Double pasta in SEIYU Nakano Broadway Branch (Mentaiko & Neapolitan)

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3rd KY

Before I do this, Double pasta in SEIYU Nakano Broadway Branch (Mentaiko & Neapolitan) (298 yen) ate. Last time it was a combination of Neapolitan and carbonara, Mentaiko & Neapolitan was now.

Double pasta in SEIYU Nakano Broadway Branch (Mentaiko & Neapolitan)

I'm afraid gotten the same impression, first to feel the goodness of the cost is still overwhelming. The amount of less than 300 yen is cheap.

Neapolitan sauce has evenly. Mentaiko feeling is that was filled, but I thought that the source is less than the Neapolitan look, but it was not.

Mentaiko source creamy, worked a little salty, but shore seaweed soup flavored brew and increments, and the tomato sauce gives a different impression. As it looks now a full stomach.

★Store Information:5-52-15 Nakano Nakano-ku、03-3386-1141、10:00-23:00、Open everyday

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health of each individual is very important, however, the effect of people in life, negligence, often lead to miss the best time of health, here's a look at the best time of the health bar.
1, the best time to brush your teeth after a meal three minutes is
mouthwash, brush your teeth the best time. Because this time, oral bacteria begin to break down food residues, which produces a corrosive acid, dissolving tooth enamel, making teeth damage.

2, the best time
tea health tea is the best time to 1 hour after meals. Many people like to drink hot tea immediately after a meal, this is very scientific. Because tannic acid in tea can be combined with dietary iron to form insoluble iron salts, interfere with the body's absorption of iron, over time can induce anemia.

3, the best time to drink milk because milk is rich in
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4, the best time to eat fruit
the best time to eat fruit is 1 hour before meals. Because the fruits are eaten raw, cooked food to eat raw food before eating, the body will not increase white blood cells, help to protect the body's immune system.

5, the sun is the best time
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learn to look ahead, because life is too fast too late to back

was wonderful.

and music.

Society think about, so as to find their own inadequacies.

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music, not allow yourself to leave regrets.

be really happy.

learn play the fool, because a rare confused.

time, why wait until the world was about to leave this life

blog. Will look into two things, because everything is not in their own

learn to cherish, because to get

off, because the only way to self-transcendence.

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, the unexpected thing, no choice, but quietly

rain, proud and frost, carefully taste and sentiment of life

learn to give up, because some things can only be much appreciated.

strong enough to climb out, because people from the ups and downs in it to grow.

learn try, because the only way to know life's hard

learn Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving can bring harmony to bring fast

are the best.

learn to know do not speak, because Loose lips sink ships. Learn self-solution

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short it? !

learn pleasure, because this is my effort to pay the harvest

learn to love, because love can give me strength, that only love can

live is so beautiful, so-called contentment.

new beginning a new starting point.



meet current and future prospects.

learn heart to see the world, because people will see

have been able to do.

to, will make up their own happiness.

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true colors.

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foot walk the road of life, life Xin heart flow, wind frost


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information - from - the network - Edit - and you missed

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I was not a feminist, older, there are also more inclined to be in accordance with the first by a small woman, and gradually discovered that the man is not easy to do, and very sympathetic to their .
an ideal living conditions, that is, single mothers with children, need to worry, has been such a dream. No reason, is that men and women can together create a romantic, but not for a long time to pots and pans, destroyed the image of each other, so the Moso tribe walking marriage is really a scientific way of life.
man can not not lust, or who have no taste. A man do not know mercy, appreciation, care of a woman, refused to contests of flowers. A woman can not have no illusions of men, or all over the world are long spines warthog, in addition to mutual strife left it? But the flowers back home may become cactus; rely on the arm put the shackles of marriage, a man too weak to rain beat down pear general.
oath is pleasant, many years later are memorable enough to make tears. Jiannuo is another matter, not want, to be trivial life unraveling. Two incompatible species, destined, when they fell in love challenges like moths to a flame reality ------ isolated cases have victory. Such as Jack the students wish to donate Rose, full of deep feeling:
there is a very well-known test of a man's problem is: When my wife and the mother fell into the river together, you first save? On the woman's question is: When my husband and father fell into the river, you first save?
said, the vast majority of men would choose to save the mother, while most women will choose to save her husband, as if it is telling Oh.
there are so many wretched men, destined to be the appropriate number of poor women; how many talented people in the eyes of the hero fame, there are many pockets of light to guard against rival wujin woman. Who and who truly equal on it? Jane. Love said: through our souls will stand before God equally grave, it is because Rochester blind, or else she will always bear hunter shot and killed the rabbit eyes a moment, or the object of a drunk vent only. Maybe it really is equal in the grave.
also have to be infinitely heavy male colleagues do men talk about the many difficulties. Yes, not easy, man has worked hard to include a bunch of accessories, including a woman, a woman struggling to flash after being thrown to his men to find a practical to rely on.
We need equality? Bala explored without struggling, so I have a pragmatic and dream it, and my kids fly free. I do not want equality, I would like carrying her,Outlet Coach Sunglasses, always carrying a sweet burden.
at the moment a man's dream, perhaps keep the saliva left and right to hold it own.

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1 soldier has a strong sense of responsibility, their strong family values, know how to hurt his wife;
2. Camp life is generally relatively simple, most of the time to stay in the army, there is no opportunity to understand the opposite sex, so they on the army is still very reassuring;
3. living a boring life in the army of soldiers, will miss more of the bits and pieces together with his girlfriend. And at this time, often only think of each other's good, is the so-called make up;
5. As the military forces of a high physical demands, so their body strong, to give a sense of security;
6. in the army and the general than the local people simple, it gives the feeling;
7. Force is focusing on cultivating the spirit of hard-working soldier, the military is able to endure hardship, will take the initiative to break off in the household;
8. they usually can not go home, they would Junsao can have their own living space, you can access at night, girls can enjoy single life;
9. fellow feelings among the very deep, you will find them wherever there buddy, child, this time in the tourist can be fully manifested. No matter what military or Junsao encounter, his comrades will be enthusiastic to lend a helping hand;
10 The most important thing is: the military is not easy to find a girlfriend, so they will cherish their special love! .
Girls, you do not worry about low pay of military personnel, when they change jobs is to give a sum of money, not a small number ah, equivalent to one month deposit 5000 too! Moreover, to find her husband to the character, do not be blinded by worldly concepts. Therefore, the best girls, soldiers are to marry it.
soldier friend, you must know how to cherish, pamper yourself love yo,beats by dr dre! They are an extension of the Republic of the wall. Busy is not a reason, be sure to call every day to play ah!
Junsao: a lot of understanding of your husband, but they just stand sentry for the Republic of ah! Hard work is only temporary, so they change jobs, it will compensate you wholeheartedly! You because of the military and beautiful, in order to soldiers and strong!
I wish the whole world of the military can have a happy family! In fact, love a person, whether he is not a soldier, we must first understand him. The military as a special group, we need more understanding.

court that Zhou violation of state regulations , relevant state authorities without the approval of illegal gold futures business , disrupt the market order , the circumstances are especially serious ,Men North Face Jackets, his behavior constituted the crime of illegal business . Sentenced to 8 years imprisonment and fined 300,000 yuan.

man committed the crime of illegal business was sentenced a fine of 300,000 eight years

( edit : SN017)

after the Zhou to continue to engage in the business , on February 20, 2009 in its employees Zhou Bing ( pseudonym), without the knowledge of , incorporated with their identity cards in Hubei Province Jincheng Gold Company . Obtain the relevant qualifications in the absence of the case , signed an agreement with the customer to absorb the customer to invest in gold futures .

identity theft employees start a company Showmanship fried gold

man committed the crime of illegal business was sentenced to eight years, a fine of 300 000

until Zhou was arrested earlier this year , the actual control of the two companies have illegal business volume reached a total of 210 million yuan . Also found that during this period , Zhou total of more than 20 million personal profit .

2008年5 16, male Zhou borrowed As the national trade policy adjustments after the Shanghai Gold Exchange to stop a member 's personal agency business , and on January 20, 2009 Jinhui Bowes will cancel the account . According to Wang Hua Jieshao after , its usually in masonry, was never involved in the company's business , just a month from 500 yuan Zhou Department to receive a reward .

WASHINGTON (trainee reporter correspondent Liang Shuang Han Jun ) , a man without obtaining the relevant qualification in the case , amounting to 210 million yuan . Learned yesterday , Jianghan crime of illegal business district court sentenced the man .

There are four days full four months , died this month fast boil , pull the first ten days enteritis stomach , then Colic cry every night , then head eczema hair , ears , face, neck are , scratch the itch , she nails his head , kept in bed every night sleep wear head ...
strong woman to help me solve the degree of her gripes , Taobao has to force her to help me get eczema , and God knows I have to break the eczema on her several times wiping the hospital how many drugs, various hormone-containing cream for her eczema repeatedly ...
last two days her eczema better, suddenly infants do not sleep at night , fed pat even sleep on their own ( also on the previous night her mother sat holding a five-hour sleep ) ; suddenly do not like to eat the bottle , and one to eat , she cried, even eight treasures like to eat cake with a spoon ; hold everything suddenly opened his mouth eating , especially eating her own claws , there is an opportunity we should chew on , is not something she should be eating in front of air moves down a bite ... this is when things are acridine ,north face jacket women, how suddenly changed acridine ? ??

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watch law in business management gives us a very intuitive inspiration, is the same person or an organization can not use two different methods, can not set two different target, and even each individual can not two people to simultaneously command, or will the business or personal loss. -

do the Monkey King's Hard work pays off, -

----------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----

people in the general knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses with self-knowledge. Therefore, tend to modify their test results for the confidence scale. General knowledge is a database, is shared between individuals, it has recognized the correct answer, subjects can measure themselves. For example, people will know the issue of whether in sports or even almost better than others. However, the event witnessed the impact from such self-knowledge. For example, on the whole, than others, they are unlikely to know the participants in the memory of the incident in hair color better or worse. -

20% of people believe that actions have results ------ 80% of people think that knowledge is power -

20% of people are buying time ---------------- 80% of people selling time -

] [The Butterfly Effect -

herding: sheep where to go, where to go behind the sheep to follow. -

Application Tips: clear goals, without interference; know how to choose, the place is put. -

----------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----

[law] hedgehog -

20% of people believe they will succeed -------------- 80% of people do not want to change the environment -

then it means that new, strange, different, including different views, different behavior, different habits, because different, will inspire wisdom, a team needs different personalities , different skills, different experiences of people joining the work, if we are all all-employees, then the team produce imaginative, to produce high performance is slim. Focus on team building,Beats By Dr Dre Studio, communication and team effort today, due to attract catfish to join the team, will bring the whole team working atmosphere and lively, bringing innovation to bring win-win. However, the number of catfish should be controlled, full of catfish, the whole team will be there, the whole team foul, so some Japanese companies believe in the truth. From this perspective, the team should focus on healthy catfish molecular communication, influence the shape, the team treated the other employees in the catfish, it should work on the basis of their cooperation. -


catfish effect on the application, there are catfish in effect in the application of human resource management, leadership activities in the application, specifically including the establishment of a competitive mechanism, capable of opening , changes in leadership style and so on. But I believe that catfish effect analysis and application of much more. Think different perspectives, identify problems, solve the problem is different. -

placed horizontally in front of a stick in a flock of sheep, the first sheep jumped in the past, the second, third will follow the jump; this time, withdraw the stick Flanagan go behind the sheep, came here, still the same as the sheep in front, jump up, even though the stick has gone highway, which is called Refers to the management of some companies on the market behavior is a common phenomenon. It is due to insufficient information and lack of understanding of the market difficult for investors to make a reasonable uncertainty about the future expectations, often by observing the behavior of people around the extraction of information, the continuous transmission of this information, Many people will be roughly the same information and mutually reinforcing, resulting in herd behavior. -

so-called halo effect, that is, interpersonal communication, people who exhibit the characteristics of a particular aspect, cover the other features, resulting in interpersonal cognitive disorders. In daily life, For instance, some older people to young people's individual shortcomings, or dress, habits and dislike, they think they must have good for nothing; some young people a thing about the admiration of friends, will see him everywhere cute, so-called The halo effect is a sweeping subjective psychological speculation, the error is: First, it is easy to grasp the individual characteristics and habits of individual push and general, as Mangrenmoxiang as a point on behalf of the face; second It is not intrinsically linked to some personality or physical characteristics associated with, the assertion that such features are bound to have other characteristics; Third, it definitely said yes to all, that bad on all the negative, which is a absolute domination by the tendency of subjective bias. In short, the halo effect is the interpersonal relationships in a great psychological impact on people with cognitive impairment, we have contacts to try to avoid and overcome the side effects of the halo effect. -

20% of people positive thinking -------------- 80% of negative thinking -

----------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----

This is the famous More people watch more accurate and can not tell the time, but will watch the people lose confidence in accurate time. -

----------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----

20% of people attach importance to experience -------------- 80% of people attach importance to education -

Pareto rule tells us, do not mean to analyze, process and look at the issues, business and management to seize the crucial few; to find out who can provide a 80% profit , but only 20% of the total amount of key customers to enhance services to achieve a multiplier effect; business leaders to work seriously on the classification analysis, are the principal energy spent to solve the main problem, focus on major projects. -

in real life, we often encounter a similar situation. Such as two elective courses are you interested in, but teaching time coincidence, and you do not have enough energy to learn the two courses, this time it's hard to choose. In the face of two equally good, equally enamored of your boys, you will certainly upset a long time, I do not know how to do a decision. -

famous Russian literary giant Pushkin Zengyin role halo effect suffered a great deal. He was fanatically in love with is called the Natan Li looks amazing, but with different channel sub-puhi Kim Ji. When Pushkin's poem written for each to read it to her time. She always said, clutching his ears: duel death, so a literary star fall prematurely. In Pushkin, a beautiful woman is bound to have great wisdom and noble character, however, is not the case, a phenomenon known as the halo effect. -

20% of people in long-term perspective ------------ 80% of the immediate -

First, if the catfish body on behalf of the leader. -

20% of people make money with the neck above the neck -------- 80% of the money the following -

From this perspective, the work of the catfish's work on behalf of rich content, it is exciting Zequan Li, challenging job expectations, job experience, and so the other fresh. For leaders and human resource managers, whether at work setting catfish work, at what level to set catfish work, will be an organization's strategy. -

1964 年 3 月 13 日夜 3 ? 20 points in the United States outside of an apartment in New York before a man named Juno younger than white women between the end of the bar on the way home from work assassination. When she cried in despair: When everything is calm, the killer returned to crime. When she yelled, the nearby residents and opened the lights, the attackers then fled. When she has nothing to do, go back to their home upstairs, the killer once again appeared before her, kill her on the stairs. In the process, even though she shouted for help, her neighbors, at least 38 to the window to watch, but no one to rescue her, no one even called the police. This caused a stir in New York society, but also attracted the attention of social psychologists and thinking. It is considered a large number of bystanders neglecting the phenomenon known as diffusion of responsibility effect. -

effect [catfish] -

a psychological experimenter effect. 1920s and 1930s, U.S. researchers at the Chicago Western Electric Company Hawthorne factory's working conditions, social factors and relations of production efficiency experimenter effect found in experiment, called the Hawthorne effect. -

in this regard America Online and Time Warner merger is a typical failure case. AOL is a young Internet company, corporate culture emphasizes operating flexibility, rapid decision-making, quick to seize the markets require that all of the target service. Time Warner in the development process to build long-term integrity of the road and emphasize innovative corporate culture. -

Matthew: be taken away 。

Matthew, refers to the strong stronger and the weak weaker phenomenon, widely used in social psychology, education, financial, and scientific and other fields. Its name comes from the Bible, -

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[law] alligator -

20% of people how to do it ------------ 80% of people can not do -

20% of people find answers in the question -------- 80% of people to find answers to questions -

frog phenomenon] [-

American psychologist Rosenthal, who in 1968 conducted a famous experiment. Them to a primary election in the three sixth grade classes of children making a fuss of the In fact, this list is not determined according to test results, but randomly selected. It is based on Eight months later, intelligence tests and found again on the list of the general improvement in student achievement, teachers also gave them good moral conduct reviews. This experiment has achieved miraculous results, it is considered by teachers to students the subtle psychological effects, so that teachers expect students to achieve the progress of the phenomenon, known as the Pygmalion (Pygmalion was the king of Cyprus in Greek mythology, he produced the statue of a girl love for his ultimate desire to make this statue into a real person, the two fall in love with). -

frog phenomenon: a frog into hot water directly into the pot, because of its adverse reactions are very sensitive environment, will quickly jump out the pot outside. If you put a frog into a pot of cold water and slowly heated, the frog will not immediately jump out the pot, the water temperature gradually increased the ultimate outcome is to be boiled frog is dead, because the water temperature so high that the frog can not stand, it has too late, or that there is no ability to jump out the pot outside. -

