JR Nakano station platform's vending machines are the latest

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JR Nakano Station on the Chuo Line platform has been installed new vending machines. Bars are full LCD display.


When people are not standing as digital signage, I get different ads. Standing in front of the vending machine is a reflection of how drinking. I watched the news at the top are equipped with a camera, so to identify the person in front of the vending machine. To determine the gender and age, it can also be displayed and recommended drinks. Some displayed the actual drink.

Change is a fun, and I have some time wandering in front of vending machines.

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4 i% Z7 Q: T / {'l 1, invisible backup battery (Q1 @ / i Press * 3370 # key, the phone will restart after boot, you will find that electricity increased by 50%, which is part of the hidden reserve capacity you have to run out of charge, and recharge when the battery backup is also invisible while charging, low battery next time they can use this method. know that in case of emergency if the phone is running low very useful.
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Jing Bao (Reporter correspondent has Yingying Zhu river) a large prostitution ring clients use the Internet to collect and publish beautiful photographs, and even recruit fluent in English, Japanese and other foreign language foreign language trick prostitute who released information, contact the foreign clients. Public security organs according to reports in the Luohu Area Hotels cracked suspected prostitutes and 21. Recently, Luohu District Procuratorate approved the arrests of the prostitution ring according to the 12 suspects.

welcome to comment to comment

Recently, Luohu District Procuratorate approved the arrests of suspected of organizing prostitution suspects Wang; on suspicion of prostitution to help the organization approved the arrest of Lee, Kim, etc. 11. Among them, the suspect Chen is still breast-feeding due to the children, was released on bail.

According to the investigation of the prostitution rings and key members of the Wang Chen couples. The couple began in September last year, planning and implementation of introduction from the prostitution of women in prostitution charge They have recruited more than 10 prostitutes, and Lee and Kim gathered more than 10 criminal suspects and other cooperation from the Lee and Kim chat via the Internet, distribution of move prostitution ads, etc. is responsible for identifying clients and clients of Information provided to the Wang and Chen. Wang and Chen is scheduled for the clients of these prostitutes Observations. They also ordered more than act as a driver, or blue card with the electric car shuttle bus prostitutes, or prostitutes lookout; Wang and Chen also serves as the

members of the group via instant messaging, thread, or post the form issued free of charge collected from around the beauty pictures to attract clients. They jack up the charges to show it provides In fact, the group and did not have the beauty of resources, only some of common prostitutes. When the selected clients based on photos of a beauty, the members of the group will help set a good hotel room, arrange to see off an ordinary prostitutes. Although the majority of clients found that

According to members of the group introduced more than six months after the operation, many foreign clients to patronize. So, the gang recruited are proficient in English, Japanese and other foreign language foreign language trick prostitute who released information, contact the foreign clients. Therefore, although the group charges a lot of money, but business is hot. Prostitutes, according to testimony, they gather a certain Internet cafe every day, regardless of whether the

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public security organs according to reports, after a series of investigation on April 12 in South Lake Road, Luohu District, Renmin South Road, etc. captured 14 suspects and seized computers and involved the vehicle involved. The next day,beats by dr dre headphones, again in a hotel Baogang Road, Luohu District, discovered prostitutes 21.

"The precise reasons for the failure of the production casing cement job are not known," the report states. But the disaster was "the result of poor risk management, last minute changes to plans, failure to observe and respond to critical indicators, inadequate well control response, and insufficient emergency bridge response training by companies and individuals responsible for drilling" at the site.

Halliburton continued to deny any responsibility for the tragedy.

But Transocean, the owner of the Deepwater Horizon rig, was also "responsible for conducting safe operations and for protecting personnel onboard."

Besides the oil, hundreds of thousands of gallons of chemical dispersant went into the water. At the peak of the crisis, in June 2010, 37% of Gulf waters -- a total of 88,522 square miles -- were closed to fishing due to contamination.

A spokesman for BP said the company agrees with report's conclusion.

CNN's Vivian Kuo and Alan Silverleib contributed to this report

The report, issued by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, concludes that a key cause of the explosion was a faulty cement drilling barrier at the Macondo well site.

Meanwhile, Halliburton -- a BP contractor -- was "responsible for conducting the cement job, and ... had certain responsibilities for monitoring the well,Beats Headphones," the report says.

"The Deepwater Horizon accident was the result of multiple causes, involving multiple parties, including Transocean and Halliburton," Scott Dean said. "BP (has) acknowledged its role in the accident and has taken concrete steps to further enhance safety. ... We continue to encourage other parties to acknowledge their roles in the accident and make changes to help prevent similar accidents in the future."

Washington (CNN) -- BP, Transocean and Halliburton all share responsibility for the deadly explosion that resulted in the April 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, according to the final federal report on the matter released Wednesday.

BP was "ultimately responsible" for operations at the site "in a way that ensured the safety and protection of personnel, equipment, natural resources, and the environment," the report concludes.

The proposed sale, scheduled for mid-December in New Orleans, will include more than 20 million acres in the western Gulf, according a recent statement from the Department of the Interior.

The explosion on the rig led to more than 200 million gallons of oil being released into the Gulf. Eleven people working on the rig died in the explosion, while 16 others were injured.

The report "incorrectly attributes the operation decisions to Halliburton," said Zelma Branch, a Halliburton spokeswoman. "Every contributing cause where Halliburton is named, the operational responsibility lies solely with BP. Halliburton remains confident that all the work we performed with respect to the Macondo well was completed in accordance with BP's specifications for its well construction plan and instructions."

The three companies "violated a number of federal offshore safety regulations," according to the report, which includes a series of recommendations for improving drilling safety.

The U.S. government announced plans in August to hold its first oil and natural gas lease sale in the Gulf since the incident.

Lou Colasuonno, a Transocean spokesman, said the report "confirms that the primary cause of the incident was the catastrophic failure of the cement in the Macondo well," but his company continues to take "strong exception to (any) criticisms of the Horizon drill crew."

these jade, one of the white and green peace Quartet to the Finance and wishful Gods are also considered in the current market in luxury goods, and pay attention to that beautiful vase, the front light to see the color dark green, light to see if the color is green first glance opaque, become more effective is the floc, the floc in the slightest between the strands, but it is transparent to the water, so the kind of water is also quite good. Oil green oil of toad considered typical kinds of jade green specimens, and left the following year after year Baiyou Qing oil wealth is pretty good green color in the works, expected oil seed longevity is pretty blue skin color carved representatives. Overall, relatively low oil kind of jade green, a lot can be seen on the market, the price is relatively cheaper, the choice, you can find which color, kind of a good grade of water, with pretty colors and delicate carving, also have considerable appreciation and collection value.

read the above fine, perhaps you emotionally ready to have a new shot, but do not worry, you know not what is necessarily a beautiful baby, such as the kinds of people say to water well, buy a white glass jade-like colorless, others say the color is more precious, dark green on the go and get some of the things that perhaps when the baby left eye ... ... it! Some dark green jade look gratifying, but the water dried hair, attention, and this may be an alternative in the emerald: green or dry Denon Health (Citroen students), so although the color of jade green enough, but because the water dry colors mixed, jade rough, price is very low compared to high-grade jade, the species belonging to the edge of jade, and even a lot of people do not treat them as jade and as an alternative.

to pretend to high-quality jade, a higher price. Because Shuimo child often associated with jade, so it was also sub-classified as Shuimo jadeite jade class, but not widely accepted, even if reluctantly into the categories of jade, jade is certainly not high, but the most low-end stuff, be careful. We can Easy identification of the following can be used several ways: First, the magnifying glass observation Second, the hand-weigh method as Third, the percussion method Fourth, the characterization of law if the conditions allow (raw materials or semi-finished products), with quartz carved, such as Fifth, the so-called 83 general jade, just a new material called pit, if alumina composition containing more still as the Jade class, meet national accreditation standards issued by Jade A stock certificate can be here from the old concept of species into new range: Emerald, including the old crater and new pits, including a new pit 83 new pit and the other 83, including a new pit jade and Shuimo child, it is not necessarily the Shuimo 83 sub jade, which is the difference between the key ingredients containing jadeite how much. , would be too boring and difficult to understand, here this site with a simple graphic to say something, perhaps everyone is well understood: the short, jadeite jade is mainly a collection that contains many other ingredients, some ingredients There appears to make the emerald water, with other ingredients makes the emerald green and other colors, the right combination of these substances, making the emerald showing the many fascinating colors and different head, but, with the resulting increase in the concentration of green material, Jade's head and less and less natural jadeite component, so Jade has become increasingly dark green, while water and more dry, which became a Citroen students, press on some of that dry green. On the contrary, emerald green head and large and small and jadeite composition, it becomes Shuimo son, Shuimo and dry sub-emerald green, though they are close, but not as good as the value of jade.

can be seen from the figure, A Jade Cargo clear boundaries between a variety of colors, even if some gradual transition, and never clear-cut, often to a variety of colors seems to be clear boundaries between the two jade adhesive. The artificial color of jade, the color transition on the vague, there are blooming effect, seems to paint dripping wet paper in the Yin, as for example the lower left of the red Fei brave, rich brown in color from reddish brown to white after , pale-brown to pale yellow for a long transition, in addition, artificially colored part of pigments but also the accumulation of cracks along the emerald-like or reticular veins into the lines, as indicated in the lower right corner of the map coloring pull that, by virtue of also an identified Jade Cargo A and B, C stock (acid irrigation stalemate color) Emerald difference. Here is a bunch of B, C Jade, you can carefully to understand what the specific details of the features:

Here is B, C Jade Cargo handling a:

natural color of jade and dyed:

There is also a simple method of identification, is to spend a few dollars for a Detector, UV lights and emerald, is found to have fluorescent response, you can certainly B, C goods, A cargo in the UV light under the color change, of course, some B stock without fluorescent reaction, but where there are fluorescent can certainly not A cargo:

below the famous sculptor Wang Junyi jade to show some works, take a look at how a humble rock into Jade: Note the first line of the three pictures, showing a piece of raw stone into semi-finished products of the process, fully explain that only human intelligence can give rock to spiritual and cultural meaning, is the so-called

glass types head the best, most transparent, colorless green if at least the root, is a dragon kind, the best. To the child a little muddy, ice species. In general, high-grade jade is expensive, but the greatest appreciation of space, with a great collection and appreciation value. 20 years ago, a few hundred dollars of the kind of jade green ice, may now be appreciated for the hundreds of thousands or even higher, the same 20 years ago, a ten yuan common jade pendant, is still only about $ 10 back, or even After the re-transmission of a few hundred years it would not be room for appreciation. If we pay attention to TV news, you can see a lot of Celebrities or dignitaries in front of the camera will be wearing such high above the green jade jewelry, and even comparisons with each other to see who the big block to see who the carving is good, not even a to the same time in different parts of the site even wearing the same combination of multi-block jade jewelry, this time, will undoubtedly become a high-grade jade symbol of their identity and voice. After all, Need emerald price is too high, and a limited number, more people had the second best, the color was not enough to find some kind of thick but is still the emerald water.

Abstract: Glass types of head the best, most transparent, colorless green if at least the root, is a dragon kind, the best. To the child a little muddy, ice species. In general, high-grade jade is expensive, but the greatest appreciation of space, with a great collection and appreciation value.

fact, we can get rid of kinds of water restrictions, into the vast world of color, which has more options: a distinctive jade ornaments, can fully appreciate the value comparable with the Need for Jade, and can even display the owner's personality and good temperament.

There are other plausible thing or B, C jade goods should also be identified:

emerald jade optimized manufacturing process in the traditional cutting and grinding have been formed over sour stew of jade products, wax, which aims to improve the surface characteristics, not the destruction of their internal structure, is a normal rational optimization, in the past still A cargo, but the latest national standards more stringent, as the B goods processing. Jade bleaching treatment is to remove the emerald filling in the color and transparency effects of impurities, filling and cover up the cracks in the lower emerald emerald emerald increased brittleness in order to achieve the beauty, to improve access to high prices and profits. Market, often referred to as B jade. Jade Jade staining, compared with C goods, such as the filling to add coloring agents, then known as B + C jade. Therefore, bleaching is generally filled with middle and low handling objects and jewelry blanks. Objectively speaking, treated jade jewelry, making them more rational use of raw materials, but also makes the customer can get a lower price effect of high-grade jade wearing, jade cheat as long as customers do not pretend to high-end, are nothing. However, customers pay a premium jade afraid the price to buy is treated low-grade jade, not only did not sense any collection, even more serious is subject to the business of deception. For B, C cargo handling emerald, generally simple identification: color is too beautiful, and even made evil, head to be too transparent, but not the same as with goods A is, B goods rather vague head, there is the feeling of the gel , observed with a magnifying glass surface, has a very significant piece continuous mesh into the etching pattern, pay attention to polishing with A bad pit goods is not the same. B goods feel lighter, impact sound muffled, not clear. As shown below: The above figure is a few details of several collections Enlargement reflective surfaces, a variety of different colors of jade hardness,North Face Jacket, grain structure, not the same, some kinds of fine hardness of jade, glass can throw a good light, Even so, with a magnifying glass you can see the bright surface, or some separate pits, the kind of a little thick there will be more pits, but the organizational structure of its own characteristics such as caused by pits, are independent of each other , such as jade pit on the left two less, while the right figure the surface of the pit on two more, which is the natural characteristics of natural jade, is a normal phenomenon. But the following two surface reflective map, you can see into a piece of mesh erosion pattern, and connected to each other, and this is the result of acid corrosion, by virtue of almost one to distinguish the natural jade and jade processing.

work here are pretty color design and an excellent representative of fine carving, jade itself some kind of water is not particularly good, but a cleverly designed and carved, they become a remarkable good works, the price also doubled the number of times to become the darling of the market, even more than a simple kind of water a good appreciation of jade is more space, perhaps a variety of jade charm from this. For example on the bottom right two pretty green color oil, just get snapped up quickly by friends in the past, late of friends because of missed opportunities and envy, think to find such kind of color and carving works, a game of luck : the money is not there any goods! Full green top grade, then your right, as long as the money, you will find the same kinds of water color, because all went to the extreme, it lost its individuality and becomes identical, but rather that a large number of colors gives each Jade different spiritual, so that each becomes unique in a block of jade.

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I do not know prices fall or rise tomorrow

In fact, love is not just warmth

great that no one is willing to leave their homes

friends come the promise of pious wishes

do not want to fight the demolition happy

want a little girl to reserved block of the central

Officials hope to write less

us work together to create a happy

my income can impress her aging mother

as we have a great country

Niubi good faith is the most alive

new year 2011

new year 2010

do not want easy access over the wall

Han hopes to continue to fight the revolution

hope we have a great country

Let Ju Qibei singing for tomorrow


Why did not come across when we reincarnation Gang

all in the end what will happen next

great old man can not be great

hope urban gentle as Pleasant

clean bed

face of these unexpected move

as we no longer go hungry tomorrow

words, I felt rough to see the point, but to write more practical!

never seen a woman of any country, confidently said. I will not do housework, do not cook, will not do the laundry, do not clean up the room, not grazing, etc.
really strange ah, I feel like such a woman is very proud of? What are you proud? You are the princess? Someone gave you shit you wipe?
some women more outrageous, and suspect that IQ is not a problem, pull down the overall IQ of Chinese women, of course, Chinese women's IQ will then matter.
home that is compulsory for a woman, how would not do? You mentally, right? Else is low.
some Chinese women are too self-righteous, and will rely on your body to give you money, vanity, give you blind stupid.
a successful woman, basically what will be some, cooking, doing housework such things to beat her, because such women are mature, and know that the couple live need to work together to maintain. The home of these things, as long as basic a little smarter woman would do.
proved housework to do the same great woman is a successful career woman, not only has the man do not have the stamina, but also has a men's ability to seize a man's heart. Such women are basically very smart.
and some women, too lazy, do not love sports,north face shoes men, go to their fat campaign ah. Also love sports all day long without worry about their own fat, is really hell.
There are now Chinese woman's physique, poor death, a little bit uncomfortable to illness, physical fitness is really a problem.
most annoying is that some women actually do not do the housework and cooking as the proud capital.
you proud of what? It only shows that he who married you count down the mold of eight life. Because of low energy, low IQ.
One only know money, women shopping and this woman do you expect to live? Life could have been mutual understanding, mutual support required.
but some women to the body as a weapon, not only want to exchange for money, but also in exchange for a slave, beautiful you. You what ah?
a woman's attitude determines the level of happiness in her life, a sign of maturity is that a woman can endure hardship, perseverance, more than the average man have tenacity, and not only in business achieved good results in the family on not when the parasite.
and some women see that virtue, only to enjoy and look forward to a good marriage to his selling price, many women do not understand, that face is short, only mature, healthy mental development, good, and there thinking that is lasting.
you how long the U.S.? Can you guarantee that you are 80 years like this it? You simply can not guarantee ah.
you think you will not be home, is your ability ah, that is your love you silly man, but accumulated more than anything. Will burst, in the end so you do not face, you silly man rushed to give you a few hand.
no matter which country, a woman of the compulsory basic chores, whether you are more respectable, like you have to do housework, cooking. Unless you do not get married.
proved, the more all-embracing woman, the more likely to take in career success.
those lazy, think of myself as a woman of goods sold, sooner or later fall into the tomb of love, you are being happy, it is very short.
woman leisurely enjoy some physical benefits, interesting?
out of society is a natural law, if a woman did not understand the significance of a woman, then she will be eliminated.
look at the past, a great woman, which one is not a family business successfully.
only those lazy, opportunistic women are inferior goods to be eliminated, although not your little beauty, of course, if you can get your good looks remain unchanged for 50 years, then you have that capital. The problem is you can guarantee it?
both beauty and ugliness of the woman in this society, only really do everything, everything a woman can do a good job will not be eliminated until the final out.
For those who rest on its laurels, sit back and enjoy a woman, you silly man sooner or later have to abandon you. Only a matter of time.

now need to discuss the question is: Why do so many women are inert it? To answer this problem, we must first figure out a pre-issues, or matter-of-the results will not only offend women, but also is said to be the result of stream of consciousness. The front of the question is: under what circumstances a woman will have inertia? As far as my shallow experience point of view, not all women are inert, many of the best women in the workplace has been doing a very hard-working. And, It should be emphasized that there are a lot of people support my conclusion that not all women are lazy. I think this way, not only denied all women have the inertia of this proposition, but also blocked the feminist's mouth, can prove that I am not an angry youth. Demonstrate this point, the next question is, why some women are inert it? So far, we have discussed the content into the core region, which is the main problem we have analyzed.
In my opinion, there is nothing more than the inert presence of a woman such situations: First, wealthy and spoiled childhood; the second is already not very diligent person and remain in this state; third is everything are thrown to the men, both men out hard to make money but also control a good home life, saying that white is equivalent to hire a long-term nanny. In the first woman, never had it tough, so she put aside almost inert impossible task. For the second woman, long-term environment in the formation of a fixed habit in order to get rid of the habit of laziness is not easy. For a third woman, she thought this moment of happiness will be secretly pleased. In fact, long before this family certainly will not be happy. Because any one person's energy is limited, not only to the horse to run fast, and let the horse graze. To put it plainly, is the machine running a long time have to stop and check and maintenance, not to mention one or Down?
a household must be such a model is possible in normal operation, the family life will be happy. That men and women had to bear some responsibility, as is generally the size of a man to bear the bigger reason is to support the family's problems involved, Moreover, which is responsible for the normal man and his beloved woman can endure more than their hard work all day . If so, this man also makes you look down on it! Back to the topic up, the reason for men and women are partly responsible, in addition to the above one can not both make money and do chores at home such as reason for living, but also that rights and obligations are to coexist, the world is not only the enjoyment of rights obligation, not only obligations but also rights of both the terrible lack of any party.
to a happy life, please put aside inert it, his statement also said the man!

wind to heaven , down the beautiful feathers ,
really heaven?
God's place , far away?
the other side of the clouds !
heart, fearless ,
because , with your exist ,
find part of our paradise .
love , fear ,
because , with your guardian ,north face down vest men,
that belongs to us the other side of the cloud .
wind blew gently , the beautiful feathers ,
; heaven no wind , because the other side of the cloud .
have my guard on that person ,
beautiful beautiful
because the have your presence .

Photo Name: Kindergarten spring outing, their album: Little fake outing near the line

Photo Name: Kindergarten spring outing, their album: Little fake outing near the line

Photo Name: Kindergarten spring outing, their album: Little fake outing near the line

Photo Name: Kindergarten spring outing, their album: Little fake outing near the line

Photo Name: Kindergarten spring outing, their album: Little fake outing near the line

Photo Name: Kindergarten spring outing, their album: Little fake outing near the line

Photo Name: Kindergarten spring outing, their album: Little fake outing near the line

Photo Name: Kindergarten spring outing, their album: Little fake outing near the line

Photo Name: Kindergarten spring outing, their album: Little fake outing near the line

Photo Name: Kindergarten spring outing, their album: Little fake outing near the line

Photo Name: Kindergarten spring outing, their album: Little fake outing near the line

Photo Name: Kindergarten spring outing, their album: Little fake outing near the line

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When a man like you, you do not feel like him when he gave up, you find that they have liked him. That regret is not too much right?
People is like that. Be When people like, how much we self-sustaining?
when he courted, we remain indifferent, and perhaps not too proud to feel with each other to afford their own, he likes me though, I'm not so easy to pursue .
when the other person suggested and Snoop, we pretend to care. I have a lot of people like. love me, you may be subject to torture.
loyal to us when the other side, we think that That is a matter of course and my condition so well, he can fall in love with someone else do?
the time when he was active, I often did not know. I really like him? Maybe I can find a better he There are many shortcomings.
When he becomes negative,dr dre headphones for sale, when he seemed to not like me, I was anxious, he is not that I do not like him? I did not mean that I just do not want all too quickly and I only put a little face, hinted to him, I also like his.
he suddenly became very cold. this time there is any way to save? Sorry, have no way a Some words, is beyond recovery. Some love is not child's play.

like to reach out and let each other know. feelings, because we had too many reasons to like comments, so we did as defined by the others walked.
I do not like Tainian life, but once I fell in love with him, from time to time from morning till evening with him hope. that I do in the end of right?
sometimes, without a lot of things right or wrong to none with all, especially in the absence of the formula in the world of love, like that is like, not like just do not like. no matter how it is undesirable to sacrifice with his own reluctance to of.
a big crowd, you can find a few with you lease and it? personality, appearance, life, when the conversation .. we do not meet every time, for his own happiness in eyeing others? Oh, funny that, and the other so treat yourself. 100, ... 100 people in the end went to go? We have been looking for his 100 objects, with that I can get there a bit on people?
in seeding the life, you may be able to met the other half. maybe he was not 100 points, maybe he can not accompany you come to an end, but in this years, but also that you find your own.

