JR Nakano station north entrance passage to the Nakano Sun Mall has been completed

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North exit of Nakano station construction itself is the end station, civil works are underway around. Care is often surprised and recently, it seemed to have a large-scale construction work on the weekend, and get off the ticket will be on Monday.

And, today. As expected, has been developed as the passage below was making the roof, now straight. From an entrance of the new north entrance, just walk straight to the true north, now go go into the arcade Nakano Sun Mall.

JR Nakano station north entrance passage to the Nakano Sun Mall has been completed

Nakano, such as the location of the station logo neon glow at night, somewhere will feel disjointed, and the roof of the alternate. Maybe change is also possibly just now, in the interim.

But during the rainy season, in the north exit of Nakano Station turn sounds like less of an umbrella.

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Targeting the international market organization of scientific and technological the Nantong Lung Health and stronger aquatic products deep processing , agricultural information channels, China Agricultural Network Information , China Agricultural

Fisheries Reuters Lung Health Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. , Nantong , Jiangsu Province , targeting the international market to develop the field of deep processing , by virtue of technology , capital and other advantages to promote the new product development , without fish protein powder products and seafood sauce products have been developed to a year in one fell swoop to fill the processing of aquatic products in Jiangsu two blank into a strong vitality . In Shanghai at the end of October 8th China International Fishery Fair , the two products an appearance on the broad masses of Chinese and foreign investors have a keen interest .

It is understood that the acid, lysine , widely used in the cooking industry , condiments, meat products, beverages and confectionery products , baked products, such as a new senior nutrition seasoning with the world trend . In addition, the company successfully developed the fish protein powder series is the processing of aquatic products These products include meat, fish protein powder concentrate , hydrolyzed fish protein powder , fish peptone , fish collagen powder , the Calcium deep-sea fish protein powder , and all deep-sea fish as raw material to manufacture , deodorization , sterilization processing , widely used in products, baked goods, nutrition , infant rice flour , milk powder,アバクロ 銀座, ice cream , dairy products, health products , fortified and beauty health care quality improvement . At present, Nantong Long students two series of orders have been routed in April next year .

Made considerable progress in intensifying the restructuring, the the Zhangzhou aquatic products processing and circulation, agricultural information channels, China Agricultural Network Information, China Agricultural

????Zhangzhou, Fujian Province,ralph lauren france, aquatic products processing and export base, and made considerable progress by increasing fishing efforts to restructure, aquatic products processing and circulation. 2003, the city has 499 of the aquatic products processing plant (field), of which 31 scale enterprises, 13 provincial and municipal leading enterprises; canned products, surimi products in 10 categories over 100 varieties of aquatic products processing product variety, the city processing of aquatic products reached 2.17 billion yuan in output value, output value of secondary and tertiary industries as the backbone of aquatic products processing and circulation of aquatic reached 40.02 billion yuan output value of aquatic secondary and tertiary industries accounted for 34.2% of the total output value of aquaculture. The export of aquatic products have shown good momentum of development, aquatic product export delivery value of $ 96,916,000, direct exports worth $ 80,980,000.
In recent years, Zhangzhou City, and vigorously promote the seafood processing industry development, in order to improve the status and role of aquatic products processing industry in the fisheries economy, the formation of the Longhai stone yards Gangwei East Shanxi Po and Tongling, ZHANGPU, Fotan and Xia Chao An Meiling seven aquatic products processing industry with the (district). Regarded coastal counties to speed up the seafood processing industry included in the economic development of one of the key to the establishment of aquatic products processing park, such as Dongshan County, introduced preferential policies to raise 3 billion yuan to accelerate the construction of the park of aquatic products processing, processing aquatic products in the county of 87,500 tons in 2003 , 856 million yuan output value, export delivery value of 62.216 million yuan; grasp the key points, cultivate leading efforts to speed up the bulk low-value aquatic products deep processing and export processing enterprises, and actively guide supporting a number of backbone enterprises through the introduction of advanced equipment, technology to improve the processing capacity and level of nurturing and supporting a number of strong impetus to the high market share of fish processing enterprises and enterprise groups and a number of the formation of the industrial advantages of brand-name products, and the last three years has been ; Yuan, export delivery value of $ 29,620,000, respectively, accounting for 14.3 2% and 30.56% of the city; the city's focus on the establishment of quality assurance system to the WTO, to enhance the value-added products and market competitiveness, the city has by HA 14; CCP certified processing plants, 80 kinds of products, aquatic exports to the EU health a registered processing plants, there are six chelating seaweed over 10 aquatic pollution-free product to the right to use or place brand title.

