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The paper crane has been being decorated by the ceiling in Nakano Broadway since about June.

In the number, the appearance that became spectacular fast every time there was a chance to increase gradually, and to pass was the enjoyment.

The ceiling was covered at last when Nakano Broadway's having passed the other day.

They are paper cranes in Broadway Nakano how many

It becomes a formation, and it dances in the sky in Nakano Broadway.

It looks up whenever Nakano Broadway's passing.

The paper crane is a symbol of the prayer in Japan.

Peco Chan, it is an image character of Fujiya, had Japanese style shape was seen in Broadway Nakano. Her charm was not expressed though it took a picture.

Then, it challenged again because there were the other day and a chance.

it is an image character

The model doesn't move cooperating very much. The expression is not changed. However, it was a little difficult taking a picture because it was in traffic this time.

She is wearing sandals. And, it has the fan in the hand. It is cool Peco Chan.

★Shop information:1F-5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-3385-7362、10:00〜21:00、Open Everyday

The lace of the San Nakano shopping street, katsuya of the cutlet bowl shop, was constructed.

The shop was being redecorated.

It notifies of the Thanksgiving beforehand Katsuya.

And, it notifies of the Thanksgiving beforehand in the tapestry of the wall.

I hear very business from 26th to 28th in August to obtaining according to it. I hear that it was able to eat 500 yen four goods such as the sirloin cutlet table d'hotes.

The sirloin cutlet box lunch was bought at that time recently though this Thanksgiving existed. After last time ends, the second bounce is done at once. It is a welcome project.

★Shop information:5-67-9 Nakano Nakao Ward Tokyo、03-5913-2739、10:30〜AM2:00、Open everyday, katsuya's Website(Japanese).

Cold Clam Udon @ Hanamaru Udon Nakano Brunch

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I was recently in the shop as Hanamaru Nakano Udon "Cold Clam Udon" (small, 399 yen) to eat.

This was the menu for a limited time. Followed by a hot day, your body feeling a little exhaustion. Therefore, the food is cold, it proceeds, what nutrient is likely, and even that was limited. So, I placed an order from this menu.


It is said that the component that contains a lot of ornithine, is that as far as it will play a clear jelly. We will melt in the mouth. Shell Gas has been placed as a tool, the smell of ocean have been drifting pretty intense, and adds flavor.

But after eating noodles are fresh. The ginger has been placed in advance, because it would just smell me well adjusted.

So cold, I feel the elastic noodles than usual.

★Shop information:5-67-6 nakano Nakano Ward tokyo、03-5913-0650、7:30-24:00、Hanamaru Udon Nakano Brunch's homepage(Japanese)

Now, Nakano station area is under construction. Here you see the crane just to grow red and white in the distance, or if the building is set up, and go to the outer panel is attached to the skeleton, and the landscape changes every day.

Landscape appeared here today.

Will change, landscape seen from Nakano station platform

The building on the left, has a glass insert. The rear of the building in the middle, the black frame has been growing. It became vacant lot foreground. It had no bike, had been covered with a blue sheet.

The ramen(noodle) street Nakano, there was unusual shops. Korean restaurants, and Lee's kitchen shops Nakano No. 6.

You put a sign in the store. According to the report, and is doing lunch. In the Korean restaurant's lunch is a staple like bibimbap and soup. Meanwhile, the value in this shop are rich in variety.

Among the Nakano noodle street, Korean restaurant

In another shop was also not see the menu.

Shops that offer a barbecue lunch at the shop often. Meanwhile, in a Korean restaurant's lunch is valuable. Find the opportunity, I want to go.

Shop information:5-59-14 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-5942-5303,11:00-24:00,Open everyday

On the second floor of Nakano Broadway, ate lunch menu at Kakeroma. Fried chicken meals (600 Yen) is.

Kakero at night, is a Japanese-style bar. The lunch menu lineup tend to be taking advantage of the chicken.

Kakeroma's Fried chicken meals in Nakano Broadway

Say honestly. Fried chicken is a little impression. Among the dishes are said to stand out and one vegetable.

And eat a very good balance. Not know the site of meat, skin, fat, and contain all the whites and enjoy a time of their texture and taste. Soft and juicy, it's not the direction. A moderate elasticity of meat, crispy texture of the skin first, then white and then tasted with the chewiness, and feel the taste gradually the oil stain out of each, and so on.