1, the partition will not be the first shoe, leaving a little space so that shoes can leak into the bottom ash, sink and gas stove top mounted light. Given the location of the bathroom floor drain must first think well, a good amount of size. Drain the best side in the brick, the brick in the middle position if so, how to tilt either brick, floor drain is not the lowest point.
2, bathroom, air-conditioning outlets were not designed to switch. Especially the bathroom water heater, a pair of level switch with a plug appropriate. To go off electric, pull the plug dangerous
3, sun angle on tile part of the treatment, in the final analysis is to look at worker level. If the level of good workers, plasterers, tile tools and wear better, they should not hesitate to choose the practice of grinding 45-degree angle. In effect, as long as a good grinding, grinding 45-degree approach angle of the sun angle is the most beautiful! If the level is indeed not very good worker, then you still choose to use positive angle of it, because the mill's bad practice not as good as 45-degree angle with the angle of the sun's effects.
4, line up the pipes after the water pressure test is also very important. Test, we must all be present, and the test for at least 30 minutes, conditions permitting, the best one hour. 10 kg pressure, without any reduction before the final test.
5, when the steel door steel door must be considered a good size frame protruding walls to inform the installer, making the final frame and had finished the wall tiles are flat, so not only beautiful, and good health to do.
6, carpenter and mason's Door package is to tie the tiling, including door pocket of time to consider the following ground (the ground side of the door either side) is also tiled cement mortar or other thing, because if you paste porcelain Door Nail good before, has packages to the ground, with cement in the future, if cement and Door stained, moldy water will cause wood Door
7, mattress below and must be breathable mattress. Bed board is generally best to use cedar board
8, do the paint as much as paper tape
9, buy a lamp to note: generally try to use glass, stainless steel, copper or wood (shelf), and generally do not buy anything above iron What other plated coatings, ah, ah what kind of paint, easily fade.
10, as with ceramic basin basin, glass basin downright Health
11, water reform plan to be their own good, ask them to open the straight-line Cao. Watching them draw their own line, the whole line open by painting Cao. Each have their own acceptance Caixing.
12, water must be good, be sure to test the water!
13, a lot of construction in the verbal agreement into the gap checkout slaughtered, must be written in black and white, increase or decrease in prices of items are sure to ask, write it!
14, on the ground if the equipment floor, the ground have to re-do the cement layer to re-smooth.
15, the kitchen door, or the decoration of wood to make wooden hanging rail doors for good.
16, the living room as much as possible to install the power plug.
17, is still to be done outside the shower toilet partitions. Not trouble the easy way to pull a shower curtain, the actual inconvenience, water everywhere.
18, do door and door frame of the wood material to choose carefully the material.
19, before installing the cabinet must be sure your home's water is OK.
20, kitchen floor tiles will not pick white.

21, paying particular attention to the ceiling smooth putty before wiping Dulux
22, the number of living room lighting should not be too light, simple is better, or like the lighting store!
23, to buy the things you need to install those sellers will be required to install, it does not include installation, after installation, it must adhere completely to pay money! !
24, decoration, before you collect business cards manufacturers to carry
25, Lvkou Ban protective film is best removed before installation.
26, the shoe is best to use shutter, anti-odor. You can leave a shoe outlet side, to plug bake shoes.
27, where the cooking can be a small security lights.
28, it is convenient restaurant exhaust fan can also be safe, so when you eat hot pot or do not dirty barbecue house hall ceiling.
29, the door is best placed to arrange a debris of the cabinet, can be placed above the shoe. The common things, such as umbrellas, bags, scissors, coins, and so eat of the drugs in there, so it is convenient.
30, there is no need to use your ceiling, as not too worried about moisture and cooking fumes, moisture-proof gypsum scrubbing brush is recommended to use waterproof paint, a passenger guard my house to do so, very beautiful. If you must use Lvkou Ban ceiling, it is recommended:
1, not too expensive.
2, using the net color, especially the kitchen ceiling, white on the good, and white unless color and decoration style of match, it will easily inconsistent.
3, his grasping mind, do not believe selling the vision of smallpox, their eyes Barbara soil.
4, staring at himself in the scene, while income is important, do not let them slack, or leave the black seam, how to look how ugly.
31, third day of the main hole and continue to paste tiles, range hood and vent water heaters to pre-lay, and if so then perforated tiles affixed good, is not convenient. Therefore, the decoration must be selected before the hood, stoves and water heaters, etc., to determine the hole size.
32, although taking into account the custom-made cabinets look good, but not durable, comprehensive online views and experiences of some students, the use of cement to do to counter the framework of internal and external sides of paste porcelain, marble countertops, wall cabinets and counters wood door or chosen to do. Out of the cabinet to do so durable, moisture-proof. And the cost is small. Many neighbors said looked good, I did not blow.
33, well after the Door, plasterers plaster line to start the installation, wall Pihui project. My family had relatively smooth wall, approved 2-3 road on it. Pihui granted when a gray polished once, and then paint brush after brushing but also polished, and finally twice with ICI paint brush, the whole wall look smooth and flat, really good. Upon completion of the ceiling wall, carpenter started wardrobe. The wardrobe is 18cm Albert card Daixinban do outside paste veneer, although there is no furniture store to buy so good-looking, but durable, quality should be better than buying. I am not afraid of standing container board. Buy probably will not work. Backplane is relatively thick, thin to buy that.
34, when other students in the tiling must note the following:
? best he can in the field.
? some of the less perfect tile can be attached to the future of some workers to see the location, such as cabinets, sinks, mirrors behind, but also pay attention to tile, brick, etc. Do not waist was attached to the above position of workers, or What you can not see the future, but also wasting money.
? wall tiles, floor tiles in the paste before the flood damage must be enough time.
? Be sure to drain plug with something good out of cement down to prevent clogging. My family out because the cement floor drain is blocked, it took 30 management office to find clear, get up a lot of small mud.
? at the scene, the workers will not be too wasted tiles. Tiling my family when not at the scene, then go, wasted a lot of brick, very sad, all sweat Mimi Yeah.
35, a wall of long, high. Such as a bathroom with four walls, each wall should measure out its long, high. And then deduct a window and door area. Finally, count the ground area. After you put a good amount of size, you can also get to sell tile sub shop, they will help you re-match. Plus 5 percent-losses on the line.
36, the best is a two bedroom dome light control, and a door, a bed, a bed of winter save up and then turn off the lights.
37, the socket must be considered a good location, height, interval. Even first play location having steel cassette, put away after a cassette is found just by television cabinets, microwave, desk block, the first two had to move the location of furniture, high, and eventually found not only ergonomic height, but can not be bought a good fit stainless steel cabinet legs, only customized aluminum feet.
38, just around the corner in the hallway like the one installed, that is bright and there are results.
39, did not take into account when loading the table lamp placement, the middle of the table now is not light.
40, bathroom tiles do not use too much pigment, one easily dirty, and secondly, a long time too dull!

41, outlet to more equipment, furniture to buy outside the ground to be considered safe to dirt, kind of room to look, in principle, to adhere to.
42, Lvkou Ban did not need to buy high-priced, very cheap Lvkou Ban has been far better than the effect of PVC, the more money I can not see significantly different results. Buy Lvkouban particular attention to the keel and not Lvkou itself (Lvkou goal is not easy to tamper too much), usually on the keel complete ghost.
43, brick color is difficult to find satisfactory, I did not find, but the two kinds of color are not satisfied with staggered mosaic sub 45-degree angle I was able to achieve satisfactory results. This is indeed the bricklayer himself put forward good suggestions.
44, playing in the balcony on the top cabinet on the back of the cabinet, then a layer of foam board insulation with water works well. Balcony door is best to use the same type of fire board. Balcony environment is bad.
45, if no suitable molding may wish to order, custom-made quality also seems better than the sample. More personalized and customized.
46, bathroom floor cabinets with stainless steel legs are huge profits, the back of the store to find some place to buy cheap price mad.
47, install the door latch head to pay attention to some wax, wax on and then crashing too late. If you do not smoke, then also pay attention to the door handle to prevent wall damage.
48, Paco floor well, I like only to remind the owner to talk directly to the price and the salesperson to talk about than the price better.
49, matte paint is high and the light beautiful
50, if the re-decoration will use putty instead of talc products.

51, installation and air leakage protection switch junction box of the project can not be provincial, but not on the outside to be on the interior, the original will want to save wages outside the junction box with the old, the electrician on the proposed renewal of the interior, He now found it very valuable suggestions.
52, and air leakage protection switch to use the brand name. I use the Want to buy the real thing is simple, direct phone check MGE headquarters phone number, and then played to ask the local branch number.
53, Under Counter Basin Above Counter Basin than delicate, nice, good clean. Basin faucet with the audience to pay attention to, taking into account the thickness of the basin edge, leading to the mouth longer.
54, without any modification of the wall angle is also very beautiful, but to find a painter in the advance stage and the painter clearly put forward. Ding Jiaoxian angle helps to play a straight line.
55, online slots before the cement surface of the putty surface treatment is important, for no solid surface with a clean ball handling is very appropriate.
56, make plaster suitable for a large hole on the wall, of course, if the hole is too large or need to use cement.
57, frosted glass, not stained with the back of ten million to protect the paint, is difficult to clean!
58, Caipen leading back of the hand switch must be used, that must be not easy to keep clean fingers, the hands are turned up when the oil is also difficult.
59, the price of luxury auto racks too much water, and found some of the more well-known brand is not on the structural design but better than the brands, prices are much lower.
60, could be considered safe on the ground of the metal socket, the socket 100 is very expensive, but very convenient, usually flush with the ground, feet a foot on the socket can pop up. Suitable for large living room. On the dining room table or below, is used to insert pot (to prevent hanging back and forth when moving wires)

61, storage room. TX has been said, but I did not do doors, looks very beautiful, and easy to put dirty clothes cupboard.
62, starting bed frame (the so called it). I am a professional company to buy the fabric bed, bed, and spent 350 yuan plus a such a thing, end of the bed there is a pull handle, bed board will turn up, exposing the bottom of the storage space, Terrific Oh!
63, is not practical double-pole towel rack! Current and single-pole uses the same basic look inside layer will not be hanging pole and then drying towel
64, that is not practical cabinet inside the trash can, as on the outside. There do not install the door and the table plate of the trash bin, open the door when the summer will be very smelly. Trash or on the outside good.
65, the table next to the small cabinet, and can be placed on some stuff, very convenient.
66, on I think the mop bucket less demanding in terms of performance, can assemble one yourself out, covered with tiles and match the surrounding environment or the mosaic that is beautiful, and save money.
67, the bathroom can nail nail point of hook to hang something.
68, designed a bathroom cupboard to put clothes, no longer have to worry about bathing forgot to clean clothes.
69, suffered a severe practical washing machine with dryer, in addition to a year, only the yellow mold-day, and the evil giant. Thick clothes, towels or drying quit, let the sun more than a good consumer disinfection. Even been overdrawn, you need to save the point of silver.
70, even in the laundry room to do a laundry pool, used to hand wash something. Originally thought to use less, so buy a very cheap Terri leader. Did not think this is really convenient laundry pool, became my most frequently used a home washing area. What rag ah, socks, ah, to towels, ah, all in which to wash, even the most hands there too.
71, fitted with lights is not really practical, fitting finished up to now not opened. There are just SHOW guests to look at lighting, I simply forgot their own also installed a this thing. When the original is to open PARTY under romantic, now do not have much chance of opening spotlights.
72, most fitting experience is actually as simple as possible, less pollution, less money, peace of mind.
73, useful stuff:
?-designed storage room.
? North Terrace used to wash dirt sink. Differences between the bathroom sink and kitchen sink washing dishes and vegetables.
? bathroom to wash your hair you can pull out the leader. (Wash basin was never the TX exceptions).
? easy to clean the floor and the right cleaning tools.
? kitchen work table lamps.
74, to buy their own toilet must be a good amount of pitch, or go buy a return that is really ... ...
75, posted WeiChu tiles after a good amount of what did not dry before the best level to see the lowest point is not the place to drain, or other dry and then passing the buck and decoration team, a lot of dead cells.
76, ledge stone with the Great Wall of beads Angeles, is a 800X800 tiles. Manufacturers cut good milling, Mason posted. Not nice also
radiation pattern.
77, bathroom shower room must be large enough size, and use transparent glass, so there does not seem cramped shower.
78, should not use white cement tiles pointing hook. No month into a black seam, ugly death. The results they have bought their own hook pointing agent, that tired
79, artificial stone cabinet after the next board should pad the result is not found after installation, are now afraid to cut the meat in the above, have promised to give me equipment almost two months have not installed (only to polish a).
80, do not believe the spell of the designer. Of course, you can visit more than several decoration companies, from each design to extract the real useful things, the key is you want to pretend to look like home improvement.

81, if the floor drain installed the original developers have the kind of harm smell of the
82, attached bathroom floor tiles after a good test the water, if water is relatively slow immediately rework. Our household's water is relatively slow, then relented a bit, now it is always a little bath water, and made hundreds of our main Guardian silver shower head is idle, it always wondering how to remedy.
83, fitted wash basin and mirror to be considered good, put brush cup rack, towel rack relative position.
84, to consider when buying a mirror the mirror front lamps, if you do not want to install a temporary mirror front lamps, mirrors the size of the mirror to be able to cover for the best line of headlights reserved.
85, put the washing on the balcony to be a small cupboard, easy to put some debris, such as washing powder within the debris. Both beautiful and practical
86, must be looking at doing upstairs upstairs dripping water .... otherwise, get a hanging cabinet, the wall is a mess ....
87, do not blindly follow buy online, I later discovered that some of their own to buy cheaper than the bargain.
88, TV wall must set a few more outlets, TV, DVD .... a put, you will find enough outlets.
89, change the water well in the future to be considered before the installation of a large sample of wash basin, for example, the left or right pots pots, water and drainage that is located where. Otherwise, changing for the better after the discovery phase of the wash basin is fit!
90, on the curtains, we had better put your stay a size goes, the boss shows no less size. If less, then how come the. Or watched him cut his cloth.
91, the decoration of the construction process:
(1) approach, tearing down walls, walls.
(2) bathroom, kitchen floor to do 24 hours off water tests (required the developer to complete this task).
(3) cutting trough, water reform and acceptance.
(4) seal groove hidden underground water renovation project, closed water leak test started without waterproofing.
(5) bathroom, kitchen wall attached disk.
(6) Woodworking approach, suspended ceilings, plaster moldings.
(7) packages Door, window cover. Making wooden cabinet frame.
(8) simultaneous production of wooden doors, door style and platen.
(9) wooden panel paint brush dust (edible vegetable oil).
(10) window leveling laying marble countertops.
(11) trim panel, pasted, fine line production and installation.
(12) wall of primary treatment, grinding, leveling.
(13) utensils, door seams paste adhesive (protected side).
(14) ICI at least three times the oil the wall.
(15) furniture painting approach, eye patch and paint.
(16) dealing with corners, laying floor tiles, wood or composite wood flooring, waterproof marble bar, the baseboard.
(17) lighting, sanitary ware, handle, door lock installation.
(18) cleaning health, tiles fill joints, dismantling.
(19) decoration preliminary acceptance within the company.
(20) three formal acceptance of appointment, delivery owners.
92, the valve back together before the flue must be clean to ensure the valve can switch freely and able to open to the maximum, otherwise it will affect the effect of smoke hood. Ceiling can be installed to remain two not installed, so the hood and try and correct installation of the ceiling and then installed.
93, so much in the living room and dining room ceiling can not do not do.
94, take the line in order to better air-conditioned spaces, the power as much as possible closer to the air, so air-conditioned to see a length of cord, leaving a trace of regret.
95, the house in person to measure and record the various sizes available, can be Broche size chart size and then re-covered wire marked the final size will directly affect the decoration and furniture purchases.
96, the small size of line is not good if the election is not always black walnut atmosphere, then the need for trade-offs, or to accommodate actual or dedicated their own ideas, of course, the best do both
97, began looking for decorators. In terms of personal experience, if not particularly large family and intend to simple decoration, the guerrillas seem to find something more cost-effective. After installation it is best to introduce others, you have read and agree to the eyes, especially the feeling of the person in charge of the decoration is even more important, responsibility and appreciation of how, some of the former is more critical, because if only a stripped-down, in fact, those who live almost fooling the will to do, but the quality is good or bad may depend on a sense of responsibility.
98, the main furniture such as sofas, wardrobes, dining tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. in advance to see more of the best also, if the running around on tired, you can find a few good large-scale home shopping plaza shopping, the basic trend to see it, so then you have to do is slowly according to their desired style filter out the right things. Some people take a good style, some people have accurate grasp of color, it does not matter, anyway, there is time to consider, if you wait until cleared decoration, furniture, help wanted to see the steps and then reluctantly accepted the inevitable end will not really like it.
99, already optimistic about the best furniture to size down, and then to the room's decoration of the virtual future.
100, buy something necessary documents be sure to keep the move on the latter may exist back, a replacement is absolutely useful. In particular, some important items of the store receipts, brochures, etc., because a lot of things have a warranty period, evidence lost would be more trouble.

101, the process of construction projects are sure to increase or decrease the price they asked for and then write it in black and white.
102, check whether the construction is necessary protective measures, such as entrance doors to use pearl cotton wrap, window and floor tiling good must be properly protected.
103, as much as possible to communicate with construction workers, to determine whether he understands your intentions. Put themselves in every respect the master's work, respect, the importance of people feel at home, then began to live it more responsible to do so? There is an old saying not to ask (But if you are faced with treacherous cunning bully who, it would have to retaliate, argue) in particular to some of the edge of the project is the need for several types of co-ordination, responsible workers with each other and coordinate their respective duties, Otherwise, we pass the buck back and forth, all pass the buck. I like Mason to help me solve some of the carpentry of things, and electrical and solve some of Mason's problems. Because each teacher's experience is different, as long as he is willing to help you find a way.
104, do not do the best furniture fixed, because it no longer may be some changes in the layout. If we do we must grasp the quality, or endless troubles.
105, be sure to change the water carefully, one costs money; second, if not the ceiling from the floor must be laid down water pipes, water pipes in case of problems big trouble.
106, according to their actual needs and reasonable arrangements for wiring, so as not to waste (especially the cloth with a lot of lights and lighting if not practical, we must also try to avoid the series to use, waste electricity), but some places can not be Province, for example, next to the bathroom mirror, and often with a hairdryer and razor; well inside or below if the shoe has a socket is also good, shoe device can bake, I am now very sorry that no cloth lines.
107, the bathroom as wet and dry area, if the area is small with a pedestal like (special glass basin was dirty, lazy caution); conditionally set a waterproof cabinet incorporating a small debris is best, put everything certainly does not look good on the outside.
108, wood glossy white paint brush than when the nitro-polyester good (this is to listen to seasoned painters speak).
109, the cabinet must be selected carefully, to look at several of the quality, we go to do a solid strong as this one are easily thousands of ocean, but also related to the stove and sink, etc., they still do not blindly greedy cheap good. But best not to do in the cabinet table or inside the trash can; if there is limited funding, basket, basket seasoning, rice bucket of what you can do all of these accessories in the cabinets sell the company in general is very expensive.
110, wardrobe rather than not less, rather large not small, women remember! Hanging space to be able to put up the dress.
111, bad handling glass or mirrors in the vicinity of the best things to buy, or Be ready to transport methods.
112, curtains all the best in furniture, appliances and then customized approach to match the overall style tone. However, before cleaning the track can be installed.
113, change the gas pipe to complete the best in tiling, or may damage the wall. Best to let the gas company to draw a diagram or on the wall as an indicator, because the cabinet company to be required in the cabinet body openings.
114, cabinet installation time is longer, ranging from 4 to 5 hours, as many as 2 days, must be psychologically prepared. Installation can be used to check whether the material is that you set (you can see through the hinge hole cabinet material). Installing kitchen cabinets before the first clean look, because once installed cabinets, no way those dead ends and then cleaned.
115, furniture installation is best looked at in the next, especially as the wardrobe of the laminates are several holes selected, I was not looking at the results too small a distance between the layers, hanging clothes stretch not open, even after adjustment.
116, taking into account the formaldehyde pollution of the environment, such as spider plants can be placed in the green room, furniture in all the open doors the emission of odor, but also buy a special spray to eliminate the smell of things to come.
117, installation of combustible gas, booking gas ignition.
118, Brush Wood's time: the best Puwan other room painted tile or wood floors. If you have to brush it, the best have the room cleaned. No floor tile or wood floor room, the room a lot of dust, then brush wood, then brush off the dust easily attached to the wood surface, wood products, have spiked sense does it feel, which although can be higher label of sandpaper and then brush it again to solve, but in the end it feels to feel the brush and the overall effect will be deducted RBI hit. Room Puwan tiles and then brush, then the air of dust content much less than the shop front, with virtually no brush again after the dust attached to the wood surface of wood products. This is so because when they run into a small decoration Wu case, I had decided to buy in Canada Wood had seen it like a brush effect, and feel very smooth, feels like my home-improvement Howley, like wooden doors. Only because of the above, the results of the effect to play a lot of discounts, it has been a matter of regret Xiao Wu. And plus I like the organization buy the paint process, the students also appeared in this home. So here remind students to pay attention to it. I do not know whether other wood case, but according to the principle of same reason, so here remind students to pay attention to it.
119, on up painting: painting teacher pay is so dry and then batch finished wall putty, putty dry after painting. After brushing the paint if no reason is necessary to install lighting and a variety of electrical switches. Ask someone to install lighting and electrical switches to remind the teachers to pay attention to this and installed a clean Sin before hand, so that when installed will not be a dirty wall. Thus saving a touch-up painting processes the. Of course, soiled walls, the decoration is to make sure the paint division team to pay up painting again, that is to get clean and dirty walls (if the paint companies, they also allow teachers to pay to make paint, If you pay attention to what a lot of paint division will be left in the part after brushing the wall paint, which is the remaining part of the paint used to make paint). Just note, do not let install lighting division to pay smeared walls, you can pay less to make a trip to the paint division (at least half a day), but also facilitate a lot of our own, then why not? Sometimes, with people easily, also has been easy. In general, paint the walls will be wood finish brushing before, this is to avoid the Wood in the process of dry brush will paint the walls of the wall impact. Of course, in actual operation, you can also Puwan after tile (floor tile wall putty prior approval has been good) painted wood, and other dry before whitewashing wood finish, but to do so, of course, will affect the duration. If the fear of affecting the duration of the case, but also in the air to minimize the effects of dust, then a lot of cleaning to be conscientious about the health of the room.
120, the decoration team selection: The first choice guerrillas or formal company, I think is not important, the key is to give you the head of the construction team is serious and responsible, the decoration of the skills of workers, of course, the quality of the decoration and prices.
First, find the decoration companies not more than four, for the most part, so, if your time is very rich, it is another matter. And decoration companies to talk about this before, must be clear that you have to do renovation projects, you can call the company reported that all the decoration items, compare prices and comprehensive after taking into account the following factors to decide which items you want to outsource Which item of decoration companies do.
the decoration of the people, the decoration of the offer as low as possible, of course, contrary to the views of decoration company. Sometimes, decoration companies to Mohr-McClune, will offer some of the weight is relatively low, this way, the project's quality and the quality of materials is more difficult to guarantee. Fitting so many, you want to single item is the lowest, it is unrealistic. And decoration of the offer, not only the number but also depends on the contents inside, the materials used in this project, specifications, brands and so on. You know, the decoration of each offer, in fact, are of great stress.