Dafeng, Jiangsu Province has provincial Bullacta demonstration zone output ranks first in the country , agricultural information channels, China Agricultural Network Information ,abercrombie deutschland, China Agricultural

Jiangsu 's first provincial the pollution Bullacta aquaculture processing standardization sample district built in Dafeng , model production in the region , change Zhejiang Bullacta history of the world system .
At present, the city Bullacta annual output has reached more than 4000 tons , the average Bullacta specifications are about 3 grams , the output ranked first in the country . , Mud snail in two to three years of Guangzhou yellow sand and the market price is relatively stable , the price is 70 yuan / kg , Guangdong Shanwei , Yangjiang, Zhanjiang, etc. , the snails also produced , but the artificial breeding technology is still not pass , so the breeding The area is less .






Prop up the wheat transaction downturn in the market focus shifted to the acquisition of new wheat wheat

May 20, 124 approved countries prop up the wheat auction sales trade fair set up at the venue) held in the market in Henan and Anhui market (Shandong, Hubei,Nike Air Max, Hebei, Jiangsu. It is reported that the fairs nationwide prop up the market the amount of wheat remained stable, a total vote of about 1.9 million tons, the Henan-market of 85 million tons; Anhui market (including sub-venues) put 894,400 tons, essentially flat with the previous period.

wheat demand is weak bit hovering prop up the market auction rate

Flour Mill Liangjing told the author, high, flour mills competitive pressures increase, the only cut-off to digest the stock, wait for the market turnaround. Before and after May, the traditional flour sales season, wheat demand for continuous malaise, according to statistics, since April, the National prop up the wheat auction rate to maintain the level of less than 20% low and the lowest was 11.55% in April 29 The auction transactions nationwide turnover of 390,900 tons, turnover rate slightly rose to 21.71%. The the

new wheat harvest of market supply pressure diminished

wheat production this year of twists and turns, winter wheat the main producing areas suffered serious drought for decades not once, in cooperation with the strong post-drought and weather the drought to be lifted, according to Investigation Report of China Food Network wheat, close to the wheat harvest, the main producing areas in Henan, Hebei, Shandong wheat growth in recent as long as two weeks longer appear dry heat wind, overcast and rainy weather disasters such as weather, still can be part of the wheat harvest. The harvest of wheat on the one hand to increase the national food security, on the other hand gave the market the supply pressure. It is understood that prop up the market 's total wheat procurement in 2008 was 42.027 million tons, accounting for 37.6 percent of national output in 2008, the auction sales process is relatively slow compared with previous years, China Food Network statistics show that, as of today, prop up the market in 2008 wheat there are still about 21.1 million tons sold. Therefore, the wheat market is adequate national inventory and harvest is expected to double the supply pressure to maintain a steady pattern.

market focus shifted to the new wheat acquisition is expected enjoys a good price to the 2009 collection price

only two weeks away from the new wheat harvest time, the current focus of the market from the minimum purchase price of wheat auction turned to new Mai acquisition. In recent years, acquisitions are more familiar with the main small Maituo City acquisition policy. Widely expected before the listing of the new wheat, wheat prices will be basically stable. As for the acquisition of new wheat enjoys a good price, most companies believe that to the 2009 level of the minimum purchase price (first-class white wheat 0.91 yuan / kg) as the base, below the current price of wheat, a small number of companies believe that with the current price was essentially flat.

Liangjing introduced, he is now ready to acquire new wheat, actively preparing for the funding and capacity, it would be to farmers overcharged starving. Source of profit for each grain enterprises mainly rely on sufficient food stocks, their strategy is very clear: as early as grasping starving, take the initiative. According to my understanding, the border areas in northern Henan province, wheat quality is relatively good, the grain purchasing the main gathering, starving the acquisition may be highly competitive.

roximately 185 kilometres from Baotou City, stands the beautiful Genghis Khan's Mausoleum which was established within 1954. It is recognised for the gathering zone to disburse tribute and command sacrifice to the morale of the noble Mongolian hero Genghis Khan.

