Ramen Shop Mutsumi-ya will be open in the Nakano Ramen Street

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Recently, I opened and closed early in the cycle shop in Nakano. To-go pasta shop, photo developing shops, soba shop. Feel that going to change a dizzying variety of shops.

It is same,in the "Nakano Ramen Street" called.

As such there was, in front of a ramen shop houses, there posters. According to the report, the Mutsumi noodle shop, and is to open in late April.

Ramen Shop Mutsumi-ya will be open in the Nakano Ramen Street

Location, where there was a before noodle factory Takayama. I look forward to April.

★Shop informaiton:5-57-4 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo

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breakfast cake
raw lotus: lotus root, ham, mushrooms, onions, eggs, flour, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, chicken
practice: 1 lotus root, mushrooms, ham , onions are chopped.
2. Beat eggs into the mix.
3. into the amount of flour.
4. add a little salt, taste very fresh soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, chicken, stir into Chouhu.
5. wok with a tablespoon to dig a little batter, fry until golden on both sides.

flesh connected Green Congee
the end of a pot of porridge, green beans, 100 grams, chicken flesh attached to string 200 grams (have a good seasoning of the chicken simmer string, the supermarket where you can buy);
1, the string from the chicken flesh attached to bamboo step down, and cook for 15 minutes with the porridge at the end;
2, add peas, stir cook for 10 minutes;
3, crispy chicken taste mellow, very simple and easy to drink a porridge.

homemade pancake required materials:
flour 300 g
...... ...... 450 ml cold water
starch ..... .1 tablespoons
a little salt ...... ...... 2 tablespoons salad oil

(do we use the vegetables and cake batter, here we use the batter. )
eggs, diced green onion ...... ...... a little

1. the flour, cold water, starch, salt, salad mix, stir , wake up 15 minutes. The amount of these materials according to their need to reduce. For breakfast, then we must reduce the weight of. This tune is a good batter and then adjust the stiffness of the can.
2. saucepan brush a thin layer of oil, heat and pour into a tablespoon of batter, spread into the dough until the dough after forming into an egg freezing, the same operation as the share of pancakes, eggs with a spatula to stir scattered, so the egg mixture evenly covering the dough, the egg will be solidified when the cake roll, we must not completely solidified at the time the egg roll, wrapped in order to shape.
3. roll look after a small fire and fry until the egg rolls color, as you can out of the golden, cut plate and you can eat. Sam Sun

materials need to be prepared tofu soup:
...... 300 g tofu 100 g peas shrimp ...... ...... .. 20 g corn kernels ... 30 grams of egg soup ...... ...... 1 ...... 2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon white pepper wine ...... ...... a little amount of water, starch, sesame oil ...... ...... ...... 1-2 coriander root
amount of practice:
1. tofu washed, cut into Ding, tofu's time can be cut from the back, cut at the same time you can hand hold him down, so tofu does not always stick to the knife on.
2. just take shrimp prawns, and shrimp with a knife in the back cut open, remove the shrimp line, this treatment will be more like good shrimp shrimp balls ~
3. eggs and mix into egg mixture.
4. Now you can soup, and also less than a drop of oil, broth or water into the pot to boil, then add tofu, shrimp, cooked, add peas, corn kernels and continue to cook, transferred to salt , soy sauce, cooking wine, white pepper, stir, Drizzle water, starch hook thin gravy, then pour the beaten egg along the Bian, after Danhua Drizzle with sesame oil, sprinkle with parsley on it, very simple very tasty, you can go home immediately after work drink and delicious warm soup. Adding water, the amount of starch can be adjusted, some like to eat thick on some more. Pour the egg mixture along Guobian time to pour, so the egg mixture solidified after mixing, so that would make Danhua beautiful ~

fruit oat milk
Materials: 2 tablespoons of instant oatmeal , 1 cup milk, apple 1 / 4 banana 1 / 2, some raisins.
1. oatmeal with half a cup of boiling water.
2. bananas, peeled, sliced, diced apple.
3. milk add oatmeal and mix well, then add bananas, apples, sprinkle with raisins you can eat.

corn soup
Material: corn kernels, butter, milk, flour, broth.
spices: salt, pepper.
1. wok heat, add butter to melt.
2. Add a little flour and a small fire, stir until flour Stir the fragrance into the broth, stirring rapidly, and with the heat and simmer open.
3. into the milk, boil until thick, then filter out the not-opening of the flour particles.
4. kernels added amount of stock, into the blender with the labeled paste.
5. good milk soup will be filtered down in the skillet, then pour just whipping a good polenta, boil, and finally add a little salt and pepper seasoning.

vegetables cornmeal tortillas:
cornmeal ...... 140 g
surface ...... 50 g soy flour
...... 50 g
egg ...... a

small amount of cabbage leaves sausage ...... ...... 1-2 ...... carrot root
less than half the amount of root
water ...... ...... 1 tsp salt

1. the weight of the three kinds of surface, said well, then mix, component do not need to be as accurate as cake, as long as corn accounted for the majority, the other two face up a little can improve the taste.
2. Wash the vegetables and mince; Peel the carrot or the end of Ding; small sausage slices, you can cut bigger, eating up the taste better.
3. to cut vegetables at the end, carrot pieces, a good sausage pieces into the cornmeal mixture, into an egg, add a little salt, mix well, gradually adding water as needed, and mix into the dough.
4. Heat pan, add a thin layer of oil, using a spoon to take a handful of dough, flatten into a circle into the pie pan, fry until golden on both sides out, all can be done in order. Cornmeal where you can put any ingredients you like, made of a variety of flavors of the corn bread, add some sweet potato wire will be very good to eat ~

corn eggs Niurougeng
Material: sweet corn , carrots, eggs, beef.
seasoning: soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, chicken powder, water, starch, (which may eventually be thrown into a little green onion embellishment).
1. Wash the beef, cut into Ding, or slices; carrots, peeled and cut Ding; beat the egg back.
2. Wok put the oil pan, slide a little stir-fry the beef, add soy sauce, cooking wine color flavor to cooked filled out the stand.
3. Carrots into the pan and stir fry, and then remove the spare.
4. Boil a pot of water, the carrot seeds and corn kernels under the wok and cook, then pour the egg evenly, spread side down while stirring it into Danhua.
5. Until the soup boiling again, add water to make soup thick starch, salt, chicken powder seasoning, then fried beef into the soup and serve. Finally, add a little chopped green onion can also be done embellishment.

required materials:
flour, 300-400 grams
...... ...... 200 g pig meat onion or green onions .....
salt 1 egg ...... ...... ...... 1 tsp cooking wine 1 tsp

soy sauce ..... .2 tsp soy sauce ......

ginger 1 tsp sesame oil ...... ...... a little bit

salad ..... . ...... a little pepper, 1 tsp

1. onions washed and cut green onion back; ginger mince spare.
2. through the flour and knead into dough kneading.
3. in the meat by adding salt, cooking wine, ginger, soy sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, salad mix, and then into an egg and continue whipping until the meat to pull its weight.
4. meat, green onion, can begin after the dough is ready to do.
5. figure practice with pancakes folding method is the same, take a small piece of dough, roll the dough into a circle, with a spoon evenly coated with a layer of meat, then sprinkle a layer of chopped green onion, in accordance with Note the black line under the icon location plan 4 knives, and follow the image layers of folded up on it, and finally roll into a round cake pan can be cooked. Do not worry, when fried, fried afraid too thick will be familiar with, so long as you've got enough to see the golden skin, and there is absolutely cooked, and a good grasp of the furnace, will not appear on the skin has been charred, but not inside cooked to the phenomenon of eating do not forget to add a little garlic in vinegar, and then point a few drops of chili oil, sesame oil ~

shrimp, scallions and egg.
salt, warm water, chicken powder, sesame oil.
1. the shrimp processing clean, just take the shrimp. Knock eggs into the bowl.
2. the egg, adding a little seasoning salt and chicken powder, salt must put less, eggs which itself contains a small amount of salt.
3. and then to prepare a cup of warm water (30 degrees), or chicken soup, the warm water into the egg, water and egg ratio of about 2 to 1. Then stir in one direction, to clean the top of the bubble. Pour the egg mixture is warm water is best, do not add water and hot water. Because tap water in the air, the water is boiling, the air discharge, custard will be cellular, affect the quality and custard taste, nutrition will suffer. Do not use boiling water, otherwise it will become the egg drop soup, so go steaming, nutritional damage, not even steamed custard. Is best to use warm water or cold water Chawanmushi, so can guarantee the taste, but also to ensure appearance. The amount of water is also very important, too little custard will taste more tight older, too much custard and easy to shape, taste the water of the will. When playing the egg, stir the egg mixture and do not fierce, fierce in the mix before steaming or stir the egg mixture long will the egg foam, it is best to lay the egg, add water, stirring to break up after a slight .
4. seasoning and add warm water, stir the egg mixture, then look at a small strainer filter to remove muscle head.
5. before steaming, the inner wall of the container first to cast a thin layer of sesame oil, eating custard bowl so the eggs will not be easy to clean Nianman.
6. Finally, pour the egg mixture into the container, my back's too full, you can pour a full nine points - and then close the lid or the buckle plate can also be added to this steaming nothing . Must be open when the water after the water after steaming, then the egg mixture into the steamer and steam, the first sub-fire small fire, about 2 minutes later you can turn a small fire, the steamer's lid must to stay seam, do not cover tightly, and steam while running the gas side, so that steam out of the custard will not cellular, does not taste old. Steaming time is about 10-15 minutes, then open water to steamer record time. (Toothpick inserted if handled badly can look to determine which of the egg is not already familiar), the middle 7-8 minutes into the cooked shrimp can be added with the steam. After steaming adding diced green onion, sesame oil drops can eat. According to their needs and preferences, you can also add minced meat, steamed fish soy sauce, shrimp, scallops, ham, bacon Ding, vinegar, soy sauce, etc. - or the Japanese tea bowls made of Egg, add shrimp, bacon, mushrooms, spinach, crab and so on. Golden Calamari

materials required:
squid rings (or squid, cut into their circle)
bread flour (bread flour available in the market to sell a thick, there are fine , which can be sold, will be more thick fried crisp)
eggs, cornstarch or flour
salt and pepper wine
1. We need materials ready, I use ready-made squid rings, squid rings to buy clean, tear film into the container. If you buy a squid, it should deal with their own clean and cut into rings, squid, when the pick, the best choice for relatively well-proportioned body, so cut out the circle will be roughly the same squid.
three containers and then were ready, turn into the beaten eggs, cornstarch or flour, bread flour, so help us the following operations.
2. fried foods can be eaten together with some of the vegetables, this is more refreshing, solution tired, you can choose your favorite side dishes made of vegetables and salad, in salad by adding 2 tsp red wine vinegar taste better ~ acid acid is an appetizer - or a few drops of lemon juice is the same ~
3. are ready to begin production in squid add salt, pepper, cooking wine, slightly pickled look, and then we prepared earlier It took over three plates, the pickled squid rings in turn wrapped in a good flour, egg, bread crumbs.
4. in order to do all the squid rings into the oil pan, till hot nowadays Liu Qicheng into squid rings, fry until golden. Fried squid rings of oil must not be too hot, so very easy to lay out the squid rings. Time should not be too long, golden brown skin on it - this will be crisp outside and tender squid rings very tasty - This well, with your favorite dipping sauce and eat with fruit juice - fried squid circle can be dipped in tomato sauce, you can also dip or salad dressing with salt and pepper, taste good

Dan Pi pancake
materials: flour, eggs, celery, meat.
spices: salt, chicken powder, sesame oil, pepper, soy sauce, cooking wine, spring onion, ginger.
1. the amount of eggs and flour and water into a dough, documented repeatedly rub board, pressed repeatedly with a rolling pin, roll dough into very thin, cut dough into the prepared several square. (Too lazy to get their own can use wonton wrappers instead of)
2. A good system of dough, let's start doing fillings, the celery washed mince, onion finely chopped, placed in the meat in salt, pepper, onion ginger at the end, sesame oil, soy sauce, cooking wine, chicken powder, stir well marked with full strength, put celery and mix well.
3. all ready to do a good job, you can start package pancakes, and take just a good system to a square dough, add filling, pressing the map mode wrap, sealing with egg.
4. According to this method wrap all of the rectangular raw embryo, the embryo into the steamer with raw fire steamed, then coated with egg, put pan fried bake, fry until golden removed.
modulation egg: eggs, add starch to it.
Dan Pi pancake can pack into a square, triangle, circle, filling can also be vegetable salad.

materials: rice, egg, fried fritters, pork, onion.
spices: salt.
1. First rice washing clean, then put into a container, add salt and water taking a dip in a while, about half an hour on it; preserved eggs stripped Peel Ding; fritters are cut into same-size small; onion mince.
2. Wash the pork into the pot cooked, do not cut, take a small piece of direct cooking on it, do not seasoned, cooked remove and let cool, then hand torn pork. Of course, preserved egg porridge into the meat can also be pre-marinated bacon.
3. To take to pot into the water to boil, and then just soaked into the rice, followed by pork and part of the preserved egg and then into the small, turn a small fire to boil, slowly stewed, time and patience to allow it the best boil about an hour, to thick porridge Ruannuo can, if they do not insist that rice can be cooked, too, drink, and finally the need to taste salt and then add the appropriate seasoning, onion, fritters, and the small remaining part of the preserved eggs, sprinkle the time to eat porridge on it.

chestnut porridge required materials:
rice or rice ...... 100 grams (also may have put some rice and glutinous rice)
chestnut ...... 10 ( about 150 grams on the line)
sugar or sugar ...... amount of sweet-scented osmanthus (hold the seasoning is also good to drink)
1. approach is very simple, chestnuts washed into the boiling water pot cooked , then remove peel and then grinding into a powder mixer.
2. glutinous rice or rice pan is clean, if the rice, then water to soak into the rice to the full swelling, then with the amount of water into the pot, the fire to boil, turn heat and simmer about 30 minutes. If you like into the whole chestnuts or chestnut small, that porridge should now put together and cooked ~
3.30 minutes after adding chestnut flour, and cook about 20 minutes until rice bad thick porridge sprinkled with sugar osmanthus sugar or seasoning.

delicious burritos
Materials: Cake, Sauce, Cucumber, Onion.
spices: sweet bean paste, hot pepper sauce.
1. Wash the cucumber, cut into strips; onions washed and cut into thick wire; Sauce cut into thick slices aside.
2. Chunbing into the steamer to steam for 5 minutes, remove the paving, add a layer of sweet bean paste and hot pepper sauce, then put on the Sauce, cucumber and onion, wrapped tightly roll into a roll, all oblique knife for two on it.

cabbage pancake, needed materials:
dough required materials:
...... 300 g flour 150 g

boiling water, cold water ...... ...... 60 g
(using water dough)
stuffing materials needed:

shrimp cabbage ...... ...... 30 300 g g
onion ...... ...... less than half the amount of root

white sesame salt white pepper ...... ...... a little bit
a little sesame oil ......
1. Wash cabbage, shredded; washed mince onion back.
2. pot add a little oil, diced green onion and pour into pan, Stir the fragrance into the shrimp, cabbage silk, fry Caisi soft, add salt, white pepper, sesame oil seasoning, fry evenly after the fire, filling the well.
3. Sift flour, add boiling water while using chopsticks while Hunban into coarse granular, then knead by hand, then again increased slightly, whilst cold water, cold water completely rub it into the dough, kneaded dough on the side of the wake 15 minutes.
4. the dough into a small number of copies of the dough with a rolling pin to roll the dough into small discs, including into the fried filling, crushed into a pie, cookies, brush the surface with a brush in a layer of water, then dip a layer of white sesame seeds, followed by doing all of the tortillas.
5. Finally, you can pan fried, and the stuffing is cooked already got, do not fry too long, as long as both sides are color, golden brown enough. Practice almost seem like pie, do I feel better than after a lot of pie to be light, delicious a lot.

nuts pumpkin pie
pumpkin almond flour, glutinous rice flour, spices
salt, sugar
1. the flour, glutinous rice flour, almonds, pumpkin and spices together into a large bowl, and into the dough, divided into small, round cake made. In a round cake on some simple decoration. Pumpkin and flour, glutinous rice flour ratio is 5:4:1, while the pumpkin is still time to join the hot glutinous rice flour and then add the flour, so make the taste more glutinous, you can only put the glutinous rice flour, add the amount of to and after the sticky dough into the subject ~
2. Heat pan, add a little oil, fry until golden on both sides into the pumpkin pie can be.
can also be pumpkin, almonds and flour, adding the right amount of water, transferred into a thin paste, then spoon the pumpkin paste into the pot, fry the pumpkin pie. Election pumpkin with nails peel, if not leave finger marks, that old familiar, visible on the surface a small amount of frost, when the pumpkin and sweet face. Melon pumpkin stems pedicle attached to the body to save a long time, buy pumpkin, melon body Zhou Zheng to choose, not to hurt is not bad, most people like to eat the old pumpkin.

