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Nakano Station North Exit, oyster bar appearance

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To JR Nakano Station North Exit, new shop had made??. The building of a little nostalgic appearance, be incongruous for a somewhat flashy neon signs have been installed, I am appeal of what the shop. Is the oyster hut,.

It is like you just opened, flowers had decorated a lot in front of the shop.

Nakano Station North Exit, oyster bar appearance

There was a sign of "Madadayo!" As a result of excluding the entrance. We were through to lunch time, but it does not seem to do for lunch. The beginning of Nakano Ramen Street, location is next to the supermarket.

Shop information:5-62-10 nakano nakano ward

Nakano Broadway, towards the front of the exit Waseda street. There, there was a banner. It is written with red letters "celebration". Banner is, is celebrating something.

Congratulations! Ootsuma Nakano junior and senior high school

I have a confirmation. The 66th All Japan Choral Competition national convention in Hiroshima, Ootsuma Nakano junior high and senior high school choir club, has contestants. In both the high school and junior high school, I had a participation. At the national convention of the Heisei 25 fiscal year, each received the award. Junior high school is a gold medal. High school is a Bronze Award.

Winning the Koshien In terms of baseball, winning at the National Stadium when it is football. Girls' school in the Nakano I did you achieve the feat. It's become just words to know too late, but congratulations.

Open tomorrow. In Nakano Ramen Street, Ginza Lion

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Building in Nakano Ramen Street, had to work. Where I passed today, the shop had been completed. Shops freshly was Ginza Lion.

Open tomorrow. In Nakano Ramen Street, Ginza Lion

According to the pop, the store is Ginza Lion Nakano north exit shop. November 22 (Friday), that is open tomorrow.

In the opening, such as if you had shot at the year-end party season, it seems the opportunity to go.

shop information:5-55-13 nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo

Famous gourmet manga "Oishinbo", the shop Kawajiro grilled eel, the shutter was closed.

Of course, business is from the evening, but if you happen to pass by the side of the shop at any time of the lunch, I was visible through the glass sight that are preparing. It, the shutter was closed.

Kawajiro Grilled eel shop is closed for a while from November

There was a poster on the glass door. According to it, is that in November, and to leave some time for renovation. Cause of the renovation is known, is relieved.

I would like to wait to enjoy the new Kawajiro.

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