + N, soft mode, transparency 30-40%,
7. in the new layer applied on the image, layer: merge layers, soft mode, transparency, 100%,
8. adjustment layer, the lightness channel curve adjustment, 5,0
9. the image LAB color hue saturation adjustment, full figure: 0, +10,0. Yellow: 0, +35,0 Green: 0, +15,0. Red: 0, -20,0. Blue: +10, +30,0.
10. into Levels: 20,1.20 , 245. adjustment of the lightness channel, a gradient in the mask with a round out at the main characters, and then brush clashes details.
11. stamped return RGB color, color options available for the image, the red channel: 0,0,0, -30 given rise to the petals on the mask,
12. stamp, the new blank layer, increase watering effect with white brush, pen pressure. 100% hardness, spacing, +54% -


simple processing photos came to light less than
1 Open the image, copy the background layer, change the background color filter layer pattern
2 Levels of the background layer to adjust

30 秒 get Plmm art photo
1 Open the image, copy the background layer twice
2 replication layer a Gaussian background blur (radius of 4 to 6) Duplicate the background layer 2 in the model to light
3 new layer, add filling pattern (prepare in advance and define the half gray half white horizontal stripe pattern), set mixed mode to Multiply

image dislocation effects
1 Open the picture, a new layer, select the View - Rulers, select the move tool, drag the top and bottom, respectively, from the two blue marking (9 segments)
2 use the rectangle selection tool, fill the box (dark gray 1,9, 5,7 black, 3 light gray) to psd format, then close the file
3 perform filter - distort - replacement, select the save psd file
Notes (corresponding image pixel to the left and move up; black (color value = 255) is the largest positive displacement, that is the corresponding image pixel to the right and down; gray (color value = 128) does not produce displacement )

shading effects
1 Open the photo picture, do Select - Select All, then Edit - Copy, to build a new channel, edit - paste the copied image pasted into a new channel ]
2 implementation of the image - adjustment - Anti-like, back to the RGB channel, edit - remove, delete the original image
3 implementation options - Load Selection, calls the new channel, Executive Editor - fill (the color )

1 Open the picture, a new layer, set foreground / background color (black / white), go to Filter - Render - Clouds, add a layer to layer Mask
2 Repeat filter - render - clouds, image - adjust - brightness / contrast (80,0, a mode to color filter layer)

23. remove the pupil part
24. with a curve to adjust eye color, so that the same
25. plus eyes high light
26. circle the lips, emergence 2, high-gloss lips curve adjustments to adjust the lips color
27. adjust the nose Liang Gaoguang, adjust shadow highlight
28. with optional color palette as a whole, the middle color -0,0, -2,2.
29. Yanping Heng fine-tuning the use of color, (high light): 0,2, -2.
30. liquefaction along the hair pull, combined with lens flare, light 182,35 mm focus,
31. plus, where appropriate, final flash brush complete


must remember that 20 kinds of PS technology! ! ! Let not your beautiful photos! ! !

a simple digital photo retouching
1 open late pictures, like the implementation of color / saturation (-40) to reduce saturation.
2 new layer, the layer mode to soft light, with the brush tool will need to polish the part of the painting a few, here you can use to facilitate the extraction of color palette images
3 soft color transition is not enough, then following the implementation of what the Gaussian blur filter (+85)


1. Duplicate the layer and into the channel, copy the red channel, a copy of the red channel curve adjustment, input 100, output 3,
2. with a brush or selection tool, the characters and filled with white flowers,
3.Ctrl + click on the red copy to make it into a constituency, remove red copy, return to the Layers panel,
4.Ctrl + C copy, Ctrl + V paste, figures and flowers Cutout complete,
5. method I: New Fill Layer, R = 255, G = 128, B = 173, the layer to color mode,
6. Method Two: saturation coloring, New Hue Saturation adjustment layer, color playing in front of hook, Hue = 345, Saturation = 60, Lightness = 0, the new curves adjustment layer, 237,255; 188,130
7. Method three: the new color balance layer, the middle tone - Levels: +100 , -54, -20 / +100, -35, +43
shadow - Levels: +11, -7, +3. New optional color adjustment layer, red: 0, +21, -23, - 5. Magenta: -100, -45, +32, -1
8. gradient maps use the new Gradient Map 1, Layer to Color -


1. to tweak the color cast, adjusting a rough tone, establish Levels adjustment layer Levels full channel: 0,1.35,255. Levels Red Channel: 0,0.85,255. Levels Green Channel: 0,1,10,255 Levels: 0,0.95,255
2. The establishment of the Hue / Saturation adjustment layer to reduce the original image's saturation, Full Figure saturation -30
3. a Photo Filter adjustment layer, the first step in the blue has come out, this step is to deep yellow with a concentration of 25%, mode mode, the original place where the dark darker, choose the Channels palette, hold down the ctrl-point red channel, get the selection back to the photo mask in the filter filled with black.
4. the establishment of an optional color adjustment layer, red: 100, -33,100, -40. Yellow: 0,0, -40,0. White: +15,0, +20, +20
5. To brighten some of the windows, set up the Hue / Saturation adjustment layer to in other parts of the window wipe. Hue 260, Saturation 25, Lightness +75
6. To create a color balance adjustment layer, the characters and the surrounding environment to distinguish, set in the mask after using large soft black brush to figure as the center angle wipe it. Levels +20, +20, +40, choose mid-tone

character illustrator effects
1 Open the image, copy the background layer, the implementation of the image - adjustment - Channel Mixer (Gray, +30, +60, +10, monochrome), go to Filter - Stylize - Find edge, remove the noise with
2 Levels of mixed mode to , +155) form, color ism
4 implementation of the image - adjustment - optional color, fine-tuning of color (red, 0, +100, +100, -75; yellow, 0, -40, +100, - 40)

old photos using color overlay to add light and color effects
1 Open the image, copy the background layer, the implementation of the image - adjust - to color, adjust brightness / contrast (-42, +18 )
2 add Halo (brightness +100)
4 Duplicate the background layer, add it again,
1 Open the picture and copy a Copy one of the layers in the mouse, the sky turned blue

selected art photo processing hazy
1. an original copy layer (Ctrl + J).
2. Gaussian blur on the copied layer Filter (+4.0).
3. do color adjustments (+50,0, -64)
4. wipe with a soft-edge eraser clear need for some.
5. the proper use of Figure layer blending mode.

create hazy in bright (landscape, ecological type)
1 to open image, duplicate the layer.
2 will copy the layer layer mode to reducing transparency.

to the photo with a glass effect
1 selected area, press Ctrl + J
2 on the shear layer Gaussian blur (+3.1 pixels). 3 to adjust color balance (-39, +29, +16).
4 new layer. Select the gradient region thickness of the glass custom filler (black and white gray, the order is dark, glossy, dark, high light), press Ctrl + T on the thickness of the glass selection to adjust.
5 filter - distort - Glass Select your favorite pattern (distortion, smoothness of 1, zoom 50%).

burning paper effect of old photos - PS handling $
1 pure open a picture, perform image - Adjust - Hue / Saturation (+1, -58, +1).
2 Image - Adjustment - change (mid-tones, deepen yellow, deeper red highlights).
3 Duplicate the background layer, to Filter - Texture - particles (9,56, vertical).
4 new layer, go to Filter - Render - Clouds.
5 and then perform image - adjust - brightness / contrast (+27, +100).
6 with the Magic Wand, select one layer of black constituency.
7 off layer of a preview, click to copy the background layer, the foreground color to dark brown. 8 to execute the selection - modify - expand (5 pixels), select - Feather (5 pixels)
9 Edit - Fill (foreground), the selected layer one, with the magic wand selection
10 off select black background layers and layers of a preview, select Duplicate the background layer, Executive Editor - Clear.
11 image - canvas size, height / width was increased one centimeter positioning (in).
12 opened the background layer preview, select the background layer, fill foreground color (light brown).
13 Duplicate the background layer selected, do Layer - Layer Style - projection (positive end laminations, 45% opacity, angle 45, from 7 to expand 2%, size 10).
14 merge all layers.

Art mottled effect
1 frame to another method for making a new file press D to fill the background White
2 then filters --- --- rendering clouds.
3 CTRL + M to adjust under the curve (black and white high contrast).
4 After completion of the effect and then followed by filter - distort - Glass (7 Distortion, 3 smoothness, texture - canvas, zoom 50%).
6 Create a new layer, the background is black, another new layer, add sufficient white rectangle.
7 where the rectangle layer on the implementation of the filter - distort - replacement, select the default option. Then find the newly saved PSD file replacement you can.

PS rendering the atmosphere of your photos (landscape)
1 Image - Adjustment - Levels (RGB +29,1.0, +234) . Xingse doctrine l2wvg.V 'T @ 4I
2 to Hue / Saturation command (full map -14, +41, -1).
3 continue to Hue / Saturation (red, hue values ??decrease , saturation increase).
4 continue to Hue / Saturation (yellow, -22, +45, -1). www.swcool.commDZ-u
5 continue to Hue / Saturation (green + 15,0,0).
6 adjust the brightness / contrast (brightness decrease / increase contrast). Xingse doctrine (H {T2P4ccN

1. Duplicate the layer, soft mode, to optimize the use of soft light on the layer
2.Ctrl + U adjust hue saturation, color of the leaves with a straw draw, to change the hue of the season has reached the transformation purpose, we need the feeling of winter, to find the leaves of hue, brightness will be adjusted to the brightest.
3. Note lightness tolerance slider under the details of which can be selected constituencies reduced saturation, hue can also be used to improve brightness, color range is used here, close the duplicate the layer with the background layer to the color range.
4. constituencies returned copy layer selected, emergence, for the selected part of the saturation of 0,
5. Snow is feeling the figures in the anti-choice, you can use the color range, you can also use hue saturation, and finally add contrast, wipe out some clothes.
6. some of the snow a bit stiff on the snow to be a fuzzy overlay, with the contrast of the copy layer selected, change the overlay mode, in contrast to copy the layer below,
7. overall rate of a contrast with given rise to a large brush perspective about the relationship, not including figures, giving details of the snow. -

11. curve brighter, so that the face full, the output 138, input 118.
12. eyebrows, the eyebrows and top of the circle with the skin with a lasso tool, the emergence 5, copy a layer, the Duplicate the layer and move down in order to achieve eyebrow shaping effect, stamp eyebrows, this must be very careful
13. began to adjust your eyes, choose the part of the eye ring out, copy the layer
14. pen circle to do eye shadow region, copy a layer, the curve of pressure dark color to adjust,
15. then uniform color eye shadow, color balance (middle tone): +50,0,0. (Shadow): +20,0,0,
16. The details of color adjustment, the upper eyelid 1 / 3 part, Hue Saturation: 0, -40,0
17. Circle the details of the upper eyelid eyelash root Department, under the eye before eyelid 1 / 3, press the DELETE key to delete the selection, the exposed high-light position,
18. remove the extra part of eye shadow, feather 40
19. circle detail on the inside corner to the eyelid 1 / 2, press the DELETE key to delete the selection, so that exposed Highlight
20. circle the eyes out, copy the layer, emergence 1, part of desaturation whites, mottled back, Hue Saturation: 0 -50,0
21. whites details of the adjustment, curves adjustment to increase the light,
22. eyes bright tone reproduction curve after layer, brush pen on the back half of the left eye, showing some shadows,


1. into the channel panel, then use the
Channel Green - Mixed Multiply, Opacity 20%
channel red - mixed dark, opacity 100%
2. Adjustments - Color Balance - High Light - Levels: -8, +13, +11
3. blue channel during the time the application image layer: Background - Mixed: Multiply, Opacity 50%,
4. with curve adjust the brightness, move the top right of the red channel a little bit, Blue channel all channels 6,0 4,15
5. copy a layer copy of it, again the blue channel of operation, mixed Multiply, Opacity 50%
6. the last thing to do is prominent figures, and with the eraser, given rise to some people, pay attention to the appropriate lower transparency. -

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At this time , a cafe the other end came the voice of middle-aged man :

few minutes later ,
middle-aged man called :

and after a while , a middle-aged woman entered the cafe , looked around , then went straight to the boy ,
ears picked up the boy scolded : ? Immediately asked:

father argues : This double experience.

joyful and angry mother said: Fortunately, his aging mother to leave and come back ,
else the evening you were more than two grade I , and double experience not send text messages to inform me?
go back there at night you look good ! Who is that ? Oh , son, do not be afraid , Mom came to the very large open your mother .
mother mother two do not believe we die Hell!

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I believe we all heard the words of a certain right of the NPC, year-old girl marry 20-year-old is also a good choice.

hear a message saying: Now twenties are unmarried girls used to marry a man like, Why? Face the poor, is facing hundreds of thousands, millions of prices, these lovely girls retreat, and they do not want to live with the boys the same age does not hold enough to live the day, reluctantly of gestures to second-hand man, or do a married man and nurturing the

because most of them second-hand man approaching middle age, and the cause of stability, favorable physical conditions, rich raw lust, like the cow eating grass, but also looking for a innocent girl petite wife of pleasure, which complementary to their respective needs. Thus, there is more girls near a divorce on men to do a small second-hand and three women, living a pampered life.