Genghis Khan likewise understood because the ‘Khan of Khans’, was appointed so onward Mongolian tribes referring to him as the ‘Powerful King’. During the latter chapter of the 12th century it was this stately actuator that unified Mongolian tribes He was likewise the gallant chief that challenged other empires to scatter out his enormous Mongolian reign

The magnificent autocrat Genghis Khan died of antique and was buried secretly deserving to the long lived Mongolian institution Following his burial about two,000 men were killed onward approximately 800 infantry Therefore the accurate location of the substantial mausoleum still remains a puzzle

However, the divine Genghis Khan Mausoleum namely not where this noble Mongolian Hero’s remains are placed. It namely merely a zone where his clothes are kept among memory merely namely regarded according Mongolian folk for a site with immense religious and historical significance.

Constructed magnificently surrounded the form of Mongolian yurts, Genghis Khan Mausoleum consists of three grand halls. There are superbly built extensive corridors that multiplication the three halls. These passageways exhibit frescos of the life of Genghis Khan. The memorial auditorium which namely thought the main auditorium namely located right along the centre of the Mausoleum. The commemoration auditorium namely where the 13 feet cruel statue of Genghis Khan namely placed. Right after this big statue, there is a map of the tremendous territory of the Yuan Dynasty.

On both sides of the Memorial auditorium are the west auditorium and the east auditorium The weapon and bullets of Genghis Khan are displayed by the west auditorium meanwhile the east auditorium houses the coffins of an of his wives and fourth son.

This outstanding Mongolian marvel can be beyond admired along staying by a nearby Baotou refinement inn Guests can rather to stay by a luxury accommodation Baotou such as Shangri-La Hotel, Baotou. It is an ideal accommodation choice for both business and leisure travellers and is likewise the first international luxury hotel amid Baotou city.

n you are healthy, it leads you to have a quality and enjoyable life. It improves your disposition among life. Your viewpoint namely positive not matter what the challenges you face. Once you’re healthy, you ambition notice great alteration among your work performance, your relation with folk you have more duration with your home makes you more confident, you have fewer chances of obtaining sick and you are mentally aware

There are numerous training procedures accessible that want help attain your goal of being and lingering healthy. One of these procedures namely the legion fitness program This program namely much alter from any civilian fitness agenda There are certain requirements to achieve A fighter have to undergo the Army Physical Fitness Test alternatively APFT which is the scale to sum the physical fitness. A score of 180 alternatively more is important among order to pass the necessary physical conditions as a basic training fighter Different jobs have several score requirements such as a score of 210 namely needed to pass the physical requirements of Special Forces, Rangers and Airborne. Although always soldiers have to never impartial encounter the scores equitable to comply with the requirements only to accomplish that residing eligible and healthy is needed amid the naval

The main agenda of the army fitness workouts are to train the soldiers to be physically and mentally prepared as any condition during war It focuses aboard sit-ups, push-ups and cardiovascular activities. The training provides a simulated environment to obtain the soldiers acquainted with the real life scenarios. Part of making the soldiers prepared for war is having routines aboard mighty strength,masculine endurance and focused on cardiovascular training. They must habituated to the heat that’s why their training is done during midday or during the hottest duration of the day They might be deployed surrounded the hot desserts of Dubai alternatively among Iraq which has a temperature of 120 degrees.

The fitness training also includes activities aboard how to handle with emphasize during battle There have been reports that there namely an addition in digit as soldiers committing suicide because of psychological burden. This addition to the programme not only makes the soldiers supervise accent and depression barely helps them as well to enhance their performance during and afterward the battle.

A program was created forward the Army allowing authority civilian to increase the legion fitness agenda Although it is phase bound as one six-month training phase. A person’s participation must be approved along his commander and longing include three hours per week off from his administrative functions for the physical activities. Joining surrounded this agenda ought not hamper as well to the organization’s mission. Each participant will undergo rigid medical screening to make sure it longing not endanger the health of the person during the rigid training.

In March 2010, results of a learn were announced that the fitness program improves the lives of employees through losing weight and decreasing the hazard of center associated problems. The participants as this study were hospital workers as 12 weeks and underwent a agenda focused aboard diet and discipline The participants did well and had improvements such as overweight and obese participants lost a lot of heaviness reduced their blood oppression and cholesterol levels, and at the annihilate of the agenda their waistline has been trimmed down.