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[] -

share deviation [false] -


a tourist through the forest, to watch a tree fall on the rocks, was a monkey Smart Meng can be -

butterfly effect is that very small changes in initial conditions through continuous zoom, its future status will cause a very big difference. Some small things can be confusing, and some small things such as amplified by the system, then an organization, a country is important, it can not confused. -

today's business, its fate also by the Consumers increasingly believe that feeling, so the brand consumer, shopping environment, the attitude of ... ... the value of these intangible factors will be their choice. So long as a little attention, we can easily see that some management practices, work well in their company philosophy will appear in this sentence: -

for the diffusion of responsibility effect the formation of the reasons a lot of experimental psychologists and survey results found that: this phenomenon can not just say everyone's callous, or moral turpitude of the growing performance. Because on different occasions, acts of assistance that people really are different. When a person in an emergency situation, if only he can provide help, he would clearly aware of their responsibilities, assistance to the victims. If he refused to produce feelings of guilt, feelings of guilt, which requires paying a high psychological price. And if the presence of so many people, the responsibility for seeking help from the people to share, resulting in fragmentation of responsibility, the responsibility of each person to share very few spectators and even that may not even his own sense of a responsibility not to produce an How to break this situation, this is a psychologist working on an important issue. -


2 - their words, a strong style of work: scientific decision-making, decision making and the ability to monitor the implementation and timely assessment of the effectiveness of policies. -

broken windows theory 1 -


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Implications of the three is: Today's society is a knowledge explosion, the ever-changing, knowledge also need to constantly update, so we should not blindly obsessed with the status quo, status quo, do not think ahead, so go on, will certainly be eliminated by the times, there will be danger of facing unemployment! -

bucket theory] [-

20% of people dominate others -------------- 80% of people dominated by others -

1 - act decisively, resolutely: rapid detection of disease where the stagnant organization, and be able to cut the Gordian knot, quickly and effectively solve the problem. -

they make are shown a short video is about the kidnapping of a girl. Next day, to answer some of the video in the content of, and asked them to tell their own level of confidence to answer, then do a recognition memory test. Next, using the same method, the content of popular literature from the encyclopedia and general knowledge of selected issues. -


watch Law: Law is a watch with a table, you can know it is a few minutes, and when he has two not being able to determine. Two tables and can not tell a more accurate time, so they will watch the people lose confidence in accurate time. -

the emergence of herding in general a very competitive industry, but also the industry leader on a (leader) occupy the major attention, then the entire flock would will continue to imitate the leader's every move, leaders go -

(2) current behavior or events when a person is very important; -

barrel theory: the composition of the board if the length of the missing barrels, then filled the bucket of water is not dependent on the longest piece of wood, but it depends on the shortest piece of wood. -

choice in the face of conflict, we recommend using The so-called -

butterfly effect: the 1970s, an American meteorologist named Lorenz system theory in the interpretation of air, said the Amazon rain forest a butterfly wings occasionally vibration, Maybe two weeks can cause a tornado in Texas, USA. -

get is 100% satisfied with 。


for the leader under the leadership of the struggle for a common goal of employee groups, if the leader has catfish features, then the way to survive is in motion, to stimulate their own energy , at least to synchronous speed and catfish, and to ensure the same direction (business objectives), so as not to be eaten catfish catch up, or pushed by other sardines last suffocated. -

Charles de Gaulle's approach is thought-provoking and admirable. No sense of distance, making the leadership of the secretary or an over-reliance on a few people, and make resource persons from interference in domestic affairs, and thus make the name of these people under the guise of leadership, seeking selfish interests, and finally pulled into the water leading cadres, the consequences are very dangerous. Comparing the two, or maintain a certain distance is good. -

20% of people looking for a good employee ---------- 80% of people find a good job -

It is manifested in two aspects, one company to continue to add new blood, those vibrant, quick-witted young force into the workforce and even management, to those who rest on its laurels, conservative and bureaucratic laziness employees competitive pressure, in order to arouse The second is to continue to introduce new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new management concepts, so as to enable enterprises to fighting the tide waves in the market, enhance survivability and adaptability. -

hedgehogs rule: two sleepy hedgehog, as cold and owned together. Because their body can have long thorns, so they left some distance, but can not stand the cold, then get together. After a series of two hedgehog finally found a suitable distance: both get each other's warm and will not be binding. -

20% of the people to do business ---------------- 80% of people do things -

crocodiles rule: its intent is to assume that a crocodile bite your feet, if you hand to try to break your foot, crocodile will bite your feet and hands. The more you struggle, it was the more bite. In the event that crocodile bite your feet, your only way is to sacrifice one foot. -

20% of people affected by successful people -------- 80% of people affected by the failure of people -

3 - promoting innovative, results-oriented: to promote innovation, create an atmosphere that encourages innovation, from business processes, job design, staff recruitment and configuration, design and assessment and other aspects of remuneration reflects the innovative ideas, reflect the benefits of innovation. -

monkey story with table -

witness testimony of their confidence and their testimony can not determine the accuracy of the results of this study is surprising. Mrs fees can be special and psychologist Howard Springs decided to make this conclusion more in-depth research. In order to investigate whether the testimony of witness something special, they will witness's memory and the memory of general knowledge were compared. -

broken window effect, also known as a window is broken, if not repaired, will lead to more broken windows, or even the whole building was demolished. Wilson from the American political scientist and criminologist Kerin observation summary of the -

streamlining their organizations, officials laid off, the abolition of welfare housing and other measures to enable more and more people away from the traditional security, followed by destiny to decide on their own. The combination of organizational and personal freedom the result is: who can capture the useful life of the -

Rosenthal effect


occurred before and, as fees can be special and Mrs Howard Springs also found that the accuracy of the witness recalled, those confident of their answers than those who do not actually people who do not have confidence greater, but for general knowledge, the situation is not the case, people with high confidence in memories of people who score better than the lack of confidence. -

well-known British historian North Goode Parkinson through long-term research, write a book called In his book, agency personnel explained the reasons for and consequences of inflation: an incompetent official, may be three ways, first is the application for resignation, the seat give competent people; second is to allow a competent person to assist their work; third appointment of two levels lower than they were when the assistant. This first way is absolutely Zou Bude, because that would lose many rights; second way can not go, because that would be capable of their opponents; seems that only a third way most appropriate. As a result, two mediocre assistant sharing his work, he is high above orders, they will not pose a threat to their rights. Since the inability of two assistants, they are calling the shots, then two more for his inability to find an assistant. So on, to form a bloated, overstaffed, wrangling with each other, inefficient leadership system. -

broken windows theory 2 -

Psychological research shows that Maybe you can not tell a clear reason, but by the psychological subconscious, under normal circumstances can make the best decision to meet the needs of individual psychology. Here that the subconscious, in fact, we often say the first impression. -

also known as bucket principle or theory of a short board, short board bucket management theory, the so-called the number of barrels filled with water, does not depend on the highest piece of wood Tongbi, but rather depends on the shortest piece Tongbi. According to this core content, Second, as long as the bucket, there are a sufficient height, a bucket of water can not be full. -

had catfish in to a strange environment, will be ; and sardines found in more than a This problem is solved oxygen sardines, and sardines, will not die. -

bucket effect is like a bucket full of water, must be the same each board flush with no damage, if only in a bucket of wood missing or a piece of wood below the hole, this can not be filled with water buckets. Is that a bucket can be How much water does not depend on the longest piece of wood, but on the shortest piece of wood. Also known as short-board effect. A bucket, no matter how high, its water storage is highly dependent on where the lowest piece of wood. -

Cage logical] [-

for any one thing, can not set two different goals, or they will make a loss; for a person can not choose between two different values, otherwise he will be caught in the act confusion. -

20% ---------------- 80% of people who take notes Forgetfulness good -

20% of people will insist -------------- 80% of people will give up -

[butterfly effect] [] [frog phenomenon catfish crocodile effect of law] [] [] [herding ],[

broken windows theory [] [] [twenty-eight law bucket theory] [Matthew] [Cage logical] ; [diffusion of responsibility effect] [Parkinson's Law] -

[Halo effect] -

career, locations, treatment no clear winner of the two units, you will go from here? Every crossroads in life, we must face the -

broken windows theory: a house if the windows broke, no one to repair, soon separated, other windows will be broken somehow; a wall, if the graffiti is not some washed, and soon, the walls covered with a mess, unsightly thing; a very clean place, people embarrassed taking out the trash, but once on the ground with garbage appears, people will not hesitate to throw, no feel ashamed. -

here, scholars to illustrate the child's behavior and the government's actions could have consequences, which completely negate the Keynesian government intervention. To such an absurdity to put the in flood, let's, earthquakes, let's at war, it seems very appropriate. -

watch -

core concept: more choices, more standards will make people confused. -

only choice you think is right -

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today, allow companies to change the fate of the buses and other news in the emergence of competition, companies sit and worry-free growing potential of micro-monopoly and open competition so that enterprises have to consider all the potential factors that affect development. -

French President Charles de Gaulle is a hedgehog law will use people. He had a motto: This is also profoundly affected him and consultants, think tanks and their relations staff. In his ten years of presidential years, his Secretariat, General Office and the General Staff and other private consultants and think tanks, no one's working life can be more than two years. His newly appointed chief of staff always say: requirements. This provision is based on two reasons: First, in his view, mobility is normal, but fixed is not normal. This is a practice by the forces of impact, because the army is mobile, not fixed in one place is always the military. Second, he did not want This indicates that de Gaulle is a major decision on their own thinking and the survival of the leader, he does not allow side there is always inseparable from the people. Only to mobilize in order to maintain a certain distance, and only maintain a certain distance, in order to ensure the consultants and staff with fresh thinking and determination, and full of vitality, it can prevent the course of time the consultants and senior staff who use the name of the President and the Government malpractice. -

(5) When it comes to certain positive qualities or individuality; -

diffusion of responsibility effect

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hedgehog law mainly refers to interpersonal relationships in the -

20% of people targeted ---------------- 80% of people love Xia Xiang -

Nietzsche's famous saying: are However, the problems of many people is that they are -

5 - the system perspective, the courage to change: the ability to observe from within and outside the organizational changes in the structure and function of the system, not only regard ourselves as part of an organization (as opposed to a fisherman, a leader in catfish itself is a sardine, a fisherman is the leader), and should see itself as a leader in small systems, they can bring the staff open up the situation, to break the routine, to achieve good results. -

20% of people the opportunity -------------- 80% of people missed the opportunity -

but When a subordinate to ask the time, After some time, the monkeys were revolted, to But soon, the new monkey is also facing -

frog phenomenon tells us that a number of mutation events, they often cause people to alert, and prone to cause people to death but it is in the feel-good circumstances, the gradual deterioration of the actual situation , there is no clear detection. -

[Matthew] -

20% of the people to do simple things ---------- 80% of people do not want to do simple things -

[twenty-eight law] -

When an organization working to achieve a more stable state, often means lower employee motivation, fish effect An organization, if there is always a -

One revelation: the survival of our organization and a major threat to society, not from sudden events but by slow, gradual and imperceptible process of formation. Short-sighted people, only to see local, but not the big picture, for the sudden change, you can calmly face, quiet place for a big change, but can not detect, and ultimately will bring us even more serious harm! ~ -


20% of people love to investment ---------------- 80% of people love shopping -

person who had learned helplessness, has become a deep despair and sadness. Therefore, we should study and life in their eyes open a little and see the real events behind the determining factor, do not make our own despair. -

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[] -

20% ------------------ 80% of people who successfully unsuccessful -

first phase of the experiment in November 1924 from the beginning of the working conditions and productivity of the relationship between the test group and control group. Results regardless of increase or control illumination in the experimental group yields are rising, and the same illumination output of the control group also increased. In addition, tests of the wages paid, the coffee break time, the length of daily and weekly number of days of work and other factors, these conditions can not see a direct impact on production efficiency. The second phase of the trial by the U.S. Mayo led Harvard University professor, focuses on social factors and the relationship between productivity and found that production efficiency is mainly caused by the experimenter in the spirit has undergone tremendous changes. Participate in the trial of the workers were placed in special laboratory researchers led by their social conditions changed, been a matter of concern, creating a feeling of participating in the trial, that he is an important part of the company, so that workers From a social point of view side are motivated to promote increased production. -


(3) When you are very sure of their point of view, or believe that when; -

herding theory (The Effect of Sheep Flock) -

20% of people plan for the future -------------- 80% of the morning just like today, why -


20% of people do today, tomorrow things ------ 80% of people do today, tomorrow things -

[learned helplessness experiments] -

From this perspective, catfish leader should possess the following qualities: -

[Halo effect] [effect] [Hawthorne learned helplessness experiments] [] [the witness's memory Rosenthal effect] [error] false sympathy -

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former president of General Electric Company, Stone note in their work very personally hedgehog theory, especially in the treatment of middle and senior managers on even more so. Treatment in the workplace and on, Stone never mean for managers of care, but in their spare time, he never asked managers to guest home, never to accept their invitation. It is this distance to maintain an appropriate management of the business to make common Zhimakaihua steadily high. And staff to maintain a certain distance, not make you high above, nor will you be confused with the identity of employees. This is one of the best managed state. Maintained by a certain distance to maintain the principle, this principle of equal treatment for all: both leaders themselves bound can also be bound by employees. Grasp this principle, also mastered the secret of successful management. -

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earliest effects of learned helplessness and Ofer Mill Cyril Krugman found later in animal and human studies have been widely discussed. Simply put, many experiments show that trained dogs can cross the barriers or engage in other behavior to avoid the shock the experimenter added to it. However, if the dogs are not expected (do not know when to come) and can not be controlled by electric shock (such as interruption of electric shock or not does not depend on the dog's behavior), when the dog was a chance to escape electric shock, they also become was unable to escape. Moreover, the dogs also showed other defects, such as frustration and depression, reduced motivation and so on. -

a group of monkeys live in the forest, when the sun rises every day they go out foraging, when the sun back to rest, life is dull and happy. -

watch law gives us a very intuitive inspiration: -

educational practice also shows that: if a teacher like some of the students, they will have high expectations, after a period of time, students feel the teachers care, love and encouragement; often positive attitude towards teachers, towards learning and their behavior towards the students more self-esteem, confidence, self-love, self-induce a positive passion, these students often expect teachers to obtain progress. In contrast, teachers who are ignored, discriminated against students from the teacher's discourse over time, behavior, facial expressions feel the teacher's requirements; these students often worse day by day, and finally reduced to the bad elements of society. Despite some exceptions, but the trend is that, while it also sounded the alarm for teachers. -

second revelation is: frog, as if the blues in our lives, we must look to the future, hard thinking of new problems, eager to learn new knowledge, not the Today there are wine, drunk today -


20% of people how do I make money ------ only 80% of the money to me how I want to do -


now in many companies, organizational structure and work process re-engineering the design is still to become a major issue, unreasonable, boring, no prospects, monotonous boring job content so that people feel like a bucket of crowded sardines, have no passion, not willing to post more, think more improvements, which slowly formed a collective inertia. If the job enlargement, enrichment of the catfish effect applied to job design (Jobdesigning), and that the organization's financial contribution is obvious. How restless, passionate catfish into the backwater of the work it? This is a difficult science, it was argued from the horizontal and vertical expansion of the scope of work, work to deepen the content, so that employees who experience a wealth of work activities, work experience achievements, so that they reflect the face of challenging, exciting work when excitement and desire; someone advocated the use of rotation of the way up the caliber of employees so that they work more catfish swim joy; I maintain that the application of these measures, while also focusing on matching people with jobs personality, catfish will to do things catfish, sardines sardines on to do things, have positions in both the work content of catfish also have sardines work content, the most important thing is to discover the preferences of employees, to see those work that allows them to generate power and passion catfish, and only after the match, catfish effect can really play its role, or set up a catfish though the content of work, but can not find this kind of work the staff was very moving, fighting, then this catfish has become a dead fish. -

Again, if catfish content of the work on behalf of people in high spirits. -

20% of people will never praise, encourage -------------- 80% of people never abusive, criticizing -

also known as the scientists as a critical target of the Bastiat summed up, reflected in its well-known article The Hazlitt said that if a child broke the window, people will inevitably lead to replacement of broken window glass, which would make the installation of glass and glass production were started to promote social employment. -

[the witness's memory] -

We usually believe that our love is the same with most people. If you like to play computer games, then it is possible to overestimate the number of people like computer games. You will usually overestimate the students to vote for their favorite numbers, overestimate their own group's prestige and leadership, and so on. This overestimation of your behaviors and attitudes have the same preference number of features is called the Some factors that may affect your share of this false bias strength: -

(4) When your status or some kind of normal life and learning are threatened; -

ago, sardines, low survival rate during transportation. After it was found that, if put in a sardine in a catfish, the situation is somewhat improved, the survival rate will be greatly enhanced. This is why it? -

dog show why this situation is due early in the experiment learned a sense of helplessness. In other words, they recognize that no matter what their own can not control the termination shock. In each experiment, the shock is terminated under the control of the experimenter, and the dog will recognize their inability to change the external control, to learn a sense of helplessness. -

[Parkinson's Law] -

(6) When you and other people as when they are similar.

