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Building a black middle left picture there are cranes or may not, like the outside is almost finished apparently. Crane is no longer completely.

Glass building next to it also, if you can almost look like after moving on to interior work.

Almost finished buildings look like on the outside

There is no crane, I feel the sky is wide. On December 28, 2011, Nakano station platform visible to JR, Nakano station north exit redevelopment scenery.

Foreground, we had been well groomed for the bus depot and Rotary, and stands something like a concrete girder.

Budaejjigae @ Lee's Kitchen No. 6 Nakano Store

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I have Korean food in Nakano noodle shop street , went to Lee's kitchen No.6 Nakano store. Budaejjigae the lunch menu (700 Yen) to eat.

I enjoy a lot of vegetables? I broke that, and it was betrayed in a good way. Green onions and Chinese cabbage, other vegetables such as leeks, Tok (rice cakes), pork, sausage and plenty. Contains and come and ramen.

Budaejjigae @ Lee's Kitchen No. 6 Nakano Store

Became a fishing and wants to eat the menu. And also comes with rice.

Ramen noodles were like raw texture. In Korean restaurants, shops and how often it is because I thought that noodles were also disappointed in a good way.

Soup, sesame feel the presence of fragrance, the flavor of the fish felt the slight aftertaste, which may have been mistaken. However, the animal system was not put out much. Thus, there was crisp on the hot.

The food was enjoyed various dishes.

Shop information:5-59-14 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5942-5303,11:00-24:00, Open everyday

I am buying in quantity troops were dispatched to McDonald's. Have revived a limited time, because you can pick up a lunch to get a set of Chicken Tatsuta.

A limited time  menu, Chicken Tatsuta, at McDonald's Nakano Sunmall store

The shredded cabbage is a spill would not be helped. Pan has much to be resilient and thick compared to other burger carries the mouth carefully as mayonnaise spill underneath the cabbage. Bread, chicken can be the same texture. It smells of soy and wheat. Texture and aroma, bring out the flavor.

Of confusing the staff had been asked bought had a drink. When you set lunch at McDonald's in the winter, I had ordered the corn potage soup or hot chocolate from the menu that had gone. Instead, it seems that the class is full of coffee.

Shop information:5-6-1 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3389-1992,06:00-24:00,Open everyday

Submitted by calling us on Twitter. The south exit of JR Nakano station , KIraboshi Manten , Ramen shop, was not open. Indeed, closed.

Ramen Shop

Store does not come with electricity, the entrance is like taking a curtain. And from the shop, "Today we are on hiatus," a poster that was pasted.

Ramen Shop

I tried several times to go change the date and time, unfortunately, was not working. No one seemed out of. Of course, not drifting smell of rich pork bone soup.

Comprehensive judging of your tweets and blogs, did you happen to apparently closed, closing or relocation announcements are not recognizable. As far as is closed.

Shop information:3-34-24 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,11:30-22:00,closed Thursday

During the move recently I have been prevented from passing. A large construction vehicles were entering into a construction site for induction.

Shortly after entering the car, always have doors that are open are closed for safety and noise control, I could see the construction site.

Then, there was a powerful scene in front of me.

Giant crane at a construction site of JR Nakano Station South Exit

There is a large crane between the twin towers, and raising the steel. I looked up at.

Lately, I have many opportunities to see the cranes.

Resurgence of the crane, construction site

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When last seen, if there is one based on the crane, but I felt that scene construction proceed, it would be surprising if the state and check again. Crane has been restored.

Unfortunately, it fit the picture I could, before shooting up into the roof had just been lifted from the ground material.

Resurgence of the crane, construction site

In the left corner the screen, there is a crane to receive one. Say from where, what Crane. The crane has housed a total of five, is quite a lively scene.

From home and get off the ground, but was extended straight passage to Nakano Sun Mall Arcade was meant to be a little detour to the right. Little by little, seems to have changed.

I have went to Nakano-dori Hanamaru Udon. Is Hanamaru Udon is located near Nakano station JR.

Then, the Knights are doing on Chiba TV comedian "Knights Development Office of HIT products," the show and that was a collaboration menu. Yu is a limited time over the eyes. Its menu is Mentai kamatama Udon. I tried to order a test, it was that you can quickly have the warmth of the small size of 399 yen please.

