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The Nakano Broadway, there are some game center. And one of them, Adores, had sent a message over the counter.

According to it, it is said, that will be welcome to college students.

Game Center in Nakano Broadway is welcome college students

The have been a welcome, Teikyo Heisei raw and Meiji university students. Events deals student limit on the right is in progress, welcome more! Welcome! ! Seems. One exclamation mark 1, and it results in welcome, and one exclamation mark. 2 Welcome are used.

Come to think of it, and through the Nakano Sun Mall arcade and Nakano Broadway, willing to encounter the young people of the age group atmosphere and feeling not ever will be.

College student, you are welcome.

There are ways to go straight Nakano Sun Mall arcade, and extends east to west thin in front entering the Nakano Broadway. In Nakano street side, it is as Mister Donut and dumpling shop is the entrance. The street, curry shop is opened.

For the shop, is a spicy cafe Kamal. I place before, it was tavern.

Curry shop was opened in Nakano Broadway near

For the shop, is a spicy cafe Kamal. I place before, it was tavern. Nakano, curry shops that people of the country of the home of curry is engaged in many cases. Shop eaten authentic curries but also are many, but there are also curry shop a one-of-a-kind, on the other hand. On the other hand, shops curry rice Japanese style but are few.

I think any case, would like to find a shop, an opportunity to newly created in such Nakano curry scene.

Shop information:5-56-9 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-6454-0097

It is a little while ago, except it went to the blue bookstores JR Nakano Station North Exit, it was taken up in a big way the magazine of a book with a glass of over-the-counter. IT was Tokyo people(Tokyo Jin).

Aoi bookstore advertising in the magazine Tokyo people

You probably have to cover the poster. It was found attached to several pieces in a row. It's a feature Nakano.

So here, I saw from Nakano has been featured in a newspaper article. Nakano seems to be popular.


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