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Nakano street on March 29, 2013, cherry tree

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Seasons change and become warm, or hotter, or become chilly, and or colder. Has been established to the north exit of Nakano Station JR, I took a look at the Nakano street from the top of the overpass.

Before the crossover is made, but I was watching the cherry blossoms from Nakano station platform, you can see closer.

Nakano street on March 29, 2013, cherry tree

Flowering declaration comes out, more than a week has passed already. If you look closely there is a green leaf. More than anything, has fallen petals from cherry trees fluttering and dancing, I have accumulated on the sidewalk.

This weekend is going to be the last chance to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

There is a request from staff, Asian cuisine curry shop in Nakano Ramen Street store, YamiYami Curry Nakano, I ate lunch.

Have to pick up the three products as a lunch menu, YAMIYAMI curry are served in the daily. Fourth, today, it is a ripened tomatoes and spinach and cheese curry was confirmed. Comes with salad 700 yen. The pain that can be selected and asked what the most painful.

Cheese spinach and ripe tomatoes curry @ Curry shop YAMIYAMI

This menu is the cheese should be aware. Ingenuity is required that the cheese is growing, take a spoon to mouth. And I also struggled a little spinach this time. I note the use of the spoon while scooping or without heart, have been cut a little longer than usual, to fit in the spoon, and, while taking up the growth of the cheese.

The notice and are eating is a unity of a curry. Large vegetables, vegetables and thick taste, cheese, and even to enter coriander yet. However, if you are a curry favor, I do not bother you. Both home and also different taste curry Indian curry, rice and curry unique Asian taste.

If you look at the store suddenly, female guests were often seen. It is popular with women.

Shop information:5-50-3 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3389-2137,11:30-16:00(Lunch),17:30-1:00(Dinner),Sunday&holiday11:30-1:00

ABC MART in Nakano Sun Mall

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The other day, I was walking down the Nakano Sun Mall arcade. Was preparing to open a shop there. It was about the shutter was closed for a long time, billboards have been installed already.

Seen in various places around the station of JR, when yellow, red logo. ABC Mart is. Said flat, shoe shop, it is.

ABC MART in Nakano Sun Mall

Although the picture, the place between the clinic and Fuji Soba. Near the entrance of Saint-Maur. UNIQLO is also close to the fast fashion soon.

Nakano Sakura street on March 21, 2013

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Flowering declaration comes out, seems to have cherry blossom day by day. Yesterday was a holiday, there was news that the cherry blossoms were open in many parts of the metropolitan area as early as.

Today, I felt a little cold, wind, and so was warm Tuesday Wednesday, Nakano Sakura or what's going on, I took a look.


About the other, it is difficult to find the buds, the flowers are open. As expected, this weekend I am going to be full of people to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom is not still more, and go in this vein.

Nakano Sakura street on March 18, 2013

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Flowering cherry declaration has gone out in Tokyo. With confidence, you do not watch the cherry, it is a flowering of the fast. Today, in a hurry, I took a look at the cherry blossoms of the street of Nakano.

Nakano Sakura street on March 18, 2013

The wind was so strong, I fell in cherry photo as if you're a high-speed movement. However, I found that many flowers are in bloom.

Where sunny, it was like this. When it is shade, so many bud, in full bloom is going to take a little more time, to see cherry blossoms in early this year that it seems good.

The other day, on the second floor of Nakano Broadway tempura shop, ate lunch at Sumitomo tempura.

I went to the front of the shop I lately, trying to use several times, there were many that shutter down. I had to worry about, I was relieved to open on this day. I was wondering the menu, I asked the tendon of vegetables. Is 680 Yen.

Tempura Sumitomo in Nakano Broadway, Tempura of vegetables

There are a variety of tempura, various tendon, Sumitomo is moist system. Wearing a lot of clothes Tentsuyu is soft, wrap the ingredients.

Vegetables, but would vary depending on the season, there will be personally all year round, it is a favorite eggplant. Sumitomo has Tentsuyu spicy like a little soy sauce, he feels very sour and people further, and are easy to eat quickly. This day, I ate a lot.

Shop information: Nakanobroadway 2F 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano

Where was the ramen shop in Nakano Sun Mall arcade, before, new shop was opened in preparation. According to the signs, it is in preparation with Hakata Ramen FURYU,tonkotsu ramen, is aiming to open in early April.

In the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, pork bone ramen shop is opening in preparation

It is written instead of your noodles and pork bone ramen is free up to two times, and 500 yen.

In the battleground state of Nakano ramen, tonkotsu ramen I feel is of a genre difficult. Local love all of you love to know the taste of home is strong, I see I have a variety of opinions.

I look forward to try to eat first.

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