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"Muteppou Nakano" in Tonkotsu Ramen (750 yen) to eat. Numabukuro(沼袋) station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line, the long slope up the street and turn right. And from the station, far.

I have a mind to move into a rough place, I quickly discovered. I took up the scent of soup shops undisguised.

Muteppou Nakano

I felt that one step when entering the shop, It is full of chivalrous spirit hospitality. Behavior from the suspiciously, and more staff who recognize that first-time customer, and many kindly and politely remarks. How to make noodles and that can indicate a preference. To consolidate the noodles, then everything is normal I asked. I also recommend that onion, I decided to dare try to eat normally.

Came out immediately. Notice at first glance. I feel out strong in the soup thickens. If you are a liquid that is tight. Tonkotsu put out another notice that the bleeding will extract the marrow. The Puripuri.

Muteppou Nakano Tonkotsu Ramen

Thin, straight noodles. But how to thicken the soup, and soup mixes. We asked the hard boiled acceleration is superb, only a few remaining core, "Puchin" pop between the teeth and so I love it. Leek soup stuck to it even Matoimasu, enjoyed strong flavored ramen to the end.

Is impressed with seaweed topping. Bulge is smoked seaweed soup was heavier. Delicious taste of the soup.

Heavier, and wrote, never rich flavor, heavy mouthfeel that is not in the wind. Rather mellow taste, feel the sweetness of Tonkotsu. Tonkotsu also felt when it comes to fragrance shop, is not so strong. There are round and full-bodied, it's such soup.

You may substitute, even how to make you like me to change. Groups such as sesame seasoning, and arranged in tables. Certainly many times through, it's a noodle and they will make up an increasingly addicted to taste like. Soup and blogs mentioned in many people, of course, is also impressed noodles.

Forward and eat the clerk "Do you have a strong flavor? It can also be divided into thin" and kindly voice over. When leaves are put off coming out to us out of the shop. The other shop is not a shop has a unique hospitality.

Shop information:4-5-1 Ekoda Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-5380-6886,11:00-15:00,18:00-23:00(Material is no longer ends),Closed on Monday

Haruya Bookstore(明屋書店), 3rd floors in Nakano Broadway, "One Piece" was performed on the female character of the popular vote. The results were announced.

So celebrate the release are made in the comics version of One Piece, Volume 63.

According to the report, 1st place was Hancock. In the second place Nami, third place was Robin. The main characters are aligned.


Haruya Bookstore is also popular idol group AKB48 popular vote for, he says.

"One Piece" and speaking to people in need for friends and hero, the story is hard to confront the enemy. If you think a hero in different ranks. People voted, the customer may have been a man of perhaps.

Ox tail stew curry and rice @ Bar 50&50

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There are many the bars as parallel to the Nakano ramen-noodles street, but there are also many stores where lunch is eaten. I received curry in one of such the stores, and Bar 50&50.

Bar 50&50

It is Ox tail stew curry and rice (750 yen). In addition, a salad and a drink follow.

Roux is covered fully. It is pickles that was unexpected and it was beforehand piled in the end of the plate. Although pickles were imagined from the form, they are shallots when it obtains.

Ox tail stew curry and rice @ Bar 50&50

it seems that it is easy to eat -- it says or mincing is good -- although it did not become precocious, it was cut small. Ox tail is boiled well very softly as the name of a menu.

It had become an accent of texture that the mushroom is contained. If it glances, there is much roux, but downward it is covered with boiled rice and is quite quantity. Roux, and full and Ox tail which is contained in it were full.

Since vegetables etc. are not found but the ingredient is also thin, there is no presence, but existence is felt. Spicy is not felt.

Although there is the so-called scent of curry and rice, there is a thick taste into which a taste of various foods like demiglace sauce melted.

The taste and quantity were satisfied enough. Although it was far from JR Nakano Station, when he wanted to come to eat the curry and rice of the Japanese style, it memorized as a store which will be remembered first.

Shop information:5-53-9 nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-3387-2970、Lunch Time11:30-14:00

The development scenery of the Nakano Station north entrance is photoed in fixed point.