In fact, the marriage age is very important. Used mostly middle-aged men,Outlet Cheap Coach Bags, although with a steady income and a house, their love is very mature, will give the girls a sense of security, but also many drawbacks:

First, too much age difference, the body differences, so helpless marriage dubious. Middle age is sick of the time, a girl was young, and parents who are willing to live with men of similar? Of course nobody wanted to, who do not like their favorite male peers who spend the I,?

Second, under the new law, who spend money to buy a house before marriage, divorce, or who, that is, housing is second-hand man before marriage, not part of the woman, once again, divorce, divorced women to nothing, no homeless. So, if you are used to house and married men, then I want to say, or give up on this heart of it. Perhaps before, now is not. Reliance is its own, the best way to buy a suite for ourselves, the one we understand about China's property market, buy a house , is a guarantee, a heart to rely on.

prices, has become a lot of men and women of heart disease, has become an obstacle to a new era of marriage, parenting adds to the despair and resentment. It has been said, every girl is falling earthly angel, hopefully a little less house and make compromises in order to become a girl angel wings.

( Daquan will regret not watching . . . )

1: motherboard failure
2: graphics card failure
3: Audio failure
4: hard drive failure
5: Memory failure
6: drive failure
7: mouse malfunction 8: Keyboard failure
9: MODEM failure
10: printer fault
11: Display fault
12: burner failure
13: Scanner failure
14: Display jitter causes
15: Troubleshooting the BIOS settings
16: Restart the computer failure
17: CPU utilization is too high to solve the problem
18: Discovery of hard disk damage and repair
19: Manual handling malicious code page
20: Common Faults and integrated sound solution
21: USB storage device does not recognize
22: black screen failure
23: WINDOWS Blue screen code Cheat
24: WINDOWS error code Daquan
25: BIOS self-test and boot failure problems
following is the relevant failure Quick and problem-solving power

Brain malfunction causes confusing, elusive. And because the Windows operating system components is relatively complex, computer event of a failure, for the average user, like its failure to accurately identify Reason is almost impossible. So it is that if we encounter when the computer failure, completely helpless out? This is not so, the computer-generated although there are many reasons for failure, but as long as we carefully Observation, conscientiously sum up, we can still have some computer failures of the law and approach. In this booklet, we will some of the most common and most typical computer fault diagnosis, maintenance methods show To you, through it, you will find - ways to solve computer failure on your side, simple, but effective!

a motherboard

motherboard is the computer off Key components in the computer plays a vital role. If the board will have problems affect the entire PC computer system work. Here, we take a look at the motherboard in the course of which the most common faults.

often See Fault 1: no display

boot the computer boot no display, we need to check is the BIOS. Motherboard BIOS the hardware store important data, while the main BIOS is Board some of the more fragile, easily damaged, once damaged it will cause the system can not run, the recurrence of such failures are generally due to the motherboard BIOS damage caused by CIH virus (of course not rule out the motherboard itself failed Cause the system can not run. ). General BIOS hard drive after the virus destroyed data will be lost, so we can detect the hard disk data is intact to determine whether the BIOS is damaged, if the hard disk data Intact, then there are three reasons why the phenomenon of power no display:

1. Because the motherboard or expansion card expansion slot problems, leading to plug expansion cards like sound cards, etc. without the display after the board did not respond.

2. motherboard jumper settings in the CMOS the CPU frequency does not, may also lead to not show fault, which, as long cleared CMOS to be addressed. Clear CMOS jumper on the motherboard of the lithium battery with the general Recently, in its default location is 2 short, as long as its changed a few seconds short jump to 2,3 to solve the problem, should the old board for the previous user can not find the jumper, just remove the battery, to be displayed to enter the boot CMOS settings and then shut down, will go up also reached the CMOS battery on discharge purposes.

3. motherboard does not recognize the memory, memory corruption or memory does not match the boot no display can lead to failure. Some older motherboards more selective memory, once the plug in the motherboard does not recognize the memory, the motherboard will not start, and even some Board does not give you any fault tips (tweet). Of course sometimes in order to expand the memory to improve system performance, plug in the results of different brands, types of memory will also result in the emergence of such a failure, so maintenance should be Pay more attention.

for the failure of the motherboard BIOS is damaged, we can plug in the ISA card to see whether the display (if prompted, can prompt steps below.), if not A boot screen, you can own an automatic update the BIOS floppy disk, reload the BIOS, but some motherboard BIOS is damaged, the floppy drive did not work this time, try to solve with the hot method Decision (I have tried, as long as the same BIOS, the motherboard at the same level can be successful writer.) However, in addition to the use of hot things, need the same BIOS part of the motherboard components can cause damage, so reliable The device is used to write code to write the BIOS update file inside the BIOS (this service can be to find a safer computer solution provider).

two common faults: CMOS settings can not be saved
Such failures are generally due to insufficient battery voltage board, which can be replaced, but some motherboard battery replacement also can not solve the problem, then there are two possibilities:

1. Motherboard circuit problems professionals find this service;

2. motherboard CMOS jumper problem, sometimes because of the error will clear the CMOS jumper set to clear the option, or set to an external battery, making the CMOS data can not Save.

Troubleshooting III: In Windows, install the motherboard driver CD-ROM drive after crash or slow down the phenomenon

in some no-name motherboard sometimes these phenomena occur, the motherboard drivers installed Finished, restart the computer can not enter the Windows 98 desktop in normal mode, and the driver under Windows 98 can not be uninstalled. If this occurs, it is recommended to re-find the latest drivers installed, the problem usually can be resolved, if it is not, only to re-install the system.

Troubleshooting Four: Installing Windows, or start Windows when the mouse is not available

recurrence of such failures because the software is generally caused due to the CMOS settings wrong. In the CMOS settings Power management has a modem use IRQ column items, his options are 3,4,5 ......, NA, it is generally the default option is 3, set it to 3 other items that interrupt available.

Common Fault 5: Frequent computer Crashes, during the CMOS settings will crash phenomenon

crash phenomenon occurs in CMOS, usually the motherboard or CPU problem, should the press law can not solve the problem, it only Have to replace the motherboard or CPU.

recurrence of such failures are generally due to a problem or motherboard motherboard Cache heat caused by bad design, I had found on the 815EP motherboard because the motherboard Heat is not good enough cause the failure of the phenomenon. In touch after the crash motherboard components around the CPU, found that the temperature is very hot. After replacing the high-power fans, crash failures can be resolved. For the Cache problem Failure, we can enter the CMOS setup, the Cache can fix the problem after the ban, of course, Cache disabled, the speed would certainly be affected.

Common Fault 6: Motherboard COM port or parallel port, IDE interface failure

recurrence of such failures are generally due to causes related hardware hot plug the user, the user is able to use multi-function card to replace, but must be in place before Ban on the motherboard comes with a COM port on the parallel port (some motherboards with the IDE port to be banned for proper use).
a common fault: such power and therefore no display

Barrier is generally bad because the graphics card and the motherboard or a problem caused by motherboard socket. For some integrated graphics motherboard, main memory if the shared memory, you need to pay attention to memory location, usually in the first memory slot should be Inserted in the memory. As the card causes boot no display failure, power is generally given after a long two short beeps (in terms of graphics for AWARD BIOS).

Troubleshooting II: Show the video, writing

not see such failures are generally due to high-resolution monitor or video card does not support caused. Huaping startup mode can be switched to safe mode, and then in Windows 98 into the display settings, the 16-color mode click on the Restart in normal mode Windows 98 system deleted the graphics driver, restart the computer. Or not to enter safe mode, in a pure DOS environment, edit
SYSTEM.INI file, display.drv = pnpdrver to display.drv = vga.drv after save and exit, and then in Windows Update

often See Failure three: color display is not normal, such failures are generally the following reasons:
1. Display card and monitor signal line bad
2. Display their failure
3. In some software running color is not normal, usually common in older machines, there is a check in the BIOS, the color option to open it to
4. Graphics damage;
5. display is magnetized, generally due to such phenomena with magnetic objects can be caused by too close after magnetization may also cause screen appears deflection phenomenon.

Fault IV: Death

Recurrence of such failures are generally more common in motherboards and graphics cards are not compatible with the graphics card or motherboard is bad; graphics card is not compatible with other extensions can also cause crashes.

Common Fault 5: Screen abnormal noise Or pattern

such failures are generally due to problems with memory or graphics cards caused by poor contact with the motherboard. Need to clean or replace the card cheat site was

often See Fault 6: graphics card driver is missing

graphics driver to load and run automatically after a period of loss of driver, such failures are generally due to poor quality or graphics card not compatible with the motherboard Capacity, making the graphics card temperature is too high, causing the system unstable or crash, then only replace the video card.

In addition, there is a special kind of situation before to load the graphics driver, but In the graphics driver loaded into Windows when the crash occurred. Other types of cards can replace their drivers loaded, insert the old card to be addressed. Should such a failure can not be resolved, then the Note Book table failed, to restore the registry or reinstall the operating system can be.

Troubleshooting a sound card: sound mute. There are common causes of this failure:

1. Default output driver for the Click the bottom right corner of the sound icon (a small loudspeaker), appear to adjust the volume slider, below the Normal pronunciation.

2. sound card conflict with other cards. The solution is to adjust the PnP cards used by system resources, so that all cards without disturbing each other. Sometimes, open the Is not sound, in fact, there is conflict, but the system did not check out.

3. After installing the Direct X sound card can not be audible. Illustrate this sound card with Direct X compatibility is not good, need to update the driver.

4. one channel silent. Check the sound card to the audio speaker cable is disconnected.

Troubleshooting II: sound card issued Excessive noise. There are common causes of this failure:

1. Card is not correct. Manufacture of precision is not high enough because the chassis, sound card manufacturer or installed outside the damper caused by bad sound card expansion slot can not be closely integrated with the motherboard, sound card can be seen visually on the This phenomenon In the ISA card or PCI card has, are common faults. Correction is generally used pliers.

2. Active speakers Speaker input connected to the sound card output. For the active speaker should be connected to sound card Line out in the end, it has not been
output signal amplifier on the sound card, the noise to be small enough to And more. There is only one output card is still Speaker Line out jumpers on the card depends on the decision, the factory default mode is often Speaker, so the jumper to disconnect the sound card.

3. Windows driver that comes with bad. Sound card driver is installed, choose Use the If you have installed the Windows driver that comes with the optional → voice, video and game controllers

often See Failure three: sound can not I once had a sound card under Windows 98 with the original driver disk to install the driver is not installed on the how but also had to use the Creative SB16 driver instead, everything is normal. Later upgrade to Windows Me, not back to normal with Windows 2000 (full version) comes with only the normal sound card drivers.

2. The most difficult problem than the Windows 9X Plug and Play devices under test has chosen to given a free hand to help you install the driver, the driver side is not used, then, every time you delete out the heavy equipment will repeat this problem, and can not use the Pieces Hundred percent efficacious, have saved countless lives ... ... the sound card of course, modify the registry can achieve the same purpose.

3. PnP sound card does not support the installation (also applies to not use the PnP sound card installed in PnP mode): Go to Windows Search for new hardware? CD silent

1. Completely silent. With the Windows 98 Use a 4-pin CD-ROM audio cable to connect the analog audio output and sound card On the CD-in to this line in the purchase of a CD-ROM will be included.

2. there is only one channel silent. I generally drive about two-wire output signal, the middle two lines to ground. As the audio signal line 4 line color is generally different, the color can be found from the line correspond to the interface. If the sound card only Each interface or an interface does not match with the audio cable, audio cable wiring had to change the order, usually only one of two lines of the change can be.

Troubleshooting five: PCI sound card sonic boom

PCI cards are generally used because of technical causes hanging in the Bus Master PCI bus read and write on the hard drive, mouse and other operations to enlarge the background noise
reason. Solution: turn off Bus Master PCI graphics capabilities, and replaced with AGP graphics card, sound card for the PCI slot.

Common Fault 6: normal recording can not first check

Is there nothing wrong with the microphone jack into the other, and second, double-click the little speaker, select menu Then in the If the Try the

common it is Barrier seven: Can not play music, Wav, Midi Wav Music

can not play music are quite rare, often due to One, you can disable a; can not play MIDI files may have the following three possible:

1. Early ISA sound card may be due to 16-bit mode 32-bit mode is not compatible with MIDI playback is not caused by normal, By installing the software wave table
way should resolve

2. Today, most of the popular PCI sound card using wavetable synthesis technology, if the MIDI playback is not part of it is probably because you do not have to load the appropriate wavetable sound library.

