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Nanban chicken meal @ Yayoi Ken

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Seasoned Double

I was recently in Nanban chicken meal @ Yayoi Ken (? 690) to eat. Free refills on rice, miso soup, and comes with a small bowl. This was a small bowl of tofu. Your pickles, you can take freely from the pot you have built in desk.

I chose to look at the pictures of menu dishes. For cooking, "Why would not fly in the chicken?" "What's the point could be tartar sauce" so I thought, been carried a little puzzled.

Nanban chicken meal @ Yayoi Ken

The water had accumulated under the dish. And moisture that accompanies many of the vegetables. Often applied to the vegetables with dressing. I started to wonder while eating.

Fried food is good texture. If you are also moist and clothing, and wrapped the chicken in white with a good balance of fat thickness. Tartar sauce is a thick, refreshing aftertaste. Dressing? What will be effective from. The combination of fries and tartar, I feel the satisfaction that your cooking is eating fried meat while refreshing.

I looked for the "Nanban chicken meal" later. Dish originated in Miyazaki, So it was our dishes in vinegar and tartar sauce and fried chicken. Seasoned, and also how to provide deep-fried and then had lunch which was so convinced.

★Shop information:4-4-11-1F Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-5343-7117、10:00-1:00

Located 1F Nakano Broadway, pastry shop on the right just inside the building, there is a girl in a Fujiya store. Peko-chan is. She was dressed for summer use.

Peko-chan is dressed in a different fashion every season, this time dressed in red Jinbei.

Peko-chan on summer clothes in Nakano Broadway

Had a fan in hand.

Nakano Broadway, a little darker or to conserve power, but I feel no air conditioning humble heart, and go by before I felt a refreshing summer.

★Shop information:5-52-15Nakano Broadway 1F Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo 、03-3385-7362、10:00〜21:00、Open everyday

Tweets in Twitter, I know that information to the RT have more followers. Nico Nico Curry will be closed. Nico Nico Curry is a Curry restaurant at Nakano.

This was to introduce curry shop by Wired,"Tokyo Curry Mania: Mitsuboshi's 'French Curry' in Nakano" .Mitusiboshi changed the name.

According to the tweets, July 24, the final day. Such contract was due to expire at the store, more representative, did you show the willingness to want to restart again if the timing is right.

Recently, we passed in front of the shops were closed in preparation If the shutter half. Apparently, there was no Notice of such closing.

Famous Curry Shop in Nakano

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★Shop information:2-1-1 Arai Nakano Ward Tokyo

Gusto is a family restaurant. In the immediate vicinity of the south exit of Nakano station JR. I ate lunch at a Gusto.

In Gusto, the lineup had a hamburger lunch menu changes daily. The five different platter, are eaten by the day. Today's menu was a hamburger and beef sausage croquettes and basil.

Beef hamburgers and sausages and basil croquettes @ Gusto Nakano station south exit

Has been carried on cooking later. Has been serving dish with a single. ? 530 This is the Best. Soup is a self-service, free refills. In addition, the large portion of rice was free. Also, rice can also change the bread.

Gusto has introduced self-service part. Water and towels, drinks bar is self service. I drink at your own pace, in some cases but it's more convenient.

★Shop Information:3-36-15-2F Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-5328-2315

Celebrated the 5th anniversary of the opening of La Corona ,Spanish Restrant. La Corona is in the ramen street Nakano.

To celebrate it 11th (Mon) 15 (Fri), is likely to ? 500 yen lunch menus. The announcement was in store flyers.

The flat rate for lunch at La Corona 5th Anniversary

This service eliminates the material soon, and that is going to end.

Bite from salads to desserts, enjoy a menu that is considered. Just a nice atmosphere of the shop. Such in-store, such as paella and pasta, and eat less than usual is a delight.

And fifth anniversary, congratulations!

★Shop Information:5-57-5-2F Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-3228-2662、11:30-24:30。La Corona Website(Japanese)

Richness betray

I was recently eating soy sauce thick Ramen at Ramen Shop Tsutomu. Tsutomu, which opened in north exit of Nakano station away from JR, or Internet are many opportunities to look to shop for their taste. I ate the noodles with the previous, this time ordered the noodles.