minced meat pie
material spin:
water dough 1 (after the dough with water practice)
meat, green onion, salt and pepper, (you can also put small shrimp).
1. the meat, green onion, salt and pepper stir; the water dough kneading, rubbing strips.
2. will rub a good long divided into several small portions, roll into a round of dough, meat with a spoon to evenly spread the dough roll into a wafer, and roll up.
3. Volume growth and then roll into a snail-shaped strip, slightly flattened, gently roll a roll, a minced meat pie spin on the well.
4. to do all of the cookies, in turn, can be cooked into the pan, you can also use the oven to 200 degrees oven baked.
water dough practice:
materials: flour, 300 grams, 150 grams boiling water, cold water 60 grams.
1. Sift the flour, the flour into the boiling water, flour and boiling water with chopsticks into a coarse granular Hunban.
2. hand rub.
3. and then increased slightly, whilst cold water.
4. will rub it into the dough completely in cold water.
5. wake surface, the smoothness of the dough significant change, then you can use a rolling pin to form a whole variety of open water pasta.

seafood noodle
Material: instant noodles (with Longxumian best, just instant noodles at home I used), ravioli (his bag Ye Hao, buy ready-made if you like), prawns, rape, broth (bone soup, chicken soup can), seaweed, mushrooms, onion, dried shrimps.
spices: salt, chicken powder, pepper, sesame oil.
1. the prawns, peeled, head, remove the gut, keep the tail, so it looks better to do, will handle a good wash shrimps; rape rape take heart clean; mushroom foam hair, mood can be a knife crosswise, so that he will appear in front of this bowl is more beautiful; washed mince onion.
2. materials are ready, take to the soup pot, add the amount of water, boil, then lower into the noodles and ravioli, cooked fish, I use instant noodles, what can be remove Shaozhu , and because it is summer, so look over the cooked noodles to the water.
3. If you have soup, then the taste will be better, we would be another pot boil broth, if not just cooking with soup on the soup can, shrimp boil, then add mushrooms, dried shrimps, seaweed, vegetables, then add pepper, salt, chicken powder, sesame oil, seasoning, and finally wonton and noodles into the soup and adjust seasoning, sprinkle with scallions the end.

love buns
material: cornmeal, soybean flour, wheat flour (cornmeal with the latter two surface ratio of about 3 to 1)
spices: you can add the right amount of sugar.
1. the cornmeal, soybean flour, wheat flour together with the sieve over the flour, knead the dough warm water catch.
2. will be split into several small portions of dough, knead until corn bread into a circle, and wiping the surface smooth, or to make shapes using molds.
3. will make the brush a good corn bread into the oil-Ti in the steam for about 20 minutes, cooked out of the box.
can make the corn bread hot brush on a layer of honey, then roll coated with coconut, is a delicious coconut corn bread.
glutinous rice flour instead of wheat flour used to make the taste of sweet Ruannuo.

crispy red bean used materials:
oil skin:
flour ...... 200 grams (do not worry, do not flour it does not matter which road snack with ordinary flour the same can be made)
...... 40 grams sugar 100 grams
water ...... ...... 40 g butter

1 Sift the flour, respectively, two kinds of surface and good, aside about half an hour relaxation.
2. dough relaxation time we use to deal with red bean paste, the early dip in one night of red beans into the pot, add the right amount of water, open Simmer beans, red beans and cook until the Sulan, no soup, and you can off the fire. Red beans as it has been soaked for a night, so very well cooked, boiled beans will not last long split, to achieve our desired effects. Add the cooked beans in the amount of sugar, and stir constantly with a spoon, rolling, not all smashed, reserve some beans, so it will taste best. This red bean paste even do the work.
3. The following do oil pastry bag, which is red bean skin approach. The wake of the oil over the skin, rub strips were crisp, and is divided into 10 segments.
4. to take an oil-skin, roll flat bag into the pastry, sealing clenched to avoid pastry leak. Wake up to do this step after 3-5 minutes.
5. flatten the dough with the palm of your hand, then rolling pin roll bar growth, then it is rolled up. Wake up to do this step after 3-5 minutes.
6. and then hand pressed flat, roll, bar, and then rolled up, and then wake up 3-5 minutes. Then wake up this little roll the dough into a round good dough on it.
7. the last packet into the red bean paste, made cookies, shape.
8. yolk in cookies, brush the surface of the water 2 times, placed in preheated 200 degree oven, bake for about 20-30 minutes, the surface is golden brown.

materials: toast pieces, chicken breast, carrot grain, corn, peas.
spices: salt, pepper, cooking wine, sugar, sesame oil. (Like the color of some weight, they can still add some light soy sauce)
1. Side of the toast to remove the four pieces (remove the edges can eat), then cut into several small square pieces, cut into any shape as you intended.
2. Wash chicken breasts chopped into a pulpy, into the container, add carrot grain, peas, corn kernels, salt, pepper, cooking wine, sugar, sesame oil and mix well. Carrot grain, peas, corn kernels can be more appropriate then minced.
3. The stirred to toast stuffed chicken-on-chip, in turn do a good job.
4. Amount of oil into the pot, pour the oil volume is random, you would like to pour some oil on the multi-fried, you think more oil is not good, but trouble, then pour the amount of cooking oil, Zhashu, fried are you familiar with the arrangement, in short, to do exciting moment slice of bread should taste will be good ~

rice sandwiches
materials: rice, beef, onion, corn, carrots, cucumber , lettuce.
spices: salt, black pepper, sugar, sesame oil, soy sauce, cooking wine, tomato sauce.
1. Wash the beef, chopped; washed mince onion; cucumber and carrots were cut into square sheets of the same size; if there is no leftover rice, then the family can now be put on steamed rice, Do not steam too soft.
2. the minced beef, onion, corn kernels, and all the seasoning mix, stir, divided into small cakes.
3. wok pour a little oil pan, add beef pie, a small fire slowly cooked, fried beef in the same time, take to a small bowl, add tomato sauce, water, sugar, salt, stirring evenly into the sauce, pour into sauce in the beef cooked until the sauce dries up beef cake can be removed. Remove the beef pie to form a more beautiful, the whole look can be the appropriate form of a knife, cut an irregular part.
4. will remove the steamed rice and let cool, covered with a layer of cling film documented the board, and then evenly covered with rice, and then shaping, attention to rice to shop Bohou uniform, with a paved square in the rice mold pressure on the shape of the rules, so a similar slice of bread, rice blank on the well, the pressure of a good rice into the brush a good oil pan, preheat oven 180 degrees, bake for 10 minutes, so the shape is more conducive to rice , and will not change Ruannuo taste. If you do not need to feel superfluous, of course, not baked.
5. Finally, rice and vegetables, beef together on it with a bamboo stick fixed.

ham roll vegetable materials used:
ham ...... 4 ...... 35 g

carrots 35 g cabbage ......
onion ...... 35 g
asparagus, mushrooms ..... so your favorite vegetables can be ...... need 35 grams of cheese slices or cheese
wire. ..... amount
(with ordinary piece of cheese can also be used a dedicated cheese pizza made of silk can also be grilled.)
salt, white pepper ...... amount
1 required materials and preparation:
ham slices, cut thick wire vegetables, cheese slices folded over and then cut into strips.
2. processing of vegetables wire:
the addition of vegetables other than onions boil water, add two spoonfuls of salt in boiling water, remove and drain the water. Into a large container, add salt and pepper mix.
3. make ham roll (Figure):
smoothing the ham, put the marinated vegetables, add the cheese roll up of the flow, and fixed with a toothpick.
make ham roll pan can be heated slightly to melt the cheese inside the can. You can also use the microwave, like ham, cheese and more can be re-covered with a chip. Made of baked, just ham roll side by side into the oven, then sprinkle the cheese evenly on top of wire, placed in preheated 200 degree oven, bake about six minutes until the cheese melts into a golden brown.

Blue Ribbon pork chops material:
pork tenderloin ...... a
(go to the supermarket to buy, they can choose the meat cut neat, convenient home operator, or directly buy ready-made loin meat.)
cheese ...... 2
(with normal cheese slice or that they are a little better with the cheese slices Ye Hao.)
ham ... ... 2
(ham can be cut slightly thicker, so that after the layered cut pork chops will be more beautiful.)

flour 1 egg ...... ..... . ...... a little bit

crumbs salt, pepper ......
the amount of practice:
1. to prepare a tenderloin or pork loin with a ready-made preparation of the meat should not be too small.
2. the entire fillet into two pieces, preferably thinner.
3. and then hammer gently tap with a meat, a meat thinning big beat, when mat plastic wrap.
4. will beat a good meat into the market, adding a little salt and pepper marinated for a while.
5. take this time to prepare some of the flour.
6. a bread crumbs.
7. an egg.
8. would pave the way meat is now the top layer of ham.
9. in a layer of cheese pieces.

pot chicken
Material: chicken breasts (about 4-5 small pieces), 2 eggs, flour.
spices: salt, cooking wine, onion, ginger, chicken broth (no can do).
1. Zacheng the chicken breasts with a knife blade fine mud; ginger are finely chopped; egg 1 egg white to take the remaining eggs and mix together egg yolk and mix another; remove the amount of flour back .
2. Then take the chicken mud bowl, add egg white, stir several times, then add ginger, spring onion, cooking wine, salt and mix thoroughly.
3. frying pan pour the oil till hot, take a small portion of chicken in the pan smoothing clay into a small pie, chicken pie in order to do all, removed.
4. it dipped in flour on both sides, then wrapped eggs, and then back into the pot and fry golden brown on it. Finally, you can then add the right amount of chicken broth to the soup will do when you can transfer to a plate. When can I eat more salt and pepper or tomato sauce dip.

Shrimp Toast volume of material needed:
toast ...... 5
mud shrimp ...... ..... 200 grams protein
garlic ...... ...... 1 tablespoon chopped green onion 1 tablespoon

salt ...... 1 / 4 tablespoon pepper
...... 1 / 4 tbsp sesame oil

wine ...... ...... 2 tsp 1 / 2 tablespoons
amount of starch ......
fried toast volume oil in about 150 degrees -160 degrees, the chopsticks into the pot, will emerge around a little Youpao.
1. Wash the prawns, remove the shrimp line. Only take the shrimp, remove all the rest, into the blender, whipped into a mud shrimp.
2. the mud shrimp, protein, diced green onion, minced garlic, salt, cooking wine, pepper, sesame oil Stir make filling.
3. toast to the side, and flat with a rolling pin roll compaction, then sprinkle a little starch in the silk surface, a layer of filling on the flat roll cast, rolled into the pot with medium heat toast approach to deep-fried golden brown, remove and drain the oil can be consumed.

vegetable cake required materials:
flour ...... 120 g

cold water 1 egg ...... ...... 180 grams of milk ...... 120 g

(whole milk, some can also be replaced with water, I used half of the material can be boiled three cake.)
cabbage ... ... 3 trees
(what with their own vegetables)
onions, ginger ...... little
pepper, salt ...... a little
1. to do the first batter, flour, eggs, water, (milk) uniform mixing, wake up 15 minutes. After the custard can still do a good job and then transferred stiffness, and their regulation under conditions of cold water can be a plus.
2. cabbage washed mince; ginger is finely chopped.
3. pot add a little oil, add onion saute the end, then add cabbage to saute, and then into the batter fried vegetables, salt and pepper, stir into vegetable egg last paste.
4. saucepan brush a thin layer of oil,Beats By Dr Dre Pro, pour a tablespoon of batter, spread into cakes, fry until golden on both sides just fine.

ready to look at material:
garlic 1,
(chicken soup on the line, Now cold weather, the soup more and more opportunities, if do not have ready stock available, you can use a soup instead of treasure.)
(read a lot to do soup recipe, put the spices are very simple, just salt + pepper.)
(can also use milk instead, do the soup common to put fresh cream, soup can be added to the lubrication , see favorite place chanting, with or without all see what you mean.)
1. these vegetables washed, cut into small pieces, garlic, do not cut.
2. take a small soup pot, put the fire without fuel, heat and pour into all the vegetables and garlic, these materials fried soft, then add water or broth covered with these materials.
3. If you add the water, you can throw a small piece of treasure into the soup slowly over low heat - cook, cook to soft rot and then all the material off the heat.
4. the cooked soup into the side of the dry look, and then poured into the mixer, the food break.
5. do the other with the same soup, the soup should be played down in the skillet, fire and continue to cook, salt and pepper seasoning, and finally adding cream Serve, recipe books often say: stew and then whipped, and then skillet stew, is the key to delicious soup. Pour soup back to pot when cooked, stirring frequently to avoid splashing out hot soup to your ~
6. Choose a coffee cup, poured into a soup with chopped parsley (supermarkets sell, such as new World supermarket, Carrefour) dotted about, how hard can you say romantic, this simple cup of soup you can bring a lot of atmosphere.

mushrooms and chicken porridge required materials:

cup mushroom rice ...... ...... ...... chicken breast half 2
(thigh meat can)
corn ...... ...... a small amount of carrot

(the amount of these materials are free bar)
1 spoonful of salt ......
(I added salt, you can add some pepper to your taste something.)
1. rice washing clean, put pot, into the amount of water, open fire to boil, boil, turn a small fire.
2. after a small fire to wash carrots, mushrooms, and carrots Peel Ding; mushrooms Diqie pieces, sliced ??mushrooms and cook into porridge, looks very attractive, beautiful, I think so.
3. Wash chicken breast, I like the random knife slice into small pieces and shape do not have rules. Cut into any shape you can be satisfied. I do not have pickled chicken breast, did not do any processing. You can advance with their own preferences about taste it to adjust.
4. and so the pot of porridge is almost cooked, that is, rice flower, and you can add corn kernels, carrots, mushroom pieces, stir well and cook on a while, so they are off after birth, put the cut into small pieces of chicken breast poured into the pot, stirring with chopsticks and then open them quickly boiled, add chicken breast I like this time, these details can cook with the owner's preferences and habits of random adjustment.
5. Finally, add a little salt to taste look like. Fragrant warm, made of rice is also good, both for adults and children.

potato salad sandwich materials needed:
black rice potatoes, toast ...... 5 ...... 1

eggs ...... 1
apple ...... half or a salad dressing ......
salt, white pepper ...... little
(an increase of only salad dressing on it, if the taste is not enough you can also add some salt and white pepper notes about taste.)
1. potatoes, washed, thinly thick slices, potato chips, washed with water look, then take to a small soup pot, into the amount of water, add potato chips and wash the eggs, the different cooked together.
2. apples, peeled, cut into chunks, soaked in salt water, to prevent discoloration, will stay together and then chopped cooked potatoes.
3. Remove the cooked potatoes cut Ding, Apple also cut Ding, soft-boiled eggs, chopped together into a container, then add salad dressing and mix well.
4. Black rice toast cut into any shape, or make cookies with your little mold is pressed into a variety of shapes.
5. to deal with a good slice of bread roasted or oven baked with what the oil pan can hold. Best not to omit this step ~
6. The folder into toast to potato salad. These sandwiches for dinner when it is produced, whether young friends, or to please the children, are applicable.

potato pie
main raw materials: potatoes, 300 grams water 300 grams of flour, 200 grams, 3 grams of salt.
1, potatoes, peeled, rubbed directly into the wire to the water, which prevents discoloration of potatoes, live batter does not need to add water when the.
2, plus 1 teaspoon cumin, 1 teaspoon curry powder, 3 grams of salt to the potato in the tasty silk.
3, then add flour, Ban Cheng homogeneous paste, add some onion and mix well.
4, wok, add a teaspoon of oil, shake evenly apportioned amount of batter, over medium heat 3 minutes.
5, flip side, continue to heat 3 minutes. Golden potato cake cooked on it.

do tomato ham volume of material needed:
eggs, tomatoes ...... ...... 3
half or 1 / 4 onion
.. .... 1 / 4
ham ...... a
salt, pepper ...... the little
(in the egg mixture to add a little salt and pepper seasoning.)
1. ready materials are ordinary common.
2. eggs into the bowl, 2-3.
3. tomatoes, onions, ham cut into cubes.
4. Remove the pan, heat, pour a little oil, saute the onion over medium heat.
5. join the small tomatoes, ham continue to saute.
5. then you can pour the egg mixture.
6. until the egg is about freezing, it will be rolled up pancake, fry golden brown pan can be cut into segments.

shrimp sandwich
row materials: shrimp, whole wheat bread, sliced ??cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, eggs.
spices: salad dressing, salt, cooking wine, pepper.
1. shrimp only take shrimp, cleaned mince, or puree in blender can also be labeled; and then into a container, add a little salt, cooking wine, pepper, pickled for a little while , be sure to put less salt oh ~
2. eggs, add a little water and mix, then spread into the frying pan into a pancake, in order to increase the thickness of the pancake, fold the pancake can be.
3. pancake with a good share of the pot to fried shrimp cakes, fried to a small fire slowly.
4. will Jianhao shrimp cake, pancake, and sliced ??cheese, tomatoes, whole wheat bread knife cut the same size were to change the side pieces, scraps to eat.
5. Finally, whole wheat bread with all the materials folder on it, do not forget to add a layer of each intermediate are salad dressing. Finally available toothpick fixed.

tofu burgers row to prepare the material:
tofu meat ...... ...... small amount of half a

little carrot ...... 1
ginger mushrooms ...... ...... ...... 1 tsp salt a little

1 tsp cooking wine ...... ...... soy sauce 1 tsp sesame oil

little starch ...... ...... ...... little
pepper a little flour
, egg, bread crumbs ...... amount
1. tofu into the boiling water pot, blanch look out, mashed into a container, if your tofu out of the a lot of water, you can use a small filter to filter excess water, then add a little salt and pepper and put aside.
2. Wash the mushrooms and carrots are chopped.
3. meat into the container, add a little ginger, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, whipped to pull its weight, then add bean curd, mud treatment, chopped mushrooms and chopped carrots, then add a little starch , mix well. If you added more meat, tofu is relatively small, you can add eggs to the meat inside. If you are worried about the amount of mishandled put spices, such as tofu can be added to the mud after the reunification of meat seasoning.
4. to make the tofu filling into a number of copies made of several small cakes, shape and size are random, you choose the best bread with the size match, and then turn wrapped in flour, egg, bread crumbs, the next gently into a small pot gold on it. Specific time related to the amount of your heat and food, this dish to determine the appearance of raw and cooked food is more accurate.
fried when a small fire, so as to make the skin color slowly, the food inside has enough time to slowly heat until cooked, not a wok on the paste off, but there was not enough time to heat. Eight wave

eggs need to be prepared materials:
eggs pork ...... ...... 2 ...... 10 g 10 g peas, carrots ... ... ...... 10 g 10 g mushrooms, shrimp, lettuce ...... ...... 10 g 10 g 10 g salt squid ...... ...... 1 teaspoon sugar, a little wine ...... ...... ...... a little water, starch, a little
1. Beat eggs, add some warm water of about 30 degrees, plus a little salt, pepper Stir flour, filtered with a filter to the steaming bowl, steamed Wangai in plastic wrap, until the steamer and boil water in steamer, cover and leave gaps will be steam cooked custard.
2. Wash the other necessary raw materials, all cut Ding spare.
3. is taken to a small soup pot, add some water to boil, first put the vegetables small, add diced meat, shrimp and small, the need to blanch the raw materials are again.
4. and then take to the hot pot, do not put the oil pan, add a little broth, then add all the ingredients just boiled burns, then add salt, sugar, cooking wine tune about taste, boil, water starch, starch, will remove the steamed custard, just make the gravy poured over the egg on top.
can also be used to replace the eggs, milk and egg white, made of steamed milk ~

Eight celery cake
residue material is very simple:
amount of residue, a small celery (use your favorite vegetable bar), 1 egg, cornmeal a little (plus without all optional), salt, pepper.
1. milk to lay out the residue after filtration. Residue is very fine, made after a variety of food will taste very good.
2. celery, finely chopped back.
3. will end with the residue of vegetables, egg, mix cornmeal, salt, pepper, and mix well.
4. Remove from heat, pour a little oil, oil heat, the residue made tortillas into the pot, slowly fry the small fire, golden on both sides just fine.

