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Witness ! Meijiro bus

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When I was moved, I saw the bus. Nakano Sun Plaza at the bus stop. Was wrapped bus.Take out the camera in a hurry, I press the shutter release button. Began to move, but remain somewhat dissatisfied with the composition, I was able to fit the picture somehow.

The color purple, catch copy of "Let the city of Nakano Meijiro" is dazzling, was wrapped bus of Meiji University.

Witness ! Meijiro bus

In the ad has been raised toward the gate from Nakano station platform JR, on top of the escalator is a familiar fact, it Meijiro. It appeared I had been on the bus.

Located in the whole of the body, and "OPEN campus in spring 2013, Meiji University Nakano". Nakano is likely to be busy.

A long time I want to eat the "Suta Don"(rice bowl with Pork with garlic sauce), I went to the shops along the street Nakano.Ate the last link in the menu, click here.

And to guide us towards the first time, Suta Don is a raw egg in the bowl and miso soup comes with by default. Eggs all, there is a sense of deals in particular.

Suta Don @ Densetsu no Sut Don Ya Nakano branch

Going to eat meat one by one that covers the bowl. Including the mouth and feel along with the rice at the bottom of the meat, garlic sauce of soy sauce stains are crowded, stamina is replenished as the name of the menu should appear.

A little space if you came out to bowl of heaped, is finally the appearance of raw egg. Have a meal in some, I noticed. There is more individuality in the egg mix. , Such as who break the yolk on top of rice and keep stirring until the mix who is white and yolk, the state was divided almost. I gave over to rice in about roughly mixed, mix in a little white at the same time and melts you.

Garlic has melted into sauce, you have argued in the aftertaste. On top of the check, I want you to select the appointment in the afternoon lunch.

Shop infromation:5-68-9 Nakano Nakano ward,11:00-AM3:00,Open everyday

Recently, Gusto,family restaurant, in the south exit of Nakano Station moments away from JR, the meeting was lightly with your meal. Was ? 418. You can visit easily, at the family restaurant, because you can talk while taking a snack, we have to use sometimes.

I chose this menu is the fettuccine shrimp gratin from the Italian. White sauce and fettuccine wide have often tangled.

Gratin of shrimp fettuccine @ Gusto the south exit of Nakano station shop

Gusto, but has been known as a family restaurant with excellent cost performance, do not be reckoned. Have quite Motchiri and pasta, the texture was like. Because of the wide, lifting often the source. I also eat here more than macaroni meet.

Shop information:3-36-15-2F Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5328-2315

Haruyashoten(Haruya bookstore) on the third floor in Nakano Broadway, Pop was a big item to appeal. Haruyashoten is seems 'Ichiban Kuji' seller, and is released from the sale was scheduled Saturday, July 7, TIGER & BUNNY side TIGER lottery.

Lottery of TIGER & BUNNY in Haruyashoten, Nakano Broadway

To pop, breaking even the most lottery! ! Award as that has been left by News staff. Are aiming towards the award of each, may be the first aim.

It also sells lottery lottery of animation at the bookstore, it is unique to Nakano Broadway.

Shop information:5-52-15 3F Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-8451,10:00-20:30

Napoli Appears in Nakano

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North exit of JR Nakano Station has a lot of Japanese-style bars and Japanese-style restaurants. There was a shop turned into such a narrow alley. Is PIZZERIA BAR NAPOLI.

But judging from the sign in front of the shop, such as is apparently serving as pizza shops. 500 yen All lunch menu, and then appeal that it is a Coin. I want also serving pasta lunch for 800 Yen.


Little bit to see the blackboard menu, from the familiar Margherita, to those of nuance and doubt what I've heard that prosciutto and Capricciosa, such as Bismarck and disputes and results, that it is Italian, is quite a lineup.

The north exit of Nakano Station area is a store that delicious pasta, pizza is it that it is rare.

Shop information:5-60-2 Nakano nakano ward,03-5942-7855,AM11:00-AM:4:00,Open everyday

The ceiling of the passage out of the gate of JR Nakano station north entrance was new, there was a large banner.

Announcement of Nakano Champloo Festa 2012 is. According to the banner, held July 14 and 15 days. It is next week.

Nakano Champloo Festa 2012 will be held next week

Blue is reminiscent of summer and the sea of Okinawa. Reminiscent of the red roof of the building in Okinawa. Color scheme is vivid than the eye.

Above all, it is very catchy copy is! "Open in Tokyo summer."

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