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Near Kaeru, pop to be interested

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It is a ramen Kaeru Nakano Station North Exit , is that it can eat ramen similar to that Ramen Jiro . Through the Nakano Sun Mall arcade , and proceed the path to go into right between the cafe one road front of Nakano Broadway , and men's clothing store soon , it is on the left .

And, as much next to the next to the next to the Kaeru, there was a shop that has changed.


Over-the-counter are silver. And it is mesh. There is a logo looked like your name of the shop and FreeCafe, but it does not feel free at all in Frankly. It is a feeling that is guarded closely rather, it is managed.

It's interesting above all, is a pop of "Abura Soba 600 yen".

Nakano is famous that there are a lot of ramen shops. I can eat a variety of ramen. "Abura Soba" is also within easy reach of most tourist attractions further. On the other hand, shops that give the "Abura Soba" is small.

However, such a menu, I have to appeal to only such menu. Despite passing by for lunch when, free cafe shutter is closed.

I'm curious.

It is close to this shop, information of Ramen Kaeru:5-56-15 nakano nakano ward,11:00-15:00,17:30-21:00

Japanese Pub Aburiya's Honey Toast

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In the Nakano Ramen Street, Aburiya, The Japanses style pub, a honey toast. It is a thing that when I went to the shop before Abu, who around you ordered, but had to take a picture with a mobile phone if there is an impact.

Aburiya, there are rooms and halls, variety of the dish is also rich. It is a shop that can launch something, having a meeting while I have a little collection, liquor, is available in a variety of patterns.

But, I did not think that honey toast and are on the menu in a shop like this. It is the power of observation admiration of staff found this menu.

Japanese Pub Aburiya's Honey Toast

Look at "Hanito" that has been carried, was further impressed. You have to be ordered to tighten the meeting, you are too different belly. The street looks, the combination of toppings, various sweet one after the other comes through the mouth like a parade of tropical Suites ice and other sweet honey and toast was crisp, but the volume was also perfect score.

Delicious, a good dessert.

Shop information:5-56-2 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3388-5941,Mon-Sat17:00-5:00、Sun & Holi16:30-24:00,Open everyday

Orient spaghetti, welcomed the students

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For Students, Orient spaghetti, had issued a pop to announcements welcome in the shop. By presenting your student ID card, it is so that the weight gain.

You can select the amount of pasta lunch time, but there are quite a volume. Of that, more would be good news for the Students of reducing belly as it is written in pop.

Orient spaghetti, welcomed the students

Orient spaghetti is away to be honest from JR Nakano Station. It is a little far.

Still, a familiar well-known store in around me at the shop worth carrying the foot, It is a shop that is an option when a reward, it take a lunch specially by the results and pace of work.

Shop information:1-23-22 Arai Nakano ward,03-3387-1445,11:30-Last Order21:30,Lunch-15:00,Open everyday,Orient spaghetti's Website

Mandarake is temporarily closed in autumn 2013

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Accounts if You Holy Land subculture worldwide Nakano, Mandarake was closed for. Because it has a branch near the entrance of Nakano Broadway, I can see immediately when I closed.

Mandarake is temporarily closed in autumn 2013

Indeed, I thought I saw notice by chance when he happened to pass will be when the previous.

Anyway If you know, when met at the temporary closing to come to Nakano Broadway with the aim of Mandarake do not know, Why do not you say emergency. Those that have been aimed at here, if you were in the foreign one. It is a pop to imagine that sad a lot.

Washiya's Chicken Cutlet Curry

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I made ??before, but it would have to eat the chicken cutlet curry of summer vegetables into. Is ? 750 yen. It was featured in over-the-counter tapestry of Washitani Nakano Sun Mall arcade, side dishes you shop, it is curry.

In fact, it was written as "chicken curry" in the menu. In Nakano Station, until pork cutlet shop from chain stores, there's something shop shop which can the so-called curry with pork cutlet. However, when it comes to chicken curry to feel healthy is somewhat, it is not clear. In places like this, I feel feelings. If you are thinking, and so on to come out and really it was ... chicken cutlet curry. But it is still rare, and I is a mistake to say that rather welcome.

Washiya's Chicken Cutlet Curry

Appearance is rustic in Frankly. And chicken cutlet in cross section to imagine a white, cabbage underneath. The summer vegetables that were in the menu name, it is sinking in a sea of ??Lou, what kind things, and pounding.

Some of the Lou, there was a spring onion would be new ball first and eggplant, really. Texture was Sakutto is, it is rare for a tool of curry. Taste of Lou, is orthodox in a good way. The Amakaraku, slightly spicy aftertaste, aroma of curry is also high. This is a curry as Western Japan. Of that for everyone in the food is not difficult, but it is established it beautifully.

Juicy chicken cutlet of clothing is crispy, good to curry of course. Diet went.I was delicious, but the representation of the menu was your love and respect,.

Shop information:5-63-5 Nakano Nakano Ward, Tokyo,03-5345-5061,

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