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Where I went to Nakano Broadway, the scenery had changed. It is covered by a shutter and flashy giant wall on the right side, on top of it is also shining neon sign. Mandarake is.

I previously thought there was certainly a bag shop, now has changed to Mandarake.

Mandarake, opening on the first floor of the Nakano Broadway

Character image similar to that Kintaro has been drawn. Motif image is to Japan. There is also a torii. It thinks the alphabet or only MAN MANDARAKE, MON over a feint. In neon, we guide each store has become deeply rooted in the Mandarake Nakano Broadway.

In the image is off, but on top of the logo "Mandarake" in the catch copy that has been written "from Nakano to the world" in the upper right corner. We aimed at Mandarake, the world.

Who is the center of Nakano Broadway ?

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Haruyashoten(Haruya book store) of Nakano Broadway in 3F, voting was done once again. 2012 general election is special.

To say that election, there is no in the House of Councillors in the House of Representatives. Decide according to the general election of idol group AKB48, Nakano Broadway is the center of the election (?)

Who is the center of Nakano Broadway ?

Haruyashoten past, we have far to customers such as Japan's leading hero or cartoon character, a number of rankings. Determines that a loyal following, perhaps this time to staff. Also accompanied by brief notice of the magazine, has called for a vote.

A person is voting only once. In the voting deadline is Thursday, 5/31 It is said that the results announced on 6/2 in the free vote.

Lunch bento shop facing the Nakano street , Croquette Saigou-tei, I had lunch at the store I bought. Lunch is grilled chicken and hamburger (650 Yen).

I made ??the request has continued to work a little tough, and I want to eat a lot of empty belly, which came to hand. It is likely, said troops buy lunch, likely the most luxury.

Lunch bento of grilled chicken and hamburger

And try to actually eat, and then realized that the taste and volume.

Skin is slightly crisp, white meat grilled chicken was plump and is not to the taste of salt and pepper, if you are refreshing, rice will continue. Hamburger was cut in half, the distinctive flavor of minced meat, a rich source is plenty of rice will advance. Of side dishes also good old fried burdock root, in the flavor of soy sauce and sesame accent, rice will continue.

At the bottom of the main dish I have also hidden shredded cabbage and vegetables that each cone, lunch was eaten a lot.

Shop information:5-65-5 nakano nakano ward,03-3228-3628,10:00-9:00,Sunday&Holiyday10:00-8:00,Open everyday

Companies now make a lunch box, beginning with the convenience store is so hot pasta. Have to expand the menu or twist their respective owners, and taste. Therefore, in the Seiyu supermarket in the basement of Nakano Broadway, I had I bought a pasta lunch.

Soft-boiled egg carbonara trolley, is 397 Yen. There is also the relationship between consumption period, the package was in fact firmly affixed the seal of the discount. Is cheaper.

Seiyu store in Nakano Broadway, soft-boiled egg carbonara

I opened the lid was warmed in the microwave, it may be a little more heat would have been allowed.

It was strange, had been also the name of the menu, soft-boiled egg. Heck, what remains of this form has remained how. Why did not collapse when the bring back. Furthermore, it was okay or even warm in the range. I feel the technology.

The taste was salty wind are summarized as a whole. That seasoning for pasta with crunchy bacon, cheese was the source and Innovation rear wheel. It is pretty apparent is mainly yellow, and rather strong taste of response, is satisfactory eating pasta.

Shop information:5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3386-1141,10:00-23:00,Open everyday

Was followed by construction, the north exit of JR Nakano Station, is that it has reopened on May 19. To the gate, memorial tapestry had hung.

The north exit of JR Nakano Station is reopened

As you can see in the middle construction, where the wall was previously has been punched out, toward the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, has been fitted with straight ticket. To the north exit, can now come out directly.

The wall next to the gate, the photos were on display. Is shown in the history of Nakano Station.

Is shown in the history of Nakano Station.