French toast
Material: white toast 4, jam amount, 2 eggs, milk 125 ml.
1. Beat eggs and milk after a mix, egg mixture back into the milk.
2. even after the toast to the cast side jam, every two stacked bond, again cut into triangles, put the egg in the milk wrapped in it.
3. saucepan adding the right amount of olive oil to the fire to heat transfer medium heat, gently toast in egg picked up from the milk into the pot, slowly fry the sides and then the three color a side of fried color can be.
4. eat when you can sprinkle some powdered sugar or with honey.

glutinous rice chicken roll:
chicken long rice
...... 2 ...... 1 ...... 1 cup carrot
/ 4
dry flour starch ...... ...... ...... amount of aluminum foil
soy sauce (soy sauce) ... ... 1 tablespoon (1 tablespoon here, about 15 ml, about 5 ml 1 tsp)
sugar ...... 1 / 4 teaspoon five-spice powder ...... 1
/ 8 teaspoon

salt 2 tablespoons water ...... ...... 1 / 4 tsp pepper ...... little

practice: 1. glutinous rice washed, soaked in water about 30 minutes into the steamer and the fire made of steamed glutinous rice.
2. carrot rub into filaments with a tool to use.
3. to take a small milk pan, add soy sauce, sugar, allspice, water, carrots, turn off the boil, add rice mix made of glutinous rice oil.
4. chicken special with a knife and kitchen scissors boneless, broken ribs, and beat with a meat hammer to become larger to better wrapped sticky rice.
5. dealing with a good chicken thigh meat into the market, thrown a little salt and pepper marinated for 20 minutes, Zaisa point of dry starch and stir well covered with oil rice, roll into a tube shape.
6. take an aluminum foil, place chicken roll, two roll tight, shape into candy-like, into the steamer and steam for 20 minutes.
7. to tear down the steamed chicken in aluminum foil, sprinkle the surface of dry flour into the pan to fry until crisp and remove skin, slice plate.

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conform to the trend, good changes, to adjust their programs of action, which is as big a way to adapt to reality.
a person does not deal with people of superior skill, did not all cases are thoughtful mind, flexibility of the tool, you simply can not control the big situation, will be difficult to become a major event.
a person can see their status, many balanced state of mind will be able to look on an objective, understand the world, and adjust their behavior accordingly.
7, self-confidence is a strong pillar of life, self-confidence enough
's ability to adapt to the high, low adaptive capacity and vice versa.
general lack of confidence in people who are often some of the more serious physical and psychological symptoms, such as withdrawal, fear with people, talking too radical, despair.
If successful experience more things, then confidence will be.
the opportunity to exercise self-less successful, more self-confidence is weak, thus resulting in a serious inferiority complex.
nineteenth-century thinkers Ralph Waldo Emerson said: into their strengths on the level of most people's lives
only stay in: To eat and eat, to take the bus and ride for work to work, to go home and go home.
into a major event and who is not a big difference in some small action only: spend 5 minutes a day reading, playing more than a phone, a little more effort, one that at the right time, performing on multiple charges a little effort, and more Do some research, or in the laboratory test once more.
in action before you know you are competent to this task.
no excuse can be interpreted to be what you are still not capable of a long work.
Whether you want to pursue what you have to force yourself to enhance the ability to achieve goals.
spare no practice, engage in active practice, practice spare finally! Never stop learning, and be sure to apply the knowledge learned in daily life.
9, to concentrate on doing one thing
If most people concentrate strictly on a work, they can do this work well.
most of those great things is that business decisions quickly and decisively, they are always the first to identify a clear goal and focus and dedication towards this goal.
time only concentrate on doing one thing, threw himself into and actively want it to succeed, so that your heart will not feel exhausted.
you need to do is imagine a big row of drawers in a small drawer. Do not always think of all the drawers, but you have to focus on the open drawer. Each man's means are not the same things, you can tell, there is a means to a person, a person there is a means to succeed on their own way. Numerous facts have shown that some people are too self-confident, sure miss their own means to solve any problems, but do not know that this is often not have any effect. Therefore, they always feel that the goal of success is not getting away from the past, but in fact more and more distant.
into nine kinds of events necessary attitude of mind
: positive
1. always thinking to succeed
2. do br> 6. In the ordinary to do extraordinary things
7. to keep the young mind is very important
8. is always positive, active, enthusiastic attitude of the two
: diligent humility
1. Top Gun to think, down to dry
2. Qin King industries, humble man
3. diligence than talent
4. hard to create a successful, destruction lazy genius
5 . to develop the habit of hard work will benefit from life
6. there is a hard, there is a harvest
7. perseverance and support to The third pedestrian
mind: honesty
1. honesty is derived from its own nature
2. honesty is the big winner
3. in good faith to lay a successful foundation
4. sincere friendship will make your business more developed
5. a man of integrity should conduct
6. honesty is as big a > 8. to be honest, with the enthusiasm of the four things
mind: the courage to challenge
1. dare to challenge themselves, to overcome the degrading psychological
2. Challenge Unlimited
3. persist in the end made by the courage, halfway is a coward
4. stirred into a major challenge for the confidence
5. courage is a good way to overcome difficulties
6. Katsuhito by force, since the winner strong
7. perseverance and perseverance is as big of basic skills
8. perseverance into a big, kick the tires no way out
mentality Five: Six good cooperation
mind: balance
contented state of mind of the seven: cheerful attitude
Eight: nine generous guest,
mind: always confident


  PX主要用于生?塑料、聚???和薄膜。曹成波?,beats by dre sale,PX以及其异构体OX和MX本身都是低毒化学品,都不属于致癌物。但PX生??程中?生的苯、硫化?具有高毒性和致癌性,是重要的大气?染物。其中,苯在生?工?中被循?利用,?生的硫化??气??脱硫、无害化?理后排放。






  【回?】 正常情况下,?空气?量影响很小



  【回?】 与城市的距离不是控制因素,?格?行??才最重要



  【回?】 ?格管理,?究科学,才能防范??














  【回?】 是易燃低毒?危?化学品,与汽油属于同一等?

1. One day, Zhang and his favorite girl to lunch, suddenly, the girl cried,
2. Personal dog bites, rushed to the doctor on the drug. Doctors are packing, ready to work.
One day, a small Aires gorilla asked God,dre beats headphones,

4. Being held announcer interview. The examiner asked: A bad man died, his wife in the spirit before the thank-you, friends, read the funeral oration said: king of the simple and honest, excellent both in character, weak and poor, all love. His wife asked him bow his son: A man very much appreciate a handsome girl, but his shy nature, so he had to secretly observe the travel habits of this woman, the woman looked far. When he observed some time, he found the name of the girls are every Wednesday to face a beef noodle shop to eat. One day, he tracked the woman to the noodle shop to see her the more she felt the more elegant, beautiful, and he the courage to boldly beside the lady asked her: shocked by the sudden sound, loudly replied, I saw officers, even unaware, that ye be? woman living in the side, with the sixth sense can detect. A gang sneaked into a crime lab, he forced open the first safe, and discovered nothing, except a bottle of jelly, he forced open the second safe, the results of which was only a bottle of jelly, he was not willing to put all are forced open the safe. But there are only a bottle of jelly, he angrily, ate all the jelly.
he wanted to know how it is, the next morning to buy a newspaper, to see how the newspaper said. Results of only a few words on paper: sperm bank theft in our city last night, all is not easy and safe to fly all the things.
9. Evening, when I jog in the road. There is a young man ran up from behind me, hasty in my ear and shouted: I quickly chased after 500 meters, out of breath to ask:
10. An obsessive-compulsive disorder in patients consulting a psychiatrist. Patients: Why I would like stool smoking? Psychiatrist: the stool because when you smoke, reflex Well, in fact, pull out, just an illusion, do not believe you hard.
11. Mr. Chang is a stubborn old man, one day, he tells her granddaughter to a riding experience, end said: horse? it good you? tame it? : A hundred years ago a winter, Santa Claus is always hard with a big bag of gifts sent a large packet sent.
a village, just only eight families.
Santa decided in order not to be so tired, this year's Christmas gift to send lighter, so he gave each a bag of candy people.
This is the origin of sugar sent to eight people. . . . .
13. After dinner, the waiter came and asked: eat a double it? Mr. Brown's love with others is often brag about how strong the body, may in fact not the case.
day, he secretly went to the hospital, was unfortunately ran into a colleague.
next day, the people around Bianxiang colleagues exposed Mr Brown claimed strong lie. At this time, Mr. Brown is coming from the outside.
replied: Teacher: So you did not come. .. my dad out with a woman .. My dad was my mom right wounded. to go. What is the relationship!? Has secret crush on her when he was studying, but not the courage to tell the truth, but cowards touch her. After graduation, she was married, my husband and I are classmates. That afternoon, she hold the baby in the feeding, I found a good excuse. I walked in front of her, hold her hands a chest, then her baby, said, Have time to eat with friends, during which very few people see Dongkuaizi, I said: Sunday, I was screaming his head out to home health, the doorbell rang, just open the door, a more than 30-year-old woman took out some of the bottle said to me: sets in the production of cosmetics is for you, you buy a bar, you can use to ensure that after the young and old. marketing. I see her so formidable, had said: Turn is preparing to leave, the door-year-old daughter to hear voices, the room came out to watch.
after the woman saw her face and immediately piled up a smile, said: .

A restaurant with a parrot is very polite , guests step left foot , it said: Welcome . Guests step right foot , it said : Welcome again . Visitors hear a sudden whim , a jump forward , just listen to the parrot said: by , startling !

try to give their light, only to find that the only light I have been a little weak the rest of Mars. I want to embrace open hand. Even the cruel fact that I and you can live better.

this world is not who I am sorry, and no one quits, only the doomed and the bear. Frustration, sorrow, suffering, grief, failure of these does not matter. Because Life itself is that around the lives of those in a hurry to slip away through the years, so for life, so a lifetime. The United States and the lack of distorted its original beauty. Only you know their pain, their hurt that only you can feel, see and understand other people's lips but also on the friction of a few. (Like you do not know my heart)
sad if you ask me what happens, I will tell you know what makes you sad tears, what is lost, what is lonely, what is not help ... ...

heartbreaking feeling who can say clearly? The most sad when a person, not tears, but want to cry but cry; the most lonely, when a person, not a person alone, but the students are walking alone in a crowd; a most desperate time, not without way to go, but there are too many choices, no way to choose. . . . .

your words, I want to hear, do not understand my silence, you would like to see, do not understand. As this feeling you will never understand!
If I hurt it, who's hurt? If you hurt it, I need to hurt them?

all ... or The faster you have a vague impression I disappeared! Somewhat dissatisfied, a bit less convinced, but we have the facts. Suddenly see a reason, to pay the price make you understand more thoroughly, always. Hard in pursuit of the last things are not always belong to you, personally planted exhausted mind Heart of mixed feelings,Authentic Beats by dre headphones, contradictions and painful struggle to eat fast heart gone.

actually very serious to thought, to a review, but also tried numerous times to ask ourselves, the problem is that both sides have the same on both sides. The awake awake, to confused when the confused. Because we are people - ordinary mortals! Perhaps when I really hurt, I know I am only human, I also need protection. I want to escape, I want to disappear, to escape, I have nowhere to escape, only to face, tears may flow over, my heart will not hurt, I should perhaps for their future in mind. When I left, when a person, I where? What do I do? What have my sunshine the world?

I'm afraid a person. I want someone to accompany me, God did not give me. Why shed my tears in the end? I do not know. I found hurt myself, I would had a good point. At least my tears for my own stay, I might really be something to fight for themselves, no matter what the outcome, I have had to understand yourself. Give yourself a chance, regardless of the outcome.

The output level here is significantly higher than on other headphones I've tried, and no volume control is offered on the Beats themselves. Monster recommends that iPod users activating the Sound Check feature to standardize the volume on all tracks and prevent unpleasant--possibly painful--surprises. Despite the ample power, battery life was generous, as I made it through half my testing on the original pair of batteries included in the package. They only died after I tucked the Beats into my bag without switching them off. (Long day…).

1 pair of Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones 1 1.3-meter cable 1 1.3-meter Monster iSoniTalk cable 1 Touring Case Monster Clean Cloth with Aegis Microbe Shield 1 1/8"-to-1/4” stereo plug adapter (24K gold contacts) 1 airplane plug adapter

Musician, Heal Thyself

Time was, Monster Cables' wares were strictly … you know, cables. A quick look at their product line now reveals everything from power amplifiers to iPod cases to loudspeakers to spray cleaners to their own record label. And, after more than three years of top-secret development, they can add headphones to the list.

Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones (Amazon.com)

Web sites:

Beats by Dr. Dre began with the eponymous recording artist/producer, working alongside Jimmy Iovine, chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, himself an accomplished producer and engineer. Dre drew upon their long and varied artistic backgrounds to conceive headphones that would deliver more of the music that they hear in the studio, without the compromises common to popular equipment. They ultimately partnered with Monster to create what would become the flagship model, the Beats By Dr. Dre "Studio" Headphones. Combining new materials, large proprietary drivers, and a digital amplifier, these much-anticipated 'phones received their final industrial design from Robert Brunner.


Manufacturer's Contact Information:

Monster Cable Products, Inc.
455 Valley Drive
Brisbane, CA 94005

No sound at all without batteries, or when noise cancellation switched off Monster warns against headband damage if handled roughly Folds smaller but not flat

Manufacturer's Specifications

Essential to an authentic studio experience is the isolation from distraction, and so Beats By Dre offer active noise cancellation. A small microphone inside reads the ambient noise of the listening environment, and then circuitry generates an opposite soundwave, which can more or less negate the unwanted din. This process requires a fraction of a second to perform, and so the sudden blast of a gunshot for example would not be eliminated. Noise cancellation technology is ideally suited to combat the constant drone of an airplane, for example, which is the primary use of such headphones.


Outstanding audio on a range of applications Effective noise cancellation Eminently comfortable Sexy esthetics (these are the "turn-ons" after all)

Back on the ground, accompanying me on a variety of errands, the Beats brought the soundtrack of my New York City backdrop down to a dull roar, even taking the edge off of passing fire trucks and police cars and in point of fact removing a layer of unpleasantness from all manner of daily life. I'd expose an ear once in a while to hear what I was missing, and I never truly appreciated before how raucous a shopping mall can be.

While the end results on MP3s were not as sumptuous of course, a new level of clarity was imparted, particularly on more complex rock-and-roll soundscapes crafted in painstaking studio sessions. Individual instruments and secondary vocals could be effortlessly discerned: Seems like Dre and Iovine might have achieved their goal after all.

"Ladies and Gentlemen… The Beats!"

At home, plugged into a dedicated CD player, the Beats stood up to some serious listening. They delivered more subtle nuances than I'd heard in quite while, be it the sustain of a note, the random squeak of fingers on strings, the singer's breath, the tiny quavers in a his voice: the "human" aspects of a performance. Other times, I could almost see the dust jumping off the kick drum as I felt the genuine thump of the bass, both in my ears and in my hands when I held the earpieces. Driven to maximum volume levels, there was some modest clipping on both highs and lows, but generally the sound quality remained excellent, and I could definitely appreciate the more expansive dynamics of full-bitrate audio CD.