3. Windows volume control in the MIDI channel is set to silent mode.

Troubleshooting eight: PCI sound card to use in the WIN98 some unusual

Users complained that the sound card driver installation process everything is normal, no device conflicts occur, but the following is not silent in the WIN98 or cause other problems. This phenomenon usually occurs on the PCI sound card, Please check your installation process to which PCI sound card inserted in a PCI slot. Some friends for thermal considerations, like the sound card plug away from the AGP slot, near the ISA slot that several PCI slots In. Problems often arise here, because there is a Windows98 Bug: sometimes only the correct identification inserted in PCI-1 and two slots PCI-2 sound card. In the ATX motherboard close to the AGP The two PCI is the PCI-1 and PCI-2 (on the contrary in some of the ATX motherboard, close to the ISA is the PCI-1), so if you do not have the PCI sound card installed in the correct slot, and asked Questions will produce a.

Memory computer memory is one of the most important parts, it is the role of doubt, the most common memory faults are what it?

often See Fault 1: boot no display

memory because the recurrence of such failure is usually because the memory and the motherboard memory slot is bad cause, as long as smear his finger back and forth with the eraser part of the solution can be Decision problem (do not use alcohol and other cleaning), there is the motherboard memory slot or memory corruption problem will cause such failures.
Because memory causes boot no display failure, host speakers typically Long beep (for the Award Bios is concerned).

Fault two: Windows Registry damage often for no reason, suggesting that this requires the user to restore

Classes because of memory failures are generally caused by poor quality, difficult to be repaired, only replaced one way.

Troubleshooting III: Windows often automatically enter the secure mode

Such failures are generally due to the motherboard is not compatible with the memory or the memory caused by poor quality, common in high-frequency memory to memory that does not support this frequency of the motherboard, you can try to reduce the period within the CMOS settings Keep reading to see whether the speed to solve the problem, should not do, only replace the memory of it.

Fault IV: random crashes

such failures are generally due to the adoption of several Different chip memory, due to the memory of different speeds to produce a time difference resulting in death
machine, which can reduce the memory speed in the CMOS settings to be addressed, within the same model only use Deposit. Another possibility is that memory is not compatible with the motherboard, such phenomenon is generally rare, the other is also possible that contact with the motherboard memory computer random crashes caused by bad. 01

common Fault 5: Memory to increase system resources, but later reduced

such phenomena are generally not compatible with the memory because the motherboard cause, common in high-frequency memory memory does not support this frequency for some of the motherboard memory , When such a failure you can try the COMS memory speed will be set too low a little try.

Common Fault 6: Run some of the software often prompts

memory This phenomenon is generally due to insufficient free space on the system disk, you can delete some useless files, leaving some space can be generally maintained at
300M or so.

Troubleshooting Seven: Install Windows to boot from the hard drive to detect disk space, memory prompted

user such failures are generally due to join in the config.sys file The emm386.exe file, as long as it can block out the problem. CD-ROM drive is

computer hardware accessories in one of the shortest life. In fact, there is still a lot of scrap drive Great value in use, a little maintenance as long as what you can. This often do not have any advanced knowledge of the radio, do not need anything too complex repair tools and materials. As long as you carefully observe the phenomenon of failure And perform the following with reference to some troubleshooting, I believe you can restore the old drive or the old

common fault I: drive when the hard disk light always flashing work

This is an illusion, it is not. Hard disk light flashes because the same drive and hard disk connected to an IDE interface,cheap Coach handbags, the CD also control the hard work the results of light. Drive unit can be connected to a single IDE interface On.

Troubleshooting II: In the Windows environment on a CD-ROM when However, Windows 32-bit disk access on the CD-ROM to a certain extent. Most CD-ROM drive connected to the IDE interface is not supported
Windows 32-bit disk Access, so that Windows generates an internal error and crashes. After entering Windows, the Save The error.

Troubleshooting III: optical drive not properly read the disk, displayed on the screen: ?

In this case, Should detect viruses, use antivirus software on the machine to check anti-virus, a virus is found if there is no editing software available to open the file under the root directory of C CONFIG.SYS Driver and the driver is being destroyed, and processing, text editing software can also be used to view There are

Troubleshooting four: drive to use when Read and write errors or diskless tips

this phenomenon mostly in place, had not changed on the disk drive failures caused by operation. All of the operations of the drive will need to wait for the disc are light display Like a bit of time before the operation. DVD playback when the time should be transferred to zero and back plate, so you can avoid the above error.

Fault 5: During the screen when playing VCD movies Pause or break phenomenon

check the AUTOEXEC.BAT file If so, you should
SMARTDRV statement to put before MSCDEX.EXE; Party not to use high-speed CD-ROM rushed process, to SMARTDRV.EXE / U; failure can be ruled out.

often See Fault 6: CD-ROM in the read data, read and sometimes not, and the longer the time to read the disk drive read the disk

no hardware failure is mainly concentrated in the laser head components, and can be divided into two case: a Species is caused by using long laser tube aging
of; the other is the optical tube surface is dirty or laser lens is dirty and the displacement of deformation. Therefore, the power to adjust the laser tube, the need for the optical tube and lens to the laser tube Cleaning.

photocell and focusing lens cleaning method: Disconnect the laser head assembly, a flat cable, remember that direction, open the laser head assembly. Then to see the jacket covered with laser focus Lens, remove the jacket will find that focusing lens consists of four thin copper wire connected to the focus, tracing the coil, the optical tube assembly is installed in the bottom of the hole in the lens. Cotton with a fine wire wrapped stick a small amount of distilled water wipe (not with wine Wipe the photocell and fine focusing lens surface), and to see whether the level of the lens of the laser tube is suspended, it shall be adjusted appropriately. Thus, the cleaning is completed.

adjust laser power. In the laser head Components such as the side have a small Phillips screws on the potentiometer. Note the use of color to its initial position under the general first clockwise 5 ° ~ 10 °, not installed on the machine and then counter-clockwise 5 ° ~ 10 °, until a smooth read the disk. Note must not rotate so much that too much power and burn photocell.

Fault Seven: boot drive not detected or detected failure

This may be due to drive Data cable connector is loose, damaged or the hard disk drive data cable jumper settings cause error encountered this problem when
waiting, we should first check the drive's data cable connector is loose, if found not plugged in, Will be re-inserted, seated. If this still does not solve the problem, then we got a new data can be put on line to try. At this time if the fault still exists, we need to check the CD-ROM jumper Set, if there is an error, change it to.
Mouse mouse
failure analysis and maintenance is relatively simple, most of the fault for the bad interface or buttons, broken, dirty mechanical positioning system Pollution. A small number of failures for the internal components or circuit Weld mouse, which is mainly found in certain low-quality products, especially in the light-emitting diode, IC circuit damage to the majority.

a common fault: can not find the mouse

1 mouse completely damaged and need replacement mouse.
2. mouse connected to the host serial port or PS / 2 mouth exposed, carefully pick a good line after rebooting.
3. motherboard serial or PS / 2 ports from getting damaged, this situation is rare, if this is the case, had to replace a motherboard or use a multi-serial port on the card.
4. mouse line is bad, this is the most common. Poor contact inside the mouse over a wire in the circuit board connections. Failure as long as not another PS / 2 connector at the general maintenance of it is not difficult. Usually due to Relatively short lines, or compare the mouse lines are messy and lead to the reasons for pulling force, the solution is to open the mouse, then use a soldering iron to solder weld. Another case is inside the mouse cable is bad, is because of the time Caused by the aging caused by long, this failure is often difficult to find, replace the mouse is the fastest solution.

Troubleshooting II: the mouse to display, but can not move the mouse

Flexibility decline, not as arbitrary the mouse pointer, but slow, inaccurate positioning, or simply can not be moved. This is mainly because of the mechanical positioning of the mouse scrolling axis in the accumulation of excessive dirt and Lead to transmission failure, resulting in rolling is not flexible. Focus on maintenance inside the mouse X and Y axis on the transmission mechanism. The solution is to slice open the plastic ball lock, remove the mouse ball to roll, with a clean cloth dipped in Of detergent for cleaning of plastic ball, friction shaft can be cleaned using alcohol. Axis at best a few drops of sewing machine oil, but it must be careful, do not flow to the friction surface and the code plate on the gate gap. Will remove all dirt After the flexibility to restore the mouse as ever.

Troubleshooting III: the mouse button failure

1. the mouse button without movement, this may be because the mouse buttons and the circuit board is too far away from the micro-switch or switch after a period of Click use of a reduced ability to rebound. Open the mouse, the mouse buttons beneath a thick glue Moderate plastic film, the thickness is determined according to actual needs, can be disposed of after use.

2. mouse button can not be normal up, this may be because when the key switch in the bottom of the bowl-shaped micro-fracture caused by exposure to film, especially long-term use of plastic is easily broken reed. If a three-button mouse, you can be the middle of the It removed a key emergency. If it is good quality original brand-name mouse, you can solder, the open micro switch, carefully clean the contacts, some of the grease, the bottles can be used.

key keyboard Plate in the course, failure of performance of a variety of forms, the causes of many. A bad failure, mechanical failure with their own keys, as well as logic circuit fault, Weld, false welding, sealing off the oxygen and metal hole Of other faults. Maintenance, according to the analysis of different phenomena to determine the fault, find out the cause of the malfunction, make the appropriate repairs.

a common fault: some keys on the keyboard, such as the space bar, return key does not Work, sometimes, adjustment shall be entered many times before - one or two characters, and some
key, such as the up cursor key is pressed longer, continuously moving the cursor on the screen, keyboard, other characters can not enter at this time, the need to Press only
Can bounce to.

this failure as a keyboard Students. A keyboard key card phenomenon caused by the following two reasons: one reason is the following keycap insert column position offset, making the keycap is pressed and the key is not stuck in the body shell caused by the bounce card key, This causes multiple Born in or near the new keyboard on the keyboard. Another reason is the key long-term use, the return spring elasticity becomes poor, shrapnel and the press rod friction becomes larger than the key card, key bounce caused by such reason occurred In the long-term use of the keyboard. When the keyboard appears when the card key fault can be allocated under the keycap, and then press the press bar. If the bombs do not lever up or by fatigue, is caused by the second, otherwise the first cause. If the On the keycap and the key causes the body shell stuck into, its size is equal to or slightly larger On the key body size, and location by pressing the lever to open a can of ammonium rod through the square hole free, to set in by pole, plug in the keycap; gasket to stop with this key body stuck with the keycap , you can fix problems button; if due Spring fatigue, shrapnel resistance change causes a large card key failure, then the body can be special key to open, a little tension return spring to restore elasticity; remove the shrapnel will be key to body recovery. By removing the shrapnel and reduce bounce by rod resistance So that the key failure has been restored.

Troubleshooting II: some characters can not enter.

if only certain characters can not enter a key, the key may be invalid or joints Weld. Inspection, in accordance with the method described above to open key
plate, contacts with a multimeter measuring the resistance profile of the on-off state. If the key does not always turn on when pressed, then button reed fatigue or bad, in need of repair Or replacement; if the key is pressed off normal contacts, indicating that may be due to cold solder joint, sealing off holes or gold dust due to oxidation, can be measured along the printing line, paragraph by paragraph, identify failure to re-weld; Ruoyin metal hole oxidation and failure can be oxidized Layer of clean, then re-weld; if completely off the metal hole caused by open circuit, plus welding wire can be connected.

Troubleshooting III: If more than one not in the same column, not by the same line Key can not enter.

may be somewhere in the column line or row line circuit, or logic gates may have problems. High-frequency oscilloscope 100MHz available at this time to detect, identify failure device Weld point, and then repair it.

Fault IV: keyboard input and screen display of the characters are inconsistent.

such failure may be due to the phenomenon caused by a short circuit board , And its performance is shown by the key is the same as the other characters, this time can be measured multimeter or oscilloscope to determine the point of failure after the repair.

Common Fault 5: Press a button to generate a String of multiple characters, or when the character key bounce.

This phenomenon is caused by the logic circuit fault. First select a column of characters, if the enter key of a row without a column, may produce a number of other Character phenomenon; if the one with the Enter key, will have a bounce and can not be the last character of the phenomenon into the system, check with an oscilloscope logic circuit chip, to find fault with the model after the replacement of the chip's new chip, troubleshooting.
often See fault a: 56K Modem not up to the 56K. This problem can be from the following considerations:

1. The actual 56Kmodem can only reach maximum speed of 53K or so, to consider the various effects, 56Kmodem speed is generally between 45-53K.
2. Modem telephone line to a large extent influence the transmission rate, if poor quality telephone lines, line voltage instability, 56K on the Modem
on less than 56K; another extension using the Internet, but also Will affect the Internet speed.
3. not installed the correct driver.
4. and ISP with different protocols, only your Modem and your ISP agreement is the same, Modem 56K will meet the standards.
exclude the above reasons, your 56K Modem is still much faster than 53K, this is your Modem hardware problem, can be considered a replacement or repair

two common faults: Modem often dropped, resulting in Dropped the issue may be several reasons:

1. Poor quality telephone line;
2. If the data terminal ready (DTR) signal is invalid lasts longer than Modem default settings, will cause dropped;
3. If your phone has a Modem their quality and compatibility issues between different Modem Modem is caused by a common cause of dropped calls.

