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Nakano Ramen Street , Mutsumi-ya open

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The shutter is closed Takayama noodle factory where there was previously , put that poster there eventually. Notice that this restaurant is a noodle shop Mutsumi ya(むつみ屋).

Today, just passing by for lunch, and hung a sign outside, also erected banners were open. When I tried to peep again and then passed, the shutter was closed for a break in either.


I just have all this from, but must be opened Mutsumi ya. Mutsumi ya is miso ramen shop in Hokkaido. Nakano has appeared several times.

Azi-siti(味七)and Miso-Iti(味噌一), and miso ramen shops have known Nakano, and "Mutsumi ya" is opened.

★Shop information:5-57-4 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo

JR Nakano Station North Exit, and the beef bowl chain Matsuya and Japanese pork cutlet restaurant Matsu-no-ya, construction was due to open a new shop next door. Densetsu no Sutadon.

Densetsu no Sutadon, scheduled to open in May to Nakano Station North Exit

In other cities, I have eaten. And pork and beef bowl has a different bowl, dish seasoned likely take stamina. Large amounts of food. Curry also had a menu will remember for sure.

The restaurant across the street "Yayoi houses" there. Further north there is a ramen shop(Usagi-chan). Away from the station, but rather, the situation has been substantial lunch.

Ramen Kaeru redesign the pop of topping

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Nakano has many ramen shops. In Nakano, ramen shops Kaeru, it's ramen noodle similar to "Ramen Jiro" saw little change in the other day.

The Ramen Kaeru, can be specified as a topping Ramen Jiro. It's free. Upstream in the garlic, vegetables, in addition to fat, eggs and onions whopping (!), But only on weekdays, and I can also ask Rice.

The topping pop to inform them, had become more pop. One-point mark and design are seen.

Ramen Kaeru redesign the pop of topping

The small changes that might possibly had been changed before, I noticed the first time. Design is cute.

★Shop information:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano-ku、11:00-15:00、17:30-21:00 close every Monday

At the beginning of the Nakano Ramen Street towards , went to the Taiwan restaurant near the station. Aziou(味王) was.

This restrant is six standard menus are aligned and six weekly menu. Lunch is attractive to choose from a total of 12. From classic hot and sour soup and fried rice set, and has become a diverse lineup of fried liver.

I chose the fried eggplant, mustard sauce (? 750) is. Because it is a set lunch with soup and rice, pickles and your salad and dessert comes with.


The stir-fried eggplant that, I was imagining things and spicy eggplant, wrong. Cut the eggplant is large. Shall be cut in half the fried tempura, a body is almost bite-size.

Depends on the source eggplant, salty-sweet. I hide the pain me feeling that they taste a little vinegar. Strongly thickened, cover tightly and eggplant.

Unwind in the fry eggplant passionately in love, had come out the sweetness. Since dark sauce, white rice fit.

And radish salad, Shredded well enough as a side dish. I feel a whole lot of vegetables. Attached to the last sweet syrup, you can end in a small bowl filled with almond jelly. Rice is available for free from one place. Cooking line, service to the price, and user-friendly shops.

★Shop information:5-59-1 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo、03-5343-2588、無休

It seems pretty cherry blossoms bloom in Tokyo. Of course, the same Nakano. Tunnels can cherry trees each year, I walked the Nakano Street.

April 07, 2011 (Thursday) The state of the cherry Nakano

Full bloom. Beautifully, with cherry blossoms protruding from both sides of the street had become arch.

That being said the main roads of the city, overlooking the tree-lined avenues far ... not much longer, but is still pretty good.

If the sky must have had more pink that shines.

Juicy charm source

I recently Mosuburger set menu (640 Yen) ate. The set, comes with S size potatoes and drink. The drink was corn soup.

Mos Burger is a hamburger chain Mos Burger signs laden menu. Moss is most likely the menu is attractive and fairly dust sources stain comes in a rich taste.

Mosburger and S size Potato set @ MOS Burger Nakano 5-chome store

The source contains a lot between the chopped onion large, with crispy. Along with the juicy tomatoes, you can jump into the sour in the mouth.

Three-dimensionally moving the bundle, the source went Karame while eating hamburger buns and evenly.

When you eat a hamburger for lunch, I, and potato skins, and soup. Along with soups, especially from snacks, and lunch.

★Shop information:5-49-7 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo、03-3385-1917、AM9:00〜AM1:00

Cherry tree. April 4, 2011 (Monday) Nakano

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I walked the Nakano Street. Cherry blossoms bloomed here and there. I dropped in the park.

Or near the building and Via and also, unlike what often falls on the sun, I feel that as blooming than Nakano Street. While 80% as there are in bloom and branches.

Cherry tree. April 4, 2011 (Monday) Nakano

It looks like the best time this weekend.

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