Kakeroma's Fried chicken meals in Nakano Broadway

Vegetables were served, there is also torn in addition to cabbage shredded cabbage. Together with our pickles, feel the volume.

Also fried, rice also, when viewed in the small and the amount was a little worried. Eating In fact, on a full stomach was satisfied. Well-balanced deep-fried, so you can enjoy all the flavor of the bird, I was a cook in bulls.

After cooking has been issued, but had Yakult service. Attitude to the material as well, such attention is also nice shops.

★Shop information:Nakanobroadway 2F 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward

Recently, I ate a pork cutlet lunch(ロースカツ弁当,Roast Tonkatsu Bento). This lunch, get Katusya, Tonkatsu resutrant is in the arcade Nakano Sun Mall. When the procurement was ? 500 at a special price.

Or lunch several times and is eating. A very beautiful impression. If such equipment is housed in a separated package, and orderly.

Katsuya Nakanosunmall Branch's Roast Tonkatsu Bento

Fried up crispy, crunchy exquisite and have a presence of tender meat, pork and sweet. Fully enjoy the taste of pork cutlet. Staff, two bags were packaged by the source and mustard. Be kind.

At Bento lunch does not have soup. The take home to eat at their own pace but are appreciated. If pork cutlet lunch delicious, fair enough.

★Shop information:5-67-9 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-5913-2739、10:30〜2:00、Only New Year holidays、 Tonkatsu Katsuya's Website(Japanese).

Yoshinoya has prepared a menu of curry

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The north exit of JR Nakano station, there is a Yoshinoya Beef Bowl. Landmarks, on the other side of the Nakano Sun Plaza across the street. Near the station. That is a good location. The staff seems to be well utilized. Sometimes in the workplace, or your lunch package appearance.

Yoshinoya is such, I was a notice about the menu at the counter with a tapestry. Curry.

Yoshinoya is, has prepared a menu of curry

Yoshinoya has been to expand the focus to the menu. Around the beef bowls, which sometimes aligned to another menu. But Curry did not know.

Shredded meat for the Beef Bowl is hard to fit curry. Around, the feeling is likely to be popular.

★Shop inforomation:5-66-3 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-5345-7332

I, the north exit of JR Nakano station, many feel cheap and good restaurants. Therefore, the faster the closed shops. Welcome from the battleground state's, the store replaced many times. As customers are happy, there are no shops on the other hand there was suddenly favorites. Regret.

One of such places, "the Nakano noodles Street" had tempura shop.

tempura shop Tenta

Certainly this was even before tempura shop. Donburi shop then became the store. And round, also had tempura shop.

Nakano has many gourmet shops, few opportunities to eat tempura. The shop is like to go either.

★Shop infromation:5-57-2 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo

Orient Spaghetti's Cold Tarako Spaghetti

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Betray a combination of visual material

I ate Cold Tarako(*) Spaghetti at Orient Spaghetti,Yakushi Ai Road Shopping Street. 8 get 08, 18, 28, has been a sale. 1000 yen today, pasta, large portion was free. So ordered the large portion.

What kind of dishes do, I was quite beyond imagination in order, were somewhat confused by seeing.In that cold pasta, but it's somewhat stance, there was even final blow. The kimchi. It really does taste...

Orient Spaghetti's Cold Tarako Spaghetti

Eating, and apparently had a different flavor. What oil? There are savory flavor. Cold pasta is boiled up so feel the hardness of more than al dente. Cod what are the sublimation and how to source, unobtrusive colors in order to know better. But texture and salty flavor and the pasta is evenly covered. Sometimes following real sense, it was good in pasta accented hard.

Although you can use some olive oil, sesame oil and was used as such a surprise. Flavor of seafood is not melted in the fragrance, arouses the appetite. Taste is tangled in the warm pasta on the menu above sources can be strongly felt. The impression of me changing the oil is flavored seaweed Tomosuruto feel rather strongly. The menu is a light color, with vivid green eyes fun cucumbers. No wonder the combination of materials.

This shop is not far away from JR Nakano Station. Famous higher rumors, but at lunchtime despite the location is very crowded Eastern spaghetti, the more. I also feel its power.

(*)What is Tarako? See Wikipedia link.

★Shop informaiton:1-23-22 Arai Nakano Ward Tokyo、 03-3387-1445、11:30-21:30、Lunchtime-15:00、Open everyday

★Website:Orient Spaghetti(Japanese)

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