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Air gallery of Nakano Sun Mall Arcade

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I do not have a conscious or when time every year, but the gallery is that it has been established her to pass, there was also this year. Big pieces of junior high school students who have been suspended in Nakano Sun Mall arcade of JR Nakano Station North Exit. Is, multiple shots.

A variety of junior high school seems to be making a work, a pillar of the arcade near work, such as your name and concept of students who work are being written.

But, without looking at them, I tried to choose what you like. It is the one that is chosen arbitrarily at all.

The one piece, is "Memories of school trip" by everyone in the seventh municipal junior high school.

Air gallery of Nakano Sun Mall Arcade

First, the production method of painting paste is caught the eye. I reproduce in bold angle, the Buddha, often cut off at angle to look up. Left hand is worried about, but rather than from the front right often seen on the photo, it is good if there is a live feeling this angle. It is an element that studded After each, but probably because placement divided into three typical composition is lost, there is a strange elation also was worried about.

It seems to become fun for the time being, it's through the arcade.


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