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Around the JR Nakano station, there are many famous shops and fast food and cafes, is a place which take a breath. This is one such hotels located near the Nakano Sun Plaza, also Veloce. I am also easy to find a chair where you have spread far in the back, quite widely than watching from the entrance, vacant.

I took a light meal in the sand mix and blend coffee (220 Yen and 170 Yen).

Mix Sandwich and blend coffee @ CAFFE VELOCE Nakano

Or character of a place, I think like a lot of foreign visitors. Look back again or have products that you get in Nakano Broadway. I saw a sight that turning over the paper or back or even. We also have to spend own way of course.

I was refreshing like a bump on a log at this time.

Shop information:4-2-12 Nakano Nakano Ward,7:00-23:00,Open everyday

Mandarake has closed temporarily in September

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Mandarake is a store you are dealing in the Nakano Broadway, a second-hand goods. Subculture in general, goods handled, a wide variety of comics, toys, figures, games, etc.. That Mandarake had been announced the day holiday shop.

Nakano store is, and the rest will be on September 11 (Tue).

Mandarake has closed temporarily in September

However, treatment with the purchase of the third floor is open. From September 12, the next day is said to be normal business.

The temporary closing is like being scheduled in other stores nationwide, had to guide them in the day of the poster.

If you aim to Mandarake from afar, come to Nakano care must be taken.

Hatsune Miku's leek salty fried noodles

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Introduce can buy has a collaboration with Hatsune Miku Vocaloid, Family Mart convenience store, a salty fried noodles of Hatsune Miku.

I brought this to the cashier only packages that have been deformed Miku cute much longer I want to compliment yourself on your own. Absolutely no mistake.

Hatsune Miku's leek salty fried noodles

When it comes to contents, leek and like in the picture of the package of sliced ??bright green, green onion that has been cut into little white dazzling view came in a lot. Double green onion, are plenty.

How to make the point, would spice bags that are printed in blue. It contains the source, and other red-letter condiments, these two put into hot water after cutting. In other words, only the spice of blue, it is placed in a package before you turn on the hot water.

I'm no longer "Dapaa", have cut high performance singing the way hot water.

When it comes to taste, it is quite. Spicy salt and sweetness is intertwined with noodles evenly, I feel rich in mineral taste while It's plain. Sufficient presence of two types of green onion as well, and added that the pain is different from the source while the crisp salt too.

I had been told I was eating in a separate room, "the smell of fried noodles cup to" and. Such as schools and workplaces must be careful when you.

Shop information:4-2-1 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5345-5031

In Nakano Sun Mall arcade, Lotteria had to push the Sheki in the shop. Is purposely standing clerk, I had a sales promotion. Was that half of 105 yen and serving in addition.

In the evening, it was still hot, I would buy with. From three different flavors vanilla, banana milk, strawberry milk, I chose the strawberry.

Strawberry milk shake for half price at the Lotteria

Whether it is a feature of Sheiki of Lotteria Or carry a few minutes because you have a little soft and smoothly down the straw. Cold and chilly, a little sour flavor of strawberry is sweet and delicious.

It would be nice also shaved ice and ice cream, sweet and cold drinks like this, especially at this time of year it is perfect.

shop information:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-1216,7:00-22:00

Black cat magic maid cafe in Nakano Broadway

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On the first floor of Nakano Broadway, there was a mysterious shop. KURONECO sign that has come out.


When they pass the time shop is open, you have two people standing in front of the window, the cute maid. She who had smiled at people walking down the street with a placard.

I was examined, and this shop is that the maid cafe black cat magic. I see your menu was, I was also soft drinks and snacks, such as where it is serving an bar counter, drinks and snacks rather than a cafe.

I called Akihabara maid cafes, etc., but that I knew, indeed Nakano Broadway (?) Not only maid, but also comes in black cat magic.

Shop informaiton:Nakano Broadway 1F 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5942-7540,15:00-23:00,Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays13:00-23:00

I went to Akihabara the other day. There is a head office in Nakano, I found a ramen shop near Akihabara Mandarake. Ramen shop was listed prominently on black and yellow signs that were open in preparation. Yarou Ramen is

A little farther away from the main street of Akihabara, there is a ramen Dai. And another Ramen Jiro system seems to have come on board.

Yarou Ramen Opening at Akihabara in preparation

Have never eaten Yarou ramen. However, the menu is seen in the photograph on the wall. You tell the story to clarify whether it is what like ramen.

Lineup of the increase that it was anxious. Jiro is a normal system and it is a "vegetable oil, garlic Kalamai" do not have vegetables. Instead, everyone has been written and dignified somehow know that mosquito tone.

Menu or topping sounds like On the other hand there are various. I look forward to you.

Was to conduct open and fair to open on Saturday, until 17 August 11 According to the poster of the shop.

Aim! Holy Swordsman And you! ! Larry has a subtitle that stamps had started. It remembers every year, Pokemon stamp had been installed in the south entrance, this year has advanced to the north entrance.

Induction had been out today have "Pokemon Stamp is here" and for some reason a lot of our station staff.

Pokemon Stamp Rally 2012 with JR East begins

Nakano's Pokemon is Baniputchi. Somewhere in the cool, Pokemon is cute.

Pokemon Stamp Rally 2012 is said to JR East until 4 (Sun), August 19 evening.

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