20% of people in good -------------- 80% of the bad attitude -

This effect tells us that when students or their attention or attention by the public, the study and would greatly increase the efficiency of communication. Therefore, in our daily lives to learn to get along with others, understand what kind of behavior is accepted by students and teachers and appreciation, and we can only live and learn and continually increase their good behavior, it may be more people's attention and appreciation, but also can make our learning progress, full of confidence! -


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two tables and can not tell a more accurate time, but will watch the people lose confidence in accurate time. You have to do is to choose the more reliable one, try to calibrate it and use it as your standard, follow its guidelines. -

two companies after the merger, corporate senior management and is not a good solution to two kinds of values ??conflicts with the staff completely confuse the company's future development direction. Finally, Time Warner and AOL century marriage ended in failure. It also indicates that, to find out the time, an accurate time table would be sufficient. -

sum up, from a different point of view, the representative of the contents of catfish are different, for a practitioner, leadership may be catfish, then your best efforts and organizations to maintain the same direction, do not swim back, otherwise the risk of being eaten, always full of passion to the upstream and perhaps one day you become a catfish to catch up fighting a group of sardines; your colleagues may be catfish fish, and he then Competition Competition to see who churn even greater energy; you may also have lower levels of catfish, it is to motivate subordinates to grow at the same time, do not forget to give yourself enrich my knowledge, remain strong development, or You also have the risk of being eaten by subordinates; your work may also have catfish, then reasonable arrangements for their own work, prioritizing work for catfish swim more joy, the best to stir up work on the floor some. -

Second, if the catfish on behalf of a team. -

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20% of the people by the successful experience of acting -------- 80% of people according to their own wishes -

twenty-eight law (Pareto's law): the late 19th early 20th century Italian economist Pareto that in any group of things, the most important and only a small part, about 20%, although the majority of the remaining 80%, but it is secondary. About 80% of social wealth is concentrated in the hands of 20%, while 80% of people with only 20% of the social wealth. This statistical imbalance in the social, economic and life everywhere, this is the Pareto rule. -

a beautiful bird cage hanging in the room where the most prominent, a few days, the owner will make one of the following two options: throw away the cage, or buy a bird cage on the back years. This is the logic cage. The process is simple, imagine you are the owner of the room, as long as people entered the room and saw the cage, it will not help but ask you: keep off birds. Cage logical reason is simple: most of the time is to take the inertia of thinking. So seen in the life and work to develop logical thinking is very important. -

there are people on the environment or others under pressure, against his own choice did not like the road, and thus depressed for life. Even if the subject made great achievements, but also never felt the joy of success. -

[broken windows theory] -

witness, in our understanding of where, usually to provide some objective evidence, that is his own witness and hear things that people speak out honestly. However, psychological research shows that the testimony of many witnesses are not very accurate, or that is a personal preference, with personal views and awareness. -


herding was first equity investment in a term mainly refers to the investors in the transaction process, there is the phenomenon of learning and imitation, led them in a certain period of time trading the same stocks. -

[herding] -

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a person can not by two or more people to command, or will the people know what to do; for a business, it is not at the same time using two different methods of management, or will the companies can not develop. -

leaders influence others to complete tasks that the individual or collective, in the dead sardine box, a symbol of a group of sardines on a highly homogeneous group, their skills similar levels, lack of innovation and initiative, overstaffing, inefficiency, the whole body is a bloated state, and the arrival of the leader catfish (or internal sardines evolved catfish), new broom sweeps clean, discipline, normative systems, the transformation process, the rational allocation of jobs and people, financial, material, and gradually the business organization has been improvement, cut down costs, simplify the bloated body, inability to eat sardines is, get rid of the , has the capability of sardines has been a positive incentive, such a thriving scene showing the entire organization, a leader in the catfish under the leadership of the vitality of the entire organization are mobilized, so that the collective power of more powerful, dominate the market, maintain the market have a solid foundation. -

(1) When an external attribution was stronger than internal attribution; -

Insight 4: we do not simply, only the face of sudden danger, the neglect of the kind of slow and tiny little danger, because, that very slow and small the risk of micro-, is the most horrible! -

----------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----

Hawthorne effect [] -

herd behavior in the field of behavioral finance is more typical of a phenomenon, the mainstream of financial theory can not explain. Economics often use Sheep is a very scattered organization, usually with left and right is blind to hit, but once there is a sheep to move, the other will without hesitation herd sheep, completely ignoring the wolf or near the front may have better at the grass. Therefore, the -

example, in the stock market, crocodiles rule is: when you find yourself trading a departure from the direction of the market, must stop immediately, without any delay, shall not have any luck. -

4 - need for achievement, forward-looking vision: a short-and long-term development plans and objectives, to anticipate the direction of organizational development and existing and future human resource gap, which can effectively identify future talent, cut off the drag is not suitable for development of the organization staff. -

There is a woman doing very extreme, but also due to consider, perhaps because their own experience and personality. In her view, two people come together is not easy, since married, they should be mutual responsibility, mutual loyalty. In the face of a man betrayed, always a firm that is an insult to her, in emotion is simply unacceptable. She does not want to save, but always with their own war, pressing himself a dead end, then hand extinguish hope and happiness. In the eyes of some women, a man is his dream, the pursuit of her heart is almost harsh, it is a state of perfection, and when the In the depths of their marriage had quietly formed a number of deep-rooted things, it is the only always stick to their bottom line. Even if the marriage barely be sustained, it will never eliminate the formation of shadows on the soul, after all, is a latent fuse, so naturally becomes tired of life, to escape as soon as possible. Their hearts completely live in a vacuum, you can live a lie, but can not prove that the dark clouds, or storm will come.

seven, after the divorce, I miss you. I have a hard time, you can never expect.

eight, and her husband and her lover agreed with the three over.

nine, there is no alternative but to swallow, her husband too much, only about the status of her home nanny.

six, adhere to a principle, all whom you love the line, anyway, I do not divorce, you have to give me money.

five, looking for small three duel, put all the blame to the woman.

often encounter men are polygamous, divorced women who do not want to have their own ideas. Some in order to face some benefits for their own gain, the more it is to children. Children can just hold a woman's heart, a broken family, the largest number of injured children, who are innocent should not take the wrong committed by adults. Thus, a love of family love child of a woman, is largely a man's despicable behavior will be forgiven, until the last day of powerlessness, and become apathetic.

very reason these woman, are more powerful. She put all the pressure in the small incident three body, and even cover their own man. She always finds his man is a good thing, if not impossible to meet fox is framed. She did not think the wrong man, and in the woman's shame, and deliberately want to destroy her home. Directed the whole point to the third, the circumstances do not ask, it's made up of subjective conclusions. After clearing away the small three first, and then try to tune their own men. Men have extramarital affairs, not necessarily the wife is not good enough, is not necessarily a small three Fasao, made cheap, not responsible, a woman, many women are victims of the wall of the wall. I also acknowledge that some small three very moral, knowingly, but why bother difficult for a woman woman? Are for pieces of scrap metal, worth it? Moreover, iron rust is conditional. Marriage also requires maintenance.

Third, you have derailed derailed me, in retaliation for the balance. Accommodate live.

is no place these women at home, by her husband food, clothing, and was also punched a man on foot at every turn, not as equivalent to a hire a hire, in poor rural areas, many see, or male family conditions excellent, or a man is simply a riffraff.

When they find love with a man after the derailment, best not to expose his lies face to face. Very intelligent woman with sensible ways to make men understand that they are wrong, let him guilt and take the initiative back. Readily end a marriage there is still hope of salvation, is not a best way. A very harsh reality is that many women face the men of the derailment, select the emphatic away, and did not get complete relief, there is no looking back to find happiness. Life is not a fairy tale, love is not thought so holy, was born in this Red secular world, no one may offset normal marriage track. To the other party a chance of return, also give yourself a happy exit. So, when the marriage crisis, to take positive remedial measures to counter the negative than the more practical significance.

marriage regardless of who committed a wrong principle, is wrong. Be in need of tolerance, need to be patient, may sometimes need to vent, I understand a woman's cry and shout, but against the kind of vexatious and fight. Women generally want a man to conquer the three common magic is Can be derailed when the beloved man, the woman most likely to commit a lot of confused, suddenly gone assertive, and seems to collapse the day, it everywhere, Of course, any kind of actions and measures are both advantages and disadvantages, the key to see how to remedy, and some men will be served soft, apology, error correction, guaranteed. Some men can be very inconsistent, it may not forgive his wife for this purpose, can not restore this home. Noise is the most instinctive of a woman conditioned reflex, but it is not a good way to solve the problem, appropriate to a man not a bad idea to increase the pressure point, talk to friends and relatives is also normal, but the key is to grasp a degree, need to have their own position, have the ability to self-digestion, but also should assess the consequences of emotional things to do, but just the opposite.

ten, patiently listening to his analysis, to understand his true thoughts and the whole process, to accompany him through.

10 attitude to derail her husband abandoned you completely

these women can be described as psychologically abnormal or self-almost close to collapse. She simply can not accept this kind of thinking the fact that man's Ungrateful. And she will take the initiative to break, but can not face. Eventually convince their time, they lost their minds, not the fish die on the network break, I better not, you can never expect. Some even, you betrayed me, I'll kill you.

when a woman found her husband consider themselves the most loyal different attitude after the derailment, what will be the response? my analysis:

women are more or less revenge, and such a woman is too strong, it seems very plain, very calm, his mouth was never acted, but my mind was repeated brewing, like snakes and scorpions, I am very afraid of such a woman anyway . What did you do wrong, and I mean to do what I do. By the time you blame me, the old accounts with new account count. This is called tooth for tooth, blood for blood, eye for an eye person in his body. You give me a first day, I give you a fifth, Hello I am fine, I have bad bad you, life has always been muddling along. You are not afraid of me, I is not afraid of you. Who is Who can not live away from it! Men in male-female relationships are obviously very little gas, they can eat meat and fish out,beats by dre solo HD, but does not allow a woman quiet and a soup. In the final analysis, root cause or a woman's social status than men. I had mentioned some efforts to reach the men wake up It stands to reason, you have derailed derailed me, owe each other, seem plausible, can, after all, are in the wrong things, today's mainstream consciousness in the next work, also a woman choose the tragedy.

I quite admire the kind of They found a man after the derailment, even indifferent, and also take it for granted. Well they do not know for the formation of such a marriage? Is with their own background and knowledge about it? With their debauchery, or for, anyway, is simply something that men do not care about their broken thing. Love in marriage is the most selfish, who do not want to share with others, can be a while with the

four, does not matter, I feel like men.

Kazuo one system in the current society, a man also live with two daughter, appears to be a joke, in fact, nothing, just a lot of things people do not understand the time being, some also feel that some rare. Although not put the desktop perspective, but also can secretly does exist. The two women agree to or be willing to serve a man, not for the ordinary people, and men can also be considered to have a skill. As for the woman's idea of ??what is real, and probably have their own needs, their own income Bale.

Second, the emotional man simply can not accept the derail elections divorce.

one, cry and shout, fight, cry to her in-laws and father and mother, to friends for help.

,north face down vest men

rebuild your confidence to rebuild your home you rebuild your marriage rebuild trust

only our sins that we pride our self-confidence so that we can not see him


you demolish your Wangeng demolished demolished the prejudices of your Jiuwu demolished your argument

experience with us at the mercy

has been around us

is the love of Jesus mighty Lord has not dropped off our Lord

most filthy in our darkest time in our time the most painful time in our

the most helpless in our time when we are most far from the most needy in our time

been through many things to many people through many many many many difficult setbacks witnessed many changes in many Thanksgiving

experience in our lives which reconstruction and demolition

demolished demolished you stain your disappointment over the demolition demolition of your heart you love Satan



rebuild you rebuild your future life you want to rebuild to rebuild your heart to love God

First of all, is to have a mind, and has the wisdom not to. Paul reminded me not to teeth, an eye for an eye, forcing you to report on his blessing, the most important thing is not their cause, and can step. Christian service of religion, not the idea of ??the line there.

ancients: life with hatred, with good, of Friends of the truth.

Jesus by the: Ma always find you, not the person you lust phase, how often framed with your people, how to grant your behind, or even reasonable attack You people with your, how often to you trouble, often the person you Diao phase. He was originally my Jesus, forgive him, yeah good to me, to conquer his heart, and of Friends, is of hatred, that force you to sue.

wish you peace like the old shepherd.

How did the Provide at least I had:

Second, is to have the wisdom of friends,north face down vest men, to know how to have good stamina. So Paul: on the people, sweat, meaning you to good deeds to be enemies, must make him ashamed and Of your enemies alone to help you reach out to help him. I have training in order to influence the heart virtues deeds, your hatred is bound to help your greatest friends.

4 to see a person's intention, to look at his eyes. -

nasty things, not the person speaking; -

edge, leaving room for third with the people, and has left some deep convergence. -

9 to see a person's mind, to see how he faced defeat and betrayal. -

19 if you want to know whether a person cares about you, that you want to see whether he would remember you once said. -

trivial, humorous to say; -

22 if you want to know whether a man pay attention, that depends on his shoes are clean .-

hurt people's things, can not say; -

not invited to make active, to stay third room with people, stay and have some humility. -

21 if you want to know you in person how the weight of the hearts, that depends on whether he remember your birthday or anniversary .-

have reason not to usurp, to stay third room with people, leaving some wide and with yourself. -

15 if you want to know whether a person is self-cultivation, it depends on his will on the bus for the elderly, children, so that seat. -

fun things to see occasion; -


not sure things, careful to say; -

girls should also: hurry, slow to speak; -

others things, be careful to say; -

6 to see a person's cards, look at his close friends. -

things now, do say; -

event, it is clear that; -

10 to see the relationship between two people, depending on the accident, the other the level of tension. -

can not do, Freeze said; -

own business, listen to your heart how to say; -


do not reveal

not happened, not nonsense; -

3 to see a person's blood, depending on his hair. -

2 to see whether a woman has the connotation,dr dre headphones sale, see her walking posture. -

23 if you want to know whether a man worthy of your love, that depends on whether he is a caring, responsible, and not have status and money .-

14 if you want to know whether a person is caring, that depends on whether he likes small animals. -

8 to see whether a person is happy, do not see a smile, to see the early morning wake up when the Verge expression. -

future events, future repeat; -

not proud to do, and leave room for third person, and has left some content. -

5 to see a person's worth, depending on his opponent. -

1 see a man of taste, depending on his shoes. -

18 if you want to know whether a person is lying, then you see his eyes when they speak, their eyes tell you everything. -

24 if you want to know if a guy worthy of your love, that depends on his inner, rather than the appearance, not because he is handsome to look at and lovely, cute and handsome and not because .-

16 if you want to know if there is quality, that depends on him is not love petty. -

17 if you want to know whether a person has heart, and that depends on whether he is behind the bad people. -

Appreciating not made to do, to stay third room with people, and has left some discreet. -

20 if you want to know whether a person is worried about you, that depends on a cold day when he thought to remind you whether the clothes on .-

13 if you want to know a person is not your real friends, that depends on your distress, when he will not go through anything for you, instead of every day, eat and drink with you. -

12 if you want to know a person is not your friend, that depends on whether he and your heart have, not want you to tell him anything. -

responsibility do not have to make harsh, leaving room for third with the people, and has left some magnanimous. -

11 if you want to know a person is not really love you, that he was not happy to see when the thought of you, not sad time. -

7 look at a person's character, look at his words are written. -

sad thing, not telling anyone to say; -

Metro Station shopping

1) Kowloon Tong Station

Shenzhen Lo Wu KCR East Rail stations in this line can transfer to Prince Edward MTR Kwun Tong, Mong Kok and other places
Festival Walk: Senior Mall, located at Kowloon Tong Station

subway lines and train lines of the intersection, take the KCR East Rail to Lo Wu, or to be red.

cosmetics, U2, G2000, ESPRITE, Giordano, NATUIC, SISLEY (Sisley), Benetton

AD: HORCE, LOG-ON. Disney Store: discount to the two fold!

2) Tsim Sha Tsui Station:

Muji: Canton Road, Newport Center basement

TST is the most visited shopping area, is one of the largest concentration of hotels in Hong Kong District

Canton Road, Beijing Road, Buddha

DFS Galleria Global: the world's largest travel retailer DFS HK set by the city in duty-free shops. Shop with LV, Chanel, Fendi, Loewe, Gucci, Ferragamo, Bvlgari and other stores, and more international brand name watches such as Omega, Tag Heuer, Longines,dr dre headphones, Rado.
amazing promotional merchandise; complete make-up brands, fashionable goods, exclusive products, travel size products, is key to scan cargo.

Location: Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station Exit A1 (Sun Plaza shop, Chinachem Square)

Nathan Lane Shopper's Boulevard: toppy, jessica, episode michell klein, morgan, levi's, tough

Transportation: Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station Exit A

opposite American; to fashion designer, fashion executives and mid-range casual apparel based

Transportation: Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station Exit B1, walk along Nathan Road, two blocks

Granville: Sa Sa Cosmetics store, Bonjour Cosmetic Wholesale Center,

City Dispensary; Granville 28.

benefits when shopping at Granville's Granville Circuit sell authentic clothing and fine parallel,
Japanese Harajuku street style to the United States can be seen, the price is super flat.