The rotary of the Nakano Station north entrance changes

Although it seems that construction is progressing, it seems that there is no difference not much with last time to the building which appears beyond Nakano Sun Plaza.

It is this side that is greatly different.

The rotary of the Nakano Station north entrance changes

It comes out of development of a station, the wall is immediately put against the rotary with a bus stop, and a heavy industrial machine like a drill rises up.

The yellow signboard is installed in the place where the blue sheet was put, and we had announced you the bus stop. After photography, although he actually walked toward Sun Maule, both sides are walls and there is a feeling of oppression.

The open rotary had changed completely.

Potato salad France of Bonjour Bon Bakery

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The Nakano Sun Maule arcade has The Nakano Sun Maule arcade has Bonjour Bon of a bakery. At the bakery, he bought potato salad France.

I was able to buy [ whether whose timing was good and ] a somewhat warm thing.

Potato salad France of Bonjour Bon Bakery

It is soft and is sticky bread. Salt is effective and there is the scent of flour.

The potato salad included in inside is also still somewhat warm. It is not uncomfortable so that it may be a hot salad sand.

The salad of seasonings, such as mayonnaise and a dressing, is moderate, and pepper has come out of it somewhat strongly. Sweet bread and fragrant cheese are matched.

What has a coarse potato was contained. With the sandwiches using bread, it is common. Then, it was bread with the idea of if you may put into French bread.

★Shop information:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-5345-6260。Bonjour Bon's Website(Japanese)

Although it was the Nakano Sunmall arcade which had done the store of the Okinawa food, a new store was surely made also to the side opposite to the store. They are the fried chicken store, Hottya(ホットヤ).

The store of fried chicken appears in Nakano Sunmall.

This is the place which had the curry store called Gin curry until very recently. I have received lunch several times. It seems that it renewed in another form with the same capital when investigated.

Grand opening was carried out on the main street in front of JR Nakano Station.

★Shop information:5-66-8 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-5318-2270

The Okinawan-noodles store was made to the Nakano Sun Mall arcade. The Okinawa food and Soki soba Taiyou Shokudou.

A place is a row of Lotteria. Before, it was just a ramen-noodles store.

The Okinawa restaurant is in the Nakano Sunmall Arcade.

The atmosphere of Okinawa is created -- Schiesser's face is hung up over a shop front.

It seems that not only Okinawan noodles but the Okinawa food is got judging from the name of a store. Although a store is here and there and was eaten easily, these days, Okinawan noodles were closed and I temporarily regarded them as lonely.

If it is the Nakano Sun Maule arcade, also from JR Nakano Station, it is near and convenient. I would like to go to find and eat an opportunity.

★Shop information :5-59-6 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-3387-2571、11:00-15:00、17:00-8:00

The construction of a building progresses.

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It is a fixed point observation of the building under construction. If it photographs intentionally, it has not changed easily.


The building of the left back is extended by the several floor, and the outer wall is attached.

The ground has exposed the front space fairly.

As Nakano Street, it is a store of the restaurant serving everyday meals and a Japanese-style set meal. There is Matsuno-ya Nakano store. I passed by the other day.

With the poster of the wall, we were announcing you the discount menu.

Matsunoya Nakano store

I heard that a Bara-katsu curry pulled by "good-bye" in the limited time offer of 100 yen, and were eaten for 390 yen.

Since it was special, it ate, before being lost.

A discount is given by the Bara-katsu curry of Matsunoya Nakano store, and a limited time offer.

Cooking came out. Three bite-size cutlets are carried. since it is ribs, the balance of fat and lean rather comes out from fat -- the shin.

Curry is somewhat hot. And the thing which feels bitterness small and which the spice asserted. The sweetness of the fat of pork and pork cheers each other up mutually with the flavor of curry in the sweetness of boiled rice.

Since 100 yen is called influence, it is profitable. It obtained carving with a spoon the cutlet which finishes it as three lots, when stuffing into its mouth.

★Shop information:5-68-9 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-5345-7688、24h Open

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