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2F in Nakano Broadway, several shops were opened in preparation. I tried to look into the goods in settings, the same as any of the shop, what looks like anime figures had been put a lot of character.

Are also pasted posters. According to it, the name of the shop, it seems that "Rashinban" meaning the compass.

In the "Rashinban, premium shop" where I saw the website, it seems the purchase. As Mandarake, purchase a variety of goods, he appears to have it to sell. It is with the opening on March 2.

It is Nakano Broadway has become a holy place of subculture, (?) Into the Holy Land seems increasingly progressing.

In Hanamaru udon, lotus root tempura

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I ate "kake-udon" Japanese fast food. I put lotus root tempura (? 105). I could not beat the temptation of Pop called seasonal.

In Hanamaru udon, lotus root tempura

Common, on sliced ??It appears to have been sliced ??diagonally without. It is big. To prove the condition of the cut, the cross-section of the hole in the lotus that emerged from under the clothes, had become an ellipse.

The thickness of the lotus root was good. Not too thick, not too thin, or it will be around 7 to 8mm. This may be crunchy. Looking after eating, the surface may have become milky white fire has been attending each about 2 mm, the middle I was white. Or because there was chewiness, slice or twist, I was satisfied with the price or more.

Shop information:5-67-6 nakano nakano ward,03-5913-0650,7:30-24:00,Website of Hanamaru-udon nakano Branch(Japanese)

I also witnessed, the billboard to see on a regular basis. Notice of Nakano Broadway store is closed, there was.

Nakano Broadway closed to traffic on November 20, February

This store closed on February 20 (Wed). It is the day after tomorrow. Nakano Broadway As always, you can usually pass through is closed, so that the bypass.

Of course, Nakano Broadway will be closed, a shop holiday. Shopping is not possible.

Nakano Broadway bustling people overseas, including day-to-day. This day is going to be quiet.

Fruit Peko-chan ?

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Fujiya in over-the-counter which is located just across the south exit of Nakano Station JR, a signal, there was Peko-chan. She is wearing a strange costume.

Fruit Peko-chan ?

Depending on the season, Peko-chan is fashionable Sunday clothes, yukata, dress and costumes, this time we attack. To look, you are like the ones featuring strawberries, kiwi fruit, such as cherries and fruit.

Among them are the eyes would say, is it would be strawberry. The entire head, I have to express the vivid red ripe strawberry, and the whole was delicious. The growth has been from the neck through the chest, fresh-looking leaves.

Peko-chan, are truly penetrate the mode.

Art brut in Nakano Sun Mall Arcade

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Tapestry was hanging arcade of the north exit of Nakano Station JR, the Nakano Sun Mall. It was a thing of art brut.

According to those who have not received the professional education of art and art brut is likely refers to the artistic freedom.

Art brut in Nakano Sun Mall Arcade

As of the concept, while rough categorization denies any pictures of the work group looked up while passing through the arcade, was strong stuff.

I found that there is a unique body of work, it seems to open the exhibition in a foreign country. When you walk San mall arcade, and looking at the roof, it is touching the art is.

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