A pair of AAA batteries goes inside the left earcup, and the right side offers two controls. There's a master On/Off switch with a red indicator light, and pressing the large "b" emblem mutes both the music and the noise cancellation,monster beats by dr dre headphones, should you want to discuss your drink cart options with the flight attendant without removing the headphones. They fold and unfold with a pair of locking hinges, but we must take care not to overextend the rigid plastic headband when putting them on or taking them off, lest calamity occur.

Spinning and Grinning

In the cacophonous confines of an airplane, I'm content to judge headphones on a Pass/Fail basis: Do they comfortably, effectively block out the omnipresent growl of the engines and render enjoyable music and movies? The answer here is a resounding yes, as the Beats felt remarkably good across my skull for four straight hours, solid yet lightweight with a slim swath of padding under the band. Neither are they as perspiration-inducing as I was expecting, as the ear-encompassing cushions are breathable despite earning their keep by sealing off the outside world.

Drivers: 40mm Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz Sensitivity: 110dB Maximum Output: 115dB Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1.5% at 1kHz out 1mW Active Noise Reduction: -14dB (at maximum) Rated Wattage (L + R): 60mW Weight: 270 grams (250 without batteries) Connector: 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo mini-plug, gold-plated Cable Length: 1.3 meters Color: Black with silver and red accents Warranty: 1 Year MSRP: $349.95

Where to Buy

ph: (877) 800-8989

What's in the Box?

So how would performer-designed gear perform? Switching on Beats By Dre initiates a fast fade down from ambient noise to a faint, high-pitched sonic artifacting of the cancellation process. I wanted to dismiss it as white noise, constant and eventually ignorable, but it was actually intermittent, here one moment and gone another. When the noises--white and ambient--subsided, I was left with just a gentle whoosh. For comparison, I switched to a pair of Creative Aurvana X-Fi noise-canceling headphones that I like quite a lot, which when activated are more reminiscent of a distant wind. Apples and oranges, and once the music starts, all artifacting disappears.

Final Thoughts

The headphones must be powered on--which again automatically engages the noise cancellation--in order to deliver the music. Two interchangeable cables are provided to run between the Beats and source device. One cable has standard mini-plugs on both ends, the other is Monster's " iSoniTalk," intended for use with the iPhone or other music-enabled phone, with a microphone and answer button attached to the cord.

I should point out that as I wore the Beats By Dre for a few weeks during this review, multiple strangers asked me longingly where I acquired them. Initially in short supply, word is apparently out on them already, and they have become a bona fide object of lust: Even the squat, semi-hard case with monogram and carabiner clip is eye-catching. And these headphones treated my ears pretty well, too.

damn pat music album ~ ~ ~. . Previous picture all the space there pat music album. . Results. . . . Clap board today to say happy album coming to an end this month outside a chain of operations - -. . April 30, after all the pictures, let alone outside the chain will not come out. . . . I am mad. . . . I either give up on all of these pictures (to give up all previous logs). . . Or on a picture to modify the original picture address. . . . . . . .

anyway ... life is always open another door for us. . . Friends received the guitar today. . . . Extremely happy (unfortunately there are no heroes). . .

this guitar that really. . On the right looks pretty naive - -. . . . . . . . . . .

always ups and downs of life very exciting. . . . I found that I never did not buy Guitar Hero that this dish. . . . . . . . . - -. . . Really like saying Michael Phelps, Tony Hawk play guitar hero with advertising ah ~ ~ ~ ~

typical throwaway. . . .

another. . Finally see the legendary planet of sheep from PY. . . . I have to die to be called stupid sheep (saying Ching Ming is coming what I received in this gift ah?)

It can also be skinned. . .


impression and his master as ~~~~,north face shoes men。 . . . CDS. . . - -. . . . The smell of sheep known to have people sleep better. . . . . I unwrap the moment just to feel . It stuck in a full day of blowing the windows. . . . .

Well the quality is excellent. . Leaned to the present can not smell. . . Ha ha ~ ~ ~

XD. . . . Joke. . . Thank you friends. . . (How do you think I get so sheep?). . . Like always feel like sheep being bullied I do?

phone cards in the previous PY's nephew found inside the photo. . . . . .

This is the most I've seen the real face as steamed buns buns! ! ! !

. . God. . It can do the voice of the German garden. . . .

like to get off the article dedicated to all the love I had lost a loved one,cheap north face jackets, to never be loved, still love to because, so he chose to self-deception people. This is a mirror, face up courage to give up, brave and start again.
When he does not love you, no matter whether he loved the past, but later forgotten, or never been loved. When you can not become a man of his heart, his heart will not remember you. Although he knows you love him, but he would prefer to pretend do not know.

when he does not love you, do not you're not happy, or is in trouble and loss of time to disturb him. He should be there at the moment is definitely not your place to go. Perhaps he will receive your phone, a few faint comfort you, but only so far. Perhaps you will then want something, then said: When he does not love you, you love your people, will be very cheap lot. You accounted for under the wind, it is human nature. He will say: stall you. Please, do not really go so, do not cheat yourself.

when he does not love you, please do not tell your chores with him, perhaps at the moment, but want to make you more familiar with each other. But, he is not interested in time to get to know you, your life, your past, your strengths and weaknesses and he bother? Even if the talk, he will forget it, just as he forgot your birthday, your address, your phone call. No love, so you're bound to squeeze into his life. Even if you asked even if only a very small corner.

when he does not love you, please do not shed tears in front of him, do not tell him when sick. He can not give you care and concern. At best, sympathetic look, and please be proud of you, do not give up already part of your pride. While too many people in the face of love lost too much. Even do not have the courage to stand up, how can pride? However, we should remember that only love themselves before they can really go to pamper you. Instead, watch the sympathy, compassion.

when he does not love you, your love is his burden. Please do not pay to calculate their own, do not want nothing in return. Love do not love themselves, is itself not return. Do not care about right and wrong, it will be happier. Remember, the love between you and him, is unilateral, your heart, your mood. So, do not blame him. Perhaps he would like to do a good job because some of you do not like cold.

when he does not love you, please do not lose their confidence. Because the love of a person, not his best, but just a feeling. He makes you feel that way, so you love him. Similarly, he does not love you, you is not no good. Good reason to not love. But he still so much love their people, faint smile, but also a sweet bar.

when he does not love you, but also be sure to wish him well. With love, we should not have hate. Love is the best, hate is ugly. Why let the best things in life overtaken ugly it? Do not think that is unfair. About to leave, he lost a loved his people, and you lose a person who does not love you, but get a life again, re-love the opportunity. Do not think about You love at the moment, destined to go far away and no longer love him one day. He is just one step earlier than you reach this day. When he does not love you, gently hug your memories of Wenai, gently withering stare that gentle.

when he is not love you, dear, please take a deep breath deep, life on the road, covered with a bud of love, there is always one that belongs to you, not comfort you, but, This is already doomed to lifetimes of good. Please believe me, believe in yourself.

when he no longer loves you, how would you choose? Will continue to love him?

The first two nights with the children to play,Meisterstuck Ballpoint Pen, I said I was Superman vegetables vegetables ,montblanc ballpoint pen, cooking rice Superman does

60 regulations surprise you little common sense

1. Eat spicy things, I feel we should be hot die, go out into the mouth and put a pinch of salt, containing about, spit, rinse under the mouth , not spicy;
2. teeth yellow, can be chewed after peanut in your mouth and brush your teeth for three minutes, is very effective;
3. If a small area of ??skin damage or burns, burns, cast a little toothpaste, can immediately stop the bleeding pain;
4. often mounted inside the cup of tea the tea leaves ugly stains, wash with toothpaste, very clean;
5. mouth slightly upward, eyedrops, so chaos will not blink an eye;
6. mouth ulcers, use of vitamin C attached to the ulcer, ulcer, etc. It basically melted like;
7. eyes into the small dust, closed eyes, cough hard a few, the dust will have their own out;
8. After washing the face, stick a finger in some fine salt on both sides of the nose gently massage, then rinse with water, blackheads and acne will be cleaned, pores also become smaller;
9. just been completed when the mosquito bites, apply soap will not itch;
10. If the throat, inflammation of the gums, and at night watermelon cut into small pieces, dip of salt to eat, remember that it must be night, when the symptoms will be reduced, the next day like;
11. hair dryer blowing against the label, such as blowing hot glue marks, you can easily peel off the label ;
12. Travel with clothes to fold if the fear of pressure, clothes can be rolled into each volume;
13. hiccups when playing on the drink vinegar, immediate impact;
14. eat the smell of things, such as garlic, tofu, and eat a few peanuts like;
15. cough, dry cough especially at night before going to sleep, with pure fragrant sesame fried eggs, oil up slightly more have not put any seasoning, hot eating and went to sleep, ate a few days the effect is obvious;
16. wrists like a long thick MM bracelet with a smaller, can not be a hard band to be put on the handle a plastic bag and then put on bracelets, very good band, not hurting the handle, remove is the same way;
17. chestnuts difficult to peel the skin, first shell off, then turn it into microwave oven about , took a twist after the hot, skin and lost;
18. flowers, the drop of detergent in the water, can be maintained for several days;
19. walnuts into the steaming pot ten minutes, then broke down out on the cold water, you can remove the entire Peach kernel of;
20. the shrimp into the bowl, add a little salt, edible alkali powder, rub with the clutch soaked with water after a while , then rinse with water, which can fry the shrimp transparent as crystal, cool and tender and delicious;
21. Pork, the meat first ten minutes with baking soda and water soaked, drained the water, and then tasty, fried out will be very tender;
22. the residual tea a few days immersed in water, poured on plant roots, can promote plant growth;
23. the residue dried tea, put the toilet or drain in the burning smoke , eliminate odor, get rid of mosquitoes, flies function;
24. cooked rice re-heating method: used chopsticks in the rice pot inside the bar through the hole more, sprinkle a little rice wine heavy stew,
25. if only the surface half-cooked, as long as the surface of stew and then turn to the middle you can;
26. clever addition to screens greasy: the clothes, the rest of cigarette smoke on the water together until dissolved, and brought clean windows, screens , the effect is really good;
27. as long as the jewelry box put a small chalk, you can make jewelry and preserve their luster;
28. the table, the bottle with traces of the surface of the adhesive can be essential balm wipe;
29. When we go out at any time in the bag with a small battery, if the skirt with a static, put the battery's positive in the skirt can be removed above the rub a few static;
30. whether it is shoes where to wear to your feet, your feet on the ground where the shoes a little bit of white wine coated to ensure that does not wear feet;
31. Heng transfer vegetables, if you must be boiled, boiled water is best dishes make full use of. Such as making dumplings dish, boiled water can be a good amount of meat on the inside, it will ensure nutrition, but also make delicious soup dumplings stuffing;
32. Summer feet sweat easily, feet with salt water every day can cope with sweaty feet;
33. summer sun after swimming may prevent skin disorders and other diseases;
34. summer pillow damp mildew easily, often for health exposure Pillow;
35. eat barley and other small Douyu wet spleen, heatstroke can be wet;
36. anti-insomnia: too much before going to bed less about words, avoid drinking tea, before going to bed not Dayong brain, and feet can be hot water and vinegar;
37. honeysuckle any evacuation rheumatic efficacy, honeysuckle and honey cool water to cook the juice can be prepared and hot weather;
38. after eating fatty foods in the tea can stimulate the autonomic nervous system, promote fat metabolism;
39. lack of sleep will make you stupid, one day need to sleep eight hours a siesta habit can delay aging;
40. easy to become dry and rough hands, hands with vinegar and soak 10 minutes' skin; 41. summer clean mat, with dropping the toilet water clean mat, mat can maintain a fresh, clean. Of course, wipe down the mat when the best lines were, in order to penetrate into the toilet water lines mat gap, so cool and comfortable feel will be more durable;
42. Breakfast eat more tomatoes, citric acid and other acidic fruits and vegetables, beneficial Liver;
43. chill antipruritic shampoo or bath, toilet water drops in water and add fifty-six, can play a very good cool sterilization, removal of prickly heat anti-itching effect;
44. grapes sleep aid hormones, sleep, eat it regularly will help;
45. summer drink tomato soup can get nourishment, but add water, tomato soup should be burned and cooled before drinking, Lycopene contains some anti-prostate cancer and the efficacy of myocardial protection, the most suitable for men; eat acid immediately brushing damage teeth healthy;
46. because of injury misfortune to scratch the skin, in wound applying toothpaste to inflammation, bleeding, and then dressing as a temporary emergency drugs to the most significant effect of drug toothpaste;
47. to spray white vinegar on the menu board, put half an hour after washing, not only bacteria, but also odor;
48. yoghurt can sober up after irritability, yogurt can protect gastric mucosa, slow alcohol absorption, and calcium-rich drink to alleviate irritability particularly effective;
49. moldy shoes foreskin place for a long time, use a soft cloth dipped in alcohol-water (1:1) solution to wipe;
50. headache, dizziness, applying toothpaste in the temple, because the toothpaste contains menthol, clove oil can be pain;
51. the candle 24 hours after freezing, then into the birthday cake, lit the candle will not shed oil;
52. yellowing white clothes washed, it is desirable pot of water, dripping drops of blue ink on the twenty-three, soak the washed clothes in the moment minutes, do not wring dry, is placed under the sun, you can clean and white;
53. excessive consumption of raw onion and garlic will stimulate oral gastrointestinal, adverse health, the best add a little vinegar and then eat;
54. replenish moisture but should not drink fruit juice, cola, Sprite,north face fleece outlet, soft drinks and other beverages containing more saccharin and electrolyte drink will stimulate gastrointestinal adverse affect digestion and appetite. So the summer should drink boiled water or light salt (sugar) water;
55. Tofu every morning with the friction face a few minutes a month, the face will become very moist;
56. Indoor air temperature should not exceed five degrees, then even if the weather is hot, and it is not air-conditioned room temperature to 24 degrees below;
57. plus enzyme detergent agents in warm water for a longer time to break down the laundry better;
58. summer human activity variable length of time, sweating, excessive energy consumption, should be more appropriate to eat chicken, duck, lean meat, fish, eggs and other nutritious food to meet the body's metabolic needs;
59. Headache When ground into a pulpy apples coated gauze, attached to the headache at the symptoms ease;
60. there are stains on the bag, you can wipe with cotton dipped in the wind spirits.
. Try ah ...

13. so that their dignity has enough endurance to society is a favorite dignity shattered place, in addition to your own, no one will keep it for you, your place to stay is the university, so you have the space to withstand failures and combat.

9. do for yourself and others to a conclusion, what you see may just hear one side.
10. jealous if someone around you, then you can take him from the list of your competitors eliminated.

2. you have enough reason to admire people who get up early every day, do not believe, you do it. Do a lot of people will admire you find it.

6. No matter how people say that college is a place to improve the comprehensive ability and so, if you fail to learn, you are nothing - do not rule out the unexpected, outstanding and successful life skills ability to get people over there, but you considered good? Is that an accident would you do? ?

3.Nothing is impossible. Just select a target, not to think too far down to earth every day, trials and hardships. Is life, more than fighting.

14. When you are on a high grade, they have to make an adult image, freshman child see you, let them feel you are their seniors. you are very mature.
15. case to another major problem, do not panic, do to learn to calm; not to seek other people think of the past, a family member to help you, you now need a person to face challenges, from despair to find hope, life will eventually be brilliant.

16. learn to say thank you, but thank you not just perfunctory, is the recognition and rewards to help others; have to learn to say sorry, but sorry is not an excuse, is the fault of their own make up and guilt.

36. calm, something big, they can and can quickly find a way to quiet people, very powerful.

42. You can choose to adhere to, you can also choose to give up. There is no right or wrong. I say love it, but it is important to stick to your choice.

31. I would not care the spirit of the emotions. regret the loss is greater than the loss, a greater error than the error, so do not regret it.

12. in a persistent process, really tired, when used to read, see, and there will continue to struggle for power. Remember, it is their choice Zaikuzailei way, never give up, not tears. Only graduates of victory when the tears to stay.

48. Regardless of your future now more confused, more confused, do not forget to set a goal. A past or present situation is not important, what you want to get success in the future is most important. Unless you have the ideal for the future, or to not make a big deal.

46. insist on good word to say that someone in the back, do not worry about things not pass this party ears, someone in front of you saying bad things about someone, you just smile.

18. Do not complain about the differences and the reality of the school is not fair, not fair for you in terms of others, it is fair to rely on your own to change the unsatisfactory environment for fair and reasonable.

21. distracted or bored idle time, more to the library to bubble, there is the reality of the book out of pure and rare quiet; to do more books, life will gradually be less confused, more pursuit.

8. take advantage of the opportunity to speak in public to exercise their own.

27. University is a new environment, all of your past is a blank for them, this is your best time to re-shape their own image, get rid of the previous shortcomings, a new image appear .

7. not to mention bad language, just a word or words will make you someone else's image greatly reduced, avoid making a fuss all day shouting

11. a lot of things other people notice you, to say thank you, did not notice you, do not blame, because those things you should really find out yourself.

37. society is full of competition, universities are competing to win the competition by their own strength.

47. take the time out to exercise.

41. Do not imagine that he was recruited to become the darling, when you understand Seventy percent of junior high school students can be more than the university, you should understand that a group of people not to worship the most, the unit needs is the work of the people rather than an official person.

44. to strangers, or the other as a piece of paper, or the other side when your friends, in short, not as enemies, even if you hear more about his (her) a bad rumor.
45. love you, whether you accept, you should thank each other, this is their respect.