121, the construction? Since I am in no hurry to move in, so plan to find casual workers: the neighbors a good home please artisan, may be I look for the object: a mason, a carpenter, a plumber, a painter. Design step by step step by step, I believe it slowly and deliberately.
122, to use every penny wisely: look at the decoration materials, they must be dazzled look, there are so many good things, and it seems every one looks the same, the economy can withstand . May be a short period of time necessary to purchase these things in place, the economic pressure is really big. Most people at this time is often in disarray, the result too much over budget the last one, the second is to buy good quality stuff at the United States, then buy something is uneven.
My view is:
one pre-determined price, after the election materials.
excess of the expected price of 10 percent-of material goods, do not waste time. Business buyers always fine too. I am doing a detailed schedule of materials needed in the future blog post will be posted for your reference.
Second, province to province, the spent flowers.
the most expensive place is carpentry, kitchen cabinets.
most prone to water quality problem areas are transformed, kitchen water.
123, must be higher than the cost of furniture to buy furniture. 500-700 yuan per square meter general furniture.
124, covert project was not the most important place to save money: water circuit transformation, water treatment.
way to do is to ask B & Q, B & Q now have individual decoration services: such as water reform, since the purchase of materials, water per meter of $ 40 per meter circuit is $ 20 for half a year warranty. B & Q on the first floor in the east of the detailed individual services and offer announcement, we do reference
125,, the easiest way is to use online resources to collect, retain, finishing the integration, the future will be useful when .

126, in order to save time, improve efficiency, decoration materials on the market each have a harvest, a detailed and practical procurement schedule and budget is important.
Program list by room category purchase is easier to implement: each took to the streets to see things the same room, to facilitate comparison and comprehensive
together, likely to have success.
one hall project
Second, the living room project
Third, the restaurant project
four master bedroom project
five children
six housing projects, study projects
seven main Health Project
eight, nine passenger Health Project
kitchen project
ten, balcony engineering
XI Yin Taiwan project
are listed in the plan to put my own post like the following table, for reference: data in the table as an example.
This list is more convenient for procurement planning, pre-construction projects may be appropriate, by job re-classification of the merger, into masonry, carpentry, electricity, water, paint and other re-watch. The right side of the table can also be added in the If (three batches of three wall paint brush; shoe with Albert plate, brush polyurethane varnish), etc.
127, home theater rear speakers, the sound cables to be embedded in the living room below, this is very important!
128, add a sink on the balcony, decorated to embedded pipes. Balcony sink is very important, gardening, washing hands.
129, toilet, kitchen need background music, embedded audio and audio cables before fitting.
130, both sides must be left socket on the balcony, hanging lanterns, when the New Year, good power.

1: the bathroom is divided into 2 areas of wet and dry on the wet area floor drain better
2: If you are burning natural gas water heater attention to the bathroom to have adequate ventilation settings
3 - 4: If you do not know, then you can ask a professional friend to accompany the master now lie more.
11: hydropower, or find professionals to help themselves because the functions in this respect he is to inform those who design their own needs to be transformed in the transformation of migration, but if there are problems when the house until you have installed the line problems and have to re-do the demolition of the wall is a very big head thing.
12: toilet water to depend on their choice to tile bathroom floor tile is a professional waterproofing has to do this at time of purchase, but you can rest assured water to do well because of design problems in the choice of size If you encounter after the designers got the idea he would not cut off the bricks to fill the ground so that you destroyed the original design of good waterproofing, floor tiles, floor tiles are of course so early you can find out, but not your home is to live for decades we need a long-term guarantee so you must pay attention to the design of the bricks in the pavement without being destroyed
19 when the combination is now bought ready-made cabinets are the most direct is because the family The water issues need to be close to create the design, of course designers in addition to water designed to inform the designer must determine their own homes who are often under the kitchen cabinet so to better determine the scale so that when you cook at home more comfortable with the cabinet panel recommended to choose such a large load to bear safe

white cement tile grouts and usage is not the same, but the masons are usually filled with white cement tile grout filling method, so era, gone sealant, sealant, and a little bit better to be pointing to the wall instead of doing the paste. Also, the cabinet hinge, pool water, so use a good switch, while the cabinet fabrics, pool cell body, bolt can be used in general, of course, if you will not care about the money.
If not a big package, I suggest to buy building materials as much as possible to homes in the East, was home, B & Q and other places to buy can be returned. 131, at the entrance of the light switch, it is recommended to use sensor-based. Black day to go home, save the dark.

132, shows a basic construction, water, electricity transformation
(a) the construction team on the water before entering the construction of a minute test, before they are allowed to change tubes.) and can knock down the plaster layer, load-bearing walls for installation on the
(c) in the buried line pipe Such as the need to change the original line, and can not use
(d) circuit to be buried in the dark wall of the best
(e) strong electric

133, waterproof
(a) kitchen, Wei
(b) 30 cm from the wall to do it twice, more than 30 cm can do it again, wrap need water at the door pocket door.
(c) waterproof finish to be dry, a Redo waterproof layer. Where leakage is most likely to

134, tile
(a) in the selection of tile owners of tile required for quality finds its way: first look at its color is uniform, non-variegated black spots and holes the line; followed depends on whether the standard of its size, the amount of tiles with the tape measure the length and width, measure the size of the trademarks to its factory the same size, then the amount of its diagonal tile, such as diagonal line, the tile is positive; then depends on the flatness of the tile, the most simple and effective method is to tile the same brand of two overlapping positive and negative, such as two stacked significant gap between the tiles or you can rotate the tiles uneven; last look There is no color tiles, and is out a few samples of the same type of tile, compared in the light, such as do not see color differences can be ordered.
(b) After the paste can not have a whole piece of brick tile hollowing (partial hollowing the entire piece of brick can not exceed 20 percent), if the entire piece of brick hollowing be rectified, under normal circumstances, posted 100 per brick, brick wall tiles are allowed to have a hollowing, to allow two brick tile is hollowing, but must rework, rework the main material (already counted in the loss of) from them, such as Over this range, the main material from the construction side is responsible.
(c) Normally, the level of tile degree of error of 2 mm is allowed, the gap be the same tiles, bricks and tiles should be flat on the corner (allowed error of 0.5 mm), kitchen, wall tiles in addition to health bricks and tiles should be flat on the corner, the need to level degrees (allow 1 mm tolerance) and vertical (allowing 2 mm error) to achieve, bathroom, balcony to the floor drain tile should be considered, you must first put away the slope, if there is no special reasons, there is water.
(d) in the wall and floor tile Puwan required after the

135, anti-termite
(a) and finish the wall after garbage collection trough, to conduct a comprehensive anti-termite (ie, whole-house spraying of termite drugs)
(b ) After entering all the plates in need of anti-termite treatment (specifically for anti-termite wood like to do)
(c) before the need to shop for wood flooring wood floor to shop floor to do a termite treatment
(d) termite spray to wet the drug is better (you can clearly see the wet)

136, the calculator is also a design study, and now the calculator has multiple functions to set the decimal point, making computing time will have different standards, so we need to bring a calculator yourself, there are now mobile phone computing capabilities, but the feature is not good.

137, to prepare their own two good neutral glass, plastic (1 clear, 1 white), U.S. General's recommendation, B & Q for sale, 49 a. In the installed bath room, sink, cabinets, security doors when they need it. While the general factory installation package will come with glass, plastic, glass plastic, but most of them poor quality, the future is easy to change color or moldy.

138, if not a last resort, do not use toilet seat shifter. This stuff is very likely to cause clogging toilet bowl water.

139, kitchen Lvkou Ban, hood top two, a good hole must be completely installed so hood up after security. An up my family's early and later time and remove the hood to install, dismantle dismantling equipment, workers are engaged in out of shape, has become a seamless ceiling ceiling of the seam.

140, if in order to unify beauty, kitchen and bathroom doors are installed, and that soon after installed in the door marked with ground glass joints where glue. I do not have time for the processing, water workers are not careful, a lot of water splashed on the floor bleeding to the door frame, the following part of it has little black (mold) of the.

141, must be tiled balcony! King balcony to angle around to shop, shop to live with the railing to the balcony with the high. My family view balcony to balcony wall angle and the life is not paved, but to prepare a bucket of exterior wall, they periodically refresh ... ...

142, sealed in the wall before the water reform must allow the master to provide detailed decoration water map.

143, as if ready to brush the wall color, the transformation in the power line when necessary to take into account for the problem. Changed a lot of my family line, air-conditioning outlet bit all changed. But in order to save money, not for the whole line, but wiring. This wiring must be installed where the whiteboard for future maintenance. Later, brushing the wall paint color, etc. only to find how these white glare, regret ah ~~~~~

144, which is the lowest level I made an error, I assume that the 1.5 m bed width is 1.5 meters, forget the thickness of the bed there. Very accurately in bedside lamps to stay well back of the wall socket. As a result, there is no socket to be blocking the way to use.

145, started before the captain to make analysis of the wall decoration how to deal with the need to shovel out all the original powder. In particular, ready to paint the wall engineering companies outsourcing to students. My family is contracted out to paint companies, such as carpentry finished painting the walls look gray to know the original is bad, it is best to shovel out the whole re-Pihui. However, woodworking has been done, to shovel the ash out of the original bad operation. Finally had to brush the surface of a layer of glue Pihui 108.

146, increase line will certainly be re-wiring. But from the nearest terminal branch wiring. The increase is not allowed in the original wire connector wiring.

147, air-conditioning control switch only in the power supply side. Added line on the road is not allowed.

148, change the location of phone and network lines, they can out of the original fabric of the line to continue to use. However, if the improper construction there will be many hidden dangers. So it is best to box from the room for weak lines.

149, the transformation of the workload measurement circuit, generally in accordance with the wiring in three different ways were measured.
(1) play slot pipe (measured by the length of trunking, if a tank more root canal, according to the number one half pipe the other half included in the overhead line).
(2) overhead line (wearing tube not play slots), calculated according to the length of pipe.
(3) for cable, according to how much even if the number of replaced (replaced the line to tell the construction team do not throw).
(4) weak transformation, according to the first method. The difference is who is to pay attention to weak-line purchase. Owners will have to buy less wire prices.

150, fixed the toilet to the floor, hit the screw with it? There is convergence at the base and the pipe, to buy what were sealed and the outside is better: the toilet is fixed with the expansion screw. The interface between the base and the pipe at the inside with a special sealant toilet. + Out of white plastic with white cement slurry deployment. When the toilet is generally purchased with a special sealant.

151, to buy their own materials must first calculate the approximate amount. To buy water when the material to do the latter anyway, thinking about painting with the sea chart in the end how much material came out, so what little trust the foreman, the result was found to buy water 5 meters, the actual use 27 copper head one, actually bought a 40, should the remaining 13, seven short of the actual remaining six. Under repeated questioning from other sites back up foreman Detailed calculations of the pre-circuit their own material, the calculated results and after comparing the foreman of the requirements: from 30 m to 12 cable meters, network cable from 20 m to 13 m, other issues such as insulating tape, plug both large access was I correct ... ...

152, if the old water pipes under the ground, in addition to the drop when the switch is often damaged, do not hesitate to be laying a new, do not save, to ensure safety .

153, the kind of retraction on the bathroom walls, the glove do not waste space, and posted a very good very nice tile. Of course, tile union that trouble to say

154, sun angle tile lines do not use the income side, 45-degree angle to grind bricklayer splicing was beautiful, of course, you do not choose Tijuana workers lazy way to do things.

155, aluminum pipe, when installed must be sealed cement workers under the supervision of the construction standards to allow expansion space for hot water pipes. Short plastic tube not closed strong, and loose some of the good thing.

156, hall bathroom on the ground if the ratio is high, the transition can be used to solve the door stone.

157, plus move the sewer pipe mouth, then in the new and old sewer pipes should be checked before the entrance of the old sewer butt is smooth, this time a lot of money to clear the bit to avoid future trouble.

158, Lvkou Ban did not need to buy high-priced, very cheap Lvkou Ban the effect has been far better than PVC, the more money I can not see significantly different results .

159, buy Lvkou Ban particular attention to the keel and not Lvkou itself (Lvkou goal is not easy to tamper too much), usually on the keel complete ghost.

160, brick color is difficult to find satisfactory, I did not find, but the two kinds of color are not satisfied with staggered mosaic sub 45-degree angle I was able to achieve satisfactory results. This is indeed the bricklayer himself put forward good suggestions.

161, under the supervision of the ground water repellent to use my bricklayer but not directly in accordance with requirements of throwing on the ground, it can even do! It is not the best yourself, do not bother but assured.

162, the slope of the bathroom floor before tiling to consider the good, the slope is not in accordance with national standard to achieve the effect of rapid drainage, and if you use a deodorant or a thin floor drain floor drain will be greatly increased drainage problems. Some people say that steep slope and pretty, I think it is nonsense. On the contrary larger slope water to quickly run a clean is a very refreshing thing.

163, platinum-point doors fire with the LG panel, the effect is good, but if we might consider fitting tailor-made finished door. Hand-made door is not fine, for reference only.

164, sink a large market brand-name price is not cheap, brand-name quality crazy bad.

165, the balcony door is best to use the same type of fire board. Balcony environment is bad.

166, bathroom vanities to do when the first cabinet to consider the size of the basin so that the future good fit.

167, the glass is heavy stuff, the best buy in the vicinity, or Be ready to transport methods.

168, install the lock bolt head to pay attention to some wax, wax on and then crashing too late. If you do not smoke, then also pay attention to the door handle to prevent wall damage.

169, matte paint is pretty high and light, do not listen to the painter, and if a bad brush matte painter said that its technology must be bad. Similarly, if a good painter, said polyester polyurethane is not cheat your

170, with insulating tape and raw materials do not buy in the store, large supermarket quality was much better, and full weight, conversion down the price is not expensive.

171, if the re-decoration will be used instead of talc putty finished, no big reason is that finished product easy to use putty. Fired the painter, especially after his own experience when diy - talc tone putty sick of it.

172, installation and air leakage protection switch junction box of the project can not be provincial, but not on the outside to be on the interior, the original will want to save wages outside the old junction box use, recommendations on the interior to get a new electrician,Beats By Dr Dre Studio, he now found it very valuable suggestions. On the interior door is not ugly, it really easy to use!

173, large interior design company directly to workers on site clearance work package may be more appropriate, and better technology, tools, more

174, and air leakage protection switch to use the brand name. I use the Want to buy the real thing is simple, direct phone check MGE headquarters phone number, and then played to ask the local branch number.

175, Under Counter Basin Above Counter Basin than the delicate, beautiful, good cleaning.

176, basin faucet with the audience to pay attention to, taking into account the thickness of the basin edge, leading to the mouth longer.

177, the hole before installing the toilet is a big, large floor drain cover can fall off, if your floor drain has been installed and the toilet is not installed, do pay attention to the floor drain cover, or the floor drain cover it up elsewhere custody 也好.

178, buy silicone, then the absolute best all imports of GE, GE followed by Shanghai packaging. Of course, if the kind of place in a very important element 7,8 can also be used, for example, aluminum window frames with internal Anjiu levels of silica waste to plug the whole. But use the bathroom all the GE silicone kitchen, value for money!

179, triangle valve should not be omitted, and save much money, if the valve, then triangle, triangle valve can be installed in advance of copper joints are not leaking, if not installed, only the last copper fittings installed on the faucet to take over the child when it was installed to check whether the internal leakage, the total leakage due to pressure some time to test out the final installation of internal and leading it more secure.

180, even the diary has been renovated to do about those things, their own can do it, do not, but also with the idea, please decoration companies to communicate more with the designer, please construction team to communicate more with the workers, because the realization of your ideas, to rely on them.

181, fitting the biggest problem is communication!

182, is not the place, type of kitchen cabinet door designed, BH. Should be designed L-shaped.

183, general decoration, decoration companies, excluding the formal management fees, taxes, fees accounted for 75-80 percent sign materials, wages account for 20-25 percent sign.

184, in the kitchen to go outside the ground water, since home improvement is to give a time bomb, who state clearly whether Shashi Hou for his trouble.

185, if the separate tube wear, but in a tank, the impact it? Effects can endure

186, ask what between the dining and living room separated by the most cost-effective package door pockets, side bag only 6 cm or contaminated with white, height 2 m is not significantly large High crude.

187, respectively, to strong and weak electrical transmission pipe, can be separated away the best, keep the distance 10 cm or more, but it can be difficult, because most families to save money and open a slot. Weak sound the same line can penetrate the tube.

188, inside furniture, paint and paste board can do a good job and opened the door and ventilation doors and windows at home, only to non-pungent odor. In fact, you are using a good wood core board, do not deal with furniture inside.

189, PCT board and the cabinet can be wood core board 15, the back of the five available folders, Wuli. Package doors and Tizi use nine per cent. Different processes with different materials.

190, PPR pipe not only for cold water pipes, also applies to hot water pipes, and even clean drinking water pipeline. PPR pipe interface with hot-melt technology, are completely integrated into the tube together, so once installed pressure test, no leakage. PPR pipe and will not scale. PPR pipe scale never known, never rust, never leaks, high water of green materials.

191, paint board is good, the advantages of both wood and composite.

192, do not print for a long time on the wet artificial stone, unless you want to dry a printing table; not take long wet cutting board on the table. Wood wet sometimes fade; rub the stain with a steel ball, like hand squeeze pimples.

193, can use an ordinary gas meter cupboard door sealed in it? Need to use the shutter-type door it? Regularly check the ventilation opening on the line.

194, clear contracting the tx Please note that you must verify the renovation team to open a list of materials. There may be certain about their estimates, I too believe that they, and the results to buy wire and cable management almost doubled.

195, the size of certain planned sanitary ware, the best sketch in advance, calculate the size.

196, buy the product the students pay attention to the door, if you want to pursue results matching panel with a business package Door, then you may have to be Henzai knife it!

197, Re: installation of water pipes before they take the leading and basin, sink have bought?
not, just make sure where is the basin faucet, bathtub faucet, washing machine what's on the line leading, leading 99 percent sign and fell into the water are in line with international norms, as long as workers are not careless, all right. If you own basin cabinet, basin bought in advance, or optimistic about the size. Determine the amount of units in front of the sink a good size, front loading station to buy Haojiu Xing, do not forget the audience or on stage. Distance between hot and cold water pipes with cement tiles must be sealed before the 15 cm accuracy, and must be parallel. If you have bought, it is best put something, such as sealed after the unload.

198, if an 8-core cable at the same time take the phone and network, will not interfere with each other it? Not. 1,2,3,6 hit the cable module, 4, 5 playing on the phone module, and the other two easily. Right in saying that my experience: 10M 1236 100M to be used with the fact that the speed to 10/100M that we will not feel any difference if using a 8pin line, then some program-controlled switches signal will cause the network signal interference in the home environment generally will not have any problem. But rest assured that I can recommend such a separate route to the future, leave margin, cable is very cheap you say?

199, check the distribution box must be properly installed.

200, fitted bath and shower faucet lesson taps connected to the tube is embedded in the wall, I have repeatedly told them to get accurate dimensions, do not install when the time is not on. The results left the hot and cold water spacing is 15 cm, can be hot and cold water pipes are not parallel, the results of the water feeding the electrical charge of the force was the placement. Yesterday I found that fb GROHE thermostatic mixer coating even be forced cracked. We can be installed if the leader, the first installed it. Should be the first leader to buy back, and then install hot and cold water, tiled bar. Oujia bought a very early lead, is Oujia master to buy.

Add may be a problem now RTX2006 ,monster headphones, SP1 version of the amendment.

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Hit you, I do not know what kind of a doom? If I have to say, I prefer to believe that fate is the fate of people do nothing but despair.
It was a early autumn evening, the beautiful sunset some intoxicating. But more stunning is that you suddenly glancing my pupil, faces the prospect of your eyes, your crimson face, flowing hair ... you ... at this moment, not even a moment, but a moment, you become All of my heart.
I do not know whether this is the legendary love at first sight, but it is certain that I fell in love with you. Since the first time I met you, I can no longer forget you, can not, never. Every moment, I have been crazy to miss you, every day, I want to meet you, every night, you are unexpectedly into the shadows of my dreams. Since falling in love with you, I really understand what the unforgettable love, what is love a person so hard, what is concerned about a person's taste. Because of love, so love, this is the only reason I love you, but also all of the content.

However, the moment from the beginning, this is destined to be a tragedy. No, not even a tragedy, but one did not end the pantomime. All along, all I am a person in the preparation of a story forever, and you just recently been implicated innocent, as the story of a character. Because I know you, I just pass by a big crowd passing. Even if you have one in a million karma between us, but we have each other too late, too late, even one ten thousandth of hope that may not have had.
In fact, when I should have to comfortably sit on the sidelines, but it happens to fall into a bragging this outcome is a set number of games. Deeply in love with you, but only silence to be to guard the well-established that the outcome of despair, which is what a desperate pain ah! I have thought to put a heart of fire, the burning ashes on your all, can you then faces the prospect of the eyes, crimson face, flowing hair, there is the pitiful few words, went so far as the summer frost Snow, frozen moment of my firm. Irrelevant to forget and give up very closely, after all, is essentially different. I had to admit, I love your pain is my pain in this life, is my eternal pain.

