Nakano Champloo Festa 2012 will be held next week

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The ceiling of the passage out of the gate of JR Nakano station north entrance was new, there was a large banner.

Announcement of Nakano Champloo Festa 2012 is. According to the banner, held July 14 and 15 days. It is next week.

Nakano Champloo Festa 2012 will be held next week

Blue is reminiscent of summer and the sea of Okinawa. Reminiscent of the red roof of the building in Okinawa. Color scheme is vivid than the eye.

Above all, it is very catchy copy is! "Open in Tokyo summer."

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SABA hugs seclusion,relaxation and solace within a tranquil setting. Surrounded along terraced rice paddies resemble Berawa Beach aboard Bali's southwest coast, SABA namely fewer than 10 minutes from the center of Seminyak. The bordering district of Kerobokan namely famous as its furniture workshops,antique and curio marts The Umalas Equestrian Centre namely a few kilometres away and the Greg Norman designed Nirwana Golf coursework is a 30 minute pedal.

Each wide air-conditioned bedroom features dome fans, teakwood flooring sliding glass doors opening on to the garden, fitted wardrobes with drawers and hanging space, full breadth mirrors and a wall safe The second bedrooms have king-sized beds which tin be converted into dual beds whether necessary All bedrooms are equipped with a 37" LCD TV/DVD performer and cord tv and a JBL Radial iPod spokesman process.

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The nearby sweeping waterfronts are a pleasant 5 to 10 minute hike away and are popular as panoramic coastline views legendary sunsets and world-class surf damages A choice of regional restaurants and a deli supermarket are likewise within walking distance. Nevertheless,hidden SABA is a mere ten minute pedal from the prevailing Seminyak zone with its wide alternative of international restaurants - including ‘Kafe Warisan', ‘Ku Dé Ta', ‘Living Room', ‘Hu'u', ‘La Lucciola' and ‘Sarong' - attach with a plethora of chic cocktail bars, nightclubs, lavish spas and elegant boutiques.

The Shandong basic agricultural production, mechanization of agricultural

Shandong Province agricultural office before the statistics show this year, Shandong Province level of mechanization of agricultural production up to 75% , basically realizing mechanization of agricultural production .

This means that the Shandong Province a year ahead of the

2009 , the level of mechanization of agricultural production in Shandong Province reached 75% , food 86% level of mechanization . In 2009 , Shandong Province machines closed 5175 mu of wheat , machine yield of 97.4% ; of 2319 ??mu of corn machine , machine yield of 53% year-on-year last year increased by 17 percent , two consecutive years of growth more than more than 15% .

2009 years, Shandong Province at the provincial level or above purchase allowance funds of 900 million yuan , 2.1 billion yuan of subsidies for machinery over 125,000 pieces (sets ), to benefit the farmers of more than 80,000 households , driving farmers to invest in . Purchase subsidy policy driven , the total farm machinery and equipment increased substantially. The development of the province's gross agricultural machinery to 110 million kilowatts , the agricultural value reached 63 billion yuan , respectively, compared with the

In addition ,Franklin Marshall Deutschland, in 2009 , Shandong Province agricultural service benefits become more apparent . The province's agricultural output value reached over 400 billion yuan, an increase in turnover of 26.3 billion yuan , higher than the Agricultural into farmers' per capita net income of 450 yuan , the contribution rate for the province's rural per capita net income reached 7.4% . The rapid development of agricultural technology is also boosting the agricultural industry to flourish . Shandong Province agricultural industrial enterprises above designated size output exceeded 110 billion yuan , an increase of 15 percent more than last year , a profit of 5.8 billion yuan , an increase of nearly 26 percent more than last year .

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Inner Mongolia to build a green grassland brand green, agricultural information channels, China Agricultural Network Information, China Agricultural

Inner Mongolia to build a green grassland brand
- the development of the west brand line, a well-known brand, not only to play the leading role in the domestic market, and has become a This year, the World Brand Lab released the

Inner Mongolia brand since the eighties and nineties, a meteoric rise, come from behind, by no means a coincidence. Lay the prairie brand, play a unique advantage in Inner Mongolia, the steppe culture into their brand philosophy, carefully build the brands of green pastures, is an important reason for its success.

Grassland culture gave birth to a green brand

Grasslands of Inner Mongolia is both a natural resource,mac makeup replica, but also contains a unique culture. Inner Mongolia, Economic Development and Research Association for the Promotion Hao Cheng, vice president of the said: they recognize the value of the Stressed that The unique prairie culture to bring the dual advantage of Inner Mongolia.

The one hand, the ecological characteristics of the grassland culture deeply rooted. The vast grassland, pollution-free ecological environment, Inner Mongolia, almost since birth, with the imprint of the Abundant resources, enterprises benefit from Inner Mongolia.

