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I went to the third floor Haruyashoten Nakano Broadway. At the entrance of the bookstore, pumpkin has been placed. Is not a joke. Pumpkin is listed in the carriage.

Often see when Halloween, it is a pumpkin orange. If you look, he seemed to be doing a quiz to shed weight. The deadline for entries is between Wednesday October 31.

The weight of the pumpkin quiz at Nakano Broadway

The pumpkin, witch hat was like wearing pointy covers. On the way you are walking, I would like to encounter monsters or quests. It was a scene seems to Nakano Broadway.

So a bit of information before, What is today is unknown, but the third floor Haruyashoten Nakano Broadway, had to inform the stock of the Ichiban Kuji.

The TV animetion "Accel World" 's Ichiban Kuji, it seems to be, just rest.

Accel World's Ichiban Kuji @ Haruya Bookstore, Nakanobroadway

According to the poster, and that the remaining 17. If you confirm, the prize award A and B seem to no longer.

Ichiban Kuji poster, I feel that I see on a regular basis is Haruyashoten. So you have a variety of lot of animated films.

Shop information:3F Nakano Broadway 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-8451,10:00-20:30

I made a long time ago, in the mall Yakushi Ai Road, in the butcher shop Sato, I had come to buy your lunch. This time around the popular fried chicken lunch. This shop has so many volumes, I had to half the amount of rice, though. Is 490 Yen.

I was appalled when it is out of the bag. Lid is not closed. I try to solve the wrapping paper, and further surprised. On top of the rice, fried is past. Although the amount of rice is a half, half feeling at all I will not. Volume of side dishes have been highlighted rather, I seem to increasingly large portion.

Fried chicken lunch box, half rice @ Sato Meat Shop

It is such a deep-fried, the taste was delicious things stable as usual. If you are changing suddenly and I, until crispy skin. No, it is crunchy. Did you bring me a freshly prepared immediately, I thoroughly enjoyed the fried chicken warm.

Shop information:1-15-9 Arai Nakano Ward,03-3386-3407,8:00-20:00,Closed Sunday & holiday

I picked up while on the move, because the brochure had been distributed. Look, it was a guide of shops and restaurants can be new.

It is Nakano Central Park. From the home of Nakano Station JR, Bill appeared in the landscape that can be seen under construction, tenant enters it is completed.

Nakano Central Park Shops & Restaurants open on October 5

If you look at the brochure, a variety of shops seems to enter. From where friendly drug store and fast food, and convenience stores, cafes and shops and curry Spanish Bar, Bar, and Chinese, a variety of shops have been introduced literally.

Personally Udon noodle noodle Marugame was worried about. Except shop was opened in advance some of these shops is that with the open on Friday, October 05, 2012.

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