Spicy curry @ Matsuya Nakano dori Shop

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The other day, at Matsuya of beef bowl chain store, I ate spicy curry (? 350).

It was surprised, I just Rice and Lou came out in a separate dish. Not thicken to Lou, it looks like a curry soup.

Spicy curry @ Matsuya Nakano dori Shop

Try to eat, I felt the taste of the street name of the menu. As has expressed the menu name, and curry to eat bite first. And a little bit, it is spicy. Really a little bit, I feel the bitterness at the end.

There is no tool to Lou silky. I have a challenge to customers in spicy curry. Secret ingredient did not know something, source of bitterness and hotness is a little bit worried.

Shop information:5-68-9 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-5318-7331

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