The other hand, grassland civilization has a long history, established in the deeper connotation of the brand in Inner Mongolia. Hao Cheng believes that steppe culture, originality, openness, compatibility, heroic. Inner Mongolia, a number of well-known concept of corporate culture, which embodies the connotation of the grassland culture in the new era. Yili Group dedicated to The human spirit and natural heritage combine to form the corporate culture in Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia brand of the greatest wealth.

Government support to lay a solid foundation for development

Inner Mongolia to implement the brand strategy started early, forceful. 10 years ago, Inner Mongolia put forward the concept of branding, the government formulated a series of policy measures, and vigorously support the regional brands.

Inner Mongolia Institute of Finance, Professor Zhang Rongzhi that the development of green industry in Inner Mongolia, from the macro side, at the base construction, product development, standards development, standardize management, research promotion and industrial management, marketing, etc. to form a set of a perfect system; from microscopic, self-management of enterprises in Inner Mongolia on the brand more stringent, high quality green products. For example, Erie, Mengniu regard the construction of milk as the They used the Some enterprises also continued commitment to the development and application of new technologies, and promote the upgrade of the technological content of products.

Brand clusters play a leading role

Today, Inner Mongolia has formed a large-scale cluster of green grassland brand, Ordos, King Deer, Erie, Prairie Xingfa, Mengniu, the Loop wine, a small Sheep, 16 trademark has been identified as Chinese Famous Brand. According to statistics, a well-known trademarks, of 6000 trademarks and 1600 trademarks in Inner Mongolia, there are a

Inner Mongolia brand enterprises have become the locomotive of an impetus to regional economic and social development. Baotou City Yili Group has been one of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region tax champion enterprise, tens of thousands of jobs directly created. Erie payment of milk for dairy farmers to the end of 2005, amounting to more than 100 billion yuan to assist hundreds of thousands of farmers several million dairy farmers out of poverty. Inner Mongolia to the enterprise of brand in driving the development of raw materials, transportation, packaging and other related areas of industrial development, as well as in improving the overall economic strength of local, attract capital, talent, and to solve the employment side, has been playing a leading role.

(2006-09-11 15 Edition)

Zhejiang Province, plans for a food safety responsibility of food, agricultural information channels, China Agricultural Network Information, China agriculture net


reporter learned from Zhejiang Province, Food Working Conference recently held an intensive food work of the executive heads of the responsibility system to ensure food security, food safety responsibility system

Zhejiang is second only to Guangdong, the country's second-largest food deficit province, each year about 200 billion kilograms of grain production and demand gap,ralph lauren france, over 50% dependence on foreign, food security infrastructure is weak. In recent years, although Zhejiang to ensure food security to spend a lot of manpower, material, exploring the food for Zhejiang path, but still faces greater pressure.

Zhejiang vice governor Mao Linsheng idea is no profound knowledge of the food work, the key is to have a sense of responsibility, to attach importance to this work, and effectively strengthen organization and leadership. To this end, the

Zhejiang Government Government in charge of food, agriculture, land resources work the person responsible for the person directly responsible, in charge of five elements: First, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the calculation, the scientific and reasonable to determine the quantity of the food needs of the administrative district. The second is to strictly implement the basic national policy of effectively protecting cultivated land, and gradually increase the food production capacity. The third is to ensure the completion of the Province issued the sown area of ??grain, the total output of the task. Fourth, the implementation of the provincial government issued local grain reserves, reserve plan, reasonably determine the reserve structure of varieties, and to strengthen reserve management. Is to improve the food security emergency plans, and enhance real-time monitoring of the grain market and price warning. These five, there is an unfinished, the annual assessment of one-vote veto.

for the implementation of food safety responsibility, Zhejiang seeks to adhere to the grid on four principles. Assessment results included in the assessment of a comprehensive evaluation system of leading cadres, the departure of the study evaluation as a change of government and cadres. Food security and the protection of arable land assessment unqualified cadres, do not nominate promoted. The major mistakes that do not perform their duties, the grain work, food security measures are not implemented, or are inappropriate to deal with emergencies, dereliction of duty, a serious impact on grain markets and social stability in accordance with the law, according to discipline and hold the responsibility of the responsible person.

?The Freeh report is the result of an internal investigation launched shortly after Sandusky's Nov. 5, 2011 arrest. It dove into 24 of the 30 years of Sandusky's time at Penn State, dating back to 1975 --further than the grand jury report.

Freeh said his team conducted 430 interviews and pored over 3.5 million emails and other documents. Freeh's team said no party interfered with, or attempted to influence, the findings in this report. No one spoke to Curley, Schultz or Paterno to complete the report, instead relying on documents and emails.

Curley and Schultz both face criminal charges for failing to report allegations of child abuse against Sandusky to law enforcement or child protection authorities in 2002.

In a January 2012 interview with the Washington Post, Paterno tried to explain his rationale for not reporting Sandusky.

"I didn't know exactly how to handle it and I was afraid to do something that might jeopardize what the university procedure was," Paterno said. "So I backed away and turned it over to some other people."

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