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The north exit of JR Nakano Station is a landscape and conductor has been changed greatly, and it looks from the ground is spreading sight of another, when viewed from the platform.

Foundation of concrete that appeared in the north exit of Nakano Station

Of concrete bridge across the street. The bear has been in the concrete foundation to that end, on top of the foundation is steel frame has been organized. I have dug up the ground, small furniture, next to the car carrying the concrete can be seen. Somehow things feel a slope is likely to be made will be.

Is a sign of new ones to appear after a while also.

Day of the maintenance of Nakano Broadway

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Today, the announcement has been at the sign from the previous, is the day of the maintenance of Nakano Broadway. Every time the shutter of the entrance of the north and south closed, can not pass through the while.

This time was no exception. However, this sign was out on the left side of the entrance. Appeal was that the white into the red, game center is in business.


Broadway is a valuable opportunity can be seen quiet during the day, people did not.

The other day, I received a flyer in front of the station Nakano JR. Is gorgeous orange has been used. There are the "opening celebration" in the flyer. If you look closely, Nakano-dori Notice of cram school was fried.

If you look closely, was the Notice of opening of fried chicken shop.It was Karaage Zyuku.

Specialty stores opening of fried chicken, Karaage Jyuku

At Waseda street, turn right through the Nakano Broadway, across the Mos Burger, I did fried chicken shop is open.

Fried chicken is here and there seems to boom recently, or who like the snacks while walking, which is what some of toppings such as chocolate so far beyond the concept, is increasing steadily feel will also Nakano.

The menu is juicy, healthy, and addictive, there are features of each write. There is a distance from the station is somewhat, I'd like to who if given the chance.

Shop information:5-41-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5380-6700

Charmant @ Nakano Boroadway's Curry Bento

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Lunch shop in Nakano Broadway 4F, I had I bought a curry lunch in Shulman.

Although the rumor I had heard, I see, is very bento was devised.

Charmant @ Nakano Boroadway's Curry Bento

Lunch box is divided into two, one is roux is included. The case made of Styrofoam, and is Rice. That is on top of the rice, onion fried egg over-hard and was able to meet fried chicken, spicy seasoning and have been paved.

Charmant @ Nakano Boroadway's Curry Bento

Lou was a deep flavor. Per is sweet and fruity flavor, easy to eat even women will. Tangy and spicy aftertaste you feel and to. Now go and spoon, was then want to feel the sweetness of the first.

Shop information:5-52-15 Nakano Broadway4F Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-7537

New bridge over the Nakano street

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I was very surprised yesterday, when I was got out of the station. Next to the overpass of the JR, Another bridge is because it took. Today, I tried to review again from the platform.

New bridge over the Nakano street

To be precise, and the parking lot at the original bridge is going on something like the pier was made at bus rotary.

New bridge over the Nakano street

Changing the position was like this. Nakano has across the street. Remains the same flow line, we go everyone is lined on both sides of the street of pedestrians Nakano.

Rotary bus was right because until now, but people are walking straight for the first time is a landscape view.

And, on top of or beside the structure, the craftsmen were working but it is of bad weather.

Craftsmen to work in the rain

Landscape has changed significantly by man and machine, who will handle.

Maintenance Nakano Broadway, on February 15

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See signs about once every six months, has been established in Nakano Broadway. Notice of maintenance is.

Maintenance Nakano Broadway, on February 15

Shutter is closed to the north and south the day that the unusual, you can not pass through the Broadway in Nakano. Of course, is also closed all the shops on Broadway.

The other is there and I got to know in the comments earlier, is a layer on the residential unit is also maintenance, Nakano Broadway days literally to silence.

(Wed) February 15, it is careful.

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