I always believed in the love between two people is a belief in telepathy, even if this sudden love being driven to distraction at the moment of hit, I still have to adhere to the faith. I will not beg to you what, it will not disturb your peaceful life, even if it is the name of love, because I believe it has nothing to do with love. Love should not be chasing, never begging, never love just about two sensitive soul. If only wishful thinking, that's not true love, not to mention how can I bear to you because I am innocent and painful. Own brewed bitter, alone I will try.
write this text, not to commemorate anything, but to forget. Forget a person, forget the kind of feeling, forget the episode. I look forward to the time of the agent, to anesthesia has broken my heart Fengyun, then slowly let it die. I hope that one day I met did not recognize you, I feel comfortable waving to the past. And at the moment,Outlet Coach On Sale, I can only hope you far into the background, diffuse from me, I blindfolded my eyes and wait people have changed, willing to marshes, and brave the day you fly, ebb and flow, no sand marks.
from now, not talk about love, travel alone, wandering life.

emotional intelligence refers to the non-intellectual factors, is often the psychological qualities. If a person is withdrawn, bizarre and difficult to cooperation; inferiority complex, fragile and can not face the frustration; irritable, stubborn, arrogant, emotional instability, etc., which are less than the performance of emotional intelligence, even if his IQ is high it is difficult to re- some success, it is emotional intelligence is a key to success. Although a certain degree of emotional intelligence innate genetic factors, but more important is the day after tomorrow development. So how are young children's emotional intelligence do?
one, education, children learn survival
there is a story that a group of lost children picnic in the mountains, had a hunger in the moist night of terror, they hope to burst into tears, We could not find However, as long as the walk along the creek, stream will bring us to a larger river, eventually you will encounter a small town. I intend to walk along the creek, you can follow me. , under the leadership of their Yifu Lei, successfully piercing the forest.
Maybe people will think a girl like Yi Fulei this innate ability, in fact, can not innate, acquired thanks to his father's education. Currently the Western countries, including East Asia, Japan attaches great importance to the survival of their children education, children from the sensible, to teach them how to learn to survive and self-reliance, fell to his climb up, learn to eat their own, put my things, and know under what circumstances how to protect themselves and so on.
Second, develop patience and self-control
psychologist has done such an experiment, the kindergarten teacher gave each child a piece of candy, and told them: hours after eating, you can then reward one. This is called the delay effect in psychology, or delay to meet.
many children act out of steam, the lack of will and patience, and very few grow up to career success. So how children develop patience it? For example, young children eager to drink milk, do not immediately meet him and let him cry for a while, slowly and talk to him, shoot him on the back side, and then give him to eat, patience and gradually lengthen the time, from seconds to minutes; for pocket money every time the children spend soon, parents can say: things.
Third, more contact with society, see the world by storm
Some parents rarely let children go out, fearing that this fear. Children see strangers cry, to hide, easy to grow up sensitive to retreat. Some children selfishness, lack of solidarity, and thus very few friends, will grow up because of interpersonal tensions, can affect the play. So, when sensible child would let him adapt to the new environment, timid child to encourage him to have more contact with people, or take the initiative to stand up to answer teacher questions, the process known as desensitization. Do not give children the opportunity, and his ability to adapt is not natural germination.
Fourth, cultivate the spirit of curiosity and exploration
to outside stimuli, but the children are passive recipients, and gradually all around the curious, want to try to touch, see, might even dismantled seventy toys eight pieces, which is a curiosity of the performance, but also to acquire knowledge and skills in an important way. What if parents do not let the children move, he lost not only a learning opportunity,Coach handbags purses, would stifle his enthusiasm, his interest in the future, you want what to do with things, he do not bother to move. The correct way is, parents of children interested in things, patiently give explanations, or run with him to play.
five children and more brains
a boy his legs are short and can not climb up the slide of the first steps, he begged my mother picked him up, his mother told him: The. Boy did so, everything becomes very easy. Some things in life, as long as we look at a little, there will always come up with many solutions to problems, so hard to cultivate children's thinking habits.
six, develop self-confidence and the capacity to face setbacks in gymnastics
a promising 12-year-old child to see the head coach, head coach did not immediately let her perform gymnastics, and gave her four darts , asked her office projected onto the target on the opposite side. The little girl said timidly: Thus, in life, you should tell them, do any one thing to think about the first successful heart, rather than failure, successful people believe they can succeed.
seven, to protect the child's self-esteem
child does something wrong or bad things are inevitable, do not always reprove the child: This will hurt the child's self-confidence and self-esteem, do not be afraid to give you trouble naughty children, and to consider what more beneficial to the child's psychological growth, mainly because of the mental health of children is their reasonable needs and aspirations have been met. Emotional and social aspects are shown in a good state of mind. Parents should restrain their simple and crude way of education. If you really keep the kids playing something, the way should be used to divert attention to children's interests shifted away.
eight, to encourage and support children's growth
not all plain sailing, there are success may also have failed, and even may have unrealistic fantasies. In the face of difficulties and setbacks need to encourage and support, do not pour cold water. Despite their dream is so strange to you, you should be happy that they have a strong imagination, imagination is the creation of a mentor.
nine, children develop respect for others, sense of solidarity and cooperation
society is a group, any one thing alone rely on a person's struggle is impossible, we must rely on the strength of groups, which we must learn to dealing with different people, and can learn from each other. Parents must work with others to cultivate children's awareness, training children's cooperative behavior, increase the child's ability to cooperate. It must first learn to respect others and be good at uniting people and their different views.
a good psychological quality performance: the children could feel satisfied, happy and lively mood, able to adapt to the surrounding environment, friendly and harmonious interpersonal relationships, individuals display their talents fully and play. Dear parents, your child does possess these qualities?

Anniversary of the day is actually November 11 , Singles ah. . I sweat ! Arrange activities in the afternoon that point , I wake up call the morning , actually is the boss of the boss , he asked our group how many people attend the celebration , and I said if I be a ? He was furious ,Outlet Coach Handbags, so do not say how positive you , you gave me to call on other people ! So I reluctantly got up and began to call to the students one by one , all the notification complete , a watch , and time is running out, and go!
course, with a small pig Wei , also Shaoshang a hole fool their destinations : car cinema. Which takes a carnival has been arranged the same . Each department has its own booth , selling all kinds of things , have fun with food , must use Q coins to buy a voucher , the company sent to each person five, how is this enough ? I have four robbery , forcing the store gave me another gift , ha ha , I Qucourenao auction , president of fancy provided Brocade, and it will participate in the auction , the last being the deep pockets of the telecommunications business unit manager to take away. I am angry, I said how do you grab something miles ? He laughed and said I just shot to give you yo. I went on the music , smiling, thanked him , took a good mood .
then , with the GG who has come for me and a small cast Wei won prizes with a dart , it is a bumper crop . PS what I also received spent yo , then PS look , certain financial channels students actually spend RMB400 been an ordinary auction could not be more ordinary , like just above my desk , crystal QQ, ha ha , today What a good day , ah, ha ha ha .

closet has several pieces of clothes are yellow, always thought it was not clean! Now we finally know, and there are ways to deal with, very happy

(1) clothes will turn yellow, mostly due to weaker fluorescent agent, you want to restore white and bright clothing, you have to find ways.
rice washing water + orange peel simple and effective:
keep rice washing water or the orange peel into the pot, add water after cooking, soak the yellowed clothes can easily make one scrub clothes to restore white. Not only simple, like the market to sell the fluorescent whitening agent on the skin side effects and does not hurt the cloth, is worth a try in a good way.
yellow sweat stains produced with ammonia to remove:
sweat produced by sweat, because it contains fat, sweat, easy to condense in the cloth fibers, so the wash was added about 2 tablespoons of ammonia , soak a few minutes, scrub it, then washed with water, according to common laundry procedures, you can remove the yellow sweat myself!
(2) sometimes, white light-colored clothes, long time, clothes or the color will turn yellow, cause yellowing of white or light-colored clothing is mainly due to the secretion of human body fat, especially polyester fabric clothing, more yellowing. There are also washing the residual fertilizer residues (most notably the end of ketones found in flax fiber), if not clean, large clothes will turn yellow. For this phenomenon there are ways to get rid of, for example, washing clothes in the washing temperature, the extensive use of cleaning agents. A traditional approach is to yellowing of clothes hanging in the hot sun exposure, but before that, should the yellow of fresh lemon juice at the last, add some salt and gently rub.
Warning: To Avoid any use of chlorine bleaching agent. Spandex, silk, wool and other fabrics, contact with chlorine bleaching agent will make it more yellow.
(3) If you put a long white dress clothes will become yellow, the yellow stains on the main constituents of proteins, spinach after the release of soluble proteins after boiling the ingredients oh.
1. buy a spinach, after a hot water after the finish, leaving only spinach soup stand
2. will have a yellow stain where the water rub into the spinach in water for 10 minutes 3. picked up after soaking clothing, laundry procedures in a normal wash clothes. complete. White clothing and resumed a!
Laundry Tips Collection:
1, clean white, white socks
stubborn stains on white clothing is difficult to eradicate, this time after taking a lemon slice boil water put the white clothes to soak in water, about 15 minutes after cleaning can be.
2, wash clothes for drying clothes sometimes smell
shall not be treated, there will be unpleasant sour sweat, take white vinegar mixed with water, soak the clothes with taste about five minutes, and then ventilated place to dry clothes on it!
3, pen and India to deal with the clothes down on alcohol
first fountain pen scratches on the clothes, every scratch on the coverage of alcohol must be uniform, the concentration of alcohol to use not less than 75% medicine with alcohol. Down on the clothes for the release of the alcohol, try not to touch the clothes of the other side, or the imprint color ballpoint pen or may be dyed to the rest of the clothes. Washbasin with ordinary, half ready to basin of water, the next two caps full of bleach to the water down in the water, pay attention to the job must be a full two caps. Take along to do mixing, then add a little detergent, the amount of your own hands. Slightly even after mixing, so that detergent can fully dissolve in water. Well, now clothes are soaked in water, time is twenty minutes. Time to, cleaning clothes, that mark is gone!
If the ball-point pen marks and traces of heavy, using the above method if the surviving ruins, and finally add soap and gently rub with toothpaste, then rinse. (But non with open blisters!)
Clothing stained with ballpoint pen marks there is another solution: that is, do not rush to put the clothes into the water, but the first wash with gasoline touches the part of the wash.
4, washing clothes on the way to a soy sauce stain
: need to use sugar. First, where the dirt soaked with water, then sprinkle with a spoonful of sugar, rub their hands. We can see part of the track has touches of soy sauce, sugar, and then water washing can remove the stains.
Option two: the need to use baking soda. The white vest soaked in soy sauce stained the place painted soda stains, wash with water after 10 minutes, you can get rid of soy sauce stains.
Option three: the need to use fresh lotus root, lotus root with a knife to cut fresh, fresh lotus root juice applied to the track at the soy sauce, 10 minutes after washing in water, can remove soy sauce stains.
5, washing clothes, clothes rubs paint paint
how to do it? Method is to cool and wipe the sticky oil paint parts, because the cool oil soluble substances contained in the paint, after the rinse. If coated with water-soluble paint (such as water-soluble paint, latex paint) and home interior paint, a wash water that is lost in time; if the nylon fabric is stain the paint can be coated with lard, rub, and then use detergent immersion, water drift net.
6, clean grass stains
you need to prepare one hundred grams of salt, in addition you also need to prepare 1000 g of water. The water into the container, mix by hand, stained with grass stains the clothes into the pot, soak in salt water for 10 minutes. The clothes into the washing in water, then you will find easily on stubborn grass stains can be washed off.
7, cleaning stained clothes in the washer into the warm
, start the washing machine rinse, disinfectant added 84, plus about one-third water bottle Bangang disinfectant, dilute solution, into the clothes, cover cover, rinse about 25 minutes, 25 minutes later remove clothing, clothes to dry, you restore the original color.
If you want to avoid the clothes do not fade, bought back the new Yiyi, must put some salt in the water (a bucket of water a teaspoon), washed with water to rinse immediately, do not soak too long Oh! Finally, do not in the sun exposure, sun Oh will dye degeneration. Should be placed in cool dry ventilated place.
8, clean blood
just addicted, they should immediately wash with cold water or salt water (to disable hot water, because blood contains proteins, when heated, will be solidified, not easy to melt), then soap or 10% of the potassium iodide solution to clean;
white radish juice or mashed carrots mixed with salt to remove clothing Jieke blood;
with 10% tartaric acid solution to wipe at the stain, then wash in cold water;
with the enzyme detergent to remove blood stains, very good;
longer if the stain can be used 10% of the ammonia or 3% hydrogen peroxide wipe dirt Department, after a while, then wash in cold water and strong.
such as not clean, then 10-15% of the oxalic acid wash, and finally rinse with water.
whether the new track, thing of the past, can be cleaned with sulfur soap rub.
with blood smear oil paint on hand, stay about 15 minutes of time, can be cleaned with soap and water.
9, easy to wash clothes on the moldy
The weather was hot the air is humid, or when the season changed, easily washed clothes mildew points, especially the white dress, long on the moldy if it is very depressing thing.
does not matter to deal with these moldy, there are many ways:
mung bean sprouts; the tender green sprouts on the moldy, hands rub hard, is not clean and some of it? Recapture some of the green bean sprouts and then rub, hum, a lot of color and light, and then twist, Hard work pays off, no moldy, the last rinse, ha ha, so simple, problem solved;
clothing Mildew can be in the sun, after the mold clean hair with a brush, then wash in addition to alcohol;
to be visible mold contaminated clothes soaked in soapy water into the thick, remove with soap water, the sun set sun for a while, repeated drying times, until the mildew removed, then water drift net;
silk clothing available citric acid wash, cold water after bleaching;
hemp fabric mildew stains, use calcium chloride liquid cleaning;
wool can also be used mustard stains on the solution or borax (a bucket of water and add 2 tablespoons mustard 2 tablespoons borax or) cleaning;
soap with 2% alcohol solution (250 grams of alcohol within the plus-one the soft soap flakes, stir) to clean, and then use bleach 3-5% sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide to clean, and finally washing. This approach restricted to white clothing, thing of the past in the solution soak for 1 hour.
10, clean red, gentian violet
red medicine stains can be washed with white vinegar, then with water drift net;
addition to contamination at the first red syrup soaked with glycerine scrub, and then ammonia soap repeated washing liquid, if a few drops of dilute acetic acid solution, then soap and water wash, the better;
processing gentian violet stains, a small amount of hydrosulfite can be diluted with water, with a small brush dipped in the solution to clean. Repeated scrubbing with sodium hydrosulfite and water until the addition to the net (gross sticky material, stained clothing changed, silk materials and direct dye colors disabled Oh!!)
11, Yiyi cleaning plaster
sometimes rub on the plaster can be used Add a few drops of alcohol (wine or sorghum can be), on the stained plaster stains rub the place until the plaster to the net, then rinse, or rub the late alum had baked, and then washed also; can also be eaten spread on the dirt at the base surface, add some warm water, rub a few times, can be removed. If the base surface heating home Tieshao spread to dirt in place, coupled with the warm water rubbing washing, decontamination faster.
12, washing clothes yellowed
In fact, the clothes will turn yellow, mostly weaker fluorescent agent, you want to restore white and bright clothing, you have to find ways.
rice washing water + orange peel simple and effective:
keep rice washing water or the orange peel into the pot, add water after cooking, soak the yellowed clothes can easily make one scrub clothes to restore white. Not only simple, like the market to sell the fluorescent whitening agent on the skin side effects and does not hurt the cloth, is worth a try in a good way;
produce yellow sweat stains, use ammonia to remove: sweat produce perspiration, because it contains fat, sweat, easy to condense in the cloth fibers, so the wash was added about 2 tablespoons of ammonia, soak a few minutes, scrub it, then washed with water, according to common procedures for handling laundry , you can remove the yellow sweat myself!
13, cleaning beer, Jiuzi
new infectious yellow stains, put water in the scrub that off immediately.
thing of the past can be washed with water, then 2% borax mixture of ammonia and rubbing washing, and finally rinse with washing; rice wine thing of the past, in washed with water, then 5% of borax solution and 3 % hydrogen peroxide wipe dirt, the last with water drift net.
14, clean fruit juice stains can be printed
new brine wiping dirty place, or salt sprinkled in the dirt immediately at hand Qingcuo, after wetting with water immersion cleaning detergent solution, rub the soap with warm water can also be used strongly washed;
thing of the past re-trace and clear, may be 5% of ammonia and organic acids in the juice, then use detergent. Wool-containing fiber blends can be cleaned with tartaric acid;
such as fabric is white, 3% hydrogen peroxide in to add a few drops of ammonia, with a cotton ball or cloth dipped in this solution at the wet stain, a clean cloth and then wipe, dry;
with 3-5% sodium hypochlorite solution to wipe at the stain, then water drift net. If the thing of the past, it can be soaked in the solution over 1-2 hours, then scrub, drift net;
trace of peach juice, because it contains high iron, so the addition of oxalic acid solution available. Stains on the persimmon, and immediately rub with wine and brine, then warm detergent solution to clean, water drift net;
first scrape off dried tomato sauce can trace, with warm detergent. Jam can be wetted with water to get shampoo scrub, then wash with soap wine sperm, rinsing with clean water.
15, cleaning rust
chores is not often encounter this?
take fresh lemons, squeeze the juice can drip in the hand rub on the rust stains, repeated several times, until the rust stains to remove, and then soapy water.
16, cleaning of iodine tincture of iodine
stains can be soaked in rubbing the starch (starch case of iodine was immediately black), and then gently wash away the soap.
iodine stains light water or alcohol, rub swab can also be used potassium iodide solution. Stains can be immersed in concentrated 15-20% solution of soda in warm, about 2 hours, then rinse.
17, printed on mimeographed
When cleaning wool or cloth stained with ink, should be washed with hot water or boiling water, then scrub with soap and water, then water drift net, you can clean. Do not use cold water washing, because this will color immersed in fiber, very difficult to wash.
18, clean butter yellow grease for Indian
the main component of fat, alcohol or ammonia can then be washed.
needs cleaning lipstick make-up JM, estimated to fear that lipstick off clothes rubs up against friends;
contracted lipstick, to use a small brush dipped in petrol brush gently rub, grease to the net after the warm detergent solution and then washed;
gasoline can also be used if there is no bubble with mineral water or soda water cocktail, pour in a clean cloth with prints on the pat where it is Effective Oh!
20, cleaning tea and coffee stains
be tea, coffee, these drinks contaminated clothing, immediately wash with 70-80% of hot water can be removed.
old tea tracks, can be concentrated salt water immersion, or with ammonia and glycerin mixture (1:10) Kneading. Silk and wool fabrics to disable ammonia, 10% glycerol solution, rub, then rinse with water after washing detergent.
trace old tea and coffee, glycerol and egg yolk can be mixed solution to clean, slightly dry, with water drift net. Or to the spot coated with glycerin, then sprinkle a few grains of borax with water immersion. Also with diluted ammonia, borax warm water to clean.
old coffee stains wipe 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, then rinse with water, can also be cleaned with a solution of salt or glycerol.
21, remove the candle oil
first gently scrape the surface wax with a knife, and then were asked to use toilet paper two up and down the stain with iron iron two or three times the heat with the iron within the cloth fibers wax melting, melting the wax is absorbed toilet paper. Repeated several times, candles mimeographed addition to the net.
22, place gum:
chewing gum stuck to the clothes, you can use vinegar, cotton stick, the gum can be easily erased;
chewing gum on the clothing of track, first with a small Knife go, get put on the remains of the egg to loose, and then wipe them one by one, and finally washed in soapy water, wash with water;
first clothes can also be wrapped in plastic bags, into the refrigerator freezer a long time, so harden the gum on clothes taken out, gently rubbing, chewing gum out quickly, but not a trace!
23, Qiao washed white sneakers shoes
mentioned, you may also have had the same troubles hard to clean white sneakers this season have occurred after the yellow mark, really ugly ah! Miss Yu enthusiastic audience may wish to try this trick provided, so that white shoes are still washed it white as new!
first shoes with soap or detergent to wash clean, the washing shoes soaked in beer in three minutes, and then the shoes get the balcony, in the shade, and on the upper cover with toilet paper, dry! Effect is obvious Oh!
24, How to wash a towel
towels to use for a long time, often wet and sticky, can be used after the salt rub, wash with water, you can remove the wet sticky thing.
25, to remove pen stains
have friends online message asking of oxalic acid dissolved in water with clothes soaked scrub, can place marks. Since oxalic acid is weak acid, will not corrode clothing.

  8.不要凭你的感?行事,north face down jacket。你如何想并不意味着事情就如你所想,??是因?你感?如此?了,?并不会改?事?。大部分的?候,情?意味着你累了、?了、郁?了,此外没有其他更深??的意?了。未来并不会因?你感?良好或痛苦而改?。感?是可能是真的,但那不是真理。(?格注:感?不是事?,不要太相信感?,??有?候也会是?脚石)

how the company entrusted with the task of us ? No sense of responsibility , how can learn the real skill ,

one day need to really fight for themselves when , on what technology we have , the ability to practice their own dreams ?

a long way , but everything still young .

Now , I want my gossip can affect some affinity with my young friends ,

school teachers and parents to read ? Now do not study, and to work to the boss at work , someone else's work ?

So what , we are really only a return for their scraps ?

along the way, thanks for reminding me every predecessors and friends ,

believe a word of someone who , to make our lives less take many detours ,

If the work is only to help the boss do , no sense of ownership, responsibility , self-motivated sense ,beats by dre solo HD,

life is balanced ,

Please bring tissue paper come in users, this is a realistic person's story, no one no wet eyes after reading it .. do not believe you can look at everyone's Huitie ..

- ---- This is the Chinese people's affection in this paste, just to let everyone see how the Chinese family is great, ah, we spend a little time, patience to read, to ensure that you will not regret it. Please read that moved look at the top, do not let it sink. let more Chinese people can see her, August 24, 1998, a special memorial service after the county in Shandong Jia-xiang held in the village.

dead Shenchun Ling is a girl as young as 16 years old, but she enjoyed the funeral of the highest specifications of the village, her parents, three brothers to wear for the funeral of filial piety to wear clothes . Zhang Gui can not afford in the coffin before the village young and old spontaneously crying for her to wear black armbands off ----

However, the early death of the girl who actually know the family with no blood relationship, She is not a company account stepdaughter; in stepfather paralysis, pro-mother after running away from home, but she bravely stayed with weak shoulders to hold up the four students brother!

