Sunmerry's Sausage roll

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Bakery in Nakano Sun Mall arcade,Sanmerry, I bought the bread.

It is a sausage roll (180 Yen).

Sunmerry's Sausage roll

In earnest, skin is crisp, sausages are out of the bread, and so coarse ground meat was good. At first I felt a spicy seasoning that comes in a sausage eating, taste of ketchup and cheese when I joined and proceed to eat.

Return to the simple taste of sausage and bread also, and last. Such a change in taste is interesting, it was bread Spicy impressed.

Shop information:5-61-7 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-2782,Mon-Fri7:30-21:00,Sat,Sun,Holiday8:30-21:00,Open everyday

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