24. often to call home, even if his mouth did not want to say to each other, but in fact have already love insensitive; with female (male) friends, can not forget the father and mother.
25. more smile, will slowly make their really happy together.

39. like a man, the courage to tell him or her, I said at the End of the World University is a place to learn, but I understand the power of love. The pursuit of your true love, as long as they think is worth, it is worth it.
40. Do not front on the generosity of the girls, just like a brother money, even if you do a lot of money. You know, seeing your existing money a woman, eventually one day you will be betrayed because of money.

28. student cadre, if you respect them,beats by dre sale, tell yourself it is because they are your fellow students, not because they are your superiors, we are only students only.

22. Never look down on students from poor families, they are in relatively poor condition and you do the same results that they have much better than you. Each person's life should be equal, as you can to help them.

32. you really have to learn the shenanigans, but remember, always remember, in the community the only way to win is always just one, that is strength, never have suspected.

33. the face of unfair things, do not complain, you may just not fair someone else's equity. So, you might as well go hard struggle, the most suitable for your own fair.

4. you and your friends will come together in the future to create a potentially brilliant career. Sounds good, right? Remember, you have to work.
5. a lot of things and then when you find out that nothing will be recalled. So, no matter how angry you are then told myself do not have to, you will find that I really do not.

26. make good use of public training, show, even if only one class of speech, do not be afraid embarrassment, shame more do not be afraid, do not lose face in public joke people.

1. Do not be afraid shame, shame is the pursuit of a successful attempt, as do people laugh at you, you can put your future life, their opponents from the list of excluded, you have to sing for every stage people applauded.

38. a kind of work and study the impact and staying power will let you have a special charm and personal strength

43. If you always pondering who you hate, which like-minded people and you, then you are a big mistake to think of how to let others accept you, not you can accept the kind of person.

17. If you have been a person to the cafeteria to eat or go to study hall, do not worry, the university where a person is normal, you feel lonely? Your friend is afraid you think you do not have free space, so do not think you do not have friends.

23. you can lose to anyone, but you can not lose yourself.

34. vicissitudes of life, do not bear the sight of something new angry, does not matter.
35. we do live in difficult, one should bear all the external pressures, but also to face their own inner confusion. Struggling, if you vote for someone to understand the vision, you will feel the warmth of a life, perhaps only a brief glance, I am moved and inspired enough to make endless, so we have to learn to appreciate.

49. Do not people know the whole thing of the past, respect for people who do not like you.

29. do not ever want to be not to offend anyone who was opposed to some support and then make their own decisions is a wonderful life.
30. No matter what your level of student leaders, even if a student council, but also respect for ordinary students, we are all students, they should be friends.

50. into a major event in many different ways, do not accept you could not understand the method.

19. Both men and women, if the university also looks as the important things and too much attention to it, may not suffer, but sooner or later will suffer. possibly, probably.
20. vacation time, either stay at home spend more time with their parents, help them to do something, flown in every day as before, you can keep time on their side have little; or more to experience life in society, Because you not only know how to live, but also learn how to live.

Dear own, from today's live it for their own pride, love yourself, no one will feel bad.
Dear myself not too concerned about some people worry so much about something, go with the flow to the best state of mind to face, because this world is so often in the most unfair things in front of us care about the most worthless.
own dear, never embarrassed himself, such as not eating, crying, self esteem, depression, these are a fool to do.
Dear own, learn smarter, do not always ask the people around some very idiotic question, it is really boring.
Dear own, if not happy to find a corner or in the yard to cry about, you do not have sympathy for poor people, after crying, like life can be happy.
dear yourself, learn to control their emotions, who do not owe you, so there is no reason you just get angry with others, playing patience.
dear yourself, you may disappointed but not despair, you should always believe that, tomorrow is another day.
dear yourself, you do not always want to rely on others, but can not expect other people when you need to first time to come, after all, you is not no one who who.
Dear own, never easy for others to promise, a promise is a debt owed!
Dear own, go back to this world and not only what is hard on.
Dear own, others Hello, you have to double for others, others bad for you, you still should be good to others, because it means you are not good enough.
Dear own, no matter how miserable you have real stubborn to believe this is only a brief pre-dawn darkness of it.
Dear myself not to seize and hold memories, broken line kite, to let it fly, let it, but let their own.
Dear own, the world is only one of you, even if no one know how to appreciate, you have to love yourself, do the most authentic self.
dear yourself, take good care of your side of those who, because of love may be only temporary but friendship is for life.
dear yourself, you must find love in addition to outside, you can make a strong stand on the earth with both feet on things.
dear yourself, remember to always look to the sky, but also keep in mind when looking at the sky to see the foot.
dear yourself, trust your instincts, do not provoke others, do not let others to provoke you.
Dear own, never flirt with others, you not afford that!
dear themselves, and not too low-key, sometimes a little tough, being bullied,dr dre beats, they must get back to! But must not bear grudges, see the villain's good to go with them, mercy will make you noble.
Dear own, be happy, be cheerful, be tenacious, to warmer, and this character has nothing to do.
dear yourself, be confident and even a little narcissistic, always remind myself that I deserve to have the best of all.

Received more than twice the average day there will be links to the Trojan site , the three received the virus files sent by strangers ask you to receive .
Average of two days there will be a plus you QQ, is winning , or it is a system , please you reply password .
average three days there will be a plus you QQ, say your number well, you serve .
average four days plus you have a stranger , and then say something inexplicable if its noisy , then QQ, say what you borrow . For a while !
average of five days plus you have a girl ,Beats By Dr Dre Pro, that is nice ... finally would like to play a QQ number !
and a chat with newfound friends time, a few days ago , about half the time , the number is in the chat you how to apply !
friends or friends added to your QQ number, you will want to give him a 5 or QQ number 6 can also be . and when you say no , you'll be unhappy . ( but I really do not !)
ten users that there will be a relationship between your company and QQ .
ten there will be two friends think you are hacking , hacking will .
ten friends in your hands you have three that have a lot of pretty numbers .
ten friends in the other four will be vague and say that they will the number is not good .
when you tell people your QQ number, other people will be surprised , but it will also ask you have no good QQ number .
when you tell people your QQ number, others will waiting for you the next few figures .

QQ with a 5 What can you do ?

play the game, you can get some friends to trust , give you some equipment .
when doing online transactions , because you have five QQ, will do regress , it will give you equipment or money .
when the Internet bubble crush , even if she had intended to ignore you , but may be because you are a good number . through you .
your average ten girls in the age of 18 accounted for most , a good number of them is to see you !
above does not matter , because many people are concerned about your QQ number , so your chances are someone else's stolen more than ten times !


mother's life is what you do you know? ? You look at it ~ ~ ~
when you 1 year old, she fed you and give you a bath nurse; and in return, you cried all night;
you 3 years old, she love and affection for you to cook; and in return, you put a dish she made on the floor;
you 4 years old, she gave you buy brushes; and in return, you painted a wall the abstract;
you 5 years old, she bought a beautiful dress; and in return, you wear it to the pit was playing;
when you 7 years old, she bought a ball; and in return, you use the ball broke the neighbor's glass;
when you 9 years old, she paid a lot of money to give you guidance piano; and in return,Coach bags store, you do not go to practice often absent;
When you are 11 years old, she with you and your friends to go to the movies; and in return, you let her take another drain;
when you 13 years old, she suggested that you go to the hair cut , and you said she did not know what is now the fashionable hairstyles;
when you 14 years old, she paid you a month's summer camp expenses, but you have a whole month without a phone call to her; When you are 15 years old when she came home from work to give you a hug, and in return, you turn into the room the door has stuck;
when you were 17 years old, she was waiting for an important call, and you but holding the phone and talk to your friends for a night;
when you are 18 years old, graduated from high school she moved you to tears, and you are out gathering with friends until dawn;
19 years old when you , she paid your college tuition and to send you to school, you asked her to get off at the far point of the students are afraid to see a joke;
when you 20 years old, she asked you and you answer: I do not think like you;
when you 23 years old, she bought you your new home furnishings, and your friend said she bought the furniture really bad;
when you are 30 years old , she asked advice on how to take care of children, and you said to her: Mom, times are different;
when you 40 years old, she called you and said birthday today, and you answer: Mom, I am busy no time;
when you 50 years old, she was often sick, need your care, but you have to run around for your children in;
finally one day she died, all of a sudden you think never done before, they are like a hammer-like blow your mind.
If the mother is still alive, so do not forget than ever deeper in love with her.

is a son to a friend , a friend is equivalent to less less love .
Wǒ child close friends a lot, but they is not easy to get together ! I hope we are together able to cherish every minute ,Outlet Coach Audrey Collection! People often : [ world lingers feast ] . Wǒ better than I hoped my friend ,

to believe me, people bully me, you have to help me out the first time, I am happy, you will accompany me happy, I am not happy, you have to coax me happy, always have to think I was the most beautiful, but also to see my dream in your heart there is only me, that's it.
Second, do not let her drink three cups or more, otherwise everyone that she will fight;
third, must drink coffee in the coffee shop, do not drink Coke or orange juice;
Fourth, if she hit you, must be installed very painful, if it hurts, it should pretend to be all right;
Fifth, you know the first one hundred days, must go to her class to send a rose, she would very fond of;
Sixth,Coach bags outlet, you have to learn fencing, playing squash;
Seventh, we should always do the jail's mental preparation;
eighth, if she said she would kill you, that Do not take it seriously, so you will feel better;
ninth, if she's wearing uncomfortable shoes, and her changing his shoes must be worn;
tenth, she likes to write things, encouraged her to take.

you should do, I should die. There was a sincere love before me, I do not cherish, and so when I lost my only regret, the most painful things than this. Your sword in my throat cut on the go! Do not hesitate! If God can give me a chance again, I would say the girl three words: I love you. If you have to fall in love with a deadline of this, I hope ... ... for a thousand years

when you are young, have the answer to why, but old, you may well feel that life and there is no answer.
Every day you have opportunities and a lot of people passing,
some people may become your friend or confidant
so I never give up any chance of friction with people.
sometimes made himself badly beaten,
who cares! Happy on the line.

I want you to know that this world will always have a person waiting for you. No matter what time, no matter where you are, anyway, you know there will always be such a person. - people can become vicious, as long as you try what is called jealousy. I do not mind how other people look at me, I just do not want others to be happier than me. I think some people will never jealous, because he was too proud. In my debut, I met a man, because he likes to come and go in the east, so many years later, he was nicknamed Click here to see. Know what the difference alcohol and water? The more wine to drink more warm water Yuehe Yue cold. They want to forget a person you are, in fact, the more you will remember him. The trouble is that human memory is very good, if you can leave everything to forget, after every day is a new beginning, you say how good. Everyone will go through this stage, to see a mountain, wanted to know what is behind the mountain. I wanted to tell him, could turn the mountains behind, you will find nothing special. Looking back under the side may feel better. Everyone will stick to their beliefs, in others it seems, is a waste of time, but she felt very important.
Click here to see: Although I like her, but never told her. Because I know things are not always the best.
West poison: I know how to protect themselves from childhood, I know that in order not to be refused, the best way would be to reject others.
West poison: dream life, but she told me a joke. They want to forget some things you will remember that the more firmly. When there are things you can not get, you only can do is do not forget.
Murong: I have asked yourself, is not a woman you love me? But I do not want to know. If one day I could not help but ask you, you have to lie to me. Even if you are more reluctant heart, do not tell me you love me not.

I always thought I would not have the chance to see her, suddenly, I do not know how to speak, do not know how to speak the first word, to tell her, I really love her. had a lot of trouble between the earth is easy solution, some things as long as you are willing to hand, you will have another look quite different, I finally understand what is still elusive meaning, in fact, the situation of the actions, should you have me, I have you, who Who is male or female, what is the relationship between two people happy together, not on the line, and today she is a bully, tomorrow will be my turn. , there will be two parallel lines intersect each day

may all have had such a man, two women, at least two. Married a red rose, over time, changes in the wall of the red touch of mosquito blood, white or a cinnabar mole on her chest.
- Red Rose and White Rose

Tomorrow is another day!

there was resentment, grudge, there are rivers and lakes. Person is dead, how do you quit? , I is the love you.
- City of Glass

? ?

80 largest after ? ?
since, on the

Technical School:
fourth sniper crossbow: blowing flat head machine glitches to make it more streamlined, fly farther.
colored lotus: the aircraft's nose is a little heavy for a little!
ugly Taurus: warm-up because heating and air friction, the head of the aircraft are really special alloy. Paper airplane ahead of heating, will reduce the energy conversion process.
a gun: I think it is to the aircraft shape, with the steam iron for the same reason.

ideas were:
black crows fly: This is for aircraft refueling it!
hide cat: the real answer is Xianqi Ha mouth, so that paper airplane clouds!
calaboose: Ha tone is meant to allow the aircraft resurrection, give it life and strength. Carrying the owner's dream, to fly more than fly high, fly far can fly far.
across forty: Ha tone, which means that the meaning of jet thiophene.

follow the trend of school:
play cool children: genetic. This father, brother, so, so I think so.
amynini: not one in the Kazakh gas, is also back up with Kazakh gas, to feel good playing!
tanghaoxiang: It's like buy a watermelon, as we are used to shoot it. Because we all do, so I think so.

playing paper airplane flying after comparing 90 non-Kazakh gas

before noon yesterday, the reporter in the vicinity of several Daping Shi Hong, Cheng Ting and Yang Ling were both born in 1993, is currently in high school. Reporters will be handed a few to have been folded paper airplane, make them fly it. Three smiling holding a paper airplane, invariably fly directly out, no one paper airplane nose against the Kazakh gas.

they said no Kazakh gas from the habit. In all were asked about the ! old house, primary school academic pressure is relatively small,Outlet Coach Diaper Bag, then the relatively slow pace of life, their interaction time increased, school play together often. Playing paper airplane, the first breath Oh psychologically imply for their own cheering, hoping that their aircraft can fly more than companion aircraft higher and farther, is a positive game play. While others are completely herd mentality, along with others learning, it becomes a habitual action. And now 90, was born in the information age, most of the time was living in the computer, the network replaced the traditional hand-puzzle game has been lost. We also call for children to proper guidance, will be passed along some of the classic game.

Physics: Paul heavier head balance Southwestern University School of Physical Science and Technology teacher Yuan Hong W: Ha breath before taking off paper airplane, and aerodynamic. Paper airplane nose smaller, although able to reduce the resistance, but the quality of the nose is too light, not the average body mass. Ha first breath, wet nose of the airplane after a little heavier, can make the whole body to maintain balance, so that airplanes can fly in the air longer. In addition, the nose a little weight can play a leading role, if the quality of the rear fuselage is too heavy, paper airplane in flight is easy after the turn. Everyone who is not also against the paper airplane Ha breath it? ?

Album: Secret Journey Secret Journey
Artist: Omar Omar Akram
music style: Ethnic Fusion, Contemporary Instrumental, Smooth Jazz
Album length: 53:35
issuer: Real Music
Release Date: September 25, 2007

Omar, the former album not underestimate the power of. Now his third album,Outlet Coach Kristin Collection, Based on the theme of world music on, stack the laying of the new century, jazz and fusion music, this album, Omar's music has become unique, and can be a high degree of understanding of the audience, this album has all can become the darling of critics charts and formulas.
this album arranger of contemporary musical instruments are like a tapestry, showing a strong sense of melody, carefully intertwined with his acoustic grand piano, and a group of world-class musicians playing acoustic guitar, violin, oboe apricot wood (old musical instrument parts of Armenia), flute and ethnic percussion.
album Omar explained: Yi Chu daydreaming at the time, always in my mind through some of the 'secret journeys', one of the lucky ones to escape the pressure of real life, one was to travel, they see new places, experiencing unusual experience. Whether spiritual or real trip, I hope my album's music is for them to prepare for the trip of movement that each person there is always a need to leave time to look at. Not only is the album namesake song Composer to capture some of Omar's Afghan spiritual heritage of their ancestors (scenes such as the distance of a lake-like linked to any particular State. leave Water with gentle piano album violin ensemble .
in the first two albums, Omar only a single name Omar own show, now that he signed with full name Omar Akram. Meanwhile, his music is continually changing and developing. His debut album music sales charts in the top 15. Second CD He also joined by inviting guest musicians such as saxophone style hand Eric Marienthal (The Rippingtons), to broaden their musical space. In the prestigious Wind & Wire publication selection, the album won album of the year second in the contemporary instrumental music performance.
in the new album structure and including Latin and the Middle East, including, among many elements of world music. Omar continues to create memorable melodies, and between music and other like-minded to develop a mutual influence relationship. Each and Omar album collaborators are brought dazzling talent and impressive professional reputation. Gregg Karukas has a strong jazz fusion background; Ramon Stagnaro responsible for the guitar parts, and once again playing the flute, oboe and Persian Ina apricot wood flute; violinist Charlie Bisharat; Percussionist Ron Wagner; special guest guitarist Ardeshir Farah.
Omar in Afghanistan to the United Nations as a diplomat's son, was born in New York, was removed at a young age around the world, by the cultural impact of many countries, 6 Czech's top music since the age of the teachers received training in piano, all kinds of influence in classical music growing up. 14-year-old with his father in Cuba, Cuban culture, out of curiosity, fell in love with Latin rhythms and Latin-style acoustic guitar. Back to the U.S., he met national electronic music master at work, decided to try and started composing electronic music, a few years later, George Winston and David Lanz by two popular figures of the piano, return to the piano. But on his broad interests in music, in the character formation, but also listened to a lot of jazz, pop and rock scene in the hot stars of song, 93 years, moved to Los Angeles, he began performing in any place to play (regardless of appointment or at the bar piano solo with a famous band playing). He also continued his extensive travels, traveled regularly to the United States and Britain and France. Omar continuous original music in the creative process, the fate of the turning point came in he met Dr. E. Mike Vasilomanolakis the moment, he became executive producer Omar and encouraged him to start recording music, this recording contract directly reach Omar Real Music's results. Omar also concert performances.
Omar said: cultural barriers. live travel many countries, I began to realize that we need to embrace the unique culture and unique to each different look up when people feel that the differences between cultures is a problem, I regard them as our planet overall cultural heritage. I try to celebrate my music around the world face a number of voice and feelings, I would like to invite music lovers from all cultures, and I have set foot on this 'secret journeys'. br> Omar - the compelling melody composer, well-trained romantic, outstanding atmosphere maker, he gave it to create a the music world, where he lived as a rich and diverse general, this is his best in the world of contemporary instrumental artists in the halls, won a place.