I was ahead of the meeting, Onions was not allowed. Also, chopped green onion bags did not use me. That is, the only sphere that contains the cod pot noodles literally has become.

We assume that and I will be different Hanamaru udon, I eat and mix well.

Mentai kamatama Udon is a limited time in Hanamaru Udon

Beyond expectation, cod roe and noodles, eggs, and I fit. In addition to the sweet bite of the ball itself comes from wheat noodles, dashi, but good taste and harmony of the egg yolk is a jumble, and by the addition of cod, and change out. Even though many spicy First, there is a little bitter and sweet I feel an extra egg noodles and broth and then. I get deep into sweetness.

Shop information:5-67-6 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-5913-0650、7:30-24:00、Hanamaru Udon Nakano Brunch's Page

Fried oysters Bento @ Saigou Tei

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Saigo Tei is located across the street to the other side of Nakano Sunplaza. A shop and lunch dishes. So, I bought lunch for Coin. The 500 yen fried oysters bento.

Three Kakifurai has been accompanied with tartar sauce and plenty. Broken into several dishes were hijiki and pickle. Under the fried oysters has paved the shredded cabbage. What better place is a lunch box of recent industry trends.

Also with us was the source, this time you have to be in the lemon and tartar sauce.


Tartar sauce was tender and mild taste. Contains plenty of onions. If you fly with it, I just have good flavor. Without compromise the flavor of oysters. Below is a pretty long swing. At the mouth about the size of luck, or good treatment method for assigning and under seasoned, the taste of mouth spread, called oyster oysters.

I've known love of Kakifurai, our lunch lately is, as one coin lunch, could fully satisfied.

Shop information:5-65-5 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3228-3628,10:00-9:00,Sunday & Holiday10:00-8:00,Open everyday

Bonjour Bon's croquette bread

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I bought earlier, croquette bread at bonjour Bon. About the middle of Nakano Sunmall arcade, Bonjourbon Bakery, but I use natural yeast bread sells a variety of side dishes, I eat the bread of the royal road croquette pan.

Bonjour Bon's croquette bread

I feel crisp acidity that is the source first. Has been generously applied to the croquettes. Croquettes, but just what has been borrowed Innovation surface moist and soft overall. If potatoes are smooth and finely pureed, texture and the bread was a match.

Bonjour Bonn bread has the taste and texture and claims rather. But how different bread, probably because we are standing the source, but there was a sense of unity Croquette bread and bread ingredients.

Shop information:5-59-8 nakano Nakano ward,03-5345-6260.Website of Bonjour Bon

Crane on the roof of the building is gone!

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Winter temperatures are now in earnest. I feel the changing seasons. And, sure seems to work well in progress.

Building under construction is seen in front, which was previously installed two cranes on the roof. It was confirmed today, is one. Angle to look at ... that is unlikely.

Crane on the roof of the building is gone!

Then, in front of the picture is yet again seen a crane. If I had hung a skeleton covered in, I will be found to work better.

Lower left, framed also stood at the bus stop information signs.

Chicken Curry with Rice @ Deep Jyoti

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Today naan instead, I asked Rice. Entangled is as always, great spicy.

This shop is delicious naan, saffron rice would also be difficult. Has changed the quality of rice. The proportion of Indica rice is only sporadically, and there is no assignment of sticky rice. And shop for authentic, Rice noted that the Flip will come out, some will want you when moist and Japanese style curry rice. Say there is too sticky or does not fit into authentic curry. Taste and I have a feeling both will be your favorite Japanese food.

Chicken Curry with Rice @ Deep Jyoti

As ordered curry, spicy stood. Chicken is bland as usual can be accented with a soft fibrous texture and moist. The site-such as breast, was refreshing and a lot of white. Were also contains leather, matches the curry.

And promote eating, I felt a little salty. Or a seasoned chicken, or from changing the taste of that routine care is just, it might be felt as a group of spices are blended. Of course, proceeded Eat.

Occasionally even these Indian curries, rice swelling during eating in shops is perfect.

Shop information:5-36-3 B1 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-3389-1250、11:00-24:00

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