Harbour City: 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui,

Transportation: Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station exit A1, Haiphong Road, walk 5 minutes; or in Central or Wan Chai to take the Star Ferry Tsim Sha Tsui

IT Bargains: 3rd Floor, Newport Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui Shop No. 72-119. (Opposite Harbour City, 2F selling seasonal goods, 3F sold a quarter of commodities can not be tried.)

Esprit Bargains: opposite the Peninsula Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui MTR exit is sharp

Esprit 4-6 Hankow Road, Sha Tsui Kai Seng Commercial Centre, ground floor and basement (ESPRIT HKD discount stores can only pay cash, do not accept CUP cards)

Tommy: Nathan Road, near Salisbury, the price is the 1 / 3, close to the Esprit outlet
is convenient here to the Esprit a few minutes on foot to Tommy, you can see them next to Benetton's Outlet is very close to

3) Mong Kok Station:
world for young people, star photos, dvd, comic books, Japanese magazines, photo albums, everything
※ grocery gadgets and other mobile phone shop in Mong Kok, many shops have the same general type of the licensed machine and parallel machine can be purchased according to different needs, but to pay attention to distinguish.

Garden Street: Main shoes, sporting goods. Hours: open stalls around 9:00-19:00, 11:00-23:00 street shops ; here is called King Wah Centre recommended shoe (from near Mong Kok MTR Exit E2).

4) gong:

Times Square (the more up-line, lower commodity prices, the more domestic brand ) Japanese department stores

Address: Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong No. 1 Transport: MTR Causeway Bay Station and walk five minutes
Jardine: stalls, buying cheap goods to a great resort

partial sale of high-grade and high-end brands in the well-known, so the lock store shopping is concentrated to save time and energy a good way.

Lee Park: Hong Kong's major shopping malls may be the smallest number in the shop, from basement to ground floor 4, the top three floors are restaurant.

normally have a lot of stars come to Address: No. 33 Hysan Avenue.

World Trade Center: working women's fashion stores, large chain here

2nd to 4th floor is the restaurant part, and the design of the restaurant is for the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter, meals can always enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Address: 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay

discount to buy things, must go 9 SOGO floor

Transportation: MTR Causeway Bay Station Exit D.

5) Central Station:

H & M: H & M since landed in Hong Kong since the popularity has been high.

you can easily sit from Kowloon Station Hong Kong Station, then transfer station along the channel went to the Central line station, D1 exit turn right straight along Pedder Street, turn right case to Queen's Road Central .

Morgan Sale Store: located at Pedder Street, Central, within the long-term reduction shops selling stuff on the season and even new goods.

Transportation: Pedder Street, Central (Central MTR Exit D1)

Acetex:: Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong 51 Coda Centre, Room 11A
reduction period will be in addition to second-hand, all in the quarter or last quarter cargo type, and very new net 1100-1900

Maxim's Palace: Queen the third floor of City Hall Low Block terminal;
recommended under the Central Subway: black pepper beef short-ribs, pork ribs steamed with black bean sauce, soy sauce steamed chicken feet, shrimp dumplings, shrimp seed dumplings, rice rolls
10 points before open (morning tea )

MTR Central Station down, went to the Statue Square, Council House, HSBC Bank Building. Here the world's longest escalator, independent pillar.

Antiques: Sheung Wan MTR Station Exit A2, via Queen's Road to Hollywood Road (Hollywood for the Hollywood vernacular transliteration)

Pacific Place (Pacific Place): The most excellent shopping malls and high; boutiques, gift shops, department stores and international famous brands
basement (LG1) restaurant west of the main shop.
L1 (G) Fashion Beauty Gourmet Gallery shops and cinemas.
Agnès b. Sport, AlX Armani Exchange, Esprit, Shu Uemura, Watson
L2 (first floor) of shops selling clothing, sporting goods.
Agnès b., Aquascutum Aquascutum, D & G Dolce &
L3 (second floor) high-end fashion, home decoration, shoes, handbags and art. Bally, Burberry Burberry,
L4 (third floor) of the major banks shop

Shopping Centre Address: 88 Queensway, Hong Kong
Opening hours: 10 am to 9 pm on at Admiralty MTR Station,
to get there: tourists along the Admiralty MTR Station Exit F, can be reached

6) Kowloon City Plaza ◆ ◆

young fashion darling Esprit and Ice Fire, with sale market.
Square LG12 at the Esprit Outlet, the price as low as two fold.
Ice Fire Outlet Shop in the Square UG1-3, some of the goods to a lower discount

7) ◆ brand Warehouse Outlet ◆ ◆

◇ South Horizons, Ap Lei Chau Industrial ◇ center covers an area of ??over two hundred thousand, wholesale, export, retail, goods include antiques, crafts, home furnishings, fashion jewelry. Here you can stroll less than a day yet.

sale Anna Sui, Giorgio Armani, the price ranging from three to Qizhe. Most of season items,
Joyce Warehouse closed on Mondays.
seventh floor of the Replay, jeans and casual wear as little as half price. the ninth floor of the Vincent Sum Collections
supply a large number of handicrafts;

the South Square South Horizons: cut price sale Gucci, Miu Miu and Prada fashion jewelry

Yuen Long EspritOutlet

Address: Yuen Long Centre Level 3,327-331,338 and 339
Shop Hours: 11:30 am-9: 30pm

Tsim Sha Tsui Esprit Outlet
Address: 23-25 ??Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Star Center
Hours: 11:00 am-8: 45pmJoyce Warehouse

IT Sale Shop

full size women's shoes alone have been 20 a few 30 models, while the retail price as low as four fold.
Address: Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, on the 28th Sun Plaza Shop B04-05 Basement
Hours: 12:00 noon-9: 00pm

Labels-Max Mara Bargains
Bay New Face by Sogo2 / F 8 Shop
10:00 am-10: 00pm

Hong Kong Island

Adidas Factory outlet)

Address: Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong Hong Kong Industrial Centre, 1st Floor, Block B, Room B12-13
Tel: 2959 0357
Transportation: Lai Chi Kok MTR station
Hours: Monday to Saturday 10:30 - 20:00
Sunday and public holidays 11:30 - 18:30

Painting Limited
selling brands: brand price by the 三折起
Address: To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong Man Yue Street, Phase 1, Kaiser F, A2 Room
Tel: 2330 4523
Hours: Monday to Saturday 09:30 - 18:30 Holidays

Nike Factory Outlet)

Address: Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong opened two industry sources said 73-75 Fat Industrial Building, No. 8 House G
Tel: 2172 7938
Transportation: Kwun Tong MTR Station
Hours: Monday to Saturday 11:00 - 19:00 Sunday and public holidays 12:00 - 18:00

Nike Factory Outlet (thanks to Kenneth)
Address: Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, No. 9, 1st Floor, Enterprise Square, Shop 1, Tel: 2707 9159
Transportation: Kowloon Bay MTR station
Hours: Monday to Saturday 11:00 - 19:00
Sundays and public holidays 11:00 - 17:00

1. Tsing Yi, 1st Floor, Shop No. 113-114
2. States, North Point, Hong Kong Shopping Centre Shop 8
3. Airport Express Kowloon Station Basement 1
selling brands: Polo. Burberry . Coach. Kenneth Cole. Charles Jordan ... ....

to the Dickson Square in Kowloon may be able to more expensive baby Amoy, where most of the goods-price of only 1 to 3 fold
Miss Sixty, Lancel, Gap's discount products can be found there. But when you want to buy fresh produce, where friends may not have to waste time, after all, are basically selling outlet in the season's merchandise.

( I also have eyes Renzhao Lei / memories have to face tomorrow
Because I love you stir catch / better tomorrow and you fell in love )

this world is beautiful / we chose to see what you are willing to face vision
If / when you smile , it's beautiful
When you find tomorrow's infinite / love of all opportunities for reconciliation .

suddenly saw ,dr dre headphones for sale, suddenly remembered .
always remember what an unintentionally .
this world for me .
too much pressure. expect too much . I'm tired . really tired .
there is no place to hide . Shiguwucun too fast to be grazed .
soon disappear . soon .

have been looking for something. never dared to say to you my fear .
I know you're tired enough .
I want to return to the past . should not take long . back a little bit enough .
when the left is the shell . so we can completely give up .
I disdain myself. began to hate himself .
thing is I get the point of irreversible .
own before I can think of how selfish .
now Suffice it to say I'm sorry .
but I can let go. can not give you happiness let you go .
you think I will only bring you pain .
then I'll let you find your happiness .
I will not you be a bit better .?
I can not. really can not do .
if one day you said to leave , I can do .
I'm sorry I do not want to force you .
I did not dare say . afraid to ask you .
I'm afraid you do not want me . afraid . afraid you have to leave .
afraid you leave me a man gone .
I choose obedient . what you heard .
I do not know what to do now ?
I was not good it is. I'm sorry .

1, orange orange

Although nutrient-rich, but contains erythrophyll, eat too much, easy to produce Therefore, children should not be more than medium-sized oranges one day 4.


Spinach Spinach contains large amounts of oxalic acid, oxalic acid in the body of calcium and zinc will be met to generate zinc oxalate and grass, not easily absorbed excreted.

growth and development of children requires a lot of calcium and zinc, if the body lacks calcium and zinc, not only can lead to bone and teeth dysplasia, but also affect intellectual development.

3, eggs, although eggs

more comprehensive nutritional composition of food, but if eat too much cholesterol the body will increase, likely to cause nutrition, obesity, also increase gastrointestinal, liver and kidney burden, causing dysfunction. Therefore, children should not eat more than three eggs a day.

4, tea

tea contains large amounts of tannic acid, tannic acid in the case of iron the body will produce tannic acid iron, it is difficult to be absorbed , likely to cause human iron deficiency.

children will not only iron deficiency anemia, but also affect intellectual development.

5, jelly

jelly is not made of sugar water, fruit juice, but with the thickener, flavor, sour agents, coloring agents, sweet agents prepared from these substances on human nutrition is not what people value, there is a certain toxicity, eat more or eat will affect children's growth and mental health.

6, salted

variety of salted fish are rich in nitrate dimethyl sulfoxide, a substance into the body, will be transformed into highly carcinogenic dimethylnitrosamine.

studies show that began before the age of 10 eat salted fish, the risk of adulthood cancer 30 times higher than the average person. Children should not eat it eat salted fish.

7,Coach bags store, bubble gum bubble gum in the plasticizer

contain slightly toxic, its metabolites, phenol is also harmful.

Furthermore, bubble gum way children eat very healthy, likely to cause gastrointestinal disease.

8, saccharin

present. Children eat with sweet foods and beverages, many joined the saccharin.

study revealed that high consumption of saccharin may cause blood, heart, lungs, peripheral neuropathy, damage to the stomach, kidney, Tam, bladder and other organs.

Therefore, our patients and in children's food requirements are not allowed to use saccharin.

9, beans, beans contain a

factors can cause goiter, can contribute to thyroid hormone out of the body, the results of in vivo thyroid hormone deficiency, To meet this need the body to make thyroid volume increases.

children are more vulnerable in the growth and development of date, so children should not eat eat soy foods.

10, ginseng

Currently, there are many ginseng foods on the market, such as ginseng candy, ginseng malted milk, ginseng powder, ginseng, and ginseng cookies royal jelly and so on.

ginseng can promote the role of sex hormones, children's consumption of human participants lead to precocious puberty, seriously affect the body's normal development.

11, canned food canned

have joined in the production process a certain amount of food additives, additives, traces of toxic, has little effect on adults, developmental stages of children being iron there is a huge impact, not only detrimental to health assessment, and likely to cause chronic poisoning, so children should not eat canned food.

12, popcorn, popcorn

high lead content, lead enters the body pat damage to the nervous, digestive and hematopoietic function.

children lead detoxification function of the weak, prone to eat eat popcorn with chronic lead poisoning, resulting in loss of appetite, diarrhea, irritability, gum, purple, and restructuring and other phenomena of growth and development.

13, instant noodles, instant noodles

adverse human body contains food coloring and preservatives, etc., eat, or eat more likely to cause malnutrition of children, affecting growth development and physical health.

14, sunflower

sunflower seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids, eat a lot of children will consume large quantities of choline, affect the liver cells function, but also cause for

15, cola drinks

cola drinks contain a certain amount of caffeine, caffeine on the central nervous system stimulant, has the potential of the human body hazards.

Because children have yet to develop in different organs of sound, resistance, and detoxification function of the weak, harm will be greater, so the children do not drink more Coke.


children eat animal fat or animal fat to eat, will not only cause obesity, but also affect calcium absorption and utilization, lack of easy caused by calcium deficiency caused by illness.


mutton kebabs and other grilled, smoked food, the BBQ process will produce 20 - aniline and benzo 3.4 pyrene and other strong carcinogens, children eat, or eat these coking food, carcinogenic substances can be accumulated in the body prone to cancer, leaving the adult.


children eating chocolate chocolate too much, make central nervous system in the excited state, resulting in anxiety muscle twitching, rapid heartbeat affect appetite.

19, salt

children should not be more than 5 grams of salt a day, if a lot of salt, after an adult prone to hypertension, coronary heart disease, cancer and other diseases.