Run Away With Me 5:08
Secret Journey 6:05
Nomadic Rhapsody 3:37
Passage Of The Heart 3:32
Gypsy Spirit 4:28
Stargazers 3:56
Seven Secrets 4:47
Whispers In The Moonlight 4:38
Mirage 4:32
Shimmering Star 4:41
Caravan 4:35
Angel Of HOpe 3:30

用QQ 11年了,今天??一个惊天大秘密心情异常激?,我估?没有几个人会知道的,所以拿出来和大家分享,Men North Face Jackets,也?大家????!就是以前我要用QQ 聊天的?候?次都要申?一个号?,今天我??原来只要申 ?一个号?下次?能用,重要的是你只要?住当?申?的号?和密?就可以了,???次要用QQ聊天的?候就不用那?麻?去申?一个新的号?了,真的太神奇 了!!

DSG dual-clutch gearbox
DSG in English stands for Direct-Shift Gearbox, Chinese surface meaning of This 6-gear transmission arranged inside a three-axis and two multi-plate clutch, a multi-plate clutch gear and reverse gear connection 1,3,5, 2,4,6 another connection is blocked, along with sensitive electro-hydraulic control, two units can work simultaneously. So that when the car in normal operation, when a transmission system to keep running, while the other drive has a higher gear to gear engagement. When approaching the next shift point, the control gear in high gear multi-plate clutch is activated, while close to another clutch, two multi-plate clutch, a one off remained almost at the same time to complete, like a relay race, this is the key to solve the sense of frustration, and the whole process often requires only 0.2 seconds.

CVT transmission is continuing to shift
CVT (CVT: ContinuouslyVariableTrans-mission) with a class-based distinction is that it's gear ratio is not the point of interruption, but a series of continuous values, for example, has been changed from 3.455 to 0.85. CVT transmission simpler structure than the traditional, smaller, it has neither the number of gear manual transmission, automatic transmission and no complex planetary gear set, which depends mainly on the main, driven wheel and bring the metal to achieve the stepless ratio changes.
The principle is the same as with normal transmission of large and small groups under the control gear have watched together to form a different ratio, like the bicycle pedals and chain driven by the size of the roulette wheel spin at different speeds . As the intensity of different gears on the thrust produced by each group sizes, resulting in transmission speed also changes the output to achieve regardless of the grade of bradycardia rotation.
CVT uses belts and variable width of the ratchet for power transmission, which changes when the ratchet width elbow, the corresponding change in the driving wheel and driven wheel radius of the contact belt speed, belt generally use rubber bands, metal bands and metal chain. CVT is no level of real, and it has the advantage of light weight, small size, fewer parts, compared with AT have a higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption. However, the shortcomings of CVT is also clear is that the belt can be easily damaged, can not bear a greater load, can only be restricted to about 1 liter of low power and low torque car, so in about 4% share of automatic transmission the following. After a major car companies in recent years, strong research, the situation has improved. CVT automatic transmission is the development direction.
car started, the driving wheel radius of the smaller work, the transmission can get a larger transmission ratio, thus ensuring the drive axle to have enough torque to ensure the car has a higher acceleration. As speed increases,beats by dre Headphones sale, the driving wheel of the working radius decreases, the radius of the driven wheel corresponding increase in work, CVT transmission ratio decreased, making the car capable of higher speeds.

AMT can be seen as an automatic manual transmission
AMT system, is usually equipped with manual transmission and an electronically controlled clutch hydraulic control system, in order to achieve body purpose automatic switching gear. In fact, the manual transmission, that is, mechanical transmission gear (MT) based on the original installation of a computer-controlled automatic control system, in order to change the original manual system. Therefore, AMT is actually done by a robot system to operate the clutch and gear selection of the two movements, the core technology is the computer systems, electronic technology and the AMT will directly determine the quality of performance and operational quality.
AMT cars no longer need the clutch pedal, the driver simply presses on the accelerator pedal can be very simple to start and drive a car. AMT simple car driving, the driver need only step on the gas, by the AMT system will automatically select the best time to shift, thereby eliminating the engine, clutch and transmission errors, to avoid for the wrong gear, which is for novice drivers and vehicle reliability are very important.

If you see this dancer is clockwise, that you use the right brain;
if it is counter-clockwise turn, that you use the left brain.

Yale University, took five years of research, said.
14% of Americans may be able to see both directions

clockwise, then the right part is The type of brain

more counter-clockwise using the left brain is more the type of

in the eyes of most people is counter-clockwise rotation, but some appears to be clockwise rotation.

clockwise case, more women than men ~

counter-clockwise rotation, clockwise, then suddenly, IQ is 160 or more!!!

Science Magazine - the special genius thinking

parietal lobe of the brain in charge of mathematics and logic, which is the secret of Einstein as a genius. But it is undeniable, Einstein imagination and creativity, is to constantly stimulate his brain an important factor in potential.

left brain because the message is based on language processing, control knowledge, common sense, thinking is known as the Therefore, modeling ability is superior, known as the

the magic of the right brain research, that began in 1981 Roger Dr. Shi Beili California Institute of Technology won the Nobel Prize right brain research, people began to have a better understanding of brain Before this, people do not think that the left brain and right brain functions have such a great difference. Shibei Li in the split brain experiments found that the left brain and right brain hemispheres of these two completely different ways during the thinking, he found that the left brain to think with the language, right brain thinking is based on the image; left brain bias language, logical thinking, right brain is thinking like video and heart.

according to research by Dr. Shichida, the original people in the birth, the brain's ability to very advanced, with the right brain that is almost beyond common sense can be called a genius-like ability to completely unknown, this Since ancient times, the ability to hide in people's minds, is beyond time, space, linked with the unlimited realm of ability, but because the human world is taught to open the left-brain oriented, so children to learn the language and the subsequent survival the necessary knowledge, over time, more and more developed left brain, right brain, but because of less degraded form of the day. As to what kind of adult is easier to open the right brain, Dr. Shichida, mind focused, pure and unprejudiced people, the right brain more easily into the magical world.

super powers do you believe? If you have seen (Rain Man) the film, some of the film played by Dustin Hoffman's brother, was impressed, he not only can correct quickly count the number of matches scattered on the ground, and plays his brother Tom Muke Andrews also used his innate won a lot of money.

perhaps you will think that the film exaggerated the event, the real world, people can not have that kind of ability. If you think you made a habit of left-brain thinking is wrong, in fact, the other half of the human brain - right brain, left brain has the ability to think are hard to imagine.

portrait when I try not to look, but put the spotlight on the shadow of the foot on the ground when, in the mind She counter-clockwise, she counterclockwise, as if your mind can control the rotation of the same picture. And if a lot of concentration, you can swing around like people, there is not a complete circle around. I have been trying to see can the portrait to the horde, let her stand still. This game is the most fun place, you can only play yourself, then you and others that you feel from the beginning they would absolutely not believe it. However, you have no way to see the scene you record in any way, to others to be proved, because that exists in your mind. However, once people have adapted to be able to see this, they would unconditionally agree with you, if you share a big secret between heaven and earth.

idealists should very much like this example, throughout the human heart. However, in my opinion, it is the most suitable person to face a computer screen to play. The beginning,dr dre beats sale, I can only see counter-clockwise. So after I happened to see a clockwise direction, has been a clockwise rotation. And so I put the cover portrait, a look at the shadow of the foot, and try thinking of A person, a picture, no media center in addition to light, but you can control it is the turn, very human game.


1995, the Barings Bank, the world's oldest banks went bankrupt, once the British aristocracy of the most trusted financial institutions, 200 years of excellent operating history, no one can escape the bankruptcy outcome. What is shocking is that such a tragic ending, but it comes from an ordinary securities trader Nick Leeson ? hands. This film is from the real case we learn banking, especially investment business the best lesson plans.


This is a boy with Coke to create a business story. Carbonated beverages as a marketing professional, he had to answer a question, in the remote Australian town, why not a bottle of Coca-Cola? Marketing is an integral part of business, especially in the business is indispensable.


a graduate of Stanford after a computer genius responsible for the development of science and technology tycoon hired after global communications system, after he discovered that he is being used for reconnaissance and business rivals in order to achieve the purpose of monopolizing the market . Microsoft's monopoly of the film to the quiet of a silent, about a distinctive sense of opposition and the global monopoly of money and high-tech story.


1988 年, KKR's acquisition of Renault - Nabisco is a major Wall Street shocked the world financial events. Professionals in hindsight, the deal is legitimate on the basis of fraud. Because of KKR's leveraged buyout with the way not only do not need the cash, do not need to see the cash,beats by dre solo HD, and no one even knows where the money comes, the whole process is simply a trap. And KKR those executives, as well as those on Wall Street during the transaction who showed unprecedented because of greed and cunning techniques, also known as


18 century U.S. law formally adopted a corporate organization can be a personal behavior, just more than two centuries, the United States, the company law actually affects the world, you can also see China's company law similar to the description. The legal title to the crown of the rampant global world are affected every angle. Personal greed and personal desires there is no limit to expansion, from the most profound essence of the film reveals the capitalist business rules, and ruthlessly reveals the shortcomings of its existence.


real office politics lesson materials. In a market economy environment, when the company faced a crisis, the nature of motivation layoffs, employees of the company's role is central to the business community must learn the basic rules.


American way of selling can really access the world do? An American salesman's sales experience in Spain we learn the values ??of sales, marketing and cultural approach to customers, sales of customer relationship grasp.



focuses on the United States Kansas boy floating in the history of New York. If New York can represent nearly 100 years, the center of human commercial activities, then any of the young 21st century, cities have had to face the flashy, noisy and restless.


when real estate into the Depression, the U.S. housing agency sales consultants are busy? See how they use the database, how to go door to door to sell the property, how to package real estate in the recession period, how to target the housing needs of the family wedding.

This is a true story based on the U.S. movie, which you can understand the commercial law, corporate mergers, commercial litigation specifications, business processes, mergers and acquisitions processes. Business in the free market is full of self-serving behavior and altruistic behavior conflicts and contradictions, but also happens to be from these conflicts and contradictions can learn a different motive, and a variety of dazzling means.

business to show sincerity. show me the money, let me see the money is really, any business is the case. There is no solid business friendship, which is before you start to remember the lessons.


is inconceivable that illegal trading is almost inseparable with the stock market. A 19-year-old young man so close to the process of witnessing the manipulation of wealth, so who is rich, but that is a random choice.


business community is the essence of the free exchange of currency, as long as I wish you love, it seems that anything can be exchanged. The commercial value of the transaction, the transaction pricing principles, business reputation, the role in the transaction are displayed in this film come out alive, and business students to understand the monetary rule must be the inevitable result of human society, and this result with the irreversible features.



a smug corporate executives in the day, not only should have their own lost opportunities for promotion, but also celebrates its 10 years ago, was living with his girlfriend as a boss. He has refused his wife and children of women back into the game with his boss's demands, therefore, playing a variety of female supervisors in the company squeezed his wrist, even claiming that his own sexual harassment. Intolerable, he resort to the law, in a smart female lawyer's help, with the company and handed the female boss who launched a contest ... ... the film reflects the office politics, corporate groups, such as interpersonal conduct in the workplace are rare materials.


a little accident, so that the protagonist has the ability to read women's minds, this is a clever way to use reveal women are thinking the movie. Business psychology, women's behavior, advertising, etc. are the film can learn the highlights.


? Bill Gates and Steve ? Jobs in almost all aspects of the views, views are opposite, they have only one thing is common, it is to do everything possible to block the film. Silicon Valley high-tech companies is how to hatch? Less than 25-year-olds use the kind of market rules, but also how to make the market rules to allow customers and allow competitors to form a community? Enveloped in the endless stream of conspiracy over the Silicon Valley.

insider trading is illegal, not illegal how to get rich, critical look at how illegal and can cover up. Do not see how this movie can not enter the stock market?


large companies grow through acquisition, you will buy it? Sales Director after the acquisition is to know how to do? Know what the sales staff talk behind it? Lenovo bought IBM's core factor is the failure did not understand this movie. When the sale occurred between the companies, when you as a member of the company, position?

in a complex business world, you want to start, do not understand the economy, do not understand business, know the score, do not understand the legal edge, you have only courage, only a dream, only naive, it will only get the job. These 20 films are business school students in the study were asked to look at commercial films, including the Harvard Business School has been the devaluation of the requires business students must see the After reading it, you will have the nature of commercial operation and rules have a better understanding of your career there will be no small help.


a box office much, but understand the business of the people said good movie. A company boss committed suicide, but the company also flourishing, powerful figure in the board into action, action of course is cross-flow desires. Corporate governance, corporate boards operate in the film are all real rare real lesson plans.


economy is synonymous with transactions. As long as there is trading, you need to learn to assess whether the transaction cost-effective, we need perspective counterparty inner secrets. Trade school to the core rules, as long as any country in the world where there are applicable to the transaction.


did not say I have been a secret research : a long time I admire the tenacity and self-mutilation Japanese , through a lot of historical research , I found the Japanese Chrysanthemum and the Sword is the spiritual symbol of this , my analysis, the Japanese spirit of the pedigree is a superb anorectal medicine surgeon ,Coach bags online store, specializing in hemorrhoid surgery, it left Is the so-called

1, braised bream
2, po tofu practice
3, homemade potato pie
4, to teach you to do Pork
5, warm winter melon balls boil
6 , pot belly sheep in winter tonic
7, pickled beef
8, sweet and sour octopus
9, Jingwei full Braised Prawns
10, fried eggplant box
11, spicy fish film
12, super simple and easy waffles
13, candied banana
14, Winter nourishing fried lamb
15, pine nuts corn
16, spicy shrimp
17, old jars Phoenix claw
18, Pickle loach
19, farm fish
20, spiced broth
21, from pickled salted
22, glutinous rice bacon roll
23, loosely soft coconut ball
24, ribs taste the mouth fragrant
25, salt and pepper ribs braised bream

(full record plans)

1. bought a eight double the bream (feel too small, this is a child will catch fish if released, but unfortunately the market has rarely seen the kind of home 2 - 4 pounds more than the big bream, the fact that if the Yangtze River kinds of triangular bream on the best, and good things of childhood are estimated extinction almost) necessary ginger, onions, garlic.

2. Note to clean fish abdominal cavity, now have different degrees of water pollution, so the fish's abdominal cavity has a black film!

3. mow both sides of the fish spent knife - This easy tasty

4. because the fish is small, so no need to do crosswise, oblique sheet 3 knife on it - note the diagonal cut of meat, not straight Cut!

5. in the fish evenly on both sides cast some salt, and even the abdominal cavity can also get a little, to do a little pre-tasty! I do not like some of the flour stick approach, I feel so damaged the skin's texture!

6. Modulation good fish on the tray, accompanied by ginger, garlic shoot flat, dried chili, and then added some green onions! several colors look good!

7. pull pot, take the blue smoke of burning oil, the next into ingredients stir incense, fire can not be too much, mainly Stir flavor.

8. so when the yellow onion and garlic can remove inactive ingredients, red pepper Special attention can not be deep-fried black, it does not look good

10. the rest of the oil used for fried fish it! oil 6 points on it

11. both sides of the yellow on it, can also be fried a little old point!! be careful when turning the fish, broke the fall through the

12. then you can put a small bowl of water (home no soup) start cooking - a restaurant well done oil and more people and even whole oil cooked, family practice on their own strategy! open water join the most important wine + sauce, is a fishy flavor staining steps!

13. into the previous burning ingredients together, add a little salt in soup, to consider Oh, the amount, because soy sauce is salty, but also add sauce later, include the fish itself and into the off taste it! kept the sauce over the fish, to ensure uniform heat!

14. Add a tablespoon bean paste, this is my very favorite things ~ ~ home base is made of red pepper paste!

15. burn a little while, the fish cooked, and over time it is easy to damage shape!

16. Now the fish dish, and sprinkle with green onion leaves - you think so well you?

17. pot and some soup too! essence ah! add a little sugar and vinegar, monosodium glutamate, a good tune a bowl of water starch, the pot, the fire to boil, stir quickly, a little sticky when the pot!

18. the last process - doused with soup! juice how much to hold their own, less is too dry, not much flavor!

19. done! looks good!

po tofu approach (graphic)

1. Preparation: tofu, diced (medium hardness), beef mince, bean paste, salt, wine, crushed red pepper, garlic, ginger , pepper, water, starch, soy sauce, a little sugar.