I took a look a little, things of the past aside, perhaps the landscape since the beginning of the Showa era, even the south exit north exit also, like the Rotary and the big street, now is the same as the very face of the road. Building is different Desuga pretty. Sits in front of the station or have the bank had now no longer, or there is a large building seems to be round. Views were widespread filmic "Sunset on Third Street", somewhere.

In this, it will join any photos of this reopened.

Seen in the platform of JR Nakano Station I, in the landscape of the construction site, there was much care. Installation has been square on top of the roof structure was new, wiring work was done is because its something in the back.

The next day, remember, I went to the front of that structure.

Construction of Nakano Station JR, completed? !

Its structure, front, when viewed from the entrance of Nakano Sun Mall arcade, a new station name signs were that is.

a new station name signs of Nakano

This spectacle was seen before and have clearly different, under which you will see the building of a convenience store. Also appears to be leveling the ground, it can be expected to gate already was able to easily associate.

Anyway, It seems that you have a (neon sign) Nakano station.

Announced a new menu @ Azisitsi Aonoren

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Passed in front of Azisitsi Aonoren of the north exit of JR Nakano station closer. Sapporo Ramen Azisitsi Aonoren started, the new menu.

Announced a new menu @ Azisitsi Aonoren

Has been in pop-store announcements.

The details are that with the sign, but then I saw the sign mounted on a wall, what the name of your new Menu did not know what.

If the opportunity arises, I will try to check the menu of the store.

Shop information:5-63-6 nakano nakano ward、03-3389-9393、11:00-Until there is no soup,open everyday

When I came down from the platform of Nakano station, I was surprised. Have transparent walls, is because I saw the other side.


Until yesterday I feel like there was a wall certainly will. I realized that the landscape has changed suddenly, the construction went on.

I dragged the impression landscape has changed, I tried to look also changed the construction site after leaving the gate.

North exit of JR Nakano Station construction site machinery has been fitted

The place has been in the shape of a cylinder fitted with glass, you may feel what appears to have been schooled in Elevator Yappari. Overhead passage also, if you have attached is what looks like a handrail, has become seems.

Was seen around the entrance to the Sunmall arcade.

North exit of JR Nakano Station construction site machinery has been fitted

Where there is a roof, it appears that also incorporates an escalator here. It has been divided into two in the direction of the front staircase handrail.

Details, have been brushed up.

I ate lunch in the Okajoki. As can be seen from the design of the shop, and shops featuring the railway was, you bought the ticket at the ticket counter just inside first. System in the store and then wait for the dishes.

Meal of grilled fish and rice and miso soup. Pickles you give your self-service to it. This simple menu is 900 Yen. However, it is also a popular shop at the store when the store is lunch it fills up quickly, a certain quality of fish that are supported.

This time, I taked a mackerel.


That left the impression to others is miso soup. Addition and subtraction of dashi and miso is exquisite, and even perfect heat. Merely paint, not too hot or say. The case of Japanese food, and especially delicious miso soup, and chopsticks extra proceeds.

It was the reflection this time, to choose the season also. The timing, it is not even taste of fish, the food comes out. Selection of eye together who have been to be sure, the spring herring are recommended. Of course, there is no doubt but also other fish.

Shop information:5-59-3 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3228-1230,PM4:00-10:00,Lunch timeAM11:00-PM1:00(Closed Saturdays, Sundays and holidays),Open everyday,Website of Okajyouki(Japanese)

Nakano Station in JR, I was waiting for the Chuo line. I noticed that at that time, there.

On the side of the vendor, your back to the bright red, did you need the women who have expressed a greeting and determination. She is a popular idol group Sasuhara RINO, of AKB48.

RINO Sasuhara of AKB48

I checked on the Internet, she have a hobby befitting a city of sub-culture, in a quite Nakano. So pasted a poster in a vending machine in Nakano it may not be a coincidence.

It was a limited partner of greeting people, has a new job, but is a little disappointing.

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