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Kanro greets near Nakano station

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When I was walking through the passage at JR Nakano station north entrance, I noticed signboard. It is a sign of Kanro. Thank you, and expressed gratitude.

Kanro greets

To make a judgment from the signboard, is that the 100th anniversary of Kanro? It is a long-established store. Orange signboards were conspicuous in the weatherful blue sky.

I think that this signboard can be seen from the platform of JR Nakano station. It seems that he is greeting people using trains.

Homemade potato-egg sandwich of Bonjour Bon

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Approximately, in the middle of the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, bakery that use natural yeast, I bought a snack at Bonjour Bonn. Homemade potato-egg sandwich is (399 Yen).

Homemade potato-egg sandwich of Bonjour Bon

Probably because of whole grain bread, it was a crunch, it was some texture in the eating.

Potato salad was seasoned with the punch sour worked somewhat. Will there be a twist to the mayonnaise.

The other hand, egg sandwich is very smooth. Texture of the ham was standing. When you say egg sandwich, and it is supposed that the rich yolk and white rough iota is in a pasty like a lot, but the way of approach is interesting.

I feel pride in the place you write a "homemade".

Shop information:5-59-8 nakano nakano ward,03-5345-6260,Website of shop(Japanese)


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