2. the pot and add a little vegetable oil, the fire heating, oil heat, then added to the bean paste, salt, red pepper, garlic, ginger, pepper, beef, can also be beef marinated with spices, after the above be added. Saute.

3. Add the tofu cut into small pieces. Gaixiao fire, boil.

4. until the tofu cooked, changed the fire, add the water, starch, sugar, wine, MSG, soy sauce a good tune. To be attached even after the sauce, turn off the heat, serve.

5. Remove from heat, sprinkle with pepper noodles, fragrant, full of spicy Sichuan tofu and serve it!

homemade potato cake (illustration)

1. Wash potatoes, steaming pot on the tray (privately that, with a pressure cooker heat is also good, and very easy to do! but recommended not used a pressure cooker GGMM not adventure ah!)

2. Beat the eggs, add milk, add a small amount of salt, soft white sugar, monosodium glutamate (chicken more Well!)

3. steamed potatoes, peeled, crumble

4. eggs, milk, juice into a good tune, plus the amount of flour, stir desperately ah!

5. will increase over flour (amorphous) after the potatoes into the pan fried into a cake shape, remember to do low heat, otherwise it will affect the potato cake color.

6. lovely delicious and delicate potato cake pan it!

teach you to do Pork (full map)

1, clean wok, pan, lower two tablespoons of oil, put three or four tablespoons of sugar, a small fire.

read , Duan Yu from the Song Helou Street on the smell of soy sauce, caramel aroma of roasted pork, brown sugar, it has been thought that caramel is, read this article considered resuscitation .

preparation: a pork, cut into one cm square strips.

2, stirring constantly with Chao Shao, the sugar dissolves, becomes reddish-brown sugar, which is also called fried candy colors.

3, to cut into the pork, fried uniform, go to sleep are coated with sugar, meat color

4, add soy sauce, cooking wine, ginger, sugar, salt, boil and then transferred a small fire two or three minutes later. Juice and other volatile or less, increase the fire sauce

5, this is the way to do a warm-up
winter melon balls boil (Photos)

Material: pig meat (with a fat with lean), melon, starch, soy sauce, rice wine, spring onion, garlic, ginger, salt, chicken little.

pig meat plus starch, soy sauce, salt, rice wine and mix well.

add a little oil in a pot, pan, garlic, ginger until fragrant.

add water, boil, and then a pig meat, shape into a small round ball, the next into the pot. Balls like this.

balls in the pot like forget shot. The heat and simmer 10 minutes, the next cut melon pieces.

to cook a little soft when the melon, add chicken and salt, completely soft melon can turn off the heat, the pan. Sprinkle some chopped onions, the taste is really good! We look at it!

pot belly sheep in winter tonic (graphic)

market today to see a very fresh sheep belly, I bought a couple of pounds, ready to be pot belly sheep.

ingredients with a water chestnut, carrot, ginger.

first to boil hot, fry the lamb back into the dry, remove the water.

new pot, put ginger, curd and saute.

joining the already roasted lamb, constant fan speculation, adding a little wine, soy sauce, candy, salt, an appropriate amount of boiled for 15 minutes.

then add water chestnut and carrot stew.

stew half an hour to do pull pot belly sheep, that smell of urine smell is not

Pickle Beef (graphic)

Pickle hot and sour appetizer is my first choice, color and bright red, looking at all people appetizing.

seasoning beef cut thick wire sizing, pickled shredded celery and shredded beef

pan temperature under the within the oil out

saute Pickle silk, silk put celery stir fry

under the shredded beef and stir well can.

beef, low fat, crude fiber, celery, red pepper can also help burn fat, this is a diet food.

sweet and sour octopus (graphic)

Material: chilled octopus two

ingredients : ginger, garlic, hot pepper, pepper, onion, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce and other

1, wash cut pieces, mix a little cornstarch or flour, wok surface and deep fry golden

2, picked up, air dry

3, peppercorns until fragrant, pour ingredients (onions first, not down), add a little sugar into the soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine

4, fried octopus into the block, turning even the slightest tasty stew two minutes.

5, add a little chicken flavored with soy sauce powder, juice, put green onion, ready to pot

Well, smell the smell of it!

Jingwei full Braised Prawns (graphic)

Braised Prawns are an authentic Beijing cuisine, small time as material resources coupled with the masses of working poor Also in the well-off people on the road, this delicious and only at New Year when I will be on the table to satisfy desires.

now life is better, eat them is already commonplace thing, but still can not help but think of childhood father often do Braised Prawns ......
Ingredients: Shrimp (not the bigger the better, moderate to so tasty)

Ingredients: onion, ginger, sugar, cooking wine, salt, vinegar, broth, monosodium glutamate

1, first shrimp net to be feet, sandbags gland wash. I bought the shrimp is not great, looked pretty clean, too lazy to get his body sandbags gland, huh, huh.

2, washed with a small amount of salted shrimp look, and water control.

onion, ginger.

or ingredients, and ultimately, the different: cooking wine, vinegar.

3, Chao Shao hot oil till almost 50% (the top hand on the oil, I feel slightly hot), add shrimp fry until both sides stiff.

4, Jian Hao shrimp poured out back.

5, if the time Chaoshao in some oil, then put the oil pan, put onion, ginger and stir-fry flavor; Without oil, the need to re-fuel .

6, and then a little further into the Jianhao shrimp fry color red,

7, came alive again in cooking wine, vinegar, broth, salt, sugar , MSG, stir-fry with Weihuo boil about 3 minutes, the spoon out of the fire code after the sauce together, pour over sauce on the shrimp, the dish can be.

fried eggplant box (Figure)


one meat

need accessories: onion, ginger , garlic, salt, MSG, cooking wine, soy sauce, and meat and mix well.


flour into a paste with water, add a small amount of salt.


eggplant slices, each set of two, while not cutting through, to maintain adhesion, a bit like a clam shell.

preparation process:

the meat of the eggplant stuffed into the middle of two groups, two eggplant just caught.

cooking steps:

First, the meat of the eggplant sandwiched ban mussels prepared flour paste to put inside, wrapped in a layer of the batter.

Second, the frying pan into the hot oil.

three, constantly turning it over fried, until both sides of the yellow.

pan it!

spicy fish (graphic)

mild, mostly fragrant. Old is also not much to eat steamed mean, to buy fish, remove the meat, fish bones for the rest of the fish head soup, one fish two to eat, good.

a fish, cuts clean, take both sides of the meat, cut butterfly pieces, marinate with seasoning for 30 minutes.

hot fried cooked.

more than a little pot and saute the garlic oil.

then dried chili peppers and ginger until fragrant, add a little water, soy sauce, sugar to boil.

fillet wrapped up the broth, pour vinegar, hook thin gravy, sprinkled with onion, turning spoon pan.

spicy, crispy, slightly sweet and sour fish fillets will do the work!

super simple and easy omelet

mouth from the beginning to do eat, it does not take half an hour, fast and simple ~~~~~~

ingredients: flour, 150g, 2 eggs, salt amount, the amount of water (about 300ml), oil 20g, spend the right amount

the eggs, salt , oil, salt and water together to fight to melt, slowly add the flour mix, flour a lump on the pressure with a teaspoon, plus spend the final mix to no dough. Wake up a few minutes.

open the fire, with a flat-bottomed non-stick pan, pour a little oil, to batter down the middle to go down to the irregular spread to the surrounding batter, batter proved too thick, and add water in the batter.

dilute fallen after the batter a very uniform to spread around, shaking pan batter quickly flow.

see the batter and shake the pan surface changes color when the batter has not moved, you can turn it over fried, and (best way to turn it over, the one not hot, two to practice Shoujin)

turn it over to cover the pot, you can not cover. Well ... ... eat! Add cup of black coffee!

caramelized bananas (graphic)

material ultra-simple: 4 bananas, flour, 50g, starch 75 grams, 1 egg, water, sugar 250 grams, oil

bananas cut, the powder, eggs, plus the amount of water and mix well. Pot plus a lot of oil, fried bananas. The surface of the banana smell of deep-fried to crunchy like. I once put a few pieces, and finally all the bananas back to a skillet, as far as possible so that all surfaces are hard.

pot add a little oil, add sugar, stir constantly small fire, you will see the sugar from the dolphin to gradually dissipate, and then quickly from white to beige to dark yellow and then light brown. This time we can pour the banana, banana fry to sleep all wrapped in the ancient sugar.

caramelized bananas, caramel, crunchy outside, soft inside waxy waxy, very good. Fly in the ointment, banana flour, a little outside of the package softened to do to adjust the batter after the formula.

winter tonic fried lamb (graphic)

last night to buy a leg of lamb, what is the white goat, stewed together with skin.

raw material: a leg of lamb, chopped up into pieces, best known as the butcher cut a little chunk. Two potato, a radish, carrots, two, light blue, placing butter a piece of pepper amount.

preferably whole grain white pepper stew, I did not buy, only a pan, add pepper.

leg of lamb into the soup over water fishing praise, add the right amount of water, add pepper to taste (can be afraid to eat pepper wrap with gauze), pepper can be good to go In addition to the smell of mutton, the fire heating.

lamb stew with one side, while other materials will be handled. Onions cut into sections, cut ginger chunks Crush, radish and potatoes peeled chunks.

ginger best shot is broken, this can burn out ginger, ginger juice will absorb the spicy soup, which fend off the cold and good taste.

all materials are added to the soup praise in the fire to boil, to bubble, turn small fires burn slowly, at least 1 hour or more.

after the pan with salt and white pepper can be discretionary, but also coriander!

now able to drink! !

pine corn (illustration)

success for

necessary ingredients:
a bowl of sweet corn, pine nuts in a small bowl, pepper (small) one carrot (small) one, onion one.

seasonings: salt, half teaspoon.


1, the pepper, carrot, onion cut all of the small size of corn kernels.

2, first through pine nut oil. This step to be more careful! ! Because Song Rente easy to paste! ! ! !

pot filling, heat until the oil temperature with 30%, put pine nuts into the pot, to keep a small fire, eyes wide open, while stirring and as soon as look at white pine a little a little discoloration, it is necessary to quickly remove and drain. Thus, the use of residual heat, pine nuts can Zhashu become a crispy.

I is good before the bombing of pine nuts, so there is no process map, and this step is too tight can not attend to take pictures.

3, the other from the pot, add the base oil, and the next green onion and carrots and stir-fry, stir the chili flavor, add small, toss, you can add sweet corn kernels stir fry, and to cooked, add a half teaspoon of salt, dish pan.

fried corn!

4, will be ready, pine nuts, pour into dish, mix well, you can open eat)

intimate Tip:

1, peppers, carrots color here mainly as an effect, so basically you can pick a smaller one.

2, although this dish did not add a little sugar, but sweet corn kernels and pine nuts of the reason is basically sweet flavor. But the plus half the normal cooking with salt or even 1 / 3, you can make this dish taste more fresh.

3, the reason why the pine nut mix in the final disk, you can better maintain its crispy taste spicy shrimp (Photos)

number of sea shrimp, back to open side.

main ingredient chili, pepper, some ginger, garlic slices, onion and shredded pickled pepper a few bulbs also sliced ??ginger.

pot and pour the oil, remember to little more than usual amount of meat dishes as fried oil and more oil to double it big fire hot, pour the shrimp.

fry for a while, add dried chili and pepper, stir fry, heat oil to taste the spicy and hemp are

a spicy and hemp taste, add ginger and garlic pieces, pickled, hot ginger (do not put onions first)

Stir ginger and garlic flavor, add soy sauce, white sugar right amount, a little wine is about pot, add onion, stir add salt.

a clean wok.

old jar chicken legs (Figure)

remember a few years ago my mother came to Shenzhen, I go home for dinner, a look was served a white sauce of chicken legs did not put Han, and my heart straight to himself, like the white water is boiled chicken legs, dipped the right spices, spices can be found, an excuse not any bowl, clip a bite, ah, how so tasty, my mother said with a smile, a jar of pickles with the old blisters, ah! No wonder this delicious it, I love, and my mother see me so like, they often do, in the fridge, I love watching TV while eating, really happy days ah ... ... ...

practice: Wash the chicken legs, open water pot no more than ten minutes, using chopsticks can penetrate on it, picked up off cold water, put in the crisper, scoop water into the old jars of pickles, swamp chicken legs, by the way fishing a few pickled pepper, celery pieces together and then cut-point bubble, in the fridge after two hours you can eat.

Note: Do not cook chicken legs, a long time, gum out, it froze into the skin.

oyster burned two winter (Figure)

ingredients: mushrooms 50 g (dry), bamboo shoots 150 grams.

accessories: 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, onion amount, 1 tsp soy sauce, salt, sugar, MSG, water, starch, sesame oil.


1. dried mushrooms clean, bubble, change the knife into 3 pieces each, soak mushrooms in water retention.

2. bamboo shoots, cut hob, boiled, remove water control.

3. the oil pan, add mushrooms and bamboo shoots, onion, burst bit, add oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate and soak mushrooms in a little water, a small fire to braise for 5 minutes.

4. After the fragrant soup, water, starch hook thin gravy, Drizzle sesame oil, stir well.


mushrooms is characterized by a plain, fresh, fragrant, but some people do not like the aroma of mushrooms, but it is this Hong to bamboo shoots aftertaste. Savory and sweet with a note, we do to try it .....

pickled loach (graphic)

starring play!

Loach (water for two days to the first abdominal support, water drops of oil). Pickle, wild salamanders, fermented glutinous rice, ginger and garlic.


1, pickled ginger and garlic finely chopped Sansho,

2, 1 pot put the oil under the material saute
3, stir-fried loach next moment

4, pour a little hot water salamanders, cooking wine

5, put the fermented glutinous rice

burning forty-five minutes after the season, not long burning, loach easily broken, I'll burn for a little more.

loach fresh, pickled sour, typical Sichuan dishes, is also said to beauty (what is now the United States to be with beauty?)

then introduce a child or the elderly to practice, tofu, soy milk loach

oil after the heat a little oil until fragrant ginger and garlic under the loach fry, mixed with milk, boil, add tofu cooked. Physical fitness for children and frail elderly people.

farm fish (graphic)

condiments are as follows:

onion, ginger, garlic, parsley, Pixian, mustard, pepper, pickled, pickled ginger if you can make it more perfect,dr dre beats pro, huh, huh, broiled fish, especially farm-style, in the absence of more than pickled and hot to taste of the ginger.


first fried fish, a lot of people are afraid of this part, because it is easy to be thrown into the hot oil, so the fish stick pan, fry skin broken out, in fact, as long as the preparation well, these will not occur, wash the fish after a good first look at water vapor to dry, after the fish with kitchen paper towels to dry up the water

another pan fried fish must be washed, dried before firing the pot, let cool a little flame, wipe the pan with the ginger and let the pot with a layer of ginger, then pour the oil fire, warm the oil, the fire reduced, not too large, this time down to the fish, slowly fried on it.

other fish fried to golden brown on both sides, you can serve.

they going to pot and the other oil, the pepper, hot ginger, pickled, mustard, Pixian stir the pot, then under the soy sauce, vinegar, rice wine, sugar and adjust seasoning, add water after the fish stew, the next onion, garlic.

juice fast and so close when the next dry parsley, pot!

a success! It looks good!

spicy broth (Figure)

Chongqing to pig intestine called broth, sounds greasy, there are a lot of practice, such as roast, stew , dry stir, etc., which I think the number of and spicy pepper taste delicious, but also remove the smell of the large intestine, to eat up with Ma and spicy, very tasty, eat a bowl every time ~ ~ ~

talk about practice By the way I approach the large intestine to wash, wash it very clean!


1, pig intestines 500g

2, dried chilli 100g (adjust according to personal taste)

3, pepper 20g (based on personal taste appropriate adjustments)

4, ginger, garlic little

5, wine, salt, soy sauce, sugar, chicken amount


1, will buy back the pig intestine wash;

By the way, the method to wash the large intestine: large intestine will be bought into some of the flour into the pot to the (slightly more than put a little) and salt, rub back and forth a bottle of beer, until after the colon on the dirt washed into the sink, with running water rinse the large intestine, large intestine on the flour until the clean up. Then drain the pot, into the wash of the large intestine, then add cooking wine, ginger (on purpose is to remove the smell of the large intestine) bring to a boil (the water is meant to fly), remove the large intestine;
2, re-turn on the water pot, add ginger wine, and then put the large intestine, such as pot, cook the large intestine and cut into small pieces of soft cold reserve (Figure 1);

3, dried pepper from cut into two sections of the middle cut, add pepper spare (Figure 2);

4, the pot of oil until the oil temperature into the colon six hot, put some salt, turn the fire slowly to stir the water to dry some of the large intestine drained dry and then filled out the oil reserve (Figure 3,4);

5, the ginger and garlic pieces into the pan stir fry just a fragrant, pour the ready pepper and pepper, stir fry until peppers turn the fire a little color into the previously filled out after the colon continue to stir fry for a little, add cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, chicken stir fry for a while and then continued to pepper into the dark Guan, H.-S. the red after transfer to a plate (Figure 5,6)!

from pickled salted egg (Photos)

First, choose coarse salt (fine salt will do, if not coarse salt well)

boiling salt water, depending on your weight of the egg determines the amount of water, until the salt is saturated so far (no salt dissolved in water) that line.

after the release of eggs to be cool salt water (duck also, personal favorite) If you eat Fei eye (ie, salt out of the salted egg yolk is black, protein is white) can be a hot salt water to lay eggs, then dip pickled fifteen days, do not have to flip the egg.