Troubleshooting III: Modem no dial No. tone

when surfing the web in the dead of night, in order not to affect other people sleep dial tone, you can change the appropriate AT commands: You can use the ATM0 no dial set Modem Sound, and ATM1 set Modem from dial-up connection for a dial tone. Volume selection for the following command you can change, ATL0 (low volume), ATL1 (low volume), ATL2 (tenor Volume), ATL3 (high volume).

Fault IV: fax speeds up to less than 14400

Modem maximum fax rate is 14400, and fax Only when the rate of 9600. This is because most of the fax machine to send and receive rates are
is 9600, the rate is only 14400 or 33600 using the fax machine, Modem fax speed Rate will reach 14400.

Troubleshooting five: Modem can not dial or connect

If not properly installed on your Modem, communication will not work Work. The following lists the authentication process of the communication process with the Windows Modem installed incompatible driver files, may lead to the COM port and Modem not working properly, it should first Check the file to load the correct Windows98.

1. test existing communication file
(1) the System directory and SERIAL.VXD COMM.DRV Windows95 floppy disk or CD-ROM with files in the original file to compare, check
check file size and date Are the same.
(2) to confirm the System.ini file in the following lines: [boot] Comm.drv = Comm.drv [386enh] device =* vcd
(3) In the Note: Windows98 not in
System.ini Loading SERIAL.VXD driver, but the use of registered command to load it. In addition, not in the System.ini also associated with
* VCD file. These files are built VMM32.VXD in.

test your modem configuration in the Verify that your modem's system Manufacturer and model, run the If your modem does not appear in the list of installed modems
in Click the If the manufacturer and type is not correct, and not in the list of your equipment manufacturer and type, try to use Hayes-compatible br> In the Confirm whether the selected

check the correctness of the port in the Modem, and then click If not, please select the correct port, and then click

5 confirm the serial I / O address and IRQ settings are correct
In Then click red Conflict device list Home.
Note: If the mouse on COM1 or other equipment, please do not use the modem on COM3. Usually COM1 and COM3 ports use the same kind of
IRQ, and And in most computers can not be used. COM2 and COM4 have the same problem. If possible, change the COM3 and IRQ settings
COM4 port, so that they no longer conflict. In addition, there are also some display cards and COM4 port address conflict, if you find a conflict, use another port, or replace your graphics adapter.

6. test port settings
In the Rate, data bits, stop bits and parity.

modem baud rate test in the Click
Note: If you call the main system in the original setting of the baud rate can not communicate, then sometimes drop Lower baud rate may solve the problem.

in the office printer, inkjet printer is to use it in a more general kind of equipment. Inkjet printers due to the use, maintenance, improper operation and other factors often Will be some failures, how to resolve user concerns. In this work we put in the daily treatment of common faults and summed up, we want to help.

a common fault: playing When India ink scarce, illegible handwriting processing, the fault is mostly due to the long-term unused printers or other reasons, resulting in the ink delivery system disorders or nozzle clogging.

exclusion: If Nozzle clogging was not very powerful, then the printer directly to perform the cleaning operation can be. If no effect after repeated washing, you can win the cartridge (one for non-printer cartridge nozzle, the nozzle needs to win, but Carefully), put the nozzle in warm water soak for a while, pay attention, must not be part of the circuit board also immersed in water, or else, stained with absorbent paper to take away the water droplets, and then washed several times nozzles installed on the can The.

Troubleshooting II: replacement ink cartridges, the printer in the boot panel only Will light. Replacement ink cartridges, the printer panel cartridges. Because Is to replace the print cartridge, printer ink will charge the ink delivery system, and this process will not be turned off, so the printer can not detect the re-install the cartridge. In addition, some printers the ink Capacity measurement is used inside the printer, the electronic counter for counting (especially in the color of ink used for the statistics on), when the counter reaches a certain value, the printer ink is used to determine. In the ink cartridge replacement Process, the printer will conduct its internal electronic counter reset, thus confirming the installation of a new cartridge.

Solution: Turn on the power, the print head moves to the ink cartridge replacement position. The cartridge After installation, get the printer to charge the ink, ink charging process is completed, troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting III: treatment of head

soft soft plug plug plug means is due to various Causes the viscosity of the ink in the nozzle due to break bigger fault. Generally with original ink cartridges can be recovered after repeated washing, but this is way too wasted ink. The easiest way is to use your hands to be empty cartridges Nozzle cleaning. Before cleaning with an empty cartridge, first using a needle to try out residual ink cartridges, the cleaner the better, then add the cleaning solution (available aftermarket). Filling cleaning fluid should be in a clean environment, Will add a good cleaning fluid cartridge according to the normal operation of the printer machine, printer cleaning by key continually be cleaning. Use of the residual ink cartridge cleaning fluid mixed with the light color print test, put on a good ink after normal Box can be used.

Troubleshooting four: Clean the pump nozzle printer troubleshooting

printer cleaning something wrong with the pump nozzle is more, is the main factor causing the plug One. Printer on the print head nozzle cleaning pumps play a decisive role in the protection. Head position after the car back to the pump nozzle from the cleaning of the exhaust nozzle to the weak treatment of the nozzle seal protection. Or install a new cartridge in the printer nozzles There are disconnected, the suction pump to the bottom of the machine through its exhaust nozzle, the higher the precision of this work mouths as possible. However, in actual use, its performance and air tightness due time, the dust and ink residues in the mouth Coagulum increases. If the user does not inspect or clean it regularly, it will keep you out of some of the print head failure.

conservation of this part of the method: Remove the printer cover Remove the car, using a needle wash them inhaling pure water, in particular, embedded within the pores of the mouth to fully clean the gasket. This should remind users to clean this component, do not use ethanol or methanol to clean them, This will result in this component dissolved in the mosaic of the porous gasket deformation. Also to mention is that inkjet printers should be kept away from heat and dust of the work environment, only a good working environment to ensure long-term regular use of the machine.

often See Fault 5: detection of normal and precision printing ink line treatment

significant variation in the use of inkjet printers because of the frequency and time using the extension of the gradual deterioration of printing accuracy. Inkjet print head There is also life. Generally use a new nozzle from the beginning to the end of life, if not more successful, then what is failure, that is, the amount of life 20-40 cartridges. If your printer has been used for a long time now Print less accurate, you can replace the cartridge method to try, if for a few cartridges, print output results are the same, then you head this printer will be replaced. After replacing cartridge if there is a change, Instructions you may have to use poor quality ink non-original ink.

If the printer is new, print the results can not satisfy you, often printed line is not clear, text, graphics distorted Oblique, text, graphics outside the boundaries blurred, print out the ink control synchronization accuracy, this means you can buy a fake ink cartridges or use non-original products, it should be replaced immediately.

Troubleshooting VI: trolleys meet dislocation treatment

inkjet printer trolley track is set by the two copper alloy powder with a round shaft to slide with complete precision. While walking the small car design Equipped with a lubricating oil felt, to supplement the axis, but the environment we live in the dust everywhere, over time, due to air oxidation, dust, damage to the surface of the oil aging shaft failure, then if continue Continued to use the printer, will the shaft sleeve with copper increases the friction caused by Trolley dislocation, can not be used until the collision caused the front.

solution is: Once this failure should be closed immediately Printer power supply, will not hand back the car back into place parking spaces. Find a small piece of sponge or felt, sewing machine oil on the bread dipped oil, forceps rub back and forth on the spindle. It is best to remove the spindle, wash oil, so The best results.

meet another car because of damage caused by the device. Printers car parking spaces on the top of a photoelectric sensor, which is provided to the printer print car board reset signal Important components. If this component is too large or damaged due to dust, the printer will not find a car back to digital signals across the front, but unusable, usually out of the failure to replace the device.
A monitor for a long time, and a variety of small problems would follow. Experts believe that to solve these little problems is actually very simple, with a pair of eyes can see where the failures.

Troubleshooting One: just getting on the computer screen of machine shake so badly, and sometimes even the icons and the text is also not clear, but after twelve minutes and then will return to normal.

This phenomenon occurs in wet The weather is damp inside the monitor's sake. To solve this problem, the use of food packaging in the damp sand with cotton string together, then open the back cover of the display will hang in the damp sand near the CRT tube seat tube neck with the tail Close. Thus, even in wet weather, will not appear more

Troubleshooting II: the computer is turned on, the display is only heard and not seen the painting, dark. To wait several Minutes later to show a picture.
This is due to leakage seat tubes, seat tubes to be replaced. Open the back cover you can see the end of a small CRT board, tube socket on the solder on the circuit board
. Carefully unplug the The board, under the tube socket and then welded to the electronics store to buy back a seat the same tube, seat tube and then welded back on the board. Then install the board not to rush back to first find a small piece of sandpaper, very carefully to the end tubes After the protruding pin wipe clean with sandpaper. With particular attention to pin on the oxide layer, if not clean polished soon relapse. The board back together and you're done.

Troubleshooting III: significant The monitor screen, there is always lingering clutter interference or lines, but also annoying sound in the noise.

This phenomenon is mostly due to poor power supply noise immunity. If you bother to get involved, you can Replace a new power supply. If there is enough hands to
power can also try replacing the power within their own filter capacitor, which often can be effective; if the result is less obvious, can be replaced
to switch.

often See Fault 4: display the video.

this problem is more due to graphics. If it is new for the graphics card, the card may be of poor quality or incompatible, then there is not yet installed the correct driver Sequence. If the old card and added memory, then there may be new graphics and added to the original model parameters vary due to memory.

five common faults: display a black screen.

as If the card is damaged or broken monitors and other causes no signal sent to the display, the display light will blink tips but no reception. If the resolution is set too high, the maximum points over the display Resolution will also appear black, severe destruction of the display, but now the display has a protective function, when the resolution exceeds the set value is automatically protected. In addition, hardware conflicts can cause a black screen.

significant Display jitter causes

monitor refresh rate is set too low

when the monitor refresh rate is set below 75Hz, the screen will be shaking often Move, flicker, the refresh rate to increase due, for example, set higher than 85Hz, the screen jitter phenomenon is generally not occur again.

power transformer and chassis from the display too close

Power transformer will result in greater electromagnetic interference, causing screen jitter. Away from the power transformer on the chassis and display areas, the problem can be solved.

bad power supply or Aging power equipment has many brand-name computer power supply

components used workmanship, materials are very poor, could easily lead to poor or computer circuit power supply capacity can not keep up, when the system is busy, the display in particular Screen will appear the phenomenon of jitter. Computer power supplies begin to age, also likely to cause the same problem.

get away from the monitor speaker placed too close to the magnetic field effect

speakers will do Disturbing the normal operation of the monitor, the monitor screen jitter and produce magnetic interference such as cross color phenomenon.

virus trouble

some computer viruses will disrupt the display, such as: character Upside down, shake the screen, graphics, flip display. Everywhere online screen jitter script, enough to make you move in after the head as big as a cow.


card re-inserted Graphics card, the available fault exclusion.

WIN95/98 system write cache causing

such as belonging to this reason, in the Control Panel - System - Performance - File System - Troubleshooting After all drives are disabled write-caching, allowing the problem to be solved.

power supply filter capacitor damage

open the case, if you see the power supply filter Content (the biggest kid in that circuit board capacitance) at the top of muster, then it shows bad capacitor, the screen jitter caused by power failure. After the change of capacitance can solve the problem.
common Fault 1: Install the burner does not start after computer

First off the computer power supply, open the case cover check IDE cable is fully inserted, and to ensure that PIN-1 pin position is Properly connected. If the recorder with other IDE devices share an IDE cable, ensure that two devices can not be set to Set to

Troubleshooting II: the success of using analog recording, the actual recording but failed

burner provides Adequacy of recording disk space environmental conditions, but can not burn the disc to be tested if there are problems and burner laser power and disc read-write head matches, and so on. In view of this, that But the real burning fails, the recorder and blank disc compatibility is not good, the following two methods can be used to re-try this:
1. Lower burner write speed, 2X recommended the following; 2. replace another brand of blank discs for burning operations. There's another reason for this phenomenon is the power of the laser to read and write heads attenuation phenomena, if you use the same brand of disc recording, the first time Are normal, then it may be read-write head on the power attenuation can be sent to the vendor maintenance.

Troubleshooting III: Can not copy the game CD

or some large-scale commercial software Game software, in the production process, the CD-ROM disc to do to protect, so the process of making CD-ROM replication, there will not be copied, resulting in the burning process the error occurred, or the copy does not work properly after the case made Students.

