Orient spaghetti, welcomed the students

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For Students, Orient spaghetti, had issued a pop to announcements welcome in the shop. By presenting your student ID card, it is so that the weight gain.

You can select the amount of pasta lunch time, but there are quite a volume. Of that, more would be good news for the Students of reducing belly as it is written in pop.

Orient spaghetti, welcomed the students

Orient spaghetti is away to be honest from JR Nakano Station. It is a little far.

Still, a familiar well-known store in around me at the shop worth carrying the foot, It is a shop that is an option when a reward, it take a lunch specially by the results and pace of work.

Shop information:1-23-22 Arai Nakano ward,03-3387-1445,11:30-Last Order21:30,Lunch-15:00,Open everyday,Orient spaghetti's Website

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