Tempura Sumitomo in Nakano Broadway, Tempura of vegetables

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The other day, on the second floor of Nakano Broadway tempura shop, ate lunch at Sumitomo tempura.

I went to the front of the shop I lately, trying to use several times, there were many that shutter down. I had to worry about, I was relieved to open on this day. I was wondering the menu, I asked the tendon of vegetables. Is 680 Yen.

Tempura Sumitomo in Nakano Broadway, Tempura of vegetables

There are a variety of tempura, various tendon, Sumitomo is moist system. Wearing a lot of clothes Tentsuyu is soft, wrap the ingredients.

Vegetables, but would vary depending on the season, there will be personally all year round, it is a favorite eggplant. Sumitomo has Tentsuyu spicy like a little soy sauce, he feels very sour and people further, and are easy to eat quickly. This day, I ate a lot.

Shop information: Nakanobroadway 2F 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano

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