20, liver

liver contains large amounts of cholesterol, children will eat, or eat liver elevated cholesterol levels, adult likely to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Head Looking At first the bright future of our profession, when, he said, Brothers, then apply the From We never lacked food safety course material. Almost every day in class when the teacher broke the news, we all know some are, some are our professional shady. When we also consider to buy Nutrilite melatonin or the time you thought about what you do today may be your lunch a few years a variety of strange disease is the culprit. China is now the food industry is simply not a problem of nutrition and health, but health and safety issues. So I particularly want to say that our school food issues posted. Perhaps we will find: eat so many years has nothing to do, or do not eat what is suspicious is also no fun alive. But I would say the probability of harmful food is really a problem, just smoking the same. All know what smoking can cause poor health that this disease disease, but also some old smokers alive and well. However, statistics show that smoking will still hang a little bit faster. I started the bar, the following is our professor said, there is nothing wrong with the cattle can point it out. Fish, it is best to eat fresh fish, locally high-density transportation at room temperature the survival time is 8 hours. Cross-boundary transport less time to 3 hours, the morning fish market at least have to sell one day opening it, how operators are unable to control in 8 hours. Consumers will not buy a dead fish. How to do it can only add malachite green. Malachite green is a kind of industrial dyes, can also be used for copper, a good bactericidal effect, and inexpensive. But carcinogenic to humans. This thing is basically the industry's unspoken rules, no way. So it is best to eat local fish, the closer the better. The field or to buy chilled seafood bar. Eat frogs and eels eat frogs because of the current pesticide use too much, the frog eat a lot, the body corresponding enrichment of pesticides more than other animals. Few non-residual body. Eel contraceptives ripening we certainly know. Last time there was a factory to find that with our Head of Research, Stall is definitely with the swill, but the ratio of the number of issues are now so much the price rises, food stalls only a little advantage on price to listen to our teacher said that basically use the system are swill, but there are good points distribution network. Responsible charge of transportation of the collected charge to buy the RBI inspection department of the people who own private inspection department said, have to check, why did not you eat of. Pesticide residues on vegetables are soaked with water before my mother can not afford to always think of pesticides on food, then buy it back soak it all right. In fact the most widely used organophosphate pesticide, do not water soluble, is fat-soluble. How could soak it gone. There such a thing, our peasant brothers ate the food poisoning their own kind, because the general awareness in rural areas, that after the spraying of pesticides, some rain, dew RBI, pesticide becomes ineffective, then continue to spray. Cause serious excessive pesticides on vegetables because of pesticide as sticky as the oil in the leaves, it is difficult to wash. Then someone put in a heavy rain yesterday, the food was spraying pesticides, brought their own food or to sell. And poisoning, to enema. So how to clean it, some say to use salt water. I think the results should be good, never heard of sodium chloride to increase the solubility of organic phosphorus in the water. Professor he is used to wash dishes, as long as that is like. Some may think that dish detergent will be left in the dish, eat well. A drop of dish detergent vegetables is really only the last remaining trace amount of ingredients, dishes left in the bowl on the day the absolute magnitude of this. Dish detergent ingredient is sodium dodecyl sulfate, literature shows that it does not have any toxic effects on the human body, as long as you do not treat it as a bubble fruit milk drink. Shellfish in seafood should eat less of the original the most popular eating oysters in Guangzhou (also quite popular in the first) on a few years ago, this is no big problem. Now is not the same, rivers and lakes are affected to different degrees of pollution, heavy metals is one of them. Ah what the mercury, nickel, ah, chromium ah. Most shellfish grow on the continental shelf, and sediment in the water floating plants and animals for food. On all those heavy metals in sediment in the sink. Plus some of the mess of microorganisms (including pathogenic microorganisms) shellfish during processing is difficult because of the reason the shell temperature of the food safety requirements. Most casual restaurants in Britain twice on the pan, eating may not only diarrhea, they might eat a lot of heavy metal toxins. So eat the best seafood shellfish (crab taste of what I feel more delicious) to buy the best dessert without butter, and must eat butter, then it is willing to point to buy a natural cream with it. I said here is not the problem will not gain weight. But margarine impact on the human body. Scientific name is hydrogenated vegetable oil margarine. The name sounds pretty healthy (my mother would think, as long as Been criticized for fried food junk food is one of the main reasons it. Here I refer directly to good literature: studies have shown that high levels of trans fat diet and atherosclerosis such as coronary artery disease and other diseases associated with daily intake of trans fat 5g, of heart disease will increase by 25%. why the United States have so many diseases, with their eating habits certainly are related. not this concept before, and now more and more use of natural cream cake to be proud of. July 2007, requiring all New York City The fast-food restaurants, you can not re-use of trans fats, or they will be fine. China is now a very few of the luxury brand stores (do not tell me that MacPherson ah) If breadtalk and the like, have your cream of natural death cake (in fact, is not worth that price) hydrocortisone cream are other all done so old birthday, do not get another two gigantic cream cake for him. eat, then scraped it into butter. away from the Trans fat is definitely not so simple then just do not eat butter topic of trans fats has now penetrated into every corner of the food, fried foods, cakes, donuts, cookies are used in almost trans fat because it is cheap ah, and cooking characteristics, good and shortening not perishable. then you use I use for everyone. eat less does not matter, persistent eat it every day. Ha ha ha Speaking of perseverance, and now office workers drink coffee on the very persistent, I soon worked, it is estimated that about when the coffee is with your partner together, with bags of good, with bottles of their own. partner can become smooth fragrant coffee, but partner in the end very few people to explore so what? what is it? shredded coconut? I did before on the professional courses has been so thought. more like ah, white, and sweet in fact partners are oil, look at those small it could not be a small label, the column was written composition, spoon, coffee mate, is a teaspoon trans fat. do not count your cake biscuit cake on one of those. 5g of trans fats a day to remember, of heart disease will increase by 25% Oh, it concluded that under the health care products , never seen a teacher in our department what holidays, health care products to send the teacher to help businesses do the project, enterprises in addition to Mimi, but also will point to send the product over the meaning of it. do dates dates friends of delivery points, do get some wine wine friends, but excluding health care field, you give money to a lot of money. will not get two boxes of oral delivery to the teacher's house, it's too ironic. , you might as well direct delivery points eggs box inside two bottles of water plus a few boards capsule. In fact, only the active ingredients in the capsule of melatonin, but a few hundred dollars on a few balls, consumers will not buy friends. too expensive. with more than two bottles of the main components of Wong Lo Kat more blindly drugs (Hawthorn) of only melatonin, particles can be done two melatonin capsules. Do the math of his profits it's sister product melatonin gold partner, as □ □ ads. the same overwhelming. to a two bottle of vitamins to buy one hundred and twenty. cow! he The chief selling point is: The Chinese phosphorus, copper exceeded, supplemented side effects. gold partner of nutrients have been strict with, so worth the price. learned people know that nutrition is simply nonsense Well, the ad said those performance. In other words, if you are not missing, not even a serious lack of it, there is no apparent effect. There is also a psychological effect. You think you feel a good naturally ruddy and shiny gold with his partner have nnd What is the relationship ah. There are so strict now with even more ridiculous. vitamins are not hormones, eat one gram will be dead. Water-soluble vitamins, such as eat a lot of vc on the urine out of the body with a. (and the theory that super- the amount taken vc can prevent cancer, is extremely hot, according to Niubi Lin said, he himself is to practice, took the Nobel Prize, made hot forest exclusion principle also live more than 90 years old, are interested you can google it) eat a lot of fat-soluble vitamins in poor health but that it touches will have to eat how a line, ah, cod liver oil every day cooking? Amway cellulose, egg viper. Amway thing you know the sea, he also likes a set of sets you buy, he said, ah, what the purity of those are also true. foreigners process or did not have to say, but we really need to do 99% of the egg viper? to us to look at his production process it. Take for example the most common tomato Amway products have many series of tomato is lycopene, pectin and cellulose is, to buy tomatoes, skins go skins, meat, go meat, not with a little skin in the meat, the meat will not take a Sipi, then the skin to extract lycopene, meat do pectin, cellulose. And then we have a quick bottle of hundreds of high-purity lycopene, pectin and fiber cellulose body Amway professional nutritionists, almost the same service may also taste better point do not drink milk drink, is basically out of the water against, milk drinks will be marked out on the label above, although the word may be printed very small drink, try to eat more dry food or easy to save higher sugar content, if high water content, long shelf life and do not buy, all relying on preservatives, low water activity, rather than save some of the products will compound preservative. is several joint anti-corruption, This eat. Guangming dairy than other state-owned enterprises should be good. flavors are also natural sources of chemical synthesis, it is recommended to eat less, the amount does not matter. a lot of flavors and fragrance company's direct contact with the perfumer, generally early application engineers appear white hair, is the result of frequent exposure to flavors in addition to not drink anything other than pure milk products. uht's do not drink and some milk ─ ─ creamy flavor,cheap Coach handbags, concentrated ─ ─ thickeners, starch or colloidal yogurt: Conditional so, pay attention to what label to buy the list of ingredients there are no

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A: tomato mushroom

material: tomato - tomatoes: tomato - tomato sauce


1, a small pot heat oil, add two tablespoons of tomato sauce , a small fire stir fry, add vinegar, sugar, amount of water, a little soy sauce, hook into the thin sauce, stir constantly

2, into the fried mushrooms, stir evenly, until thick soup When thick add chicken, sesame oil, pan

This approach, coupled with the point of spicy bean paste, it becomes a fish smell a

II: soft tofu salad
box soft tofu into a deep dish upside down within ~

prepare sauce: 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp chili oil 1 tsp sesame oil, (pepper powder save), a teaspoon of vinegar, a little stir. Another deep-fried peanuts 1 tablespoon peeled and ready to be pressed into pieces, coriander, green onion, minced garlic free. All sauces and ingredients into the prepared dish of soft tofu and mix well.

three: small beans stew

raw materials: pig elbow meat, potatoes, beans


1, sizing the first to meat, meat, wash the elbow, cut two centimeters square blocks, into the pot, add salt, chicken, pepper, soy sauce, about one-fifth of the water, even with the clutch, preserved 30 minutes later, adding a whole egg, grasping uniform, to continue to marinate for 15 minutes, adding the right amount of starch, grasping uniform, then add a little oil, grasping uniform, the sealed plastic wrap in the fridge cold

2 potatoes, cut hob, wash beans stalks, break it into small pieces

3, slightly more oil into the pot, after the Heat, then added potatoes, beans, remove the oil
4, the pot stay in base oil, a good deal under the meat, slip loose, broken health, remove

5, another pot, add a little oil, saute Cong Jiangsuan, star anise, add meat , cooking wine, stir fry for a while, add enough water, turn the fire to boil simmer for about 15 minutes, add potatoes and beans and continue to stew cooked

6, Sprinkle the salt, vinegar, soy sauce , chicken, sesame oil, coriander, pan

four: Acid beans fried minced meat

? ?

acid food raw beans, 250 grams, pig meat (fat and lean female 200 grams), garlic 10 grams, the end of 2 g pepper, lard, salt, MSG, soy sauce, the right amount.

? food practices ?

1, acid wash beans, soak with warm water a little while, remove and cut into 0.5 cm pieces; pork cut into minced meat aside.

2, Wok stir, first acid Guo Chao dry beans under water pot. Heat the pot to put lard, pour the minced meat, fry a little salt, then add sour beans fried together, then put the garlic, pepper at the end, soy sauce, stir-fry, add water to 50 g stew cooked, dry soup collection, MSG pot can be.

? ?

cuisine features a rich choice of materials, color bright red. Crisp the delicious, spicy sweet and salty fresh, aromatic

Five: stuffed green peppers

? ?

food raw green peppers and tender claw 24, pork tenderloin 100 grams.

pig fat fat meat, 25 grams, 50 grams shrimp paste. Salt 1 g, 1.5 g monosodium glutamate, soy sauce 10 grams of vinegar, 10 grams, Shao liquor 10 grams, sugar 10, 1 egg white. Onion last 5 grams of ginger water 10 grams of dry starch 25 grams, wet starch 5 grams, 10 grams of sesame oil, lard 40 grams.

? food practices ?

1, selection of 7 cm long green peppers 24, pass to open with scissors to make the child, dry starch, sprinkle pepper inside. [Food China]

2, the loin, fat fat, chop shrimp paste, add water, egg white, salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger water, light blue at the end with the clutch to pull its weight, mixed with the wet starch, together with sesame oil 5 g mix, divided into 24 parts, stuffed green peppers, smooth.

3, wok set a small fire hot, the next three combustion chamber into the hot lard (about 66 ℃) when the wok fried green pepper, boil for a short desert out more oil, cooked into the rice wine, soy sauce , sugar, vinegar, turn the pan, topped with sesame oil 5 grams, aligned into the disk can be

? ?

cuisine features a full shape, slightly sweet, sweet and salty taste buds

Six: minced radish

material: minced radish, red peppers, garlic, dried basil, salt, soy sauce

Method: 1. radish in warm water till soft, about a quarter of an hour is like, cut into small spare; dried basil hair with warm water; red peppers cut into Ding; 2. wok put the oil into the minced meat stir fry quickly (non-stick wok, cold oil pork), then add red peppers, garlic, basil stir fry and then add the radish flavor, stir about 2-3 minutes, the middle can be slightly water, and finally add soy sauce, salt seasoning, stir well.

Seven: Mushroom Tofu

material: loofah tofu, oil, porcini mushrooms, garlic, steamed fish, soy sauce, Salt

(tofu is half a day before the rest, loofah or downstairs to the old lady)

practice: tofu, cut Wobble loofah, sprinkle with minced garlic, salt, Boletus in conjunction with oil and pour over the tofu, steamed fish and finally doused with soy sauce, the pot and steam for 15 minutes can be friends, I sent out to major oil porcini, porcini mushrooms could be so no steam can put some scallops or what XO sauce, steamed in garlic oil is also good not to eat.

ps: the practice of garlic oil: more of the garlic in a small bowl, fuel not too garlic, then add some salt, chicken, soy sauce and mix thoroughly, put in a microwave oven bite one minute, remove the mix on the line, to steamed sponge, steamed tofu, steamed fish is very tasty.

Eight: Shrimp Sauce

materials: shrimp, bean paste, onions

practice: to be cut and sharp mouth shrimp, shrimp line to pick, wash stand ; Heat oil add bean paste pot, saute onion and stir-fry the shrimp thrown to, stir-fried and then stir-fry, to avoid the paste pot can be slightly water, simmer one minute to the pan.

Nine: cold eggplant

material: two long eggplant, a few parsley, minced garlic, salt, vinegar, oil, chicken

practices: Wash eggplant whole Then put the root steamed torn strips; parsley washed off; finally put all the materials are mixed can be mixed together.

ps: when the mat bamboo steamed eggplant, steamed out of the eggplant can be avoided with too much water!

ten: Braised melon

material: melon, ginger, soy sauce

practice: melon peel to the flesh cut into 1cm square pieces back, ginger; the pot with a little more than a little bit of cooking oil after the Heat after the throw into the melon Fried ginger stir fry one minute after the block the fire to medium full-fry 2 minutes, slightly water, salt, chicken, soy sauce and then simmered to a small fire can Sulan melon.

XI: steamed sea bass

Material: bass, onion, ginger, salt, steamed Fish Soy

practice: 1. bass clean Houjia Shao wine, a pinch of salt, onion, ginger marinated for 15 minutes, then rinse again, over and over again smell; 2 the bass from the rear cut into a butterfly-shaped, then cut back from the shop in the back plate, and ginger on the fish bunk wire, water steam for 5-6 minutes on the pan off the heat simmered 2 minutes to a plate of soup drained, pour steamed fish soy sauce, sprinkle with green onion, and finally poured hot oil Jiuhaola although not very good cut, but can shorten the steaming time, heat evenly, not the old fish.

twelve: Garlic Kale

material: broccoli, garlic, soy sauce

practice: Kale remove the old leaves, torn off the old bars, washed boiling water Wobble; pot oil pan Gaixiao fire, thrown into the minced garlic and 2 tablespoons of soy sauce after the fire. the sauce over the broccoli on top of the OK

thirteen: yuba

cold wire material: silk dried bean, cucumber, garlic, salt, vinegar, sesame oil, chicken, onion

practice: using wire yuba After the hot water over cold water to open, dry control water reserve; cucumber strips, mix all the materials are mixed like.

yuba is soy silk, and dried bean taste is somewhat similar, but the approach is more simple and good to eat

XIV: Fried Boletus
material: porcini mushrooms, red peppers, garlic, broccoli rod, salt

practice: 1. dried porcini mushrooms before taking a dip in a few hours, washed sand, and then cook on 15 minutes to wash dry remove and control of water; broccoli broccoli bar is done the day before yesterday, when the rest of the bar, throw a pity, left, cut into pieces torn off the old bars on the line, garlic slices, diced red peppers. 2 Heat the oil pan after throwing incense into the red peppers and garlic and stir broccoli stir fry bar, and then the porcini and continue to stir fry about 3 minutes, seasoning, pan.

ps: dried porcini mushrooms in a fry cook as much as possible on the ten minutes before, must not add onions, easy to poisoning; fresh porcini mushrooms in a pan of time must not be less than 3 minutes, can not eat fried paste of porcini mushrooms ; in order to maintain the taste of fresh porcini mushrooms, you can pre-fry the oil after dehydration.

XV: braised chicken

materials: chicken 3, ginger , sugar, 2 tablespoons soy sauce 5 tablespoons sesame oil, small red peppers

practice: chicken cut, the pot after adding the right amount of sesame oil into the chicken stir fry 2 minutes until chicken thighs do not see color, then Add sugar, soy sauce, ginger continues to stir evenly, Gaixiao fire, the little chicken on the top section of the fire pepper, simmer 10 minutes, and finally stir pan Jiuhaola!

PS: chicken itself will be the water, so the whole process without adding water, a small fire stew Shulan like.

XVI: loofah vermicelli soup
material: loofah fans, shrimp jen, ginger

practice: 1. fans ahead of a good soak, loofah Peel after the film, peeled shrimp to shrimp-line backup; 2 pot add water boil, add ginger, cook for one minute, then the fan, sponge, all fall into the shrimp boil, seasoning with salt, and finally Drizzle sesame oil like

Seventeen: Lachao sweet potato seedlings

material: sweet potato seedlings and tender tip of the red pepper garlic salt chicken lard

practice: 1 sweet potato seedlings with leaves washed, minced garlic, red pepper, chopped ( her husband is not spicy, so pepper cut in relatively large, so he did not care to eat) 2 red pepper saute pan under the oil pan and then under the minced garlic, stir fry last into the sweet potato, seasoning the pan. sweet potato Tony's son leaves a good taste, a little Ruannuo feeling.

eighth: seaweed tofu soup

bone material: bone seaweed tofu onion salt

practice: bone, cleaned into the pot in cold water on the pot, boil write a floating foam, add onion, boil four hours put into the refrigerator one hour after cold out, the soup will be solidified surface of the oil so that we can very easily have put the soup Piediao a; continue on the open fire, pour the washed seaweed simmer for 1 hour, then add soft tofu cook for 10 minutes, and finally season with salt.'s a super calcium soup

19: bacon mushroom roll

Material: Thai sweet chili sauce mushroom bacon onion

practice: the bacon to clean the mushroom, onion roll segment up, there toothpick fixed, placed in the brush on the oil pan; Preheat oven 200 °, will be involved in doing the bacon oven bake for 15 minutes, turning the middle 2 times put out baked dish, with sweet chili sauce with the table, dipping sauce, very tasty

Twenty: fried rice cakes

Material: Korean rice cakes sauce of onions, mushrooms and salt

( If there is any peppers cabbage point of release is also fine, and I do not have, hehe)

practices: 1 onion cut into small cakes of the articles of mushrooms cut back;

2. pot Heat oil in saute mushrooms and onions and pour into a bowl of boiling water into the opened

3. and so the pot of water boil rice cakes (the pot of soup is not too cake of of), so as not to stick fry pan is not

4. When the soup is thick add Korean chili sauce, salt and seasoning, stirring slowly, until the sauce is thick you can.

21: salted fish steamed potatoes

Material: 100g potatoes 500g salted onion ginger

practice: 1 Peel and cut potatoes into 0.5cm thick slices, salted fish cut into small pieces, mince the onion, ginger spare;

2. to cut potato chips in the bowl a good code, salted fish shop on potato chips, add the ginger film, topped with some oil, about 20 minutes on Steam;

3. steamed potatoes, cooked, remove from, potatoes and salt fish with chopsticks to mix, along with soup plate, sprinkled with scallions at the end you can.