Common Fault 4: a burned CD music does not play

not all of the audio equipment can be properly read CD-R disc, and most CD players can not Properly read CD-RW disc content, so it is best not to use CD burner to burn music. In addition, you also need to note that burn music CD, CD-DA must comply with the file format.

often See Fault 5: CD burning software to burn the process, sometimes Error message meant for the buffer underrun. Usually in the recording process, data needs to be burned off by the hard disk by
sent to the host IDE interface, and then sent via the IDE interface to the recorder's high-speed cache (BufferMemory), the last writer to store data in
BufferMemory in recording information onto CD-R or CD-RW disc, these actions must be connected Continued, and must not be interrupted, if any one part of a problem, will not normally cause burner to write data, and the emergence of a buffer underrun error, then the disc scrapped. The solution is, Before burning need to close some of the memory-resident programs, such as turn off CD auto insert notification, turn off your antivirus software, Window Task Manager and Task Scheduler and screen saver, and so on.

often See Fault 6: CD burning process, they would often burn burn failure

improve the success rate of a simple need to maintain the system environment, ie turn off the background resident program, it is best to prepare a special recording system Hard-disk drives, specifically related to software installation and burning. In the burning process, it is best to first save the data on the hard disk, made into In order to ensure the burn process data transfer Smooth delivery, need to sort out debris often hard to avoid because the file can not be transmitted properly, resulting in interruption of recording errors, you can perform Plate finishing. In addition, the burning process, do not run other programs, even the mouse and keyboard are not going to touch lightly. Best not to burn the use of computers and other computer networking, in the burning process, if the system management Yuan send a message to this unit will affect the burn effect, In addition, the LAN, do not use resource sharing, if the burning process, the other users to read the local hard drive, will result in burning work disruption or failure. In addition to , But also pay attention to the problem burner heat, good thermal conditions to give the recorder a stable work environment, if the continuous recorder, burner heat is too high, you can turn off the computer, such as temperature decreases following the later Continued burning. Built-in burner for the best in the chassis with extra cooling fan. External recording confidential against dust, moisture, avoid laser to read and write is not normal.

Fault Seven: Use EasyCDPro Chinese burn the directory name is not recognized in the use of EasyCDPro

Chinese file name when recording, you can select options in the file name Romeo, you can To support up to 128-bit file
name, that is 64 characters of the file name. In addition, WinonCD, Nero, DirectCD2.x so long can good support Chinese file name,

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Recently I have been playing online games, playing half a year. I really like this game, that is a great game, because the localization and strict management, so it became a domestic 2D online games, the best a. Because the first fight of the game's comic book company to do this, then I went about and have contact with. Then I thought, ah, why this game so successful? We can really comic to read how to do animation tour it? Spent six months it took six months to play.

often people asked me recently, how do you view this comic novel things. For example there is a high selling novel, you will think that this cartoon is also very promising. I think this issue is based on a result of the preferences of this group is consistent. TV would be good to change the novel, it is because people who read the novel and television is very consistent. The comic novel of this change is hard to say, because many people do not read the novel read comics, some do not accept this form of reverie that read less space, and visual confusion, looking miserable. The comic has a lot of people do not read the novel, such as I, for one, the vast majority of our people do not read. Therefore, the degree of matching people to change than fiction television point of view, much smaller. So, take the base to assess the novel's comic book crowd, it is difficult to say. If you want to change, because of the focus on the problem, how to think

In particular, a 22-year-olds on the novels (in fact, write 18 to 20 years), in order to generally accepted comic is very difficult.

However, Expression level divided,Outlet Coach Handbags, with people like the taste to comic adaptation of the script, I think the comic is still relatively dense population of 10 to 18. Therefore, segmentation based on age preferences do certain points. The screenplay adaptation of at least aware secluded

again, the production team of professional determines a large part of the reader acceptance.

channels accustomed to the habits of exclusion and is a major problem, also contributed to the comic novel is another major difficulty.

on the current stage, I think that the people choose, comic screenplay adaptation, professional comic book creation, sales channel used. Is adapted into a comic work, several aspects need to be considered.

topic back on the game-based comics. According to several novel aspects to assess. Comic play games, read comics to play the game situation, than the novel to change the comics crowd will be larger. In this definition can be a plus. The channels will not be worse than the comic novel, whatever the outcome, that things were not done, we all still a little hope, with 140 million plus registered users of the game, this gimmick is enough to shock people. Game-based comics are successful, at least he's starting point is higher than the comic novel.

effect: yogurt to promote digestive juice secretion, increase gastric acid, which can enhance people's digestion and appetite. Lactic acid in yogurt will not only help in the intestinal alkaline substances into weak acid, and. Also produce antimicrobial substances on human health effects. Yogurt has lower blood cholesterol. Production of yogurt, some lactic acid bacteria can synthesize vitamin C, the vitamin C content increased. According to nutrition experts say Mexico, often yogurt can prevent cancer and anemia, and treatment of psoriasis and mitigation of child malnutrition. In women during pregnancy, yogurt in addition to providing the necessary energy, but also provide protein, vitamins, folic acid and phosphoric acid. In women, menopause, can also suppress the calcium-induced osteoporosis. In old age, eat yogurt every day can be corrected as partial eclipse caused by nutritional deficiencies.

cup yogurt + 2 g brown sugar Stir well before or after dinner drink, day two to three times, very useful, and I and everyone in the dorm with good results. yoghurt can be non-stop movement of the stomach rest, adjust the intestinal environment. Fresh off after burn fat more easily, in order to avoid the feeling of too much stomach acid.


yogurt should note the following: abdominal not yogurt, drinking 2 hours after meals, the best results. Drinking yogurt is not heat, summer drink should drink are bought. The bacteria in yogurt and certain acidic substances contained in the teeth were damaged, prone to tooth decay, so the time after drinking mouthwash with warm water. Do not use yogurt instead of water medication, especially yogurt delivery service can not be used chloramphenicol, erythromycin, sulfonamides and other antibiotics and treatment of diarrhea, some of the drugs. Patients after gastrointestinal surgery, diarrhea or other intestinal disorders for patients with yogurt. Yogurt in the production process adds sugar as fermentation accelerator, sometimes flavored with various syrups, so pay special attention to diabetes. People who are allergic to cow's milk can not be yogurt.

This is the point of view in the magazine, the best thing is that this drink is not diarrhea, but more yogurt is also very good, it is written above the morning yogurt with bamboo salt, yogurt plus red at noon Tong, add skim milk yogurt at night can also choose to use with one, I think is easier to add brown sugar.

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red pond has a diuretic effect, the good bacteria in yogurt can promote intestinal digestion, the body will not have any side effects. Eat three meals a day can be normal, it was successful to lose 24 pounds, but the value will depend on the specific individual physical and adherence.

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2, little things do first, make a little money -

3, respect each other's


human well-being, inconstancy, usually friends, usually over. Make friends then friends, not profit-oriented, friendship investment, should take the long, cold temple worship, Shao Shao cold stove, burn incense to spend more, even a few words of greeting, is also making friends. -


man with confusion, things are difficult in the face Solve problems by the head, head produce thinking, so thinking angry, in a surprise place to easily solve the problem. -

3, indifferent Ming, Mo for the fame and fortune block our sight -

1, civil use -


Jiuli rivers and lakes, sophisticated human person stuck a Withdrawal is a strategy, retreat is an exchange, but also a means to survive. A good philosopher, said,

1, as wrong as heart care, think about everything backward cis -

2, you talk about in front of the disappointed proud -

- teach you to win friends -


everyone should treat time, has to be punctual. Shape their own image, is inseparable from the modern concept of time. Reasonable arrangements for their own time, effective use of your time, punctual, unfortunately, do not delay. -

2, credible, and principled man -


earth person, real work. Any one of his hands in his pockets, the people, not climb the ladder of success. Give the impression that a real image, to add to their success lay a solid foundation of a proceeding from reality, they are responsible. -

1, shortest way to success: hard work -

2, determined pursuit, never back down -

2, do not ignore his spare time -

Remember: Time is money. -

1, clever transformation strain -


radius of a man, smooth and slick; complete work, everything goes. People unpredictable, always hold back the best, there is leisure, you can look -

3, relaxed and happy to learn to solve problems -

read a tactic, good enough for your life! -

- teach you more relaxed and happy -

4, establish the idol, to change their -


four, interpersonal tactics -

2, first determined, interested, there is hope -

First, social interaction tactics -


learn owl, an eye, close one eye. I confused you, I is not stupid! More than just things changing, business is difficult, ruining the fast, people say the water is clear there are no fish, no people to the police only. In fact, the self-preservation, great minds often Dayu, were more intelligent, able to live the -

2, who laughs last laugh best sweet -

2, with the

3, success requires the Cheat Death and pretend to be defeated -


life living in a drama, you Changba I play, whether you will play, to see you will not be installed. Easy to charge a hero, play the weak difficult. As the saying goes, good deed goes unpunished, not afraid of thieves afraid of thieves misses, when you do not have the strength, please hide your excess talent! -


self-improvement, courage and knowledge necessary to go beyond the self. What is beyond? Beyond is to eat crab, is innovation. While innovative means adventure, danger and seek so-called rich. Would like to think of others, others do not dare to do, first in the world, is thinking of converting. -

1, help is help, not an easy promise -

3, hands in his pockets, who could not climb the ladder of success -

3, went to the countryside when farmers - Fan Li rich life -

4, tolerant side of outstanding personality -

4, low-level people


Among the decisions are often cool to bail out the best solution, but also a calm wisdom to wait for change, Luanzhongqusheng! -

4, refuse to give up until all hope is gone -

3, relatives of relatives, further and further pro -

3, bristle of power -

3, pursuit, and never give up -

2, postures, in front of Avenue -

2, a man of tolerance, tolerance to succeed -


have expertise to be constant, exercise and only me. -


1, one second the value of million gold -

2, refused to compromise, is to deny the success -

3, success is communication, there is only win through -


Poor people want change, and change the pass.???者?俊杰, who as a hero through the machine change. Not a path to success, why hang in a tree it? Seize the key to success, the East does not shine bright, whether it is black or white, it is important is whether it can catch -


more efforts will be more chance of success. Numerous facts prove that: shortest way to success is hard work. Do not just pay lip service, not indolent, frequently putting the word Heaven pays off, Inf! -

4, There is no absolute happiness, happy heart just would not -

2, proud not to carried away -

1, save the living from the start -

4, reduced heart desire to satisfy mind -


Little Sparrow, Feifei jumping, racing against time, constantly looking for food. Life is also the case in the face of fierce competition, only to forge ahead, make a good pioneer, the next goal when the goal, take risks, dare to battles, sit back and wait thing after all, very slim. -

3, diligent action is better than ground that -

1, leisure and more incense, when it was anxious to help -

3, grasp the opportunity to pull people one -

2, breaking the rules of creativity -

2, alone product the vicissitudes of life -

2, Dankan life, to treat life -

1, Accumulate, endure loneliness -

2, do not do mild-mannered fellow -

2, from the

3, the power of thought -

4, ask who does not choose -

1, degree of moral within their means, to mark the code of conduct -


life long, and short-term, the key on the steps. Human jungle, the workplace cause a lot of interest, a lot of temptations. Aging and are not afraid of much, everything should be more than think twice, afraid of ten thousand, afraid of the event. Once the stretch the wrong hands, the wrong, do wrong, in reputation, in business, in the image Jie does not save the crisis. -

1, the back seat sat Manager chair -

2, heart Ning Zhisheng, intellectual trouble into -

3, a nail change a person's life -

3, with the self to challenge the authority -

3, you respect my foot, I respect you ten feet -


owner of a seafood restaurant chain is the fish market is likely to practice beach had children, and the original owner of a shoe chain may be a shoeshine. Yuzuo big, big money, we must first do the little things, make a little money, lend a willing small profit. From the subtle to start with, the first sweep of a house, then sweep the world! -

- teach you to save the fate -

1, forgive your enemies -

so to speak, is a way of doing things in real life involves all aspects of learning, a single study from any one of aspects, can not see the whole picture. To master this knowledge, grasp its essence, it must be refined summary of real life, come to some general law, people can follow, which is not lost however no threads. -


Interpersonal relationships, mutual benefit and reciprocity. Help others, that is, human credit card for their savings, especially in people impose on the occasion of trouble help to save distressed hero in dire straits. Really help people, and their self-evident. -


life hard, work hard in the face of difficulties and resistance, to enhance the self, not to the point of If things are forced, and should be bold enough to say time. -

1, reject is an art -

and for your Well, we should stay in step with each other, we can give face. -

2, Guo Ziyi Bingtui maid Free scourge -

2, then you want a good

3, do not act in haste -

1, stupid people smart I -

you live in an era of knowledge explosion, if you are a genius, do not you become the unfortunate focus; If you are qualified ordinary, please do not pessimistic, as long as you are determined to a lifetime to do something, you successful. Young people, do not give the impression that a ramshackle image. -


people to face the tree to the skin. People exist in society, to play various roles, especially in dealings with each other, requires a certain dignity to support, this is human weakness. Knowing this, can experience the -

2, courtesy, politeness -

everyone living in the real world, are eager to succeed, and many people with lofty ideals to dream, to pay a lot, but get little, this can not but arouse people's food for thought: you can not say they are not hard, not hard, but why nothing happens to end up ending it? It is worth every one of us to seriously consider. -


