Niconico Curry is back?

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The building of certain street Waseda, I caught sight of a familiar name of the curry shop.

It is Niconico curry. Straight, next to the next to the next to the famous Tsukemen shop "Eiraku", location, in the north of JR Nakano station. It was on top of the museum seafood Chinese restaurant.

Niconico Curry is back?

Because it was passing, I did not know the details. Speaking of niconio curry,began French, curry shop in Nakano, a series of new movement, will be featured in a blog while overseas, it was closed due to circumstances.

Places, is very close to the shops before. If you were also revived soon, it is good news.

I think to find the opportunity, this time to try and walk slowly on the sidewalk.

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?April 19 to 21, the city's spring production site meetings cum first quarter of the agricultural economy run analysis will be held in ZhaoAnXian main purpose is to fully implement the central and provincial, city of agricultural and rural work will and the province's spring production site meetings , the spirit of the meeting of the city's first quarter economic analysis, summary analysis of agricultural work, especially since last year, food production is facing a new situation and new tasks, exchange throughout the spring land preparation, to study the deployment of agricultural work throughout the year and this spring, the work of the agricultural production, further mobilize the city's agricultural front, quick action, seizing the opportunity to strengthen measures to pay close attention to this, to ensure the completion of the goals and tasks of agriculture throughout the year. During the meeting, the delegates toured the Zhangpu magistrate the Au town Kangzhuang Yunxiao Dong Ha town Jia islands, and to create high-yielding demonstration base facilities as well ZhaoAnXian the Qiaodong town mu mu of grain, the Ministry of Agriculture, West Lake Township ZhaoAnXian vegetable production base of agriculture. Participate in the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Zhangzhou Branch of China Telecom held wisdom the agricultural strategic cooperation signing cum the 12316 agricultural service hotline opening ceremony. At the meeting, Zhaoan, Zhangpu, Nanjing County spring agricultural production, the development of the export of vegetables and edible fungus work made the typical exchange of experiences.
The meeting also commended the counties (cities, districts) Bureau of Agriculture 2010 agricultural work to be commended. Party members of the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture, Zhang Zecheng discipline inspection team leader read Advanced unit in 2010 a comprehensive evaluation of the agricultural work in the city are: Agricultural Bureau of Longhai City and Nanjing County Bureau of Agriculture, the first for Zhangpu County Agricultural Bureau, second, and third place for Yunxiao County Bureau of Agriculture and Zhaoan County Bureau of Agriculture. The 2010 agricultural work of a single evaluation of the advanced units of the city are: Xiangcheng District Bureau of Agriculture advanced units of the rural biogas construction work for the dead livestock and poultry special work advanced unit, Longwen District Bureau of Agriculture, the Dongshan County Bureau of Agriculture for farmland water conservation demonstration and extension an advanced unit, Pinghe County Bureau of Agriculture for agricultural subsidies for the purchase of advanced units the Hua'an Bureau of Agriculture for the advanced units of the tea five new integrated demonstration and extension work, Changtai County Farm Bureau for the supervision of the quality and safety of agricultural products advanced units.
Lu Min Song, party secretary of the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture Secretary summed up the city's agricultural work since 2010, and to convey the first quarter of 2011, the city's Economic Work Conference, an objective analysis of the opportunities and challenges faced by the agricultural and rural economy in the city, on the current spring production work stressed the need to do everything possible to stabilize grain production, based on solid job in the work of the spring spring planting of 2011, stressed the need to plan meticulously, comprehensively promote the work of agriculture. First, efforts to promote the construction of ten projects namely: the implementation of the rice bag, basket protection engineering, the implementation of the advantages of competitive industries to enhance the project, the implementation of the seeds and seedlings to optimize engineering and a good grasp of the first works of foreign cooperation in agriculture, good job of agriculture Five new technologies Funong engineering good job in agricultural safety Peace Project, do a good job to strengthen agriculture and benefit farmers to implement the policy works, Good team, ability and physical engineering, promote agricultural industrialization projects. Actively implement the ten key projects, namely: build Across the Taiwan Strait (Fujian) Modern Agricultural Machinery Industrial Park, construction of cross-strait ecological agricultural science and technology and cultural exchanges base, promoting the construction of the complex of the Bureau of Agriculture, the organization of the Third Cross-Strait Agricultural Fair International pavilions and the Second Cross-Strait hills and mountains agricultural machinery exhibition, to strengthen the construction of the west side of the quality and safety of agricultural products inspection and testing center, the establishment of 10 million mu of biological control demonstration piece, actively develop ecological agriculture, expand litchi and longan high grafting for species to carry grain and oil vegetables yield and the standard garden create, implementation of large-scale breeding base construction. Third, efforts to co-ordinate a good job of the other work, namely: accelerate the development of agriculture, and accelerate the development of brand agriculture, strengthen rural business management, strengthen the legal construction of agriculture, promote agricultural information, deepen Nongken reform. The fourth is to strengthen the three requirements, namely: to study, and second, to seek project Third, we must work style real. Stressed To further boost morale, strengthen confidence, forge ahead, work in a really good grasp of the annual agricultural work, especially the work of the agricultural production in spring, efforts to improve the city's level of agricultural production, a good beginning to realize the second five, since step-by-step, to promote the city's development of agricultural science and make a positive contribution to the leapfrog development.
Party group of members of the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture,Abercrombie and Fitch, Animal Husbandry Bureau Secretary Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Agriculture Party members, Qiu Liming, deputy director of the animals spring anti grasp the venue link food security and agricultural production in spring work made specific plans. Zhaoan county government Shen justice and deputy magistrate to attend ZhaoAnXian agriculture production site meetings and delivered a speech, counties (cities, districts) Agriculture Secretary, Office of the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture, Information Division, Agricultural Extension Station and seeds station Branch station is responsible for attended the meeting. (Office of the Bureau of Agriculture of Zhangzhou City)




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