22: Pepper fried chicken thighs boneless chicken thigh meat cut into

small, salt, soy sauce, chicken, ginger, salt starch system for 10 minutes; Pepper cut; garlic slices.

oil pan after pan fried chicken thigh meat powder containing the next, stay in base oil, the next count garlic, bell peppers stir fry, seasoning with salt, stir fried chicken thigh then pour evenly to pan.

23: parsley bacon

parsley root of a carrot
bacon one (you can pre-steam 15 minutes to cut.)

parsley to the roots, leaves off more memory; cut thin strips of carrot, and celery general thickness; bacon slices; garlic slices.
oil pan and pour into pot garlic, stir together bacon, make bacon out of the oil, and finally into thin strips of carrot, stir fry 1 minute after the slightly water stew; into celery stir fry until celery color , add a little salt, bacon would be a little more salt, less salt, and finally throwing celery leaves, stir pan can be.

24: Fried mushrooms

1. fungus bubble hair washed and cut into small bar after, shredded cucumber, onion, garlic spare;

2. and then is fired, the pot add oil, garlic throw point, stir and pour into the fragrant fungus, stir fry, after salt, chicken seasoning, and finally into the cucumber, spring onion stir fry a few can pan, and if coupled with my favorite chop pepper, the taste was better .

25: wakame soup

material: wakame, tofu, mushrooms, salt, white pepper, broth

wakame (not kelp ah), after the bubble clean cut sections alternate; mushrooms clean a little tear into small pieces; box tofu cut into the box;

Guo Lifang Heat the oil a little bit after the throw point Scallions followed by Hong Pour broth boil;

all the materials are thrown into the pot open, the heat and simmer for 2 minutes, seasoning with salt, sprinkle a small amount of white pepper, pan can be.

26: Lily steamed pumpkin

a small pumpkin, peeled

from third to cut into a pumpkin two and a half, to the flesh, the two-thirds of a large flap and keep the pumpkin cut into large pumpkin shape, then the mouth up in a large bowl, be sure to keep the pumpkin's semi-circular; clean fresh lily, another one-third of all the pieces and fill two-thirds of the pumpkin with Lily, the on Steam for 15-20 minutes, deducted, then doused with sweet-scented osmanthus sugar or honey on it

twenty-seven: sugar snap peas sugar snap peas to the chicken thigh muscle

clean, red pepper cut diamond; boneless chicken into strips, add a little salt, soy sauce, starch grasp uniform; wok oil, cooked slip chicken thigh meat, containing a reserve; to stay a little base oil pan, add a little water, boil and pour into sugar snap peas, red peppers, sugar snap peas stir fry until the color seasoning with salt, then slip into the thigh meat cooked, stir evenly you can pan. ps (fried sugar snap peas add a small amount of water is to first make a good fry color out of the sugar snap peas, to avoid burnt

twenty-eight: lobster steamed bacon

ingredients: bacon, tempeh

approach: first, a little saute lobster sauce once, add a little chili powder, stir well, then tiled in the dish, sprinkle with a little ginger; bacon, cleaned and cut into chip shop in top tempeh, tempeh cover on the pot steaming on 40-60 minutes is OK, one tastes very delicious.

29: chop pepper celery
ribs celery, cleaned the old torn off after the oblique, garlic spare, Duojiao amount; in fact, quite suitable for summer eating this dish, appetizer.

next step is fired, the pot stir fragrant garlic oil, chop pepper under, then chopped celery, celery and stir fry until the color quickly after salt, chicken seasoning.

I like chop pepper, to eat every day, not tired, sharpen Hong .....

30: scallops scallops

evergreen evergreen, good expensive scallops, almost 200 pound, sleepwalk buy; good cheap evergreen, 5 dollars to buy a large bag, ate half a year left. evergreen dried vegetables for its green color, and ornamental plants like evergreen named. February and March, when winter oilseed rape a large number of germination dishes budding, whichever is the top thirty-four tender tip of raw materials, soak into the boiling water for 2-3 minutes, when seven students at two-thirds cooked, quickly picked up the heat, bamboo rope on the shelves, hair dry eight Jiucheng dry, sun-dried and then moved because of its special processing, fresh vegetables in the vitamin C and minerals are mostly unscathed, although it is dried, but still lose the taste.
approach: 1. scallops, cleaned with a small amount of warm water, or even with water on the pot and steam for 10 minutes to spare

2. Evergreen hair washed with hot water clean and dry control water reserve
3. Heat oil and pour into a small pot of ginger garlic and saute, stir into the hair good scallops, then stir into the evergreen, and finally a small amount of cooking into the steam (or hot) water scallops (very salty) seasoning, stir well.

PS: Scallops in itself is already very salty, so basically do not salt the

thirty-one: weight loss mixed two-wire

materials: potatoes 500 grams, 150 grams of kelp, onions, garlic, salt, rice vinegar, soy sauce, chili oil amount ~

practice: potatoes Piqie Si, into the hot water Billy cooked, remove the over cold water. Drain.

cooked boiled kelp is also removed, had cold water, drain.

onion strips, garlic, peeled and pressed into the mud ~
mixing the above ingredients, you become friends ~!

Pinggan blood pressure, blood fat, anti-cancer good DD ~ ~ ~ We eat Ha! ~

thirty-two: spicy pork ribs

method is very simple to use chilli, pepper, garlic tablets, a pinch of salt, oil, incense and Lee Kum Kee sauce, wine, vinegar, sesame oil salt clean blood of ribs and marinate for 15 minutes after the steaming pot to put a little cornstarch!

thirty-three: orange rind

raw lotus: lotus 250 grams watermelon rind 250 g sub.

seasonings: orange juice, salt, sugar, a little


1, slashing the outer green skin will peel, remove the inner layer of red flesh, cut into strips.

2, scrape the skin washed the lotus root, cut into pieces, soak in cold water pot.

3, will Guatiao, lotus root, respectively blanched in boiling water, remove and drain water.

4, in Guatiao, lotus root, adding the right amount of orange juice, salt, sugar and mix well, color is yellow, you can transfer to a plate food.
Features: moderately sweet and sour, crisp and delicious.

thirty-four: Wushan fat Loach

main accessories; big loach 500 grams, 250 grams lettuce
production process: the loach slaughtered, flying water stand; another under Fry Spicy Pickle sauce pot, place the next Tom Loach, suppression of re-entry within three minutes a pressure cooker pan, add water, boil for a short After the Qing Sun, Taste plate and serve Serve.

type flavor: Spicy flavor

features: cake soft and delicate, spicy delicious, rich Wei Hou.

Music : We are the same . Mp3
Tarot: Celtic Cross spread on Yangjing's love affair

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both humans and animals live together in our planet , and you could see around us is also a wide variety of animals , today's share : 40 you intoxicated animals photographs ,North Face Down Jackets, hoping to have more people to humans and animals with the care of our common homeland , because some lovely animals , has been a slowly away from us humans .
Photo by Max Billder

Photo by The National Geographic
Photo by Andreas Saladin

Photo by Miho95

Photo by HuanHuan

Photo by Cyrus Khamak

Photo by Erik Veland
Photo by the National Geographic

Photo by iKate

Photo by tahitipix

Photo by mvbalkom

Photo by Jennifer Stuber

Photo by Andrey Narchuk

Photo by Havik

Photo by Sushyue Liao

Photo by FailingJune

Photo by cloughridge

Photo by Emily

Photo by Kuntha

Photo by Marina Cano

( full text ...)
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obviously want to cry , still laughing .

obviously very much, but pretend it does not matter .
obviously wanted to leave , but said firmly to leave .
obviously very painful , but simply said he is very happy .
obviously forget , said has been forgotten.
obviously does not fit , you said you are , I am me .
obviously reluctant , saying that I have had enough .
clearly said is against the lies, saying that was my truth .
obviously almost tears overflow the eyes , but heads held high .
clearly has not recovered , but still persistent .
know they are injured, said you do not feel that I owe .
obviously this let the people around their own concerns , I do not want your sympathy !
just in my heart to bear alone , although distressed difficult to breathe , but smiled and told everyone
then calm down , I would joke himself, why disguised himself so strong ? If they can withstand all the suffering ... Oh, this tired , tired ... even if disguised , even tired ,north face jacket women, just to prevent accumulation in the eyes of tears shed . It is embedded in the eyes of the cold , once warm it will surge , destroyed as long as I built the breakwater ... only one reason for this has been sufficient.
camouflage strong, only not to take advantage of vulnerabilities , only one in the evening through the night can not be afraid ... screeching mouth smile is not so easy , you will have a strong voice behind : not tired tired ? Road can no longer retreat .
one night , perhaps the most lonely !

In 2008 the most ridiculous quotes 100 1, an angry rat, we are all sick cats.
2, and a whale MM argument is not a fish, and finally I said,

3, a man young gold, I cut down the legs, and even pieces of copper did not find it!

4, the spring I put corn buried in the earth, to fall I'll harvest a lot of corn. Spring, I put my wife buried in the earth, to fall ... I'll be shot!

5, if you see a shadow in front, do not be afraid, it is because the sun behind you!

6, travels to brothels were not old, please Huiren.

7, listen to king's words, the provincial ten books I have!

8,0-year-old debut appearance, 10 years old every day. 20-year-old ambitions, 30-year-old worked hard. Basic orientation of 40-year-old, 50 years old everywhere popular. 60-year-old playing mahjong, 70-year-old wandering everywhere. 80-year-old Lara homemade, 90-year-old hung on the wall!

9, undressed, I was an animal, put on clothes I Yiguanqinshou!

10, Shitai, you from the old monk, right! ... Long, long time ... Shitai, you spare the old monk, right!

11, : She wants me to put dirt into gold, I want her as the gold as dirt.

13, read 10 languages, as talk half QQ.

14, lazy bed the morning, then six coins from his pocket: If you throw to six are positive, I went to school! Thinking hesitate a long time, or forget, do not take the risk of ... ...

15, I spent 80,000 to buy a Western Zhou pottery, called yesterday to the ! ! But that does not tolerate the money is fake! ! ! !

17, who was friends pretended to be dead, a woman makes herself by plastic surgery.

18, grew up to marry the monk, to play to play, not play to put him to eat.

19, Oh my god, except one male and one female.

20, do not wait until everybody says when you find yourself really ugly ugly.

21, if a friend can betray each value of five, I also made a small fortune.

22, Personals: requirements are as follows, A Living, B woman.

23, to the point of the sun I'll decay.

24, to eat a proper, only fresh weight ah.

25, Shanghai Triad, shake to Modoribashi.

26, fate is responsible for shuffling, but the game of cards is our own!

27, Q: Do you like my point? A: I like you away from me!

28, you come back, I do not come one 忽悠!

29, life is like Zude's mouth, the next you never know who will be unlucky ~ ~ ~

30, fell, got up and cry ~ ~ ~
31, the world is difficult to extricate themselves, in addition to the teeth, as well as love.

32, Xi'an Jiaotong University, when passing a dinosaur on the trips to the bathroom, came out she sobbed: easy. Live, easy. Life is not easy.

34, my cousin, more than four years. From the beginning of the text, even without the three-year test. Then the martial arts, martial arts made a vector field, the Drum officials, by the out. Change the medical school, essays a recipe, served it, soldier.

35, ask to have the misery, like a group of eunuchs on the brothel ... ...

36, My life career, and eat has no limits ~ ~ ~

37 , a place to pollution in two ways: garbage, or money!

38, the young, we often directed at the mirror and make faces; old age, the mirror be even.

39, you are blind ah? You can not see such a large shield, but why should throw stones at me on the head!

40, problems start to find the cause, not a strange planet has no gravity constipation.

41, racking our brains decision-making, to ensure that each of the offerings, shot ass leave.

42, we are going too fast, the soul can not keep up ... ...

43, not to stoop to earth ~ ~ ~

44, the girl from virgin to and successfully as long as a woman, the boy becomes a man from the Virgin repeated need to hone!

45, Chu Laihun, wife sooner or later want to change it!

46, a child grow up, I thought I could save the world, and so grow up they discover the whole world can not save me ... ...

47, are rich uncle! But it is not also owe!

48, even if I was a toad, a toad I will never marry his mother.

49, why long sleep before his death, since death will be buried ... ...

50, the tailor did not want to cook, not a good driver.

51, time is the best teacher, but unfortunately - the last he killed the all students.

52, the road trip to Xi'an, a burst of bluster Dalian Dalian man more than a lot of good, and then said Dalian City, when the centennial celebration held in a very grand event and so on, then ask the next one : princes' it ... ...

54, harmonious campus, perhaps riding a bicycle was a Ph.D., and open-Benz may be a logistical ... ...

55, is the gold, always spend the; a mirror, always reflective of the ... ...

56, my girlfriend improper nun because she did not four, Anli charge.

57, star off point can be more famous, I was caught off the bare up!

58, see a beautiful MM, having no way to strike up a conversation, a brick street, picked up, stepped forward, What scientists do not want to be a dream, fantasy is the landlord of his young master, families with fertile fields all day, ignorant and incompetent, nothing led a group of dogs I took to the streets to take liberties with what good and decent girl ... ...

60 , do not talk to me about ideal, quit!

61, rose to you, your chocolate, diamonds you. You, my!

62, the so-called surprise is waiting for your rabbit to a hard, followed by the wolf!

63, what is fortunate _? Happiness is a cat fish dog meat, Altman played little monster!

64, both farmers boast:

65, cockroaches are not afraid of cockroaches drugs, and vitamins that we do not even get it working!

66, long a bun like to not blame the dog along!

67, when a man Touxing after Einstein's IQ!

68, and study hard for the Chinese! A pack of Chinese a lot of sore ... ...

69, if you can not give your woman to wear the wedding dress, so do not stop you untie the hands of her buttoned!

70, wearing dirty clothes do not think you can do a tainted witness; do not think you can do wearing wooden clogs slippers witness ... ...

71, is the country's cause, honor is an entity, performance is led by the wife's wages, property is the child, the error of their own.

72, Phoenix is ??the rebirth of Nirvana, pheasant rebirth is Evil Dead.

73, if one day I become a rogue, please tell others, I too innocent ... ...

74, I only have a car, or own ... ...

75 , QQ, countless women have just to take liberties with a man, a man used a QQ number above to fill a variety of women ... ...

76, happened to see the book on the so-called contemporary woman mate selection criteria: car and house, his parents died. Then write down the standard fantasy wife in the election: things: self-deception, deceptive, being bullied.

78, sleep is an art - who can not stop my pursuit of artistic footsteps!

79, in order to avoid domestic violence, so I decided not to marry!

80, you can live like a pig, but you will never be as happy as pigs!

81, lightning Pirates of the bell, maintaining the original aim, to succeed not worth mentioning, this material most Acacia storm, a house does not sweep sweep invincible, east west sunrise rain falls, I raise my eyes comparative study, transfixed hair when arrow, chickens Yanyong chopper small scale, hard-edged spring, Weiweijiuzhao Po Kui, Very good bye, eight-teeth Lupin, blew out the new moon ... ...

82, a woman a blog diary: a certain day, drunk and go, hand touched - Mobile and chastity are, sleep!

83, and beautiful, and pure, and gentle, and sexy, and lovely maiden, like ghosts, men are talking about it, but no one has ever witnessed ... ...
84, remember the primary school teacher scolded me: Now, is it not dare laugh laugh ... ...

85, if happiness is a cloud, if the pain like the stars. That my life is really cloudless, starry sky ... ...

86, the contraceptive effect: not successful, it becomes

87, alone is a person's carnival, carnival is a group of people alone.

88, the most tiring thing in this world, than watched his heart is broken, had to stick it up yourself.

89, the tragic life is: made a hard night of eclectic content of the dream, woke up the next morning all actually can not remember!

90, my father asked me what to pursue in life? I replied, money and beauty, the father vicious hit my face; I replied, career and love, the father appreciated the touch of my head.

91, men are lecherous, slightly stronger color center point called satyr, then a strong point called the goat, but also to strengthen called rapists, You Qijiang it has become perverted sex maniac, lust to the extreme, is called human aesthetic artist.

92, I remember one day recently graduated, his girlfriend sent me a text message:

94, to see beauty in the street, looking a little higher is appreciated, look low point is that rogue.

95, baby his mother, nothing if life there are many things to do it, do not delay the effort, and I play hide and seek, and quickly jumped out Come on ~ ~ ~

96, like a woman's life two flowers: one money to spend, and second, to spend as much as possible!

97, became a hit - is described as female artist of the ... ...

98, this world is unfair is that: God said: Beauty said: Rich said: I said:

99, I really do not understand, many, many beautiful girls to buy clothes to wear, is to attract the attention of boys,North Face Down Jackets, but boys want to see, but it is a girl with no clothes on.

100, occasionally a silent quiet life you will feel so cool, but the quiet life of a mime on the disaster ... ...

1880s in the U.S. city of Atlanta, George has a pharmacy, although small-scale, but placed on the shelf a lot of drugs, special drugs. See that the boss is a pharmacy medicine expert.