3, to guard against abnormal frugal: mean -

1, let a friend be your patron -

4, the credibility of the cornerstone of life and death, friendship -

3, unbeaten in life, ninja invincible -

3, untouchables, stay up -

1, tolerance is a quick response Daifuku -

2, each work to do -


3, successful culture awareness: determined is king -

3, doing things not too seriously -

the surface, it seems very simple way of doing things, who will not? In actual fact, for example, you as a teacher, your subjective desire when a good teacher, but in fact they are not students; you to do business, your subjective desire to make big money can be chosen to lose this. Beyond these surface phenomena,cheap Beats by dre studio, to discover the crux of the problem, you will find a way of doing things is really difficult to master science. -

4, reverse the offensive and defensive way of thinking -

2, jealousy is the Founder of the people of the taboo -

six unbeaten life tactics -

1, first in the world -

1, like cockroaches, like life -

1, as the Venerable taboo, taboo for the boss -

1, not arrogant -

3, calm the heart from the Yi -

3, wife of the road, also, and also intellectual -

3, thanks to the cold temple, burning cold stove, cross distressed hero -

1, to help people get rich, they benefit from them -

1, tells him to find topics -

2, versatile, nurturing trained

3, single-minded, so that disadvantage into advantage -


do an honest person, doing a sound and complete personality of the person, the subject of reverence. A selfish person to do something Qi Xin, Yin disease prevention capacity, and success chance. -

4, according to the importance of work, more effective use of time -

- teach you life brilliant -


interaction, should focus on the future, forgive and forget. Forgive others is the best way to treat yourself - for your enemies and angry, burn yourself. Doing things, our hearts can not be too narrow. Be tolerant to diversity, by a generous heart! -


life rely on themselves and, yes, the sky will not fall out, sit back and wait starved to death, but that does not rely on does not work, relatives, friends, classmates, fellow, this is a three disaster six difficult to rely on the by, do not rely on the creation of conditions also depends on! -

1, starting from the smile success -

1, courteous -

as -


in the sea, if we do not want isolation, then learn how to get along with others now! Big woods, what birds are, does not require all the people you like, but not what the world's most cattle people. -

1, long and short term earlier, near no risk -

1, does not meet the existing achievements -


Home over Japan, and in the workplace and so escape a -

1, a house does not scan, how can you sweep the world -

1, self-reliance, and success about -

1, for the sake of others, for their future careers -

1, dedicated, successful man of action to protect -


interaction with others, make friends to be friends of the snobbish Fenhua, it seems not too demanding, when the Some bearish look on some, life will suddenly see the light, gusto of. -

3, stealing other time, is equal to murder -

Third, self-improvement tactics -


really a hero, why shortness of breath, start to finish, side unbeaten! Tolerance can protect yourself, forbearance done, tolerance is wisdom, Dayong, an even bigger blessing! Tolerance is a thick, black forbearance, forbearance villain, forbearance tyrannical, the world endure unbearable things, do not do mild-mannered fellow, as hard as ordinary matter. -

3, do not have the ability to boast -


to get rid of the plight of people and things, which inevitably requires people, ask for would inevitably have to cringe, but look to the future success, even if, like cockroaches, like life should be at the expense, feng shui, after all, times change. Lend a hand to the give way bent, resilient to bend for the extension side to hero! -

give your life up a voluntary, goal trees, tree idol, down to earth, the awareness of the need to develop a successful, first determined, then with a successful date. -


to praise someone else, like the food as alms to the hungry beggar. Throughout the ages, I do not know how many people, with the silver tongue, changed their extraordinary destiny. Speak humorously, to find a common language ... ... a -


life skills only -


Second, image-building tactics -

- teach you to make contributions -


the face of setbacks and difficulties, bearing in mind Churchill's famous quote: For the final victory, should persistence of the blog, the humiliation being faced, pursuit, not stop until one reaches one's goal! -

3, abandoned as I can get miracles -

1, the cleverest housewife can without straw -

2, the I, do not polite -

1, deliberately refused to yield good -

2, made her second child, do not do the boss -

five Rebate Due tactics -

2, good wind power, by the ladder can be prohibitively -

a person no matter how smart, multi-talented, how good background conditions, if you do not know how to do people do things, then he is certainly the final outcome is a failure. Doing things is an art, it is a science. The reason why many people a lifetime of mediocrity, it is because he lived a lifetime do not understand how people do things that. -

3, do in advance, the first man to win the trust -

2, learn to create happiness -

2, more effort, more opportunities -

2, many roads to Rome -

- teach your character and elegant -


how many people trust you, how many times you have a chance of success, Letter is a strength of character, is beyond the money, friendship, is to understand, appreciate, is the overlying water, irreversible. So, true to its word, action must be, can help the busy is to help, but not easy to promise! -


do a personality, give yourself a little self-confidence! Break on their own path to success, a better future comes from the self-reliance, do not succumb to any authority, with the self-effort to find your self-esteem. -


born in ceremonies, to be a polite person. Polite person would be a man, it was edge, many friends. Polite people do things, focus on image, cultivated, not enemies, everything along the road to success. -

4, Dream of Youth, the Kaokao a -

2, do not think they smarter than others -

3, your spirit can not throw, the success is sooner or later -

2, flattery is the best

3, successful life, humor, wit -

1, put all your eggs into one basket -

1, radius of a man, a complete work -


There is no absolute happiness, and only refused to happy heart. Life is short, with every bow pull crossbow, as Remember, success is a smile from the beginning, life things do not always 89 music point of view, and create their own fun, easy to learn to solve problems. -

4, way do not want to dye, frugal and Germany to support -

man up the world, their green light! -

3, focusing on ritual dress, giving a good impression -

2, friendship investment, should take the long-term -

2, hammered out by the villagers -

3, not to deceive your heart, is in itself a pleasure -

(3) bed embedded mirror, ghost
owners often provoke headaches, insomnia. Romantic to talk about principles and feng shui can not be affected because of the romantic health. Many young people decorated the house unconventional. Everyone knows all things orderly, counter to the subject unburdened.

(19) bed height off the ground should be
bed about 50 cm off the ground, the bed must be kept clean and should not accumulate debris. Off the ground, and not accumulation of debris under the bed to maintain air flow and reduce moisture penetration into the mattress surface, while the impact on health.

(16) bed is not close to the window
windows out of the qi, so easy to make the bed close to the windows washed. People were sleeping on the bed in the window to see the head, likely to lack a sense of security, causing mental stress and affect health.

(10) bathroom should not change the overall pipeline bedroom
modern building construction, so the whole building bathroom are located in the same place. If the bathroom to bedroom, is bound to cause sleep in the bathroom upstairs and downstairs two of them, but the bathroom is wet, dirty, which they caught in there is bound to have an impact on environmental health, the other when the House on the toilet, water is also a start will definitely affect your peace, so the damage to human health.

(8) Bedroom hypotenuse convex shape is not appropriate for angular shape Founder
bedroom, suitable for bevel or polygonal shapes. Hypotenuse on the line of sight likely to cause the illusion, polygonal easily lead to oppression, thus increasing the burden of the human spirit, long-term illness Luo down easily and accidents.

(7) placed flowers for the living room is not suitable for the bedroom
bedroom hi zoom leaves, broad-leaved plants. Enhance the feelings between husband and wife, and enhance the owner's wealth. Work efficiency handy. Easy to get boss ages. Leaf flowers will make the owner into trivial situation. Old things are repeated.

(1) put the flower bed, easy to commit peach
couple will have an affair, over time, will be split, broken families.

(20) bedroom should not put too many flowers and plants
too easy to gather chi plants, and plants absorb oxygen at night, releasing carbon dioxide, it is easy to affect people's health.

(14) mirror on the bed and floor doors and windows should not
mirror is used to block evil, the role is to reflect back the evil spirits, so we can not on the bed. In particular, people woke up in the consciousness is not very clear, easy to be reflected in the mirror or windows in the shock of their own.

(13) the door is not a reflection on the mirror mirror
role in the feng shui can be reflected back to the evil spirits, so overwhelmingly wicked and wild. However, the door will be facing a mirror shines into the bedroom the wicked and wild red gram, attracting good fortune.

want to understand my friends read it, do not commit a similar mistake, if you feel okay, we must remember that collection oh - Fat Chai remind

(15) beds or a bed is not suitable for the most emphasis on the door
sleep safe, quiet and stable, the door is out of the room must pass through, so the door is not on the bed or bed. Otherwise,Beats Headphones, people tend to sleep on the bed of lack of security, and harmful to health.

(4) Bedroom Furniture hanged
uneven uneven, which represents harmony, living in the mouth are prone to trouble.

bedroom feng shui

(9) bedroom during the day should be bright, dark night
bedroom should be equipped with windows, in addition to air movement, but also during the day light, makes the spirit of fun, and windows should be equipped with night curtains to block the outdoor luminous, make easy to sleep.

(17) bed is not desirable in the beams under the ceiling
flat, avoid a beam. Prone to heavy beams in the psychological sense of the body, especially the people sleeping in the beam will feel great under pressure, resulting in mental oppression, affect health, career.

(12) not being on the kitchen door or the kitchen stove and kitchen adjacent
fry, exhaust fumes, is likely to impact on the door, endangering human health and the work performance instability. The kitchen is the fire place, very hot, so it should not and the adjacent bedroom, especially the bed close to the stove wall.

(5) bed and the ground clutter will affect the owner's luck
in life, many people do not understand the clean truth can bring people good luck. In fact, feng shui is not so complicated as you want it at your side. Some people deliberately did not like it a mystery, Pengdao the sky, not as some people simply do not understand feng shui, said it was superstition, to step on the ground. Feng Shui on your side, everywhere, simple and easy to understand. Everyone knows people who can not make big mess, like, so pack up your environment, give yourself a good mood. Good luck will come naturally.

(6) like to use the whole bedroom windows, avoid using separate two or more window on the side of the window wall
always been something, but it is divided into several pieces and wanted to have trouble. Feng Shui is no wonder that also avoid this. Many things there are differences, can not go. When buying a house to see more.

(2) bed from the air through the windows too close
helpless, can not be down to earth, affecting the development. Front of a modern metropolis is often building, floor after floor, floor, side and flat, bed too close to the window, making the bedroom can not be well to maintain its confidentiality; In addition, because the city has become increasingly complicated, and annoying noise will This fan is not too thick through the windows affect your sleep; According to Feng Shui books in the previous records, bed too close to the window, easily lead to

(18) does not depend on the wall bed taboo
people lying on top of the head is not easy to see, so the bed should be against the wall, to avoid the exposed air, and reduce the sense of security. Or sleep in the bed of the people, and in a trance, suspicious, affect health, career.

(11) not being on the bathroom door
bathroom is a place for people to excrete, prone to bad smell and moisture, so is the air of the bedroom door would have an impact on the people's health body health.

1, buy a big house to you, our baby stay a baby room.

2, so you lay on my lap quietly reading, and then rubbing your hair.

3, when you say you do not want to tired to cook when you hold the bed covered with blankets, and then personally give you my best at instant noodles!

4, when you do not eat when you eat cajole, and then not feed you eat.

5, take you to trip the Maldives, still feel the time and space.

6, and then you run to Africa, make you feel very white.

7, my toothbrush and you secretly a change.

8, each special day should be left in your heart for some special memories.

9, in the shower to help you Chopping, rubbed his feet after a bath to help you.

10, to help you when you rubbed his tired shoulder.

11, there is no reason to kiss you.

12, you write the things I must do first reader, and no matter what you are writing to encourage you.

13, every autumn and you have to go mountain climbing.

14, always hold you, carrying you, even if it is under the large crowd.

15, wake up every day to look at the way you sleep, gently kiss you about.

16, often funny you want to cry laughing.

17, to accompany you shopping, and cooking with you.

18,dr dre beats, when walking in the streets will not let you leave their 1 meter, never let you go by the road side.

19, cross the road is to be holding your hand.

20, special time in your side when you do the brown sugar, egg I see tears, rubs up against my chest you.

21, in life to you, you are wrong is my fault, I will certainly apologize after the fight, but have to adhere to the principles of right and wrong side.

22, to hear you call me a fool and all you want to call my name.

23, deliberately wake you up at night, listen to your lazy voice.

24, when you can not help your side to help you.

25, to help your hair is not gonna hurt you.

26, to concentrate on reading when you do not disturb you.

27, and you rush to eat, eat the most nutritious best left to you.

28, listen to your phone call from the beach, listening to the waves when you step on the calls.

29, buy your food at Shun Pianmai flowers to you.

30, when you are sick, keep at your side, you sese a corner, touch your forehead, you my arms.

31, always have your wallet photos, or family portrait.

32, grew up raising a child with you.

33, at home after work just to see some of the lights went out on their door, will not wake you.

34, midnight deliberately kicked your quilt you drilled into my bed.

35, listen to you, do not smoke, drink less, eat more fruits, regular meals.