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as Vacations with your Rental Car

There are a lot of options meantime it comes to renting a conveyance during your Vegas Vacation,if affordable or foreign cars. With lots of places to visit among Las Vegas, you naturally need a rental car for you and your family to have a more comfortable plus independent linger There are certain things that you must keep within mind meantime renting a automobile within the city Most car rental companies have antique limits as renters, mostly ashore 21 years old barely some rentals must charge for drivers above 21 and below 25 years age deserving to the lofty drinking peril involved. You aspiration also be necessity to have a honor card to hire a automobile among Vegas,for the company to put a clutch aboard to which serves as a deposit. When returning your rental conveyance companies select alternatively require their vehicles to be returned at the same elect up point and at a time of return written aboard the rental agreement or they ambition charge you for additional fee Terms plus conditions are on the rental agreements so you better be sure you have peruse and understood it for you to have a flat navigating rental experience.

Vegas Vacation Exploration

Las Vegas is home to more than 35 million visitors who absence their Vegas Vacation each anniversary becoming one of the destinations of first class junket around the world. With much options procurable the metropolis offers several archives that visitors can be chapter of to discern forever the great sights of the city Some of the tours offered are motorcycle tours, Grand Canyon Tours, Boat alternatively Jet-ski Tours, Sightseeing Tours, ATV Action Tours plus so much more. Motorcycle Tours ambition give you a alter feel of Las Vegas within which you ambition be accompanied by advisers who are educated with all the best roads and places that will depart you amazed aboard the plenary junket plus they offer quality and dependable motorcycles. The Grand Canyon Tours offers several options favor walking tours alternatively along bus with the friendliest advisers and most of the duration their packages can come with free meals forever throughout the journey They likewise offer adventure tours such as land,atmosphere jet skiing, rafting and aircraft tours, specially designed for adventurers plus those who deficiency to enjoy the experience more.

Partying aboard Vegas Vacations

Las Vegas comes to life equitable when most of the establishments from other parts of the world are closed, with so many establishments open and full of active sounds plus melody maximum of the period until early surrounded the a m Vegas Vacation namely one experience that longing give you the excitement of the nightlife they have among the area with always the lounges, nightclubs, plus sights plus sounds. Nightclubs will be the an to complete the nightlife experience within Las Vegas plus maximum nightclubs are located surrounded the Strip as there are so many crowds there. Most of the major casinos bring an end to Las Vegas have by least one night spot with some more fashionable than others. Tao at The Venetian, PURE by Caesar's Palace, Jet by The Mirage, LAX by The Venetian, Christian Audigier the Nightclub at Treasure Island plus XS by Encore are few notable night clubs of Vegas. Lounges are likewise there which can occasionally be a substitute as nightclubs however they don’t have the utmost ambiance favor that of the nightclubs.

Shows for Vegas Vacations

Travelers plus vacationers have been increasing for the past few years amid Las Vegas. With all the attractions, entertainment and shows always throughout the metropolis much folk are choosing to have a Vegas Vacation. It namely quite well understood to offer many shows especially for adults during the night. You can see the pretty girls plus foreign dancers from worldwide,and sitcom shows and clubs that will leave you entertained. Magic shows are likewise present in the metropolis with artists from everywhere around the world acting Las Vegas seems to give only the height notch; they employment the best easily the comic and notable artists from nearly the world,for excessive potent,inciting and inspiring presentations. You ambition surely enjoy the shows attempted always approximately within L


Shenyang flowers placed planting campaign

September 11 , Shenyang City flowers placed planting campaign has started ,beats by dre, 16.74 million flowers will be planted in the streets , squares , overpasses and other places . Sun Haishe

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8 million people and makes up two-fifths of the total Canadian workforce "" Hajimari no mura "The First Town" 2:40 6 Migration among populations is sufficient to minimize random genetic drift [30] but not frequent enough to extinguish local adaptation [31,32], an hour east of Los Angeles; Bear boasts three terrain parks and its own Snowboarding team For select items, you can personalize the gift tin, box or tower by adding a photo and message to the packageColors - Itcomes with eye-catching colors like Snow White Pearl, Super Black Pearl andPremium Silver Metallic in India The box is made of birch bark and porcupine quills, bordered with sweet grass whose scent I was able to smell

The founding of large land reform: 300 million farmers, land reform, Tian Liming of agricultural information channels, China Agricultural Information, China Agricultural


land to the tiller, to settle down, the combination of the desire of the two thousand years of Chinese farmers.

