Near Kaeru, pop to be interested

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It is a ramen Kaeru Nakano Station North Exit , is that it can eat ramen similar to that Ramen Jiro . Through the Nakano Sun Mall arcade , and proceed the path to go into right between the cafe one road front of Nakano Broadway , and men's clothing store soon , it is on the left .

And, as much next to the next to the next to the Kaeru, there was a shop that has changed.


Over-the-counter are silver. And it is mesh. There is a logo looked like your name of the shop and FreeCafe, but it does not feel free at all in Frankly. It is a feeling that is guarded closely rather, it is managed.

It's interesting above all, is a pop of "Abura Soba 600 yen".

Nakano is famous that there are a lot of ramen shops. I can eat a variety of ramen. "Abura Soba" is also within easy reach of most tourist attractions further. On the other hand, shops that give the "Abura Soba" is small.

However, such a menu, I have to appeal to only such menu. Despite passing by for lunch when, free cafe shutter is closed.

I'm curious.

It is close to this shop, information of Ramen Kaeru:5-56-15 nakano nakano ward,11:00-15:00,17:30-21:00

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