1994 In June, the mother lost her husband Chun-Ling Shen Chunling siblings with a set from Shandong Fan Zelong weeks after the county came to Jia-xiang Shen Zhuang. Chun-Ling Shen Shuping stepfather is a carpenter, and his loyal honest. 70-year-old stepfather on the old couple, the next four are studying son. One son, Shen Jian-guo study in Xi'an Jiaotong University, the other three sons in the county high school. Despite the heavy family burden, but the stepfather has a superb woodworking skills, plus family thrift, to live better than some worse than others. For the arrival of three Chunling mother, stepfather family have shown great enthusiasm. Perhaps because there is no home girl's sake, grandfather, grandmother, stepfather are all small Chunling love with Canada, his brother who is affectionately called her Linda pan. Small Chunling to stepfather's house, long after school age, but because his father died, she could only out of school at home. After the stepfather know that apart from anything else, take the money to her on the school. The family already has four children to school, plus a small Chunling, stepfather added to the shoulders of a burden. Fortunately stepfather diligent, slack time, often with the town's construction team to earn some extra money out of construction, finally able to deal with family expenses.
small Chunling value this hard-won opportunity to go to school, first semester grades on the exam, a full third. In addition to learning, she also part of the package under the chores, one will be free, to help a few brothers to wash dirty clothes, to help carry wood stepfather, see-saw, stepfather everyone that boast: I am lucky in this life, a good daughter fell from the sky !
However, happiness is fleeting time, a Henghuo heaven.
1995 summer outside, step in a construction team from the third floor and fell down, paralyzed in bed. A beam fell, the family source of income cut off, and stepfather to give medical treatment to carry a heavy debt. Sick in bed watching the paralyzed father, brother Shen Jianjun first proposed dropping out of school, his father strongly disagreed, because soon he and the youngest college entrance examination, his achievements in the school among the best. Third child, fourth eldest also called drop-out, good to stir up the family.
is to prevent competition between brothers, stepfathers dilemma when raised by their own small Chunling but dropped out to help his mother support the family since. Tears stepfather, grandfather, grandmother also kept Ma Lei. Painful stepfather said: Linger, Davis apologies to you, your brother read a few books for so many years, now abandoned pity, only wronged you ---

three brothers also firmly grip live young girl's hand, and promised his father to bed together: whether the future of this young girl who was admitted to the University of kindness to double pay.
be just out of the suffering mother of Chun-Ling Cheng could not once again disaster strikes. Doctors say that the she, her husband is likely paralyzed for life in bed, she completely lost faith in the family, more fear of provoking their own pair of heavy burden, decided to take children away from home. Ren Chunling how to beg, how to discourage the mother or stepfather three months after the injury crisis left the house. Mother left the family's pillar has broken one, Grandpa and Grandma all day Ma Lei, stepfather sighed, my brother is afraid of fear in the hearts disturbed. Lei Yu swirling into a home in another. Ye Hao village people carefully comfort Chunling:
I can not go, my wife has gone I can not leave this house. will not go, I want to stay with you tide over the crisis, starting today, I'm your daughter.

[amount to anything as long as the brothers, and is promising a young girl]

small Chunling said to do, she swept all the family farm work and housework, and the real housewives as sunrise and sunset for the entire family to live a day of careful planning. Small Chunling know that this family in order to get better, first of all make better stepfather, so apart from the busy farm work, she has not stopped medical treatment for the stepfather.
1996 年 summer, hot weather, stepfather of sicker, smaller Chunling decided to take him to the Jining City hospital. Settled things at home, she pulled dray road. 80 km to go away for two days she was a full night, went to destination, her feet worn, the shoulder is swollen Lao Gao. In order to save the hospital accommodation, Chun-ling in the hospital of the bicycle shed, watching the old man thought the car she was begging beggar, she thrust out a few times.
small Chunling had to tell the truth to say, deeply moved, not only put her to sleep with the dray on the most inside specially for her to find a bed net.
meticulous care in the Chun-ling, the stepfather's condition was stable, she pulled stepfather walked back to his hometown. Just go home and catch up with the wheat harvest. Brothers are in school, grandparents can only be helped to do cooking or bundles of wheat, 7 acres of wheat and more * Chunling only one person. To rush in the harvest, a good sleep for days in the ground, too tired to really weak to continue, to lie on the wheat stamp on sleep for a while, then woke up again after the cut.
as anxious, over-exertion coupled with the small Chunling from the blisters of the mouth, hands and feet until it has blood. She really some weak to continue, the remaining two acres of wheat may be how to do? These are the family's rations ah! Anxious she could not help but burst into tears up the ground in the wheat, crying attracted the villagers, and everyone on her endless compassion, divvying help her Gewan the wheat. The hard wheat, the grain in exchange for the family, brother in the entrance also made a huge harvest, he honors the Shanghai Tongji University admission. Holding the brother of the admission notice, small Chunling seems to have forgotten their own tired, happy dancing, shouting. The young girl looked dark and thin, get the job of the third brother Shen Jianwen not help shed tears of sorrow, remorse and said: I'm sorry sister, she suffered for us so much pain, but I was ---- Then tears.
small Chunling panic, pulled the third brother's hand, advised: He said they did not repeat, and stay at home to help his sister. Chun-ling persisted in his refusal, she cried and asked-San: I do not suffer involvement is to make you a good school? Brothers amount to anything, that is, I amount to anything, and how do you figure out it! A third brother has finally listened to persuade his sister, also decided to repeat, brother to go to Shanghai to study drawing near. 3,000 of tuition and the weight of the whole family breathe.
helplessness the occasion, small Chunling thought of selling blood. First to Blood, because of age is too small, doctors do not give pumping; the second time, and she was allowed false age 200CC blood pumping. When she got 400 yuan, She knows that this 400 dollars for 3,000 of the tuition not only drop in the bucket.
So she came again the third day of blood banks. This time, the doctor said nothing to the draw.
Panic, small Chunling kneel to doctors about the reasons for selling blood. Doctors silence, only sighed and said: Well, just this once, can stop coming after; you are still very small when the body is long. The kindly doctor symbolically gave her a small amount of blood pumping, and from their own pocket money, collected 700 dollars for a small Chunling. Small Chunling moved straight to tears.
home, Chun-ling shown with the money to the stepfather, her stepfather hurriedly asked where he comes from so much money. Small Chunling lie and say that is borrowed. Careful brother but never her pale face was no trace of color to understand everything. He grabbed young girl's hand looked and looked, and from her blood-selling pocket dig the two receipts, the whole family was shocked! However, these half tuition paying the money is not enough,Coach bags sale, stepfather decided to sell an old house foundation, grandparents have decided they are ready to fight life's three big poplar coffin sold. Stepfather do not agree, the two old bent, said: Qi. To make a decent brother Shen Jianjun body surface to go to college, small Chunling not rest for several nights, to his brother sewing a new quilt and new shoes. Before prison, Chun-ling to the station to send brother, she said: Although the letter to the family that I make arrangements for you. [You can forget me, but you can not forget your sister]

brothers go to school, start small Chunling stepfather wondering how to make money for treatment, payment for the coming year for the brothers tuition fees.
At first, she thought with the village girls who work outside the home may be no one to take care of three elderly people, she could only think of a way home. Wrestling, she decided to cotton to the rich. Cotton and other crops not the same species, and the management is not only cumbersome but also very dangerous to spray pesticides, but may be small Chunling thought to myself one year in cotton income of approximately 89 thousand dollars, it would not hesitate to start busy . Her ambitious planting cotton, but soon, all suffered Southwest region of the cotton bollworm attack. This can be very anxious small Chun-ling, she did not hurry her high cotton carrying more than 20 kilograms of heavy drug barrel spraying pesticides in cotton fields.
she heard people say, the hottest time of noon, the most effective insecticides. She would pick the strongest midday sun, when to fight drugs, the hot sun tan cotton field like a big steamer, made her often out of breath, she had sprayed his entourage came out breath of fresh air. Day at noon, due to drug barrels of water leakage, in her feather fan fainted and was sent back to the village found. Wake up, despite her stepfather discouraged, and struggling to return to the heart of Pakistan cotton ----
liver Pakistan did finally return for a bitter harvest of cotton, the cotton purchase price may be too low because the then small Chunling still not able to to her plan to save money. She smart move from the brain, what she would do to make money.
slack, she and others received with bud, wicker, and straw hats to sell off, soybeans. Later, she heard people say that Apple Surabaya cheap, she followed the village's fruit stall uncle to Surabaya. After dinner, took in every row of cars on the road, went to the apple orchard at dawn, put on the train back in time. A row of cars pulling young men, she also pulled a ground row of cars. On the road, people eat apples quench their thirst, but she can not bear to eat one, even the rotten leaves also point to the stepfather, grandfather, grandmother to eat, Mahone Shen Jianhua see only a 14-year-old sister so hard heart, really sorry . He decided to drop out to join the army, leaving to help his sister.
very small Chunling support his brother, secretly consoled her brother: > stand up to repeated small Chunling persuasion, stepfather finally agreed.
Mahone to force the day, pulled out a small Chunling pocket change for a lot of wrinkled hands stuffed into his brother: After you do it, for when an officer came back.
1997 Chinese New Year, is a small Chunling the happiest New Year. In addition to Mahone in the army, the three brothers have returned, and three brothers are New Year gift for the young girl prepared. Big Brother is set to bring her new clothes, gave her brother a red scarf, and even the third brother also bought her a box of Cream. Small gift from the back room holding Chunling went outbuildings, could not help jumping smile, then she has returned the child's nature, so lively.
joy of small Chunling look visibly moved the whole family, stepfather of his face broadened into a smile. He called his sons to bed, said: br>
we love you forever ─ ─ ─ ─ sister

family in a busy farm work, the Chunling stepfather always forget to treatment, a promising, even if a high mountain way away, she went with a stepfather. Heaven pays off, stepfather of the disease has been greatly improved, and sometimes you can even move on crutches. Brothers also academic success. Big Brother Shen Jian-guo after completing undergraduate studies passed the Master.
Mahone Shen Jianhua in the army joined the party, and was promoted to squad leader.
1997 September-San Shen Jianwen successfully pass the college entrance examination was a medical college in Shandong.
1998 March suddenly seriously ill grandmother, before dying, the old man's hand firmly grasp the small Chunling hard to say: Yeah! Grandpa said: Linger, it is left to your grandmother had a long daughter, and grandmother to be, that most of the bracelet to you, you wish it to meet a grandmother! Chunling tearfully took the bracelet, the old man closed his eyes peacefully.
grandmother died, Mahone letter, saying that he originally intended to test military, can know that my grandmother died, the family has spent a lot of money, he decided to give up. Chunling read the letter, anxious, and she immediately find someone to persuade his brother to the letter, and sent 200 yuan to his brother to buy learning materials. She said: It turned out that his mother left home when he secretly opened a fake divorce certificate, and later went to Pingyang County, looking for a boss to do food processing husband, life still can. Her daughter from others say that the sufferings of the past few years, was filled with guilt. Letter to her mother wanted her daughter to follow her, Pingyang County, had also promised to find a small Chunling good husband. Mother reading the letter, Chun-ling's eyes filled with tears, her mother's relentless hate, but that is their own natural mother, after all, ah! She threw herself into her mother's arms think good to cry, more like his mother had a normal girl and carefree life. How could she abandon the house, the family, although poor, but are really in pain and her family love her ah!
good to see her stepfather worry noted, advised her: ah! , rejected the mother's request.
her, as always, the family manage with. In order to raise money to buy more than Mahone learning materials, one day in August 1998, another small Chunling thought of selling blood. In her repeated requests, the doctors pumped 300CC time for her blood, had poor health, malnutrition, she is now weaker. Her strong cheer to the post office to send money.
did not expect to cross the road when a trance, she was a big truck loaded with steel bars hanging down, a heavy wheel ran over ----
from her the bad news came, my grandfather could not bear the blow, sick in bed, step-four degrees lost consciousness.
-San Shen Jianwen is the first to know news arrived home, he threw himself at his sister's body before the cry fainted. After receiving the telegram
brother Shen Jianjun, on the train for two days without food or drink, and cried, standing back home from Shanghai.
Xi'an graduate far older brother Shen Jian-guo heard the news with tears, he can not spare an empty home funerals, tears for the young girl sent a message of condolence: family sister, mother-like mind with you to stir up a heavy home; beloved sister, your fragile shoulders propped up with a hope, we will always love you ____ family sister.
Guilin Army Academy just received the admission notice Shen Jianhua sister also received the sad news, he fainted on the training ground. He hurried back to his hometown.
according to local customs, minors can not be held after the death of not only the funeral, even the ancestors of the
small Chunling stepfather home to four years, in addition to a change of surname, even the newspaper accounts did not have time, so she can not be considered the village people. To the village elders were deeply by this Old people in tears, said: such a good girl, do not let her die aggrieved had.
have interviewed Shenchun Ling Liu writer in Shandong Province is also to attend the funeral, and she wrote a funeral oration:
you, like a mountain stream a wild flower,
you, but also a touch of the horizon clouds,
quietly came and quietly left.
weak shoulders to take up filled with deep feeling, young hearts hold a full house, the young years, this should be picturesque, such as silk thread, but your face is filled with too many hard and heavy, a home without blood, some vigorous interpretation of the truth; you a little, though not shaking, ZZZZZZZZZ, letting many of the world people that can be emotional.
you go, go so light, so light, light as the horizon was cloud ----
you leave the situation is so heavy, so heavy, heavy like a towering Mount - -

girls did not have their own cosmetics, and perhaps never seen in her life did not touch too! But she is the most beautiful girl.

Needless to say, you are definitely wet eyes, willing this beautiful little girl in heaven and happy, happy friends, please pray it back to a paste,. the post from the top, so that more people can see this moving story!!

Here to talk about animal issues. Radio said four legs to eat than to eat two legs, and eat more than two legs is better than eating legs. This concept is not the same in Europe, if you attend the banquet, to note that if there is beef, but also pork, should eat pork. Beef too many problems, first with mad cow disease, the second foot and mouth disease, the third bad cholesterol. Now the United States thirty thousand women had lymphatic cancer, eating hamburgers to eat out. So they are great controversy, has killed tens of thousands of cattle, we should be careful to eat. If there is another pork lamb, mutton; have another chicken and mutton, chicken; chicken and fish, eat fish; fish shrimp, prawns ah. It is not polite, the smaller the animal protein as possible. Simple mass animal nutrition depends on the size, who can not read the formula used. I did not say that mice do. International Conference, said the best flea protein. Although it is fleas so small, it can jump 1 meter high, you believe it or not. If it is enlarged to the body so much, it can jump the moon. Therefore, several American doctors wondering how to eat fleas it. United Nations, WHO now recommends we eat more chicken and fish, shrimp, why not mention it? Not not mention, but the shrimp is too expensive, not easy to spread. If you have shrimp or prawns well. I now hold such a principle: If I ate two shrimp to the shrimp, the two than you have a stomach protein than beef. Very popular fish, fish protein for 1 hour can be absorbed, the absorption rate of 100%, and beef protein 3 hours to absorb. Fish, especially the elderly frail people are particularly suitable. Certainly better than the fish shrimp. International survey, the world's most famous longevity areas in Japan, Japan's longevity areas in the sea, and sea life is the longest place to fish. Particularly want to eat fish, shrimp, in particular to eat whole fish (with headband tail), because the active substance and the active substance in fish, shrimp head and abdomen. See you will not buy fish, shrimp should only buy fish, and eat the whole fish, whole shrimp, which the University asked not buy fish the bigger the better.

; ; ; state of mind

following about black fungus. What is the role of black fungus? Now one to the New Year a time to suffer a myocardial infarction, increasingly early age, has 30 years of age. Why New Year? Two reasons, one is thick blood coagulation constitution, is fat, high. We remember the people called thick blood coagulation constitution. Hypercoagulable hypercoagulable physical person with food, so the New Year many people, especially myocardial infarction, irrespective of age. Myocardial infarction, although they can not cure, but it can be prevented. Some doctors tell you take aspirin, and why? Can make the blood is not sticky, not myocardial infarction. But the consequences of what the consequences of aspirin is retinal hemorrhage, retinal hemorrhage is now a lot of people. I advise you not to eat aspirin. Aspirin is now Europe has not eat, eat? Eat black fungus. Black fungus has two roles, one of which is that blood is not sticky. The role of black fungus found in U.S. cardiologist, he got the Nobel Prize. He found that after all the Europeans, who have money and rank black fungus eat, and eat aspirin. What kind of person is the coagulation constitution? The answer is short, thick, fat people, especially menopausal women compatriots. And blood type AB are more likely to high coagulation thick. The shorter neck, the easier high coagulation thick. First New Year do not eat Hesse Hu; second drink plenty of tea, blood circulation; third do not get angry, and his blood thick. Thick blood also easy to drink liquor, drink to drink red wine, does not exceed 100 ml.

care third milestone is the psychological state of the problem. If the bad state of mind that you exercise and eat for free, which is very important. Temperament and blood, if you get an angry long slow blood flow, may not know what causes cancer. Easy to get angry tumor, the whole world know. Stanford made a famous experiment, take a nasal tube resting on the nose so you breathe, and then let a nasal tube on the snow for ten minutes. If the snow does not change color to show that you calm; if snow white, and that you are guilty; if the snow becomes purple, and that you are very angry. Out of the purple ice 1 to 2 ml to mouse marked, 1 to 2 minutes after the mice died. And the purple of the ingredients of ice out. So easy to get angry tumor, this is a very serious problem. I urge you, why did not you get angry, do not be angry. If you wait any longer, I tell you, you look at the table, not more than 5 minutes, more than 5 minutes to be a bad thing, the blood become purple. This experiment has already won the Nobel Prize. Psychology will move people to avoid the anger of five ways: First, avoid; second shift, people call you, you go to play chess, fishing, did not hear; third release, but be careful, people call you, you go criticize others do not call release, is to find close friends to talk, release them, or else put in their hearts to be sick; Fourth, sublimation, that is, the more people that you, the more you do; Fifth control, which is the most important one way, is how do you call me afraid. It is important that we do best, Comrade Xiaoping, ups and downs and never seek redress. Comrade Xiaoping African president asked what a good experience, he said, saying: Endure temporary calm, take a step backward. Patience is not an end, is strategy. But most people can not just say you fly into a rage. Small leak will sink a great ship ah. Europe has a learned classic: the rationale should be hard to stop, the difficulties of the people should be thick, the difficulties of the issues slow, difficult as the power should be wise. Four in the first sentence means, it is difficult not to speak the truth first. Philosophy deep, very useful. Romance of Three Kingdoms in the three gas Zhou Yu Zhuge Liang, Zhou Yu Leng to mad. Or you Laizhou Yu Liang Lai? Concluded that the Laizhou Yu, his volume is too small. Angry people great harm.
Now the international community has the latest statement, all animals are not laughing functions, only humans have this feature. But human beings do not make good use of it. Some say the monkey will laugh, elephants will laugh, you seen it? But really to see the cry, when slaughtering cattle will shed tears. Ancient said: smile, ten years less. Not refer to age, is the state of mind. Smiling, healthy often. The role of laughter is very large, we all have this instinct, why not smile? We are very serious and Asian peoples, and with the level of a relationship, section chief, the Director will laugh, a laugh that the Secretary will not, deal with foreign guests Bengzhuo a face. Now the central leadership has changed, you see how good President Jiang smile. United States set up the club with a smile, laugh became a sign of health. Laughed, wrinkles gone. So many patients are not laughing. The first migraine, back pain after the second not, because when the microcirculation exuberant laughter. General is not pain, not pain. Had migraine do not worry, laugh like, do not believe you can experiment. And sexual function is not reduced, reproductive function is not reduced. You see people 92 years old Romanian woman also gave birth to baby fat, people laugh every day, ah. We are now more than 30 years of age do not have a baby, face, of course, not every day Bengzhuo birth. Also, always smiling on the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract are particularly good. You can experiment, you start feeling the belly laugh, laugh three times a day, three times a stomach rumble, no constipation, no gastrointestinal cancer. Exercise your upper and lower extremity exercise, when exercise stomach it? No chance, only laughter can exercise the stomach. Laughter in the international arena has become a health standard, I investigated many times, laugh a second Nobel Prize has been released. Smile for the pituitary gland, resulting in embryonic brain, it is a natural anesthetic. Do not worry if you got arthritis, directed at the joint laughed, while not hurt. There are so many benefits, why do not we laugh?

If you eat peanuts, do not eat, really eat, peel and eat. You see we Chinese peanuts, spiced peanuts, fried peanuts, fried peanuts all the skin. You go to Europe to see, not all skin of peanuts, people know not to eat the skin. Some people said: Who said that, I tell you, there is no nutritional peanut skin, it can only rule hemagglutination films, increased platelets, used to stop bleeding. We do not eat in the elderly. Note also watching TV, good TV to watch a moment, the TV does not look bad. Why? Sat there a long time, hemagglutination degrees will rise. I am particularly worried about? He had short and thick fat, no neck, still menopause, blood type is AB, Hu eat Hesse, then an angry, drink liquor, eat peanuts not skinned over, he condemned improper myocardial infarction my doctor had.

material balance has a law, I will brief you. Birth to 5 months old breast-fed is best, more than five months, breast milk also die, need 42 more than the food. Old people are even harder. Thanks to a French physician named Corey Clement, he was to travel to Africa to see Africa's Lake Daze of people than our health and longevity. What did they eat? Eat seaweed, dried it and eat the bag, and then drink seaweed soup. Paris to get a medical experiment, turned out to be seaweed, and is spiral, and called spirulina. This Spirulina is found in 1962, and finding a sensation around the world. Why? It is 1 gram is equal to 1,000 grams of various vegetables synthesis. Queen was the only emperor, the Olympic champion eat, others eat vain. Many years later found that particularly good thing, particularly rich in nutrients, the most comprehensive, most balanced nutrient distribution, and is an alkaline food. I tell you why Japan is the world champion long life, they consume 500 tons of spirulina for one year, they travel to China each have with it. We asked them, why take Spirulina? They say, 8 grams of spirulina can sustain life for 40 days. Now space food, no pie with dumplings, all Spirulina. Spirulina is very famous in the world, so you if nutrition is not good, do not forget these things, it can balance the diet. It is particularly important number of patients, the first is cardiovascular disease, it can lower blood pressure, blood fat; second is diabetes, the disease is the lack of protein, vitamin, it is difficult to cure, spirulina supplement vitamins, and spirulina The biggest advantage is that no complications of diabetes, sorted normal diet. Diabetes lack of energy, but not sugar, dried spirulina is sugar, there is energy intake after a dry sugar. Diabetes blood sugar instability, with gradual withdrawal after Spirulina, Spirulina and then gradually stopped, and finally take the diet. Europe has fully overcome diabetes, we also can, but must meet the treatment. Third, gastritis, gastric ulcer, Spirulina has chlorophyll, a recovery effect on the gastric mucosa. Fourth, hepatitis, hepatitis international no, why? Dining the people. Shanghai Medical College, conducted a survey, the family has a high transglutaminase, transglutaminase others also high. We poke chopsticks in a bowl. So call each family to pay attention, the best Dining. Note that many people seem to be healthy, you see he is a carrier. Spirulina can not replicate the virus, and liver cells can restore a large number of amino acids. It has choline, can restore liver function, improve immune function. Spirulina also radiation effect. Soviet nuclear explosions, Japan experts to the rescue, holding is Spirulina, which a strong anti-radiation effect. Now many women do IT work, computer work, some four months pregnant woman after the abortion, and some babies born as frogs, there are reports of Beijing Maternity Hospital with a tail. Radiation gives people a great impact. Recently published paper, Harbin last year found 1,500 cases of leukemia in October, also found 36 cases. Preliminary determination due to home improvements, and formaldehyde. Great risk of house decoration, the international regulations, renovated housing must be six months before admission. Harbin's report is more than 4 to 5 years of age. Housing renovation for the elderly, pregnant women, children, the most damaging. Please do not underestimate radiation. Spirulina purified, it is plain that a very small algae called rehabilitation, can anti-radiation. It is through the Medical, Military Medical identification, approved by the Ministry of Health, is now exported. Radiation is the only algae rehabilitation. So people who work at the computer, you can drop a little algae rehabilitation cast, you can also eat algae rehabilitation. Its anti-radiation, anti-tumor, anti-virus, anti-oxidation, and improve immune function.

