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Upon exiting the ticket gate of Nakano station, it may be induction of the conductor. Is announced to the left side of the road, it is also split into a scene, such as a column to column across the south exit from the bi-directional signal, and the north entrance is jumbled, confused.

You feel, So he used a unique under construction. Every day, the landscape seems to have carried out the change.

JR Nakano station north exit seemed to be progressing construction of the foundation

.... And I was like apparently illusion. Apparently, and again compared to the previous related entry, and the difference is the condition of the weather, with little deviation of the point of shooting, the progress of the construction does not look like there was.

This time I was trying to think of other angles and also of landscape construction site.

Cherry Blossoms in Nakano on March 27, 2012

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Followed by a warm day, turn the Court is taking a little away when you are going out. Was such a look in the cheery, Nakano tori(street) on March 27, 2012.

Cherry Blossoms in Nakano on March 27, 2012

Where sunlight is shining, they have been swollen buds in particular, has become green. There were a lot of such branch.

On the other hand, I have been in the shade, there are many buds still remains brown. Here, as more warm now, is likely to continue to grow gradually.

Miso-Ichi's Pirikara Miso Ramen

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A long time, with Miso-Ichi,the miso ramen shop, and ate ramen. Shin, which is the difference between second stage of the four, which is spicy. Noodles, but the thickness can be selected, we specified the thick noodle. The donation also, are also available "flavored egg" and "blown bamboo shoots fire" and wait for the ramen.

Miso-Ichi's Pirikara Miso Ramen

Came out soon. As we said in pop-store, I tepid ridiculous. It is applied to a cup of spicy miso a belief that you are putting out a piping hot ramen, I feel the extra stimulation.

And is spicy and say, I do not come out the flavor of sesame seeds hidden in the soup. Corn and onions were boiled is also another tool gave me added to the sweetness.

Shop information:5-54-3 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3228-7222,11:00-5:00,Open everyday.Miso Ichi's Website

In the south exit of Nakano Station JR, was taking out the rich pork bone ramen, Kiraboshi Manten has been closed. Then, an announcement in February, opened a new shop that was out. I think that you mention it again in March, was seen through the front of the store the other day.

Was already open. Hide is.

After the Kiraboshi Manten Ramen Shop, noodles shop Shuu was open

I was examined by the Internet, shop sounds like a lot and stuck out the ramen. So many people pass, but did not notice so they have quickly taken, seems to introduce a part of such commitment in the tapestry of the front of the store.

Personally, the name of the shop was clean and comfortable. Not ramen. Neither Tsukemen. "Dukemen". Seem to have a commitment to naming. This day was only confirmed the over-the-counter Unfortunately, I am looking forward to "Tsukemen" what, to eat.

Shop information:3-34-24 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-6304-8840,11:00-1:00,Open everyday.

Taking photos at a timing that blue sky will feel after a long time. Construction of redevelopment go, JR Nakano station north exit.

Nakano station north entrance floor looks like has increased

Compared to the previous image, the passage like structures, like advanced construction does not look so. What has changed is that the front will. Before it was visible that is what looks like steel, the floor has been blocked. And horizontal line, the floor will look like has increased.

There was something I was surprised Speaking of unusual, and "! So it came" too.

lantern had been built in front of the station north exit of Nakano Station JR

And walk out of the entrance gate, between the iron material during construction, is the lantern had been established. In this time of year, lantern had been built in front of the station north exit of Nakano Station JR, had appeared in the most unexpected places.

Between the steel structure are combined with rugged, corrosion-resistant coating has been, indescribably mismatch. Also are allowed on this landscape, I like the unique town in the middle but will re-development.

I saw that in the murmur of our Twitter followers, was in Nakano Broadway has become a reality. I was walking down the Nakano ramen street. I saw the front door of the store Nakano in Nakano Broadway ? namco arcade, it is standing climb.

One of the climb is black, color schemes with minimal chic design on a white background. Campaign is the announcement of TV animation "Mawaru PingDrum" . According to the climb, and that until Sunday, April 8.

Nakano Broadway in the game center, Pingdrum and Precure campaign

One design here is lively and vibrant colors to another. Campaign was the announcement of the TV anime "Pretty Cure". There are many lovely girls. Also: April 8, until it is a (Sun).

Nakano Broadway in the game center, Pingdrum and Precure campaign

This is in contrast to the name of the campaign. For the "ping-drum campaign,Namco", "Happy Pre-Cure campaign."

I like the scenery suddenly appear to have some fun in Nakano.

I bought breakfast is located in the north exit of Nakano Station, at McDonald's Nakano Sun Mall arcade. Combi is a Filet-O-Fish (¥250).

I called Combi, is a snack menu for a limited time during the hours that sells Mac morning, but it is usually different from the set of does not have a potato.

