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Lotteria , in Nakano Sunmall arcade, is featuring the campaign had had a booth in the store. The poster includes a picture of animation. Blu-Ray &DVD on sale campaign,Macross F Movie ☆ The Super Dimension.

Macross Frontier campaign in Lotteria, Nakano Sunmall arcade

Look at the campaign period started 2nd on October 20 and is likely to have sold a set of newly written only mug and drink vouchers Lotteria. The set also comes with that voice and Macross World Crusade. Yes but in limited quantity 1,500 yen.

The campaign is doing from a fast food chain, especially not at a limited Nakano. If you are walking the streets, but also to see the posters of anime subculture town, which is good for Nakano.

Shop information:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-3387-1216、7:00-22:00

Orient spaghetti, pasta half-price sale

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Today's lunch I went to the Orient spaghetti, in Yakushi AI-ROAD street . Before the specified dates were built into the schedule. The reason is that the 25th anniversary of its founding pasta Depository half-price sale! Some offer limited menu and change the way but there is a fee of half eaten dishes that Orient spaghetti.

Period October 28 (Fri) 30 (Sun) for three days. Last order is 21:30.

Orient spaghetti, pasta half-price sale

Far from the JR Nakano Station. But the voice that I want to go up regularly. Famous food stores but worth the travel time spent was doing a special sale.

Be able to sit at a table in a timely, customers had to visit the other in right away. Inevitable matrix, which is an attractive project underway unavoidable wait.

Shop information:1-23-22 Arai Nakano Ward Tokyo、 03-3387-1445、11:30-Last Order21:30、Lunch time-15:00、Open everyday

Haruya Bookstore(明屋書店), located on level 3 Nakano Broadway, as well as store, shop posters, pop and fun to watch. There is also a playful little clerk, sometimes with grinning.

Haruya Bookstore chronology by linking the history of Japan, AKB48 popular idol popular vote, followed by a popular vote plan ONE PIECE popular female characters in comics, and also, the results were attached.

This time, Ultraman popular vote.

The most popular Ultraman, Seven

Project was linked to the book, published by Kodansha. However, staff have enjoyed making the poster.

Am I such a large impact original Ultraman, Ultraman is a popular or most recent, I was just thinking, etc., where the adventurers who travel to Broadway. Seems pretty cool selection that was made Seven.

Building exterior will be attached

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When was the last shot in sunny, blue sky crane was extended. Unfortunately today's cloudy. I feel the changing seasons.Left back of the building, although the change seen as high, if the exterior wall panels are installed, have a great deal nearing completion.

Building exterior will be attached

Is the difference between big impression in front, move the crane as if someone cut off, the ground is covered with plastic sheeting.

I have been a large-scale construction, develop the impression that while the flow of cars and people are still are mixed up to the everyday and extraordinary.

The redevelopment work is underway, but the north exit of Nakano Station JR, each time through the landscape has changed. Recently, large machines are introduced, the ground was dug.

Construction vehicles are a unique form. Some have a dress at SF. Machines are usually not seen, in front of the eye, I involuntarily took a photo.

Construction vehicles in the station's north exit of Nakano station

Drilling at the top. The auction raised from the body drill, drill practices that set up the ground. Imagine a certain international rescue team. That is stored in a transport aircraft of the Green No. 2, which is a jet mole.

The construction of large vehicles and are used to seeing every day encounter will be different. Can not wait to pass on a little longer.

I thought to eat noodle, Tsukemen. So, from JR Nakano Station is somewhat distant, went to Fujimaru.

I learned last Fujimaru services are actually happy at lunchtime. Large portion of which is free. So this was a large portion of noodles with soy sauce taste. To 750 yen, paid in advance.

Juice blend with the flavor of soy sauce-based broth with faint animal. The rich taste of chicken pork. With crunchy bamboo shoots. Good noodle texture and come and come and throat. The ramen scene Nakano, came from the stars appear As the sense to become famous. I always feel, but it is not a strong texture of noodles. I seem less thick and has a chewy.

At Fujimaru. In a large portion of noodles with soy sauce flavor

And today I felt a large amount of noodles and why. The illusion of course. Eat less but not much. Longed to eat the last few days, enough to eat noodle.

In time many classic noodles, I tried to challenge a variety of seasonings are placed on the table. With plenty of white pepper was found next to take first. Then I noticed that there is a fault .... Try a little over, I can not taste. Next up a little bit to try the peppers. To give more time is going to be a good choice Shin. Hot and spicy shrimp (you know) but the shrimp is tasty, the spicy is tempting sometimes pursued, and also look good with spicy shrimp before.

"Vinegar" Okinawa as a liquid, either because of the small amount could also feel a little change.The next opportunity, I'd love to grow a little more challenging.

Shop information:5-42-5 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,11:30-15:00,17:30-20:00,Closed Sunday

Nakano Ward, there is Side 3

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Writing a blog is easy for Nakano. Is an interesting town. Streets and culture and delicious cuisine, old and new coexist, sometimes to show a fresh look at chaos, the city also profound.

I wanted to be such a chaotic space, recently recognized its mistake and face the fact that we appalled.

Nakano Ward, there is Side 3

Nakano Ward, there is Side 3

The Nakano, I had three sides. Side 7, Green Noah , there is. Now, Side 3 ,Munzo, is. The Seibu Shinjuku Line Numabukuro(沼袋) station north exit and walk north.

On a whim, I entered the side streets and left in the noodle shop or else. Then, there was a Lagrange point.

In other words, Nakano, it's the universe.

Crane is extended to sky

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Once every few weeks is scenery of the north exit of JR Nakano station with a fixed-point observation. Try also comparing with September 27 ... not like I found very strange.

Will feel much better prospects elsewhere. From the train platform Nakano Sun Plaza will see straight.

Crane is extended to sky

The story of the staff and have moved the bus, the bus was in the north exit roundabout, go before Nakano, around the scene of a completely different and I did before. Somehow spread the road, the building is lost, so it is unprecedented scenery.

Look askance but I have not, but it is very different perspectives and bus stand, but now I also would have a change of such.

In Nakano-dori Hanamaru Udon, ate a limited time menu. Curry Tsukemen with three kinds of mushrooms (small size 499 Yen) is.

Tsukemen say, the popularity derived from the ramen noodle, you can eat ramen shop in a variety of Nakano. So what is the Udon Tsukemen ?

Hanamaru Udon's three kinds of Mushroom Curry with Udon

Immediately started eating, I noticed two things. One is the dipping sauce. The curry Tsukemen soup with the curry itself feels like. Curry udon noodle soup like the other shops, and a curry noodle soup that is not dividing found. Literally, there is a wind-curry rice noodles instead of the rich taste of curry.

And second is the hot sesame oil. The nose is the aroma of sesame. The spicy flavor of the tongue remains. Hot and spicy curry is a little weak originally, there also remain a very spicy sweetness of the noodles. I end with a spicy chili oil But last. This two-stage spicy fresh.

Topping was generous. Enoki and shiitake mushrooms contain a long rumble. It is good leek. Meet in Udon, of course, also perfect for chili oil, became a good accent.

Fresh noodle curry was spicy unusual.

Shop information:5-67-6 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-5913-0650、7:30-24:00、Hanamaru Udon Nakano Shop's Website(Japanese)

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