Rider kanji @ Haruyashoten, Nakano Broadway

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Or has a variety of planning, pop and Dattari pleasantly Haruyashoten on the third floor of Nakano Broadway is a fun shop unique. Again, I had done a survey on the wall.

Rider kanji @ Haruyashoten, Nakano Broadway

The theme, Rider kanji. You probably popular vote of Kamen Rider to have a name in Kanji characters. One person is voted cleanness one vote, whatever the outcome or get out.

One person to vote one vote, whatever the outcome or get out. Is fun. Even so, there are a lot of Kamen Rider.

Shop information:3F Nakano Broadeway 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-3387-8451,10:00-20:30

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