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Nakano Broadway in the sky, flying cranes

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At one point, was decorated with paper cranes to Nakano Broadway. After that, whenever possible through Nakano Broadway, I was looking up, and that number grows rapidly.

Now, just fill the skies of Broadway. Of greenish light is illuminated in green, the crane was waiting for something to be empty wing of Broadway.

Nakano Broadway in the sky, flying cranes

I like flying cranes formate of the same size, while is also a large crane.

Look forward to passing on the Nakano Broadway, will select a passage about.

Cranes are being handmade in Japan as a symbol of peace.

Ramen Shop Heibon closed

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I have a blog you read, knowing the closure of the noodle shop. Nakano Station North Exit on the JR, which is Heibon(へいぼん). I by the shop.

Ramen Shop Heibon closed

Shutter has already descended. The poster is "closed as soon as the soup is gone," there was a guide. Next to it, and, on the date June 19, has closed and announcements.

I have a wart to disappear is unfortunate, this is likely because of the renovation, it plans on July 1, it plans to open a new ramen shop. At that time, and is close to feature traditional Chinese.

Nakano is a battleground of ramen noodles and old want to eat, would certainly be trouble in store selection. I look forward to a new shop to wait to clarify the concept.

Ramen Shop Heibon closed

Today, I went to the store mark. Construction had begun.

★Shop Information:5-63-4 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo

Keroro posters of Seibu Railway

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I got on the Seibu Shinjuku Line, there are posters stuck on the platform of animated characters. Keroro was appointed as the mascot was a poster awareness of manners.

Keroro posters of Seibu Railway

Keroro is a goofy, make a strategy that ignores the manner failed. How interesting it is drawn.

The lower left corner of the poster, some of the original character Sumama. Will also popular for children riding on Seibu line, I thought.

Mugiwara-boushi's Blue cheese sandwich

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Material stuck to the sandwich

I recently ate Mugiwara-boushi(むぎわらぼうし means Straw hat)'s Blue cheese sandwich (400 Yen) .

Mugiwara-boushi is a mobile sandwich shops. Appear to underpass JR Nakano station in the north. I can buy a sandwich shop with French bread. They sell sandwiches, but usually it is three, the day was to join another line. 100 yen is higher than the others etc. Isan. In the mood, I tried to buy.

Mugiwara-boushi's Blue cheese sandwich

France and fragrant with the scent of the span to take a plastic bag. And you, felt the crunch of the lettuce. Fresh. When you bite off the bread like a sticky, sweet milk and soft cheese with a texture and feel the salt. I also feel the salt pan, or different to change the impression of taste.

Since you are using material featuring exotic cheeses, and was somewhat concerned with, there is no habit in a good way and easy to eat. Vegetables, bread and cheese will be stuck like material, rich cheese sandwich, ate delicious.

Nakano ramen street is lined with ramen shops. There, the shop had changed.

In front of the Chinese noodles Shop "Aoba", was stored and added that there was a drink stand. Been set up in front of the shop windows that show were selling fried chicken.

Fried chicken shop was opened in Nakano Ramen Street

Shops selling fried chicken, there was also the Nakano station. Made a new one.

Even fast food restaurants and convenience stores, has a menu featuring chicken on sale in full swing. Could it be that the chicken is popular.

★Shop information:5-59-14 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-3389-9757、Open everyday

Enishi's Miso grilled beef meal

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Lunch too happy

I ate a meal at Enishi(縁) of grilled beef, and miso before. In addition to the main dish, rice and miso soup hot, with a price of 750 Yen. Moreover, supervised by the dietitian has been cooking. I'm happy things are perfect for lunch shops.

Miso soup, rice has become making sure. Miso soup is a little bland and I feel modest salt, rice is just right Completion can enjoy the sweetness and firmness.

Enishi's Miso grilled beef meal

The main dish was beef cooked medium rare. The degree of fire is not much in the middle, slightly cooked. As with other seasoned dishes, and broiling with soy bean paste is that very subtle, natural beef flavor alive.

Enishi's Miso grilled beef meal

The menu is spicy and the introduction there is indeed faintly spicy. While feeling that seasoning, and tasted the beef meat and fiber.

It is also attractive small bowl.

Healthy, delicious and cost-effective, the taste of my mother for lunch.

★Shop information:5-50-1 Nakano Nakano Ward,Tokyo 、03-3385-8189、Rest unknown

Limited menu in the summer @ Refu-Tei

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Refu-Tei(れふ亭), JR Nakano Station North Exit on. Refu-Tei is a Japanese traditonal baked cake,called "Oobanyaki" shop. Refu-Tei has been made a notice in the window. According to the report, and is a burnt offering for a limited summer menu , Panch-Yaki.

Limited menu in the summer @ Refu-Tei

Oobanyaki is a winter food. From wrapping paper to eat out a little something warm. Of good food in winter. In addition, Refu-Tei swelling before, had to summer holidays.

To change that impression, what a special menu planned for the summer. Let me know I was a pop overhang significantly.

Find the opportunity, I want to try.

★Shop information:5-63-3 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-3387-3048、9:00-21:00、Open everyday

Two texture

I ,Bonjour Bon Nakano branch's Big Sausage Roll (199 Yen) ate.

Shortly before going to lunch, was just being carried one after another freshly baked bread from the back of the store. Good timing, good luck to you in order to buy freshly baked, the dough is fluffy. Nice and warm too.

天然酵母のパン Bonjour Bon中野店のビッグウインナーロール

When eaten, airy texture is soft and stretching as I and yo, I'll drift curry flavor to the dough being kneaded and stretched. How could such a texture not know what some time elapse, this bread is not what will be quite edible. Because with a taste that is just delicious.

Sausage is a taste of authentic ingredients. With crispy skin, the taste of meat. Satisfying to eat.

Airy texture, and dust shall meet the food, the skin crisp, stately chestnut and sausage. Pleasant taste the texture of bread is two ingredients, of course.

★Shop information:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-5345-6260。Bonjour Bon's Website(Japanese)

Ramen Kaeru's Salt taste Ramen

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Ramen likes Mobile laptop PC

From the Nakano noodles street into the next, I went to Ramen kaeru. When determining the vending machine menu, suddenly came to mind that have eaten ramen stand so far. I have never eaten before, salt ramen (800 Yen) was selected.

Toppinh is the fat and onion.

Staff, please note that your bowl is hot, he said, came out of ramen.Surprised to see the faces. Thin. Ramen noodles are a thin.

Ramen Kaeru's Salt taste Ramen

First issued while I ate. I have increased fat taste is trying to clean. Ramen is said to be salt and enough to consent, it is a good soup out of a little sweet and spicy salt. Coupled with fat, making noodles and sweet.

Try to eat while working, I added red pepper and black pepper. Still, the sweetness stands out. Might also have joined the sweetness of the vegetables toppings.

It is preposterous, I also put a dipping sauce for noodles. Then, it is much the same impression of taste. And noodles, but freely changes the flavor impression, but I was shaken and a massive salt reversal.

If the Jiro beginner, I think very easy to eat. Of course there is the amount of minutes of fine noodles, eaten so smoothly like an illusion good. Also in the light flavor punch, I think is good taste, so go chopsticks.

Why Jiro to heavy users, while the scene is likely to choose the menu. Department case and still wants to believe ingesting minute physical condition, what it once in a while I think if you get a different menu and options.

Beginner to advanced, and what he is limited to certain applications, I felt like a full size mobile notebook that is selling well lately.

★Shop information:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Ward、11:00-15:00、17:30-21:00,every Monday closed

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