Eiraku, the famous tsukemen shop, is closed

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North exit of Nakano Station, was a famous noodle shop "Eiraku" had been closed. I noticed last week when, passing by in front of the shop.

Eiraku, the famous tsukemen shop, is colsed

In front of the shop had been closed guide is attached statement by the staff of the shop.

As was stated in the blog you are looking at, cause that was close, was due to the circumstances of the chef.

While the well-known store, I have to confirm expected, thousands of people came to the front of the store, check the announcement, he had dropped the shoulder to be sudden.

It will not be sorry, it sounds selfish thoughts. I got a cup of delicious many times until now. Thank you all!

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Experts and scholars from 16 countries for Bamboo and Rattan visits Yong'an Bamboo Industry - Fujian Agricultural Information Network

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Yong'an City ,

just won the title of the Chinese bamboo township existing bamboo forest total area of ??92.6 mu , Mao Zhuli bamboo the total 113 million farmers per capita the Moso Bamboo area of ??5.4 acres, ranking first in the country . (Fujian Journal )

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