Here to talk about pollen. President Reagan had been shot once, had a malignant tumor, he was so great age, is still alive, but had senile dementia. Pollen play a significant role in his possession. Now Europe, the Americas were popular from the pollen came. After returning home I investigated the history, that we were very early. Wu eat pollen, the Empress Dowager Cixi eat pollen. As you know, plant pollen, sperm, conceived of life, the most abundant nutrient in the plant where the best thing. Ancient times, but we ignored it. Please do not buy the pollen in the street, the street selling pollen crusty, not broken. Broken to have high-tech treatment. Second, pollen is the wild, easily contaminated, should be disinfected. Third, it is the protein, must desensitization. Pollen must have these three to use: treatment, disinfection, desensitization. Pollen in Japan, with the most powerful, no matter how old people are using it beauty. France, no one model without it. Once, I urinate every night three times a month, I look good, eat pollen, a month back to normal. Literature, pollen cure rate of 97%. As with pollen cure, medicine can not solve, and finally renal failure, hematuria, and renal tumors. So to rule Do not wait until early renal failure. There is also a gastrointestinal disorder, female compatriots and more habitual constipation. Many people take a laxative and is very easy to get cancer, colon cancer. Pollen has called intestine police, eat pollen, the police can maintain intestinal order. Third it is fit and maintain shape. The role of pollen of the three can not be ignored. Plant issues to talk about so much.

; ; ; aerobic exercise

recent survey in Beijing over human life you know the old man or old lady long long? I tell you, old lady man longer than old man live an average of 6 ? years. Occasionally run into an old man, I asked you how a person exercise it? He said that I deserve That's right, the old lady have to practice together, piles in the streets of exercise. The biggest advantage is that many of the old lady from a young age like to laugh, to the old, still laughing. Every time I have taken note of lectures, laugh all female compatriots, fellow men, or not laugh. Are bad for six and a half years, when are you laughing? So now everyone is quick laugh. Today to the people you can live several more years a few laughs. How to say some people do not laugh. The higher the level the less laugh, what can I do? Not only did not laugh, there is a logic: Normal tears are salty, the tears of diabetic patients is sweet, bitter tears of grief, there are peptide hormones. Long time no Is not the tumor will have ulcer disease, chronic colitis. So, if you sad, tears must be


have a principle of experience, do not the morning exercise. Suggest that you exercise the evening. International regulations, and, after a meal 45 minutes before exercise. And the movement of elderly people walking on it, 20 minutes. To lose weight do not have this method, a half hour to an hour before meals, eat 2-4 spirulina, and appetite waned, and lack of nutrition. Europeans to lose weight all with spirulina, the domestic eat Dora not a solution. The second is the time to get up the morning, the provisions of international 6:00, for your reference. International regulations on the time window 9 to 11 am, 2 pm to 4 points. Why? Because after 9 sinking of air pollution, pollutant reduction, and no reflux phenomenon. Members note that the morning open the window, not where the big breath, as carcinogens, reflux material have come to your lungs, and easy to get lung cancer. International warned that the 6:00 am to 9:00 is the cancer most dangerous time. Get up early and go to bed early good health, can not be generalized. Your stomach at night at home, a carbon dioxide absorption, respiratory tract of toxins than 100, then went to a small woods, the woods all morning, and carbon dioxide. Morning exercise, basal blood pressure is high, the basal body temperature is high, adrenaline is 4 times higher than in the evening, people with heart is easy to go wrong. To the sun must be out of the woods, sunlight reacts with chlorophyll to produce oxygen. Woods full of carbon dioxide, easily poisoning, easy to get cancer. Huang Di Nei Jing says, I recommend early hours in summer, winter, do not go out the morning workout, evening workout instead. Is not to say what kind of person are spouses, good health, a large majority of people do not fierce play. Some people got up the Proton, once a myocardial infarction. The international community is to say, people over the age of 70, slowly, the first touch of the arm moving moving legs, and then a massage the heart, take a two minutes before them. This was not a heart attack. Therefore, different ages, different seasons require different treatment.

that tomato is tomato. In the U.S., almost every family tomatoes, tomatoes, the purpose is not cancer. This is just 5,6 years ago, they know. Cancer may not eat tomatoes, you know? Not uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer. This is not just to eat these tomatoes, I ask you, how to eat tomatoes? Some people say that's not easy to wash raw chanting. Others put the slices of sugar, then drink beer. If it is such a food, I tell you, ride it! Not cancer. Inside there is something called tomato tomato element, it combined in one protein, fiber wrapped around it is difficult to come out. It must be heated, heated to a certain extent it out. I tell you, fried eggs, tomatoes, the most valuable. There are tomato soup or tomato soup is a good egg. Raw tomatoes are not cancer, please pay attention.



we drink green tea, soy, sleep, regular exercise, do not forget to always laugh. Hope that everyone should pay attention to a balanced diet, aerobic exercise, and attention to your mental state, the cry cry, laugh when the laugh. I believe we will be able to cross the 73-year-old, past the 84-year-old, 90,100-year-old will be alive

there is a principle to eat, eat to master volume, not better. Internationally prescribed, eat 70% full, life can not stomach to eat up 8 percent full, and if eating 10 percent full,beats pro headphones, 2 percent did not use it, is waste. 0.618 suggest that the international community so golden: non-staple 6 4; coarse flour and rice 6 4; plant 6 animals 4. Humans eat the animals too much now, and uneven thickness of the grain. One of my patients to eat six large buns, 20-year-old got the stomach to expand, diagnosis first to die, and second gastrectomy. The results removed half of the stomach. 70% of the elderly in particular to eat bread.

garlic flavored not worry, eat hawthorn, chewing peanuts point, then eat a good taste of tea, no. Foreign eat every week, and why we eat it!


nap problems mentioned below. International regulations, does not nap nap without controversy. The Japanese do not advocate the last nap, but if we stand did not sleep well the night should take a nap. Nap time is half an hour after lunch, and the best sleep for an hour, sleep too long on the body no good. Do not cover a large quilt. What time at night to sleep? We never advocate early. Early hours of the concept to make it clear that if sleep 7 and 12 point up Scrapped, it does not work. We stand for 10 to 10:30 to sleep, because the international conference scheduled for an hour to a half hour into the deep sleep is the most scientific, which is 12 points to 3 points, 3 hours unshakeable, what they do not dry. The three hours of deep sleep. If this 3 hours who is good, it certainly refreshed the next day. If you go to bed after 4:00, it is light sleep. Will sleep and not sleeping is not the same. We stand for 12 to 3:00 unshakeable, and a hot bath before going to bed, the water temperature 40 to 50 degrees, which makes high-quality sleep. I do not play cards against you, but against the 12 to 3 am playing cards. Shenzhen night, killing four young men playing cards, newspapers have reported.

great impact of radiation on us, but there are several ways to prevent: the first drink green tea, the second to eat vegetables, radish, and the third to eat Spirulina, the fourth to eat algae rehabilitation. Algae rehabilitation is the best. According to their economic conditions, choose one, it is not eat apples and oranges. Radiation is exposed to everyone. International warned: Do not put appliances on the bedroom. Especially damaging to our microwave, it has to us within 7 meters of radiation. And while a variety of electrical appliances do not open. Another TV, another refrigerator, but also microwave ovens, cooking on the side you have cancer is very innocent ah.

also garlic. Garlic is the king of cancer. I say just a how to eat garlic, it was said: that thing too warm to eat. What are you hanging heating? I tell you, heated garlic zero! Shandong Province, Northeast favorite, a prosthetic to eat, and said not to eat garlic cancer, but cancer of the few days he served. Why? Now the world knows how to eat garlic, only we do not know. Tell you, the original must first cut it into pieces, a piece of sheet on the air for 15 minutes, it combines with oxygen to produce allicin. Garlic itself is not cancer, Allicin only cancer, but cancer of the king. I see people eat garlic the day, he took a bowl, peel the garlic and then quickly put out, a one to eat, eat less than 5 seconds into it. Not even 5 seconds, what is the use of garlic that you? Not at all. If you do not follow my method, it is quite unlikely.

Yu Jun, vice president of Baidu officially leave tomorrow. Last week, before leaving the military Yu made a speech in the company, talked about some content management, straightforward and profound. The following is the full text of speech Yu Jun:

to the person from the text - all players on the same starting line

how a candidate? Choose what kind of person? Many managers will be faced with this problem. Election of a person, will greatly enhance the team's Yu Jun said that in the search engines, we have elected people, not particularly value this person's experience, all are in a starting line. As for future personal development and have nothing to do related work experience, but this person put into this area, in the serious study of this area, whether it has potential. Yu Jun told us, with experienced people may be temporarily relaxed, but if he can not follow the product grow in the future you will be more tired; with potential, now you may have to pay a little more to take him, but in the future he will accelerating growth, compared with a deeper understanding of your product.

products sector in the selection this point, can be summarized with two words - to the person from the text. We do not value the resume of background, gender, blood type, but according to his written analysis of the product to see this person for the product and user the feeling, the feeling can be felt from the text. And common sense is derived from their feeling for the accumulation of products and users, when you read the one thousand or more of product analysis,North Face Jackets, and then read a product analysis to this time will suddenly hit an accurate analysis scores. In addition, from the use of product analysis in the method can be seen on this issue and found the ability to analyze problems logically.

Like inputs, and not feel the effect of rendering the investment is totally different. Yu Jun cite the example of a car, he said, some people driving is driving, the car itself as a tool to the destination, so opening a lifetime car, or the same drive. But the racing will be wondering how to drive a better and faster, so maybe the car racing to open a month, had opened a lifetime than people who drive better and more open. We need to choose, is to love people and are willing to put in cool and unusual search engines, such people may not be hard to find. Yu Jun

selection in the summary of experience, with particular emphasis on the need to choose and the company, the values ??of the same team of people, it would greatly enhance the work efficiency. Should follow the

to his success and the opportunity to make mistakes - the key to employment authorization

after the election of the people we should consider how good he (she), to develop his (her), can not be wasted human resources, which is the focus of this presentation and significance of the presence of students attracted wide attention. Yu Jun said that a first principle is to - full authority, management by objectives. Full authority to improve people's initiative, coordination and the target must be agreed goals. For product sectors, and different product teams, will make different things, so dependent on the mental work, initiative is very important.

The other is to create equal working environment, the mentality of a trial and error, and be able to continue to sum up. Atmosphere of equality can help their individual initiative. For the trial and error mentality, Yu Jun share their experience with the team, he said that when his team members and, when disagreement occurs, to try to control key points in the premise of the If this proved to be a member of this idea is wrong, that he (she) will be from the If the views of the leadership proved to be wrong, and that team members will not have access to Concluded is particularly important to have an open mind summary, and more sum up the negative side, the next can be better improved. After sharing with team members, overall growth will be soon.

Yu Jun said should The worst way is to up the share, in-line report. Really need to do is own team and discuss what conclusions drawn, launched their own conclusions based on facts. Need to develop a personal continuing the spirit of self-denial, and ultimately concluded that the deficiencies found by the find out more, rather than promote ideas, always stand on the side of the facts, the conclusion will be more correct.

a science of man-hours, requires large and small in scale, like a game of chess. Personnel training, is a profound knowledge of the process that requires vision, but also as a chess game. Training, use good talent to win this game, do the project.

clear vision, reward and punishment - pay to stay outside the eye for an eye

carefully trained people, how to keep? Finally, to attract talent Yu Jun summarizes the most important of the three conditions, one company's vision, leaving enough to attract talent; Second, work space, whether they can provide development and the rise of space; Third, treatment of individuals. For each of the students work in Baidu, the fact that we are working together to make a very meaningful thing to do the best Chinese search engine, reducing the cost of access to knowledge, to fill the information gap between people, each person Baidu reason to proud! In fact, Yu Jun
own example to prove this point, he told us that he does not like living in Beijing, 8 years every day all night, thinking back to his hometown Shanghai, China is to make the best search engine of this vision, to make him stay.

two hours quietly glide. And seize the rare opportunity to exchange Yu Jun, we also began training in personnel selection other than hearing questions and some students asked: the right thing, at that time, if not Baidu, there will be another rise of Chinese search engine, and Baidu in the best timing of this area, and doing the best, so this success is the right place can be inevitable.

then have the students ask, do not make mistakes as long as Baidu, whether or not more than other search engines?. Yu Jun said very frankly: want to go beyond in this area has been almost impossible, but does not rule out new areas to meet the information needs of the people on the search engines appear to subvert the product or company.

He told us he thought - the industry life cycle change is always disruptive new technology from a start, the spotlight has been shining through a emerging industry, making them the fastest-growing economic engine Now the focus is the search engine, but if one day, search engines can not bring more value to customers - no matter how hard they try to improve the user experience for the improvement has been minimal the case, it was another light and thunder alternative types of industry, will also be a necessity.

So how do we maintain our leading position? Yu Jun Baidu to do re-emphasized the principle of user-oriented products. User demand, only there is a demand, we have the advantages and benefits of products.

struct package for the python binary processing becomes very simple,beats by dr dre headphones, can be easily carried out by unpack the contents of the document read to read the variable .
Need to specify the call to unpack when the two parameters , first is to read the content of the format string ( such as Unpack format string in the specified variable , but also specifies the secondary read file contents in length , is the second parameter is the length of the two must be consistent , otherwise it will throw an exception.
Of course, this length can format the content of their own plus a string out , so no problem , but the trouble is also prone to error. struct package provides a simpler method is to calcsize function. The format string as an argument to the function to return the content to be read length is not very convenient ? !






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I jump from the 11th floor ,

see the 10 floor, loving couple is known for fools melee .

see the 9 floor is usually a strong Peter secretly crying .

see the 8th floor of Mei found her fiance 's best friend in bed with .

see the 7th floor of the Dandan eating her anti- depression drugs .

see the Ah -hi, 6th Floor, unemployment , or buy seven daily newspaper to find work.

see the 5th floor by the respected Luo stealing his wife's underwear to wear .

see the 4th floor of the Rose has trouble with her boyfriend broke up .

the third floor to see Uncle was looking forward to visit him every day .

see the 2nd floor of the Lily is still six months to see her married to her husband missing photos .

I jumped , I thought I was the world's most unfortunate people .

now I know everyone has a little-known difficulties.

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Not accompanied by beautiful women, money does not buy lunch, several quarters unbearably lonely man child, bored, Takeo Cao boss I do not know the first dormitory in which disclosing the inspiration, to Ge Jige recount that famous in China for China Mobile Communications 1860 manual Desk phone calls, no matter what means, and not swearing, had amused the desk lady, who should partner asked him amused for a meal, I is a scholar, playing no more than taking only the contents of their phone summary written for all products with a laugh, laugh do not laugh by you.

first contest: Cao boss VS3323 number operator (TSO boss ** a Northeast accent)

hello, what you need help? Female attendant a gentle standard Mandarin.

Hey! Hey!


Hello, operator do? Is my phone?

is what you need to consult the business? Mr.

I said money does not hit you this phone?

your consulting business as we are free, do not charge you any fees!

Oh, not money! It is good! I am a Northeast, ran out trading, you know! Mr.

What business would you need to consult it?

have ah, of course! I want to go online ah! I can not see you online!

it depends on your Internet-enabled mobile phone support does not support it!

support certainly support, is it my phone expensive ah, 40 chords to, sing or color to

that it supports what is Internet-enabled WAP or GPRS do it?

G (total) P (fart) R (Na) S (is the wire) is valid and stuff?

(there was quiet, like a helpless operator is depressed, here are brothers cover the belly laugh that hold the face red)

Hey! Waiter! Hey! Mr.

it is a function of the Internet, without it you can not get online, not G (total) P (fart) R (Na) S (is the wire) is GPRS!

GPR (Na) S (is the wire) it?


GPR (Na) S (is the wire)


R (Na) Do not Miss correct blanket, from the school I will go for Na . You see my support of Sha function ah? Mr.

I do not know, because I do not know what your phone, you can go to the operating room for what, to that our staff will give you opened, bring your own ID
Han! Off to have to go there, I do not go there to meet you? Mr.

desk just here, not the!

that I had to spend 6 dollars to that fare miles, could you tell me the Internet can be doing?

You can then open Internet access to download ringtones pictures, you can also play games!

what? ! Can play the game!


that can play CS (is the wire) does not?

(the other was another silence, the operator is estimated laughing, but did not hear the sound, failure ... ...)

can not! Do you have other business need to consult it?

there,Outlet Coach New Arrivals!

Please tell!

I just want to ask ye online!

(the other party hangs up, the operator did not hear the laughter, the contest ended in failure)

first two field contest: Venerable Dong three VS1127 number operator (** a youngest child to understand accent)

hello, you have what business needs help!

hello, sister!

Hello, what do you need help!

sister, I send messages I want to!

send text messages how?

I will not send!

you can make your parents teach you send ah!

not Well, I want my sister to help me! I give my class that the girl next door hair, can not let my parents know, my sister can not tell them ah!

(the other without a word, like a laughing)

sister you ignore me?

children we can not help you because we are only consulting business!

that you can not teach me ah!

you spelling it?

large class will just yesterday we learned aoe ... ... I'll read, you see my sister will read.

(the other party was a burst of silence, then hang up, the second continues to fail)

Game 3: Wei Skiles VS1021 number operator (Wei is just getting the boss is a man pick up a operator, the gas halo, directly-hook, dialed after 1021, and finally a woman to speak. Skiles a pure local dialect, Hebei, did not say Mandarin)

hello, what you need help?

Hey, you good? I say do not listen to understand? Mr.


I just do not understand that that reduction (say) so miles!

now you can, what you need to consult the business ah!

Anzhe four (is) the standard, then do not? Mr.

(operator means a little laugh, a little breath air), I can hear your words, please say that you want to consult business okay?

you shrink (say) to four (a) standard then? I listen to weeks (this) awkward! Jiu four would like to ask ah, the message packet is to take the touch (how) back four (things) ah!

SMS text messages after the package is your monthly subscription for a business!

not four to a package ah?

not! (Operator of the gas that emit a smile) is not!

Oh, do not give a leaving in four packets ah?


they shrink (say) the SMS package to send messages to SMS pack a bag miles!


I pondered it for a packet miles Anzhe about holiday blanket, I pondered my package is not enough miles to a package!


go touch it (how) a monthly law!

what you need for this look, If you do not handle it, it does not matter, it is not to bag!

Oh, no four ah!

other business would you need to consult it?

there, Anzhe four dynamic site to cards, I listen to the chassis I land, I can not access!

It depends on your phone support is not! There is no GPRS function?

I do not know ah!

that you look at your phone manual!

I did this, did not shrink (say) the name of the Soviet Union (Book) ah! Anzhe IV (a) four hands to pull the phone, to buy land the old land.

then you can go to the operating room for what we, the owner bring your ID card!

Oh, have to go there, ah, your mother hey! Far away from Anzhe miles, I can not go miles Anzhe four (is) village children! To four on the Net is not money?

You opened this business is not money, If you download a few things inside the safe flow of charge, 1KB3 cents!

KB four Well stuff ah?

This is a noun, something representative of how much you download!

Oh, Anhai four do not know! That Anhai four not open blanket!

does not matter! What does your business need to consult it?

there, the phone card, four Well stuff ah? Four first have to phone first, ah still four to card ah?

(while the other hit the keyboard sound clever, and issued helpless laughter)

this issue is not within the scope of our services!

Oh, not in the scope of the child (of) in ah! Like I said that they have the Bluetooth phone Anzhe four (four) to go touch (how) back four (things) do?

your phone itself comes with Bluetooth is a feature that can transmit information!

Oh, clearly that blanket, and green teeth do not!

Oh, no, sir, if there is no other business that you please hang up, we only allow 10 minutes of talk time, and now is 9 minutes and 18 seconds, If you do not understand, then please continue to call for a!

Oh, that trouble you, Miss, ah, bye! You smile sweet ah! (Hook)

(painstakingly, and finally a laugh ...).

how to behave? How to get along? What kind of person do? This is an art, it is a science. Many people do not understand life.
usually we often hear Can be seen, a man is not a small problem, but big problem is that each person's life course.
people I, nothing less than the two things: one is a man, one is doing. While not necessarily a man of rules and standards, but it is there are some general rules, it must have the skills and rules. There can only say that some small sense, tips to

A person aspiring to be a
Mao Zedong said that the Faith is to guide our navigation lights to success, self-confidence in life is to achieve peak power. A better future comes from self-reliance, self-reliance, self-confident, and do not give up, insist Aoyama do not relax, play more often than not cross their own people but not to a life of failure as final. Is a cowardly escape, to avoid the negative, withdrawal becomes even more incompetent. The road to success depends on your own break, a man with confusion, trouble doing things, there is no such plain sailing thing, only a strong faith and perseverance would not fall. Man up the world, their green light, not afraid to fail, do not give up.
successful, not drunk, failure, do not despair, do not worry about people blaming Heaven, in the face Want a career, we must be willing to great things, embrace difficult, established an ambition, a goal tree, only to walk in the direction of life. Heart, where the road is there. With the ambition, only a man of skill, courage and boldness. Therefore, a man need to ask where your ambition, you have no confidence to ask.