Features Tsutomu, like shops have their own appeal, the soup will be thick. Stew meat, soup is rich and tasty but just melted, the noodles were able to savor with a lower limit.

Does ramen taste like?

Noodle Shop Tsutomu's Thick soy sauce ramen

Aroma is very rich, as the name of the menu. Can condensed chicken and the flavor of pork, just know it. Ramen and mouth emergency, it was betrayed by stunning preconceptions. Fishmeal is used or whether the fish-based dashi not know, drifting in the mouth of the smell of something. Just passing through the oil on the tongue, leaving the taste of the soup at the end.

Also I prefer noodles. A few extra pounds may be a moderate boil. There are sticky on the teeth. And thickens the soup, if there is some sticky noodles are highly impressed.

At first glance the rich aroma, and taste the taste of pork and chicken to smell and eat and frankly, passing the throat last chewy noodles. If ramen noodles and noodles with the same, then when you would like the noodles with the height in thickness. Warm and more time floating in the warm soup and noodles taste is.

Feel the rich taste of a moment, it was complementary toppings. Crunchy bamboo shoots and have likely come hear about Shakitto, spring onion soup with an accent that is adding a distinctive spicy, plenty about the taste of the sauce, and pork tastes best darker. Especially pork, thin, rich taste of fat and sickly sauce that contains small, you can enjoy even more depth to include the mouth, along with noodles and soup.

Rich flavor ramen to the fore, the thickness of the soup and the smell should be called instead, they are competitive seasoning ingredients, often pursued by the waist, cotton will eventually evolve into maniac often think. For Tsutomu, a superb balance between "easy to eat ramen rich" and will be enacted. It's a work of art.

★Shop information:Arai Nakano Ward Tokyo、11:30-15:00、17:00-23:00

There is Side 7 , in Nakano

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Recently passed place not give a thought.

The Nakano, there are a variety of shops. The staff have a store-made costumes. The staff have a cosplay shop for animation and special effects, and a secret organization of evil shocker base. I was unexpected.


Side 7(サイド7). There is a Lagrange point Nakano.

Side 7 is a space colony that appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam. Gundam, where the Gundam Mark 2 was developed, and occupies an important position in the story.

There we proceeded north to the street from the JR Nakano station.

Ramen shop and eat in the term, when leaving the shop, I noticed flyers. Nakano Champloo Festival 2011 was.

Eye was drawn to the subtitle below the teaser. "Tokyo Summer Open." Open to select the summer term, I feel a sense. The future will increasingly hot, the closer you close the event, I realize that words emerge.

Also, portraits of the flyer, I feel a strange arrangement. Two young women were placed on both sides, although somewhat soft look, look in your other, in spite of the festival is, hard somewhere. Will let you feel strong feelings.

Nakano Champloo Festival 2011, be done soon

The event, July 16, 2011 (Sat) 17 (Sun), before Nakano Sunplaza ,and in Arai Yakushi is carried out.

In the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, Tokyo Gin Curry, curry shop, raising lunch. Curry silver, and there are two main curry. Curry Pork Curry downtown Tokyo, the Ginza is the naming of a beef curry. This is a pork curry (480 Yen), and topped with summer vegetables (200 Yen) I ordered.

Gin Curry Tokyo's Downtown Curry with Summer vegetables topping

Curry sauce was in a good way for everyone in the slightly sweet. Was added to the sweetness may be present in pork was often included as ingredients.

May be cut to size just enough to put the mouth, the tender braised pork, and contains a rumble. Whenever you enter a long spoon scoop was more contained. You may have this fat is melted. Referred to as curry and rice, but the rest is easy really impressive variety of spicy curry silver is not. I called the wind fond de veau like the taste of meat that melted and vegetables, and a gentle blunt taste.

The soft palate of curry may be rare.

Versatile type of vegetable topping, pumpkin and zucchini, bell peppers and raw after being fried and swimming in the loop.

As is true in general curry lunch, became concerned about the amount contained in the container and "a little or somewhat?" I think they will be happy with You actually see. Elegant sweet taste, is also a good amount of serving food. Curry women's lunch, I said.

★Shop information:5-66-8 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-5318-2270

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