37, thunder, when you say

38, daily milk drink with you.

39, we fight, it will sleep in the living room, so you think about it, and then wait for you to give me tuck.

40, leaving a little bit of beard, when you sneak in the pro-fixing your face.

41, at the age of 70 accompany you watch the sunset.

42, and with you to see Ghost, to comfort you say you.

44, you should not say thank you, I'm sorry to the group, as will be see outside.

45, when it rains in front of you.

46, when the money would be nauseating to say

48, seriously listen to every word you say.

49, if I have any accident, I hope you can find better for you than the person.

50, thank God every day we meet, friend, love ......

you grow day by day, I was most impressed you most afraid of two things: one is the New Year, when fireworks, you do not know how to do, hide everywhere, I feel like to crash look, really look cute, you hate 2 bath, a bath every time you call you fear

LEO in the early morning of October 7 passing, sudden intestinal stem killed your life, like the graphic pictures, may it always be happy in heaven!

remember? every day I came home from work, rushed to the door you are first lifted forepaw crazy jump, let me hug before they agree to peace of mind, get back on hold wandering along behind me, also issued a whining voice of intimacy, I know you are in communication with me every day so ......

tree does not leaf out not to retain,
it has its end,
children went to the dog, not the owner do not love it,
the fragility of life so that I can do nothing,
believe heaven a dog park!!!

LEO, I know, you naughty, you and Snooze, I tell you again how you will not wake up .....

from Sichuan fly from Nanjing to Changzhou, Wuxi from Changzhou to one of your eyes, so I chose you own you, you belong to me, you spend every day me, I have been thinking about you always want to hurt your teeth to fall out, good to accompany you in this life. Eat from your home after the first Dayton after dinner, you request from the first hug, first from your favorite toy from your first baby, from your first time going to the toilet in the living room naughty ...... To this day you leave ...... LEO I miss you!

everywhere to hide, then it sets a dog chain, a bath when you pull into the toilet, feeling like your life to be the same. The most lovely when you are hot in the summer, you only see the body lying on the floor in the outlet nose, eyes have been transferred,Beats by dre headphones, as has been the same crocodile. Each time no matter how late you will obediently wait for me to go home, so I hug you, you will go to bed.

How can we bear so

morning, I play with you asleep, suddenly woke up my mother told me that you go .....
go? where to go a???? I deeply aware of this yin and yang of intestinal stem so that you and I separated! LEO, you go, can I have a lot of words to say to you, really, can you still go to hurry!

LEO, fly, fly to heaven now! there is a paradise for you ....... my love forever with you in heaven! If there is afterlife I remember some good pain you find a good host! if you are willing I will still hold you in my arms again! remember not to mess after swallowing toy, or else I will hit you really, really! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

angel from my side take you away??? all rush! Everything came so suddenly, who can tell me what it means life in the end, life in this world there are more important than you?

remember? small, you always love to climb high and climbing on the sofa, wah-wah barking every time you will fall, perhaps now you have wings, it will not pounding down ... will not feel the pain ......

remember? every time it rains, you're always quiet I buy you a house in Garfield sofa bed, come with me online ...

remember? dinner every day, we will be naughty in the living room for a while, you always were my favorite toys to grab, then you always sat reluctant to move on the ground, I'll hold you up, gently patting your belly chubby toy back to you, because I just tease you ...

remember? every time I came back home, any room in the shuttle when you always like to follow in my rear end and refused to leave, when I always like to snuggle when sitting in my side like a baby with me quietly .....

baby, look at you huddled in the corner, and a look of quiet, soft eyes, or so as usual you look at my eyes in general, but you will never look back, stiff this one action, you feel cold? still painful it? you will in the distant kingdom of heaven is so afraid of loneliness, as usual? Are you going to miss the past? will think you love me? still want me hold it? you have so strong, hard to hang on until the last moment, and I had a chance to see you last look at your bright little eyes forever fixed grid .... know what? you leave, I also in a dream and you play, you come and say goodbye to it? Looking at your empty house, tears in my eyes have a fall, I know it must be you, I want to hold back the tears belong to you Fengyun not flow down, but eventually fell in cheek! , Like nasty enteritis ruthless denial of your life!
do not leave the tree leaves do not stay! ! ! The fragility of life so that I can do nothing! ! LEO I'm sorry, did not let you grow old in my arms, did not let you come to the end of the years. I would definitely put you in my heart where the permanent collection of the softest! ! !

remember? the Internet a long time every time I ignore you, you always want and computer rivalry, I do not want to ignore you, little head kept at my feet rubbing to go, I ignore you, you call out at me ...

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as regular smokers, the lungs begin to gradually weaken, the sound is not the normal running of breath, and sputum, particularly, will eat what can Qingfei, do not tell me What kind of medicine is food.
Qingfei foods such as carrots, pears, mushrooms, milk, honey and so on. Qingfei pear: to thirst, heat cough and so on.
approach is hollowed out to house, put Ruchuan Bei, rock sugar, honey cooking.
second block with the Peel, then into the steaming bowl, bowl better and put on sugar, cooked to mix honey, hot to eat the best.

four, duck soup: ingredients: duck, 150 grams, 250 grams of glutinous rice, wine, salt. Approach: first duck diced; glutinous rice porridge with water, then add duck, a little wine and salt, cook until cooked porridge.

five, Duck Blood Soup: Ingredients: 300 g Duck, Duck 150 grams (be careful not to add meat, because meat is hot,cheap north face jackets, not suitable for high temperature gradually , dry weather of spring and summer consumption). Ingredients: Yellow-throated, eel, luncheon meat, bean sprouts, vermicelli, each 100 grams, Chongqing hot pot at the end of material, foam ginger, garlic, monosodium glutamate, sugar, a little different. Practice: first duck slices, on the frying pan using water boil for a short stand; came alive again in a few edible vegetable oil the ginger, garlic fry, into the material of Chongqing hot pot to boil; Flavored Aohao, the Add duck, Duck, Yellow-throated, eel, luncheon meat, bean sprouts, vermicelli, etc. until cooked (not cooked too old note Duck). Tip: As the saying goes, Therefore, this soft, smooth and very inexpensive blood tofu, then do not eat now, when?

Six, ham melon soup: ingredients: ham, melon slice. Ingredients: onion, ginger, shrimp, salt, sugar, sesame oil. Approach: put the pot of water boiling, slice the melon and the ingredients added after 10 minutes under the pot ham, 2 minutes to pan; pan before adding chopped green onion, sesame oil, salt, sugar. Tip: This soup is delicious fresh, to dry the lungs, for spring and summer consumption.

Third, with Peel and cut into pieces, and papaya, honey, pork bone soup together, there are clear lung heat, appetizer effect.
Fourth, after the white fungus bubble, and pears into the cold water in the soup together, then add according to taste different to wolfberry, dates and so on.
addition, you can trace clay into the pear cake, add sugar after eating, but also heat, cough.
always pay attention to Chinese medicine and Edible, attaches great importance to improve the diet by regulating the body's resistance to diseases, therefore, to achieve the increase by raising lung immune function of the therapeutic effect is worthy of recognition. However, it is clear that food consumption should first understand the efficacy, such as the consumption of white radish, with phlegm, cough is more appropriate; edible lily, to porridge, boiled water to drink better results; eat green beans, suitable for strong inside the fire people; and water chestnuts to heat fluid, raw, boiled water can be. Also, because people's individual qualities are quite different, so take time to choose according to their own situation symptomatic food, but should also not eat too spicy, salty, greasy food. Here are several lung, lungs, Nourishing soup porridge, can be chosen according to their own.

one, clearing the lungs soup two kinds:
1, white fungus, lotus seeds, lily, pork ribs soup: ingredients: Fungus 75 grams, lily 100 grams, ribs 500 grams. Method: After cleaning the choice of materials into the pot with water to boil, boil for 3 hours.
2, Sang one hundred leather, lily, pork ribs soup: ingredients: one hundred mulberry paper 50 grams, lily 75 grams, ribs 500 grams. Approach: the choice of materials will be cleaned with water, and then be put into the pot to boil, boil for half an hour.

Second, the lungs and white fungus soup: Ingredients: Tremella 5 grams, sugar 50 grams. Method: white fungus into the basin with warm water soak for 30 minutes, until fat head through the pedicle after pluck, pick impurities; the white fungus torn sheet, into a clean pot, add water to high heat after boiling , and then slow fire torment 1 hour, then add sugar until white fungus Dunlan up.

Third, the lungs and milk porridge: Ingredients: milk, 1,000 grams, 100 grams of rice, sugar amount. Method: Wash the glutinous rice into the pot, add water, switch to gentle heat slowly Wuhuoshaofei boiling, pour the milk and cook until rice flowering time and continue to boil for 10 minutes, add sugar to.

uh .... what else can be ... In addition to frustration or helplessness .. ,Outlet Coach Sunglasses

on the matter also disappointed .

crying after every time to a disease .

Oh ...

but .... that is the truth .

home to nine at night to do more to take a breath .

cry .. just know that tears are salty ..

really do not know how long it can hold .

hate the feeling .

allows you to be gone as ...

even the most basic freedom a little problem .

If .....

Oh ....

really want a deep sleep can not afford ......

you will not be like before the .

really hateful ...

though has never admitted that ...

I know you can not go back to before .

you know how I hate life now what ?

indescribable sadness .

seems every mood , no matter how good . there are always one is bad .

... once again understand you .

can you sometimes do not appreciate ...

really do not know is right or wrong ...

I was overlooked a bit ...

I have been in my heart I do not want to give you pressure ,

day you always give yourself a smile .

all day long , I could not even talk to people one did not .

what can I say ?

uh ... speechless .


really do not know why I am alive .

coax you ... care about you .

appears in front of you my mind is transparent to the .

not understand why there are so irritable every day when ...

money money . the right not to be right .

Bacheng also sick tomorrow ..

people are very disappointed .

I am also not sure you are thinking about .

really thought I was the iron man is not ?

really only heartbreak for over ...

can you not understand the next I ?

more disappointed for himself ...

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letter to you - Andy
words: Andy
song: New York could have thought the voice of ordinary
has been the echo response has actually
applause ringing
thank you thank you for all I really encourage

the feeling I will always cherish
you need a little star resonance
my heart is no longer lonely
early because the truth before you complete my life told me that the world more beautiful

stage I sing to you all to listen to my mind every sentence contains words
contain my tears of joy I
you are my life wizard
audience away from it all and how hard you are willing to close
To stop it with stop to enter into
on the journey of life with you I leave footprints
small star also need your sympathy
already my heart is no longer lonely
you the truth because my life was complete
told me the world more beautiful
stage I sing to you all to listen to every word my heart
contain my tears
contain my joy You are my life wizard
audience away from it all and how hard you are willing to close
To stop it with stop to get into the journey of life together into
leave your footprints on my table I
all my heart sing you listen to every word
contain my tears contain my joy You are my life
wizard the audience away from it all and how hard you are willing to close
To stop it with stop to get into the journey of life together into
my footprints left on your
ah ~ ~ ~ footprints of life

These days people say to me : the fate of the book , we ......
I have nothing to say , once the fate of the word to others use my body ,dr dre headphones, I was weak , I do not know how to deal with .

side , I love wandering into the abyss , and the lonely playing While I was lonely , while on the exclusion of passion.

I was decadent and lazy , insensitive ignorance.

I have not done a long time dream , a dream who does not is not a healthy person.

warm spring breeze warm and not my heart , I am incorrigible , liver and gallbladder are snow and ice . Lonely people is shameful , but I have no choice.

sea of ??floating and sinking , I'm just passing it a long life . Xiao night alone , I just run around in the shadows between the non-stop , as the comfort and has been. The throne for Huan geometry ?

moment shocked scared , because I very panic to find - in fact I saw changed my decadence . At least that has changed me.

that I can in the end is what I do ?

I began to feel that they have some dirty decadence . This is a very sad thing.

original, many fire from playing the slick, the bought tickets to Xiamen, giving the illusion of creditors also purchase another ticket to fly overseas. Result, tracking is only required to fly back to Xiamen master ticket information, many from the fire out at large, the cover of darkness the. According to the creditors the information available at present many have fled to Southeast Asia from the fire area.

Therefore, many fire flew from Xiamen tickets bought after we were convinced to his back.

