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Crab cream croquette bread @ SUNMERRY'S Bread Shop

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I bought a crab cream croquette bread in the bakery to bake bread SUNMERRY's of Nakano Sun Mall arcade, in stone oven. Is 230 Yen.

At first I tried to buy a variety of bread, and so sweet a little that has been introduced, such as shop windows, and fell in love with while you are hunting for bread in the store, I ended up buying.

Crab cream croquette bread @ SUNMERRY'S Bread Shop

Or because the time has not passed so after baked, no bread, and croquettes, flavor was rich. Aroma of bread wheat is plump. Some of the clothes that are sandwiched croquette fragrant, creamy cream was contained. When eaten, the flavor of the crab. As it has a cream sauce hung like the flavor of crab and cream will continue to occupy your mouth. Cabbage and a little bit sour Shakkiri difference and has been a source of accent.

It may be rude to say surprisingly, seem bread, bread was a deli that texture seems to crab cream croquette was doubling the taste.

Shop information:5-61-7 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-3387-2782,Mon-Fri7:30-21:00,Sat&Sun&Holidays8:30-21:00,Open everyday

Mandarake Henya, Closed for renovation

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Thanks you can shop on the first floor flat in the passage Nakano Broadway, opportunities to Mandarake is increasing. The other day, when I passed, there followed an earlier temporary closing, an announcement of the rest of the shop store.

According to the report, and that the rest are from September 12 for renewal already expanding. Period is October 12 (Friday).

Mandarake Henya, Closed for renovation

I see on the home page of Mandarake Henya. Weird things were selling full indeed. I am a lineup that has to be what you say, but taste is a Showa, certainly the more difficult category, and have been changed. I feel like a lot of things I would eerie.

I would always come to the same thoughts, Mandarake, back when I'm deep.

New menu of Azi Siti, Shrimp ramen

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Near Nakano Station JR, Azi Siti of Sapporo ramen shop, it is said to be the 25th anniversary, thank you. I had a notice in-store flyer.

And its Azi Siti, has issued a new menu. Its name is shrimp soba. It is said to be the sum of ramen soup with shrimp broth historic, generous taste of shrimp.

New menu of Azi Siti, Shrimp ramen

Same menu of Azi Siti other flavors, so choose the taste, such as miso and soy sauce. I'm also Tsukemen and no-soup ramen.

Nakano is the battleground of ramen, ramen pushed to the front of the flavor of the shrimp it is new.

Shop information:5-63-6 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3389-9393,11:00-Until there is no more soup, Open everyday

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