1950, the founding of a large land reform, started a big movement to touch the agricultural fundamental, and even the country at all. June 30 that year, the central government announced the By the end of 1952, in addition to the minorities in Tibet and other areas, land reform successfully completed, about 3 million landless and less farmers' share of 46.67 million hectares of land and other means of production, with the momentum of the hurricane, complete elimination of feudal land ownership, opened a new page in Chinese history.

now 60 years already in the past, land reform also several changes, and record the living temples of the high political ideals and role in the difficult exploration of the rural world.



in 1946, the leadership of the Communist Party of China's land reform movement vigorously carried out, left-wing writer Zhao Shuli, Ding Ling, Zhou Libo is successively participate in working groups, way deep into the rural work of first-line their eyes rural and convey their own voice, or shape the hero, or restore the rural human ecology, or remind the land reform under the leadership of the party at the grassroots level the problems encountered.

reporter, respectively, went to the Land Reform in model villages, visits to the changing landscape of land reform, the first village 60 years.

revisit the Sanggan banks

an afternoon in the fall of 1946, a 42-year-old

Hot Springs Tuen 60 years, like one without the compilation of historical papers, scattered records of living in the temples of the high political ideal role in the rural world of truth, Ding Ling is just a start to it. it has failed or refused to continue to write.

Today, of Hot Springs, Tuen 5900 acres of arable land, almost became the vineyard. By selling grapes in the village, at least to solve the food and clothing in fear. It Zhuolu County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, two years ago, the national poverty-stricken counties.


legendary history of the village

Although written mostly The true story of the Hot Springs Tuen Ding Ling's novel, the village did not have seen a few people, older people tend not to read, too long for young people, the story of the novel in the village, they could not get interested.

60 years later, Sanggan water has dried up, the novel has also been gradually forgotten, landlords, party secretary, law and order, the captain and other characters in the novel prototype has died, but their village is still growth with.

Ding Ling's hot springs of

the Tuen

novel hero Zhang Yumin prototype is the village of Cao Yongming, but until 2004 the death of Cao Yongming life do not know This is the case, he did not read the book.

1989, the above notice, should the sun shines on the Sanggan River Hot Springs Tuen views of the villagers considerable Moreover, the drama, Cao Yongming was completely distorted, a rogue dress, wearing nothing like the old farmer, with a far cry from the book image, but Tsao is still nothing on these known.

Later, the county television, youth. 4 TV and see him gratefully, but also feel a little fun.

Ding Ling said: the novel of the Stalin Prize for literature, the history of an ordinary village in 1946 on the North China Plain, the basic truly left to posterity.

in her book, Hot Springs, Tuen such a village: the mountains and plains of orchards and corn, people are working hard the seems confrontation with the outside Barry million troops has nothing to do; no major landlords, class contradictions seem not as good as people think so strong; farmers to carve up the land, property near the

60 years later, when through the vineyards of mu, and then came to Hot Springs Tuen, with other villages in the North China Plain, and heated Tuen novel is still not significantly different.

heard that we're looking for history, the villagers unanimously recommended Lau Chun. 82-year-old read the private school, claim to be intellectuals, is a village a few participated in the land reform, and later read the novel.

three minutes later, Liu pushed open the door of the radio room, 82-year-old man, his hands trembling, walking threw the can idea is extremely clear in his talk, we if returned to that filled with struggle and revolution era.


Lau Chun Oral History


, hot springs the Tuen most chaotic year, to yellow, not race, fruit and some are rot in the tree.

when the hot springs Tuen, in fact, is not particularly large landlords bully. However, each village must Landlords, and later, it is fighting three brothers Gu Gu, a total of 300 acres of land, regarded as the landlord, there is Lee Ka-three brothers, this is some run-down landlords.

the memories of many elderly landlord in fact, not bad, but also often support neighbors, run into the year of natural disasters, poor harvests, the folks to eat,

In fact, the villagers' experience with the regime's imagine there is a gap, most villagers is clearly not the neighbors and folks familiar with in their daily life as The logic of life, the only powerful ideological indoctrination, the people have to accept and change.

, however, divided. one share of reasonable and unreasonable, all the masses have the final say.

villagers secretly Gu and Lee Ka a little unfair, but in any case, most of the hot springs, Tuen from the land reform benefits, and therefore accept the Government of Ding Ling that they represent. However, they still retained their own logic based on life experience, and assigned to the ground and did not go to the fruit of the tree, picked at home stood, did not eat, did not sell them, other people's things!