Second, to be good people
Human kindness is the most glorious warmth, the most beautiful, most people moving ray. Not all are successful in life, not everyone can be heroes, but it must be kind-hearted kindness. Kind of a harmonious and beautiful way, filled with compassion, kindness, in order to move, warm earth. No good, there can be inner peace, there can be peaceful and beautiful world. Love is the basic good feelings encountered beggars, we charity money he encountered old and sick, pregnant women, we will take the initiative to seat encountered lost children, we took him home, for his guidance direction. A smile, a simple action, a heartfelt greeting, which for us is not difficult to do, so it may help someone else out of the woods. All people, all things are connected, in giving to others, you really own interests when injury to another life, the essence is hurting themselves. The so-called good, nothing is to have a great love and compassion, not harm, people do not say anything, do not lie. With good character, there really love their parents, to love others, love of nature and the possible basis. A good person, like a beacon, not only illuminate the people around them, but also his warm, kind and forced indoctrination not only with each other and spread infection. Therefore, a man need not be upright, vigorous, but it must be good faith. Therefore, a man was to ask you want kind.

three, to be educated people
China is a very particular about self-cultivation, respect for moral people. Five thousand years, no matter how things change, diligence, loyalty, humility, filial piety are the oldest enduring virtues, how many sages is regarded as a family heirloom. Small business success by opportunities in the career success depend on the ability, big business's success relies entirely on the character, look at ethics. Almost all successful people, who are often noble virtues. The so-called educated, should know that the depth of that hierarchy, to understand the level of knowledge of the severity, should be about the rules, abide by a moral. Educated people, often with surgery and to Germany, but often not to seek to channel, often to the right and with propriety. Educated people in their own alone, detached nature, will manage their heart, to get along with people when compared with the benefit of others, with people, indifferent calm, manage their mouth. Radius of a man, tact work, quiet attitude, self-reflection, then everything reassurance, satisfaction. Therefore, a man was to ask that they have no manners.

four, to be optimistic people
into the world, not for the distress comes, it can not keep a straight face every day, all day sadness, grief, anguish, frustration, this life is no fun, world there is no absolute happiness, and only refused to happy heart, this world like a mirror, you smile to it, it also smile for you; it you cry, you cry for it; you calm, it will give you a calm ; you aggressive, it also give you a Hengmeilengdui. Music to listen to praise, do not like the criticism of others, the heart For fame and fortune, does not want to lose them, the same chain of this mentality will only be like to live their own prisoners. Only by going beyond them, can experience the ease and happiness. Have a happy heart, to see is a world worthy of joy, hearts full of sad, to see is just a world full of sorrow, with the heart that can not be better to have met you already Thanksgiving. Do not mind to seek happiness outside, only to find a heart within the heart, and if so happy to meet, even if latrines are in prison, the same can be leisurely ease. With good intentions, good people, sincerely happy, joy reflected face, optimistic, so you can stand a monument out of a beautiful landscape. Life is short, with every bow pull crossbow, as learning to Therefore, a man must ask yourself is not optimistic.

five, to be tolerant of people
be tolerant to diversity, tolerance by the heart. Doing things, our hearts can not be too narrow. A short foot, inch a director, No gold, no one is perfect, appreciate the advantages of others, less tolerant of others, relies on a lover's heart, there are guest, the amount. For your enemies and angry, you can only burn. Endure no less than breath, knives and guns on the opposite abusive, others can not stand proud of the equinox, the jealousy framed,wholesale Coach bags online store, this life can only dim light, the road gets narrower. The joy of human right and wrong, morals, good or bad, hot and cold, Jung, to relax the belly, to accept it, the road will be wider and wider. Tolerance is not cowardice, retreat of the depression, but a quick response to bite the bullet, is to know reality, the courage to act, to resolve the facility to understand. Considerate of others, is paving the way for themselves, tolerance is not a conniving, convincing people with reason, and emotionally moving, consider other people's self-esteem and tolerance. Treat others equal is to treat yourself, no matter what kind of lives have been hurt, do not got to bear a grudge, hatred and learn to forget, forget is their best protection, be grateful, thank you life, the opportunity to sharpen their own, heart full of sunshine, life is full of splendid natural. Therefore, everyone should ask themselves tolerant with no.

six, to be a real person
earth person, real work, put his hands in his pockets who never climb the ladder of success. More effort, more chances of success will be, God rewards the diligent, not light lip, not indolent, frequently putting the word Heaven pays off, dedicated, conscientious, to big business success. Very few people never fail to win, never climb very few of falls, in order to know the taste of success, you have to dare to Gangan, less words and more lines, make decisions constantly, but not broken, must be missing an opportunity . Little things do not want to do, do not necessarily big, work Nianqingpazhong, ambitious, career success is difficult. First sweep of a house, to sweep the world, from the self-start, start now, start from small sections, starting from the details bit by bit. Do honest people, speak the truth, the old dry facts, this is the long-term and fundamental. So, man, we must ask ourselves whether it is.

seven, to be a man of wisdom and knowledge does not mean
wisdom, knowledge accumulation was more, if there is no wisdom to be applied, the value of lost knowledge. Knowledge is static, people with knowledge, but also should understand how to properly knowledge be applied in practice, there is no wisdom, at best, but a record book of knowledge. Wisdom is the head of intelligence, discernment and common sense. Courage to change things can change, there is minded to accept what can not be changed, and wisdom when the change was able to distinguish when we can not change, know when Know what you do, know what love to do something, know what can make what, this is wisdom. Only the direction, but not wisdom, direction itself is meaningless. Wisdom is sometimes a trade-off and compromise, reject with extreme moderation, a rational analysis of situations, play with practical effects, with the calm control of the decision, with the conscious attitudes and gain experience with learning, with the courage to give up the burden, this is the wisdom revealed. For the weak, light care enough to help; of subordinates, the light just enough to kind; the mistakes of others, not enough light to forgive, to forget; for their own future, the dream is not enough light to action. Empty can of wisdom, learning to Shengzhi, heart Ning Zhisheng, intellectual trouble it a success. Everyone has a place worthy of respect and learning, compassionate way people teach compassion, who Professor insults insolent way. If a person lacks wisdom, they do not want to sweat flow, then talk about success, so you have the wisdom to see a man.

eight, who do an honest man to be honest
, has to be decent, dignified, public justice is, is the moral character, life skills-based. People are not afraid of oblique impact, the foot is not afraid of shoes crooked, the body is peace of mind Hunmeng stable. Good character, people are emboldened to do, things will be tougher, selfless world wide, they seem broad minded. Taste of forthright, open and above board, they will win the trust and respect of others. Have been correct, why Masato? Honest people do not self-serving, not Menthods, no cover-up, do not steal rape Shuahua, no flattery, no sycophant, not sham, equal treatment, fair and doing things. Speak well-founded, there is a one or two say two, say say say that, do you do that, that's all the truth, all his proper business. Intention is not, trick, duplicity, heart design, maneuvering, a face to face, was later set the stage that made a gentleman, a small crowd the line personnel, talk about justice, justice. Therefore, a man must go straight, done nothing wrong, did end, we must ask ourselves whether the integrity, fair.

nine, made a prudent person rule
wisdom is that large, Shen Wei is a small, once thought, a hundred times better than hasty action, embankment collapse from the colony, can be inadvertently fine. Christine is Germany's first, is a careful line base. Care is A discreet person, must be clear-headed people, certainly in the face of major non-confused. Living life, has attracted evil words, there is attracted acts of humiliation, to make contributions, of course, be extra cautious. Low-key life, with an open mind to do things, be careful and think of them, the line of the ground. Long and short term earlier, no danger can be near. Good times at the smug, complacent, was frustration on the complaining, whining, must be hard into the atmosphere. Mocha contemplation, calm, modest and prudent, then things have changed into. Cautious or away from danger, to ensure the safety of the recipe, by winning more carefully than by reckless, and only care to win, so be sure to ask your man is not cautious.
more than nine, is not perfect. Men are not saints, perfect, how flawless, how can you without regret, to cover everything, all-round, of this ancient, never had it. But the world only think of things, no can not do. Who am I? How do I how to behave? I can do? How do I do? I want to go? In the vast journey of life, we must always ask ourselves, told themselves, to their light a light heart, sharpen their own, so can the people do, to do things well. You think so?

How to get along ? What kind of person do ? This is an art

not nearly stupid people should be wise to pay , respect the virtuous person , for the most auspicious .
suitable living place ,Coach bags outlet, past virtuous , being in the right way , for the most auspicious .
Tamon craft fine , serious hold all forbidden , conversation Yue people , for the most auspicious .
care of his parents , wife and child care , practitioners to be harmless , for the most auspicious .
giving good moral character , to help the public Qinjuan , conduct flawless , is the most auspicious .
Xiexing be prohibited , self-denial does not drink , strong unwavering virtue , is the most auspicious .
respectful and humility , contentment and gratitude , and timely news teachings , is the most auspicious .
patience and obedience , may see the public salmonella , on belief in a timely manner , for the most auspicious .
made ??net of life , and understand the Noble Eightfold Path , Nirvana empirical method is the most auspicious .
eight wind is not tempted , worry-free non-polluting , quiet and no trouble , for the most auspicious .
holder, so the line , invincible , all at the blessing , is the most auspicious .

1, one reason for suffering, is the pursuit of the wrong things.

2, others make you so much pain, as that their cultivation is not enough.

3, if you do not give their own troubles, others never to upset you. Because of your own heart, you let go.

4, good discipline yourself, do not control other people.

5, does not forgive all living beings, beings do not forgive, is suffering yourself.

6, not to mention the poor people, she is more pathetic, his practice and how? They know how much his life?

7, reward and not enough people would often hear wrong; reward enough people had never heard of right and wrong.

8, you never want to thank you adversity beings.

9, you never have to forgive all living beings, no matter how bad, and even he hurt you, you have to go, can only be really happy.

10, the world has always been painful, with no exceptions.

11, when you are happy, you want to, this happiness is not eternal. When you are suffering pain when you want it is not eternal.

12, know themselves, yield themselves, change themselves, to change others.
13, do not waste your life, you will regret it in the local.

14, did you go, when there is no trouble.

15, every injury, is a mature.

16, when you know the confusion, this is not the poor, confused when you do not know when is the most miserable.

17, arrogant people have saved, low self-esteem of people do not save.

18, you should not have been dissatisfied with other people, you should always review their son. Dissatisfied people are suffering yourself.

19, you have to accommodate those views with you different people, more days like this better. If you always wanted to change him, it looks like you will be very painful. To learn how to put he is. You have to learn how tolerant he is.

20, acknowledged his greatness, that is, acknowledge their Yuyi.

21, a person can not be from the heart to forgive others, then he would never have peace of mind.

22, heart filled with their own views and ideas of the people, always hear the voices of others.

23, destruction of people as long as the word, to cultivate a thousand words, you multi-port mercy.

24, when you advise someone, if not consider other people's self-esteem, then even the words are useless.

25, not in your wisdom mixed with arrogance. Do not make your humble heart the lack of wisdom.

26, do not have to go back to curse you Who? If there is a mad dog bites you, do you have to get down to bite him one do?

27, jealous of others, not giving any additional benefit. Jealous of others, it is impossible to reduce the achievements of others.

28, never waste a minute, think about any of you do not like.

29, how many people want to leave this world, he will say the same sentence, this world is really helpless and sad ah!

30, love is not a charity, not just charity. Feelings is no formula, no principle, no reason to follow. But people are still persistent and the pursuit of death.

31, please use the compassion and gentle manner, your dissatisfaction with the grievance that out, other people it is easy to accept.

32, to create opportunities for people who are brave. Fool who is waiting for the opportunity.

33, can not do that, not true wisdom.
34, listen more carefully to how people say, do not rush to express your own views.

35, the same bottle, why do you have to install poison? The same psychological, why do you want full of trouble?

36, not something we will always think he is good, it is because you know very little about him, no time to live together with him. When one day, you understand, you will find that you think the original is not so good.

37, this world is only smooth, not satisfactory.

38, alive, is lucky, on the treasure. When I cry I do not have shoes to wear, I discovered that someone did not feet.

39, a little more effort to pay attention to others, reflect on their efforts on curbing, you understand?

40, For the world Dao Bingjie, but listen to the sound midnight Tu door. Do not just blame their illnesses, disasters will occur, see more violent death of sentient beings in your sword and how much?

41, hatred of others that he is a great loss.

42, everyone has a life, but not everyone is aware of life, and even cherish life. Do not know life, life for him, is a punishment.

43, people who think they have wealth, the wealth is owned by.
44, the situation is the implementation of the reasons for distress, feelings run down, you can get comfortable.

45, revel not and just procrastination, but the best, destiny.

46, not too sure about their own views, with such less regret.

47, when you are honest with ourselves, the world got on no one can deceive you.

48, hurt other people with the means to cover up his shortcomings, is shameful.

49, filled with envy, do not mind frankly, speech is not correct people who can not be regarded as a handsome person.

50, speak more jokes, humor, attitude to doing things, like this day would be a little better.

51, live in other people's applause, was not withstand the test of people.

52, do not bother to speculate on other people's ideas, if you do not have the right to judge the wisdom and experience, they usually are wrong.

53, to understand a person, just look at his starting point and destination are the same, we can know whether he was sincere.
54, the truth of life, just hidden in plain tasteless into.

55, not a bath person, hard wear perfume is not fragrant. Reputation and dignity, is from the real ability. Virtuous natural incense.

56, to reject it with you has become a fact, you might as well accept it.

57, stress is a necessary process of growth can be bold to accept adversity, life will be increasingly of the strong.

58, you would like to thank those who tell you shortcomings.

59, conceived for people who never lonely.

60, if you like to see as shortcomings of others, such as the discovery of their exact shortcomings, then your life will be extraordinary.

61, to forgive, is to give his mind to leave room for maneuver.

62, time will pass, so time is running out for your trouble now!

63, you are deliberately simple things look very serious, it looks like you will be very painful.

64, intentioned people who never distorted, incurable.

65, people are not bad, but nothing bad habits, everyone has bad habits, just shades of difference in terminology. As long as he has for good heart, he can be forgiven to forgive, not to him as a bad guy.
66, said a lie, to fabricate a lie to make ten, why?

67, in fact, the beauty of the people, but nothing with his love.

68, none of the world will never be defamatory and has not always been a remarkable person. When you more than words, other people want to criticize you, if you less time, people want to criticize you when you were silent, others or to criticize you. In this world, no one not to be criticized.

69, praise us, praise us, this is not the teacher. Will tell us, directions, and this is the mentor, with whom we will progress.

70, you now have will be with you the death of others, then why not now to Oxfam to those who really need it?

71, white day, doing nothing, just as guilty of larceny as.

72, silence is the best answer defamation.

73, respectful of the people is a solemn yourself.

74, with a selfless love, we have it all.

776, you accept the complaint even better than, for not change the fact that other than to accept you, no better solution.

77, not because the beings of Yu Yi, and brought their own troubles. Not because of the ignorance of sentient beings, and the pain yourself.

78, others say we are not good, not angry,Coach Audrey Collection, sad. Pleased to say that we do not have good, this is not good, there is good, there are good and bad, to see you will not use?

79, the error is revealed when you can not get angry, do not think willful or noisy, you can hide or overcome your weaknesses.

80, do not often feel that they are, unfortunately, the world's suffering people than we need more.

81, stupid people, always wanted others to know him. Wise man, but strive to understand their own.

82, to be accidental, and take for granted. So you have to, revel unchanged unchanged revel.

83, as long as the face of reality, you can go beyond reality.

84, each individual conscience is the most fair judge, you deceive others, but always cheat your own conscience.

85, who does not know how to self-love, there is no ability to love others.

86, work is only in school life.
hatred can never overcome hatred, only tolerance can overcome hatred, which is to the eternal reason.

87, sometimes we have to ask their own calm, we pursue? We live for what?

88, not because of a little dispute, relatives and friends far away from you, and not to do a little resentment, forget the kindness of others.

89, the courage to accept criticism from others, just can adjust their own shortcomings.

90, thank God I have, thank God I do not have.

91, not to speak of an offensive, not to have lethal, not been able to boast, not Young people evil, naturally your enemy.

92, a shortcoming often see other people who themselves is not good enough, because he did not have time to review his own.

93, right and wrong every day, do not listen to non-natural, non-every day, do not listen there, right and wrong every day, see how you do?

94, if you really love him, then you have to tolerate some of his shortcomings.

95, to overcome the fear of death, you must accept all the world who will die of the concept.

96, though you hate a person, but the advantages of the benefits he can find, like this child have very good people, the world is really small.

97, honest face of your inner conflicts and blot, do not deceive yourself.

98, cause and effect has not owe us anything, so please do not complain.

99, we really like are the advantages, but also hide a bit, this is called conservation.

100, most people only had three things; self-deception, deceptive, being bullied.

Really speechless - even nightmares woke up ~ ,cheap montblanc pen
I rarely dream - sleep better - the quality is off the TV to sleep under normal circumstances is usually asleep within 5 minutes is an unconscious sleep at night ~ Shuidaotianliang ~ ordinary day can be considered the kind of heartless when it did not want to sleep ~ ~ monsters do not mind my thing - Sha no mess - something to think about the first two days woke up to say - but memory day 2 had poor generally do not remember the trouble the day before - had long been thrown Mars
mixed yesterday,Boheme Pencils, I do not know a thing - to be a dream after waking can be Xiaxing ~ ~ suddenly looked around the room did not feel good feeling uncomfortable sense of security - it really is Riyousuosi ~ ~ ~ It seems what the night had a dream a little bit of pressure recently to find ways to alleviate the large ~ about the job

But I tell you from the financial report, two stocks have entered a location for investment.

in the long-cycle perspective, donkey-hide gelatin so that scarce resources will be less and less, this large level of short-term adjustment

has held to this day if, then this wave of falling, is that most entered the second phase of the old shareholders called

can be said that as of today, closing date, the forecast is completely fulfilled, and 2 stocks has returned the value of their position.

I read the report, which a lot of things are worth considering, but also quite real, unfortunately, the combined financial statements,

remember January 61 yuan in donkey-hide gelatin Investment Report released near the donkey-hide gelatin,dr dre beats, said the 12-month target price is $ 80.

early depth of donkey-hide gelatin before and Harbin Pharmaceutical shares 600 664 000 423 carried out a detailed study, including company reports, financial statements.

first stage: the mountain is a mountain, water is water
second stage: the mountain is not mountain, see the water is not water
third stage: the mountain is still the mountain, see the water is still water .

However, similar to the donkey-hide gelatin

but long-period, the company has been in development, the pace of development has not stalled before.

to know its essence to its dregs.

Coca-Cola brand in its expensive and its formula is the same as the East has no donkey-hide gelatin instead of the brand and recipe.

mountain is not the mountain, see the water is not water, it is easy to determine that is at the top of the 61 yuan.

eventually they return to, or value, the value of today both to the target bit.

monopolistic nature of such good company, there are many large financial institutions and households do not lighten up (long before buying),

up before the stocks in their adverse economic decline, I have been short positions waiting for them, because they are not to the value of the bit,

be good when at the beginning of this two-bit value of the stock, respectively, 42 yuan and 19.5 yuan.

it must be high, or 42 yuan to buy the 50% of the profits are expected to.

donkey-hide gelatin is somewhat similar to Buffett's investment in Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola history, there have been up and down,

does not change the company's own long-term business.

If the $ 61 to see the location map and average investment securities of the report, it is easy to buy at historically high levels,

I define less than 42 yuan do not touch. As rational investors look at domestic agencies released reports,

investment philosophy here by the way the three stages

large dark level adjustment to an end? I do not know, the immediate risk is slightly broader,

Merchants Securities

it all the way down, chatter.

I do not like the high investment securities 61 yuan to tell you where it rose to 80, but the $ 42 I can tell you the location,

because they belong to the third stage of the investors see the mountains and they think, see the water, or water.

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most popular racing games dynamic music , the real feel of racing , fun track, borders reward game , romantic seaside city chat ... ... take you into a speed and dazzling, romantic leisure , passion flying coaster world.
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appointment , but no ghost oh , let us swim

local financing platform for the game entered the closing stages of the game three Sina Finance 1 day ago

example: Bank of Ningbo
today's closing price: 11.28 yuan
not consider the value of risk-bit platform: 11.5 yuan
assuming local platform completely unable to repay: 10.6 yuan (1.73 yuan per share, net capital loss by 2 times book value share price loss is 0.865 yuan, the government does not have complete probability 0)

1.73 yuan is so counted, Bank of Ningbo on local financing platform for loans accounted for about 4.7%, which is about 5 billion or so.
and Bank of Ningbo equity was 28.8 million, so if the Government Repudiation does not have, then will make a net loss of 1.73 yuan assets.
and small-cap banking stocks 2 times book is very underrated, so if there is little below the 10.6 yuan, it is completely underestimated the Bank of Ningbo.
look forward to it by the storm fell further recently, so I pick up cheap chips.

bank shares fell behind the crisis and the local financing platform for stock information channel 2 hours ago

central bank report revealed that local financing platform for the loan ceiling 14,dr dre beats pro,400,000,000,000 Sina Finance 11 hours ago

4 the end I had a paper published in the QQ space

bad debt, the government still has one day of total income statements to the accounting, the day you will find banks are no longer cheap.
I judge by past experience, the bank should present basic center line at the top, this position is strongly recommended you not catching the high banks.

alert local financing platform for the risk of debt default stack Xinhua 5 hours ago

As of today, the bank shares fell almost 1 month straight, while the media has constantly said that the serious problem of local financing platform,

Why did not you warn people in the media, Sad!

I advance 1 month ago suggests the risk of all banks. Today to add more than one,
local debt risk is state-owned banks, this will make all the people to pay.
but to pay attention is to return to the real economy is in some small banks have little effect.
With this wave of decline, some local small bank shares if the subject involved, then
investment value will be reflected, when the stock market to resume its rally when they will be outperforming the broader market's gains.

