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Sub-culture building, Nakano Broadway, butcher shop in the basement, MEAT & DELICA ZATSU ZAKU Takaraya's lunch box of Fried Chicken.

The main dish Chicken is cut has already been served on a three-dimensional. Next to them were placed two fried chicken. In addition, there is egg on rice and sausage.

Butcher shop in Nakano Broadway, the Takaraya's Chicken Katsu Lunch Box

Just meat. In addition to the chicken cutlet was slowly away, two fried chicken is moist and clothing. Both the size of the mouth hard enough to eat. Proceeded with rice.

And reasonable price while 350 yen, lunch was eaten quite answer that.

Shop information:5-52-15 Nakanobroadway B1F Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-3389-0576,10:00-19:30, Open everyday

Curry Shop on the Kaeru

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Nakano is a battleground noodles shops. In its Nakano, Ramen Kaeru has a presence out of the system as Ramen Jiro. I saw a sign next to it also have a presence in such shops.

It is Shasuderi,curry shop.

Curry Shop on the Kaeru

Signboard on the Kaeru, has been instructed to go up on the second floor of the same building. Characters are smiling indeed make a delicious curry.

Find the opportunity, would let us taste.

Shop information:5-56-12-2F nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-5318-6430,11:30-14:30,17:30-20:00,Closed Wednesday

The Evening Sun Plaza, advertising appears

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Recently, the near Nakano station ticket gate, and suddenly see Nakano Sunplaza, I point out something green. If you keep wondering look, rounded lines overlap and foggy, and expand on a straight line, and the character came out.

The Evening Sun Plaza, advertising appears

Or sentence patterns came What emerges, then disappear. The contents were as bridal services.

How to save power or under construction or just a green message appears in a somewhat dark. Portray the message boards and the wall of the building, is the idea.

Nearly finished buildings look behind the picture, the landscape has become much remains unchanged. If you enlarge the image, the window is "Central Park was completed in spring 2012 Nakano," I found and stuck there. It seems that finally nearing completion.

Nakano station north entrance appears to have raised the level of the ground

Near the train station while we have changed but little. Located just beyond the platform, chunks of concrete. And can be shaped like a bridge girder.

And across the street, as if they were almost on the level of the ground, laid on a steel plate, and people walking.

Landscape and is not related to redevelopment. Also attracted the eyes of some people in a characteristic slope of Nakano Sunplaza.

I went to Haruya Bookstore,3F Nakano Broadway. Nakano Broadway, there are many shops subculture. Then , there was a guide in the bookstore and is doing an exhibition at 2F Nakano Broadway in space.

I do. There. was planned pixiv, video game "Assassin's Creed" art exhibition. And was doing its triumphant exhibition in Nakano Broadway.

Assassin's Creed art exhibition in Nakano Broadway

Pixiv is well known as sites "Post Illustration". Nakano Broadway was in the gallery space as a real pixiv.

Was examined on the Internet, daily except Wednesday, open till January 17 (Tuesday),12:00-19:00.

I previously bought a butcher shop at lunch by Yakushi Ai Road. I bought a lunch at Meatshop Sato. This menu is Fried Siumaai Bento. I asked the small rice. Is 490 Yen.

Looking again been issued, many dishes ... It is. Originally Sato lunch butcher shop, eat heartily and fry the rice, the large portion. Rice is low, I feel the presence of an extra dish.

Fried Siumaai Bento @ Sato Meatshop, Yakushi Ai Road

Fried raviolis a la vapeur thin and yellow robed, sausage, vermicelli salad, pickle and was marked.

I also felt my lunch when I previously steamed meat dumpling, raviolis a la vapeur of this shop is good value. The sweetness of the pork, if it matches the flavor of the meat itself, but meat is soft, "you'll have to eat meat," There is a sense of fulfillment. Rising fried soft, moist skin that is like a fritter. Join a little fragrance, has added a new flavor to the steamed meat dumpling.

I got even with us with source mustard, steamed meat dumpling filled lunch was delicious enough as it is.

Shop information:1-15-9 Arai Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-3386-3407,8:00-20:00,Closed Sunday and Holiday

Japanese version weblog entry "Ramen Shop "Kiraboshi Manten" in business is dormant" in the comments, we received information.

Unfortunately, the next shop, and there is an announcement of the recruitment staff.

I do today.

The following shops where Kiraboshi Manten, Nakano Station South Exit, Zukemen Hide

Very different place from the exterior was not found, there has certainly put an announcement.

Kiraboshi Manten , Pork taste ramen shop,at Nakano Station south exit is a new shop to open in February, as "Zukemen Hide".

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