Washiya's Chicken Cutlet Curry

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I made ??before, but it would have to eat the chicken cutlet curry of summer vegetables into. Is ? 750 yen. It was featured in over-the-counter tapestry of Washitani Nakano Sun Mall arcade, side dishes you shop, it is curry.

In fact, it was written as "chicken curry" in the menu. In Nakano Station, until pork cutlet shop from chain stores, there's something shop shop which can the so-called curry with pork cutlet. However, when it comes to chicken curry to feel healthy is somewhat, it is not clear. In places like this, I feel feelings. If you are thinking, and so on to come out and really it was ... chicken cutlet curry. But it is still rare, and I is a mistake to say that rather welcome.

Washiya's Chicken Cutlet Curry

Appearance is rustic in Frankly. And chicken cutlet in cross section to imagine a white, cabbage underneath. The summer vegetables that were in the menu name, it is sinking in a sea of ??Lou, what kind things, and pounding.

Some of the Lou, there was a spring onion would be new ball first and eggplant, really. Texture was Sakutto is, it is rare for a tool of curry. Taste of Lou, is orthodox in a good way. The Amakaraku, slightly spicy aftertaste, aroma of curry is also high. This is a curry as Western Japan. Of that for everyone in the food is not difficult, but it is established it beautifully.

Juicy chicken cutlet of clothing is crispy, good to curry of course. Diet went.I was delicious, but the representation of the menu was your love and respect,.

Shop information:5-63-5 Nakano Nakano Ward, Tokyo,03-5345-5061,

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