After eating, Ding left.

Soon, the KMT army to fight back. Fu Zuoyi of 13 military, to about a platoon of people, mainly reminders food. also good, people also gas. 13 Army a go, and then to those legions, He participated in the County Battalion of the Eighth Route Army, after the KMT came, carrying a gun when the company commander of the Kuomintang.

Hot Springs Tuen finally panic up. Gu and Li family, looked up, trying to find fault with the cadres, villagers have picked fruit and gave the two families sent, the share of poor people did not dare kinds, the landlord did not manpower, it year, then abandoned.

with everyone subdivision Cao Yongming mind. product is not good, did not go defected, Cao Yongming gun to the pregnant

can not long before the KMT was beats off. Because the cross-gun thing, Cao Yongming was expelled from the party, Lau Chun clearly remember, when the top leadership curse Cao Yongming: You are strong fighters of the Communist Party, how can the weapons of the poor to the reactionaries.

later for many years, the villagers have been for Cao Yongming pity: but for this, with his qualifications, after the liberation of at least to a county party secretary. when those of us old farmer can have any idea of ??the KMT to a large group of soldiers, who looked afraid. However, life of Laocao and did not calm down the son, one daughter. Today, the most promising son, in the temporary town electric tube station when the deputy chief.

Gu and Li family life is not so good. 1953 suppression of counterrevolutionaries, Gu boss, the second died, the youngest also scare away, from which they never returned to the hot springs Tuen, dead or alive, homely woman to marry a poor peasant. Today, the descendants of homely old brothers left a more than 70 years old,nike free run sko, a 40-year-old. Lee Ka-three brothers, were killed.

forgotten 30 years

1949 after China, the tough forward in the process of revolution, reform, improvement, and mutual aid, cooperative, people's communes, the contract responsibility system. far as the political ideal of the temple wanton differentiation, the combination of the rural world, trying to miracles in the rivers and lakes everywhere, However, this did not give the hot springs Tuen leave much memory.

Cheng who are interested a few years when the family. This mountain countryside of the educated youth in 1969 when the secretary of the 10 years in a spa Tuen by Chairman Mao Zedong met. Years 1974, 1975 educated youth back to the city, you can process who wish to not go back, leaving the base of the carry out his seed, a small watermelon, studies of hybrid corn, with the villagers to practice the full swing Chairman Mao's slogan - The orchard has all become a high yield of sorghum and corn, mountains, rivers bulldozed the land, wasteland out of 1,000 mu of land is the greatest wealth he left Hot Springs Tuen.

That villagers know each village always be picked out for some people, like land reform, there is no big landlords have to kick out one, Liu told the cadres against, also wrote the poster, had denounced him.


sub-fields in 1982 in Hot Springs, Tuen seems simply was not a major event, for a while in terms of labor, raising pigs credits will be counted, a count of three, one makes sorghum, a letting grape varieties. farming or sub-field home this before so that corn or grape varieties, no big deal.

until 1986, four years to allow the villagers began to realize that the ground seems to always be your own. The village, according to the circumstances of the illness and death, weddings and funerals, again divided once, a share of more than two acres, it is also a hot spring Tuen history last major collective political life.

any political struggle, the policy changes to the rural areas seem to have became a spent force, does not seem to touch the rural inherent logic: You must ensure that agricultural production will not be starved to death; must respect the logic of the local society of acquaintances. the judgment of the closeness near and far more persistent than other standard.

If there is no involvement of other social forces, the rural world, a continuation of life is both a stable static replication process, is a dictate of the heart mass. Passage of time, gradually digestion of the living traces of the past, they will eventually be lost, Hot Springs Tuen 30 years, is the case.

60 years ago, land reform, revealing the contradictions of the rural world, a collection of most of the energy, breaking the static of the rural world, which greatly changed the village outlook, but after that, the rural seems to be forgotten.

1979, Ding Lingping anti-out from Qincheng prison, the first thing she returned to the hot springs Tuen visit Cao Yongming, visit the small village on the North China Plain, brought her countless sorrows and joys. but she did not retake started to write, record, 30 years Hot Springs Tuen Otherwise, she will leave that part of the village, the story may be more realistic and cool photos to see the history of a nation.

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