The first time in my BlackBerry Baidu space post,Beats By Dr Dre Pro, I feel really cool . Speed ??fast, easy online editing . Mobile 's EDGE network and then have really good speed , much faster than before , not as bad as some people say . Posts in time after a

I heard that happiness is very simple
simple to time have a red sea on dilute
stone dry and rotten
arrived,Coach handbags purses, but the last one you can leave on

line with a stranger as a dress rehearsal ending really sad
now broken mirror hard Zhongyuan
love this game so hard to admit defeat

lovers can not wear fitted couple
not careful you can repeat this movie I will not be strong and will not be deserting
leaving only the lonely with me to talk

lovers can not wear fitted couple
can not imitate your habits closer to you is too strong and too weak torture
deserting is how I gave the order you not to wear soft

lovers can install the last couple
lovers can be together is not the world too close not too far away gradually forget
free to keep a distance the most important thing

lovers can not wear fitted couple
can not imitate your habits closer to you is too strong and too weak torture
deserting is how to organize my gentle
you gave me how to organize

1 forehead Zhangdou

reasons: stress, bad temper, resulting in Firelight and blood circulation problems.
improvement: early hours, drink plenty of water.
2. eyebrows among Zhangdou:

reasons: chest, arrhythmia, palpitations.
improve: Do not do too much intense exercise, avoiding tobacco, alcohol, spicy foods.
3. nose Zhangdou:

reasons: excessive stomach fire, digestive abnormalities.
improvement: eat cold food.
4. nose Zhangdou:

Cause: ovarian function, or the reproductive system.
improve: Do not over-indulgence or abstinence, and more fresh air to the outdoors.
5. on the right cheek Zhangdou:

reasons: pulmonary disorders.
improvement: attention to maintenance of the respiratory tract, to avoid mango, taro, seafood and other food allergies.
6. on the left cheek Zhangdou:

reasons: liver function is not smooth, hot toxic.
improvement: the normal daily routine, maintaining a good mood, the wind blew cold air, do not let the body in a hot environment.
7. lip around the Zhangdou:

reasons: constipation leading to accumulation of toxins from the body, or excessive use of fluoride toothpaste.
improvement: Eat high-fiber fruits and vegetables
8. chin Zhangdou:

reasons: endocrine disorders.
improvement: eat cold things.
9. temples:

temple near the small acne, showing your diet contains too many processed foods, resulting in gall bladder obstruction, the body lines need to quickly clean-up

acne 15 good habits

1, eight glasses of water a day. Early in the morning before eating is not necessarily drink a glass of water, you can clear the stomach. (I believe they know a lot of crush, the question is do not do it.)

2, then every day. Insist on good habits to keep a good, detoxification, if necessary, bananas conditioning it.

3, should not stay up late. Stay up all night is the Body of the largest predators.

4, wash time, thoroughly, not to have residue of cosmetics

5, a small play on the computer, phone can not boot up bed, a radiation effect on the skin worse.

6, can not hand squeeze acne, off any of its own, so easy to leave marks.

7, bed sets, pillows towels should be cleaned regularly, or there will be a lot of mites to breed, sleep is very susceptible to infection.

8, preferably in bed before eleven. Do not late night before going to bed.

9, try to eat something to get angry.

10, not to use skin care products, it is best to use a range of products, to understand what they are part of the skin.

11, pearl powder ditch honey mask, acne can go to India.

12, white sugar wash: You can go to India, but also face more smooth than before, after washing the face with a sugar wash, the effect is good.

13, vitamin E coated with smallpox in India, insist Tu pox, trace will gradually fades.

14, drink some tea, to beauty skin.

15, who has chicken pox must take the flow of the sea bed up to the folder. This is not easy to sores caused by the forehead, it will not make sores.

to remove acne scars
ginger slices, before going to sleep with fingers in the scars for 15 minutes, then wash the next morning, a week,Outlet Cheap Coach Bags, you will find this method very effective against acne scars.
magical index: ★ ★ ★ ☆ effective index: ★ ★ ★ ★

facial skin
to sprinkle a little sugar in his face, then gently rub the skin with half a lemon, you can go dead skin and reduce sun burning sun scarring.
magical index: ★ ★ ☆ effective index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

homemade astringent
add a little lemon juice, cucumber juice can be made of a natural astringent, but Oh, must pay attention to durability.
magical index: ★ ★ ★ ☆ effective index: ★ ★ ★

let cool to drink the leftover tea in the morning before going to bed or the next day, using cotton swabs dipped wet eyelashes, eyelashes growth effect can be achieved. Quickly try to ensure the cheapest and economical eyelash growth medium!
magical index: ★ ★ ★ ★ effective index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

to the body skin
elbows, knees, heels talc gently rubbed with some age changes black skin, Vaseline can be serious, with a bandage covering one night.
magical index: ★ ★ effective index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Wu Qing Wu Qing missing a chunk of falling
ugly and shameful how to do? Cooked eggs, peeled Wu Qing after roll of a roll, it soon disappeared, but not eat eggs.
magical index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ effective index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

eliminate dark circles
preparation of cold water, milk and paper towels, cold water and milk to a first : 1 mixing ratio, wet paper towel and then, attached to the lower half of the eye 15 minutes, you can eliminate annoying dark circles.
magical index: ★ ★ effective index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

to black nose
Dan Pi near the raw eggs that whole layer of tear film to, attached to the nose. Peeled off after so dry, you will find
magical index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ effective index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

M: I know you hit that day, no break-off thing your family! I satisfied, bored, and your dad a retired veteran, Comrade Arafat than the others, how the fire ah?! : br> M: You Daoxing it very deep; ballast also a head of ice crystals, I Pooh! not that some frozen solid nose bubble it? one that does not look in your own point Pizi ... ... Do not speak so damaged ah! I Pizi how? too bad I look, you find a good give me Chou Chou ah! , long thrown like a big nose you wildly dumped! , how to save Pakistan out of you so a half-baked things! Mr. dedicated! I said, just know how familiar you feel it,dr dre headphones sale, together with the completion of the paintings inside have all seen the old man! painting is you? I really quite puzzled, and Leonardo da Vinci on how your mother's belly through, looks like you painted so realistic! painting eggs mess with you? jealous, right? Who does not like your breasts large egg yolk it? really, either you see the day in front of children covered with a fake chest, and I really could not tell you on the positive and negative it! sewing clothes in the same. fish! >
woman: : off to! bully people ... you bad ... ...

we all know that unless for special reasons, the hospital is prohibited transcendent sex with B, including pregnant women, also declined to answer inquiries, and if we have to do B-pregnant women, doctors know that a boy girl, can she not tell you how to do that?

Do not worry,Beats By Dr.Dre Tour, we have to give her a single B-bar!

brother secretly tell you: B-there is a single beauty, is to let B-one to tell your baby's sex:

First: look at the data, if the difference in the length and width of more than double the possibility of a large male baby. Length and width equal to the possibility of a large female baby.

Second: look at the shape, like a strip of eggplant, or the possibility of a male baby big, round the possibility of a female baby big.

1,7 W +1 D of the BC data is a boy born fetal sac 2.91.9

2,9 W +4 D of BC data: see 46.630.2mm intrauterine gestational sac twins are girls

3,60 days of BC data: gestational sac size is 3.61.6MM gave birth to a handsome

4,5 W +6 D. Gestational sac: 25mm11mm boy

5, data: sac: 23 × 17 × 16 gave birth to a little beauty

6,46 days of BC data gestational sac: 201,717 girls
7,7 w +1 D of BC results: 3220mm girl

8,8 gestational sac is 1.6 × 1.7 weeks, gave birth to a daughter

9,8 weeks when students are 4128MM is under the female baby

10,8 weeks mostly in BC, then BC according to the fetal sac is 19MM10MM out is a male baby

11, sac 35mmX34mmX28mm lovely female baby

12, gestational sac size: (L) 18MM X (W) 16MM X (thickness) 8MM female baby

13,62 days : see the gestational sac within the 2.61.8 is a lovely male born baby

14,50 days, gestational sac 35MM27MM born female baby

15, 3318 are B-gestational sac is male Baby

16, gestational sac length of 4420mm is born male baby

17,9 weeks +6 days BC results 5.62.4 23 weeks + 5 days to see a boy
18,7 weeks and more B-data intrauterine gestational sac see 3.82.3CM born a male baby

19,3.32.0 cm cute male baby

B super-single magical effect of the two: about fetal development

B super-single magical effect of the two: about fetal development

GS - also known as fetal sac gestational sac. Menstrual cramps 28 to 30-day rule for women, menopause 35 days, B-you can see the fetal sac in the uterine cavity. 6 weeks pregnant sac about 2 cm in diameter, 10 weeks pregnant about 5 cm. Fetal sac location in the uterus of the fundus, anterior, posterior, upper, middle are considered normal; shape round, oval, clear as normal; such as fetal sac is irregular, fuzzy, and the location in the lower part, while pregnant women abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, you may want abortion.

FE-fetal bud: early fetus. B-6 to 7 can be seen in pregnancy, fetal bud

CRL - crown-rump length of fetal head and the distance between the buttocks, said casing longitudinal axis parallel to the long axis of the largest measurement, mainly used to determine pregnancy from 7 to 12 weeks of gestational age.

estimated at between 6-13 weeks gestational age (weeks) = crown-rump length

FH-fetal head: a complete outline of the normal, defect, deformation is abnormal, no midline shift normal and no hydrocephalus.

BDP - fetal head, fetal head biparietal diameter between the left and right sides of the length of the widest parts, also known as Full-term pregnancy should be 9.3 cm or more. As a general rule, five months later in pregnancy, basic and consistent month of pregnancy, that is, 28 weeks of pregnancy (7 months), BPD is about 7.0 cm, 32 weeks pregnant (8 months) is about 8.0 cm, and so on. After eight months pregnant, the average weekly increase of about 0.2 cm to normal. When the initial CRL can not be determined by the expected date, often by BPD to predict; mid, when the presumption of fetal weight, often need to measure the data.

H-fetal heart rate: B-7 to 8 weeks of gestation, the most visible early pregnancy 6 weeks fetal heart beat. Normal fetal heart beat frequency between 120-160 times per minute.

FL-femur length: the length of the fetal femur, also known as Refers to the thigh to the knee between fetal femur length. It's normal with the corresponding month of pregnancy BPD difference between the value of about 2-3 cm, such as BPD of 9.3 cm, femur length should be 7.3 cm; BPD of 8.9 cm, femur length should be 6.9 cm and so on. Generally about 20 weeks of gestation, by measuring the FL to check status of fetal development.

Most hospitals do not want to let you know the secret : how to predict baby gender ?

SP-spine: seen after 12 weeks of pregnancy fetal spine, 20 weeks pregnant is clearly visible. The normal fetal spine straight, defect as abnormal, there may be spinal deformity.

FM-fetal movement: B-8 at 9 weeks pregnant fetal movement can be seen. There, strong as normal, no, weak baby in sleep may also may be abnormal, in conjunction with a comprehensive analysis of other projects.

Cord - umbilical cord under normal circumstances, the umbilical cord should be floating in the amniotic fluid, such as umbilical cord in the fetal neck to see the image may be cord around the neck.

PL-placenta: Location is the description of the location of the placenta in the uterine wall; the thickness of the normal full-term placenta should be between 2.5-5 cm.

GP (placental grading) General placenta is divided into 0, I, II, III level. ? level for the early stages of placental maturity, echo uniform, 30-32 weeks pregnant can be seen in such changes; ? level that the placenta is close to maturity; ? level prompted the placenta is mature, there are a lot of calcification within the placenta, as small sand-like, generally does not pose a threat to fetal life, but attention should be paid. Closer to term, placental more mature, uneven echo.

AMN-amniotic fluid:

MVP (the largest vertical amniotic pool depth of sheep) is normal between 3-7 cm, more than 7 cm for the increase in amniotic fluid, amniotic fluid decreased less than 3 cm.

AFI (amniotic fluid index) to pregnant women, navel as the center points, down, left and right four regions, four regions will be added to the depth of amniotic fluid, amniotic fluid index to be, third trimester amniotic fluid index normal is 8 to 18 cm. More than 18 cm for the increase in amniotic fluid, amniotic fluid reduction of less than 8 cm. AFI in determining how much amniotic fluid in more scientific.

S / D (A / D) - fetal umbilical artery systolic and diastolic blood pressure ratio associated with fetal blood, umbilical cord when the abnormal placental dysfunction or abnormal when this ratio would, in normal pregnancy circumstances, With increasing gestational age decreased fetal need to increase S, D increased, the ratio dropped to nearly full-term pregnancy when the S / D is less than 3.

fetal B-single common abbreviations have

TCD: cerebellar diameter

HC: head circumference

AC: abdominal circumference
FTH: baby leg subcutaneous fat thickness

The difference between a Buddhist and Buddhist Buddhist
Now most do not understand the Buddhist, Buddhism, Xiufo, understanding the Buddha, the Buddha and other achievements of the five perspectives, so have concerns about the Dharma, the way it is in the Buddhist confusion and doubt, have a lot of questions on their own, do not believe to hear others success themselves more confused the more Buddhist, Buddhist than a decade without any change, no sense, and no enlightenment, insight. Some Buddhist Dharma's last generation of view arises and defamation. Today, my own experience and experience to share to you, we want to help the way Buddhist Buddhist devotees.

now most of them are Buddhists, Buddhist to become a Buddha, a Buddhist never become a Buddha, because, as Buddhist devotees believe that they can make a fortune, but I do not know how to get rich, and not to do, how to make a fortune? Buddhist believe that they can be just as rich, with a fortune learning how others do it, for example, Rao said Wu Xin Mi Wo Busuo follow, if they learn Xin Rao Buddha's compassion, bodhicitta, wisdom and merit, in order to become a Buddha.
Now most of them are monks and monks, support and help, not their own strength and the power of combining with others to create, on their own power of one person, how can immediately make a fortune? Xiufo like a wise man, rich way to learn from others, the application of the support of others, to borrow someone else's power, and his combination of strength and power with others to create, such as, a master of Tantric Buddhism to learn the knowledge, then the cost of their own Buddha's Shenkou Yi Shen Kouyi practice, so that the body of the present Buddha.

Now some people will business, but no experience, met antiques, he did not know antiques, sometimes priceless Mani swinging in front of do not know; know as the Buddha wisdom and experience of people who look at antiques in general, he saw the antique recognized them, for example, Xiazha wow master practitioner in the cave, when, suddenly, clear your heart, understanding one's own nature, and finally get into the embodiment of the achievements of Rainbow Buddha.

now not necessarily in their own hands, for example, ten to understand their own Buddha nature, Buddha, to see the Buddha, but he has not yet reached the realm of the Buddha; as Mi Wo Xin Rao, Sakyamuni, Amitabha, etc. Lord Buddha.

indispensable achievement Buddha Buddhist, Buddhism, Xiufo and understanding of the four Buddhist point of view, because these four perspectives is the Buddha's achievement data. Buddhist Buddha is the basis and foundation of success, if a person is not a Buddhist, the Buddha is not pious, then you forever Buddhism, Buddha of the Buddha will not, because you lack sincerity, you get the Buddha's blessing. Now many university teachers and experts to study Buddhist life, explore the Buddhist, the last generation of Buddhist view arises, some experts Buddhism compiled stories, and arts and crafts, but they can not be achieved Buddha, because they lack faith and piety of heart.

burn incense and pray in the Han people who are Buddhist; turn in the Tibetan mountains, mountain gods, five-body cast from home to Lhasa Potala Buddhist people who are not Buddhist because they do not understand Buddhism, but also could not tell the difference between a Buddhist and Buddhist, but do not know what Xiufo.

many monks and lay, they are very devout, very much believe that the Buddha's words, do not know the light of Buddhist teachings, profound, they fell into the general argument as waterfalls, from the cycle method to Nirvana between France and the key to put in full flight, a lot of Famennian installed in the head, but they never talk about their own experience and practice since the enlightenment, they will not present itself that Buddha, the Buddha does not believe the present achievements and they dare to present the body rejection and slander that is the key to Buddha, because they lack the key to success is the body present.

his family and the monks in the Tibetan Tantric like to repair, they recognized the Tantric Buddha is the only present that is the key to the body, they are devout Buddhist, Xiufo, some people in the cave retreat twenty years, a pity thing, most of them do not know the Buddha, I am speaking here in my mind of the Buddha is Buddha, the Buddha refers to the understanding of the heart seen from their own Buddha nature, most of them retreat when repair of the Buddha is not his idea of ??the Buddha, to their own view of deity, reciting the mantra deity, deity of merit ideas, hope their own become a deity, they are also amending the law cardiac plead for Buddha, Buddha is difficult to present the body, They usually become a Buddha in the shade, and as the Buddha was the Buddha is not a body of law, but Bao Shenfo, or the embodiment of Buddha, Tibetan Buddhism because many lack clear your heart, and immediately into a position three Shenfo Dzogchen Dharma .

many people like to say that they see in certain holy Goddess, dream of Amitabha, Buddha chest to see such and such a mandala, a certain abbot head with the Buddha's head; some people like to say that they become enlightened, Dingmen get through, to see nature, and to see a lot of their own deity and so forth to deceive their own lie. Really this state who will promote their own to see the secret thing? Will boast yourself? You really have a special function, do not boast, boast You naturally others.

from the perspective of Buddhist practice, Buddhist, Xiufo, understanding the Buddha, the Buddha achieved the distinction. I believe Sambo met disaster, burn incense and pray, hope three is the mentality of the disaster rescue Bora Buddhist; met disaster when you think of Buddhism are talking about impermanence, all phenomena without me, not persistent, revel in Buddhist thought is . Buddhist devotees who generally do not know impermanence, all phenomena without me, they will pray to Buddha.

met disaster, Xiufo people, a thorough understanding of all phenomena are illusory, there is not a real, not eternal, are not I, are empty of their do not fear, fear, feelings of calm, the heart naturally relax, ease down, these states are Xiufo. Buddhist people would generally say: impermanence, all phenomena without me, do not go dedication, to revel, but a few people do so? Recognizing the suffering and impermanence of life, but can not change the status quo, will live more than others, heavy, more painful, met disaster when more than others without the fear of Buddhism, these are Buddhism, there is no Xiufo state.

met disaster, people who know the Buddha, a thorough understanding of all dharmas is the heart of the phenomenon, changes in the heart, the heart changes. Pain and pleasure, disaster and peace, good and evil, heaven and hell are the heart of the dynamic concept, they were a disaster and will not be peace, joy and pain, good and evil. Know all dharmas are the heart of the phenomenon, the heart is the Buddha, the Buddha know the heart is the understanding. An all natural idea of ??living in the Dharma Realm of the air above the natural relaxation in the natural wisdom of nature on the original, magical wisdom Ziwu all dharmas, dharmas return to heart, heart go back to the heart and mind into. Buddhist Xiufo generally people will say: all dharmas is the heart of the phenomenon, the feelings of the heart, no difference, but there are a few people can understand them? Recognize all phenomena without me, the pain and pleasure are not known, respectively, and meet the pain and happiness can not change the status quo,cheap dr dre headphones, the heart will be stronger than others were also, met suffering, upset, happy when you meet happy. Simply do not know what the heart is, heart and mind is what Buddha is.

guess I made this piece of article in the blog, some people will want to root Buddha in nonsense, do not say a Buddha, we generally ordinary people have long recognized the Buddha, Sakyamuni Buddha , is the Buddha Amitabha, Medicine Buddha is the Buddha, but we think that these are not your own understanding of the Buddha, you only heard of it. You see his heart and mind, you can truly understand Buddha, then keep practicing, then they will definitely get three Shenfo.

I do at home today, a new station in the morning my sister suddenly came, my sister was a freshman this year, 80 are representative of what things are like strange fashion: Super Girl's backup group, the Japanese anime community members and other senior etc., etc., although the relationship is good, but every time I feel nothing, then talk to her, mainly because I told her absolutely not a frequency, in her eye, I am a Martian-__-,beats by dr dre headphones! ; my sister to my study, get my four English grammar book, and then turn those I used to buy comic books, I was doing stand, suddenly thought of my sister as if an ordinary Internet users, ask how she look now Our roots are most concerned about several issues, and then I put the computer next to her called, took over the conversation I told her about that version:
(1) you usually online, that cn domain names com domain name easy to remember or remember?
sister: there are different? What you need, Baidu search not know, a good record in search possession, and did not remember to go Baidu search
(2) That you thought about why those stations will be ranked What the first page of Baidu? , The brother teach you ah, this is called SEO techniques. . .
sister: Oh, with what I have, I want to Baidu to search out on the line
(3) You see my brother this station , haoec.com.cn, how do you feel like, all right columns compare the page can not you?
sister: okay, not interested in my recent study of Japanese visual system (how many people know the word?)

( 4) each time you access, will not Point ads?
sister: What is an ad, anyway, what I would point interested.
(5) you most like to do online?
sister: post on the Baidu Post Bar, and then find a website to watch cartoons, and then find Qqzone things, then I probably talk QQ
I remember a few problems so much, this is absolutely true dialogue, then we can see what is inside it?
one. What kind of domain name speculation?
to say the truth, I personally feel that domain name speculation without any sense, unless it is superb domain name, sex.com ah like what we name these roots, what kind of fried Oh, basic users recognize only the things he likes, to remember bad Ji are the next thing, but what is the name of this benevolent see benevolence things, you remember that other people think is garbage.
two. Page good or bad, the site so big, is not formal, not so much, as long as you want to give him the
Many people say we Chinese owners of the site, all large flower flash, all are portals, are the country's largest station, thought pinpoint it? We focus on so many individual owners should be doing fine, doing a small minority, even to say: Maifang, not much money on hand, the age of 30 years old , search, search search, so a small minority, do fine better meet the needs of basic users. This may explain why the QQ Station and animation flow stations are now frighteningly why.
three. Simple is beautiful, no matter the page, business model, or charging
us roots, scheming on how to place ads to make more money, how to design page, How to setting section, the user is an idea may be: Baidu Post Bar
successful than the google community, even more than many established forums are red, why? Because most people think: plus completely open forum, and another medal is married to the system, you know, most people look at the content, what position do not want to have communication with the content is a good forum, but not better than what plug-ins and more.
one may say: people to ponder, I am also a grass-roots owners, I know that grassroots station owners to do the steps: writing a template to do simple plan --- --- --- daemon cash into the collection, mad mining, taken to the crash --- hanging GG ad, not on what these steps? Users considered it? Considered simple and convenient it? I do not know how you think the viewer of today's conversation, so I know a lot, not only depends on admin5 this circle of information, not just to the next zzchn the source, not just to the left behind for the next MJJ, this circle is more need is: standing on the user's level, rational analysis, practical to do stop, heart operations.
















































































a piece of paper can give you limitless possibilities ....-




































The first sentence
If we step away from between 1000
just taken the first step you
your direction I will take the rest of the 999 second -step

usually willing to stay and fight with the person you truly love your

third sentence
will get paid really really
but may also injury was completely
distance can protect themselves , but also destined never lonely

fourth sentence
sometimes not care about you the other side but you see the other side
was too

fifth sentence
friends is to see through people like you can

sixth sentence, even
believe are hidden in the middle of a lie

seventh sentence

not really good friends with endless talk about the topic
there but if not speak with
will not feel embarrassed

eighth sentence without the other half of 100 points with only five very

ninth sentence
sad and happy for your enemies
is happy and happy for your friend
is sad and sorry for your the
are those of the person into the heart

tenth sentence
indifference and sometimes ruthless
not just a tool to avoid being hurt

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