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Tsutomu, from JR Nakano Station is just a little away. Tsutomu is put delicious noodle shop. Tsutomu is, we bring up a menu for a limited time. Place the other day, passing by the front of the store, I was a notice pop overhang.

According to it, is to provide a noodles and put in curry for a limited time only. There is a limited time, so there is a limit on the number, has become quite rare and valuable menu.

Tsukemen noodles in curry for a limited time offer in Menya Tsutomu

Speaking of Menya Tsutomu, was also quite the taste of miso ramen who a little before. I have developed a menu it energetically.

In addition, they are being provided do not know of today. There is also possibility to exit the menu is, please understand.

Shop information:1-25-4 Arai Nakano Ward、11:30-15:00、17:00-23:00

Have time to spare, when you want a little luxury for many reasons, we will increase lunch. It has become a choice of at such time, Tsuna Hachi Rin, tempura shop, in Marui nakano head office. Been renovated, it is now also enjoy the view from a high place, literally a little. I chose, is serving a noon meal from six tempura.

Starting with shrimp, six products will come out in the order.

Calm before the renovation, but it was the store lighting had been dropped a little, has changed. To open, so I had to retrieve the camera is closed many times in the shop was modern, and was only Pachiri shrimp.

In Tsuna Hachi Rin Nakano brunch, Tempura lunch

I have combined two tails, and previously serving a different way along with the dish will be. The first is your salt, then gave in Tentsuyu. Is not soggy angrily, and sweet shrimp.

Since the relationship is coming with the condition of the other people dining, and deep-fried to order me while watching the chef's tempo is generally promote eating glanced over the counter. But it is also when to give me the rice and miso soup, seems Japanizu fast food, we eat next and fried is a good one.

Shop information:3-34-28 nakano Nakano Ward,03-5342-2788,11:00-23:00(LO22:00)

Nakano station north exit has a roof

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I felt like there was no major change too much away here, but the construction site of Nakano Station was progressing steadily. The step-like structure attached along with the slope, has a roof.

Nakano station north exit has a roof

And from this position, the gold watch of the Nakano Sun Plaza was finally becomes invisible. I also might look to end construction, foundation and cover when you no longer.

I also look from the entrance of Nakano Sun Mall arcade, those on the roof.

Construction site as seen from the Nakano Sun Mall

I do not know well, there is another base at a position lower than the line, to the stairs through there. It goes on to the bridge would have hung over the street and Nakano.

On the other hand, in relation to construction, and has a clean and without including the display of the vending machine was under the station name when you move your eyes in your home, it is natural. And is from here, near the center line is I will look than before.

Here is a look at, had been feeling like there is no change in the landscape too much, the redevelopment of the north exit of JR Nakano Station visible from the platform, today crane was seen in the other side of the line. Have a cramp in my something.

Look, previously to the side of the plate had been down to the ground at an angle, like the floor is made, it was lined up in a staircase pattern in the material lattice.

Nakano station north entrance floor of the stairs are made

Was visible up to now on the other side, a gold watch of Nakano Sun Plaza has become the hidden layer. Go left and this is so becomes invisible.

Sakura as of April 6, 2012 Nakano

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Sakura of Tokyo, sounds like the best time to see in full bloom this week. I tried to take a look as cherry Nakano.


As seen in a long distance, are blooming beautifully. Have suffered as a little cherry trees found only in this time of year, on both sides of the road, making it like a tunnel of cherry blossoms.

Although every year is that of this, it can be seen this landscape, just a little bit. The beginning of the week is I might have already started to fall.

Chinese noodles Saikoro's Miso ramen

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I stopped the south exit of Nakano Station ramen shop JR, to Chinese noodles Saikoro. The south exit of Nakano Station is often good restaurants not far behind from the north exit, while shop seems to be that one of the most distant station, has become popular with a certain taste and its name will not lose value.

Chinese noodles Saikoro

I was going to get a famous "Niku-Niboshi Cyuka-soba"(Chinese noodles tasted by Meat and fish), pop in front of the meal ticket vending machines, a new menu has been introduced. Give Kara Tsukesoba(hot taste Tukesoba) and Miso Ramen. After selection of an ultimate moment, we chose the miso ramen, 700 yen.

Chinese noodles Saikoro's Miso ramen

Wait for a while, ramen has been issued. And is called miso ramen, miso, but it's often claimed that the smell and the view from, looks, I do not feel too much miso.

And see who smoothly, smooth texture will continue through the throat. From the taste and feel softer, but rather, this would be out of noodles by persons individuality. Seems to die, anchovy flavor and aroma of elegant will. Gummy verbosity and pictures are not available.

Sip and sip the soup, in turn, has the flavor of miso. Slightly more than the soup, taste and aroma of miso. I wonder. Ramen soup was nice, it is a miso ramen noodles and drink the soup and you. Why and what that balance.

Have received, we will become fun. In spite of the fact that the received ramen (soup) and from your bowl in the same bite, taste and smell is different. If you enjoy together, is a lotus-eating. Anyway, it was interesting that it is hiding the taste of miso soup noodles lift.

Shop information:2-28-8 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-6304-8902,11:00-23:00,Open everyday

Nakano Sakura on April 2, 2012

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In Tokyo, the cherry blossom was declared. That said, such as the temperature drops, and high winds, the climate is state of the cherry blossoms are still anxious.

I look at the cherry blossoms in such Nakano, after the declaration of flowering.

Nakano Sakura on April 2, 2012

In the sunset glow, and the cherry tree under the blue sky in the daytime view somewhat, but is it different colors, this is a good thing is this.

If you look closely, it has branches and clear and still are in bloom, the branches do not. Why was the flowering Sun if it is coming, we stuck to some extent. Looking at a long distance, brown branches of the other hand still have noticeable.

Nakano Sakura, in full bloom was going to take some more time.

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