Indeed, the pharmacy owner is not Dengxianzhibei. His name is Yue Hanpan Burton, is a Ph.D., has a unique business, arguing that other pharmacies do not operate the efficacy of good drugs, special drugs, pharmacies have the benefits. Based on this understanding, he was very attentive to the dynamics of the pharmaceutical market, to capture market information.

time, Pemberton noted an article in a medical journal reported. The article said: In 1884, American doctors Kohler extracted from the coca bush substance called cocaine, has analgesic effects. After extensive research and many experiments, Pemberton and Cora found the tree with coca leaves, seeds as raw material, preparation of medicine to treat headache, and the results are quite good. He put together the names of two materials - Thus, in his pharmacy in the addition of a new drug.

1886 年 5 day stay at the pharmacy near the old acquaintance Mr. He Si to the pharmacy to find medicine for headache, had he heard of the Can unfortunately, Pemberton preparation of medicine are used up. Usually, guys often look at Pemberton dispensing, it is generally used the drug to a simple preparation. He helped myself a bottle of syrup of other headache, accompanied by soda syrup, to the HES.

Before long, there one customer to the store and sell drugs, he claimed to be a friend HAES, head a bit hard for me to drink HAES buy medicine, I feel good taste and can quench their thirst, to ask whether the toxic side effects. Random perfunctory man said: unclear of. Several folks took the headache of medicine to the customer, the customer his head: of medicine.

At this time, Pemberton Wensheng came to find out what was going on folks. Man afraid of Pemberton blame her own prescription, he casually lied: Dayton on upstairs. Customers that man tells the truth to his boss, he patiently stood at the counter and so on.

Soon, Pemberton will be submitted to the customer hands a bottle of syrup. Customers saw the color of syrup, immediately denied: to explain to customers.

Panbo feel a very strange, is determined to get to the bottom to the boy asked. After repeated questioning, man had to confess their dispensing random facts, Pemberton severely criticized him.

do this the ends of the can Pemberton is a thinking,Monster Bests By Dr Dre Studio Headphones, active man, he thought: it is certainly dark red syrup taste good, either, who the customer will not be entangled man insisted to buy, maybe just a new type of drink recipes.

Thus, Pemberton repeatedly to a variety of syrup prepared in different proportions. A month later, he finally with a unique flavor, dark red refreshing thirst-quenching drinks. Because it is the result of mismatch Gukekela, therefore, Pemberton also called it Later, the drink spread to China, the translator to translate it into a catchy name but rather implies that

However, unlike in previous years is. 2011 China Military Power Report name from the usual

China's emerging anti-access / area denial capabilities in an essential element is the ability to control and dominate all areas of modern warfare in the information space. China is improving information and operational security in order to win and protect their information advantage, and to deter and intercept in the development, including electronic and information warfare, including the ability to defeat adversaries. In 2010, China carried out a record 15 space launches to expand its space-based intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, navigation, meteorological and communications satellite constellation. Meanwhile, China is developing a multi-dimensional program to improve its function, restrict or prohibit the opponents in a crisis or conflict, the use of space assets.

in nuclear forces, the report speculated that the Chinese nuclear arsenal has about 55-65 intercontinental ballistic missiles, including the silo-based CSS-4 (DF-5), solid fuels in land-based CSS10 1 and type 2 (DF-31 and DF-31A). And a more limited range CSS-3 (east-3). The troops from the liquid fuel CSS-2 intermediate-range ballistic missiles and land-based solid-fuel CSS-5 (east-21D) to add, perform regional deterrence mission.

the Pentagon on August 24 issued a contributions, but still legitimate for China's national defense construction unwarranted charges, exaggerating the

four priority challenges

report also speculated that China is continuing to develop new generation nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN). Promotion (094) ballistic missile submarines will eventually carry the JL-2 (JL-2) submarine-launched ballistic missiles with a range estimated to be about 7400 km. It will have a reliable Chinese navy's first sea-based nuclear deterrent capability. However, although China has made the cut Navy ballistic missile submarines, but in the R & D Meanwhile, China is expanding its attack submarine force. 093 second-generation attack submarine has been in service, and up to five 095 nuclear attack submarines will also be in the next few years into the military. 095 submarines, quiet performance, better control, higher, will be equipped with torpedoes and anti-ship cruise missiles.

in The report said: Many Chinese officials and citizens believe that a strong sea power is to become a prerequisite for world power. China and Russia the possibility of nuclear war subsided,Beats By Dr.Dre Tour, Beijing turned its attention to a series of other challenges, especially the Taiwan independence issue. In 1995-1996 the

focused their attention on new weapons

report said the Chinese military over the past decade to benefit from the modern military equipment and hard-of strong investment in technology, many modern systems has matured over the next decade the Chinese military will integrate many new, complex platform, and to adopt new operational concepts, including joint operations and network-centric warfare.

report, respond to regional contingencies as part of the plan, China has been developing to prevent or counter third-party forces (including the United States) intervention capability. In order to develop anti-access / area denial capabilities, China is in pursuit of air, sea, sea, space and information operations and counter-space systems, the development of coastal areas from China to the Western Pacific, a multi-level attack capability.

report said. In the more traditional areas, China's anti-intervention / regional strategic focus seems to refuse to stop, restrict or control the enemy to enter the Chinese periphery (including the West Pacific) of land, sea and airspace. If China is to acquire and deploy the conventional medium-range anti-ship ballistic missiles, in order to expand its attacks on naval targets accurately the range, including the first island chain in the action outside the aircraft carrier away from the coast of China. Meanwhile, China is developing long-range version of the

report also concerned about the Chinese J-20 stealth fighter. The report said China developed J-20 fighters showed The report also believes that although the test has been -20 F, but can not be achieved by 2018, The report also speculation that, like stealth fighters and F-range ballistic missiles -20 such weapons, will further enhance China's military air base against the Western Pacific region, logistics facilities and other land-based facilities capacity.

in the so-called military transparency, the report said, China

In addition, the report said, China is also committed to obtain a series for the response to U.S. and other opponents of ballistic missile defense system, military technology, including mobile manned aircraft, multiple independently targetable re- back-entry vehicles, decoys, chaff, electronic interference, insulation materials, and anti-satellite weapons. And, China continues to strive to improve the combat capability of anti-ship missiles, radar facilities to improve and expand the scale of nuclear-powered submarine fleet. If this trend continues, the report said, China 2020 will be able to become a regional military power, and to basically modernize its military.

of the U.S. Congress in 1999 adopted the to Congress, but postponed to Aug. 16 to complete. 2011 report, which runs 84 pages, divided into six chapters. Main content is still China's military development, the development of the security situation in the Taiwan Strait, China's military modernization, military relations between the United States and many other aspects.

particular, the report analyzes China's aircraft carrier, attention to China's aircraft carrier platform trials that take into account factors training carrier pilots, the Chinese have an aircraft carrier combat capability can still take several years. The report also said China is building aircraft carriers may be expected at least until after 2015 in order to form a fighting force. The aircraft carrier battle groups to form, at least, even more than a decade of time.

in China is now the Security Council's five permanent members to provide peacekeepers to the countries most. In January 2004, eight United Nations peacekeeping mission to China sent 359 peacekeepers. Each strength of not more than 70 people, but in January 2010, China 10 United Nations Mission Operations Group sent 2131 peacekeeping personnel, including five the number of task groups to send more than 200 people. impact of Taiwan's independence and Beijing's ability to resolve disputes, as well as in the case of conflict, the United States or its allies could provide support to Taiwan to deter. Report speculated that the Chinese mainland have short-range ballistic missiles aimed at Taiwan 1200, and is developing or deploying to combat internal and external objectives of the Taiwan Strait, artillery systems, including PHL-03300-mm rockets (range 100 + km) and WS-2 400-mm rockets (range 200 km). Report that China's military buildup Although the cross-strait relations have eased. But

At the same time, Taiwan has weakened the sense of urgency, but also enable China to focus on expanding regional and global mandates. Half of this decade, China may be able to project and maintain a medium-sized power, may be a few pieces of ground, and I can be a team with as many as 12 small fleet of naval ships, far away from China for low- intensity of action. The progress will be a force to complete the wider regional and global objectives of the capacity basis. However, in 2020, China is unlikely to get far away from China's high-intensity combat operations and maintain large-scale power projection capability.

addition, the report also cited several priority facing China's maritime challenges. First, to strengthen and gradually expand China's maritime buffer to prevent alien attack or interference. Second, to promote China's marine territorial claims, especially in the East China Sea and South China Sea. Third, focus on the protection of sea lines of communication. Fourth, the wish to promote China as a great power. Fifth, in the foreseeable future, China intends to deploy an ability to survive the sea-based nuclear deterrent.

1.sudo apt-get install cupsys cupsys-bsd cupsys-client cupsys-driver-gimpprint cupsomatic-ppd ,Beats By Dr Dre Pro Detox

2.sudo / etc / init.d / cupsys start

3 .

then you can set up

Chairman Mao's speech 50 years ago, plain but deeply moving, effortless leak, the atmosphere! Great!

Chairman Mao's speech on counter-insurgency in Tibet [15 April 1959]

some sympathy for Tibet, but they are only a few people sympathize with, sympathy for most people , a hundred people inside, a few people sympathize with, is that insurgents, rather than sympathy over 90% of people. In foreign countries, there are some people who sympathize with Tibet is only a twenty thousand people, at most thirty-four million. Tibet Part (talk Qamdo, Maekura, after the possession of the three regions) is about 1.2 million. 1.2 million people, with the subtraction to remove tens of thousands of people, there are one hundred and ten dozen people, some people in the world for their sympathy. We on the contrary, we sympathize with the hundred and ten million people, without compassion that few people.

that few people are some of the people? Is the exploitation, oppression molecules. About the nobility, the Panchen Lama and Ngapoi two can be considered noble, but noble, there are two, one is progressive aristocrat, a reactionary aristocracy, both of them belong to the progress of the nobility. Progressives advocated reform, not the old system, and sacrificing it forget. The old system is not good for the Tibetan people adversely, a non-person-hing, two non-pings. Tibet large population is now too little to develop. This matter, I talked with the Dalai Lama. I said, you have to develop the population. I said, your Buddhism, Lamaism is, I do not believe, and I agree with your letter. However, some rules change slightly once it possible? Inside your 1.2 million, 80,000 monks, this is not the production of eighty thousand monks, one does not produce the material, the second does not produce one. You see, the clergy, the Christian is allowed to marry, the Muslim is allowed to marry, the Catholic Church is not allowed to marry. Tibetan monks can not marry, do not produce one. Meanwhile, the lamas engaged in the production, engage in agriculture, develop industry, so as to maintain long-term. You do not have to last forever, never to Buddhism it? I do not agree always to Buddhism, but you have to believe that there is any way! We are no way, believe it or religious, can each decide for themselves.

The nobility, who stood progress in reform-minded revolutionary aristocracy, and not so revolutionary, standing in the middle of Dodo shook his counter-revolutionary, but not standing in the middle, what attitude we take it? My personal opinion is: for their land, their estate, can not treat our way to the national bourgeoisie, that the implementation of policy of redemption, so that they do not suffer. For example, our Central People's Government package down their lives, you also get horizontal direct exploitation of the serfs so that the central government has given you so little, why do you have to exploitation of farmers I comfortable with it?

I think the Tibetan serf system, like the manor system that we have Spring and Autumn Period, that slaves are not slaves, that freedom is not free peasant farmers, between the two is between a serf system. Aristocracy sat on the serf system is unstable volcanoes, earthquakes every day feel the need, why not sacrificing Well, not that the serf system, and not the manor system, and that point of land do not, give the farmers. But what to eat? I see, the revolutionary aristocrat, revolutionary manor, as well as middle of the aristocracy, middle of the manor, as long as he does not stand in counter-revolutionary in that respect, the use of redemption policy. I discuss the matter with you, to see if they can. It is counter-insurgency, far from the reform, the future reforms, all the revolutionary aristocrat, and shakes the middle Dodo, in short, as long as it is not standing on the counter-revolutionary side, we do not make him suffer, that is, as we now towards the capitalist way. And, his life in the end we all packages. Capitalists is a lifetime package in the end. After years of fixed income, you have to pack down, you have to give him work, you have to give him a salary, you have to give him employment, lifetime package down. As a result, farmers (accounting for more than 95 percent of the population) get the land, farmers do not hate these noble, and hatred gradually solved.

Japan has a newspaper whining, about an article, it says, the issue of the Communist Party in Tibet, made a big defeat, the whole world against the Communist Party. That we play a big defeat, who played a big victory it? There is always a hit a big victory for it. Only one hit the big defeats, and no one is playing a big victory, how can that kind of thing? You say, what the outcome how? Assume that we Chinese people in Tibet to fight a big defeat on the issue, then, who hit it big victory? Is not to say that India intervened to play a big victory? I think it is difficult to say. He hit a big victory, why then burst into tears, Rusangkaobi it? You see I have this, then do not make sense?

have an American name Alsop, writing a column article. He separated so far, seriously write an article saying that this place in Tibet thousands of troops are no two can not put down, and these two hundred thousand troops, ten thousand tons of materials every day, not so much transported to Tibet that high mountains and incredibly rare to Communist forces. Therefore, he concluded that insurgents can not destroy. Eliminate the insurgents had not destroyed it? I think we all have this question. Got off because of what can not destroy, not to visit its territory, not people who fought guerrilla war is not going to know. I am here to answer: Do not two hundred thousand military counter-insurgency, as long as fifty thousand troops, 200,000 of the quarter. 1956 before we five people (including cadres), where in 1956 more than 30,000 that year we withdrew, leaving more than ten thousand. At that time we announced that six years is not really serious reform, six years later, if they do not agree, we can postpone, this is talking about. You know, the whole Tibetan than 1.2 million people, but three million people. Just talked about Tibet Part (Changdu, Maekura, after possession) is 1.2 million, the other where? Mainly in western Sichuan, is originally Xikang area, and northwestern Sichuan is the hair cover children, Songpan, Aba in those places. Where most Tibetans. The second is in Qinghai, with half a million people. Third, in southern Gansu. Fourth, northwestern Yunnan. The four areas total 1.8 million. Sichuan Provincial People's Congress meeting, to discuss things that in the Tibetan areas of democratic reform, listening to little wind, immediately spread to the original Xikang this region, some people at armed rebellion. Now Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan, Tibetan areas are the reform, the people's armed forces up. Tibetans carry the gun, organize armed self-defense, very brave. The four areas to eliminate the rebels, why Tibet can not eliminate it? You talk about a complex, original Xikang this region is very complex. Former rebels defeated Xikang, went to Tibet to go. They went there, adultery prisoner swept to grab a mess. He has to eat, you have to rush, so conflict with the Tibetans. Xikang ran the original, Qinghai go, there are more than 10,000 people. 10,000 people not to eat? Eat, come from? 1.2 million people in the middle of eating and eat in the past, counting from last July, has been eating almost a year. This time we play down the insurgents, who put their guns confiscated. For example, in Shigatse, the local government that the armed seizure of the gun, Gyangze also confiscated, and East Asia also confiscated. Confiscated the gun where the people are very happy. People afraid of them three things: first is afraid of him that India is afraid of that stamp; second is afraid of his gun; Third, there is a law whip, people afraid. These three a close, the people happy, very happy, help us to move guns and ammunition. Tibetan people very, very painful. Where people literally reactionary serf owners for gouging out eyes, literally cramps, and even teenage girls blackmailed used to make musical instruments, as well as drinking device skull Helenians drink. This downright barbaric to exterminate the rebels completely without two hundred thousand troops, needed only 50,000 troops, you can destroy it completely. Exterminate all is not to kill it? Not. The so-called burn out, not to kill them, but they catch up education reform, including the reactionaries, such as Surkhang [8] the kind of person. Such people, ran out, and if he comes back, repent, we do not kill him.

revisit a Chinese talk. The people in Taiwan, called Hu. Him, according to him, the He said he was Huizhou, the Japanese hit China, the occupation of Anhui, but did not go to Huizhou. Rationale? Huizhou mountain too much terrain. Not with Japanese mountain Huizhou dare Tibetan communist dare that mountain? I said, Hu this methodology is not right, of his His bold hypothesis, he reasoned, that small mountain Huizhou, Japanese Shangqie not go, then the mountains of Tibet is much greater, much higher, the Communist Party dare do it? Hence the conclusion: the Communist Party did not dare to go, the Communist Party can not destroy the rebel forces that place. Hu now to criticize the methodology, I think he is going to lose, he does not

Some people, like some of the Indian bourgeoisie, but also a little different, they have two sides. While they are very unhappy, very much against us started on March 20 after the firm counter-insurgency, this is against our policy, they sympathize with the insurgents. On the other hand, they do not want to fall out with us, they think of China with India over the past few years have not had a falling out, not war, at the same time, they see to do anything about flowers has gone down. China and India in 1954 set a treaty,north face down jacket, that treaty was declared five principles, they recognize that Tibet is part of China, is China's territory. They left hand, never do. Britain's most ghost, the British Foreign Secretary Lloyd, Labour MP to ask this one, that one asked, he always answer any of them say: no news, we have no contact with the British with Tibet, where there is no staff, so I no inform. Always say so. He also said, to wait for that person came out of Tibet, to see how he was, before we speak. What he means is that the Dalai Lama came out to see what he said then. Communist Party of China is not related to death the door, said the Dalai Lama is being held hostage taking, he also published three letters. The People's Congress, Premier Zhou's report inside to talk about it. We hope the Dalai Lama back, also suggested that this election is not only choose the Panchen Lama, and to choose the Dalai Lama. He is a young man, now only 25 years old. If he lived to 85, there are six years from now, at that time twenty-first century, the world will happen ah? To change. At that time, I believe he will come back. He was 59 years do not come back, he could return the sixth decade. At that time the world has changed. Here is the state of his parents, born and bred, now a foreign country, tender mercies, a few guns are disarmed. We take this attitude more active, do not do no way out. Prime Minister's report

hope the Dalai Lama back inside to talk. If he is willing to return home, to get rid of those reactionaries, we hope his return home. But, in fact it seems he is now difficult to return home. He can not escape from that bunch of people. At the same time, he that mood, the last time he did not want to come back to India, while the Panchen Lama to come back. At that time, the Prime Minister persuasion, there may Nehru persuasion, rather than not return back. At that time he just say so: you go to India do? But when a Yugong on where to eat, from the masses, from the native land and people. Now, you see he has a determination to reform. Said he wanted to reform the people of this standing, standing on the working people in this area, it seems not. He is not the change that outlook? Sixty years later may be able to change, maybe not six years. It seems, once asked him to come back is difficult. If he wanted to come back, you can come back tomorrow, but he had to reform, was to quell the rebellion, is to come fully on our side. It seems, in fact he suddenly difficult. However, we do not do the article with no way out.