However, although these creditors eyes widened, but still rushed to empty, in their day waiting at the Xiamen airport, many fire from another trip aboard flights already exited the border.

until ten days ago, when many fled the fire from news reached the village morality, Chengxiang Town, Anxi, including morality, including many of the village cadres and villagers in the Department of , still can not believe that the wealthy in the morality of the village committee director actually fled.

less than 20 million people in Fujian Anxi county, now a private lending collapse event has become a focal point for locals. Anxi county fire a small village head promised owed 300 million yuan from the huge principal and interest, and ultimately face the rush to come to creditors, he chose to flee. According to the creditors the information available at present many have fled to Southeast Asia from the fire.

was the richest man in the local

integrated Central People's Broadcasting Station, Channel Herald reported

introduced, according to civic village cadres, Xu, 37-year-old from fire, home, three brothers, ranked third. Xu fire from many in the county operates the industry, there are furniture city, entertainment, and security company, claim to be the richest man in the village of morality.

he disappeared from the airport

fire from many circles in the end to get to where the money went to, there are 300 million yuan in the amounts of principal in the end, it seems that no one confused.

disclose information from creditors point of view, small claims amount to hundreds of thousands, tens of millions of large, a lot of money from the Anxi's In the state-owned banks, the Anxi Industrial and Commercial Bank may be the biggest victims, involving an amount of up to 50 million.

shock Anxi County

According to banking sources said Anxi, Anxi many fire operates from a call in the broad financial information of the security company, about ten years. Xu fire way to raise funds from, and most security companies engaged in usury interest margin earned exactly the same way. Xu fire from a According to some creditors say, generally 1.5 Lanchu assigned 2 points of interest,Beats By Dr Dre Solo, and then resell to 5 or 6 points of high interest to put out. The central bank to tighten monetary policy in the context of this model in Anxi usury by many security companies and business owners welcome.

the banking source said, compared to hundreds of billions of dollars of loan-sharking Xiamen black hole, more than 300 million of debt amount is trivial, but less than 200,000 population Anxi county, so the size of the debt enough to shock the entire county.

What is behind the name of morality so that the richest man had to leave the village to flee it? Creditors to disclose some information from the point of view, which is now the embattled usury. Xu owed on the amount of debt from the fire, the banking sector in Anxi, there was a more unified view: 300 million yuan owed the principal and interest.

Just ten days ago, dozens of creditors waiting from Anxi in Xiamen airport, in accordance with creditors to discuss a good plan, once the fire from many in the airport, will be back soon Anxi and intensive care, until they pay off the debt so far.

In the complex business world, you want to start, do not understand the economy, do not understand business, know the score, do not understand the legal edge, you have only courage, only a dream, only naive, only empty.
the 20 films you can learn the business community to the economic common sense, and the daily occurrence of economic fraud. These 20 films are English-speaking children to learn business knowledge in a must-see movie. Including Harvard Business School has been ranked first in the In short, one by one to see, the thing the West can be considered truly understand the nature of business.

1, Wall Street (Wall Street) (1987)
insider trading is illegal, but not illegal how to get rich? Key to see how illegal and can cover up. Do not see how this movie can not enter the stock market?

2, Glengarry Glenn Ross (worships money and family) (1992)
When the real estate into the Depression, the U.S. housing agency sales consultants are busy? How they use the database, how to go door to door to sell the property. How to package real estate in the Depression period, how to target the housing needs of the family wedding, how to align the investment demand?
read to know that today's U.S. housing slump will certainly not be a problem.

3, Trading Places (reverse universe) (1983)
economy is synonymous with transactions. As long as there is trading, you need to learn to assess whether the transaction cost-effective, we need perspective counterparty inner secrets. Secondary to the three core trading rules, any country in the world, how to place as long as transactions are applicable where laws of nature.

4, Boiler Room (Boiler Room) (2000)
difficult to imagine is illegal securities trading almost inseparable. A 19-year-old young man so close to the process of witnessing the manipulation of wealth, so who the rich, but that is a random choice.

5, Pirates of Silicon Valley (Silicon Valley legend) (1999)
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in all aspects of views, ideas are mutually exclusive. They only have one thing is absolutely common, and that is to do everything possible to block the film. Silicon Valley high-tech companies is how to hatch, how evolution is like this today, less than a 25-year-olds use the kind of market rules, but also how to make the market rules to allow customers and allow competitors to form a community of. Conspiracy, one by one, shrouded in the endless stream of ideas over the Silicon Valley.

6, The Coca-Cola Kid (Coca-Cola Kid) (1985)
cola boy is not an earthquake, but the U.S. boys cola career. Carbonated beverages as a marketing professional, he had to answer a question, in the remote Australian town, why not a bottle of Coca-Cola? Marketing is essential part of business. Indispensable, especially in business. A boy with Coke to create a business story.

7, The Secret of My Success (well-developed road) (1987)
dream of any young people are at least two absolute things in common, one is money , one is beautiful. Wake up tomorrow morning and found you but is a north drift of time,Dre beats headphones, but is caught in the Greater Shanghai, a vast sea of ??tiny little droplets, when, and how to realize their dream of these two elements can not be indispensable. Let us look at U.S. Kansas boy floating in the history of New York. If New York can represent nearly 100 years, the center of human commercial activities, then any of the young 21st century, you have to face the hustle and bustle of big cities, restlessness, beauty can make you realize the dream of money, the same money you can make taste the beauty of the temptation. To pursue your dream of money, beauty bar.

8, In Good Company (Good Company) (2004)
company wants to become a global level, how can we not see this movie, at least five times more than it . Big companies are using acquisitions to grow up. You will buy it? Sales Director after the acquisition is to know how to do? Know what the sales staff talk behind it? Lenovo bought IBM's core factor is the failure did not understand this movie. You can read it?
When transactions occur between companies, when you are a member of the company, position?

9, Barcelona (Barcelona) (1994)
American sales methods, sales methods really do global peers? A U.S. sales of sales experience in Spain we learn the values ??of sales, marketing and cultural approach to customers, sales of customer relationship grasp.
10, Jerry Maguire (Jerry Maguire) (1996)
business to show sincerity. This film was the classic American culture provides a two phrases, popular U.S. enduring. show me the money I see that the money is true. Any business is so. How to see the money and under what circumstances, you will forget this, and usually the customer would advise you to forget this. There is no solid business friendship, which is before you start to remember the lessons. Make sales, build large customer relationships is not easy. Seriously fancy it 10 times.

11, Office Space (to work a worm) (1999)
company downsizing, layoffs, when ready, this man actually do not know, but, on the layoffs begin day, he decided to take a day off. Two of his friends already in office was to open out the edges, but unfortunately, three buddies decided to implement a mysterious plan, the company gradually transfer the money on account, of course, through the Trojan way. However, because this man had no feeling for the office work, therefore, particularly easy for the layoffs, indifference, executives happens to appreciate this attitude, he was surprised to be left behind.
real office politics lesson materials. Market economy environment, the company faced a crisis, the nature of motivation layoffs, employees of the company's role is central to the business community must learn the basic rules.

12, the Corporation (deconstruction companies) (2003)
18 century U.S. law formally adopted a corporate organization can be a personal behavior, to the 21st century, just more than two centuries, the United States, the Law actually affect the world, you can also see China's company law similar to the description. This is exactly the text of the law affected the morphology of human society, the legal title to the crown of rampant global world are affected every angle. Personal greed and personal excesses, there is no limit to individual desire to expand, expand. From the most profound essence of capitalism reveals the business rules, and ruthlessly reveals the flaws of its existence, and can beat the opportunities.
commercial law, antitrust laws, corporate governance required courses.

13, the Insider (shocking insider) (1999)
with huge amounts of money when the trade secrets entangled together, starring Al Pacino Moderator faced a dilemma. Business in a capitalist society, in the absence of constraints in the case, money can exchange for what? The nature of the business community is the free exchange of currency, as long as I wish you love, anything can be exchanged, even if it is a serious threat to the public exchange of secret smoking. Scientists can use the money to buy the conscience of the Chinese old saying that money makes the mare go, really is a ghost in a foreign country for work?
the commercial value of the transaction, the transaction pricing principles, business reputation, role in the transaction are vividly displayed in this film out, money, business students must understand the rule of human society the inevitable result, and this result with the irreversible nature.

14, the Hudsucker Proxy (shadow Tycoon) (1994)
a slow narrative style of the film. A not very good movie box office, a business person to understand that a good movie, a movie can not understand the community. A company boss committed suicide, would seem to fit the current trend of sluggish period. However, the owner committed suicide, the company also flourishing it, powerful figure in the board into action, action of course is desires cross-flow, regulated? Integrity it?
corporate governance, corporate boards operate in this movie are all real rare actual lesson plans. For it, from bloody lessons learned, and used to govern their own large-scale enterprises.

15, Antitrust (antitrust) (2001)
business community trust easily create it? Who is trustworthy, giving money to the people be trusted? Give you a chance to hire be trusted? The film implies a large software company Microsoft, the company boss Bill Gates is also used as the prototype. Hiring talented software engineers from Stanford graduates, and has seriously delayed the deal with the software release date, however, trust has suddenly become a problem, a company, legal, personal, professional and between the complex tangle.
any subject students should be spotted five times. Graduate, some big companies like Crocodile, like staring at you, not with crocodile-like mouth, but with attractive salaries, generous benefits package up the network, you're ready gestures it?

16, Rogue Trader (the devil sales) (1998)
learning banking, especially investment business the best materials. A century-old banks can be brought down overnight, the business model in the end? With a staff of one kind of life brilliant? How clever use of low-cost business employees do not understand? How to use the rare opportunity to big banks?
Leeson at Barings Bank also remember the actions of it? Should not forget the 2008 Wall Street run amok leverage it. Learning finance, learning investment, learning the basic operation of the real banking lesson plans, how can you miss? !

17, Other Peoples's Money (money-World) (1991)
commercial law, corporate mergers, commercial litigation specifications, business processes, such as mergers and acquisitions process . Is a true story based on the U.S. movie. Business in the free market is full of self-serving behavior and altruistic behavior conflicts, contradictions. Also happens to these conflicts and contradictions can learn different people's mind, different people's motivations, and a variety of dazzling means.
commercial law students, business students, law students must see.

18, Disclosure (brought to light) (1994)
Michael Douglas movie always makes durable forget. The film's theme is sexual harassment, sexual harassment is a company office. Executives face a promotion opportunities, the key people to enhance his college girlfriend, his girlfriend's motives are not pure, all occurred in the office all the next day they meet in court.
business law, office behavior, interpersonal conduct company group, company executives and other promotion materials are rare, vivid Ray's lesson plans. Must not be missed is the Douglas's flight, plausibly, and impassioned.

19, What Women Want (men hundred percent) (2000)
the most ingenious way to reveal the women are thinking think of the movie. Born of God are the envy of the self-righteous guy, is engaged in the advertising industry, there's no opportunity for promotion, actually the boss or female. An accident on a small car accident, so he has the ability to read women's minds, he actually found the woman turned out to be really thought so.
business psychology, women's behavior, advertising, etc. are in most need to learn this film highlights.

20, Barbarians At The Gate (Barbarians at the Gate) (1993)
master when a master of the sales of his products sold company, you have to be careful, because you face a golden opportunity, the chance that fortune. Optimistic about his company's stock, once purchased, no matter how much money to buy, because he will be seeing the company pushed the stock from 40 to 100, a night is not long, a night more money to the rich, greedy, commercial capitalist society can not avoid the subject, of course, can not forget, every honest face of greed, why winning is always greedy.
modern corporate politics, corporate value, investment opportunities, sales techniques are inspired throughout this movie.

People's mental activities are many additional psychological burden, because many do not help when anxious and worried. A well-known American University of 2842 more than 100 hours a week conducted a survey of workers, the results show that: more because they can not find pleasure in work and a sense of value in it as a heavy psychological burden, saddled with the burden was felt extraordinarily tired. In addition, many people in work and life is always repeating monotonous activities, the lack of change in this way, it will inevitably lead to mental fatigue.
So how do we eliminate the psychological fatigue, we feel relaxed and down, feel the joy and beauty?
first one: the perspective of the world
another reason why we can not be immersed in a special moment that happens,just beats by dre, the key is to focus too much on the purpose of some stakeholders, but neglected to discover and enjoy Many good things. Coachman to go to work, instead of the one-hour drive on the shuttle worry about, it would be better devoted to mind the beautiful morning of every detail. Burst of birds may make you happy, just blooming flowers make you feel refreshed and stay in a good mood brought to your work unit.
second measure: lose the shackles of perfectionism
people are not to err too. A more tolerant of their own, we can become more relaxed.
third measure: to find twelve friends
when we may not need to worry about too many others to great truths, more often, we are depressed and want to psychological troubles can spit fast. Therefore, the intimate Friends let you sort out the thoughts of listening, understanding friends can give you support and encouragement. Try to find your close friend right.
fourth trick: to make life more
may wish to change their brains, changing about the way of life, such as to buy the recipes, try some new dishes, or find some reason, occasionally the whole family to a meal candlelight dinner. Fixed time every day whether time spent watching TV to go for a walk some exercise. Holiday family travel to once. In short, as long as they can do you can try, perhaps only a small change can have unexpected results yet.
fifth trick: When you feel tired, sleepy, bored, when it went cranky. You can imagine the and her husband came back to the honeymoon trip, imagine because of their outstanding work performance, wages and long double, imagine your baby grow up a little bit ... ... In short, your mind can move around travel, as long as the happy, intoxicated. However, this endless cranky just a supplement to daily life and certainly not a substitute, enough is enough, not down to the ins and outs

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