This is a half after the salty pickled eggs, take the food, the salt water can still go on to pickled eggs came alive again.

we look at it, a lot of egg yolk oil Oh, my yellow egg yolk, egg yolk if you want the hearts can be cooked with salt water when boiled with tea, a red salt, egg yolk will red, and like to eat salted egg's try!

rice bacon roll (Photos)

open blisters rice, more than an hour after the release of steam steam inside the pot for 15-20 minutes

cut bacon onions, and lettuce, lettuce must maintain the integrity of

the lettuce a little hot, hot soft

fried bacon, add the steamed glutinous rice, soy sauce chicken with raw salt (a little) cooking wine, stir, add onions out pan fried


take half a slice of cooked lettuce leaves, a good amount of fried rice

wrapped like

steamed about 3,4 minutes

loose soft coconut balls (graphic )


butter 100 grams sugar 130 grams (I only use 90 grams, enough to flavor), milk 40 grams , egg yolk 80 grams, milk 20 grams, coconut 270 grams.


1, butter, powdered sugar together and stir until mixed;

2, graded by adding egg yolk mix;

3, graded by adding milk mix;

4, add coconut, milk powder and mix well (my pot is relatively small, so I was graded to join).

the marinated coconut creamy small pellets group (the entire production process on a number of this step is the most accurate, and good people yo sticky oil is good, can only put up with, Coconut relatively loose group, using disposable gloves or plastic bags is not good to do), the row of small pellets in the baking dish into the preheated oven. Fire up and down 120 degrees (I feel a little low, home oven temperature may be below standard, so I used a 140-degree) baked to golden brown like the small pellets, I use the 35 minutes it!

delicious yo, taste soft, full flavor! From the home of the genuine material, meaning to eat than before, stronger and more profitable! The difference is obvious.

made such a case, less than I imagined, but also eat on the days!

mouth fragrant taste ribs (Photos)

cola ribs

materials: pork 600 grams, 2 cans of Coke , ginger, onion, star anise, soy sauce, salt.


1. Wash and cut the ribs inch form, and then fly water retention;

2. with peanut oil saute ginger (3), then add pork stir-fried;

3. and then fried ribs into the cooker, add a small amount of star anise and soy sauce, salt, cola;

4. with the fire burning to the sauce like, came to power when you put a small amount of onion.

plum garlic steamed pork ribs

materials: rows of 600 grams of pork, ginger, green onion, garlic, cornstarch, Plum 5, pepper, sugar, rice wine.


1. Zhancheng small drain the wash water ribs retained;

2. add the right amount of salt, rice wine, pepper and marinate for 15 minutes, Plum bad with the clutch, to cut a little bit, add sugar, garlic, mix, sugar, melted, into the ribs, add dry starch, then mix well;

3. to tile plate ribs on the water boil, put the steaming rack, and steam for 8 to 10 minutes until cooked;

4. and serve sprinkled point when the green onion, 1 tablespoon hot oil can be poured.

salt and pepper ribs

Material: Rib 750 grams, onions, ginger, red pepper at the end, the end of green pepper, 2 eggs, black pepper, MSG , Hua Diao wine, salt and pepper.


1. pig-shaped ribs cut into small pieces (5 cm) washed, and ribs with a cloth to dry the moisture retention;

2. and then for curing, salt, black pepper, MSG, Hua Diao wine, ginger marinated for 15 minutes;

3. oil in the firing process, an egg batter ingredient modulation, mixing it with a small spoon uniform;

4. marinated ribs evenly coated with the paste into the boiling oil in the egg, fry until golden shortening picked up on the plate;

5. Jia Ruqie good red pepper at the end, light blue end of the peppers at the end and after an appropriate amount of salt and pepper saute slightly and evenly sprinkle the ribs, then even if this dish well.

● steamed pork ribs, when the steamer is not available if the home instead of a bowl, mixed with water directly into the pot, half flooded to the bowl can be high. Otherwise, when the pot when steaming to add a little water, so water Shaogan. Remember to add the boiling water, or hot and cold, bowls easy to explode.

● ribs with salt and pepper the outside with a layer of custard, so the pot, the pot of sauce will thicken immediately, this time to keep the stir-stick pan to prevent. Juice must be received dried, when the bottom of the pot are basically oil, between the ribs to separate the ribs will pull a wire of sugar, the juice collected almost the same. Confiscated juice will seriously affect the finished product dry gloss and texture.

Subject: confidence Scripture: Matthew 15:21-28 Sermon Date: March 20, 2011 the third church worship Title: Certificate of confidence to create miracles Taoist: Li Yongxun Pastor Matthew 15:21-28 Jesus to leave There, retreated to Tyre, Sidon, to the territory. There is a Canaanite woman from that place out, crying: said: The woman worshiped him, saying: slag fall on the table children. Hallelujah. Today in Matthew fifth chapter twenty-one to twenty-eight words, to Please join with me, please? with confidence is strong. People with strong faith can overcome the difficulties ahead, a victorious life. Look at the Bible, God always has people together to do things the letter. Select a letter to the people, and have people believe, the main achievements of the wonderful ministry. Not a negative person, disgruntled people, often on anything, do not believe the way to the performance of people, the main have not used. The people of Israel were in Egypt made a hundred and thirty years of slave life. God is wonderful to impose on them the grace of salvation, the promised land led to the entrance of Canaan. In that the entrance of Canaan, sent twelve spies. However, in that twelve and ten back, to bad letter. And Joshua and Caleb said, with, complain of Moses. So they went back, and then back here, the time available for two years, but turn in the wilderness for 38 years, was tried and died. In addition to Joshua and Caleb, and only children 20 years of age who was into the land of Canaan. Gentlemen, the land of Canaan to bless the people there had prepared a letter. Of you in order to obtain God's blessing, is to live with confidence. Positive absolute confidence, no matter what is going on are all grateful, rely on Jesus and look to Jesus, when forward with confidence when the magnificent God-given blessing, victory, miracles. Today, through a strange woman's confidence in the absolute positive experience miracles of events, ready to check it, giving us grace. 1 First, the confidence to Jesus cry, share, cry to Jesus' confidence. Matthew fifth chapter twenty-one to twenty-two, Jesus left there, and retreated to Tyre and Sidon to the territory. There is a Canaanite woman from that place out, crying: woman ran screaming. despair. Heard Gentlemen, when the cry of prayer, when there will be prayer should be allowed. Sincere cry when there is promise. However, when the Israeli people, despised the Gentiles. Why? The Israeli people are God's chosen people, God's chosen, because Gentiles are not God's chosen, so as generally regarded as beasts. Turn away the contempt. The cry of this woman. Matthew fifth chapter twenty-two, a Canaanite woman from that place out, crying: the possessed very even, so treat my daughter cry. Gentlemen, in misery when we encounter problems, to cry is prayer. 3 - I am please to solve the main problem in this in me. Psalm eighteen four to six, I had wrapped the rope of death, Feilei rapids frighten me, the rope wrapped around my nether world, the snares of death came to me. I am in trouble prayer Lord, my God, to cry. He heard my voice from the temple; I cry in front of him into his ears. Cry, cry, then cry, then the master should be allowed. Who says there is. When a sincere cry when there is promise. This cry is, dedication, and to make meaning and to make and try, earnestly cry to the Lord means. Jeremiah thirty chapters three, you Call to me and I will answer you, and you do not know, something big and hard to instruct you. Sincere cry of prayer, hears that prayer, the Lord has promised. Thirty eight chapters in Isaiah, King Hezekiah, suffering from the disease die. You will soon die. Hear the words of the prophet, King Hezekiah, facing the wall in front of God, crying pray. You for the cry of prayer, will bring miracles. Ceramic industry in Korea, made a huge contribution to the president of Korean Ceramics Jindong Xiu witness, In 2001 a monthly magazine of faith Ceramics with the family business to withstand this, but more and more debt can be increased, sales of 40 percent to interest payments. Gradually, usury of debt also increased, debt reach three billion. Three months of overdue wages, even if the auction facility, it can only pay 20% of all debt, in a kind of dilemma. Then, holding the words the Lord has promised to start cry pray. Philippians chapters thirteen and I him who gives me strength, and can do all things. These words a day, cry a few hundred times, and cry, then cry, I have power, can do all things. Then, the Lord promised so willing. 2073, to repay all the debt. Hallelujah. The glory of God. The elder Kim, thank God for grace, brand. In bone china, the third in the world. In a state of despair, words hold the promise to move when the indomitable faith, with the miracles. --4-- Was asked, Salvation Army founder William Booth's pastor. To catch the life of prayer. Of such a prayer, a promise. Of you in life, will encounter unexpected problems. Encounter difficulties. Gentlemen, when in a desperate state can not afford the time, how to do it? To pray. All are placed in the back of the cave to pray the prayer garden, shouting prayers. 2 by the test of confidence, however, when the promised date, the main test of our faith. The second point, is willing to share, about the trials of faith. Even then cry, Lord, but did not answer a word. Matthew fifth chapter twenty-three, Jesus did not answer a word. His disciples came and begged him: In the back, this woman shouting, A walk without a word. Disciples said, Jesus would be silent when. Why? For trials of our faith. Promised to come up, we humbled, broken is. I have broken pride, resistance should be broken, dirty criminal justice have not broken, repentant, humbled when I change the time, when ready, will have to be allowed. God created us to become great faith, of our training. Take a look at Joseph. Joseph has a dream, not endured almost thirteen years is not kneaded. The level is very very hard by the kneaded. Sold as slaves, was in prison, 13 years really gone by for the inhuman suffering. When the patient was, in confidence, to win when he erected the great God of God's work of the. Old three-year-old, became prime minister of Egypt, Ambassador. Gentlemen, When we break humbled, then in God's time, we will suffer to use. Broken humbled Moses in the wilderness for forty years. When asserting himself nothing, God used him as great a work of God. Even if the Lord did not promise immediate prayer, please pray of you fall down. Please pray cry. Until the Lord's promise so far, cry prayer, then pray, then pray of you. She continued shouting, the disciples said: Matthew fifth chapter twenty-four, Jesus said: mood. Matthew fifth chapter twenty-five, the woman and worshiped him, saying: save me and if the Lord does not save me, I will not leave the Lord. Prayer Like this, there will be no promise of a lifetime. Hengqie to cry to pray. Matthew seven chapters seven, you pray, give to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock and you open the door. To Hengqie to pray, seek, knock on the door. Lord ah, help me. Help me. Help me. Until the promise date, pray, then pray, then pray, until the promise so far, can not stop praying. When presented Hengqie cry to the Lord, when there will be miracles. Have promised. Will be blessed. Lifetime access to 50,000 times the promise of prayer priest George Miller, George Miller, this is how to get the prayer of the pastor promised it? True confession. We pray worked for 18 months with the first friend, a repentant believers. thank God, continue to pray the rest of my friends had. Five years later, a second friend, the repentant believer when six years has passed, a third friend, a repentant believers in six years, three friends, in the final letter Lord I offer thanks to God after he continued to pray for the remaining two friends had. can be both people still do not repent and God promised prayer, immediately promised, then promised again, there are tens of thousands of times to promise my prayers. so I am, two friends of repentance for the past 36 years and pray every day , but now they can not repent, but I hope in God, continue to pray, and still waiting for promised, although they now do not regret the heart, will one day be the final letter of repentance the Lord. the time of the funeral, the letter of Jesus. Have kept the promise of prayer. Pastor George Miller, the days at home, Gentlemen, pray to bring miracles. Thus, George Miller, of prayer under such a definition. Eighth chapter in Luke, there is no official meaning of metaphor. This is a very hateful person's official. Always appropriate to accept some kind of bribery of officials of injustice. This is not what the property can be a widow, has been wronged, every day, to shout, . Yeah, coming in, shouting, went out, shouting, come home, cry, eat, when, shouting, issue, and I can not sleep peacefully to sleep. Jesus said so. Luke eighth chapter seven, the elect of God day and night called him, he even put up a long time for them, would not Zhongjiu give them redress it? Persist in the end, not to abandon, to cry, then cry, cry, then, there will be promised. Matthew fifth chapter twenty-six, he replied: To the children's bread - not the people of Israel to Gentiles. Threw in here that is not good dog. This Canaanite woman as a dog. If the average person will furious, If most people would not thing. Yeah more than hurt pride. Did not see themselves as human beings, subject to contempt and degrading treatment. The threshold can be so difficult, this woman have refrained. Of you, until the advent of the promised date, to be patient in the end. To throw away useless self-esteem. To obtain the promise. To experience the miracle. Problems to be solved. Our daughter is in life or death, the possessed was even bitter despair, contempt by the point I was looked down upon the people, listening to some insult, and if abandoned is not. Please never abandon. When not abandoned, with confidence ahead of time, there will be miracles. This time, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the loss of his wife's Korean Japanese survivors - gold sunlight. He will own experience, tell the news media. He go and the predecessors in Sendai busy children, in the company's Japanese wife really encountered cross, married. Birth after marriage a man and two women, a new home last year and so the system is a blessing for many families. He lives by living in the region are victims of one-stop Miyagi, Sendai east by the one kilometer from the sea. Earthquake day, the children in the nursery far from the sea, but also security, and his wife left home five minutes away from the factory, work. An hour after the earthquake, barely to find his wife, the wife found her husband waving. But in his wife's back, Golden sunlight to see this scene cried out. This shows that when the situation. Then see the back of his wife, ran over, grabbed my hand and we ran up and forced the husband and wife. However, no other steps to reach the school when the huge waves that hit the couple in our body. I instinctively cling to his wife woke up when the time is their own. His wife was eventually washed away by the tsunami. I think my wife die from a. At least until the last minute we are together ... God saved me, I do not know where it will be useful. For the children, will try to live with confidence. Will live with confidence. Will live with confidence. Will live with confidence. confidence Finally, the third point, what we need is the confidence of absolute certainty, this Canaanite woman, after hearing the words of insult, such confession Matthew fifth chapter twenty-seven, the woman said: ah, yes; but the dogs eat the crumbs fall from their masters' table children. Please give my children the grace of slag and if by that grace, my daughter would live together. If treating a child, I kind of treatment by, does not matter. If you rely on the Lord, trusting in the Lord, then the Lord will be applied miracles. Looking at my confidence. Hebrews eleven chapters one, faith is the substance of things hoped for the real end is the end see things really far. Hebrews eleven chapters six, without faith it is impossible to please God; because people who come to God must believe that God, and believe that he rewards those who seek. When forward with confidence, when there will be miracles. When a woman flouted, even the same treatment as dogs, still desperate to actively declare. That confidence in the healing of her daughter. Gentlemen, please take the confidence of absolute certainty, not back. Miracles that have brought in confidence. When the three and a half days, was closed in Mount Caramel Elijah the prophet of Baal and Asherah repulsed, the offer of prayer. Presented seven earnest prayer and in order to experience the Lord's miracles, not back. Kings eighth chapter forty-two to forty-four, Ahab went up to eat and drink. Elijah on Caramel, bow down to the ground, lying on the knees into the face of the servant said: Seventh time the servant said: Lilu Ya. There is a small piece of cloud, was opened three and a half days off, it began to rain. Gentlemen, slag of grace, bringing miracles. A small piece of cloud, you can open three and a half days of closed-like, with confidence ahead of you, then, gentlemen, this slag-like grace, miracles will find a large door. Lord ah, grant us the same confidence. Please grant us the confidence of absolute certainty. Only to trust the Lord, rely on the master, looking the main. If the rebate into the confidence of a step, then there will be miracles. Will be blessed. There will be grace. February 10, last month, in the Christian TV System When Wenjin, in the twenty-one year old, suffering from liver degeneration, which Wilson'sdisease copper accumulation in the body, so that solid body disease. Are surprising in a disease. Has received only live a few months, doctors decision. Therefore, Went to the hospital prayer, offer prayers of sincere tears. Over there, met, and now wife Kim Xianhua. She knows, and not long to live, he became co-workers in a prayer together, determined to save her husband. Because it is painful, not as good Hom has been dead many times. Ten times under a doctor's diagnostic decisions, another win, his wife to save her husband, with the confidence of absolute certainty, one day, and sometimes lack of sleep for two hours, all day long prayer, and offer prayers regularly for forty days. However, regular prayer thirty-ninth day of that day, God in the hearts of his wife, to a sure to the normal body. Hallelujah. All people are talking about despair, even the doctors said surgery did not effect, and can be absolutely sure that his wife has the confidence. And with a certain confidence, won all the difficulties. Gold Xianhua this confession. Canaanite woman's absolute certainty of faith, healing her daughter. Matthew fifth chapter twenty-eight, Jesus said: Immediately, her daughter has been healed. Immediately, and her daughter to normal. Hallelujah. Promise when the come? When our confidence before the Lord, get qualified, when access to the main recognized --9-- confidence, the Lord said, cause miracles. Of you have problems in life difficult times, please pray cry. To what time? miracle of you, name of the Lord wishes. Wish. Wish. We pray together. Prayer and love and grace of the infinite mercy of God the Father, even if we have what kind of problem, despair, pain, till the promised date, the cry pray, then pray, then pray, experience God surprised us miracles. Even one person can not look through the lives of the poor,cheap north face jackets, should be absolutely sure, absolutely thanks to a victorious life, to become the letter of the ministry. The name of Jesus prayer. Amen.

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