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2012, Illumination of Nakano Sun Plaza

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Landmark clock tower of the north exit of Nakano Station JR, near the entrance of the Nakano Sun Plaza, has been written up. When I look at for a while, and slowly began to change, such as blue or red, color.

2012, Illumination of Nakano Sun Plaza

Perhaps because unlike illumination or are using trees, was established specially illuminating the clock tower of metal, it was light in color and a sharp sense of tension somewhere.

Eiraku, the famous tsukemen shop, is closed

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North exit of Nakano Station, was a famous noodle shop "Eiraku" had been closed. I noticed last week when, passing by in front of the shop.

Eiraku, the famous tsukemen shop, is colsed

In front of the shop had been closed guide is attached statement by the staff of the shop.

As was stated in the blog you are looking at, cause that was close, was due to the circumstances of the chef.

While the well-known store, I have to confirm expected, thousands of people came to the front of the store, check the announcement, he had dropped the shoulder to be sudden.

It will not be sorry, it sounds selfish thoughts. I got a cup of delicious many times until now. Thank you all!

Sunmerry's Sausage roll

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Bakery in Nakano Sun Mall arcade,Sanmerry, I bought the bread.

It is a sausage roll (180 Yen).

Sunmerry's Sausage roll

In earnest, skin is crisp, sausages are out of the bread, and so coarse ground meat was good. At first I felt a spicy seasoning that comes in a sausage eating, taste of ketchup and cheese when I joined and proceed to eat.

Return to the simple taste of sausage and bread also, and last. Such a change in taste is interesting, it was bread Spicy impressed.

Shop information:5-61-7 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-2782,Mon-Fri7:30-21:00,Sat,Sun,Holiday8:30-21:00,Open everyday

I a little while ago, is situated Nakano Street, when I passed in front of the Tsutomu,the ramen shop, I noticed a pop, which is attached to the window.

According to the report, it is said, that will be doing the miso ramen and miso noodle for a limited time.

Ramen shop Tsutomu, while providing a taste miso for a limited time

Miso ramen, there was that I got before. Tsutomu seems, was a delicate taste of miso ramen. But tsukemen I do not remember whether the menu. Perhaps, in noodle miso might first appearance. I think I want you to find an opportunity.

Shop information:1-25-4 Arai Nakano Ward、11:30-15:00、17:00-23:00

I had actually feel uncomfortable somewhere. Because I was the person who saw some when I was through the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, has walked pinch of French fries somehow.

And when it came before the Lotteria fast food restaurants continue to walk, I went consent. Means "heaped popular even today per our limited", I've been doing is bulking potato campaign.


Previously thought, and today it is the matrix such that Lotteria somehow, there was the fact that during the campaign bulking properties. At that time I did we Isshi the period, it may be that when casual, such planning is carried out also, and so are you "even today" for potatoes. I think I will be careful.

Shop information:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-1216,7:00-22:00

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