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Who never went to Nakano Broadway underground, may be surprised. Group of shops and fashion on the first floor, lined with rental scene and showcase the upstairs restaurant. Chaos space and a mix of routine subcultures on the third floor. The fourth floor, from the extraordinary lineup of shops are in the everyday life too.

Such underground, there's a meat and. The Takaraya. So I bought a fried chicken lunch.

Butcher shop in Nakano Broadway, Takaraya, fried chicken lunch

Fried chicken is given a thin cloth, and soft. Also delicious cold, go with the fried rice was moist.

I felt like a little fried at first glance, or may be served, and hidden behind or have had quite the amount entered.

The lunch cost-effective.

Shop information:5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,NakanoBroadway B1,03-3389-0576,10:00-19:30,open everyday.

Limited time, Floresta donut shop Nakano Marui

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I went to Marui Nakano, there was a donut shop on the first floor front entrance. And that was opened for a limited time.

Limited time, Floresta donut shop Nakano Marui

Shop is Floresta. Floresta is making a donut stuck to the material. I bought it I decided to put in a lot alongside delicious donuts in the window.

Which donut was well received. Earl Grey was particularly popular. Spread the aroma of tea and putting in mouth. Other chocolate and cafe au lait, chocolate donuts are painted white face is cute, classic and plain, and elegant but understated sweetness any. Pledged to the staff was very popular.


Floresta is November 27 (Sunday) until it is at the main entrance in Nakano, Tokyo Marui.

Beef bowl chain, so that was that the price of 240 yen discount to par of the Matsuya Beef Bowl, I made ??a long time. Is usually from 320 yen, I have a discount is a great deal.

Is that so usual, but do the campaign, crowded restaurant has a great deal. This time I asked the soft-boiled egg with a par of beef bowl.


What a chance, I feel a large amount of meat. In your bowl, the onion was missing too.

Recommended that the food has to show the clerk your phone next door neighbor. Could mobile coupon. Fast food, especially McDonald's was a familiar sight, sounds like you are in a different mechanism is Japanizu beef bowl fast food shops.

It is said this offer until 15 PM November 24.

Shop information:5-68-9Nakano Nakano Ward、03-5318-7331

Front of the station has also changed, Nakano

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North exit of JR Nakano station is under construction buildings, scenes and I have changed the ground. Progress of construction of the building is very well know, there is a change in land in the foreground.

North exit of JR Nakano station is under construction buildings, scenes and I have changed the ground. Progress of construction of the building is very well know, there is a change in land in the foreground.

Front of the station has also changed, Nakano

Roundabout where the bus was, standing on the vertical steel. The same is true across the street. I saw in front of a blue sheet steel. It is not quite certain height difference.

On top is stretched crane crane. Now, the die may change as more and more just minutes from home.

Broadway and Sunmall, Art Brut

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The newspaper recently there was article about Nakano Broadway. If you have opened the art exhibition, and that was exhibited at Nakano and Nakano Sun Mall arcade.

I remember through a newspaper article.

Broadway and Sunmall, Art Brut

Nakano Sanmall arcades are far down on the roof of the passage tapestry. One set has become two, one is free-spirited group of works printed out and watching people walk down the road from the top of the head. On the other, the bulls were on quite a catchphrase.

Arcade, which we do occasionally air gallery of our work listed in the local school pupils. It is also time to learn, just like a gallery aerial Brut. When you appreciate art, the artist's background and school about belonging, and we will have time, they are floating in the sky, when you reject the premise of such appreciation, not just strong I.

Broadway was put flyers.

Broadway and Sunmall, Art Brut

Nakano Broadway, November 23 (Wednesday) until it's on display at Broadway Gallery is a staircase.

Niko Niko Sushi Seiyu stores Nakano Broadway

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Ate earlier, sushi lunch. Bento Sushi is some unexpected choices. Sometimes if you can shop and take-out sushi is, you can buy in supermarkets. In such, we chose dishes of Seiyu supermarket in the basement of Nakano Broadway. Was 498 Yen.

Niko Niko Sushi Seiyu stores Nakano Broadway

Healthy fish and the rice is satisfied stomach, I have the charm of sushi can be eaten immediately open the package. This lineup, shrimp and salmon, and contains two of each squid. One usually went to bed, but as part of each one containing no, I is rare.

I noticed if you've written this entry, two large portions of sushi. The two Japanese in "Nico" is. Two by two, that is what this brand name that is Nico Nico. Hardly. No, by any chance? !

Shop information:5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-3386-1141、10:00-23:00、Open everyday

Peko-chan on Broadway, in kimono

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Dressed by a variety of seasons, the Fujiya Peko chan character Pastry Shop. By Nakano, meet on the first floor of Nakano Broadway.

Peko-chan today, it was dressed.

Peko-chan on Broadway, in kimono

Landscape of the city, has become a Christmas mood slowly, Kimonos in such conspicuous value. Christmas items, but the red colors are used, such as in red, and have settled somewhere.

Shop information:5-52-15 nakano Nakano Ward,03-3385-7362,10:00-21:00,Open everyday

Strong sunshine today was out of the sky.

In the north exit of JR Nakano Station is continuing construction, across the street has become vacant lot.

Building under construction in north exit of Nakano station, has been increasing gradually over

Left photo, the building next to the black building, the glass has been completed and white exterior. The feeling has been fixed as the landscape.

Buildings across the front of the building, which sounds like growing steadily. Crane was hidden in front of the building and clearly visible to strut. It may be again, came the construction proceed, and I have come increasingly clear views.

I changed the setting of compact digital cameras suddenly. Vivid was shooting scenes than I think. There is a variety of functions.

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