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Mister Donuts Nakano brunch shop, upon passing the other day, they were closed for renovation. Today I attended, was in business.

In-store posters and banners, and featuring a "Yaki-do"(Baked Donuts).

Mister Donuts, Yaki-Do(Baked Donuts) appeal

Yaki-Do are not fried. Donuts are baked in the oven. It is new Donuts. CM TV, and "MISUDO Web", has big push.

In this case it was just passing through the front of the store, I would like to find opportunities to eat one.

★Shop information:5-68-1 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-3228-3908、8:00-23:00

Both the volume and quality overwhelming

Previously, I ate fried chicken meal at Home-cooked meal shop "Enishi"(縁). Nakano ramen street straight ahead, near the Three F convenience stores, where you turn right into the alley, there was a hideaway shops. Street signs were not out of ramen, you could not find the location.

Is met there was this big chicken cutlet, 750 Yen.

Leave a food is prohibited. And piled in the prime choice. You can also choose the source. With tartar sauce from the source, asked for the source.

Fried Chicken Set @ Home-cooked meal Enishi

The merit of this shop, Enishi is to say, if a meal together, and that is to say delicious. Rice and miso soup is delicious. The tasty side dishes and delicious rice and miso soup progresses.

Miso Soup with pork and vegetables in the wind on this day, the meat was also included. A small bowl of marinated cucumber and Konnyaku is also delicious feeling that they oil. Far out is not any, are settled at higher levels. Also, this shop is better to come, according to registered dietitian wall pop, and you are managing the menu. But the plane is safe.

Lunch meal set @ Enishi

The main dish is a pile of fried .... The clothes are a little loose and there is no other choice. They cut the oil well is a good first taste. There will be a solid and mise en place. Chicken is very tender. But are also leather, meat is very tender, there is something wrong with being pulled in the texture. The feeling that even more chicken and soft, rather.

Rice is a whole lot. Such services are also happy shop. Women may be better stated preference for the amount of rice when you order.

Also considered nutritious, relatively affordable, and this tasty. The lunch is sure to satisfy.

★Shop information:5-50-1 Nakano Nakano Ward ,Tokyo 、03-3385-8189、Indefinite vacation

Chocolate for a limited time @ Refu-Tei

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JR Nakano Station on the north entrance, the Refi-Tei(れふ亭), Oobanyaki shop , notice the menu was limited time in stores. Chocolate.

Chocolate for a limited time @ Refu-Tei

Known to be chocolate and had a little surprising impressions. I had to feel like a regular menu, I was wrong.

Why do not you think so back entry, sausage and mayonnaise, and had views of red bean. And this becomes, chocolate, by all means I wanted to eat.

★Shop informaiton:5-63-3 nakano Nakano Ward、03-3387-3048、9:00-21:00、Open everyday

Open curry shops in Nakano Sun Mall

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In Nakano Sanmall were made curry shops. TOKYO Gin Curry is.

A passing glance I saw was, it seems apparently long-awaited Japanese curry shop , like Go-Go Curry or Koko-ichi Curry.

Open curry shops in Nakano Sun Mall

Nakano is known as a national battleground ramen, I think that Curry also very substantial. And they are authentic curry. India and Pakistan, from where the listed countries such as Thailand and Nepal, Asian, and South India, from a local. Its width is worldwide.

However, there was a weakness only. It is very Japanese curry shop.

Beef bowl chain stores and pork cutlet on rice chain stores , you can eat such as curry meal. But generally speaking in front of Tokyo restaurants, ramen, soba and curry, which forms an attractive triangle .However, the weak force Nakano Nippon curry for some reason.

Killer content appeared there. I look forward to you.

★Shop information:5-66-8 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-5318-2270

Nakano Sun Mall Aerial Gallery 2011

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That the annual aerial galleries had begun Nakano Sun Mall. JR Nakano Broadway in the following arcade Nakano Station, the masterpiece of middle school students has been raised.

Somewhere this year, I felt a lot like a lot of work with blue.

My favorite piece is "bright." Students take each other hands of men and women dressed in summer and winter clothes, carrying the future is rosy. Shining sea, the sky is a rainbow spanned.

Nakano Sun Mall Aerial Gallery 2011

As usual, just as fun to work through. In a surreal style, expressed in a straight a student fresh feeling well, even penetrating insights, none has been wow.

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