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Bank, With You

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Projection mapping has become a hot topic, but a certain building of JR Nakano Station North was also meant some wrapping. It is the color ring that fits corporate color blue sky and easily.

Message is also refreshing. Put the place name as "Nakano" in the text, we have expressed the intention.

Bank, With You

If you are from the north exit of JR Nakano ticket station, you do not notice is not suited up. You attract attention and is from overpass, so look to the front. I feel that the place there, it is believed will.

In the street and pub's many, I saw a sign. It was that can eat lunch of curry and rice.

I go several times, I saw for the first time. From the front of the Nakano Sun Plaza, towards the Chinese noodles Aoba, are as such as tavern's lined on both sides.

I noticed the shop there is a menu of curry lunch

There was a billboard, you've just past the "Teke Teke"(That's adress is 5-58-4 Nakano Nakano Ward). Kanban, had come out quietly on the road.

I feel shop which can authentic curry India basis is often Nakano, but that there is no choice so actually I mean Japanese-style curry rice.

I think to find the opportunity, you want to go.

Spicy curry @ Matsuya Nakano dori Shop

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The other day, at Matsuya of beef bowl chain store, I ate spicy curry (? 350).

It was surprised, I just Rice and Lou came out in a separate dish. Not thicken to Lou, it looks like a curry soup.

Spicy curry @ Matsuya Nakano dori Shop

Try to eat, I felt the taste of the street name of the menu. As has expressed the menu name, and curry to eat bite first. And a little bit, it is spicy. Really a little bit, I feel the bitterness at the end.

There is no tool to Lou silky. I have a challenge to customers in spicy curry. Secret ingredient did not know something, source of bitterness and hotness is a little bit worried.

Shop information:5-68-9 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-5318-7331

Rider kanji @ Haruyashoten, Nakano Broadway

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Or has a variety of planning, pop and Dattari pleasantly Haruyashoten on the third floor of Nakano Broadway is a fun shop unique. Again, I had done a survey on the wall.

Rider kanji @ Haruyashoten, Nakano Broadway

The theme, Rider kanji. You probably popular vote of Kamen Rider to have a name in Kanji characters. One person is voted cleanness one vote, whatever the outcome or get out.

One person to vote one vote, whatever the outcome or get out. Is fun. Even so, there are a lot of Kamen Rider.

Shop information:3F Nakano Broadeway 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-3387-8451,10:00-20:30

In the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, there was a tapestry. Is that reconstruction assistance product exhibition is to be carried out.

Nakano Sun Plaza, reconstruction assistance product exhibition

October 12, 2013 (Saturday), 13 product exhibition (Sun). Let me put it this way tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The location is the Nakano Sun Plaza. Sponsored by Nakano Broadway. In this one, Nakano Sun Plaza, Nakano Sun Mall, and Nakano Broadway, 3 large Nakano (?) Are aggregated.

There is a present and specialty products in the Tohoku region. It probably a place you come to exhibit product exhibition probably. The name of the local city Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, such as Iwate Prefecture has been credit.

Tokyo Niboshiya appeals to the menu

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Or will be the northern limit of JR Nakano Station North Exit. Ramen shop you suspect that most north, Tokyo niboshi honpo puts out a sign in the store, I had to appeal to the popular menu.

When depends on it, it seems to tomato noodles.

Tokyo Niboshiya appeals to the menu

Again, tomato noodles.

The sign, it is written as one of popular and very popular. Real sense has been well received to the customer of the shop, What a menu or there is already data.

Furthermore, because there and continue selling, you may also learn how customers can search inside possibly limited time.

Anyway, what is the menu you would like to eat it to find an opportunity soon.

Shop information:2-1-1 Arai nakano ward Tokyo

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