Has become a set of burgers and drinks. Drink so I had hot coffee.


Taste of the Filet-O-Fish has no camera shake, in the sand fly as white fish, tartar has always heard.

As has been introduced in many places, it was delicious coffee smell quite high was a good surprise. The strategy of coffee, McDonald's, we would then convince.

Shop information:5-6-1 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3389-1992,06:00-24:00,Open everyday

Saigoutei's Tartar sauce Chicken bento

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Before I ate (550 yen) lunch of white chicken tartare Bento @ Saigo-tei.

Tartar sauce have been put on what looks like fried chicken. Furthermore, each is a croquette, it has been served with the pasta, Pickles and hijiki. Cost performance is too good but always felt.

Saigoutei's Tartar sauce Chicken bento

The main dish was chicken, clothes are standing in the wind was annoying Innovation fried, I feel rough. Or at the site of breast meat, blubber and a mix of white, strong umami. Somewhat oily feel and will. What has been attached to the clothing, will remain in the mouth and the flavor of soy sauce and garlic.

Hold the tartar sauce that seasoned a little bit of excess sheath juicy meat is excellent, a large cut of chopped pickles, but out of strong acidity. What are you a refreshing aftertaste of ginger will effect. Was that there are easy-to-eat produce rich, the effect of such.

Many volumes of meat than it looks, and even some pasta. Is now a full stomach.

Shop information:5-65-5 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3228-3628,10:00-9:00,Sunday & holiday10:00-8:00,Open everyday

Recent weather is not good, but there are many times when there are many turn of the umbrella, the construction are progressing steadily in such climate.

Nakano station north entrance passage is developing steadily

Finally, when the line up soon, the structure has emerged.

On the wall of the passage is what appears to have been created, for the construction scaffolding has been organized. Well, I was well back of the building is visible sight Until now, we will finally hidden. I might also disappear soon Nakano Sun Plaza.

Because this scene taken from one side of the home, such as where I have a good prospect still of course if you move, become three-dimensional construction, the landscape has changed significantly finally.

I, the staff, were asked to raise a packed lunch. Staff, I bought a lunch of hamburgers oyster croquette, shop Saigotei Nakano Brunch. As the name suggests, come in a set is Kakifurai and hamburgers, lunch is 690 yen.

There are two Kakifurai. There is a hamburger, and is also accompanied by vegetables. Tartar sauce that comes with a large bowl and pull the eye.

Saigoutei's Lunch Box of Hamburger and fried oysters

Hamburger, it was refreshing to have that hanging down ponzu sauce and daikon. That is crunchy and moist Sakkuri like Patti. Medium rare fried oysters a little softer You will tartar. Kakifurai listed in the lunch box, this was quite the size of even two. If female, may take about three mouth.

Two, there is accompanied by side dishes of vegetables were the main dish was a hearty lunch.

Shop information:5-65-5 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3228-3628,10:00-9:00,Sunday & Holiday10:00-8:00, Open everyday

March 1, Mandarake was temporarily closed

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And go to Nakano Broadway, Mandarake, it always seems like a lot of people. However, March 1 appearance was different.

Shutter of Mandarake Nakano Broadway in a lot, since it was closed altogether. The shutter was stuck in a pop.

March 1, Mandarake was temporarily closed

According to it, is like was the inventory. As long as the Nakano Broadway is open, but that impression Mandarake are open, I it is also such a thing.

It is also apparent from abroad who come purposely, you may need a little attention.

I had previously bought a lunch box in the "Hottoya" fried chicken shop in Nakano Sun Mall arcade. I bought it, is deep-fried lunch (600 yen).

Store, fry fried from receiving the order. If you do not wait for five minutes prior to contact.

Boom in these stores fried recently, I encountered many while on the move, sounds like a point where this can be that it provides a vertical.

I bought lunch, the main dish was fried contains four, and rice and side dishes. If you immediately, hot, hot is a matter of course. Unlike the image had been fried, and there is a fairly crunchy. Have a strong flavor further. Soy sauce taste seems to be with anyone, he held firmly.

Lunch of fried chicken @ Hot-ya, Nakanosunmall

From processing the meat very much, that sounds like deep-fried. Have firmly wound sites seems to be skin, it seems confined to taste of white meat. If you look at other fried aware of it, I see form, are available. Cuts and preparations, such as fried chicken and even that is time-consuming considerable seasoning.

What clothing is thick, thin. Juicy ones, was refreshing. It is the various types of fried are. Meanwhile, wrapped in crunchy clothes that Zac was Innovation, The reason is that it will have to hide the taste of birds in the body is thick, rare. Unusual is fried.

Shop information:5-66-8 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-5318-2270

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