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son, I am your father '! I now bored, do not want to read, just be you and God to bear a meal, and he was bored, and no place to vent, to burst under its lesson you would like a little bastard, I do not control education, right or wrong, TM gave me you listen, there are corrections, if any, Mian, are not allowed to talk back, or flat you are not discussing it!

your father I now comes the wind Hua Maosheng the year, 20-year-old newly hatched first, nothing! ! ! Even your mother I have not found it, so I write to you now that this thing special 牛逼. Goes speakers, I hero child hero, you will have to be bold like your father so! This is a must! ! !

According to your grandmother said I was small I have ADHD, to show it in the womb of! Day and night all day in your grandmother's belly kicking, of course, this is a good thing, is a symbol of great vitality, but I can tell you understand, do not control your future have ADHD, you are ten in the womb months, the best low-key point to me, give me some exercise when careful, nothing less kicked me, but I kick your wife! There are signs in the early stage of your activities, your father I will buy a notebook and pen, each play once, I will give you a mind, you kicked, I will definitely have you ten feet! I suggest you the strength to save enough, and want to kick you out so hard I play with you!

you come out, I give you three months to adapt to the world of black and white rules, that within three months, you can eat and drink day and night drawing Caesar trouble, I do not care about with you, because your father I was, I did not expect you to God, is born will be able to take care of themselves, but after three months, you have to understand I have to give Han Shashi Hou when the trouble the sleep! 724 can be allowed that a few like you, like Uncle, trouble sleeping during the day at night, I toss it does not matter, the key is not toss your mother,dr dre headphones sale! You know, the skin is good or bad decision to sleep, when your mother to toss yellowish skin, dark circles, are out, I am not a flat you! Father because she had to find money to buy your cosmetics! That stuff is not cheap!

4,5 years old, waiting for you, it is estimated you will have a sister, beautiful sister, as long as your mother! As for your looks, because like me, so I do not like you care about. But then you have to give I needed to eat a little taller strong point, so in order to protect your sister! I allow you to bully someone else's sister, but I do not allow others to bully your sister! So you better fight to become king! Like when your father as a small, hot topic the whole alley invincible hand! Will you go back to your grandmother used to live in that little alley, you can be proud of and a large tiger, the second cub, who's son, said: grandson, that is, your son could be so proud, and his children said. Of course, I encourage you not to fight, but to protect your sister like this kind of thing, the fight is a must! Because your sister has been bullied by other Xiaowa, so I can not play the right, so the task fell to avenge your body up!

so your 6,7 years old, it should be in elementary school. Should learn, but not required. Learn to do the talent is a must. You can make friends, or even fall in love, I do not normally experience with you! But we can not pull the little girl's braids others, can not take advantage of the class when the little girl kick ass front, more sugar to whom who can not play! ! I have done that thing your father, personal experience tells me that will grow up to be laughed at!

13-year-old junior high school when you should, and should be a field full of air age, hey, can you tell me you Shashi Hou out, that I calculate that you can can not catch up with me at once that batch of retired teachers to go read, if they have not retired, too, you wronged spot. I have sent them you're sure to be class. Their violence with violence, but a master, you sent, I will worry more.

16 years old, you are your high school age, to say I understand, as few want to suffer, when you learn the best point in junior high school, high school You have to learn to future university entrance exam I had. Perhaps these three years you will be despised my education, but the people I despise so much, you little bastard think you are! I not afraid of you, one day you will know that I am to Hello! Think about it, you long so ugly, so long as the highly educated people into university if you people will laugh at you, they'll say Because you are my son, so I definitely do not allow others to laugh at you! You look at those with high academic qualifications, is not all one long ugly!

university, I will not interfere with any of your things, on condition that you can successfully get a diploma. Talk about a girlfriend, I brought back to see if the nose is not crooked eyes are not inclined, able-bodied I will not oppose it. But you have to bring me a Those State law expressly provides that brain damage is not married, so you brought is vaginal discharge.

so you are married, go away far point as early as possible, with a wife and children all day long are not allowed to rub rub eat and drink, so I'm sick, tired, your mother, do not self-serving waste of resources thing I quit! Of course, I always come back to see your mother and still a certain need, but I do not forget to bring something! Clothes do not, the RMB is not uncommon, smoke get a few good bottles of wine on it. I will expel the bad with people, if it does not take, I will withhold your wife and your son as a hostage, your choice!

Well, I can not tell you wordy, and the bed! Some places I did not say to retain a say. Rest assured you are not satisfied, the other is I see it, do not jump on the bandwagon, I engage with the uprising. I will give you in the bud suppressed it! Less for so many years I did not learn from you Lord that way suppression of the uprising! Do not forget, ginger or the old lady! Moreover, I was your father!

Recently undergone an incredible new session of the terrorist attacks !

just been blessed with children of a young couple in children over one month , my grandfather holding grandson play psychological teasing can be happy .
time child 's father with the family to the camera in DV to suddenly lose control of Grandpa 's hand actually fell fiercely with the child on the ground ,
children crying much . family are very confusing , and immediately send the child to the hospital because of small children died !!!!
family as if the heavens down , sad too because my grandfather also died in his sleep !
more distraught young couple . things just a few days , the child 's father then opened DV want to see their children ,
when the couple was in front of stunned after they actually see his hands behind him in the grandfather grandmother holding the child 's head bobbing up and down .
grandmother looks terrible ,Outlet Coach New Arrivals, when Grandpa looked very nervous, completely lose control . Henhen the child fell to the ground by her grandmother ....... this thing 's grandmother died 15 years ago already , when the grandmother 's greatest wish is the psychological hold on the grandchildren to meet .........
now this disc DV was sent to relevant agencies for further verification of the results come out
Please wait there to help people with Yin survey !

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less than what is the reading room ?

C Group: England , United States

F Group: Italy, Paraguay

B : Argentina , South Korea

G group : Brazil, Portugal

D Group: Germany , Serbia

World Cup approaching,Coach Audrey Collection, the situation will continue if the latest update , Oh ~

discussed a bit with Huang Xiang , World Cup 16 quiz released , interested can go to 116 114 to take this quiz to win the World Cup IPHONE yo !

E group : the Netherlands , Denmark

H Group: Spain , Chile

A Group: France, South Africa

operational demonstration of the three:
IP address
subnet mask
AND operation
into binary for computing:
IP address 11010000.10101000.00000000.00000100 Subnet Mask 11111111.11111111.11111111.00000000
AND operation
after conversion to decimal:

subnet mask is used to determine the IP address of any two computers is the same sub-network basis.

the most simple to understand is that two computers their IP address and subnet mask for the AND operation, if the result is the same, then both computers are in the same sub-network, you can direct communications. It's that simple.
Consider the following example:
operational demonstration of: aa
IP address
subnet mask of
AND operation
into binary for computing: IP address 11010000.10101000.00000000.00000001
subnet mask 11111111.11111111.11111111.00000000
AND operation
after conversion to decimal:

above three groups of computers by IP address and subnet mask AND operation, we can see that it is the same as the result of the operation. Are
so the computer will be the same as these three sub-networks computer, and then communicate. I am now the unit uses a proxy server,Outlet Coach Audrey Collection, internal network is one such plan.
Maybe you have to ask, how much such a subnet mask of IP address can use? You can be counted.
According to the above we can see that the internal LAN ip address of the provisions of our own (of course, and the other ip address is the same), this is determined by the subnet mask of through the analysis. Can be drawn:
down the top three IP numbers allocated by the code can only be fixed for the 192.168.0 so we left the last one, then the obvious, ip address can only have (2 of 8 power of -1), which usually ends with 256-1 = 255 0 or 255 has its special role.
then you may want to ask: If my subnet mask is not it? Ah you can do is assume that your subnet mask
then your LAN ip address of the first two definitely fixed the (what, why is fixed? You see above is not the Got it ??#?)
so you can follow the calculation below to see the same subnet in the end to the number of machines
1, decimal 128 = binary 1000 0000
2, IP code and the subnet mask to an AND operation
IP address 00010000.01001001.1 *******.********
subnet mask 11111111.11111111.10000000.00000000 AND operation
after conversion to decimal:
16. 73. 128. 0
4, we can see our internal network IP addresses available to:
00010000.01001001.10000000.00000000 to
5, converted to decimal: to
6,0 and 255, usually as a special purpose within the network. Usually not used.
7, so the final results are as follows: all of our units available IP address:
192.168 .141.1-
............. .254.254
8, a total of (255-128 +1) * (254-1 +1) = 128 * 254 = 32512
FAINT !!!!@# ! @ our companies are bought and bought so many machines do not! ? ?! ? #
9, to see the results are correct
(1), set the IP address of
Ping tested
(2), set IP address is
Ping tested
10, to prove our conclusion
above conclusion is right.

Now you can see your subnet to the number of machines in a
so your internal network ip address only
xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx.0 ???????
how, and you now know how much, right? (Do not know? Go to school)

operational demonstration of the two:
IP address
subnet mask
AND operation
into binary for computing:
IP address 11010000.10101000.00000000.11111110 Subnet Mask 11111111.11111111.11111111.00000000
AND operation
after conversion to decimal:

I think, sixty years ago, built this country of those people, no matter what their fate was there, embarked on what kind of road, whether they are emotional personal Fang Qiu, or depressed wronged; whether they leave this world is regret smile, or turn to Chi to die; if they have spirit days, to see today, they will smile right. Prior to that, have not seen the birth country of their choice on the dead people, spirits in the days if they saw today, they will smile right. Perhaps today we have many places will make them shake their heads; may face a mere one kilometer east of Tiananmen Square Oriental Plaza of those brand-name stores, those bizarre, they will not understand; perhaps this era, this troubled world, as well as Too many ugly and uneven, so that they face as the year However, they still smile it. One with 5 million tons of steel, will never allow any country, including super) dare to fight a total war with the country; a comprehensive national strength has surpassed most of the Western powers will surely be dominant shoulder to shoulder with the world's countries; a majority of 1.3 billion people have for their future is full of longing, dreams, has a smile on his face, body dry very straight country. What is this? Is not that what they sacrificed their lives, youth, spilled the blood, tears, what fortunes are to be pursued!

Sixty years ago, won That unprecedented in Chinese history, an unprecedented intense, unprecedented brutal civil war, the people, they really should be like now some of the ilk of pantothenic acid writers such as Lung Ying-tai said, as fighting a Yingyinggougou years living in the Pacific who can understand how, sixty years ago,Coach bags store, millions of soldiers, tens of millions of people, hundreds of millions of people, they do that? A civil war is to win it? No, they win back China's fortunes, they are saved, but also completely changed the two decades since the dynasty (1840) to Japan on falling, sinking, do not die, such as branches of the fortunes ah!
So, looking at this Huben crack, armor sword, make you smile now! People's Republic, happy birthday!

Western suburbs of Boston, is one of the expensive U.S. home prices, but due to this crime, and the quality of education high school district, is one of many salaried white-collar buyers priority areas. Consumers do not like Americans like to save money, so not too much to take down. Buyers need to borrow 80% or even 90%. I live in town, the average household's annual income exceeds $ 200,000, considered part of America's senior white-collar workers. In the U.S., you can usually buy a 4-5 times annual household income of the house. Note: Most of the house is the U.S. second homes, many 50 years or 100 years the house, due to maintenance of the good,Miles Davis Tribute, the quality looks very good. This weekend, I stroll about the housing market, a few kilometers from my home near the house for sale within the selected 10 sets of the pictures sent to everyone to enjoy.

(1) The selling price $ 540,000 house with 4 bedroom 2 Bathrooms 1 kitchen, 200 square feet. Cheaper, for the first time home buyers.

; ;

; ;

; ;

; ;

(2) The selling price $ 600,000 house with 3 bedroom 1 kitchen 2 Bathrooms, 150 square feet. Is still quite cheap. Very warm home.

(3) The selling price $ 640,000 house, with 3 Wei 1 bedroom 2 kitchen, 160 square feet. Still expensive. I like the lawn.

(4) selling price of this house $ 710,000, with a 5 bedroom 3 Bathrooms 1 kitchen, 350 square feet. Area is quite large, the house looked very new (in fact, the house is 30 years, and almost shabby in the United States).

(5) selling price of this house $ 800,000, with 4 bedroom 1 kitchen 2 Bathrooms, 280 square feet. Area is not small. Town average household annual income 20 Wan Cheng to 4, just 80 million, so 20 years income for salaried white-collar segment, the price you can afford.

(6 ) The selling price $ 900,000 house with 5 bedroom 3 Bathrooms 1 kitchen, 270 square feet.

(7) The house selling price $ 1.25 million, with 6 bedroom 4 Health 1 kitchen, 440 square feet. Buyers should be about 30 million annual income a senior white-collar workers. 8 house is very wrong, but six bathroom is a bit exaggerated?

(9) selling price of this house $ 1.3 million, 5 bedroom 3 Bathrooms 1 with kitchen, 400 square feet. Area is not Patricia.

(10) Finally, to a mansion. The house selling price $ 3,000,000, with a 5 bedroom 5 kitchen Wei 1, 800 square feet. Estimated to be the boss to buy Kazakh entrepreneurs.

as Boston belongs to Massachusetts is relatively high income areas of the United States, the selling price of these houses is relatively high. Many other parts of the United States, a house much cheaper. I have a friend, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, there is no gray or illegal income, actually bought two sets of houses. A near schools, a lake 200 km away. In any case, 70 percent of Americans own their own homes, the government also adopted various preferential measures, such as first time buyers can receive up to $ 8,000 reward. Most of the houses the United States, are independent one, with garage lawn. Few have swimming pools.

previously practiced some moves ! - but many did not play such a God , it seems, learn ! ~

basketball ,beats by dre sale, but will also grow ! play for so many years , but seeing as a child to practice basic skills , Gongsui ~

the head master of attention !

open to you in my space scandals it!

sample - you owe me paying the money yet?
what? Can not remember ?
hum ! Then I want you wanted in the end ~ ~
let everyone have a look in the end who is so cheeky ,wholesale Coach bags online store, 2 cents less now not willing to also !
. .
ha ha - you fooled friends
do not look silly on your head does not come
friends grumble that picture of whom ran to see who 's picture is displayed
quickly transferred out of the article flicker Lehe others go !

Cixi Ti-Kindergarten children eating lunch with a waste oil
Dongxing, Guangxi border Mong Cai in Vietnam a Strange to say, mainly to spread the bank is open type, such as farmers markets, not only not see a security, there is no point security equipment.

banks, is actually a hut, inside a group wearing Zhu Li, holding a handkerchief women sat in twos and threes on the roadside bamboo mat , placed in front of a surprising turn turn more coin denominations. The famous High work efficiency of employees, procedures to facilitate the transaction. No denotes compulsory orders, identity cards, very convenient. In Mong Cai, the RMB is popular. FCL FCL face cash placed in the bed, each containing a hundred million, we are a bit worried, do foreign exchange business of the Vietnamese women who are not worried about a little robbed of cash stolen. Or they sit chatting, or simply down to sleep next to the cash. A customer site transaction, just sitting or standing count the money.

Here, all the world can exchange currency in circulation,beats by dr dre, demand that those who use their own currency convertibility of its currency required. Although a considerable amount of RMB cash in the Oh, the banks do not security, that was it.

banks, such as farmers markets

huge bank, but not a security. FCL FCL is hundreds of million of cash, they are not worried about stolen robbed, even laughing.

Vietnamese women to count the money

live on such a transaction, paid their dues to pay money

is also a point of speculation machine, quickly to complete a transaction.

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